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Owner’s Reference
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Owner’s Reference Dectet Power Center
Instructions for Use
Dectet Power Center
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Owner’s Reference Dectet Power Center
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Important Safety
Read these instructions
Heed all warnings
Follow all instructions
Clean only with a dry cloth.
Do not place flammable material on top of or beneath the component.
All PS Audio components require adequate ventilation at all times during operation. Rack
mounting is acceptable where appropriate.
Do not remove or bypass the ground pin on the end of the AC cord unless absolutely necessary
to reduce hum from ground loops of connected equipment. This may cause RFI (radio frequency
interference) to be induced into your playback setup. All PS products ship with a grounding type
plug. If the provided plug does not fit into your outlet, consult an electrician for replacement of the
obsolete outlet.
Protect the power cord from being walked on or pinched particularly at plugs, convenience
receptacles, and the point where they exit from the apparatus. Unplug this apparatus during
lightning storms or when unused for long periods of time.
When making connections to this or any other component, make sure all components are off. Turn
off all systems’ power before connecting the PS Audio component to any other component. Make
sure all cable terminations are of the highest quality.
There are no user serviceable fuses inside this product.
Please contact your authorized dealer, distributor, or PS Audio if you have any questions not
addressed in this reference manual.
PS AudioВ® is a registered trademark of PS Audio Inc., and is restricted for use by PS Audio, Inc., its subsidiaries, and authorized agents.
4826 Sterling Drive, Boulder, CO 80301
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Owner’s Reference Dectet Power Center
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Thank you
Thank you for your purchase of the PS Audio Dectet Power Center.
The Dectet is a state-of-the-art high-end power center that provides component level AC cleaning and
protection in a compact package. The Dectet provides 10 outlets and 3 independent isolated zones
as well as true surge and spike protection, over and under voltage protection and both differential and
common mode AC filtering.
Dynamics never
The PS Power Center will not restrict dynamics or soundstage in any high-end system and will, in fact,
provide a superior level of performance in micro and macro dynamics as well as maintain harmonic
integrity for audio equipment while increasing color saturation and lowering video noise in video
Heavy gauge OFC
The PS Power Center utilizes large core high permeability magnetic devices, wound with heavy gauge
OFC windings for both common and differential mode filtering chores. This construction technique
allows PS engineers to use a minimal amount of heavy gauge copper wire to build effective low loss
filters, thus preserving micro and macro dynamics for both audio and video systems.
PS Power Centers are built to the highest standards internally and externally and feature point-to-point
Built to the highest hand wiring to each receptacle bank for superior isolation and performance.
PS Power Centers should provide years of trouble free performance for your connected equipment
with the peace of mind they will be fully protected.
4826 Sterling Drive, Boulder, CO 80301
PH: 720.406.8946 [email protected]
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Getting Started
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Owner’s Reference Dectet Power Center
Once your new Power Center is unpacked, you’ll need to find a convenient place to set it.
There are several ways to mount the Power Center: on the floor, on a shelf, or in a rack.
If your equipment is located a long distance from the Power Center, it is preferable to use a long,
heavy gauge shielded power cable between the wall AC receptacle and the Power Center, rather
than long individual power cables between the equipment and the Power Center.
The Power Center can benefit from aftermarket isolation devices such as cones, spikes and
Sorbothane pads.
Once you have chosen the location for the Power Center you can use the supplied AC power cord
to connect it to the AC wall receptacle or you can use an aftermarket power cord and receptacle.
Power Cables
We strongly recommend the use of a PS Audio PerfectWave Powerв„ў AC cable and a PS
Power Portв„ў AC receptacle to feed the Power Center electricity. While the supplied power
cable is adequate for the task, it is not going to provide the best performance. Choosing any
PerfectWave Power cable will make a significant performance improvement over the stock
power cable.
We do not recommend connecting any other power conditioning product before the Dectet
Power Center.
4826 Sterling Drive, Boulder, CO 80301
PH: 720.406.8946 [email protected]
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Getting Started
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Quick Start Guide
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Owner’s Reference Dectet Power Center
Power down first
We would recommend that you power the entire system down, before attempting to connect
equipment to the Power Center.
Plug in the Power
Plug the Power Center into an AC receptacle with at least 15 amps of service (in the US) or 10 amps of
service (in 230 volt countries), preferably using a dedicated AC line. A dedicated line means there is
nothing else plugged into the wiring feeding the AC receptacle and that wiring returns directly to the AC
breaker box.
Use the heaviest
gauge shielded
cable possible
Use the heaviest gauge shielded AC power cable you can to connect a Power Center to its AC
source. The heavier the gauge used, the less the chance for restricted dynamics in both audio or
video systems.
Once the Power Center has been connected to an AC source it is time to connect your equipment.
Each Power Center has three isolated zones called IsoZonesв„ў. These are individually isolated
and filtered zones that clean and isolate the power between equipment. The Dectet has three
IsoZonesв„ў with multiple receptacles per zone. Each IsoZone is clearly marked.
IsoZones should be used to isolate different genres of equipment from each other. For instance,
you can group digital equipment together on a single IsoZone or multiple analog sources on yet
another IsoZone. You should not mix digital, video or analog equipment on the same IsoZone if
possible. Digital equipment would be a DVD player, CD player, DAC, computer, TIVO, or satellite
receiver. Video equipment would be a VCR, TV or computer monitor. Analog examples would be
a power amp, preamp, projector, turntable, or any type of tube equipment.
High Current
On the Dectet, the first IsoZone is the High Current zone specifically for Power Amplifiers,
subwoofers, receivers or large screen televisions. The High Current zone is a low loss common
mode filtered zone specific to large power draw pieces of equipment. While the other two zones
can also handle a large power draw product, it is recommended that these be reserved for source
It is important to use only the highest quality AC power cords that are well shielded to any connected
equipment. It is a good idea to keep in mind that all equipment generates radiated noise when it is
operating. This radiated noise is harmful to both audio and video system performance and is typically
carried down the AC power line.
How to turn it on
Once everything is connected you can press the blue PS logo light which will act as the on/off
power button. When you power the unit on it will first measure the incoming AC to be certain it
is at an acceptable level, which is +20% to -25% of the design voltage. So for example if your
Dectet is a 120 volt unit, the acceptable power range is 144 volts maximum and 90 volts minimum
or the unit will not power on.
Should the unit sense voltages out of the wall that are either too high or too low, the Power Center
will shut down and disconnect all connected equipment. In this case, you will see the blue PS
logo flashing on and off slowly, indicating the condition. Once the power has returned to its proper
range of voltage, the Power Center will wait a few seconds and then reconnect the equipment
4826 Sterling Drive, Boulder, CO 80301
PH: 720.406.8946 [email protected]
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Quick Start Guide
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Questions And Answers
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Should the unit be
on all the time?
Owner’s Reference Dectet Power Center
The Power Center is best left plugged in to the AC source at all times. The current draw is negligible
and keeping it powered on will make sure the internal components stay working properly.
There is no harm in leaving the unit on at all times as the lifespan of the Power Center will be unaffected
by leaving it on.
Are there any
internal fuses?
There are no user replaceable internal fuses or circuit breakers inside the Power Center.
Isolation through the use of spikes, cones or Sorbothane feet is recommended for the Power Center
if space and budget allows. Isolation of any piece of high-end stereo and theater equipment is always
recommended wherever practical.
Do cables make a
Yes, cables make a difference. It is important to use the best power cables possible. Remember that
everything you see and hear in an AV system is nothing more than the power from the wall modulated
by a CD, DVD, turntable or tuner. You are actually “listening or viewing” the AC power. So it is critically
important to connect your equipment with the heaviest gauge well shielded power cables you can
afford. Power is the foundation of everyone’s system.
Blinking logo
A fast blinking logo power button means there is an over or under voltage situation and the unit has
shut off. This occurs when greater than 20% of the rated voltage is exceeded or if the voltage is below
25% of the rating. The Power Center should automatically turn back on when the voltage on the line
has returned to normal. If it does not, simply press the logo power button to reactivate the Power
Placement of the Power Center is not critical. Placement with respect to other equipment can be
important. In general, place the Power Center close to the equipment you wish to power. It is always
preferable to have a long heavy gauge power cable feeding the Power Center if there is a distance
The Power Center is specific to your country’s voltage. Do not use the Power Center on a voltage
higher than it is rated for. For instance, do not take a 120 volt rated Power Center and attempt to use
it in a 230 volt country. Failure to observe this cautionary note will void your warranty and may damage
the Power Center. If you need to operate the Power Center at a voltage other than the voltage it was
designed for, contact your dealer, distributor or the factory.
4826 Sterling Drive, Boulder, CO 80301
PH: 720.406.8946 [email protected]
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Questions and Answers
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Owner’s Reference Dectet Power Center
Power Center
won’t turn on
If no power comes out of the Power Center, check to make sure power is going into the Power Center.
You can do this by testing the outlet it is plugged into with another device such as a lamp. Sometimes,
we find Power Centers plugged into switched wall outlets. These are typically the lower of the two AC
receptacles and are controlled by a light switch. If you still have no power to the wall outlet, check the
circuit breaker for that outlet.
Check the circuit
breaker and logo
If you have verified there is power to feed the Power Center, then press the circuit breaker button on
the Power Center to be sure it is engaged. Check the Power Center’s blue PS logo to see if it is lit. If
not, press the logo itself. This is the power button.
Use the correct
Lastly, make sure you are feeding the Power Center the correct voltage. The Power Centers are
specific to your country’s voltage. If, for example, you are trying to operate at 120 volt Power Center
on 230 volts, it will not turn on. If all else fails, contact your PS dealer, distributor or PS directly for help.
If the blue logo power button blinks when you first plug in the Power Center to an AC receptacle, this
is normal. The unit is calculating the voltage being fed to it.
If the power light
Fast blinking vs.
slow blinking
If the logo light flashes quickly (~5 per second), it means the voltage has exceeded 125 (250) on the
high side or dropped below 105 (210) volts on the low side. The blinking only indicates a potential
problem. There is no harm in running most equipment at these higher and lower voltages.
If the logo power light button flashes slowly (~2 per second) and the Dectet will not power on it means
the MOV protection inside the Dectet has failed due to a heavy surge or spike. Failure of the MOV
means the MOV protection device has served its purpose by protecting your equipment and it then
shuts off the Dectet in order to continue protecting your connected equipment In the rare event this
should take place, the unit will require servicing to replace the MOV protection if your connected
equipment is to remain safely protected from potentially damaging surges and spikes.
If you wish to temporarily disable the auto shutdown process until you can remove the Dectet and
get it repaired, you can hold down the PS logo power button for 3 seconds which will reset the auto
shutdown commands. While there is no problem in disabling this protection state, you should be
aware that your connected equipment is no longer protected from surges and spikes. Over and under
rated voltage conditions will be protected against.
If you have hum
If you experience a hum through the speakers once the Power Center is powering your equipment
this can be caused by several things. The first is the source. If there is an excessive amount of buzz
or noise from the loudspeaker, it may be caused by a ground loop, a light dimmer in the home, poor
AC power, or any number of causes. The quickest way to determine where to start your search is to
simply turn the preamplifier, integrated, receiver or Control Amplifier off, disconnect the audio cables
between it and the sources, and see if the hum goes away when you turn the preamplifier, integrated,
receiver or Control Amplifier back on. If it does, it’s most likely a ground loop or buzz from a dimmer.
If this doesn’t solve the problem this would indicate you probably have a ground loop between
4826 Sterling Drive, Boulder, CO 80301
PH: 720.406.8946 [email protected]
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Owner’s Reference Dectet Power Center
equipment and next you should follow these easy humbusting tips.
Ground loops
The easiest way to figure out where ground loop problems lie is by the process of elimination. You
need to determine where the hum or buzz is coming from within your system.
If the hum/buzz goes away when you remove the inputs to the power amp, your next step will be to
reconnect the amp and move further down the chain. It is important to do this in the correct order and
take the time to perform the test in a methodical step-by-step manner.
If you have a preamp, or processor that is feeding the power amp, your next step would be to
disconnect all inputs to the preamplifier or processor. Once these are disconnected, and the preamp
or processor is connected only to the power amplifier, turn the system on and again, listen for hum.
Should the hum now appear, it is a problem with your preamp or processor or their interaction with
the power amp. Before returning the preamp or processor to the manufacturer, try a cheater plug to
break a ground loop. Cheater plugs are simple devices that convert a three prong AC plug into a two
prong AC plug and in the act of converting three prongs, to two prongs, they disconnect the ground
from the wall socket. Try one of these on the preamp, or the power amp, or both.
If you determine that there is still no hum present when the preamp, processor or receiver is connected
with no inputs, then selectively begin plugging in your various inputs one at a time. After each
connection, check for hum until you discover the humming culprit. Use the same method described
above to remove the ground on the offending piece of kit.
It could be the
cable TV
VCR’s, surround processors, and any device that is connected to a television cable or satellite dish
can cause a loud buzz and should always be suspect. If, by the process of elimination described
above, you determine it is a component like a VCR that is causing the hum/buzz to occur, and using
a cheater plug or removing the ground pin on a PS xStream Power Cable doesn’t help matters, it may
be necessary to isolate the cable connection (CATV) with an isolation transformer. This inexpensive
device is available at most Wal Mart, Radio Shack or department store type outlets and is sometimes
called a �matching transformer’. If you have problems finding one, call your local cable TV company
for advice. The matching transformer will be placed between the cable TV cord and the VCR, TV or
Just remember, take the system down to its simplest level of connection. Find a way to hook the
system up with as many pieces of the system missing or not connected. Keep it simple and get it
to the point where the hum’s gone. Then start adding back components one at a time until the hum
Finding the problem is 9/10th of the work in finding a solution.
4826 Sterling Drive, Boulder, CO 80301
PH: 720.406.8946 [email protected]
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Owner’s Reference Dectet Power Center
Limited Three Year Warranty
Should I Register My Product?
Registering your product validates the warranty start date.
If you do not register your product within 30 days of service, a copy of your
purchase receipt from an authorized PS Audio dealer may be used as a proof of
purchase to establish the warranty start date.
If no proof of purchase from an authorized PS Audio dealer or registration is
provided, the production date of the product will be used to determine the warranty
start date.
Registration can be completed online, by phone, by mail, or by email.
You may wish to sign up for PS Audio’s monthly newsletters, specials, product
updates, and/or Paul’s Daily Posts.
What Does this Warranty Cover?
This warranty covers defects in material and workmanship for products purchased from PS
Audio or its authorized dealers and agents.
What Will PS Audio Do to Correct the Problem?
In the event your product fails your sole remedy under this limited warranty shall be to
return the product to PS Audio or an authorized PS Audio repair center. The product will
be repaired without charge for parts or labor, replaced, or the purchase price refunded
through the original point of purchase, at the option of PS Audio.
What is the Period of Coverage?
This limited warranty is in effect for 3 years from the date the unit was first purchased from
PS Audio or its dealers and agents.
Who Pays for Shipping?
You are responsible to pay for the safe and proper shipment of the warrantied product to
PS Audio or its authorized repair center.
The PS Audio authorized repair center will pay the cost of returning the repaired or
replacement product to you under this warranty.
4826 Sterling Drive, Boulder, CO 80301
PH: 720.406.8946 [email protected]
В©2012 PS Audio Inc. All rights reserved.
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Not Covered
Owner’s Reference Dectet Power Center
What Does this Warranty Not Cover?
This warranty does not cover damage due to:
• Accidents, carelessness, improper transportation, misuse, neglect, or abuse
• Failure to follow the operating instructions that are provided by PS Audio in the
owner’s manuals (available for download at
• Use in any manner inconsistent with PS Audio’s operating instructions (available for
download at
• Lack of routine maintenance
• Connection to an improper voltage supply
• Alterations or modifications to the unit
• Improper or unauthorized repair, including repairs not authorized by PS Audio or a
PS Audio authorized repair center
• Fire, lightning, flood, “acts of God,” or other contingencies beyond the control of PS
• Products purchased through an unauthorized source (if you have questions as to
whether or not a dealer is authorized, please contact customer support at psaudio.
• Products with a factory-applied serial number that has in any way been altered,
defaced, or removed
Limitations on PS Audio’s Obligations Under this Warranty
Warranty Transfer
In no event will PS Audio’s liability to you exceed the original purchase price of the
This warranty does not cover the cost of custom installation, customer instruction,
setup adjustments, or signal reception problems.
This warranty does not cover consequential and incidental damages. Some states
do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so
the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you.
In the event your warrantied product cannot be repaired, PS Audio will replace or
refund the unit. We reserve the right to replace any out-of-stock, discontinued, or
limited edition products with a comparable product. Discontinued products may
not be available for warranty replacement.
How Can the Warranty be Transferred?
This warranty is for the benefit of the original purchaser of the product. The warranty may
be transferred to a subsequent purchaser during the 3 year warranty period. To do this,
you must contact PS Audio directly to set up transfer of registration.
4826 Sterling Drive, Boulder, CO 80301
PH: 720.406.8946 [email protected]
В©2012 PS Audio Inc. All rights reserved.
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If you require
service in North
Owner’s Reference Dectet Power Center
How Do I Get Warranty Service?
To locate an authorized PS Audio repair center, for service assistance, or for help with the
operation of a product or just for information, please contact PS Audio customer support.
Warranty Service Within the US
Obtain an RMA
Use original packing
State law
You must first obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization Number (RMA#) to
receive warranty service and prior to returning any item. Contact PS Audio or an
authorized PS Audio repair center to receive an RMA#.
You must put the RMA# on all returns. If it is not clearly marked, PS Audio will
return the package back to you, freight collect.
You should include a description of the problem, along with the RMA# inside the
Original packaging should be used for the safe transit of your PS Audio unit to the
repair center. If you do not have the original packing, PS Audio can sell and ship to
you replacement packaging.
You are responsible for the cost of shipping the product to a PS Audio authorized
repair center. You should insure the product for its full retail cost in the event it gets
lost or damaged in transit. PS Audio is not responsible for damage incurred in
products sent to us.
Shipping your product in non-PS Audio packaging may void this warranty. PS
Audio reserves the right to charge you for new factory packaging to return your
product after a repair.
How State Law Applies
This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary
from state to state.
If you are outside
the US
Warranty Service Outside of the US
PS Audio has authorized distribution in many countries of the world. In each country, the
authorized importing distributor has accepted the responsibility for warranty of products
sold by that distributor. Warranty service should be obtained where the product was
4826 Sterling Drive, Boulder, CO 80301
PH: 720.406.8946 [email protected]
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Owner’s Reference Dectet Power Center
Changes to Our Products
PS Audio reserves the right to modify the design of any product without obligation to
purchasers of previously manufactured products and to change the prices or specifications
of any products without notice or obligation to any person.
Your Serial
Your Purchase
Date of Purchase
4826 Sterling Drive, Boulder, CO 80301
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