ineo+ 754e/654e - Imagetec Solutions Australia

ineo+ 754e/654e - Imagetec Solutions Australia
ineo 754e/654e
colour | 60 ppm
monochrome | 75 / 65 ppm
Enhanced productivity
for smarter business.
The ineo+ 754e Series from DEVELOP raises the bar in high-volume document production. Accelerate
your business with high-speed print output that is enhanced by a range of new, intelligent
functions, including direct print support for Microsoft Office X-series formats, and carbon copy
printing. High-performance scanning makes it the ideal on-ramp for business communication,
allowing you to share information with greater speed and flexibility. Scan speeds, up to 180 originals
per minute, are complemented by an array of features including distribution programs, built-in OCR
support allowing you to scan directly into searchable PDF and Microsoft Office formats, and more.
Intuitively usable: award-winning control panel design
Our INFO-Palette design has earned DEVELOP the 2012 Pick Award for “Outstanding Achievement in
Control Panel Design” from BLI (Buyers Laboratory LLC). The ineo+ 754e Series incorporates the latest
evolution of the INFO-Palette with enhanced multi-touch functionality, giving you faster, smoother and
more responsive operation.
As easy to operate as familiar tablet devices, the enhanced 9” colour screen supports new gesture operations for navigation such as
swipe, drag and drop, and long tap. Transparent pop-up menus prompt your next steps while letting you see through to the lower
level, so you don’t get lost in a maze of windows. A flick of your finger across the screen brings you the menu you want, enabling you
to execute functions in a highly intuitive manner.
An on-screen keypad can be freely displayed as needed while an optional 10-button keypad for numerical entry can be fitted.
Operators are alerted by new sound queues to verify that functions have been completed. Select from six types of sounds for
functions such as incoming fax call alert, print complete notification, motion effects and more.
ineo+ 754e with staple finisher (FS-535), z-fold unit
(ZU-606), post inserter (PI-505) and large capacity
tray (LU-204)
ineo+ 654e with staple finisher (FS-535)
High speed performance for
maximum productivity
Maximise in-house productivity with
advanced finishing options
Understanding the needs of high-volume central
reproduction departments, the ineo+ 754e Series is built
for speed in print/copy and scanning. B&W print/copy
output speed of up to 75/60 ppm (754e) and 65/60 ppm
(654e), B&W/colour respectively. Standard 100% duplex
productivity means the rated engine speed is maintained
even when printing two-sided.
Choose from a range of modular finishing options,
customisable to suit your business needs. The FS-535
Staple Finisher provides 100-sheet 3-position stapling.
Add the SD-512 Saddle-Stitch Unit to create booklets up
to 80-pages or utilise its three types of folding – centrefold, half-fold, tri-fold. Add to it the PK-521 Punch Kit for
selectable 2/4-hole punching at top or side. The ZU-606
Z-Fold Unit for folding large media, and the PI-505 Post
Inserter allows you to add pre-printed media into the
in-line finishing process.
The FS-534 Compact Staple Finishing provides 50-sheet
stapling and accepts the SD-511 Saddle Stitch Unit to
create booklets up to 80-pages and three types of folding
functions. The PK-520 Punch Kit provides selectable 2/4hole punching.
Create rich, vivid, high-impact colour pages with brilliant
full-colour photos and graphics with develop’s exclusive
Simitri® HD polymerized toner. True 1,200 dpi print
resolution improves halftone definition and makes text
more legible. Be assured of long-run output consistency
with industry leading image stabilisation technology.
The introduction of new, intelligent print functions
complements high speed output performance. Open Office
XML Support lets you print and scan Microsoft Office
X-series formats without the need for a print driver (scan
optional). Print or save to USB flash memory devices as
standard. Save time with Carbon Copy printing, allowing
you to output the one print job from multiple paper trays
when you require multiple copies of one document.
Streamline your workflow with a digitally
ready device
A high speed dual scanning document feeder will handle
originals at speeds of up to 180 originals per minute. But it’s
the array of scanning features that will introduce real value
to any digital workflow.
This colour-scanning device can scan directly to Email,
FTP, SMB, and WebDAV. Set up distribution programs to
scan quickly to individuals, departments and workgroups.
Further enhance productivity by adding an optional
FK-511 Super G3 Fax Kit for high-volume, single or dual line
centralised faxing.
Wide ranging paper size and weight support
for maximum print and copy flexibility
Print on thin 52gsm paper up to thick 300gsm cover
stock and support for A5 media size up to SRA3 for A3
full-bleed originals, preserving margins and crop marks.
A maximum paper capacity of 3,650 sheets is enough to
handle document traffic on busy days with less reloading.
A Large Capacity Tray can be added to two standard
paper drawers plus a 150-sheet multiple bypass tray for
maximum paper capacity.
Unique Tab Printing feature lets you print on tabbed
pages from the bypass tray – you can even insert tab
pages within the body of your document for producing
complete packs. Proof Copy/Print lets you run off a
test page to check your settings before starting your
entire print run. Save time by outputting the same data
continuously from multiple paper trays using Carbon
Copy printing.
A wide range of scan formats are available including PDF,
compact PDF, PDF/A, Linear PDF, TIFF, JPEF, XPS, DOCX,
XLSX, PPTX (some optional). Scan-to-PowerPoint converts
hard copy documents to PowerPoint files allowing you
to quickly generate presentation material. The optional
Optical Character Recognition (OCR) engine activation will
allow you to create searchable PDF and Microsoft Office
Direct support for print and scan of
Microsoft Office X-series formats.
ineo+ 754e/654e: Intelligent. Smart. Intuitive.
Extensive functionality
The ineo+ 754e Series offers a wide range of standard and optional functions that
are highly useful and simple to use.
High-class scanning performance
> High speed scanning up to 180 images per minute. It
also offers a broad choice of scanning functions. You
can directly scan a document into Word, Excel, and
PowerPoint file types, or searchable PDF format so
you no longer need to convert documents manually.
Distribute scanned documents in a variety of ways, e.g.
by sending them as emails or transferring them to a
Windows folder or an FTP server. All this saves you a lot
of time and effort in everyday office work!
New LK-110 i-Option
> The new LK-110 i-Option allows you to direct-print files
attached to email messages by emailing direct to the
device. Activate the internal OCR engine and create
searchable files including Scan to Word/PowerPoint/
Excel, and transform incoming faxes to searchable
PDF prior to e-distribution. Create PDF/A file types for
archiving and Linearised PDF for fast web viewing
when sharing your PDF files on the web.
Extensive finishing and
media flexibility
> Functions such as booklet making, stapling,
hole punching, banner printing and letter folding
plus a broad choice of printable media ensure
you can produce almost any kind of document.
Impressive printouts
> The print engine and innovative HD toner are finely
tuned to deliver razor-sharp 1,200 dpi printouts and
easily readable small type.
– excellent usability
Capacitive touchscreen
> With functions such as flick, drag-and-drop
and pinch-to-zoom, the tiltable 9-inch
colour screen is as simple to use as a
smartphone or tablet. The control panel can
also be customised for personalised ease of
Convenient remote
> The system can be administered via any
web browser from a desktop computer. Instant
servicing is possible thanks to the display’s
remote operating function. What’s more, you
can mirror the machine’s operating panel on
an Android tablet via a dedicated app and then,
for example, choose the settings for a print job
even though the printer is somewhere else in
the building.
Fast and efficient
> Speed up your print workflow and eliminate
unproductive waiting lines with a 22-second
or less warm-up time and first-copy output
in 6-seconds or less. Toner and paper can be
replenished on-the-fly meaning your long print
runs can continue uninterrupted.
Various authentication
> Secure access to the system is ensured through
various means of authentication: passwords,
finger-vein scanning and contactless smart cards.
Reassuring data security
> These days, any office system that is integrated
into a company’s network or has its own hard disk,
has to be adequately protected, as does any piece
of IT equipment. Thanks to security features such
as IPsec, S/MIME email encryption and IP filtering
every form of system communication or document
transfer is entirely secure. All the data stored on
the system’s hard disk are also protected from
unauthorised access by data encryption technology
and, if required, data erasure. Reassuring security in
line with international standards such as ISO 15408
EAL3 and IEEE 2600.1 – for your peace of mind!
Excellent eco-friendliness
> The system’s low energy consumption, economical
running costs and intelligent environmental
concept have been rewarded by eco-certificates
such as ENERGY STAR. And that kind of ecofriendliness is also good for your bottom line!
Enhanced security
Simplified control
The ineo+ 754e Series is designed to meet the strictest security standards and will
give you confidence that your documents are kept secure and in your control. The
suite of ineo Utilities will help simplify IT management, saving you time and
reducing your administration costs. Implement a mobile print and scan solution
across your organisation with ineoprint from develop.
Intelligent innovations to
save energy and protect the
Innovative power saving measures to achieve among the
lowest power consumption rates in its class. Enhanced Sleep
Mode puts greater sections of the device to sleep. ECO Scan
Mode can be activated where scanning is the primary walkup function. Power-saving consumables and improved
LED scanning lighting all help to save energy while serving
business needs.
Reduce paper waste with the intelligent XPS Print Preview
driver. Eliminate misprints and save paper by checking setting
details, on-screen, before printing. It allows you to preview
an almost precise image of the output, including stapling
and hole-punch positions, to prevent output errors and paper
Simplify device administration with
ineo Utilities
Device administration is simple with our suite of ineo
Utilities, included with all A3 ineo devices.
> Web Connection gives each machine its own internal
website for fast access to device status information and
settings, including counter readings, supplies levels, user
and administrator settings and more.
> Print Status Notifier provides automatic job status alerts
to your desktop computer. For example, it will alert a user
via a popup when their document has finished printing.
> Data Administrator handles addresses, passwords and
accounts with ease.
> Box Operator lets you download and access User Box data
from your PC.
Enhanced security for today’s digital
In a digital age, the security of electronic documents and
devices is of the highest importance. The ineo+ 754e Series
is certified to meet strict ISO 15408 EAL3 and IEEE 2600.1
security standards and offers an array of safeguards from
standard pin-code authentication to advanced options like
Biometric Authentication, card-based access such as: HID
Proximity; iClass; Magnetic Strip; and more.
Standard support for Encrypted PDF protects the security
of electronic documents as they pass through the network.
And for maximum security of hard disk drive contents, HDD
Sanitising can overwrite data in eight different modes so no
sensitive information can be compromised when relocating
or removing your ineo device from active deployment.
ineoprint from Develop:
an innovative solution for
the needs of today’s mobile
With business becoming increasingly more mobile, there
is growing demand for greater flexibility in printing
or scanning hardcopy documents. ineoprint, with its
assortment of utilities, is an innovative solution that gives
you greater freedom in printing, scanning and managing
With ineoprint in your organisation’s network environment,
you’ll enjoy all the convenience and flexibility of directly
printing to, and scanning from, any iOS or Android mobile
Digital Workflow AIO
Barcode font
LK-101 v3
Web browser
Unicode font
LK-102 v3
PDF/A, PDF encryption,
digital signature
OCR font
LK-105 v3
OCR engine
and PPTX
Keyboard holder
USB keyboard
USB keyboard
connection, Bluetooth
Fiery controller
Post inserter
Job separator
Working table
for IC-414
Saddle kit
Fax board
Copy guard kit
Various Wireless
LAN technologies
Banner tray
Authentication kit
ID Card reader
Various ID card
Punch kit
Staple finisher
Z-fold unit
Mount kit for
ID card
ineo+ 754e/654e
Output tray
A4 Large Capacity Tray
Punch kit
Booklet finisher
Staple finisher
A3 Large Capacity Tray
ineo+ 754e/654e
general data
Network protocols
Print: 1,800 x 600 dpi
HTTP, IPP, AppleTalk, EtherTalk
(with Smoothing Technology)
Copier functions
Chapter and cover mode, test copy, colour image
> A4: max. 60/75 ppm (colour / black & white)
Fiery IC-414: Adobe PS 3
adjustment, creative mode, poster mode, book
> A3: max. 30/37 ppm (colour / black & white)
ineo+ 654e
Ethernet 10/100/1000 BaseT, USB 2.0
> A4: max. 60/65 ppm (colour / black & white)
> A3: max. 30/33 ppm (colour / black & white)
Windows XP/Vista/7/8, Windows Server 2003/
Print system
2008/2012, Mac OS X 10.x, Linux, Unix, Citrix
Print functions
Direct Print of PCL, PS, TIFF, XPS, OOXML, PDF
Type of machine
Console system (built-in scanner)
Printing / copying speed
ineo+ 754e
Paper feeder
> Standard: 3,650 sheet, max. 6,650 sheet
> 2 x 500 sheet universal cassettes
(A5 – SRA3, 52–256 g/m2), 150-sheet bypass
(A6 – SRA3 and banner, 52–300 g/m2)
documents, Overlay, Cover page, Watermark,
(iFax standard)
Transfer rate / transfer speed
33.6 kBits/s, < 3 sec. ITU-No. 1
Fax memory
scan specifications
Fax functions
Type of scanning
Polling, time shift, PC-Fax, Receipt to
Scan to E-mail/FTP/iFAX/BOX/SMB/WebDAV/
to-me/Home, Twain-Scan
thick paper, banner paper
> 1,000 sheet and 1,500 sheet cassettes
Max. 600 dpi
(A4, 52–256 g/m2) for standard paper
Scanning speed
Paper format
Max. 180 opm (colour/black & white)
Max. 320 x 457 mm
Size of originals
Printable area
fax specifications (optional)
Mixmedia and Mixplex, Banner print
for standard paper, envelopes, OHP,
Max. 297 x 1,200 mm banner paper
copy, glossy copy, ID card copy, watermark
Max. A3
Uses system memory
confidential box, Receipt to E-mail, FTP, SMB
> Finisher with 100-sheet stapling,
max. 3,200-sheet capacity
> Optional for 100 sheet finisher: booklet kit (incl. letter and center fold), punch kit (2/4-hole), job separator, post insertion unit, z-fold & punch unit
Scanning formats
> Finisher with 50-sheet stapling,
TIFF, PDF, Compact PDF, JPEG, XPS, Compact XPS,
max. 3,200-sheet capacity
PPTX, Linearised PDF
> Optional for 50-sheet finisher: saddle kit, Warm-up time
optional: Searchable PDF, DOCX, PPTX, XLSX,
punch kit (2/4-hole)
Less than 22 seconds
PDF/A (1a/1b)
> Output tray (250 sheet)
Dimensions (w x h x d)
Scan adresses
> Large capacity tray for 3,000 sheet
650 x 1,155 x 799 mm (without options)
2,100, LDAP-support
(A4, 52–256 g/m2)
Approx. 221 kg (without options)
copy specifications
(A4–SRA3, 52–256 g/m2)
Document feeder
Max. 307 x 443 mm
Max. 289 x 1,192 mm banner paper
220 – 240 V / 50/60 Hz
> A6 to A3
print specifications
(150 sheet, max. 210 g/m2)
Copy pre-selection
> Duplex document feeder
> Large capacity tray for 2,500 sheets
> Keyboard holder
> USB interface kit with bluetooth
> Security kit
> Banner tray
> Fiery controller
> Fax unit
Standard: Embedded controller with 1.2 GHz
1 – 9,999
Optional: Fiery controller IC–414 with 2.6 GHz
> Working table
25 ­– 400 % in 0.1 % increments
> Fax stamp kit for documents
Standard controller uses system memory /
First A4 copy
hard disk (2,048 MB RAM/250 GB hard disk)
5.3 / 3.7 seconds (colour/black & white)
Max. 1,800 x 600 dpi (with Smoothing Technology)
High quality mode: 1,200 x 1,200 dpi
250 GB
> Diverse user authentication solutions
> i-Option (various additional functions)
> WLAN adapter
>10-key Number Pad
software solutions
Enterprise Suite, Data Administrator, Card
solutions, SAP support, EveryonePrint, PCounter,
Fiery Profiler Color Management, plus integration
with many others (some optional).
Distributed in Australia by:
Imagetec Solutions Australia Pty Ltd
ABN: 68 074 715 715
Head Office: Level 1, 67 Epping Road, Macquarie Park NSW 2113
Sales: 13 COPY
Service: 1300 787 877
Sydney • Brisbane • Melbourne • Adelaide • Perth
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