Appliance Booklet Dishwasher Siemens Connect

Appliance Booklet Dishwasher Siemens Connect
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Connect your dishwasher – to the future.
With Home Connect, your dishwasher
can do a whole lot more
Step 1: Set up the Home Connect app
From now on, you will be able to control your household appliances while you are out
and leave more time for the things that really matter to you! Over the next few pages,
we will explain how you can connect your household appliances to the groundbreaking
Home Connect App and benefit from a range of other features. To find out everything
you need to know about Home Connect, go to
What do you need in order to link your household
appliance to Home Connect?
- Your smartphone or tablet must have the latest version of the operating system.
- You must have home network reception (WLAN) where the dishwasher is installed.
Name and password of your home network (WLAN):
Network name (SSID):
Password (key):
A Go to the App Store (Apple devices) or Google Play Store (Android devices) on your smartphone or tablet
B Once in the store, enter the search term �Home Connect’.
C Select the Home Connect app and install it on your smartphone or tablet.
D Start the app and set up your Home Connect user account. The app will guide you through the login process.
(see right-hand graphic).
If you need more information about a given step,
you can press the Info
button on the household
setup 3 sec.
appliance at
any time.
At the end, make a note of your email address and password.
Home Connect app login data:
- The home network must be connected to the Internet and the WLAN function must be activated.
- Your household appliance must be unpacked and plugged in.
Android app from spring 2015
Step 2 (first-time use): Link your dishwasher to your
home network (WLAN)
A Plug in your dishwasher.
Step 2.1: Automatically connecting your dishwasher to
your home network (WLAN)
A To launch the Home Connect assistant, press the remote start button on
your dishwasher (see right-hand graphic).
setup 3 sec.
Display image may differ.
B Follow the instructions on your dishwasher’s display and press the + button
to confirm until �Press WPS button on the router’ appears on the display.
B Check that your router has the WPS feature (consult your router manual for further information on this topic).
setup 3 sec.
Press WPS button
on the router
C1 If your router has the WPS feature:
Continue with Step 2.1, automatic connection (WPS).
C Activate your router’s WPS feature within the next 2 minutes. (Some routers have a WPS/WLAN
button for this purpose. Consult your router manual for further information on this topic.)
D Once a connection has been established, �Network login successful’
C2 If your router does not have the WPS feature or you don’t know whether it does or not:
Continue with Step 2.2, manual connection (professional mode).
and �Connect to app’ will appear on your dishwasher’s display.
Continue with Step 3.
setup 3 sec.
Network login
The message �Network login failed’ appears on the display.
No connection could be established within two minutes. Check that your dishwasher is within your home network’s range and if
В­necessary repeat the procedure. Alternatively, you can register manually by following the procedure described out in Step 2.2.В­
Step 2.2: Manually connecting your dishwasher to
your home network (WLAN)
During the manual connection process, your dishwasher establishes
its own WLAN network (access point) which you can then select from
your smartphone or tablet.
A Press the Info/Setup button on your dishwasher and keep it pressed
down for 3 seconds (see right-hand graphic).
B Use the < or > button to scroll through the menu until �Wi-Fi off’
G Switch to the general settings menu on your smartphone or tablet (mobile device) and go to the WLAN settings.
H Connect your smartphone or tablet to the �HomeConnect’ WLAN network (SSID) (the WLAN password [key]
is HomeConnect). The connection process can take up to 60 seconds.
Once successfully connected, open the Home Connect app on your smartphone or tablet.
setup 3 sec.
appears on the display.
C Press the + button to switch on the Wi-Fi function. �Wi-Fi on’ now
appears on the display. Once the Wi-Fi function has been activated,
you will not have to repeat this process.
D Use the < or > button to scroll through the menu until
�Network login’ appears on the display.
K Then press �Transmit to household appliance’.
appliance), enter the network name (SSID) and password (key) for your home network (WLAN) in the field provided
for this purpose.
setup 3 sec.
J The app will now take a few seconds to search for your dishwasher. Once it finds the dishwasher (household
Network login
setup 3 sec.
E Press the – button for a manual network login.
F �Connect your mobile unit to the Home Connect network’
appears on the display. Your dishwasher has now set up its own
�Home Connect’ WLAN network (SSID) which you can access from
your smartphone or tablet.
setup 3 sec.
Connect your mobile unit
to the HomeConnect network.
L �Network login successful’ will now appear on your dishwasher’s display.
Continue with Step 3.
If no connection could be established, press the start button on your dishwasher for
3 seconds. Now restart the manual network login for your dishwasher from point E.
Step 3: Connect your dishwasher to
the app
A Press the + button on your dishwasher (see right-hand graphic)
(this step does not apply in the case of automatic network login).
B �Connect to app’ or �Confirm connection to app’ now appears on
The future of housework has already begun in
your household
Your new dishwasher with the Home Connect function is part of the new generation
of networked household appliances. Did you know that other household appliances
also come with the Home Connect feature? In future you can operate not only your
dishwasher, but also selected European manufacturers’ ovens, refrigerators*, washing
machines* and tumble dryers* by remote control. To find out more about the future
of housework and the many advantages offered by the connected household,
go to
setup 3 sec.
your dishwasher’s display.
C Press the + button on your dishwasher to start the process.
D Within two minutes add your dishwasher in the Home Connect App on your smartphone or tablet
E If the dishwasher is not automatically displayed in the app, select �Connect household appliance’ or
once it is displayed there.
�Search for household appliances’ within the app.
F Follow the final instructions in the app to confirm the connection and end the process.
Your privacy and safety: our top priority
Tip: If you want to switch on the dishwasher from the app, you must press the remote start button
first (see right-hand graphic). When the function has been activated, a light flashes above the button.
You have successfully connected your
dishwasher. Now you can use all the benefits
of the Home Connect app!
Connection failed:
Check that your smartphone or tablet is connected to the home
network (WLAN). Repeat the procedure set out in Step 3.
Data protection:
Data are always transmitted in encrypted form. Home Connect meets the highest security
standards and the app is quality-certified (�TÜViT’-approved). For further data protection
В­information, please go to
Appliance safety:
To ensure the safe operation of your appliance when using the Home Connect function, please
be sure to consult the safety warnings provided in your appliance’s operating instructions.
* From year-end
If you have any questions, just visit us at
or call the Home Connect Service Hotline:
D 089 21 898 300
A 0810 550 560
Home Connect is a service of Home Connect GmbH.
Apple App Store and iOS are Apple Inc. trademarks.
Google Play Store and Android are Google Inc. trademarks.
Wi-Fi is a Wi-Fi Alliance trademark.
The TГњV Seal of Approval (PrГјfsiegel) is based on certification by TГњV TRUST IT GmbH.
Group of companies TГњV AUSTRIA
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