BackApp Back App 2.0

BackApp Back App 2.0
Back App AS will develop, produce and sell training equipment to
strengthen the muscles that support the spinal column while sitting,
for people over the entire world.
The Back App technology is protected by patents.
Back App Works:
80% of those who use Back App on a daily
basis say they experience positive health
effects attributed to its use. 97% of users
recommend Back App to others
Relaxed shoulders and neck
(218 user replies)
From 66 physiotherapists and chiropractors
who use Back App daily:
• 100% say that back patients should
experience improvements due to Back
• Over 70% say the same for neck patients
• Approximately 60% say training on Back
App hinders problems with hips and pelvis
• 100% of specialists recommend Back App
to their patients
(Questionnaire autumn 2007)
Open hip
Join the
sitting revolution
Stronger back, by sitting
Contact us:
Back App Europe
Grenseveien 26
1929 Auli
Core muscle
Tlf +47 63 82 63 11
Fax +47 63 82 8413
[email protected]
Your local dealer:
Bjørn Marius Bråthen, Interactel AS:
“After using the Back App chair, our lives have been
changed. None of us have experienced stiff necks and
shoulders, or any pain in the lower back which we previously suffered from”
Stronger back, by sitting
International studies point out
that “the best way to exercise
the stabilizing muscles in your
back is through balance training
activating your back and stomach
Back App is designed to activate
these important stabilizing muscles
– while you are sitting !
Experts in Scandinavia say that
Back App influences the function of your lower back by positively
activating the stabilizing pelvic
muscles. Furthermore, the stabilizing muscles of your spine including the neck will get exercise by
Back App.
Kirsti Grande, Career Advisor:
”I have used my Back App for three months at the office.
It works great and I feel that my back has become much
stronger. I will happily recommend this chair to colleagues
and friends and to people with back problems, and to those
who want to avoid it”
Back App has won the
Award for Design
Excellence awarded by
the Norwegian Design Counsil.
Why do you strengthen your
back by using Back App
Beathe Selvåg, Chiropractor:
“When using Back App, you activate muscles and joints
in a positive manner, while you are working, eating,
watching TV etc. Thus, you exercise without changing your
everyday life. It is not possible for you NOT to have the
time or effort to do this.”
When sitting on Back App, your
body is brought into a comfortable and balanced position. By
placing your feet on the softened
foot plate, your body may move
in all directions while you basically are sitting on top of the red
and adjustable ball.
These movements are
similar to those you
get in a kayak, riding
a horse, or hiking in
rough terrain.
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