English version 2 Introduction Warning Contents of the

English version 2 Introduction Warning Contents of the
English version
Sweex 5.1 PCI Sound Card
First of all, many thanks for purchasing this Sweex 5.1 Sound Card. The Sweex sound card provides the computer with surround sound. To
ensure this product operates correctly, we advise you to carefully read this manual first. If despite this manual you still experience problems during
installation or operation of this product, go to www.sweex.com and look under the heading service & support.
In order to install the Sweex sound card the computer casing must be removed. When you do not have any experience in installing additional
cards, consider having the sound card installed by the dealer.
Contents of the box
Prior to installation, check if all required parts are present. The following parts must be present in the box:
• Sweex 5.1 PCI sound card
• CD-ROM including drivers and extensive instructions
If one of the above parts is missing, please contact the supplier.
• 32-bit PCI BUS master
• Built-in 16bit CODEC
• Full-duplex recording and playing back
• C-MEDIA chipset
• HRTF-based 3D extension positional audio
• MPU-401 game/midi port
• Driver support for DOS, WIN95, WIN98, WIN-Me, WIN2000, NT4.0, XP and LINUX
English version
Line in
Microphone input
Line out when using 2 loudspeakers (Front)
Line out when using 4 loudspeakers (Rear)
Line out for Centre / Bass speaker
Game / MIDI port
Jumper JP3
Switch the position for Centre / Bass speaker
The developments in the fields of hardware and software follow each other in rapid succession. We therefore advise you to ensure that the
operating system you use is up-to-date before you start the installation. This update is easy to carry out by starting up “Internet Explorer” and
selecting the option “Windows Update” in the “Extra” menu.
English version
Installation of hardware
Take the following precautionary measures prior to installing the Sweex soundcard:
• Ensure that the PC is switched off and there is no voltage on the mains. To be absolutely sure, remove the mains supply plug from the
• Also disconnect the printer and monitor cables; they have their own supply. This will ensure there is no voltage on the PC.
• Remove any static electricity you may carry on your body. Do this by touching a (neutral) pipe of the central heating system or an unpainted
water pipe. Before you proceed any further, shortly touch the iron frame of the PC casing. Try not to touch any other potential contact points.
• Now unscrew the computer casing. Please note that you must not use a magnetic screwdriver for this.
• Find a vacant PCI slot and remove the metal guard plate part of the computer casing in front of the relevant slot.
• Insert the Sweex sound card in the PCI slot and screw the card down at the top.
• Connect the sound cable of the CD or DVD player to the CD AUDIO connector, if applicable.
• You can now replace the casing on the computer base and correctly reconnect all cables.
• Insert the mains supply plug back into the PC and switch the PC on.
Driver installation for Windows 95 / 98 / ME / 2000 and XP
Insert the CD-ROM supplied in the CD-ROM or DVD player. If the CD fails to start up automatically (Autorun) the Set-up programme can be started
manually. In the start menu, select the option ‘Run’. Type the X:\Setup.exe command, X being the drive letter of the CD or DVD player; now
press enter. The installation programme will now be started.
English version
English version
The Sweex 5.1 sound card offers you the possibility to connect 2, 4 or 5.1 loudspeakers.
Following installation of the drivers and software, the computer must be restarted for the new settings to take effect.
Once the computer has been restarted, an additional icon can be found for the C-Media mixer in the right-bottom corner of the taskbar.
A number of specific settings of the Sweex sound card can be adjusted by means of the mixer. Click the tool-icon to open the advanced settings
English version
Click the first tab in order to access the loudspeaker settings.
Click the second tab to adjust the sound volume for each individual loudspeaker.
English version
Click the third tab to set the virtual 5.1 sound reproduction.
The last tab (Options) offers the possibility to assign hot keys to frequently used options of the mixer. In addition, this screen offers the possibility
to increase the recording volume of the microphone input (Microphone Booster).
All articles that are carried under the name Sweex have a 3-year term of guarantee. Only the Sweex Digital photo and video cameras have a 2year term of guarantee. We do not provide support or warranty for the supplied software or (rechargeable) batteries.
Settlement of guarantee only takes place via the dealer where you have purchased the product in question.
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