Philips HD8834
Philips 3100 series
Super-automatic espresso
One touch espresso and cappuccino exactly your way
Integrated milk jug & frother
With our intuitive display
Get your perfect espresso and cappuccino from fresh beans thanks to the 100% ceramic
grinders and select strength, temperature and length via the intuitive display. Your hot
cappuccino is a one-touch job, thanks to the Integrated milk jug.
Any coffee for any moment
• Espresso from fresh beans at the touch of a button
• One-touch creamy cappuccinos with the integrated milk carafe
Your fresh coffee experience
• Excellent taste thanks to 100% ceramic grinders
• Adjustable grinding settings for your preferred taste
• Customize your coffee with the coffee strength selection
Easy to use
• Easily operate your machine via the Intuitive display
• Fits your cup thanks to the adjustable coffee spout
Easy to clean and maintain
• Delight without hassle: high capacity in a compact design
• Easy cleaning thanks to the fully removable brewing group
• Auto-cleaning cycle & descaling program
Super-automatic espresso machine
Integrated milk jug & frother Black
One touch espresso from beans
100% ceramic grinders
the temperature, length and strength selection.
Moreover, the memo function allows you to
save the coffee length for each drink. Enjoy a
superb coffee in your favorite cup, all at the
touch of a button.
Intuitive Display
You can get a perfectly brewed espresso, or
two at once, right in your cup from freshly
ground beans by simply pushing a button and
waiting a few seconds.
Say goodbye to the taste of burned coffee
thanks to 100% ceramic grinders that are
designed not to overheat the beans. Ceramic
material also ensures long-lasting performance
and silent operation.
Integrated milk carafe
Adjustable grinding settings
The intuitive display shows you all relevant
information to easily interact with your
machine and get the best performance. The
buttons on the front panel offer you a selection
of one-touch beverages ready at your
Adjustable coffee spout
Enjoy super creamy cappuccinos at the perfect
temperature, in the easiest way possible.
Simply pour milk into the carafe, plug it into the
machine, and select your preferred beverage.
Whether it's a cappuccino or frothed milk,
your drink will be served within seconds, with
a splash-free flow at the ideal temperature.
You can adjust the granularity of the grinders
at 5 different levels.Choose the finest grinding
for a full bodied espresso, all the way up to the
coarsest for a lighter coffee, all according to
your preferred taste.
Customize your coffee
No matter the size of your favorite glass or
cup, with one movement the coffee spout
adjusts so that all the aromas are preserved
and your coffee stays perfectly hot, right in
your cup. At its highest position the spout can
even fit a 5.9 in. (15 cm) latte macchiato glass.
You will always get a perfect cup of coffee
brewed to your personal preference thanks to
Super-automatic espresso machine
Integrated milk jug & frother Black
Country of origin
• Made in: Romania
General specifications
• Ease of cleaning & maintenance: Brita filter,
Removable brewing group
• Special functions: Hot water option, Integrated
carafe, Pre-brewing
• Ease of use & comfort: Adjustable spout,
Removable watertank
Voltage: 230 V
Capacity bean container: 250 gr
Capacity waste container: 15 servings
Capacity water tank: 1,8 l
Cord length: 0,8 m
Max. cup height: 152 cm
Pump pressure: 15 bar
Water boilers: 1
Weight and dimensions
• 2-year worldwide guarantee
• Dimensions of product (LxDxH):
215x429x330 mm
• Weight of product: 7,2 kg
Technical specifications
• ECO setting
• Color: Black
• Frequency: 50 Hz
• Power: 1850 W
• Material boiler: Stainless steel (Inox)
• Material of main body: Plastic
Issue date 2015-06-10
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