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Safety • Environmental Stewardship • Product Quality • Productivity • Energy Efficiency
CS – Combustion Solutions
With experience of more than 3 decades, we design and deliver the most reliable and
efficient turnkey combustion engineering solutions for various Industrial Heating
applications. Our Application Consultants team look beyond just the burner array. In
addition to the basic burners, we design and deliver the Burner Management Systems
(BMS) for increased safety, Combustion Control Systems (CCS) for improved efficiency,
fuel handling and control system, as well as Emission monitoring system so as to offer
a complete turnkey solution.
Our experience while working with global Engineering consultants as well as various
Original Equipment manufacturers, and renowned Inspection agencies, give us an added
edge to deliver a customized total turnkey solution to meet your specific needs.
End to End Process Solutions
Key Equipment
• Conceptual Design
• Pre-bid analysis including site visit
• Detail Engineering
• Equipment Manufacturing
• Buyouts Procurement
• Testing & Inspection
• Site Erection & Commissioning
• Performance Guarantee Test
• Operation training /education
• After sales service
• Annual Maintenance Contracts
• Retrofit & Modernisation
• Fuel Firing Burners
• Fuel storage & Handling System
• Combustion control System
• Instrumentation & Automation
• Burner Management System
• Emission Monitoring System
• Incinerator solution
• Combustion Furnaces
• Hot Air Generators
Design Codes and Standard
ISA 85.1
National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 85/86
Served Industry Verticals
Power Boiler
Process ( Fertilisers, Chemicals, Paper, Refinery, Pharma)
• Main Load Combustion System
• Start Up & Lance Combustion System
• Overbed Inclined Combustion System
• Waste Heat Recovery
• Hot Air Generators for Coal Mills
• Rotary Kilns & Travel grate Burners for Pelletisation
Plants. Heating and Waste fuel (BF Gas, Coke Oven
Gas, Corex) firing
• Air Preheaters for Sulphuric acid Plant
• Start Up Kiln Burners
• Hot Air generators
Hot Air generators
Lime Kilns
Sulphur Burners
Rotary Kilns
Our Solutions to improve
• Safety
• Energy Efficiency
• Productivity
• Environmental Compliance
• Product Quality
Types of Fuel Fired
Natural Gas/ LPG
Hydrogen Gas
Producer Gas
Coke Oven Gas
Blast Furnace Gas
Hot Air Generators
Various low Calorific value waste liquids and gases coming from your chemical processes.
Boiler Application
Start-Up solution for Power Boiler
Low NOx Solution for NOx and CO emissions control
Heat Duty Capacity for each burner upto 50 MW
Integrates reliability of conventional combustion and advantages of staged combustion
Designed to comply with emission guidelines
Low Optimum consumption of atomizing media (5-7%)
Turnkey Solution Suitable for Hazardous Area applications
Large boilers of capacity 150MW -1000MW are usually Pulverised Coal Fired. Start-up of the Power Boiler
requires LDO/HSD/ HFO fired burner for heat up of the boiler. Start-up burners are in operation during the
initial 2-3 days for each start-up cycle. The start-up burners are also required to meet the part load of the
boiler during boiler upset conditions.
The Power Boilers are described with following fuel firing system:
• Tangential fired
• Wall fired
• Mounting on boiler for uniform heat distribution throughout the furnace
• Equipment design to avoid flame impingement on furnace walls
• Installation to suit Pulverized coal fired Combustion System from various boiler manufacturers
• Start-up burners shall consist of a central tubular jacket accommodating the adjustable burner gun
• The start-up burner gun is connected to the oil and atomizing medium (air/steam) by flexible hose with detachable connection at the cold ends of oil guns
Solutions for Boiler Startup Combustion System
Start-up combustion systems are designed to ensure flame stability during start-up procedure
Complete Solution for hazardous applications
Improved efficiency and reduced emissions
Customized design of fuel firing system for Fluidized Bed
Mounting arrangement for inclined and overbed start-up Position
Start-up Solution for crushed coal fired boiler
Start-Up Oil Gun Lance for Power Boiler
Tangential firing
Wall firing
Solutions for Waste Heat Recovery System
Solution for Lean Fuel Firing
• Solution for Heat duty requirement during downtime
of main unit
• Recuperation Heater Solution for Combustion Air
• Heat Exchanger Solution for improved efficiency
• Customized heat recovery solution to save fuel cost
• Flue gas heat recovery systems to improve efficiency
• Utilization of waste fuel and other by product
Jasubhai Engineering has got the expertise for Lean Fuel firing which have low calorific value. Fuels like Blast Furnace
Gas, Producer Gas, Coal tar, Coke Oven Gas etc. have very low calorific value and are normally flared.
Main Load Combustion System (Oil & Gas Fired)
Solution for Biogas Fired System
• Safe startup and shut down
• Comply to NFPA 86 standards
• Continues emission monitoring & control solutions for
Hazardous Area Classification
• Low emission of combustion product component through
variable frequency Drive (VFD) control of combustion air
Our Solution Includes:
• Support fuel firing for initial start up
• Individual firing of Lean Gas once the required temperature is Achieved
• Instrumentation and Automation to avoid any hazardous Conditions
• Multi-fuel firing Solution for Coke Oven Gas, Blast furnace Gas, Producer Gas,
Corex Gas, Biogas, Furnace Oil, Light Diesel Oil, High Speed Diesel
• High efficiency with advanced combustion technology for multiple fuels.
• Mounting on boiler for uniform heat distribution throughout the furnace
• Low calorific value/ waste fuel combustion solution
• Solution for multi-fuel firing along with Low BTU Gas
• Systems with complete automatic, semi-automatic or manual mode of
operation incorporating necessary safety features
Sugar Industry
Co-generation Boiler
Combination fuel firing system
Gas control station
Instrumentation and automation
Increasing super heater temperature
Uniform heat distribution
Precise control
Proven technology
Multifuel Fired Combustion System
Fuel Handling System Package
• Customized design for fuel handling system as per type of fuel
• Complete solution for highly viscous and other nonspecified fuels
• Fuel storage solutions incorporating, heating, and transfer
pumping systems
• Fuel valve trains are designed for start/stop operation in compliance
with NFPA standard
• Fuel valve train designed for all types of fuels
Custom Built Design
Constant pressure atomisation
Remote Startup & continuous modulation
Complete Turn key solution
Multifuel Combustion System
Hydrogen-Producer Gas- Furnace Oil
Fired Burner
Solutions for Retrofit & Modernisation
Concept, Study & Evaluation
Heat & Mass balance calculation with equipment sizing
Evaluation of measuring & control Instrumentation
Design for closed loop control operations
Ease of operation and maintenance
Design to optimize the operating cost
Hot Air Generators
Solution for Hot Air Requirements:
Hot Air Generators are typically required in
Pulverizer mill, CFBC Boiler Start up, Air
Preheater for Sulphuric Acid Plants, Drier
application, Heat Exchangers etc.
Typical features of Hot Air Generators:
• Both vertical as well as horizontal orientation
• Single or Double Shell Design as per Process
• Refractory design to achieve ambient skin
• Instrumentation including safety interlocks
• Automation for safe and reliable operation of
the system
Solutions for Incinerators
Combustion of industrial waste (Hazardous and Non Hazardous)
Design to suit heavy duty operations to guarantee good availability in extreme process conditions
Customised Combustion Chambers to ensure complete combustion of the Lean Fuel
Capability to burn various lean fuels like Styrene, Blast Furnace Gas, Coal Gas, etc
Burners suitable for:
Waste water combustion
Sulfur, spent acid and H2S gas combustion
Hazardous waste combustion
Residues from pharmaceutical and chemical Industries
Waste gas, coke oven gas, tail gas
Chlorinated and halogenated fluids (waste gas and waste liquid)
Bromine, Liquor, Nitrogenous Waste
Dust (grinded solid) from the chemical industries.
Scrubbing Unit to remove harmful effluents like Sox, CO etc
An Engineered Solution to include Hot Air Generator
• Heat input as per process requirement
• Design to meet efficient heat exchange at the
process end
• Multi fuel firing system as per availability of fuel
• Refractory design to achieve ambient skin temp
• Max heat duty capacity up to 50 MW
• Design of mounting & downstream equipment.
• Seamless modulation as per process requirement.
• Adjusting to the process upset condition by closed loop control.
•To handle large volume of Hot Air Generator.
Solution for Fuel Conversion
Solution for Hydrogen Firing
• Conversion of Fuel Firing system from single fuel to Dual or Triple Fuel [Combination of any fuels]
• Low Calorific Value fuel Firing
• Retrofitting and modernization solution with Concept study and evaluation
• Heat & Mass balance calculation with equipment sizing
• Producer Gas, Blast Furnace Gas, Natural Gas also suitable for gaseous fuel like Coal Bed Methane, Coke Oven Gas, Syngas, Biogas & liquid fuels like Furnace oil, Light diesel oil, High speed diesel or any other by product with calorific value
Utilising Hydrogen gas as main fuel from the by product of
various chemical process.
Jasubhai Engineering has the capability to provide a solution
for consuming by product hydrogen and generating energy,
incorporating highest safety.
Advantages of Hydrogen Firing:
• No Carbon dioxide emission
• Complete combustion
• High Energy Content
Solution for Dryer Systems
Solution for Dryers for Fertilizers and Process Industries to remove the moisture from the final product.
Heat input as per process requirement
Real time modulation with automation
Adjusting to feed flow rate
Refractory design to achieve ambient skin temperature
Instrumentation including all the safety interlocks
Automation for safe operation of the system
Metal Application
Kiln Burner Salient Features
Travel Grate Burner System
Custom Built design
Suitable for Combustion firing with minimum amount of Primary Air of Kiln Burner
Multi-channel for separate air flow control through burner for better flame stability
Swirler designed for proper mixing of air & fuel for proper combustion
Concentric & Steady Flame
Single / Dual / Triple fuel firing i.e. any combination
Adjustable Manual / Electrically operated burner trolley
Axial & Swirl air velocities can be adjusted with variable nozzle tips for flame shapes
Burner components are well designed & rugged in nature which ensures longer life
Higher turn down ratios achievable
Fuels fired in burner are:
• Solid Fuels: Pulverized coals
• Gas Fuels: Propane / LPG gas & Natural gas, Low BTU gases like Producer gas,
Coke Oven Gas, Blast furnace gas, refinery gas, etc
• Liquid fuels: FO, LDO, HSD, LSHS, and any grade of liquid fuel
• Maintain the desired Zone
• Uniform heat distribution
• Design to prevent flame
impingement on opposite wall
• Arrangement of burner on
side wall
• Multi fuel combustion system
• Automation and control
Accessories for Combustion Solutions & Package Equipment
Combustion Solutions Instrumentation and Automation
Package Equipment for Continuous Emission Monitoring System:
Ensures a complete secured Automation Package with real time control loops.
• Cost effective, pre-engineered CEMS Solution to monitor stack
gases like CO, SOx, NOx,O2, total hydrocarbons, hydrogen sulphide,
particulate matter.
Control Loops Include:
• Temperature Control Loop
• Air to Fuel Ratio Control
• Flow Control Loop
• Dedicated PLC based BMS Panel with SIL1, SIL2 and emergency shut down (ESD) SIL3 compliant system
• Automation including mandatory safety interlocks
• Customized SCADA Interface, HMI Screen and Local
• Service Panel for field operation
• Instrumentation suitable for Hazardous area (Zone1, Zone2) application
• Customized SCADA Interface and HMI Screen
• Local Service Panel for field operation
• Instrumentation suitable for Hazardous area ( Zone 1, Zone 2) area classification
• We help you meet data reporting requirements, maintain emissions
compliance, and ensure certification and compliance with your local
and international regulatory agencies.
• We offer either extractive type or dilution based CEMS with sample
handling or in-situ analyzers depending on the site requirements.
Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA)
SCADA Systems also allow real time calculations to be made on the received
data and the results would be available as a “virtual” value. The real time
values can then be used by the SCADA software for Real Time Display and
Operator Interactions (Supervisory Control) and Recording (Data Acquisition).
A good automation has several advantages. Need for less manpower, and
accurate processes are the features of a good automation.
• Provide demonstrable reductions in energy consumption and contribute to a reduction in carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by ensuring
complete combustion
•Contribute towards compliance with mandatory legislation
•Monitor & Control the process
•Continuous modulation for energy efficiency
•Compliance to mandatory emission levels
•Trend monitoring of process parameters for analysers
•Multi variable set point programing and charges in process requirement
Fuel Control Station - Package
• Control system application design
& review
• Comply to designs STD
• Manufacturing as per quality plan
• Optimum Design of auxiliary equipment’s
• Instrument selection for measuring
& Control
Combustion with Oxygen
Advantages of the ultrasonic nozzle
Used for liquid fuels
Atomization with Oxygen instead of air or steam
Increasing of capacity
Used for gaseous fuels
Operation with Oxygen instead of air
Possible retrofitting of plants without changing the
refractory lining of existing combustor
• Increasing of capacity
Stable and calm spray pattern, smooth atomizing
Non moving parts, manufacturing in different materials, less abrasion
Increased control range
Use of different distributors to match the atomizing for the individual case
Tulip and jet atomization with only 1 base body
Easy changeover from tulip nozzle to jet nozzle on commissioning
Economically use of atomizing medium, reduced costs
CS OxiSpray ® 1
Additional offers nozzles for following applications
Premixing Nozzle SL
• For clean and moderate polluted media
• Low requirement of atomizing media
• Mass flow up to 10.000kg/h
Waste Nozzle DDM-X
• For highly viscose and polluted liquids
• No built in components
• Mass flow up to 10.000kg/h
Ultrasonic Nozzle 1
Expertise in Sulphuric Acid Production, thermal oxidation of liquids, gases and powdered solids derived from by products in the refinery,
petrochemical, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.
• Regeneration of contaminated sulfuric acid by injecting with ultrafine atomizing technology
• Supporting fuels to include coke oven gas and vaporized waste liquids containing hydro-carbon
combinations and carbon disulfide
• Complete vaporization of the sulfuric acid without droplet formation
• Space reduction with the heat recovery boiler axially and the combustion chamber on the same horizontal axis.
• Protection of components located inside the WHB with a special checker wall located in the combustion chamber exit and directly
in front of the boiler tubes
Sulphur Application
Thermal Oxidizers
Key Industries
•Sulphuric Acid Production
•SO2 Production
•Spent Acid Regeneration
•Halogenated Waste
•Industrial Waste Incinerator
•Hazardous Waste Incinerator
The high-turbulence burner ensures excellent mixing while the ultrasonic nozzles realize the proper vaporization. Thus the residence
time of the flue gas inside the combustion chamber can be reduced. Both the retention during the oxidation process and the
combustion chamber physical dimensions are greatly reduced.
SAR Plant in Poland for Haldor Topsoe
High efficiency spend acid combustor
Spent sulphuric Acid Regeneration
Spent sulphuric Acid Regeneration
Tail Gas combustion downstream SRU: 1
Liquid waste and waste water incineration
keep you operating safely
and efficiently
Your Single Source for Combustion Engineering Solutions & Services
Combustion Studies & Consulting
For more than 30 years, Jasubhai Engineering has been supporting process industries with energy optimization and environmental
management solutions, and much more, including:
• Safety & Environmental Compliance Programs
• Emergency Service & Preventive Maintenance Programs
• Modernizations & Upgrades
• Spare & Replacement Parts Programs
• Installations & Startups
• Consulting (Energy and efficiency audits and more)
• Retrofit, modernisation and fuel conversions
• Training (Combustion seminars and custom sessions)
As the experts in Combustion Engineering & Burner Control systems & corresponding instrumentation, we will help you get the
most out of your processes for safety and sustainability.
Our comprehensive custom engineering solutions and intelligent support of industrial combustion processes, including burners &
burner management systems, controls and refractory products, optimize the efficiency and safety of clients' operations worldwide.
Our Services
At Jasubhai Engineering, we understand that running a safe operation is good business, and we are committed to helping you achieve
excellence in all aspects of your production activities by offering an ideal combination of engineering expertise and field support.
Whether you need assistance with answering technical questions or achieving strategic objectives, we have the knowledge to help
you make informed choices and deliver measurable results.
Modernizations & Upgrades
Industrial combustion systems have working lives that can span decades. As demand for new products, tighter tolerances and more
robust safety and environmental protection increases, Jasubhai engineering can breathe new life into your old equipment and make
your facility state-of-the-art.
Benefits includes:
• Improved Production Capabilities
• Improved Safety & Environmental Protection
• Ability to Broaden Your Customer Base
• Lower Energy Costs
Safety & Environmental Compliance
Jasubhai Engineering ensure compliance and safety checks related to regulations and codes:
• National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 85/86.
• Operational Support (Training, Work Procedures, Documentation)
• Upgrades & Modernizations to Improve Safety & Environmental Protection
Emergency Service & Preventive Maintenance
Jasubhai Engineering provides a full range of onsite and remote support for many types and makes of industrial combustion systems.
Our ability to help you prevent down time and troubleshoot problems includes:
• Commissioning & condition monitoring – consultancy
• Troubleshooting on site support
• Extended Warranty Programs
Training that works
We also have some great assets - combustion experts who can impart practical knowledge based on many years of training
and experience.
We can arrange for training at your location / any preferred location. For customer personnel so that they can address their responsibility
of the operation of equipment in informal manner.
Jasubhai Engineering has been providing custom engineering & intelligent support of combustion.
Comprehensive support for all major makes of industrial burners, burner management systems & related equipment.
Our installation supervision and commissioning teams work seamlessly with customers and OEMs before, during and after installation
to ensure that combustion processes are running as specified, on-time and on-budget.
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