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Quick Start Guide
How to Install the Bundled Software
How to Use your “WALKMAN”
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About the manuals
In addition to this Quick Start Guide, this model is accompanied by the User
Guide (HTML document) which you can view from the WALKMAN Guide.
For details, refer to “How to Install the Bundled Software (User Guide
Three Ways to Transfer Music
How to Install the Bundled Software (User Guide included)
Please check the items in the package.
 “WALKMAN” (1)
о€Ѓ Headphones (1)
о€Ѓ USB cable (1)
о€Ѓ Quick Start Guide (this manual)
о€Ѓ Software
The software is stored in the built-in flash memory of your Walkman, and
includes the following items:
оЏЌContent Transfer
For details on how to install it, see “How to Install the Bundled Software (User
Guide included)”.
оЏЌUser Guide, etc.
From CDs, etc., using Windows Media Player
1 Connect your Walkman to your computer.
About Windows Operating System and
Windows Media Player
Make sure that the OS is Windows XP (Service Pack 3 or later), Windows Vista
(Service Pack 2 or later) or Windows 7*1 (Service Pack 1 or later), and the installed
Windows Media Player version on your computer is 11 or 12.
For details about usage or support on Windows Media Player, refer to Windows
Media Player information from the following web site:
USB cable (supplied)
оЏђYou cannot transfer contents with copyright protection since your Walkman does not
support them.
From iTunes* , etc., using Content Transfer
*1 Content Transfer supports data transfer from iTunes 10 or later to your Walkman.
By drag-and-drop using Windows Explorer
*1 [Compatibility mode] for Windows XP is not supported.
For details on transferring music, videos or photos, refer to the User Guide. The
User Guide can be readily viewed from the WALKMAN Guide.
2 Select the following order on the computer.
Select [start] - [Computer] or [My Computer] - [WALKMAN] [Storage Media].
3 Double-click [Setup.exe].
The install wizard appears.
оЏђ When you execute [Setup.exe], the [Setup.exe] file stored in the
[Storage Media] folder of your Walkman is copied to your computer
for backup, and the WALKMAN Guide and Content Transfer are
installed to your computer.
4 Follow the on-screen instructions.
After the install wizard is completed, the WALKMAN Guide shortcut
appears on the desktop of your computer.
оЏђ With your Walkman connected to your computer, when installation
of bundled software is completed, Content Transfer starts
5 Double-click
(WALKMAN Guide) on the
desktop to start the WALKMAN Guide.
For details on transferring music, etc., refer to the User Guide
included in the WALKMAN Guide.
How to Use your “WALKMAN”
How to use the Home menu
о†ѕ Hint
BACK/HOME button
оЏђYou can start the WALKMAN Guide and Content Transfer from the [start] menu
(displayed by clicking [start]).
оЏђYou can install the supplied software on another computer through the following
procedure even if you delete the [Setup.exe] file by formatting the built-in flash memory
of your Walkman. Copy the [Setup.exe] file and the [Install] folder from the [Backup]
folder of your computer to the Walkman. Then, connect the Walkman to another
computer on which you want to install the software and follow the above procedure
from step 2. The [Backup] folder can be found at
C:\Program Files*1\Sony\WALKMAN Guide\NWZ-E370\Backup
*1 [Program Files(x86)] may be displayed depending on the computer OS.
What can you do with the WALKMAN Guide ?
The WALKMAN Guide includes the following items:
о€Ѓ User Guide
The following contents can be viewed in your web browser.
оЏЌDetails on how to use your Walkman
оЏЌHow to use software to transfer content to your Walkman
о€Ѓ Customer Registration Link
о€Ѓ Customer Support Link
о€Ѓ Other useful Links
Includes link information, etc., on the download site.
The bundled items differ depending on the country/region of purchase.
о†ѕ Hint
оЏђAfter executing [Setup.exe] you can use the free space in the [Storage Media] folder
more effectively by formatting the built-in flash memory of your Walkman. To format
the built-in flash memory of the Walkman, see “To initialize (format) your
“WALKMAN”” on the backside.
Home menu
The Home menu appears when you press and hold the BACK/HOME button. The
Home menu is the starting point to play audio, search for songs, changing settings,
From the Home menu, you can select the desired item on the screen by using the 5way button.
5-way button
FM Radio
Shuffle All
Clock Display
Now Playing
Charging the Battery
The battery for your Walkman is recharged while the Walkman is connected to a
running computer.
Return to the previous screen.
2 hours
оЏђTo prevent battery deterioration, charge the battery at least once every half a year or
every year.
Turning your “WALKMAN” On and Off
To turn on
Press and hold the OPTION/PWR/HOLD button.
To turn off
During pause, press and hold the OPTION/PWR/HOLD
button. POWER OFF appears, your Walkman enters standby
mode, and the screen turns off.
Parts and Controls
о‘Ѓ BACK/HOME button
о‘‚ 5-way button*1
о€ѓ (play/pause/confirm) button
/ buttons
Press / to adjust the volume during playback or FM reception
(except when displaying a list screen, such as the song list screen or
option menu, etc., or the detailed information screen).
о‡°/о‡– buttons
о‘ѓ Headphone jack
о‘„ USB connector
Connect the USB cable (supplied).
о‘… Display
Press to display the option menu.
If you press and hold this button during pause, the screen turns off and your
Walkman enters stand by mode.
If you press and hold this button except during pause, all operation buttons are
disabled (HOLD function). To cancel this function, press and hold this button again.
About volume operation (Only for
countries/areas complying with European
An alarm (beep) and warning [Check the volume level] are meant to protect your
ears when you raise the volume setting beyond [14]. You can cancel the alarm and
warning by pressing any button.
оЏђ You can turn up the volume beyond [14] after canceling the alarm and warning.
оЏђ After the initial warning, the alarm and warning repeat for every 20 cumulative hours
that the volume is set beyond [14]; when this happens, the volume is changed to the
initial setting automatically.
оЏђ If the volume is set beyond [14] and you turn off the Walkman, the volume returns to
[14] automatically.
 Strap hole
о‘€ RESET button
Use a small pin, etc.
*1 There are tactile dots. Use them to help with button operations.
If your Walkman does not function as expected, try the following steps to resolve
the issue.
1 Find the symptoms of the issue in “Troubleshooting” in the
User Guide (HTML document), and try any corrective
actions listed.
For details on connecting to a computer, see the tables on the right.
2 Connect your Walkman to your computer to charge the
You may be able to resolve some issues by charging the battery.
3 Press the RESET button with a
small pin, etc.
RESET button
Before resetting your Walkman, check that
no song, video, etc. is being played back.
You can then reset the Walkman safely.
4 Check information on the issue
in the Help of each software.
5 Look up information on the
issue on one of the customer support Web sites.
About the customer support Web sites, see “For the latest information”.
6 If the approaches listed above fail to resolve the issue,
consult your nearest Sony dealer.
Your Walkman cannot
charge the battery.
оЏђ The USB cable is not connected to a USB connector
on your computer properly.
о…іDisconnect the USB cable, and then reconnect it.
о…іUse the supplied USB cable.
оЏђ The battery is charged in an ambient temperature out
of the range of 5 В°C (41 ВєF) to 35 В°C (95 ВєF).
о…іYou cannot charge the battery when
appears. Charge the battery in an ambient
temperature of 5 В°C (41 ВєF) to 35 В°C (95 ВєF).
оЏђ The computer is not on.
о…іTurn on the computer.
оЏђ Your computer has entered Sleep or Hibernation
о…іRelease the computer from Sleep or Hibernation
оЏђ A USB hub is being used.
о…іConnecting your Walkman via a USB hub may not
work. Connect the Walkman directly to your
computer using the USB cable (supplied).
оЏђ The operating system installed on the computer is not
supported by your Walkman.
о…іTo charge the Walkman, connect the Walkman to a
computer with the operating system that is
supported by the Walkman.
оЏђ You have not used your Walkman for more than a
о…іDepending on the conditions under which the
Walkman is used, the battery may have been
deteriorated. Consult your nearest Sony dealer.
[USB Connected. The
оЏђ The remaining battery power is insufficient.
Timer and Alarm will not
о…іCharge the battery by connecting your Walkman to
function.] or [USB Cnctd.
a running computer for at least 5 minutes.
(MTP) The Timer and
оЏђ The USB cable is not connected to a USB connector
Alarm will not function.]
on your computer properly.
does not appear when
о…іDisconnect the USB cable, and then reconnect it.
connected to the
о…іUse the supplied USB cable.
computer with the USB
оЏђ A USB hub is being used.
cable (supplied) (The
о…іConnecting your Walkman via a USB hub may not
computer does not
work. Connect the Walkman directly to your
recognize your Walkman).
computer using the USB cable (supplied).
[USB Connected. The
Timer and Alarm will not
function.] or [USB
Cnctd. (MTP) The
Timer and Alarm will
not function.] does not
appear when connected
to the computer with the
USB cable (supplied)
(The computer does not
recognize your
оЏђ The USB connector on your computer may have a
о…іConnect your Walkman to another USB connector
on your computer.
оЏђ When you use your Walkman for the first time, or
when the battery is low, it may take the Walkman
about 5 minutes to display the message after
connected to a computer. This is not a malfunction.
оЏђ The software authentication may be performed and it
may take rather a long time. Wait for a while.
оЏђ The software installation has been failed.
о…іReinstall the software by using the installer. The
imported data will remain untouched.
оЏђ The computer is running another software other than
the one used for transferring.
о…іDisconnect the USB cable, wait a few minutes, and
reconnect it. If the problem persists, disconnect the
USB cable, restart the computer, and then
reconnect the USB cable.
оЏђ [USB Connected. The Timer and Alarm will not
function.] or [USB Cnctd. (MTP) The Timer and
Alarm will not function.] may not appear on your
Walkman, depending on the software environment
that is running on your computer.
о…іActivate Windows Media Player, or Windows
Your Walkman becomes оЏђ A USB hub or USB extension cable is being used.
unstable while it is
о…іConnecting your Walkman via a USB hub or
connected to the
extension cable may not work. Connect the
Walkman directly to your computer using the USB
cable (supplied).
When double-clicking
оЏђ Install the bundled software after installing Windows
[Setup.exe] to install the
Media Player 11 or 12. For details on Windows Media
bundled software,
Player, refer to the following web site:
[Setup.exe] does not
execute, and the
Properties window
To initialize (format) your “WALKMAN”
You can format the built-in flash memory of your Walkman. If the memory is
formatted, all files including the User Guide (HTML document) will be erased.
Be sure to verify the files stored in memory prior to formatting, and then
export any necessary files to the hard disk of your computer or other device
1 Press and hold the BACK/HOME button until the Home
menu appears.
2 Select
[Settings] – [Common Settings] – [Format] –
[Yes] – [Yes] in this order.
Press the /// button to select the item, and then press the 
button to confirm.
When initialization finishes, [Memory formatted.] appears.
оЏђDo not format the built-in flash memory using Windows Explorer. If you
format the built-in flash memory, format it on your Walkman.
About the headphones
оЏђAvoid playing the unit at so loud a volume that extended play might affect your hearing.
оЏђAt a high volume outside sounds may become inaudible. Avoid listening to the
unit in situations where hearing must not be impaired, for example, while
driving or cycling.
оЏђAs the supplied headphones are of open-air design, sounds go out through the
headphones. Remember not to disturb those close to you.
License and Trademark Notice
Refer to the User Guide (HTML document).
For users in France
When replacing the headphones/earphones, please refer to the model of the headphones/
earphones adapted to your unit that appears below.
At high volume, prolonged listening to the personal audio player can
damage the user’s hearing.
Owner’s Record
The model and serial numbers are located on the back of the player. Record them in the
space provided below. Refer to these numbers in the spaces whenever you call upon your
Sony dealer regarding this product.
Model No. __________________________
Serial No. __________________________
For the latest information
If you have any questions or issues with this product, or would like information on
compatible items with this product, visit the following web sites.
For customers in the USA:
For customers in Canada:
For customers in Europe:
For customers in Latin America:
For customers in other countries/regions:
For customers who purchased the overseas models:
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