All-chemistry micro-charger and camera power supply
All-chemistry micro-charger
and camera power supply
◗ Ultra-compact, and lightweight
◗ Available with integral 50W
camera power supply
◗ Choice of PAGlok or Snap-On
compatible connectors
◗ Automatic Charge Rate Selection
◗ Charges PAG Li-Ion batteries
◗ Charges Ni-Cd & Ni-Mh batteries
of all reputable manufacturers
◗ Charges V-mount Li-Ion batteries
◗ Faster and more efficient
sequential charging
Model 9752
2 x PAGlok connectors
2 x PP90 connectors
Built-in Power Supply
The two channel PAG Quasar is an ultra-compact unit that in-corporates a
PAG ACS charger with a camera power supply, making it the ideal location
charger. The Quasar is half the size of the AR124PLD and is available with
a choice of either PAGlok or Snap-On compatible connectors.
The all-chemistry Quasar will charge PAG Li-Ion batteries, as well as Ni-Cd
and Ni-MH batteries of other reputable manufacturers. V-Mount Li-Ion
batteries can also be charged via the PAG Intelligent Charge Adaptor.
The PAG Quasar charges sequentially, which means it will get one battery up and running a lot
quicker than a simultaneous charger. Simultaneous charging distributes current over two
batteries at the same time, making the process twice as long. In fact, PAG chargers are so
efficient that in some cases two batteries can be fully charged sequentially in less time than
it takes a simultaneous charger.
The variety of batteries available to the camera operator, in terms of cell-chemistry, voltage
and capacity has never been greater. PAG has acknowledged this fact by incorporating
revolutionary software within Quasar chargers that provides the easiest and most efficient
way of managing battery stocks. The Auto Charge-Rate Selection software detects the
battery’s cell-chemistry, state-of-charge, capacity, condition and cycle history using only the
battery’s negative and positive terminals. The charger then applies the correct regime to
achieve a fully charged battery with the maximum capacity and cycle life. This technology
was developed by engineers at PAG Ltd. and is unique to PAG chargers.
The Quasar is available with a built-in camera power supply that provides a nominal 50W
output, suitable for powering a professional broadcast camera. In this mode the screen
displays an accurate digital bar-graph of power consumption.
Model 9726
2 x PAGlok connectors
2 x PP90 connectors
PAG Quasar Specifications
Range of Batteries Charged
Nickel-Cadmium batteries having nominal voltages of
between 4.8V and 14.4V, and nominal capacities of
between 1Ah and 10Ah.
Nickel-Metal Hydride batteries of reputable manufacture
having nominal voltages of between 4.8V and 14.4V, and
nominal capacities of between 1Ah and 10Ah.
PAG Lithium-Ion batteries.
Battery Connections
PAGlok connector: patented professional connector
compatible with all PAGlok batteries. Incorporates selfcleaning military-type beryllium-copper leaf contacts.
Snap-On compatible: PAG patented sliding connector
suitable for PAG Li-Ion batteries (Models 9366 & 9383)
and most Anton-Bauer batteries (not Dionic).
PP90 connectors: polarised connector suitable for 2.1mm
coaxial DC power connectors. NOTE: centre pin negative.
Intelligent Charge Adaptor
for V-Mount Li-Ion batteries
Slides onto the battery and plugs
into the PP90 socket of any PAG
Quasar charger (can also be used
with any AR Series 2 or Pulsar
Model 9610
Model 9753
2 x Snap-On compatible connectors
2 x PP90 connectors
Built-in Power Supply
Main Charge Program
Auto Charge Rate Selection Mode: Automatically selects
the correct charge current.
Manual Selection: 2A or 3A charge current.
Li-Ion Voltage-Charge Program: Only available with PAG
intelligent batteries or suitable PAG intelligent adaptor.
PAG intelligent batteries automatically over-ride the Auto
Mode or Manual selection, and control their own charge
Recovery Charge
This special program conditions the battery for a period of
one hour. The charger will then automatically enter the
Main Charge program, which will run until the battery is
fully charged. This program also recovers PAG Li-Ion
batteries which have been over-discharged to the point
where the internal safety protection circuit has tripped.
Model 9727
2 x Snap-On compatible connectors
2 x PP90 connectors
Model 9726
72 x 135 x 185mm
Model 9727
80 x 135 x 185mm
Model 9752
72 x 135 x 185mm
Model 9753
80 x 135 x 185mm
Maintenance Charge
A self-adjusting Maintenance Charge may be
automatically entered after charging (not applied to PAG
Li-Ion batteries).
Designed to comply with electrical safety standard EN
60065 and UL6500. NOTE: U.K. mains leads are fitted
with a 1" fuse to BS1362 rated 5A as standard.
Self Test Program
The internal microcomputer constantly monitors the
battery under charge or process as well as the operation
of the charger’s own functions which will be shut down to
a safe condition should any of the tests fail.
Output Protection
Charger protected against short circuit, open circuit,
excess battery voltage and reverse battery voltage.
Power Supply (Models 9752 & 9753 only)
These models feature a Power Supply rated 13.5V to
14.5V DC, 3.7A (50W nominal), and is intended for
powering a camera only.
Connector: XLR-4 (F), pin 1 neg. pin 4 pos.
Mains Input: 100-250V~. Frequency 47-63 Hz.
Maximum power consumption 100W.
Output: 26V DC 4A maximum.
AC Mains Failure Protection
Should mains failure occur during a char-ging program, or
whilst the charger is connected, it will shut down to a safe
European Union Directives
Complies with the following EU Directives: EMC Directive
89/336/EU. Low Voltage Directive 73/23/EU.
Operating Temperature Range
0°C to 40°C (+32°F to+104°F).
User Interface
PAG Quasar is simple to operate, with a large backlit
LCD display providing battery voltage and charge loaded
information. The front panel incorporates a soft function
switch for the selection of programs and interrogation of
charge data.
Charging Screen: This is the main screen when you turn
on the Quasar Charger. Connect a battery and the screen
displays the cell-chemistry, state of charge, capacity,
condition, and cycle history (Charging Screen 1 & 2).
Charging: Screen 2
Voltage: Screen 4.
Setting the Charge Voltage: Take the mains lead
out, hold in the function button and re-connect. Hold
until you see the Charge Voltage Screen 3. To change
the charge voltage press the function button again.
There are three settings AUTO, 2A, and 3A. When you
have chosen you will see Screen 4. This screen will
automatically take you back to Screen 1, to confirm
the setting you have chosen.
Power Supply Screen: When a camera is connected,
the screen will automatically provide an accurate digital
bar-graph display of power consumption.
Power Supply: Screen 5
Charging: Screen 1
Voltage: Screen 3
Charging Adaptors
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