What's New - AutoTRAX DEX 2020

What's New - AutoTRAX DEX 2020
What’s New in AutoTRAX Design Express (DEX)
Thursday 8th January, 2015
п‚· All save as image file format now supported.
Monday 15th December, 2014
п‚· Save image and copy to clipboard now sets the DPI.
п‚· Export to Active3D now has option to export only top or bottom copper and parts.
п‚· Export to STL now has option to export only top or bottom copper without parts.
Sunday 14th December, 2014
п‚· Added option to have solder mask removed over selected tracks. See the properties panel for the
п‚· Added optional to swap the side for a complete track rather than just the selected segment. Press
the Control or the Shift key when you press the space bar.
п‚· Layer panel now has column for current layer. This makes it more obvious which is the current layer
and prevents �accidently’ changing the current layer.
п‚· Added option to export image as DPI.
Saturday 13th December, 2014
п‚· Minor bug fixes.
Wednesday 3rd December, 2014
п‚· Minor bug fixes.
п‚· Zoom in/out centers on the cursor position if the cursor is inside the viewport.
п‚· Excessive zoom in/out and pans restricted.
Tuesday 2nd December, 2014
п‚· Minor bug fixes.
Monday 24th November, 2014
п‚· Fix for automatically added PCB holes reverting to default size/position on undo.
 In 3D view, view left/right/front and back are �square on’ if the view is non-perspective (ortho).
Saturday 8th November, 2014
п‚· Improved UI for manual routing.
Friday 7th November, 2014
п‚· Fix for parts bin losing footprints.
Thurday 6th November, 2014
п‚· New context sensitive cursors for manual routing and route editing.
Wednesday 5th November, 2014
п‚· Fix problem with parts bin, sometimes symbols said no associated pad.
п‚· Improvements to the add resistor/capacitor dialogs.
п‚· Improved manual routing when connecting tracks to tracks.
Tuesday 4th November, 2014
Redesigned layers panel.
Fix for add resistor/capacitor dimensions when units not in inches.
Added option to draw drill centers in all pads when plotting Gerber.
Added new Route ribbon page containing useful routing commands.
Monday 3rd November, 2014
п‚· Added solder mask margin settings control to the layers panel.
п‚· New tooltip for tracks, show you how to edit them.
 If real-time DRC is on, selecting a track shows you it’s errors.
Sunday 2nd November, 2014
п‚· Added units control to DRC control panel.
п‚· Setup menu button links to WIKI and blog. Help->Support->WIKI and Help->Support->Blog
Saturday 1st November, 2014
п‚· Modifying 3D for header keeps 2D footprint unchanged.
 Fix for new part wizard not saving manufacturer’s details.
п‚· Changing pad hole diameter in the part builder keeps other parameter constant and does not
change any things added to the part.
Friday 31st October, 2014
п‚· Setting pad size/shape in the parametric editor keeps other settings.
п‚· Added free, ortho, angled manual routing buttons to View/Snap->Tracks.
п‚· Default manual router style set to angled.
п‚· Default move track segment set to move parallel.
 Improved manual routing – no un-routed track segment left.
Thursday 30th October, 2014
п‚· Navigator panel now show more when auto-zoom selected, the navigator view is also updated.
п‚· Changing width/height of 3D cylinders not updates 3D view correctly.
п‚· Added center spacing input for quad parametric footprints.
п‚· Symbol border now not changed if pad pitch changed on DIP and SOIC parts.
Wednesday 29th October, 2014
п‚· Added option to correct nomals when importing STL 3D files.
Tuesday 28th October, 2014
п‚· Multiline text output to Gerber can now be left, center or right aligned.
п‚· Will now import AutoTRAX EDA files with sub-system sheets.
Monday 27th October, 2014
п‚· Printing footprint does not show PCB border if no cutouts and holes are present. However if the PCB
border property �use border’ is set then the border will print.
п‚· New Quad Footprint builder. New parameters for outer and inner distances between pad
Sunday 26th October, 2014
п‚· Added leadless checkbox for SOIC and Quad part packages.
Text (Part Value) now added to SOIC and Quad part packages.
Added right scrollbar to the Part Builder. (only shows when needed).
Saturday 25th October, 2014
п‚· Fix for setting pad shape to rectangular in the part builder.
Friday 24th October, 2014
п‚· Added plot menu button to the Gerber Viewer. This allows you to print each layer. It is also useful if
you have want to step and repeat a plot.
п‚· Removed redundant design rules in PCB settings panel.
Thursday 23rd October, 2014
п‚· Added option to oversize drill files to take into account the plating thickness. See Tools/CAM settings
button (small button on the bottom right).
п‚· Fix for non-functioning export to PDF in classic menu.
п‚· You can now set the fill color/pattern/style for inter-wire connectors.
Wednesday 22nd October, 2014
п‚· Editing pad values in the part builder does undo changes to independent courtyard/silkscreen.
п‚· In the part editor, the PCB border resizes on changes to pad size in the part builder.
п‚· Fix for pin numbers for SOT223.
п‚· Fix for symbol border context meny - symbol rebuild only doing sides as in footprint.
Tuesday 21st October, 2014
п‚· Add port now works in the Classic drop-down menu.
п‚· Improved header parametric part - added extensions for pin beneath the boar
Sunday 19th October, 2014
п‚· New user forum at http://www.forum.kov.com I also changed the web link in DEX.
Saturday 18th October, 2014
п‚· When manual routing and adding jumper, route style set to free routing and returns to previous
state after the jumper has been added.
п‚· Ortho manual routing: start segment uses layer routing settings (vertical/horizontal).
Friday 17th October, 2014
п‚· Footprints can now be grouped.
п‚· Fix for pasting tracks where original copied track was un-routed.
 Improved manual routing. Auto-routing of segment to complete. Removal of some �quirks’.
Thursday 16th October, 2014
п‚· Reinstated 45 and 90 degree routing for manual routing (free style).
п‚· Added manual routing settings to the router settings menu.
Wednesday 15th October, 2014
п‚· PCB cutouts placed inside parts now output to Gerber profile.
п‚· Copying and pasting pads in the footprint editor creates unique pad names.
п‚· Add right context menu when manually routing.
п‚· Added orthogonal and angled manual routing. See right context menu when manually routing.
Friday 10th October, 2014
п‚· Fix for text with overstrike in symbol terminals placed on the top or bottom of symbols. Overstrike is
positioned correctly.
п‚· Added auto-position symbol reference and value to symbol/symbol border right click context menu.
п‚· Added auto-size symbol border to symbol/symbol border right click context menu.
п‚· Fix for size on end-capture button.
п‚· Via holes are removed when outputting inner layers to Gerber if connected to the inner layer.
Thursday 9th October, 2014
п‚· Fix for incorrect un-routing of tracks near the edge of the board.
п‚· Adding connections now does not un-route a net, will add an un-routed track segment.
Wednesday 8th October, 2014
п‚· Inner signal layers now no longer show holes if connected to a via/pad and show holes is set to false.
п‚· Fix for sizing for thermal relief on pads in inner layers.
Tuesday 7th October, 2014
п‚· Added optional attributes to ALL objects. Select object and add/delete attributes in the properties
 Added rebuild symbol to symbol’s context menu in projects. Right click on a symbol to view the
Saturday 4th October, 2014
п‚· Added custom part request in Parts->Library menu->Request Part.
Friday 3rd October, 2014
п‚· Improved Eagle library conversion.
Saturday 27th September, 2014
п‚· Added option in properties panel when viewing board in 3D to show holes.
п‚· Fix for resize pads sometimes undone later.
п‚· Fix for elliptical pads restoring ad rectangular.
п‚· Elliptical pads now have corner and side manipulators to set the size.
Monday 15th September, 2014
п‚· Improved manipulator identification/coloring for polylines/polygons and curves.
п‚· Curve manipulator remains visible for selected vertex when editing.
п‚· Fix to update nodelist panel when setting selected tab.
Thursday 11th September, 2014
п‚· Fix for adding dimension - offset shown when showEdits false
п‚· Fix height for text height +/- buttons in font control
п‚· Disabled thumbwheel for 3D editor if no 3D entity
п‚· Moved show page, show rulers and show scrollbars to viewport/Show.. context menu
п‚· moved show/hide panel menu items to Show sub-menu for viewport context menu.
п‚· Improved picking of patterned line styles.
п‚· Dimension lines offset from start and end point if gap > 50 thou.
Wednesday 10th September, 2014
п‚· Added control to set height above board for imported 3D models. (Properties panel).
 Added show numeric input boxes and tooltips to the viewport context menu (Show…).
п‚· Fix for edge color editor not updating viewport.
Tuesday 9th September, 2014
п‚· Fix for combining shapes where some were not included.
п‚· Text input for adding polylines now works. (Shortcuts sometime overrode input).
Saturday 6th September, 2014
п‚· Fix for dxf importer where straight segment after a curved segment in polylines was drawn curved.
Friday 5th September, 2014
п‚· Speeded up graphics on some curved shapes.
п‚· Option added to import DXF to import as PCB.
1. Only closed polygons, ellipses and circles will be imported.
2. The first polygon will be converted into the PCB border.
3. All ellipses and other polygons will be added as PCB cutouts.
All circles will be converted to PCB holes.
Wednesday 3rd September, 2014
п‚· Adding multi symbol parts sometimes did not correctly set symbol references as unique.
п‚· Double click to edit symbol reference/values on multi symbol parts correctly updates all siblings.
Tuesday 2nd September, 2014
п‚· Tracks within a copper pour region that have the same signal name as the track are not flagged up as
unrouted by the DRC.
Monday 1st September, 2014
п‚· Tracks within a copper pour region that have the same signal name as the track are not drawn as the
copper pour will connect the end points of the track.
п‚· Fix for some missing relief of pads inside copper pour.
п‚· Improved rotation of symbols with additional text included.
п‚· Schematic wire junctions now same color as the wires.
п‚· Fix for unrouting tracks connected to off-board footprints when adding more parts.
Sunday 31st August, 2014
п‚· Thermal relief for rectangular pads with rounded corners now shows rounded gaps.
Thursday 28th. August, 2014
п‚· New button - Edit->Group->Combine will convert 1 or more selected entities into a polygon, PCB
border, PCB cutout, pad, keep out, copper pour or split power plane.
Wednesday 27th. August, 2014
п‚· Point Cursor now snaps to objects as well as the grid.
п‚· Fix for zero pen width not restoring on read : was set to node pen width.
п‚· Fix for dimensions not being drawn in PCBs if stick text selected.
Tuesday 26th. August, 2014
п‚· Resized placement point for footprints.
Check and fix for shared footprints.
Clearance DRC fix for track to rectangular pads.
Fix for rotated no mask areas border draw incorrectly.
Adding polygonal no mask areas now show cut-out in real-time.
Saturday 23rd August, 2014
п‚· Fix for slow copper pour fill.
Friday 22nd August, 2014
п‚· Added design rule check for minimum PCB hole sizes.
п‚· Nets (tracks), PCB holes, PCB cutouts, pads and vias now have optional copper pour gap override so
you can set custom clearance.
п‚· If you set the copper pour gap for a net, then all pads and vias connected to the net will have the
net’s copper pour gap unless you set the copper pour gap on the pad/via.
п‚· If keepouts are hidden then copper pour now still uses them.
Wednesday 20th August, 2014
п‚· TPH Pads can now have rectangular holes (slots). These are output to drill files.
Monday 18th August, 2014
п‚· Add more Python coding examples to scripting.
п‚· Extended Python-DEX API.
Sunday 17th August, 2014
п‚· Fix for copper pour ignoring start and end spaces in text.
п‚· Rotating part symbols sets alignment of references and values.
п‚· Added more demo plugins.
п‚· Extended scripting interface to DEX.
п‚· Stick text viewable in PCB (See CAM settings)
Friday 15th August, 2014
п‚· Improved scripting panel.
п‚· Added some demo plugins. Loads more to follow this weekend.
Wednesday 13th August, 2014
п‚· Added intelliSense for Python scripting editor.
п‚· You have 4 built-in Python variables:
o design
o viewport
o sheet
o app
п‚· Show/Hide tooltips now works for all tooltips (except intelliSense).
Sunday 10th August, 2014
п‚· Improved directory selection dialog.
п‚· New Font selection dialog.
Saturday 9th August, 2014
Added ruler, navigation side bar and font selection to Python program editor. Right click for context
Friday 8th August, 2014
п‚· Added syntax highlighting to Python program editor.
Thursday 7th August, 2014
п‚· New scripting panel where you can add your own custom menu buttons with Python scripts.
Friday 1st August, 2014
п‚· Added scripting panel (See panels menu). This is a IronPython (Python) scripting engine. Currently it
will only run IronPython and there are no AutoTRAX DEX objects yet. Try print ’Hello World’.
o See https://docs.python.org/3/reference/index.html
п‚· I will add extensive access to the project/part data in the coming days. You will be able to add your
own command buttons with Windows forms!
Friday 25th July, 2014
п‚· Import Eagle : Symbols with no terminals (not really a part) are converted to grouped graphics.
п‚· Improved import of Eagle files with some fixes and added options on import.
Thurday 24th July, 2014
п‚· Fix for circle symbol terminals in schematics. Electrical position was wrong.
п‚· Added option (on by default) to create AutoTRAX style symbol borders when importing Eagle
Wednesday 23rd July, 2014
п‚· Eagle boards with curved edges implemented. Previously edges were straight.
Monday 21st July, 2014
п‚· Fix for radial and linear fill of symbol borders.
п‚· Added menu buttons for Wiki, Blog and Twitter.
Sunday 20th July, 2014
п‚· Import of Eagle files with multiple sheets. Seems difficult to find examples! Only found 1 on the
Eagle site.
Saturday 19th July, 2014
п‚· Eagle import 1.0 now complete.
Friday 18th July, 2014
п‚· Eagle import now converts Eagle buses to DEX buses.
Wednesday 16th July, 2014
п‚· More improvements to Eagle import. Split parts (symbols) references ok. Handles Eagle PCB with
tracks going nowhere etc. (Eagles fails to sync PCB from schematic correctly).
Tuesday 15th July, 2014
п‚· Optimization of PCB nets for Eagle import.
Monday 14th July, 2014
First version of Eagle project import. This will combine both Eagle schematic and board files into a
single design. This only works for Eagle version 6 files and is provided as an initial preview. Please do
not use for production work. Feedback very welcome.
Thursday 26th June, 2014
п‚· Courtards now have settable margin for auto-sizing when the footprint is in place in a project.
Monday 23rd June, 2014
п‚· You can now set the default schematic wire/bus color in the settings panel.
п‚· Added wire and bus color/width editors to the Add->Wire and Add-Bus popup settings editors. (click
small button at the bottom right of the button group).
п‚· You can now set the color for the top and bottom silkscreen layers.
Friday 20th June, 2014
п‚· Pads option to not automatically generate solder mask holes now works correctly with Gerber
output and do not generate solder paste areas.
п‚· No mask areas now have option to add solder paste in the exposed areas. So you can set a pad to
have no automatically generate solder mask hole and add a no mask area inside the pad to expose a
smaller hole/shape with a solder paste filling just the no mask area.
п‚· Added integrity checker to ensure pads exist for symbol terminals that reference them. If the pad
does not exist the symbol terminal will have an error marker. To fix it, sub pick the terminal (you
may need to do window select by dragging a rectangle around it) then select a pin name from the
properties panel.
Thursday 19th June, 2014
п‚· Bug fixes for refresh part, courtyard and silkscreen editors
п‚· Multiple symbol/footprint selection also cross selects to schematic/PCB..
Wednesday 18th June, 2014
п‚· Reduced memory usage.
п‚· Fixed non-display of 3D model in PDF (top/bottom view).
Tuesday 17th June, 2014
п‚· Printing now takes into account setting the color of electrical items. Will print background color.
п‚· Improved wire auto-routing when moving terminals and resizing symbol borders using sub-pick.
Monday 16th June, 2014
п‚· Add option for setting the color of electrical items in schematics. See properties panel for sheet
(with nothing selected).
Friday 13th June, 2014
п‚· Fixed Gerber viewer bug where sometimes polygonal areas had missing last vertex. Gerber output
was correct, just viewer had excessive optimization.
Sunday 8th June, 2014
п‚· Added single sided check button and use bottom layer(for single sided boards) to layers panel. You
can have singled sided top or bottom.
Thursday 5th June, 2014
Improved measure tooltip, clearer display and angle correct.
Wednesday 4th June, 2014
п‚· Improved auto-sizing of courtyards and silkscreens.
п‚· Ability to move pin name location of polygonal SMT pads (select pad then drag pin name).
Tuesday 3rd June, 2014
п‚· Added option to Gerber Output setting to disable use of the Gerber step and repeat command when
stepping the PCB. DEX’s Gerber viewer will now displayed stepped and repeated artwork.
Monday 2nd June, 2014
п‚· Added buttons to reset the default project/part/artwork files to the File Setting menu
п‚· Improved number output on tooltips to now show too many significant digits. You can set the
number of significant digits in the Application Setting Panel tab.
Saturday 31st. May, 2014
 Added �Save As Default’ menu item to the file menu. This lets you define the default/template file
for projects, �parts and artwork.
Friday 30th May, 2014
 �No solder mask’ objects now automatically add margin.
п‚· Improved snap to rectangular shaped objects. Will now snap to edge.
п‚· Electra now handles polygonal/curved edge pads.
п‚· Array rectangular panel now has interactive button letting you drag the array and resize it in realtime.
п‚· Fix for viewing from bottom in part creation. Order now correct.
Thursday 29th May, 2014
п‚· Progress meter for library search fixed.
п‚· Rotating footprints sometimes moved footprint references out of place. Fixed.
Wednesday 28th May, 2014
 Autofixer for footprint references that are too far from footprint body (0.4”).
Tuesday 27th May, 2014
п‚· You can now export and import design rules from the design rule checker control panel.
п‚· Added checkbox to enable/disable checking for unrouted track segments.
п‚· Fix for simulator.
Monday 26th May, 2014
п‚· Added track to Keep-out to design rules.
п‚· Added via to Keep-out to design rules.
Sunday 25th May, 2014
п‚· Fix for docking panel widths being too narrow.
п‚· DRC world view updates correctly.
п‚· With multiple monitors, DEX now starts up on the last screen used (before it used the mouse
position for maximized windows).
п‚· Swapping pad now updates schematic correctly.
Part Builder now works correctly when opening previous part and edits correctly without removing
and added items such as pads.
Saturday 24st May, 2014
п‚· Speed up of design rule checker.
Wednesday 21st May, 2014
п‚· Speed up of multiple copper pour fills.
Monday 19th May, 2014
п‚· Design rule checker now has optional check/no check for each rule.
п‚· Design rule checker displays more descriptive PCB errors in the DRC panel.
Sunday 18th May, 2014
п‚· Design rule checker show number of items checked.
п‚· Total of 31 different design rule categories for the PCB.
п‚· Minor change to application and viewport tab names to save space.
Saturday 17th May, 2014
п‚· Added large fonts for menus etc. See panels menu.
п‚· DRC now checks footprint courtyards.
Friday 16th May, 2014
п‚· Ability to select schematic wire segment (gold color) and delete it without deleting the whole
node(collection of wires).
п‚· DRC now handles rounding errors.
Thursday 15th May, 2014
п‚· New Design rule checker UI.
п‚· Design rule checker now checks for silkscreen to pads.
п‚· Design rule checker now faster.
Monday 12th May, 2014
п‚· Design rule checker now checks for:
o Track to PCB border spacing / intersection.
o Track to pad and via spacing / intersection.
o Tracks to PCB cut out spacing / intersection.
o Tracks to PCB holes spacing / intersection.
o Pad to Pad clearance.
o Via to Via clearance.
o Via to pcb holes clearance.
o Via to pcb cut out clearance.
п‚· New dotted visual for PCB Errors and finer line for the gap arrows.
Sunday 11th May, 2014
п‚· Design rule checker now checks track spacing.
п‚· Optional real-time checking for manual routing/track editing (also known as on-line DRC by some).
This is on by default. Use the DRC panel to set it.
Thusday 7th May, 2014
п‚· Faster Split signal plane generation.
п‚· Fixed CNC viewer (would not appear!).
Wednesday 7th May, 2014
п‚· Split signal planes (ELECTRA router only). TPH pads now ok.
Tuesday 29th April, 2014
п‚· Added split signal planes (ELECTRA router only). This is Beta. TPH pads over split signal planes will
short to the signal plane.
Saturday 19th April, 2014
п‚· New link for User Group.
Sunday 6th April, 2014
п‚· Increased width of recent file list to show longer file names.
п‚· More details tooltips.
Friday 4th April, 2014
п‚· New tooltips for the Ribbon menu.
Thursday 27th March, 2014
п‚· Gerber export now included 2 extra files, Top Solder Paste and Bottom Solder Paste. These files are
only present if there are SMT pads on the top or bottom side of the board respectively. See settings
for paste shrinkage (2 mil default).
п‚· Fix for missing start aperture on some Gerber files. These were dark moves so really, no aperture is
needed as nothing is drawn, however some Gerber file readers get in a bit of a tiz!
Tuesday 25th March, 2014
п‚· When downloading latest version, all floating windows are hidden and reshown on startup.
п‚· Changing parameters of footprints on PCBs now keeps original position, side and orientation.
Monday 24th March, 2014
п‚· If show PCB set to solid and PCB color was set to transparent picking bottom layer tracks was not
possible even though they were visible. Picking is now possible.
п‚· Improved preview of footprint in symbol properties panel.
Sunday 23rd March, 2014
п‚· Improved internal router.
п‚· Swapping footprint layer now uses the footprint placement point as the reference (previously it used
the center of the footprint).
п‚· Swapping side for footprints - layers turned on if needed to ensure the footprint is still visible.
 Swapping side for footprints, sometimes text orientation was reversed – now fixed.
Thursday 20th March, 2014
п‚· Add 'Set All Track Vias' button to via settings editor.
п‚· Fixed nasty paste bug. (when adding new symbols - if then tried to copy, copy failed).
п‚· Fix for refreshing parts from library where the part does not have all symbol terminals named.
Wednesday 19th March, 2014
п‚· New track via settings. Uses annular ring size. Manual routing etc. uses these new settings.
Tuesday 18th March, 2014
п‚· Fixed bug when editing node name for a symbol terminal with no pad. All other symbol terminals
with no pad were set.
п‚· Edit Node ID name sizes all Node ID boxes correctly.
п‚· TrackOptimizer now snaps to 1/4 track width (was 1 track width).
п‚· Improved 45 degree routing.
Monday 17th March, 2014
п‚· In schematics, if in sub-pick mode then adding wires is disabled. This makes it easier to select/pick
terminals. Invisible terminals will now appear as small circles.
п‚· Differently named ground nodes will not be electrically connected on the PCB using tracks. They will
only be connected in the Spice simulator.
п‚· When you select a node that is a ground node, all other ground nodes will be highlighted with a
green border.
п‚· Uncheck do not Rotate in Parts for text will ensure text keeps its orientation when rotated in a part.
п‚· Added check button 'sub-pickable' to the text properties panel to allow text to be
pickable/movablelike symbol references and values.
Sunday 16th March, 2014
п‚· Rotating footprints 90 degrees (using the space bar) keep text orientation to horizontal or vertical
(as per book binding).
Saturday 15th March, 2014
п‚· Properties panel 'Set All Via Sizes' now has settings for via hole diameter.
п‚· Added edit button in the Part Builder parameters list so you can edit the list.
п‚· Swapping sides and changing position of footprints optimizes connected nets.
п‚· Rotating footprints optimizes connected nets.
п‚· If show node IDs set then ground terminals have small green circles.
п‚· Added ground status to symbol terminal tooltips.
Friday 14th March, 2014
п‚· Import for STL 3D files from http://www.3dcontentcentral.com/ works.
п‚· Copy and paste from project to project implemented.
п‚· Separation for 3 standard ground symbol types.
п‚· Properties panel now has control (when nothing is selected) 'Set All Via Sizes'
п‚· You can now add the content of a schematic (in a design with a single or multiple schematic) plus
associated footprints/nets to the library as a design. Use right context menu.
Thursday 12th March, 2014
п‚· Fixed layers panel not initially showing correct number of layers.
п‚· Inner layers show pads as yellow if requested.
п‚· Copper pour in inner layers- TPH pads clearance added.
Wednesday 12th March, 2014
п‚· Fix for adding copper pours in inner layers - holes were not added to the copper pours.
Friday 7th March, 2014
п‚· Unrouted track segments not output to Gerber.
п‚· Rectangles etc. that have transparent borders, borders not drawn.
п‚· Fix bug importing some legacy EDA files.
Saturday 8th March, 2014
п‚· Double click on layer list visibly turns off all layers except the selected layer.
п‚· Turn NET layer off hide unrouted track segments.
Thursday 6th March, 2014
п‚· Minimum spanning tree now works with partially routed nets.
Wednesday 5th March, 2014
п‚· New layer panel. This will do all layer configuration you need. No longer need for popup Layer
п‚· Improved via optimization on nets.
Tuesday 4th March, 2014
п‚· Added controls to move the x,y location of the footprint as well as the placement point in the
footprint properties panel.
п‚· Changed layers panel. Now simpler control taking up less space.
Monday 3rd March, 2014
п‚· Overlapping vias replaced with a single via.
п‚· Adding wires - tooltip/cursor displays when cannot connect to terminal because it is off-sheet.
Sunday 2nd March, 2014
п‚· Ensure all start and ends track segments that cannot connect to a SMT pad are unrouted. (Need a
п‚· Fix for some nets with same name not joining.
Saturday 1st March, 2014
п‚· Fix for 3D texture maps being too large.
п‚· Fix for error when 3D texture map not present.
Friday 28th February, 2014
п‚· Fix for 3D rectangle height bringing incorrect.
п‚· Fix for range selector for edit resistor dialog.
п‚· Fix for adding text to the bottom side of the PCB. It was not reversed correctly.
п‚· Changed power plane clearance for pads and vias to space between outer copper and via/pad
Tuesday 25th February, 2014
Fix for unwanted via at start of route from one SMT pad to another SMT pad on opposite sides of the
Fix for View All (Home key) taking into account invisible objects.
Fix for errors where 2 or more nets connect to the same pad. (shorts the nets).
Monday 24th February, 2014
п‚· Improved symbol terminal selection for adding wires in schematics.
п‚· Fix for some nodes with the name having different node indices.
Sunday 23rd February, 2014
п‚· View From Bottom button in the PCB ribbon menu changed to show From Top if the current view is
from the bottom.
п‚· Added right button context menu for schematic symbols to refresh the part from the parts library.
Saturday 22nd February, 2014
п‚· Center PCB does not clear copper pours.
п‚· Adding noteboxes improved. Text automatically sized to fill the box.
п‚· Moving placement point in the viewport, snap to objects and grid now work.
п‚· Placement point editor - setting coordinates work correctly.
п‚· In the footprint editor, setting the placement point only moved the placement point, not the whole
п‚· Underscores in symbol terminal names was being removed. Problem was the underscore was a
special character in the past but no longer used and was automatically being removed.
п‚· Setting the color of a node (schematic wire collection) sets the color of all other nodes that have
the same node index.
п‚· Fix for some selected nodes (schematic wire collection) not being highlighted when selected.
п‚· Add capacitor in the Parts ribbon menu now displays a add capacitor dialog similar to the add
resistor dialog.
п‚· You can now hold down and drag the mouse from a start terminal in schematics to start a wire.
Previously you had to left click. You can now hold down and drag the mouse from a start terminal
in schematics to start a wire. Previously you had to left click. This makes it really easy, like the
manual router. Now route with just a drag and release rather than a click, drag then another click.
Friday 21st February, 2014
п‚· MM units button added to the ribbon menu quick access toolbar.
п‚· Snap track to 45 degrees button added the to ribbon menu quick access toolbar.
п‚· Move track parallel/bevel button added the to ribbon menu quick access toolbar.
п‚· Snap to objects button added the to ribbon menu quick access toolbar.
п‚· Snap to guides button added the to ribbon menu quick access toolbar.
п‚· Rotation snap button added the to ribbon menu quick access toolbar.
п‚· Manual routing now show suggested target yellow arrow.
п‚· Common point for unrouted net segments now removed.
п‚· Selected track segments show central solid line if at an angle 0,45,90,135,180,225,270,325 degrees
else show dotted center.
Thursday 20th February, 2014
Can/cannot connect cursor display is more visible over pads.
Check for connecting tracks back on themselves.
Added new route panel to select individual nets to assist routing.
Fix for dragging design from the library onto sheets where the wires in the dragged designs
Fix for edge width for 3D rectangles.
Tuesday 18th February, 2014
п‚· New point to point unrouted net calculation create minimum spanning tree (pad to pad only).
п‚· Add command to swap connections on a footprint with 2 pads.
п‚· Added command to lock all footprints and unlock all footprints on a PCB.
Monday 17th February, 2014
п‚· Improved settings grid. Also added expand/collapse all context menu.
п‚· Added option to Route Settings to connect unrouted tracks to a common point or point to point
(with minimized distance).
п‚· Fixed copy and pasting parts connected with schematic wires. Pcb tracks now ok.
п‚· Pad pin numbers now always draw horizontal. Also draw faster.
п‚· Increased transparency of footprint placement vector.
Sunday 16th February, 2014
п‚· When switching an entities layer, the target layer is made visible.
п‚· Switching pcb sides for a text entity reverses the text.
п‚· Fixed location of some fonts in Gerber output.
п‚· Rotating parts in schematics without symbol borders does not rotate pin numbers and pin names.
п‚· Fixed spelling error of Sements to Segments.
п‚· Settings for all sheets now restored. (Settings panels).
п‚· Added option to locked panel properties control to prevent specific text from rotating in parts when
placed on schematics.
Saturday 15th February, 2014
п‚· Fix for copy and paste schematic circuits where the copy wiring was 'messed up'.
п‚· Hide ribbon menu items not context relevant when opening DEX.
п‚· Swapping layer for footprints now correctly reflects and moves 3D entities.
п‚· Editing the notes for a sheet in the Sheet properties panel sets design as modified.
п‚· Line width editor failed to convert to/from units other than inches.
Thursday 13th February, 2014
п‚· Fixed all grids for missing minor items on left and bottom if origin offset.
п‚· Default PCB grid set to graph.
п‚· Move track corner does not use snap.
п‚· Move segment snaps to closest left or right corner.
п‚· Improved visibility of selected track segments.
п‚· Selected tracks display segment number in the tooltip.
п‚· Unroute track, net or track segment using menu of properties panel turns on the Net layer.
It is now possible to select multiple tracks.
Track editor now sets width, routed state on all selected tracks.
Track optimizer autoroutes all segments <= track width.
Selected tracks segment move together when dragged with the mouse.
Auto-repeat implemented for adding inter-wire connectors.
New tooltip for inter-wire connectors.
Fixed problem when selecting unnamed inter-wire connectors other inter-wire connectors may stay
highlighted in pink.
Thurday 13th February, 2014
п‚· Dot grid now adapts dot size, increasing the dot size to improve visibility as the dot
separation increases.
п‚· Tooltips hidden when dragging routed track segment.
п‚· Moving corner of a track will add a mitre if View/Snap->Tracks->Move button
Tuesday 11th February, 2014
п‚· Added option to move track segments and keep them parallel with their original
position. (hold down Control or Shift key before and during move or use Ribbon
View/Snap->Tracks->Move button).
п‚· Fixed disappearance of some ribbon menu buttons!
Monday 10th February, 2014
п‚· Improved snap to grid etc when moving tracks.
п‚· Add net to add addition route paths for routed boards. Will explain with video later.
п‚· Routing video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NvmBqr3RvL4&feature=youtu.be
Sunday 9th February, 2014
п‚· For schematics, default pen width is now the same as the Node/Wire/Terminal
п‚· Greatly improved manual routing. In particular drag an unrouted track segment to
start routing. Better end route determination for pads etc.
Thursday 6th February, 2014
п‚· Recovery dialog now allows you to preview the full project tree.
п‚· Some fixes for Spice model editors.
Wednesday 5th February, 2014
п‚· Symbol terminal for symbols with quad footprints are ordered anticlockwise.
Tuesday 4th February, 2014
п‚· Snap to objects now works when adding/editing all relevant objects.
п‚· Fixed pad panel editor for pad width/height locked.
п‚· Added button to Footprint ribbon tab to view the footprint from the bottom in the
footprint/PCB view.
Monday 3rd. February, 2014
п‚· Improved manual routing.
o Track remains selected if only partially routed.
o If autodimming, unrouted tracks on other nets not shown.
Reselection of track segments works.
Bug where some tracks were drawn white fixed.
Sunday 2nd February, 2014
п‚· Added option to not automatically add silkscreens. See part builder and
footprint properties panel.
п‚· Fixed Gerber output of rectangles with edge line width.
п‚· Improved editing of closed curves, polygonal pads, copper pours, keepouts, PCB
border, PCB cutouts.
Saturday 1st February, 2014
п‚· Added option to automatically add 4 corner mounting holes to PCBs. Select
the PCB border and it‟s in the PCB border properties panel. The holes reposition
themselves when you resize the board. You can turn this on and off.
п‚· Snap to objects extended to all objects.
п‚· Adding vertical/horizontal guide, cross cursor now visible to snap to objects (if
snap to objects is enabled).
п‚· Adding polygonal pads improved. The pad is semi-transparent to help
Friday 31st January, 2014
п‚· Added polygonal pads. You can define an arbitrary polygonal with optional curved
edges as a pad.
See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IKwOskRcoHg&feature=youtu.be
п‚· You can offset the pad holes in polygonal pads.
п‚· Pads can optionally have no automatic solder mask hole. (used for adding
custom pad holes.)
п‚· Pads can now have custom pad solder mask holes.
п‚· Holes in pads now have white border. Improves visibility and show pad holes
that are outside the pad (polygonal pads).
п‚· Added option in the viewport context menu for full cross cursor.
Monday 26th January, 2014
п‚· Fixed moving 3D text.
п‚· It is now possible to add no solder mask areas in part/footprints (Footprint tab)
Saturday 25th January, 2014
 Improved standard parts – e.g. transformer.
п‚· Fixed copper fill error with parts that had a PCB cutout defined.
Wednesday 22nd. January, 2014
п‚· New Amplifier sample with connectors.
п‚· Added a couple of useful connectors with 3D.
Sunday 19th. January, 2014
п‚· Fix for SOIC 3D package too long and setting SOIC package color.
Sunday 19th. January, 2014
п‚· Fix for naming nodes in the properties panel.
Saturday 18th. January, 2014
п‚· Improved Arduino and amplifier demos.
п‚· Fix for rotating and moving vertically 3D objects in the 3D view.
Friday 17th. January, 2014
п‚· Improved common node assignments for sibling symbols that replicate
terminals. For instance if Vcc is on both, then you can connect to either of both.
Thursday 16th. January, 2014
п‚· Added Remove All Connections in Schematic->Wire. This removes all wires in the
п‚· Improved PCB Builder.
Tuesday 16th. January, 2014
п‚· Added Connectors button group for the Parts ribbon tab. This contains a test
point and 5 useful connectors.
п‚· You can now set the width of the net (tracks) associated with a node (wire
collection) in schematics using the properties panel. The wire tooltip also show the
net (tracks) width.
Monday 13th. January, 2014
 Added �Connect All’ menu item in Schematics/Wire ribbon button group. This will
randomly connect all terminals together. This is for text purposes.
 Added �Build PCB’ menu item in Schematics menu. This will create the smallest PCB
for your design, add 4 mounting holes, auto-layout the parts and auto-route the
PCB. This is a quick „one click‟ schematics to PCB. Makes it real easy! Loads of
stuff going on in DEX to do this.
п‚· Parts added to projects now remember the source location. This will enable
automatic updating from the library. DEX also remembers a unique key to
identify if any changes have been made to the source; this will allow for
automatic update of changed parts from the library e.g. if you edit a part and
then open a project that uses that part, you will be prompted to update.
Saturday 11th. January, 2014
п‚· Added PCB edge clearance for PCB border, cutouts and holes for routing. This is in
the Autorouter settings.
п‚· Fix for rotating terminals in some of the community parts that did not rotate
п‚· Fix for changing footprints in projects such as from Dip 4 Header to Sip 4 header
where pins would be lost.
п‚· Fix for symbol terminal list editor in the part builder when renaming terminals failed.
Friday 10th. January, 2014
п‚· Electra now works with partially routed PCBs. Disable automatic unrouting in the
router setup dialog.
Thursday 9th. January, 2014
п‚· Fix for auto-layout of rotated parts.
Wednesday 8th. January, 2014
 Fix for adding parts to design where the part has a „use pcb‟ set. Sometimes PCB
holes and cutouts were misplaced.
Sunday 5th. January, 2014
 Fix Electra not routing for locations that use „,‟ as the decimal separator.
 Fix for Gerber viewer for locations that use „,‟ as the decimal separator.
Fixed a few of reported bugs in BugReporter list.
Saturday 4th. January, 2014
 Fix some geographic locations that use „,‟ as a decimal separator instead of „.‟ This
caused import of some XML files to fail e.g. XGL 3D files.
п‚· Version numbering changed to Version Year.month.day:issue e.g. 14.4.1:c is third
version for 4th. January, 2014. As DEX is a continuous agile development, clunky
version numbers like 2.XX.XX do not reflect this.
Thursday 2nd. January, 2014
п‚· Fix for non-generation of 3D content for radial devices if value was not set.
Tuesday 31st. December, 2013
п‚· Align/distribute fixed for parts that did not have visible courtyards (e.g. LEDs).
Monday 30th. December, 2013
п‚· Footprint editor now move whole footprint when you change the placement point. To
change the position of the placement point sub-pick it.
Friday 19th. December, 2013
п‚· Help/Support/Mantis list of bugs reported reorganized.
Thursday 19th. December, 2013
п‚· Help/Support/Mantis now displays list of bugs reported.
Wednesday 18th. December, 2013
п‚· Improved parts in Add/Part menu.
Saturday 14th. December, 2013
п‚· Added new parametric part for block style devices such as capacitors and
encapsulated relays etc. (DIP style land pattern).
п‚· Added 100W audio amplifier sample.
п‚· Fix for incorrect 3D when PCBs viewed exploded.
Saturday 14th. December, 2013
п‚· Adding vias inside pads (SMT) for thermal connections will also connect to signal
planes with same signal name as the via. They are also compatible with Electra.
Friday 13th. December, 2013
п‚· Small text made easier to pick.
п‚· Adding inter-wire connector remembers last orientation.
п‚· Fix for mirroring parts.
п‚· Added option to pads to lock width to height so oval pads are round and rectangular
pads are square.
Tuesday 10th. December, 2013
п‚· New machine independent software licensing.
Saturday 7th December, 2013
п‚· Active3D online manual at: http://dex2020.com/Active3DManual/
п‚· Active3D download at http://dex2020.com/Download/Active3D
This is only the 64 bit version.
Friday 22nd. November, 2013
п‚· Export to Active3D added. (File menu).
Monday 18th. November, 2013
п‚· Added tab to symbol properties panel for footprint. This tab displays the footprint
(2D) land pattern and the 3D package view for the selected part‟s symbol. This tab
also lets you delete footprint for a symbol and turn it into a virtual symbol with no
Sunday 17th. November, 2013
п‚· Part builder can now builds footprints for symbols in project schematics that did not
have a footprint assigned. Select symbol, and click on desired part type in the Part
п‚· Added export 3D content to Active3D. Active3D to come shortly.
Thursday 14th. November, 2013
п‚· Moved Fix for excess border, reference and value being added when saving selected
part to the library.
Tuesday 12th. November, 2013
п‚· Moved Name field in the library search to the top of the search panel. This should
make it easier to use the part search panel.
Saturday 9th. November, 2013
п‚· Added pin name offset to the quad parametric model panel. Also added clockwise pin
naming option for quad devices.
п‚· Fix for importing AutoTRAX EDA files where footprints were offset.
Thursday 7th. November, 2013
 Added graphics makers command group to Add ribbon menu. Lets‟ you add an
ellipse maker. (red-lining).
Wednesday 6th. November, 2013
п‚· Added 3 commands to Symbol Border right context menu and the Symbol main
window menu page to rebuild symbol from footprint when editing parts. Rebuild one,
two or four sided.
Tuesday 5th. November, 2013
п‚· Added new height puller (yellow ball) to 3D selection manipulators. Drag one of
these (one on top and one on bottom) to change height.
п‚· Selected 3D objects manipulator simplified.
Monday 4th. November, 2013
п‚· Added commands buttons to Pad properties panel to automatically generate the 3D
package pin. You can add gull-wing, round, square or DIP style pins (only when it‟s
a non-parametric footprint).
п‚· When an object is selected in the 3D viewport, 3 axis lines appear, Red (x axis),
Green (y axis), Blue (z axis). Drag the lines and the selected objects will move along
that axis.
п‚· Added Yellow rotate circle visible in 3D when you select a 3D object. Drag to rotate
the object about its center.
Saturday 2nd. November, 2013
When manual routing, holding down the middle mouse button and dragging will pan
the view.
Thursday 31th. October, 2013
п‚· Improved tooltips in 2D and 3D viewports; tooltip offset from cursor position
increased to improve visibility.
п‚· Increase in 3D update speed when moving PCB objects in the 2D viewport.
Wednesday 30th. October, 2013
п‚· Parts in part editor now have PCB border displayed. This, by default, auto sizes to
the contents. You can turn this off. If you edit the PCB border via the viewport, auto
sizing is turned off.
п‚· Added checkbox to PCB properties to set/unset auto-size PCB. This only works for
rectangular PCBs.
п‚· Added checkbox to PCB properties to set/unset auto-size Courtyard.
п‚· Added checkbox to PCB properties to lock/unlock Silkscreens to the Courtyard.
You can now add hole and cutout to parts in the part editor. These will be
automatically added to the PCB when the part is placed in a project.
 Swapping Footprint side using properties panel – 3D imported models added to
footprints swap side correctly.
п‚· In 3D view, rotating 3D imported models about the X,Y or Z axis 90В° works
п‚· Added option to use PCB border. Check this, and when the part is dragged onto a
schematic, the PCB border is replaced with the one in the Part. This lets, your create
board templates with edge connectors etc. Option in PCB properties and PCB border
Monday 28th. October, 2013
п‚· Added option to Collada export to export copper as 3D or texture maps.
п‚· Fix for PDF export where output layers option was hidden.
п‚· Lock to Courtyard checkbox in silkscreen properties panel works correctly.
п‚· Added Autosize checkbox to courtyard properties panel. If unchecked, you can resize
 Tip – lock silkscreen to courtyard, uncheck Autosize checkbox in courtyard
properties panel. Resize courtyard, silkscreen follows.
п‚· Renumber parts panel now dual function.
o In PCBs it renumbers parts on the PCB and updates the symbols.
o In parts, it renumbers pin numbers on the footprint.
Sunday 27th. October, 2013
п‚· Fix for very slow 3D graphics and excessive memory use with some imported 3D
models (XGL).
п‚· Add import 3D button to 3D menu.
п‚· Fixed missing pads on 3D view in parts editor.
 Import 3D – units scale works on all input formats.
п‚· Option to view Auto-layout in action. See small button at bottom right of ribbon
layout button group.
Saturday 26th. October, 2013
п‚· If viewing tracks in 3D, vias now have holes.
п‚· Improved 3D quality for texture images output to Collada.
п‚· Added command to Ribbon 3D menu for export and view coppers as 3D.
Friday 25th. October, 2013
All tracks and pads exported as 3D, not as texture map (Collada only).
All tracks and pads merged into a single 3D objects when exported to Collada.
Added option to turn on/off 3D in PCB propertied panel.
Auto-layout now does not move pre-placed parts.
Auto-layout now takes into account pcb holes and cutouts.
Monday 21st. October, 2013
п‚· Fix for some missing textures in Collada output.
п‚· Collada images output to sub directory e.g. Arduino.images for Arduino.dae
Sunday 20th. October, 2013
п‚· Added export 3D to Collada.
Tuesday 15th. October, 2013
 Manual routing – optional diagonal cross.
п‚· Added shortcut key O to toggle between angle snap to 45В°/90В° and no angle snap
for manual routing.
Monday 14th. October, 2013
п‚· Great new feature! Press TAB key in PCB view/ Schematic view switches to
Schematic view/ PCB view. If anything is selected then the corresponding item is
auto-zoomed. Track-to-Schematic wire, Footprint-to-Symbol. This works best in
tabbed view.
п‚· Pressing ESC when manual routing works better.
п‚· Selecting Inter-Wire connector highlights all other Inter-Wire connector connected to
п‚· Several other UI improvements.
Sunday 13th. October, 2013
п‚· Selecting a wire in a schematic will also highlight all other wires that will connect to
it, even if they are in different wire groups.
Friday 11th. October, 2013
п‚· Added command to highlight all wires/nodes in schematic. This is great for seeing
the wiring. All non-wires/nodes are dimmed. Hover mouse over a wire and right click
to see context menu. Click on Highlight All Nodes (Wires)
Sunday 6th. October, 2013
п‚· Fix for missing colors when importing some XGL files.
Monday 7th. October, 2013
п‚· Fix for 3D view for semi-transparent PCBs.
Saturday 5th. October, 2013
п‚· Fix for rounding PCB corners in 3D.
Friday 4th. October, 2013
п‚· Fix for rare bug with copper pours refusing to fill.
п‚· Gerber output for inner layers sometimes not generated. Fixed.
п‚· Fix so some 3rd party Gerber Viewer would work.
Saturday 21st. September, 2013
п‚· 3D models in PCBs and in the 3D views not being synced.
п‚· Undo/Redo works when you move parts in the 3D view.
п‚· Added 3D bug category to the Mantis bug reporter.
п‚· Copper pours with different net names will not connect together. So a copper pour
inside another where they have different names (one can be not set) will have a
clearance margin around it.
Thursday 19th. September, 2013
п‚· Auto-generate 3D content checkbox in the properties dialog can now be used to
disable automatic generation of the 3D model. This does not affect the generation of
the footprint pads etc.
Wednesday 18th. September, 2013
п‚· Fix for error that prevented hiding parts in the 3D view.
Wednesday 11th. September, 2013
п‚· 3D Viewport, if in move mode, pressing shift while holding down the middle mouse
button temporarily set mode to view until you release the middle mouse button.
Tuesday 10th. September, 2013
п‚· Added a button to View/Edit->View to hide/show all keep-outs in the next version.
п‚· Also keep-out do not have a margin around them in copper pours.
Monday 9th. September, 2013
п‚· Keep-outs now prevent copper pour fill in the keep-out area.
Sunday 8th. September, 2013
п‚· Vias can now be named. This enables solo vias to connect to copper pours.
Saturday 7th. September, 2013
п‚· Manual routing now starts on the current layer if it is an electrical layer else it starts
on the top/bottom layer based on the „Start on Top‟ check box.
п‚· 3D view camera can now be a perspective camera or an orthographic camera.
Friday 6th. September, 2013
п‚· Fixed problem when dragging designs onto schematics from the library.
п‚· Adding boxes, cylinders and spheres in the 3D view, hold down the Shift key sets
center to first click.
Thursday 5th. September, 2013
п‚· Selected objects in 3D display selection manipulator that lets you move objects in
up/down, left/right, from/back.
Wenesday 4th. September, 2013
Rotate selected around X,Y and Z axis in 3D viewport implemented.
Tuesday 3rd. September, 2013
п‚· Units option added to STL output.
п‚· Reinstated upload/download your community parts in the library panel.
Sunday 1st September, 2013
п‚· Fixed Parts List - BOM. Symbol and footprint editors now access/update data
п‚· You can now add a sphere to a PCB/Part using the parts editor. Other objects to
follow in the next few days including boxes, cylinders etc.
Friday 30th. August, 2013
п‚· Drag and drop of STL and XGL 3D models from Windows Explorer etc. now
supported. Drag 3D onto PCBs.
Thursday 29th. August, 2013
п‚· Export STL for part only exports part, not the base.
п‚· Import 3D now has improved 2D visual showing gaps etc.
п‚· Improved manual routing when route will end on a pad.
Wednesday 28th. August, 2013
п‚· Add jumper for tracks turns on the package layer so you can see the jumper being
created. After creation, the package layer visibility is restored.
п‚· Manual routing hides package layers when routing. After creation, the package layer
visibilities are restored
п‚· Added STL 3D support. This allows you to use 3D printers to print your PCB or part.
. See File Export or Tools в†’ Export в†’ STL. Exports as binary or ASCII.
п‚· Optional axis added to the 3D viewport. Right click in 3D viewport to see menu.
п‚· Adding PCB border automatically resets origin to lower left of the border.
п‚· Changed default PCB color to blue.
п‚· Part courtyards now have side and corner drag points when selected.
п‚· Clicking on the Place button in the layers editor panel shows courtyards.
п‚· Turning courtyard visibility on, automatically show courtyard layer (Documentation).
п‚· Import 3D show 2D image in the PCB. Translate/rotate all work fine.
Saturday 24th. August, 2013
п‚· Improved 3D view. More vibrant graphics.
п‚· Alignment and distribute selected: if any are footprints, the alignment uses the
courtyard and ignore everything else in the footprint. Note: you can edit the
courtyard by selecting it using sub-pick and then using the properties panel.
Friday 23rd August, 2013
п‚· Added Print option to 3D view context menu. (Right click).
п‚· Added View/Hide Axis to 3D view context menu. (Right click).
п‚· Added import 3D via STL (binary and text files) into PCBs and parts.
п‚· Parametric part csv files moved to the library.
Wednesday 21st. August, 2013
п‚· Added New Part Wizard fixed. Sometimes hung.
п‚· Parts on bottom of board now do not have small gap.
Tuesday 20th August, 2013
Added right content menu to 3D views to refresh contents from data.
Added menu item to view PCB and PCB/3D side by side.
Improved Part Wizard.
o More responsive, fixed some inconsistencies.
o Faster 3D updates.
o Mouse wheel works for 3D.
o Added layer visibility commands for footprint view.
o After creation you are prompted to add (optional) the new part directly to the
current schematic.
o Faster start-up for multiple part creation.
3D in DEX is now a first class concept. Like schematics-PCB dynamic link, the 3D
is now dynamically linked in real-time. Changes in schematics, PCB or 3D views
automatically update in real-time in the other views.
o 3D graphics interaction greatly speeded up.
o Move/edit parts on PCB, instantly see changes in the 3D.
o Manual route, instantly see changes in the 3D.
o Add/edit/move pads, vias, holes, cutout on PCB, instantly see changes in the
o Add/edit/move graphics on PCB, instantly see changes in the 3D.
o Add/edit/move 3D graphics on PCB, instantly see changes in the 3D.
o Set color for parts/3D graphics graphics on PCB, instantly see changes in the
o Move command for 3D, move parts in 3D viewports, parts instantly move on
the PCB.
o Add/edit electrical items in schematics, instantly see changes in the 3D.
o Added import 3D (via XGL files) into PCBs and parts.
o Add 3D parts direct to 3D viewport.
o Move, rotate parts in 3D viewport.
Wednesday 14th. August, 2013
п‚· Fix for rotated, scaled PCB borders. Copper pour fills were incorrect.
Monday 12th. August, 2013
п‚· Software key dialog shows sign-in id if only key was entered previously.
Saturday 10th. August, 2013
п‚· Fix for parts list panel. Data fields were not saved correctly.
п‚· Reversed direction for pan keys.
п‚· Added Place button to Layers panel. This sets only package layers visible. Helps
when placing parts.
п‚· Added Route button to Layers panel. This sets only copper and net layers visible.
Helps when manual routing parts.
п‚· When manually routing, if you move track over another track that can be connected
to then the cursor turns green.
Friday 9th. August, 2013
п‚· More responsive when adding/editing.
п‚· Manual track editing now very much faster.
п‚· General speed up across the board when adding/editing.
п‚· Very large speed up when adding/editing if external 3D added to PCBs.
п‚· Improved picking.
Empty node IDs not displayed (no text to show).
Fix for bug when trying to end a route on a valid segment of another track belonging
to the same net. (Now works, did not work before).
Moving track segments, track corners and via will optimize tracks removing excess
segment corners.
Wednesday 7th. August, 2013
п‚· Another speed up of manual routing. There is also a spec up across the board in
interactive 2D. Total speed up of manual routing > 10x.
п‚· Arrow keys work on floating viewports for pan.
п‚· Arrow keys work in text controls as expected. Previously the 2D/3D viewports
„grabbed‟ the keys and panned.
Tuesday 6th. August, 2013
п‚· Speed up of manual routing. On large designs, moving mouse when routing was
sluggish. More speed improvements to come.
Monday 5th. August, 2013
п‚· 3D viewports now restore camera view on load.
п‚· Zoom slider works with 3D views.
п‚· Arrow keys now pan 3D views.
п‚· Fix for sometimes loss of mouse wheel rotate (zoom in/out) in 3D.
п‚· Pan works in same way in 2D and 3D.
п‚· In 3D pan left/right/up/down move in small increments. This allows you to hold
down and auto-repeat pan (arrow keys) for smooth scrolling using keyboard.
п‚· 3D Improved zoom/in and out. More range.
п‚· 3D Zoom in/out works continuous with keys.
Saturday 3rd. August, 2013
п‚· Added import of 3D XGL files from AutoDesk Inventor etc.
Wednesday 31st. July, 2013
п‚· Improved 3D leads for metal can, SOT-143, SOT-223, SOT-353, SOT-23, SOD-323.
п‚· Shadows for parametric footprints in 3D.
Tuesday 30th. July, 2013
п‚· New Quad Flat pack with gull-wing leads.
п‚· Fix for gull-wing leads on SOICs.
Monday 29th. July, 2013
п‚· Faster 3D graphics (about 2.5X).
п‚· Added shadows in PCB views.
Friday 26nd. July, 2013
п‚· PCB drill holes displayed in 3D (they were tented in last release).
Wednesday 24nd. July, 2013
п‚· New improved 3D leads for SOICs.
Monday 22nd. July, 2013
п‚· Faster generation of 3D content for PCB views.
п‚· TPT holes and via holes for populated boards are now filled with solder.
п‚· New improved 3D leads for DIPs.
Thursday 11th. July, 2013
п‚· Fix for symbol terminal text that was white. Now black. If you set them to white
then they will be white. Default is now black.
Sunday 23rd June, 2013
п‚· New spread-sheet application added. See Home ribbon menu.
Thursday 20th. June, 2013
п‚· Fix for failure to load some old files.
Sunday 2nd June, 2013
п‚· Latest ELECTRA added.
Wednesday 29th May, 2013
п‚· Fix for copper pour with rotated pcbs and pcb holes.
п‚· New export CNC dialog.
Tuesday 28th May, 2013
п‚· Zoom window rectangle when dragging improved for PCBs.
п‚· Added data integrity and repair for loading of old projects.
п‚· Keep-out regions now cut holes in copper-pour regions.
Monday 27th May, 2013
п‚· Added new CNC viewer that displays CNC output after generating CNC files.
п‚· Docked panels tabs now at the top and not at the bottom. Easier to click!
Sunday 26th May, 2013
п‚· Reduced unrouting of tracks when parts added/deleted and wires added/deleted in
п‚· CNC output optimized. Excess moves removed.
Friday 24th May, 2013
п‚· CNC output works with copper pours.
Thursday 23rd May, 2013
п‚· CNC output shows progress bars and report file.
Wednesday 22nd May, 2013
п‚· Improved CNC output. New dialog. Optimized output.
п‚· CNC output now generated drill file.
Tuesday 21st May, 2013
п‚· Improved PDF output.
 CNC output units changed and cuts closer to tracks. Units = 1”.
Monday 20th. May, 2013
п‚· Improved viewing of copper pour regions when filled.
п‚· Copy and paste from schematics to PCB works.
п‚· Optimized Gerber Output.
Sunday 19th. May, 2013
п‚· You can now set the color, font and text height for symbol terminals.
Saturday 18th. May, 2013
п‚· Wires now optionally jump over buses and buses jump over buses.
Friday 17th. May, 2013
п‚· Added new Shape objects.
п‚· Context help buttons in the properties panel updated for the new help system.
Thursday 16th. May, 2013
п‚· Improved support for TrueType fonts to Gerber.
Wednesday 15th. May, 2013
п‚· More help file content.
п‚· Schematic do not have rulers by default.
Tuesday 14th. May, 2013
п‚· Added automatic jumpers for schematic wires.
Wednesday 1th. May, 2013
п‚· Fix for hang when some parts loaded.
п‚· More improvements to the manual.
Monday 6th. May, 2013
п‚· New manual. Help button links fixed.
Wednesday 1st. May, 2013
п‚· Fix for entities that should not be in a group.
Tuesday 30th. April, 2013
п‚· Adding notes, if you hold down the Ctrl key then the width and height are the same.
If you hold down the Shift key then the object you are adding is centred at the start
point. You can use both the Ctrl key and the Shift key at the same time.
п‚· Help manual now has no incomplete topics.
п‚· Disabled grouping of symbol borders, symbol IDs and symbol Values.
Monday 29th. April, 2013
п‚· Fix for align. Now enabled if 2 selected.
п‚· Fix for align and distribute objects, fix error if snap enabled.
п‚· Fix for videos in Help showing YouTube ads at end.
п‚· Added image export to EXIF, GIF, EMF.
п‚· Fix for page portrait orientation in PCBs. Was drawn square.
Sunday 28th. April, 2013
п‚· Symbol values and references now shown grey in part edit if set to invisible in
п‚· Help file now has videos embedded.
п‚· Pressing F1 now shows help.
Saturday 27th. April, 2013
п‚· New help file.
Thursday 25th. April, 2013
п‚· Panel reset works with ribbon items.
Monday 22nd. April, 2013
п‚· Adding rectangular or elliptical shapes including ellipses, rectangles, PCBs, cut-out
and keep-out, if you hold down the Ctrl key then the x dimension(diameter) and y
dimension(diameter) are the same. If you hold down the Shift key then the object
you are adding is centred at the start point. You can use both the Ctrl key and the
Shift key at the same time.
Sunday 21st. April, 2013
п‚· Removed pad editor button when not viewing PCBs.
п‚· Adding drill holes, pads or vias now shows X/Y coordinate input controls.
п‚· New Web site.
Monday 15th April, 2013
п‚· Demo period extended.
Tuesday 9th April, 2013
п‚· Symbol Border corners now square not rounded.
п‚· Inter-wire connector border corners now square not rounded.
п‚· Inter-wire connector always draws above wire.
 Zoom slider in the status bar works as per „-„ and „+‟ marks suggest.
Monday 8st April, 2013
п‚· Moved support web services from kov.com to dex2020.com.
Sunday 31st March, 2013
п‚· Added web page for archive of all version from today.
Thursday 28th March, 2013
п‚· Fix for teardrops to a rounded rectangular pad.
Wedesday 27th March, 2013
п‚· Fix for internal bug when creating a new project. This did not affect anything as
DEX recovered internally.
Sunday 24th March, 2013
 Removed „Add Via‟ commands from ribbon menu when not viewing
Wednesday 13th March, 2013
п‚· Removes any displayed tooltip if another application selected.
п‚· Corrected some tool tips that display wrong dimension.
Sunday 10th March, 2013
п‚· Improved tool tip for parametric footprints
п‚· Fix for setting pad size where symbol to pad reference is lost.
Saturday 9th March, 2013
п‚· Jumper reference text now angled to jumpers.
п‚· Renumbering Jumpers works correctly.
Friday 8th March, 2013
п‚· You can now add a jumper on the bottom side of the PCB. Select track segment
press „j‟ for top side and „h‟ for bottom side. Same applies to manual routing.
п‚· Reduced excess un-routing of PCB tracks when adding wires in schematics.
п‚· Jumpers now appear in Parts List.
п‚· Jumpers now have Jumper References.
Thursday 7th March, 2013
п‚· Improved excess un-routing of PCB nets when wires changed in the schematic.
п‚· If using tiled/cascaded viewports, the active viewport is restored on load.
п‚· Improved add jumper for tracks. Fixed a few bugs.
Wednesday 6th March, 2013
п‚· Fixed problem where nets may be un-routed needlessly when changing
п‚· Add 2 controls to the ribbon menu to set the via diameter and hole diameter for
holes being added.
п‚· You can now add vias inside parts in the parts editor. You can use these for
thermal connects etc.
п‚· Electra routes around vias that are not part of a net.
п‚· Improved track jumper PCB graphics.
Monday 4th March, 2013
 Improved Jumper for tracks. Wider pads. Remove „l‟ key. Use „j‟ only.
 Added „add via‟ command. You can now add pure vias to a PCB. This is not a
track via. It is for connecting copper areas between layers.
Sunday 3rd March, 2013
п‚· SMT pads now drawn with yellow border if pads set to draw as yellow.
п‚· Added control to base of the layers panel to set transparency for tracks.
п‚· Added Jumper for tracks.
o Manual routing press „j‟ for jumper or „l‟ for link. Drag to size jumper. Click
ends jumper.
o Select track segment press „j‟ for jumper or „l‟ for link to convert.
o Select track segment press „space‟ to convert jumper to track.
o 3D automatic – stripped wire at the moment.
o Will add silkscreen and jumpers to parts list tomorrow.
o Released this today so can give feedback and I promised it for Sunday.
Saturday 2nd March, 2013
п‚· SMT pads now drawn in Yellow if pads set to draw as yellow.
Wednesday 27th. February, 2013
п‚· Fix for saving sheets that are in portrait mode.
Wednesday 20th. February, 2013
п‚· Added warnings option in settings. Currently only warns if a symbol terminal has
a user defined node name.
Tuesday 19th. February, 2013
п‚· Changes to SVG output. See http://dex2020.com/Features/Pcb for demo.
п‚· Ribbon menu customization now saves and restores.
Monday 18th. February, 2013
п‚· Changes to SVG output. Now easy to use with JavaScript.
Sunday 17th. February, 2013
Created DEX WIKI at http://www.pcbmakers.com. Added button links in the
Help menu.
Saturday 16th. February, 2013
п‚· Added new pad parameters tool to the Tools/Utilities menu. This lets you select
the pad parameters for all selected pads. This is a dockable control that can also
be floated.
Friday 15th. February, 2013
 New web site www.dex2020.com – now linked to DEX menu items.
Monday 11th. February, 2013
п‚· Panels now adjust to minimum size needed for each panel.
Sunday 10th. February, 2013
п‚· Fix for recent file menu in classic dropdown mode.
 Improved loading in classic dropdown – no more flashing controls.
Saturday 9th. February, 2013
п‚· Fix for current layer content disappearing when switching back to 2D from 3D.
п‚· Symbols moved now snap to half grid.
п‚· PCB border now adds margin for copper pours.
Tuesday 5th. February, 2013
п‚· Fix for visuals of single sided boards. There was nothing electrically wrong, just
visuals sometimes wrong. Singled sided boards only.
Thursday 31st. January, 2013
п‚· Fix for pcb hole positions in NC drill files for PCBs that have been rotated.
п‚· Improvements in 3D rendering.
п‚· 3D view slewing improved.
Tuesday 29th. January, 2013
п‚· Exploded view in 3D for PCBs. See View Panel in 3D. You can hide/show parts
and expand the PCB to reveal inner layers and the connections for pad holes and
via holes.
Sunday 27th. January, 2013
п‚· Save to image in Tools/Export menu. This saves to PNG,TIFF,BMP,WMF,JPG or
EMF file format up to 20,000 pixels width/height.
Saturday 26th. January, 2013
п‚· Ports in a sub system that are wired together get the same name.
Monday 21st. January, 2013
п‚· SVG font fixed where font size wrong on IE.
Saturday 19th. January, 2013
п‚· SVG output now does fill hatch patterns and multilines.
Friday 18th. January, 2013
п‚· PDF and SVG output greatly improved.
Tuesday 15th. January, 2013
п‚· PDF output greatly improved. Now also outputs layers and views.
Monday 14th. January, 2013
п‚· Fixed problem where sub-pick mode would remain locked.
п‚· Layer panel now selected layers/visibilities using arrow up/down keys. Easy way
to „scroll‟ through layers.
п‚· Improvements to SMT pad to power layer connection when rotating,translating
or changing the layer of fooptints.
Sunday 13th. January, 2013
п‚· Electra router now work fine with power planes.
п‚· Checks to ensure Electra never changes the basic connectivity of the PCB.
Saturday 12th. January, 2013
п‚· Added automatic via connection for surface mount pads to power plans.
п‚· Fix for some footprint when placed on PCBs where some graphics not placed
Wednesday 9th. January, 2013
п‚· Improved PDF output (Tools Menu). However colors in PCB not totally correct
and radial fill not implemented. Will fix soon.
Monday 7th. January, 2013
п‚· Fix for pad shapes in some parts in Catalog 1 that were square instead of round.
п‚· Fix for some SMT pads that should have been rotated.
п‚· Fix for some round and square pads that were oversize.
п‚· Search now uses regular expressions for name search.
Sunday 6th. January, 2013
п‚· Floating viewport position restored when project/file loaded. You float a viewport
in tabbed views by either double clicking on the tab tab or dragging the tab
Saturday 5th. January, 2013
п‚· Fast part search in the part search tab. Search by name < 0.1 second. Complex
keywords all all part 1-2 seconds. With name sub set and keywords, search <
0.1 seconds.
п‚· However, on first search on this version, the parts catalog has to be built. This
can take up to a minute. You will see the progress meter. You are free to do
other things in DEX while it build the catalog.
п‚· You are free to do other things in DEX while it searches.
Thursday 3rd. January, 2013
п‚· In the courtyard properties panel you can set the margin for the courtyard.
Wednesday 2nd. January, 2013
 Added „Download More Parts‟ button to the Parts menu.
п‚· Web page with 80,000+ parts.
Tuesday 1st. January, 2013
п‚· Import Eagle libraries now draws curves and adds sibling parts (multi-symbol
parts e.g. 74XX).
п‚· Added option to the Fooptrint panel section in the Sheet Properties panel (visible
when nothing selected) to enable/disable automatic silkscreen adjustments.
Disable will allow you to delete it.
Monday 31st. December, 2012
п‚· Import Eagle libraries fix for non XML libraries(these are ignored).
п‚· Import Eagle optimizer done. Will add symbol borders, merge lines into
п‚· Import Eagle overstrike strings done.
п‚· Import Eagle To do : graphical curves, multiple gate parts.
Sunday 30th. December, 2012
п‚· Import Eagle libraries implemented. See Tools/Import/Eagle menu.
Thursday 27th. December, 2012
 Viewport tooltips now move with cursor and do not obscure what‟s underneath
п‚· Manual routing removes tooltip in the viewport at the start of routing.
Wednesday 26th. December, 2012
п‚· If you right click on a symbol terminal that is not connected, the context menu
displays a command to add an inter-wire connector to the terminal.
o Select the command and drag the inter-wire connector. You can press the
space bar to rotate it as you drag it.
o click to place it.
o You will then be prompted to name it.
п‚· Inter-wire name setter now shows list of existing names. Double click on interwire connector. Double click on any of the names to set the name.
Monday 24th. December, 2012
п‚· Add resistor now adds a chip resistor (SMT) or a axial resistor (THT).
п‚· Manual routing cross cursor show green if ok, red if false.
п‚· Moved copper pours that are filled will automatically refill them.
п‚· Added command button to Pcb/Copper Pour button group to fill all copper pours.
You can also do this by right clicking on a copper pour region and selected
„fill\refill all copper pours‟.
п‚· Added command button to Pcb/Copper Pour button group to unfill all copper
pours. You can also do this by right clicking on a copper pour region and
selected „clear all copper pours‟.
Saturday 22nd. December, 2012
п‚· New Electra router settings for SMT/THT pad to first turn, via to via, SMT pad to
via spacings.
Track tooltip now shows total length of the track‟s net as well as the track‟s
Track properties panel now shows total length of the track‟s net as well as the
track‟s length.
Friday 21st.December, 2012
п‚· Electra auto-router minimum spacing now works.
Thurday 20th.December, 2012
п‚· Library panel improved. Search is faster.
 Copper pour – set to PCB now works correctly when PCB has been rotated.
п‚· Improvements to editing PCB, Cutout, Copper Pour borders.
п‚· Visual editors for editing PCB, Cutout, Copper Pour borders, ellipses, rectangles
Wednesday 19th.December, 2012
п‚· Library panel usability greatly improved. Search now mult-threaded. Copy and
paste with Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V works well.
п‚· You can set files to read only. DEX will not overwrite readonly files and will not
delete them.
п‚· Read only files have a red tinted icon in the library panel.
Monday 17th.December, 2012
п‚· Search tab in library panel now done.
п‚· Library panel updates on changes to library content made external to DEX e.g.
using Windows Explorer.
Sunday 16th.December, 2012
п‚· Library panel now has 3 tabs for parts, artwork and designs.
п‚· Added extra controls for search tab in the library panel. The full search for these
should be done on Monday.
п‚· Library panel controls tidied up. Panel can now be narrower.
Saturday 15th.December, 2012
 Added step and repeat to Gerber Output. See GerberSetting – you may need to
resize the popup dialog. If step and repeat is valid sawcut markers and target
markers are added. Layer labels are not currently added. The DEX gerber
preview will not show the board stepped – will implement later.
Friday 14th.December, 2012
п‚· Added new search tab to the library panel.
Enter part of the name of parts to search for.
You can search for:
where * matches any files.
There is no need to enter * at the start or the end. e.g. *diode* is the
same as diode
Double click on part name in the search panel to edit it.
The directory of the part is shown in the text box at the bottom. Double click to
view the directory content.
Fixed bug where draging a part onto the parts library panel did not refresh the
Monday10th.December, 2012
п‚· Download library does not overwrite existing parts.
Monday 3rd December, 2012
п‚· DXF Custom parts now have silkscreen, courtyard and placement point.
п‚· Convert parametric footprint to normal footprint leaves objects at top level. No
need to sub-select.
п‚· Added new footprint group in the sheet properties panel. Visible in part editor,
options to set auto-position footprint reference and placement point and to autosize the silkscreen when moving pads.
Thursday 29th. November, 2012
п‚· DXF import warns if DXF is a binary DXF (cannot import).
Monday 26th. November, 2012
п‚· Schematic design rule checker now adds error markers to schematic part
terminals and inter-wire connectors that have no connection and are not marked
as having no connection required.
Saturday 24th. November, 2012
п‚· PCB design rule checker displays intersecting tracks.
Friday 5th. October, 2012
п‚· Improved manual footprint placement.
п‚· Added option to application settings to show unrouted nets connected to a
footprint if the net layers is off.
Thursday 4th. October, 2012
п‚· New Improved interactive routing.
Wednesday 3rd. October, 2012
п‚· New cross cursor when adding lines, ellipses, rectangles etc. This can be either a
small cross cursor or a long line cursor where the cursor spans the whole width
and height of the viewport. The default is a small cross cursor. To change to a
long line cursor use the settings panel (ses panel/panels/settings button in the
ribbon menu) and check the Full Cross Cursor item in the Applications/User
Interface settings group.
Tuesday 2nd. October, 2012
п‚· Improved dxf import and attdefs.
Monday 1st. October, 2012
Improved polylines in dxf import.
Sunday 30th. September, 2012
п‚· Greatly improved DXF import. 3D not fully supported and by-block colors not
supported. Will improve again in the coming days.
Wednesday 26th. September, 2012
п‚· Import DXF in Tools/Import tab. For PCB, entities will be imported to the current
layer – see the layers panel. This is basic at the moment. Arcs, ellipses,
circlelines, polylines drawn without width. Curved polyline segements are
straight. Text not drawn. Traces and solids are ok. No 3D, ucs or viewports. Will
add these in the coming days.
Sunday 23rd September, 2012
п‚· PCB layer list panel now displays colors for each layer.
Thursday 20th September, 2012
п‚· Fix for crash to text editor program.
п‚· Improved color rendering of pad and via holes in 3D.
 Part designer – 3D image now shows pad holes.
Wednesday 19th September, 2012
п‚· Retangle pads now output as Gerber flashes if they are not rotated.
п‚· TPH pads and vias have real (see through) holes in the PCB when viewed in 3D.
Thursday 13th September, 2012
п‚· Measure tool now uses snap to grid. It also uses a cross-hair cursor and the
measure line is now white. New balloon tooltip offset from cross-hair.
Wednesday 12th September, 2012
п‚· Added check box to turn on/off auto-locating objects in the Navigator. Autolocating will display the selected object in the viewport.
п‚· Improved Navigator.
п‚· Node wire to bus beveller improved.
Monday 10th September, 2012
п‚· Fix for vias that were not drawn if current layer was set to a non-electrical layer.
п‚· Fix for flashing track when ending manual routing with a double click.
п‚· Added undo/redo to manual routing. During manual routing press Backspace to
undo last manual route, press F12 to redo. This only works during manual
routing a track segment.
п‚· Backspace now will do undo and F12 will redo.
+ or space
Turn snap spacing on off to 1-10 snaps per grid
Turn snap on/off
Change down down 1 layer – cycle at bottom to round to the top. On 2 layer board
this just swaps layers.
Change up 1 layer – cycle at top round to the bottom. On 2 layer board this just
swaps layers.
Change to top layer
Left Click
Double Click
Right Click
Change to bottom layer
Add corner
End manual routing
End manual routing
Sunday 9th September, 2012
п‚· Green arrow cursor when manual routing can end on another track segment.
п‚· Improved manual routing.
п‚· Adding a net that will merge 2 nets in the PCB merges schematic nodes
Friday 7th September, 2012
п‚· Fix for adding selected parts in a schematic to the library.
п‚· Fix for adding design in a schematic to the library.
Thursday 6th September, 2012
 Surface mount pads drawn correctly when „draw pads as yellow‟ set to true.
(layers dialog).
Wednesday 5th September, 2012
п‚· Improved layer swapping for manual routing (pressing space bar).
п‚· Improved via optimization when swapping layers.
п‚· Improved manual routing with easy connections direct from pad to pad for nets
connecting 3 or more pads.
Tuesday 4th September, 2012
п‚· Fix for manual routing from junction point of a net where track needlessly swaps
п‚· Fix for manual routing that will terminate on a pad ( previously it would
terminate on a junction point.
Monday 3rd September, 2012
 Fix „Start Route on Top‟ resetting itself.
п‚· Bug reporter dialog now has tab to show existing bugs.
Sunday 2nd September, 2012
п‚· Fix for settings that were reset when updating. This version may reset some
settings but future versions will be ok.
п‚· Routed track segments ending on vias move correctly.
Friday 31st August, 2012
п‚· DEX now starts and runs much faster.
Thursday 30th August, 2012
п‚· Export to Specctra works for free router. http://www.freerouting.net/
(PCB/Route/Export in ribbon menu). DEX needs an .rte file but the free route
does not appear produce one!
Monday 27th August, 2012
п‚· Web services moved and converted to WCF.
DEX now built with Visual Studio 2012.
New web site.
Wednesday 15th August, 2012
 Fixed 3D cylinder which sometimes was „swashed‟.
 Fixed silkscreen and courtyard editors – did not show all content.
Sunday 12th August, 2012
п‚· Fixed shrinking properties panel (height) for selected entities.
Thursday 8th August, 2012
п‚· Fixed bug when pressing the space bar to rotate objects, viewport not redrawn.
п‚· Importing AutoTRAX EDA - transformed symbols now drawn correctly.
п‚· Added internal checks to ensure pcb tracks are always on electrical layers.
п‚· Setting the number of layers unroutes tracks on inner layers that are removed.
Thursday 2nd August, 2012
п‚· Added export function export PCB route files to .DSN Specctra files. See the
route group in the Pcb ribbon tab menu.
Thursday 2 nd August, 2012
п‚· Ribbon menu are now fully customizable. Right click on the menu and select
Monday 12th July, 2012
п‚· Fix to pins in DIPs. They were not long enough in 3D. No effect on PCB
manufacture; just visualization error.
Monday 9th July, 2012
п‚· Added option in title block properties in the sheet properties panel to hide/show
checked by, approved by, designed by and page size fields in the title block. Also
prefix for Description, Title and Doc number only shown if the fields is empty –
you can add space to make field empty.
Tuesday 19th June, 2012
п‚· Part Builder panel in projects now has a symbol tab which lets you reorganize
terminals for parts in place. You can organize symbol terminals by name or pin
number, place them on the left, right of both sides of a symbol‟s border and add
spaces between name groups. This is also present in the symbol‟s property
Monday 17th June, 2012
п‚· Added option to show hide node names (text) node indices and node DC
voltages in node IDs ( see the wire and bus settings – click on the small „>‟ at
the bottom right on the Schematics/Wires button group ).
п‚· Added buttons to fill/clear all copper pours in the copper pour properties dialog.
п‚· Added menu items to fill/clear all copper pours in the copper pour context menu
(right click).
Thurday 14th June, 2012
п‚· Added snap track segments to 45 and 90 degrees or snap to grid (if set) options
for manual routing. See the View/Snap-Snap button group in the ribbon menu.
Tuesday 12th June, 2012
 Several bug fixes – released unused memory and resources.
п‚· Improved auto-repeat for adding rectangles, curves, ellipses and dimensions.
Friday 8th June, 2012
п‚· Several bug fixes.
п‚· Improvements to Spice Simulations.
п‚· Changing the number of layers keeps bottom objects on the bottom.
Friday 1st. June, 2012
п‚· Fix for moving polylines that have been rotated. Previously polylines moved
Thursday 31st. May, 2012
п‚· Added option in Panels/Settings/Application Settings/Panning/Restore Original
View. When checked, smart panning will try to restore the original view when
panning, otherwise it will just modify the view as required.
Sunday 27th May, 2012
п‚· Improved 3D terminals.
п‚· Board thickness settable in PCB properties (Sheet). Thickness shown in 3D.
Saturday 26th May, 2012
п‚· Fixed 3D placement errors on some parts.
п‚· Improved auto-layout.
п‚· Footprints now snap to their placement points.
Thursday 24th May, 2012
п‚· Footprints rotate about the footprint placement point.
 Snap to guides – intersection points of horizontal/vertical and horizontal guides
act line point guides so entities will snap to the guide intersections.
п‚· Rotating symbols 90 degrees is now correct.
Monday 21th May, 2012
п‚· Footprints snap to grid by snapping to the placement point.
Sunday 20th May, 2012
п‚· Changed PCB graphics so that you can set/unset Gerber graphics limits. (see the
Tools/Cam/Gerber Settings dialog – click on the bottom left arrow of the
Tools/Cam button group. ). When set, all graphical entities on copper layers or
silkscreen layers will have:
o Rounded end caps.
o Rounded corners.
o Line widths at least the design rule minimum.
o Solid lines.
If unset, then you get line laps, line styles etc. Even on copper layers.
Graphical entities are lines, polylines, polygons, ellipses, curves etc. NOT
tracks,pad, vias…
If you try to generate Gerber files or preview the Gerber files, the Gerber
graphics limits preview mode will be set (you will see a prompt).
This does NOT alter any design data, only the view and plots you get.
Thursday 17th May, 2012
п‚· Optimized automatic re-routing of schematic wires when objects moved.
п‚· Track tooltip now displays total length of the track.
Tuesday 15th May, 2012
п‚· DEX now works correctly with screen with non-standard DPI. Viewport and
dialogs now drawn correctly.
п‚· Fix for loading very old parts (e.g. the stock parts in ___SystemDoNotRemove):
Bottom layer set now added.
Thursday 10th May, 2012
п‚· Fix for NC drill file for rotated footprints.
п‚· Fix to prevent distortion on PCBs by non-uniform scaling.
 Added shortcut to toggle locked state of selected objects – press „S‟ key.
Wednesday 9th May, 2012
п‚· You can now text align symbol terminal text, inter-wire connector text, part
reference and value text etc.
п‚· Added sample automotive circuit.
Tuesday 8th May, 2012
п‚· Added separate design rules for SMT pads. Now TPH and SMT pads have
separate rules.
п‚· New text align buttons for left/center/right in the text properties panel.
п‚· Added restore function in Home/File menu. Restores to previous backup state.
You can preview the project state.
Click Restore to restore a version.
None of your old states are altered. You just can another one for the current time that is a COPY of
the restored version.
This is like having a undo that goes back to previous times you started DEX.
It even work if you save another project in place of a current one.
You can go back in time to the replaced project. Or after you have
restored a project, you can go back in time to get the new project.
Saturday 5th May, 2012
п‚· Add new menu ribbon page for help. Moved help from home to there and added
sample projects.
 Ctrl now no longer sets picking as sub-pick. Added short cut „p‟/‟P‟ to toggle
between picking and sub-picking.
 Shortcuts editor now handles these… „S‟ toggle snap, „P‟ toggle sub-pick/pick.
See Panels/Menu/Edit Shortcuts menu button.
п‚· Keys 1-9 set snaps per grid, 0 = 10 snaps per grid.
п‚· Added button to polygon/polyline properties panel to fill the polygon/polyline.
п‚· Added button to curve properties panel to fill the curve.
Friday 4th May, 2012
п‚· Solder mask has cutout areas for pcb cutouts and holes.
п‚· Speed increase for dialogs with color choosers.
п‚· Speed increase for PCB border properties editor.
Bug fixes in Footprint properties editor.
Improved drawing with semi-transparent PCBs.
Thursday 3rd. May, 2012
п‚· Added new commands to add cut-outs for the top or bottom solder masks. See
the Add Menu. You can add rectangular, circular, elliptical, polygonal or Bezier
п‚· Fix to solder mask drawing twice.
п‚· Fix for 3D base and height for metric.
п‚· Added color selector for PCB border to set solder mask color.
Wednesday 2nd. May, 2012
п‚· Selected track junctions now display as a semi-transparent circle.
п‚· Selected track vertices now display as a large semi-transparent circle.
п‚· Ctrl+(up|down|left|right) keys will nudge selected track vertex by 1 pixel.
п‚· Ctrl+Alt+(up|down|left|right) keys will nudge selected track segment by 1 pixel.
п‚· Bug fix for swapping track segment that ends on a track junction. Track junction
now replaced with a via.
Tuesday 1st. May, 2012
п‚· Added setting in Settings panel Application tab User Interface/Reverse Pan to
reverse pan direction when pressing the arrow keys.
п‚· Pressing Ctrl + a (left,right,up or down)arrow key moves selected entities by 1
pixel. Zoom in and movement gets finer, zoom pout it gets coarser.
п‚· Added setting in Settings panel Application tab User Interface/Wire junction Size
to set wire junction sizes as wire width * Wire junction Size.
п‚· Added setting in Settings panel Application tab User Interface/Bus junction Size
to set bus junction sizes as bus width * Bus junction Size.
Saturday 21st. April, 2012
п‚· Pressing escape key removed last point when adding polylines and closed
Saturday 7th April, 2012
As you design progresses you may find that your schematic design becomes
cluttered. The best way to resolve this is to partition your design into two or
more schematics.
For instance, you might have a section of the schematic that provides voltage
conditioning/power regulation. This is a perfect candidate to be split off into a
separate schematic called power.
I have added a new command to refactor sections of a schematic into a new
schematic. Select items in the project schematic and then select
Edit/Refactor/Move to Schematic. This lets you break down a complex schematic
into two or more simplified schematics.
As always, the undo function works well in DEX so you can quickly revert to your
original schematic.
Sunday 1st. April, 2012
Added button to 3D dialog group in the properties panel. This group is only
visible for PCB objects that are on the top or bottom package layer. Click the
button to edit the height, base, color and other parameters of 3D objects in the
popup 3D viewer.
Saturday 31st. March, 2012
п‚· Simplified Gerber output to fix mistakes by 3rd party Gerber viewers when
parsing Gerber files.
п‚· Improved adding nets in pcbs. You can now connect pads directly to net/track
segments rather than having to connect only to other pads.
Sunday 25th March, 2012
п‚· Adding a pad to a project pcb now adds a footprint wrapper for the pad. A
schematic symbol is also added to the first schematic sheet. You can connect to
the pad using wires in the schematic or adding nets to the pcb. This ensures
electrical integrity.
п‚· Bug fix for Electra adding duplicate nets.
Saturday 24th March, 2012
п‚· Reduced times when complete nets(tracks) would be completely unrouted when
adding/deleting wires in schematics and deleting footprints, pads and tracks in
Sunday 18th March, 2012
п‚· Added View Home button to the 3D view menu. Gets you back to seeing all.
п‚· View buttons now slew to the desired view.
Saturday 17th March, 2012
п‚· Multilayer PCBs with semi-transparent boards now draw correctly.
п‚· Solder mask drawn correctly on bottom/top side when the top/bottom side is not
п‚· New properties panel for 3D views. You can set copper colors, and the PCB color.
Thursday 15th March, 2012
п‚· Transparent PCBs now draw correctly. Aliasing shininess effects removed for
PCBs with cutouts.
Wednesday 14th March, 2012
 Added check boxes to the Part Builder‟s footprint parameters and the footprint
properties editor to enable/disable automatic generation of the 3D model for the
part. Disable to use your own 3D entities.
Monday 12th March, 2012
п‚· Added new 3D command to add cylinders, spheres, boxes, image boxes, text
boxes, extruded polygons and extruded curved to PCB. See the ribbon Add
п‚· 3D view for part editor now shows pads, silkscreen etc. for both sides of the
board. The board is semi-transparent so you can see through the bottom to the
underside of the part.
п‚· Part-builder now enabled for 3D part views.
Thursday 8th March, 2012
Added solder mask overlay for pcbs. See the layers list panel on how to turn it
on off. (Options at the bottom of the panel). Solder resist drawn as semitransparent film on top of the board with cut-outs. Works in 3D as well.
Tuesday 6th March, 2012
п‚· Fix for pcb cutouts being output to gerber files.
п‚· Fix for moving part values when footprint has been rotated.
п‚· Added option to hide/show pcb cutout shapes. See sheet properties, pcb border
properties and pcb border context menu.
Sunday 4th March, 2012
п‚· Added save selected part(symbol) in the viewport to the library to the context
menu (right click).
Friday 2nd. March, 2012
п‚· New Bill of Materials output (dialog)
Dialog with customizable grid. You can set column order, sort etc.
In the grid you can edit Type, reference, description, datasheet, manufacturer
and manufacturer‟s web site for each part. The design will be updated. You could
use this just to edit all parts in a grid.
Print with optional watermark, colors etc.
Export or send as email with the following formats: PDF, HTML, MHT, RTF,XLS,
XLSX, CSV, Text and image.
п‚· Part Panel now displays save editable grid as the BOM dialog.
Thursday 1st. March, 2012
п‚· Doubled size of node (wire) junctions.
п‚· Sheet settings panel now correctly sets sheet size.
п‚· Bill of Materials output now includes more part details.
Wednesday 29th February, 2012
 Fixed bug in Part Builder – selected pin in symbol grid showed terminal editor
and hide the grid.
Tuesday 28th February, 2012
Since Friday 13th January there has been loads of bug fixes and user interface
improvements. Work has started on creating loads of new parts and a new manual.
Improved Part Builder Panel for attributes.
Improved Library Panel. Speed increase. Double clicking parts opens then with
correct viewpoint.
Improved SymbolBuilder Panel. Added Symbol organize tab. Improved use of
real estate to give larger symbols grid.
Fixed bug where opening part would clear terminal names.
Headers can now be female as well as male. (3D).
Changing base and height in the extrusion editor now sets scene as modified.
Fixed bug where selecting pad for track would move just the pad ( if in footprint
this should not move)
Manuipulators for IRectangular entities not auto-created in picking, makes
moving small pads and rectangles easier. Previously they could resize.
Fix for pcb holes ignored by Electra
Fix for pcb holes wrong position on copper pour.
Added tab for text do do pcb net repairs.
Fix for adding sub-system reference
Fixed problem with 3D viewports not syncing.
Now opens demo project. Demo notice removed from 3D. Demo notice not as
Fix for opening 3D viewport - makes sure view content is called.
Moving pcb cutouts and pcb borders now shows board as solid.
Fix - Add viewport3D did not show content.
Fix - library panel - 3D viewport flickered on first view.
Fixed library panel package viewer. Now works.
Add holes show pcb solid.
Moving holes shows pcb solid.
Fix to stop auto-repeating adding pcb
Fix to stop excess 3D scene updates in hidden 3D viewports.
Adding PCB cutout, show populated. Editing a PCB border or cutout, show
When adding PCB border, show the border as a solid PCB and restore after
Removed Spice tab page for sheet properties for projects.
Fixed bug where symbol value was not set correctly when adding a resistor.
Symbol Terminal editor not fully visible.
Grid reference editor did not change horizontal or vertical count.
Fixed crash when saving. Symbol.Symbol failed if Sheet == null
Added lock/unlock to viewport context menu. Entity tooltip now shows locked
Locking a symbol stops terminals from moving and being picked.
Symbol terminals locking fixed.
Moving symbol terminal no longer moved other terminals.
Fix for out of memory due to recursion when pressing ESC when adding part.
Fixed build date error on splash screen.
Calendar and TextEdit give correct versions for build info.
Fixed auto-repeat for adding symbols and text.
Double click resistor to edit it.
Friday 13th January, 2012
п‚· Adding a resistor now displayed a new resistor builder dialog.
9th January, 2012
п‚· Added context menu (right click) to color pickers to select a color from anywhere
on the screen(s).
8th January, 2012
п‚· Added Radial and linear gradient fill styles.
6th January, 2012
п‚· Added SOT-23 device.
п‚· Added SOD232 diode package.
п‚· Improved DIP, Quad, SOIC and radial packages.
21st. December, 2011
п‚· Improved Bug fixes for properties dialog for symbols, footprints and silkscreens.
18th December, 2011
п‚· Improved drawing of Node IDs. Now not overdrawn by other objects.
п‚· Node with line style drawing improved.
п‚· Selected nodes have non-standard color, they have red border else they draw in
п‚· Community libraries are back.
16th December, 2011
п‚· It is now possible to set the color, width and style for nodes (wires) and buses.
п‚· You can now place node ids at each terminal connected to a node. Right click on
a node and „Show Node Ids‟ , right click on a node and click „Node ID at
14th December, 2011
п‚· New splash screens.
п‚· Added Gantt Chart to Calendar.
 Added Days of Week to Calendar – sets work week view.
12th December, 2011
п‚· Several bug fixes.
п‚· Silkscreens and Courtyards can be resized using the mouse, even when the
footprint has been rotated.
п‚· Language translations improved.
п‚· Reduced number of assemblies (non-functional change).
п‚· Improved editing of pads using sub-picking.
3rd. December, 2011
п‚· Node IDs now drawn inside a white triangle with a black border and a shadow.
п‚· NoteBoxes now drawn with shadow if line style is solid and not on a PCB.
2nd. December, 2011
п‚· Added command to symbol menu to merge all sibling symbols.
1st. December, 2011
п‚· You can set the font for symbol terminals. This is a global setting and only
affects you personally. Other users will have their own settings. It‟s in the sheet
properties (properties panel with nothing selected).
30th November, 2011
п‚· Test for symbol terminals has increase 10% to improve readability.
п‚· I have added an Organize control section to the Part Symbols properties dialog.
It lets you automatically reorder terminals based on pin number or terminal
name. If organized by terminal name, you can optionally group related terminals
and a space is added between the groups. This is a big time saver.
29th November, 2011
п‚· If you select 1 or more terminal on a symbol in a project then right clicking
allows you to move the terminals to a clone of the symbol. This is a very quick
way to split up a complex symbol into simpler symbols. NOTE. The clone
references the same physical part (via the footprint).
п‚· You can now drag a part from the parts bin preview viewport on a schematic.
You can now drag a part from the library panel preview viewport for the
schematic or the footprint onto a schematic.
28th November, 2011
п‚· Added part attributes tab to the Part Builder.
п‚· Added clone symbol and clone symbol and add to parts bin.
25th November, 2011
п‚· Several bug fixes.
п‚· SMT pad to internal power planes via.
23rd. November, 2011
п‚· Footprint builder now uses less space. Smaller footprint type icons. Units buttons
22nd. November, 2011
п‚· Footprint Noteboxes will now extrude in3D.
20th November, 2011
п‚· Footprint placement vector shown when a single footprint is selected and/or
moved. If more than 1 footprint is selected then you will see individual
placement vectors for each footprint, again all connected pads are highlighted.
п‚· Footprint placement vector now is a wide magenta line with arrow head; all pads
on other footprints that are attached to the selected footprint are highlighted.
19th November, 2011
 Pressing space or „R‟ key when moving selected rotates them by 90 degrees.
Pressing the „M‟ or „v‟ key mirrors about vertical center, pressing „H‟ key mirrors
about horizontal center.
п‚· Selecting a track/net highlights all pads connected to it and dims the others.
п‚· Interactive layout now works. Again pressing space key rotates footprints.
п‚· As you move footprints, a read bar shows displacement for perfect part
18th November, 2011
п‚· Added context menu for schematic symbols and footprints to show data sheet
for the part. Note: data sheet url must be added to be part to see the menu
п‚· Properties panels for footprints and schematic symbols mow contains data sheet
and part description controls.
п‚· Schematic router improved. Far less unexpected automatic routing of wires!
16th November, 2011
п‚· Improved Smart Pan.
п‚· Improved auto-dimming for PCBs.
14th November, 2011
п‚· New selection manipulator.
п‚· Improved and optimized Gerber output.
п‚· Some UI tweeks.
13th November, 2011
Speed improvements and reduced memory usage.
Very significant redraw speed improvements on large PCB of about 2.5 times.
11th November, 2011
п‚· Improved autolayout, and place footprints around border speed.
10th November, 2011
п‚· Selecting a pad or footprint now turns on auto-dimming and highlights selected.
9th November, 2011
п‚· Selecting a terminal on a schematic will select the corresponding pad in the PCB.
п‚· Selecting a pad on a pcb will select the corresponding symbol terminal(s) on all
п‚· Part Builder now works in projects. This lets you change a footprint by selecting
either the footprint or the footprint‟s symbol.
5th November, 2011
п‚· Selecting a footprint on a pcb will select the corresponding symbols(s) on all
п‚· Selecting a symbol on a schematic will select the corresponding footprint on the
п‚· Selecting a track on a pcb will select the corresponding node on all schematics.
п‚· Selecting a wire on a schematic will select the corresponding track on the pcb.
These are great to see corresponding nets/nodes, symbols/footprints.
To see this in action you will need to have a schematic and pcb viewports, ideally
tiled (see panels menu) or either the pcb or schematic floating. (double click on
it‟s tab).
You can change the settings in the Edit/Select tab – click on the small arrow
bottom left.
4th November, 2011
п‚· When manual routing, all fully un-routed nets are hidden. This makes routing far
 Added command to symbol terminal context menu to convert it‟s connection to
inter-wire connections. Right click on the symbol terminal…
3rd. November, 2011
п‚· Printing, like plotting, can be scaled.
 Added command to symbols context menu to convert all it‟s connections to
inter-wire connections. Right click on the symbol…
2nd. November, 2011
п‚· Nets can now be delete in PCBs. Associated nodes in schematics are deleted.
п‚· Adding a net to a PCB will add a wire connecting associated symbol(s) in
schematics. Currently only works if symbols are in the same schematic. Will
change it to work for symbols on different schematics.
п‚· About dialog now has button to show the settings directory.
п‚· Added 2 menu items to the Node ID context menu (right mouse button down
over Node ID) to auto position selected node ID or auto position all node IDs.
Double click on the following buttons in the ribbon view menu applies to all
o View Rulers
o View Grid
o View Guides
o View Node Names
o View Grid Reference
o View Title Block
o View Page
30th October, 2011
Added command to rotate selected by defined amount. (Edit/Rotate menu).
Added command to scale up/down selected by defined amount. (Edit/Scale
п‚· Added new commands for add new sub-system and add existing sub-system.
п‚· Tabbed pages now have icons.
п‚· Symbol terminal names and pin numbers can now be move individually.
п‚· Holding now the control key switches picking to sub-picking. Releasing the key
return to normal picking.
28th October, 2011
Added request new part button to Parts menu.
26th October, 2011
Added short-cuts manager to Panels/Menu
25th October, 2011
 New option for Electra router – see router settings popdown.
 Added plot button to the application menu. – plot your footprints…
23rd. October, 2011
п‚· New capture for Symbol Builder.
п‚· Adding no connects to symbol terminals now works.
20th October, 2011
Group command now adds selected objects direct to symbols and does not
create a group. The symbol now contains the grouped item. Use this to
customize parts in place on schematics.
18th October, 2011
Speed up editing text types with properties panel.
General speed up of the whole application
14th October, 2011
Added application settings to set the default color for PCBs and schematic. See
the settings panel.
13th October, 2011
п‚· Added global applications units setting to settings panel. You can set default
units for new schematics and pcbs.
п‚· Settings panel now show values in user defined units. Previously it was restricted
to inches.
12th October, 2011
Classic menu improved and brought up to speed with the ribbon menu.
8th October, 2011
Gerber New optimization added for tracks which removes excess vias and tracks
when the vias overlap.
7th October, 2011
Gerber output is now true type fonts. You can optionally use stick fonts.
Gerber output text now more accurate. This gives you true WYSYWIG if you us
the True-type fonts.
п‚· Symbol terminal editor grids now have resizeable columns that remember their
п‚· Bug fixes for Symbol terminal editor grids.
п‚· Text positioning is now more accurate. This gives your better quality artwork for
schematics and PCBs.
п‚· Fix to quad pack pin numbering.
п‚· Background color and sheet color restored.
п‚· Improved text overstriking interface.
 Status bar‟s zoom slider now works.
п‚· Improved graphics with very small text.
1st. October, 2011
Fixes to solder mask for gerber output.
п‚· Add tented via option to gerber settings.
п‚· Fixed bugs with gerber output parameters being ignored.
30th September, 2011
Improved gerber output for rounded and elliptical pads.
п‚· DEX startup improved. You will no longer see panels/menus drawn in patches.
Now you see the splash screen and then the main window rapidly appears after
a short time delay while DEX initializes.
28th September, 2011
п‚· New Copper fill now draws correct, was orange border.
п‚· Solder mask output improved.
п‚· Notes now draw correct on copper layers.
п‚· Added browse buttons to libraries panel for datasheet and supplier.
п‚· Added check box to layers panel to view pads in yellow, or not.
п‚· Plotting improved.
п‚· Pin description column added to terminal editor.
28th September, 2011
п‚· New Part Wizard not saves and restores splitter positions for the symbol and
footprint wizards.
п‚· Terminal edit grid now instantly update viewports when terminal details are
п‚· Fix in part wizard where supplier details were not saved.
26th September, 2011
п‚· New checklist panel added. This lets you check your schematics.
Add „U‟ or „u‟ for undo last capture and „R‟ or „r‟ for redo last capture when using
the part builder to capture text from say Adobe PDF files.
Ruler visibility now saved and restored per viewport.
20th September, 2011
п‚· New download latest dialog. Allows you to go direct to web site.
п‚· Bug fix for Electra router.
п‚· Panel reset only affects current workspace.
19th September, 2011
п‚· Part Wizard panel renamed PartBuilder to avoid confusion with the Part Wizard.
п‚· Part Builder panel now shows symbol and footprint editors in a tabbed view.
п‚· Bug fix for adding wires in schematics, cursor color now correct.
п‚· Bug fixes/ improvements for workspaces.
п‚· Panel visibility algorithm changed. Should eliminate panel show failing.
18th September, 2011
п‚· DEX now has workspace buttons in the Panels tab of the ribbon menu. This
allows you to quickly switch between 3 workspaces layouts. This allows you to
save 3 separate workspaces for projects, part editing and artwork editing. You
can renumber the buttons by click on the small captions button at the bottom
right of the workspace buttons. The workspaces are automatically set when you
select them. No need to manually save. I have kept it to 3 buttons for now.
16th September, 2011
п‚· Parts library now compressed.
п‚· Added button to File popup menu to decompress individual files.
14th September, 2011
п‚· Files save compressed by default.
п‚· Fixes for 3D objects on the bottom side of a PCB.
п‚· Ehen sending parts and projects, they are always attached as compressed files.
13th September, 2011
п‚· Fixed bug when plotting, scale would be incorrect if preview zoomed in/out.
12th September, 2011
п‚· Added improved tooltips when adding new entities.
п‚· Dynamic input improved when adding new objects.
24th August, 2011
п‚· Added Send project via email to the application menu.
п‚· Improved internal routing for single and double sided boards.
22nd. August, 2011
 Added view from bottom for PCBs. It‟s in the PCB menu, far right.
п‚· Improved the Router popup dialog. Click on the bottom at the bottom right of
the menu.
п‚· Added start manual routing on top checkbox to the Router popup dialog. This
allows you to select which layer DEX will try to use when it starts routing.
20th August, 2011
п‚· Print and Plot preview now greatly improved.
п‚· Print preview now show list of sheets to print.
п‚· Plot in Tools tab for PCBs now plots negative/reverse and scaled.
18th August, 2011
п‚· PCB Plot now plots correctly to scale. Drill targets on pads and PCB border with
alignment targets added.
17th August, 2011
п‚· Gerber import to PCB. You can set color for the imported entities. Entities
imported into a group.
п‚· Added a new background layer to the PCB.
13th August, 2011
п‚· Improved buses. Better optimization and editing.
11th August, 2011
п‚· Added optional drill centers for PCB plots. Set using Cam Tab corner button.
п‚· Added right context menu item to rulers to delete all guides.
10th August, 2011
п‚· Added command to context menu of library panel to set the library location.
п‚· Improved synchronization of node names (also fixed some bugs with copper
п‚· Selected un-routed track segments now drawn as cyan.
9th August, 2011
п‚· Added teardrops to PCB tracks. This is optional.
п‚· Teardrops can be restricted to pads.
п‚· Teardrops can be restricted to pads and round/elliptical pads.
п‚· Teardrops can be turned on/off.
п‚· Fixed bug where grounds connected to parts would not connect all terminals
п‚· Fixed several other node-net synchronization issues.
8th August, 2011
п‚· Added Elliptical pads.
п‚· Added optional teardrop endpoints for PCB tracks.
 Added snap to grid keyboard shortcut „s‟ or „S‟.
 Added snap to objects keyboard shortcut „o‟ or „O‟.
 Added snap to guides keyboard shortcut „g‟ or „G‟.
7th August, 2011
п‚· Extended Autorouter setup dialog to include Electra temporary directory and
auto-delete Electra files.
5th August, 2011
п‚· Improved manipulators for moving small objects.
4th August, 2011
п‚· Added show/hide viewport tooltips button to the status bar.
Add button to turn on/off smart pan to the status bar.
Improved moving of text objects that are small. Previously they might scale
instead of move.
3rd. August, 2011
Optimized linear beziers for PCBs etc.
Fix to auto-layout. Pre-rotated footprints were placed incorrectly.
2nd. August, 2011
п‚· Double click on edge of PCB border, copper pours, PCB cut-outs will add a vertex
and put you in edit mode.
п‚· Dragging ends of curves and polylines together will set them as closed.
31st. July, 2011
п‚· Dimension text now reversible from properties box or right context menu.
п‚· Only projects are automatically reloaded on start. Parts are not.
п‚· Grid now can be set to the snap grid. (was always as units). See grid settings
п‚· Added grid settings popup to the View/Snaps Per Grid button group. Click on the
small arrow at the bottom left.
п‚· Bug fix when adding lines, start cursor was invisible (PCBs only)
п‚· By default PCB grid is set to snap spacing. Schematics are set to units.
30th. July, 2011
п‚· New layout for most properties dialogs; space optimized.
п‚· Number edit boxes improved, e.g. 1.99999999 displays as 2
п‚· New Spice Probe (see Simulation ribbon tab).
19th. July, 2011
п‚· Improved manual wire routing on schematics and node optimization.
17th. July, 2011
п‚· Added no footprint button for symbols. Used for purely logical symbols like
п‚· Added Wires properties popup for Wires menu.
16th. July, 2011
п‚· Port symbol replaced with round symbol.
п‚· Bug fixes.
13th. July, 2011
п‚· Ports and inter-wire connectors can now contain multiple lines.
п‚· Improved sub-systems.
п‚· Bug fixes.
11th. July, 2011
п‚· Sub-circuit symbols and ports now connect together on PCB.
п‚· Added sheet preview at the base of the Project Panel. Double clicking on sheet
will display a viewport containing the sheet. Previously a single click did this.
10th. July, 2011
п‚· Sub-circuit symbols and ports.
Loads of bug fixes.
6th. July, 2011
п‚· Fix to moving Node Ids. (schematics).
п‚· Margin added to interface connector text.
п‚· Added Sub-systems.
п‚· Fix for restoring cascaded/tiled viewports.
 Dragging parts from the library – smart panning will occur for parts with only 1
28th. June, 2011
п‚· Improvement in Project Manager panel. Bug fix for adding child sheets and
deleting sheets.
30th. June, 2011
п‚· Classic menu interface improved.
28th. June, 2011
п‚· For the horizontal and vertical ruler and the origin, Drag to add a guide.
Ctrl+drag to set the origin. Double click to reset the origin.
п‚· Increased tooltip display time from 5 to 1 0 seconds.
п‚· Graph grid major lines drawn correct when the origin is offset.
п‚· Improved graph grid for PCBs.
25th. June, 2011
п‚· Improvements to standard router.
27th. June, 2011
п‚· Added scroll bars to 2D viewports. By default these are not displayed. You can
turn then on/off using the View/Scroll Bars menu item or right click on a
viewport and check/unchecks the view scroll bars item. Visibility persists
between sessions.
24th. June, 2011
п‚· Fix for visible of routed layers on PCBs. Sometimes track would not appear when
turning on/off layers. Tracks were there, but just not shown on the screen.
Gerber output was ok.
п‚· Bug fix for selected track segments sometimes displaying multiple selections.
20th. June, 2011
п‚· Project archive directory changed from XXX to XXX.Backup where XXX is the
project name. Copy or rename your old XXX directory. This was done to prevent
confusion when exporting to PDF as the save dialog tried to save to the backup
п‚· !Several bug fixes.
13th. June, 2011
п‚· Fix for spiral inductors and antennae.
12th. June, 2011
п‚· New Text editor.
10th. June, 2011
 Release 1.3.00 – New UI libraries.
6th. June, 2011
п‚· Floating viewport (by dragging on their tabs or double clicking on their tabs) now
change the contents of the Ribbon menu to suit the viewport type.
30th. May, 2011
п‚· Added view 3D, PCB and schematic commands to the viewport context menu.
п‚· Added view color bar commands to the viewport context menu.
п‚· Stopped display of multiple viewports with 3D.
п‚· Add help button now link to correct help topics.
28th. May, 2011
п‚· Added group and ungroup commands to the viewport context menu.
п‚· Added pick and sub-pick commands to the viewport context menu.
п‚· Added align and distribute pick commands to the viewport context menu.
п‚· Fixed bug in curves that were incorrectly drawn.
п‚· Several other bug fixes.
26th. May, 2011
п‚· You can now set the library location in the settings panel.
п‚· Various bug fixes.
26th. May, 2011
п‚· Fix for rotated footprints routing in Electra, pads were in the wrong position in
the Electra file.
п‚· Fix for embedded rotated objects in groups. Group did not rotate correctly.
24th. May, 2011
п‚· Parts bin changed to internally keep the parts in their own container.
23rd.. May, 2011
п‚· Improved XML read/writer to reading/saving DEX XML files (Linq compatible).
23rd.. May, 2011
п‚· Added angled guide lines. Similar to point/vertical and horizontal guides.
20th. May, 2011
I have completed the Part Bin panel.
For demo video see http://www.kov.com/Tutorials/?PartsBin
You can add parts to the parts bin by:
Dragging the parts file from the Windows Explorer (or similar application)
onto the Parts Bin or
Dragging the part from the Parts Library panel onto the part bin or
Right clicking on a part in the Parts Library panel and selecting `Add to
Parts Bin' or
Right click over a part on a schematic and select `Add to Parts Bin'.
To add a part from the parts bin to a schematic, drag it from the parts bin onto
the schematic.
TIP. When first setting up a design you could drag all the parts you wish to use
onto the parts bin. Then select the schematic page you wish to place the part
then drag it onto the schematic from the Parts Bin.
19th. May, 2011
п‚· Fixed problem where it was possible to add transparent lines etc. These would
not be visible. They are now forced to the default pen/fill colors.
18th. May, 2011
п‚· Added Time Scheduler/Calendar application. See Tools menu.
16th. May, 2011
п‚· New command to re-snap all schematic electrical items to the grid. This is in the
Edit menu. This is useful in tidying up designs.
п‚· AutoTRAX EDA import fixed for error importing Footprint Values and symbols
that had been transformed.
11th. May, 2011
п‚· Settings and settings panels improved.
п‚· Polyline/polygon optimizes after edges removing redundant intermediate
vertices in parallel edges (including inclined).
п‚· Fixed moving polyline/polygon edge problem.
п‚· Moving curve segment snaps to grid.
п‚· Improved installer.
30th. April, 2011
п‚· Double clicking on line converts to polyline and inserts a new vertex which you
move with the mouse.
п‚· Double clicking on polyline inserts a new vertex which you move with the mouse.
п‚· Double clicking on curve inserts a new vertex which you move with the mouse.
п‚· Dimension improved.
п‚· Context menus. 59 new context menus for each selected object. This really helps
п‚· Polyline/polygon edit improved, includes convert to curve.
п‚· Curve edit improved includes convert to polyline/polygon.
п‚· Loads of bug fixes.
27th. April, 2011
п‚· Added rotate/mirror commands to the viewport context menu.
п‚· Dimension can change fonts.
п‚· Text in dimensions can be positioned by dragging it. Dimension lines remain
27th. March, 2011
п‚· Greatly Print preview now show mulltiple pages. Watermark, orientation and
margins saved between sessions.
24th. March, 2011
DEX now does not display dialog stating checking for updates. This is now
optionally done in the background. DEX starts up faster.
27th. February, 2011
п‚· Greatly improved manual routing for tracks that connect to multiple pads.
22nd. February, 2011
п‚· Moving/editing entities in the viewport by dragging with the mouse displays
parameters in tooltip.
п‚· Manual routing improved. Editing tracks now optionally snaps to grid.
Previously moving segments did not.
15th February, 2011
п‚· Added Electra autorouter to the installer.
п‚· Fixed page settings for schematics (showed PCB settings).
10th February, 2011
п‚· Fixed problem with Spice Analysis Graph not sizing correctly.
п‚· Fixed frequency input for sin wave generator.
21st. January, 2011
п‚· Added PDF export.
27th December, 2010
п‚· Added output to CNC. See tools menu. This will generate 2 CNC files ending in
Top and Bottom for both sides of a PCB.
5th December, 2010
п‚· Bug fix for autorouter not running at all.
 Export to Scaleable Vector Graphics – Tools tab.
29th November, 2010
п‚· Automatic update now disabled. You can do it from the Home menu tab next to
the license button.
п‚· Optional numeric input of parameters while adding lines and polylines.
27th November, 2010
п‚· Fixed sign of electrolytic capacitor.
23d. November, 2010
п‚· Fixed redraw bug. Multiple useless redraws.
20th November, 2010
п‚· You can show set a page scale for individual sheet. See ribbon menu
View/Page/corner drop pdown button. The page scale lets an A sheet contain a
design of size save 1100” x 850”, this would be a scale of 64. Now you can
even do your floor plans with DEX!
19th November, 2010
п‚· Dimensions can now be added linear or aligned with an offset.
п‚· Added button on the left of the status bar to turn on/off dynamic input.
18th November, 2010
п‚· Added overstrike ability to symbol terminals.
16th November, 2010
п‚· Fixed bug with text editor. It was set to right to left.
п‚· Dimensions can now be added with an offset.
15th November, 2010
п‚· DEX now optionally archives all changes to a design to a directory with the
same name as the design. You can change this via the settings panel in
Project/General/Automatic Archive.
14th November, 2010
п‚· Starup improved. Less flashing dialogs etc.
п‚· Part finder, selected part not flashes at 5 times per seconds. Compared to the
past when if flashed > 100X for fast graphics!
13th November, 2010
п‚· Setting signal name on tracks updates names on nodes in the schematics.
п‚· Create new part shows part wizard.
12th November, 2010
п‚· Hide/Show color panel on bottom of application window works.
п‚· Adding lines, polylines, arc, rectangles, ellipses, noteboxes, symbol borders
now display interactive dimensioning during construction.
п‚· Adding rectangular and elliptical pcb borders and cutouts now display
interactive dimensioning during construction.
п‚· Adding guides shows position tips during addition.
п‚· Adding pcb pads shows position tips during addition.
п‚· Bug where PCB border would not display in 3D is fixed.
п‚· Note boxes draw corrent on PCBs.
п‚· PCB properties dialog now sets pcb color correctly.
November, 2010
All languages now work.
Panel contents fill available control space.
Speed up part symbol placement. Dialog does not appear.
6th November, 2010
п‚· Removed floating 3D viewport command. Double click on a viewport tab will
float it. Also removed extra main window command for same reason.
26th October, 2010
п‚· NC drill files format changed to 0.1 thou resolution. (D decimal places).
17th October, 2010
п‚· Fixed bug where manual routing would not swap layer when space bar pressed.
15th October, 2010
Fix for NC drill files where part is rotated.
9th September, 2010
п‚· User group and Mantis button added to Ribbon Home menu.
22nd. August, 2010
п‚· Library files are not overwritten on update.
14th August, 2010
п‚· DEX now uses .Net 4 (previously it used .Net 3.5 SP1).
8th August, 2010
п‚· Library parts now installed with the installer.
24th July, 2010
п‚· Printing now will print full page or all objects of show page is off.
п‚· Moving footprint and symbol values and references now no longer snaps to
18th July, 2010
п‚· Faster startup for ribbon menu version.
17th July, 2010
п‚· All properties dialog layout adjust for multilingual text.
13th July, 2010
п‚· Improved Spanish translation thanks to Ramon Barber. Work still in progress.
11th July, 2010
п‚· Added Japanese and Ukraniane
4th July, 2010
п‚· Added support for the following languages in the UI (Not the help file as yet):
o English
o Chinese
o Czech
o Danish
o Dutch
o Finnish
o French
o German
o Hungarian
o Italian
o Norwegian
o Polish
o Portugeuse
o Russian
o Slovenian
o Spanish
This is just a first pass and they are machine translations (like
Google/Yahoo). Will improve over the comming week.
To change the language, use the Application menu in the Ribbon. Click on the
round DX icon, the language selection is at the bottom of the menu.
Not all dialogs have been adjusted to take into account varying widths for text.
In addition Right to left e.g. Chinese controls are not done. I expect this to be
done early this week.
14th June, 2010
п‚· Node ids did not move correctly when the node was in a group.
п‚· You can turn off automatic wire routing in the sheet settings panels.
п‚· Copy and paste now works with electrical entites such as symbols, wires etc.
Does not work on PCB sheets, only schematics.
12th June, 2010
 What‟s new now displayed for new builds. (this document).
п‚· Moving symbols and groups containing symbols did not follow the mouse
exactly and sometimes groups „broke up‟. New fixed.
9thJune, 2010
п‚· Adding parts to schematics, custom pads added to parametric footprints would
not appear. Now fixed.
21st. May, 2010
п‚· Option to display ribbon menus in Office 2010 style or 2007 style. (Panels
14th May, 2010
п‚· Copper pour regions can now be nested.
13th May, 2010
п‚· Adding copper pour regions did not fill, fixed.
п‚· Adding auto-sized copper pour region to rectangular PCBs not works correctly.
12th May, 2010
п‚· User interface speed up.
 More parts – see CMOS + TTL
3rd. May, 2010
п‚· Bug fix where extra schematics sheets were created when opening a new main
2nd. May, 2010
п‚· New installer for updates. Easier installs less dialogs. All automatic. No residual
install dialog.
п‚· New main window button moved to panel menu and added to classic menu.
п‚· Focus problem where main windows would jump in from of others fixed.
1st. May, 2010
п‚· New Part Wizard dialog no longer stick on top.
п‚· Added multiple windows aimed at multiple monitor useage. See the Application
menu. Currently only works for ribbon menus.
п‚· Installer will now not overwrite existing Electra installation.
29th April, 2010
п‚· Footprints can now be placed on the bottom of the PCB as well as the top. Use
the footprint‟s properties dialog in the properties panel.
28nd. April, 2010
п‚· Off-page connectors are noe inter-page connectors.
22nd. April, 2010
п‚· Enabled sub-picking if invisible symbol terminals using window select. (Hold
doen left mouse button and drag the mouse over the terminal.
п‚· Improved bus editor properties dialog.
14th April, 2010
п‚· Added all tutorial videos to local help.
10th April, 2010
п‚· Added right mouse click context menu to 3D view.
п‚· Bug fix to footprint wizard, library parameters click did not update part.
п‚· Footprint/Symbol text values preserved when changing parameteric part type.
April, 2010
UI improvements to part wizard. To make your life easier.
Adding symbol border to part design sheet auto-aligns terminals etc.
Pick and place output file updated for footprint placement point. Rotation of
footprint also output.
Footprint editor now allows viewing and editing of footprint rotation as well as
the footprint placement point
April, 2010
Added auto-position symbol reference and value button to Symbol Wizard.
Added buttons to hide/show all symbol terminals to Symbol Wizard.
Added more parts and artworks. You will see lots more added over the next few
Terminals not attached to a symbol border can have their orientation set.
Added button to line style editor to set width to schematic wire width This helps
in creating artwork in parts editor.
Copy and paste of groups fixed.
April, 2010
Added new capture tool to Symbol Wizard side panel.
Click to capture test from another application.
Move cursor to application.
Hold down and drag left button to select text.
On release, text is used to set terminals.
Terminals start at the first one and when all terminals are set, capture will end.
Works well with Adobe PDF files.
3nd. April, 2010
п‚· New library structure. Added several parts and artworks for creating parts.
2nd. April, 2010
Added new file format „.art‟ for saving library art to drag and drop. Includes all
graphics entities together with pads, symbol borders and symbol terminals. Great
to use to quickly build custom parts etc.
Faster opening of parts in same application windows when possible.
Bug fix for adding pads with width amd height locked.
31st. March, 2010
п‚· Added toobar buttons and status bar to 3D viewer for viewports.
Option to view 3D part with semi-transparent board.
п‚· More UI improvements.
п‚· Improved automatic symbol build from footprint.
29th March, 2010
п‚· Improved rebuild symbol from footprint. Now has option for 1,2 or 4 sided symbol
 Dragging parts onto schematics, pressing the „space‟ button rotates 80 degrees.
Pressing arrow keys mirrorssymbol about the vertical or horizonntal axis.
27th March, 2010
п‚· More UI improvements.
п‚· Bug fixes for auto-sizing footprints.
26th March, 2010
п‚· Parts menu items now all have footprints (for non-virtual symbols) and 3D
п‚· It is now possible to very easily make custom footprints. Add pads and the
silkscreen, footprint reference, footprint value and courtyard automatically adjust.
п‚· Preview can now have 3D attributes in PCBs. These include lines, polylines, curves,
rectangles, images and ellipses.
п‚· Improved part creation.
п‚· Load of bug fixes and iser interface tweaks.
22nd. March, 2010
п‚· Bug fixes and user interface improvements.
18th March, 2010
п‚· Several small but significant UI improvements to setting the color of entities.
17th March, 2010
п‚· Added 4 color selector styles. Color swatch, RGB sliders, HSL sliders and HSL color
wheel. The color selector now allows transparency.
16th March, 2010
п‚· Preview of new line and fill color editor controls in the properties panel. Color Ring
control not fully functional yet.
March, 2010
DEX automatically checks for updates.
Added show targets checkbox to PCB border properties dialog.
Added set shape button to PCB border for copper pour properties dialog.
Added set origin to PCB border lower left to ruler menus and the PCB properties
8th March, 2010
New install program.
Added thermal relief checkbox to copper pour properties dialog. If uncheck, pads
and vias connected to the copper pour region will merge as single hole else
thermal spoke will be added.
6th March, 2010
Reduced target size for PCB.
PCB targets and sheet visible initially disabled for PCBs.
Gerber Viewer print can now print black on white. (menu option).
Improved print layout to maximize paper usage.
5th March, 2010
Pads connect to copper pours via thermal relief if no track with same signal name
as the copper pour connects to the pad on the copper pour layer.
Tracks and vias with same signal name as the copper pour merge with the copper
Pads with the same signal name as a copper pour connect via thermal relief unless
a track is available to connect them.
Added print function to Gerber Viewer.
4th March, 2010
Added project object hierarchy tab to the Source View panel. Multiple nodes with
same signal name now all connected together on the PCB with the same net, even
if the separate nodes are not connected together.
You cannot delete a net/track on a PCB that is associated with a node/wire on a schematic.
Deleting a footprint will delete the schematic symbols and all connected wires on the
schematic and tracks on the PCB.
1st. March, 2010
Added project object hierarchy tab to the Source View panel. This allows you to
select/view and edit objects by the position in the DEX database.
Added Hole entity to the DEX database for drill holes only. Views as hole in 3D.
Not output to Gerber so no Gerber design rules error for no copper ring. Outputs
to drill file. Absolutely no relation to pads or vias. More akin to cutouts but do not
appear in Gerber board profile; only appears in NC drill file
28th February, 2010
Added Pan, View Contents and Units ribbon buttons to Gerber Viewer. Also added
status bar.
Manual Routing now smart pads when routing near the edge of viewports.
Added menu link to PDF manual for DEX.
27th February, 2010
Added Cam Settings popup to Tools/Cam ribbon menu group.
Added Gerber Settings to Cam Settings popup. Options to: set holes sizes on Gerber
pads and vias, and show/hide targets and plot labels.
Gerber viewer now displays thermal reliefs/power planes correctly as promised.
Gerber viewer - when mouse is over a pad/via shape (actually a Gerber flash) the tooltip
shows the aperture D number etc.
The Gerber output is now done. (...famous last words!).
26th February, 2010
Gerber viewer now stores files in Program Data directory. This allows .msi installer
to work.
Improved measure distance tool.
Added measure distance tool to the Gerber viewer.
Gerber output of power planes implements. Works with the Gerber Viewer( not
fully as thermals are drawn incorrectly, will fix this weekend)
Gerber Viewer now uses Gerber Flash entities.
Gerber output now has optional holes for pads.
23rd. February, 2010
Smart panning on highly magnified views fixed. Previously would jump violently.
Measure distance tool improved.
Power planes look like they are now full working except for Gerber output. Will fix
21st. February, 2010
Added cursor world position display to status bar (Ribbon menu).
Net/tracks and vias will now draw thermal relief on signal planes ( inner layers on
boards with 3 or more layer) .Gerber output not done. More work to do on this.
Will finish this week.
21st. February, 2010
Improved visual quality of copper filled areas in the Gerber Viewer.
Improved Gerber output.
Improved DRC checker.
20th February, 2010
Added button to PCB border properties dialog to set origin to the bottom left of the
PCB border.
Fixes for selecting and editing the PCB border.
You can now set the color of the PCB. Shows in populated and 3D views.
Generation of Gerber files with large copper pour was VERY slow. Now it‟s very
Gerber quality improved to 0.1 thou. - 2.54 microns.
19th February, 2010
Design Rule Checker now checks for un-routed track segments and optionally will
route and optimize tracks and nets.
Improved PCB ribbon menu page.
Bug fixes for manual routing.
Properties dialog for Track improved. Added un-route buttons and width setting
controls for net, track and selected segment.
Added Show/Hide menu item to origin, and vertical rulers context menus.
When setting origin from origin, and vertical rulers, origin is displayed for both
18th February, 2010
New context sensitive ribbon pages for symbols, footprints, schematics and PCBs.
These group commands together for each design context. It really makes you
more productive.
Manual routing and auto-dimming works great.
17th February, 2010
More improvements on manual PCB routing, vias and track widths.
15th February, 2010
Picking objects not works correctly on PCBs. Previously wrong objects were
selected. This really affected manual re-routing.
Work in progress on track width, and manual routing.
12th February, 2010
New help file.
11th February, 2010
Several bug fixes and code optimization.
8th February, 2010
Adding parts now sets footprint reference correctly.
Renumber parts now works with PCB order. Schematic and Footprint references
are set in bands so they are ordered for easier location. You can use this to fix any
footprint references that are in error.
Symbol properties dialog, symbol reference dialog and symbol value properties
dialog now update all sibling symbols and the associated footprints.
Footprint properties dialog, footprint reference dialog and footprint value
properties dialog now update all associated symbols as well as the footprint.
6th February, 2010
Added Symbol/Footprint finder tabbed control to the World View panel. This lets
you quickly locate them. It will display a viewport containing the symbol/footprint
and flash it. The World View will also update to show where on the sheet you are.
Added World View control to the DRC panel.
5th February, 2010
Design Rule Checker panel. Completed. Click on error and viewport will display
error at its center.
Design Rule Checker can now automatically fix PCB design errors (pads, vias,
holes and track minimum size).
4th February, 2010
New Design Rule Checker panel added. First set of design rules done. Shortly will
add lists of errors in the panel so you can easily highlight them. The Design Rule
Checker (DRC) is an essential part in ensuring Gerber output will be ok.
Gerber output improved. See Gerber Viewer.
3rd. February, 2010
Gerber export to top and bottom resist as well as board profile with cutouts
Gerber viewer improved.
31st. January, 2010
Import AutoTRAX EDA files placed SMT pads on silkscreen layer. Now fixed.
PCB Track Optimizer improved. Previously it would remove vertices incorrectly.
New web site completed. http://www.kov.com
Improved Gerber output. Now works with transformed objects.
Fix to gerber viewer for negative coordinates.
Add Wiki and Blog tabs to Forums dialog.
25th January, 2010
Forum moved.
20th January, 2010
Axial parts now appear correct in 3D.
Web site moved and alternate created http://www.autotrax.net
12th January, 2010
Fixed bug in importing old EDA library. Re-run it to fix if needed.
Optional outer guard ring on spiral antenna.
10th January, 2010
Changed Mantis bug reporter to work with uploaded designs and also to show
uploaded designs in the viewport on the left.
9th January, 2010
User Import of old AutoTRAX EDA library now adds associated footprints to parts.
8rd. January, 2010
User group dialog now combines the Yahoo! user group and the User‟s Forum.
Added new Mantis rich-client dialog for viewing and reporting bugs. This is far
easier than using a browser. You need to have a valid support license to use it.
3rd. January, 2010
Created new user group. User group button on menu now opens up a compact
browser without all those adverts!
2nd. January, 2010
Accounts dialog updated.
Speed bug fixed.
DEX now compatible with new web services.
27thDecember, 2009
Added Spiral Arial parametric part.
Added Spiral Inductor parametric part.
21st. December, 2009
Title Block shows page size.
Title Block now displays revision as Prefix:SaveNumber. SaveNumber is the
number of saves. Prefix is set in title block properties dialog.
Title Block shows sheet name,
Title Block shows design wide document number.
Help file additions.
19th. December, 2009
DEX now tested and works on XP, Vista, and Windows 7 including both 32
and 64 bit operating systems.
16th. December, 2009
Added shared community library.
1. Display the library panel.
2. Add your parts to „My Shared Parts‟
3. Click on
to uploaded your shared parts. That‟s it!
When you start DEX it automatically updates the community library folder on your
To manually download latest Community Parts click on
8th. December, 2009
Part Wizard now keeps symbol terminal names when changing footprint parametric
model type or model parameters.
Improved silkscreen images for parametric footprints.
7th. December, 2009
Improvements to schematic router. Wires to wire junctions previously may not
6th. December, 2009
Improvements to symbol wizard: Include select terminal in grid selects terminal on
sheet. Also added extra controls to se more parameters for the part terminals.
5th. December, 2009
Improved part wizard panels and parametric parts. Added tab with lists of
predefined parts. Added some more parts.
2nd. December, 2009
Improved schematic routing.
Moving terminals in schematics now keeps them to the symbol border and
Moving parts, reroutes.
Resizing symbol borders reroutes.
30th November, 2009
Added command to show/Hide footprint courtyards in view menu.
Added command to show/Hide footprint placement points in view menu.
28th November, 2009
Improved graphics for rectangles, symbol border etc. using adaptive anti-aliasing.
Improved import of AutoTRAX EDA schematics and PCBs. Part symbols now are
matched to part pads. Multiple sheets imported. Viewports created for each sheet.
Selecting footprint pin numbers for symbol pins improved.
Paste works correctly and other bug fixes.
25th November, 2009
Loads of UI improvements and fixes. Added PCB header footprint wizard and radial
component wizard.
22nd. November, 2009
More improvements for graphics speed.
21st. November, 2009
Gerber output improved.
New standalone installer.
Improved graphics speed when adding lines, wires, parts, etc.
20th November, 2009
Transfer old parts now prompts for source and destination.
Gerber output done, Gerber viewer done except for output parameters.
19th November, 2009
Added command in Tools tab to transfer old AutoTRAX EDA parts into the DEX
library. The files are converted and put in group My Parts. Once move you can
move them using the DEX libraries panel.
Several usability improvements and bug fixes.
18th November, 2009
A lot of improved to parts wizard. ( Symbol and footprint ).
Things are looking good. I expect DEX to get �first light’ by Thanksgiving.
New library location \progam data\Kovac Software\DEX\Library. You old stuff is in
\progam data\Kovac Software\AutoTRAX\Library; I suggest you delete it.
16th November, 2009
Symbol and Footprint panel merged into 1 part wizard panel. The appropriate
wizard displays depending on context.
12th November, 2009
Replaced Guid attributes in XML with long unsigned integers.
11th November, 2009
Rotating parts (without symbol border e.g. resistors) by multiples of 90 degrees
works correctly.
A few teaks and bug fixes.
If you find DEX updates ad there is no date entry, then it means that the update
includes only tweaks and unreported bug fixes.
9th November, 2009
Changed selected object panel so that is shows selected sheet properties is no
object is selected.
Added new tab to sheet properties to allow you to add notes for each sheet in the
8th November, 2009
Improvements to footprint and symbol wizards. 3D packages improved.
7th November, 2009
Reload last project fixed.
Missing library for copper pour added.
First pass of footprint modeller done.
3rd. November, 2009
Working on part creation and modifying the part/footprint data. You may see parts
with a pin name of “?” this means there is no pad associated with it. This is work
in progress and should be fixed in the next few days.
28th October, 2009
Copper pour speed increase for copper pours over sub-sections of the PCB.
Progress dialog box appears during copper pour fill. User can cancel.
27th October, 2009
Curve creation and drawing improved.
Added tension control to curves.
Adding curved pcb cut-out now works.
Move curve control points improved.
Current layer automatically turned on when adding objects.
If pcb cutouts extended outside the pcb border, tracks were drawn incorrectly in
3D. Now fixed.
Drawing style changed for keep-out regions to semitransparent bricks.
New icons for copper pour, keep-out and cut-out menu buttons.
26th October, 2009
Added option in Sheet Settings to view TPH pads as solid yellow or yellow outlined.
Pasted objects now offset by grid spacing, so with copy/paste the pasted objects
are separated from the originals.
25th October, 2009
Bug in copper pour for rotated footprints fixed.
Unfilled copper pour now outlines as thick dashed lines rather than thin lines.
Copper pour rectangles can now have rounded corners.
Copper pours can be scaled and rotated.
3D view updates improved when changing PCB. 3D view now more in-sync.
24th October, 2009
Install website moved.
23rd. October, 2009
PCB cutouts in 3D implemented.
PCB cutouts on PCB Sheets show through to grid in populated view.
22nd. October, 2009
Improved Copper pour.
Bug fixes.
18th October, 2009
Pasting objects leaves then all selected. Make moving easier.
Color bar left and middle button reversed to be same as AutoTRAX EDA.
Color bar now enabled for lines.
If selected objects have only fill or line color then both left and right buttons act
the same in the color bar.
17th October, 2009
Added Electra router capabilities. You will need Electra installed and you should
select Panels/Settings/Project then enable Electra.
Pads now drawn with yellow outline rather than solid yellow. This helps show
Wires to pads with holes displayed now draw correctly.
Via holes drawn.
9th October, 2009
Improved schematic auto-router.
3rd. October, 2009
AutoTRAX EDA buses import correctly
Import of multi-line text in AutoTRAX EDA fixed.
2nd. October, 2009
More improvements in reading of AutoTRAX EDA files.
Improved switching between menu style.
This update will rest your login.
1st. October, 2009
Improved reading of AutoTRAX EDA files, in particular PCBs. More improvements
to follow.
29th September, 2009
Improved management of toolbar persistence.
Graph grid not as pronounced.
28th September, 2009
Classic menu bars improved. Only relevant menu and toolbar items are visible
depending on sheet type.
27th September, 2009
Classic menus now automatically set for different sheet types.
Panels automatically set for different sheet types.
This means you can customize the toolbars and panels for each sheet type and the
customization is remembered.
The different sheet types are:
1. None. ( Used when no sheet is displayed)
2. Schematic.
3. Schematic Part.
4. Footprint.
5. PCB.
6. Text Sheet.
7. 3D view.
Settings now saved in C:\Users\XXXX\AppData\Local\Kovac Software\DEX.
Where XXX is your account name.
18th September, 2009
п‚· Classic menu bars now mostly implemented. 216 items out of 386 items
implemented plus support, e.g. Customization and persistence.
1. To switch from Ribbon menu to classic click on Menu/Classic button in the
Panels ribbon category.
2. To switch from classic to ribbon click on Panels/Switch to ribbon Menu.
13th September, 2009
п‚· A lot of internal code optimization. Tedious work, but well worth it.
4th September, 2009
п‚· Color bar no longer has title bar. This saves a lot of screen space. It can only be
docked to the bottom of the application. You cannot move it. You can hide it
from the Panels menu.
3rd. September, 2009
п‚· Popup menu added to Graphics in Page menu. Lets you set page size, edit the
grid reference parameters and set the title block.
п‚· Fix to schematic wire auto-router for imperial page sizes.
2nd. September, 2009
п‚· Popup menu added to Graphics in Add ribbon menu. Selects default.
п‚· All undo/redo states named. Can be selected from popup in Undo/Redo ribbon
29th August, 2009
п‚· Main window shows correct size on first show.
п‚· Main window restored correctly on multiple monitors.
28th August, 2009
п‚· Added pen size for graphics (rectangles, ellipses, lines etc. ) menu items in Add
ribbon menu.
п‚· Improved some icons on dark backgrounds.
28th August, 2009
п‚· Added pad size ( width and height ) menu items in Add ribbon menu.
п‚· Added pen and fill color for graphics (rectangles, ellipses, lines etc. ) menu items
in Add ribbon menu.
23rd. August, 2009
п‚· Bug fixes to adding parts like 7400 series TTL.
21st. August, 2009
п‚· UI improvements to add line,ellipse,dimension,image and note.
п‚· Dimensions can now have:
o Text showing length
o Prefix + Text showing length
o Prefix only. Useful for referencing dimension elsewhere.
o No text or prefix.
22nd. August, 2009
п‚· Cut, delete, copy and paste working.
16th August, 2009
п‚· 2 new commands in the Edit ribbon menu for schematics. Re-wire selected and
re-wire all. These rewire schematic wires. No extra ones are created, and none
are deleted.
15th August, 2009
п‚· Autorouter places footprint on grid.
п‚· Center drawing in schematics moves wires correctly. Were slightly off grid.
Print preview now remembers whether to print page or contents.
parts automatically rewired in schematics when rotated by 90/180/270 or
12th August, 2009
п‚· Added floating 3D viewport.
10th August, 2009
п‚· 3D now fully working.
п‚· 3D menu now renamed View.
8th August, 2009
п‚· Source view panels now has 2 tabs. First shows xml of the project, the second
show the 3D xaml for the project.
2nd. August, 2009
п‚· Curved PCB now correctly drawn in 3D.
п‚· PCB border now pickable.
п‚· Wires and terminals in schematics are now sharper.
1st. August, 2009
п‚· Improved 3D.
26th July, 2009
п‚· Spice modeller now works on 64 bit Vista and XP.
23rd. July, 2009
п‚· 3D viewports viewpoint mouse movement now working correctly.
19th July, 2009
п‚· 3D viewports have background and basic viewpoint mouse movement.
15th July, 2009
п‚· 3D views back. Mouse view settings not available yet.
13th July, 2009
п‚· DEX now works on 64 bit Vista and XP platforms. Performance problems fixed.
п‚· 3D viewport content disabled. Displays 3D text. Will be reinstated this week.
10th July, 2009
п‚· Mouse wheel zoom zooms on center of mouse point, not center of viewport.
9th July, 2009
п‚· Global settings panel and sheet setting panels merged into one panel.
п‚· Grid Reference and Title block editable via Settings panel.
8th July, 2009
п‚· More help.
п‚· Grid Reference and Title block implemented.
п‚· Editors for Grid Reference and Title block parameter to come later.
п‚· View ribbon menu has buttons for show grid reference, title block and page.
6th July, 2009
п‚· Partial implementation of help files.
4th July, 2009
п‚· Autolayout group moved from Route menu to layout menu.
 Implemented „Prepare for Manufacture‟. This creates all gerber files etc and adds
them to zip file.
3rd. July, 2009
п‚· Bill of Materials export in Tools/Cam menu implemented.
п‚· Gerber export in Tools/Cam menu implemented.
п‚· Drill file export in Tools/Cam menu implemented.
п‚· Pick and place export in Tools/Cam menu implemented.
п‚· Preview Gerber Tools/Cam menu implemented.
п‚· Gerber export now works with text.
2nd. July, 2009
п‚· Improvements in Gerber viewer.
 Implemented Prepare for Manufacture on tools tab. This „2 click‟ feature creates
a zip file with all files required for board manufacture.
1st. July, 2009
п‚· Export to Spice model from Tools/Export menu.
п‚· NetList Export from Tools/Export menu.
п‚· DXF Export from Tools/Export menu.
п‚· Further improvements to Gerber output and viewer. All should work except to
text output.
30th June, 2009
п‚· Splash Screen not topmost.
п‚· Improvements to gerber output.
29th June, 2009
п‚· Initial export of ID board - ribbon menu Tools/ Export.
п‚· Gerber Viewer - ribbon menu Tools/CAM View output. This shows gerber output
in real time. Text not done yet. This works by exporting all gerber files and
reading them back in. Try adding lines to PCB and see them appear in gerber
24th June, 2009
п‚· Bugs fixes to manipulators points in transformed objects.
24th June, 2009
 Internal changes – changes for export.
п‚· Improved selection transformer, also easier to rotate objects.
22nd. June, 2009
п‚· Internal changes. Added gerber input modules.
21st. June, 2009
п‚· Parts List panel complete.
June, 2009
Rotate 90/180 and 280 degrees works for all.
Mirror about vertical/horizontal axis works for all.
More menu buttons resized and the menu is 99% finalized as for release.
As DEX is getting closer to release, I have removed some menu buttons for
features I will implement them in Release 1.1. These include:
Hyperlinks, rotation snap, standard menu, un-route footprint and track
segment, ortho mode, some spice items like oscilloscopes, import and
export for DXF, export for SVG and PDF. ( you can print to PDF )
June, 2009
Fixed bug saving designs with locked footprints.
Group properties now allows you to re-center and resize the group.
New large buttons on Route menu.
Locked menu buttons now set on entity status.
Footprints no longer allow automatic picking pf pads.
Router status move from menu to status bar.
Bitmaps/images can be dragged from Explorer etc onto sheets.
Text can now be dragged from outside DEX onto sheets.
Added scale thumbwheel to note, rectangle, image and group property dialogs.
18th June, 2009
п‚· Improved library panel. This has separate tabs at the bottom to display the
schematic symbol, footprint and 3D package. It also displays a textural
description of the part ands a separate tab with links to the online datasheet and
suppliers web site. You can change the text and the libraries are updated
See parts in Parts/Cypress Semiconductors/Memory/Async SRAMS
п‚· Improved part wizard.
п‚· Work has commenced on a Gerber viewer. This will read in all gerber files and
display them. It will work in real time. This is aimed as ensuring what you get
from the board manufacturer is what you want.
п‚· All CAM dialogs are modeless and persist from session to session.
п‚· Improved 3D board view.
п‚· Added icons to some windows UI tabs.
п‚· Some bigger menu icons.
June, 2009
Added Snap footprints to grid command. ( layout menu )
Added Snap tracks to grid command. ( layout menu )
Snap Parts to grid improved.
New View PCB button on panels menu.
Improvements to world view panel.
Many menu button increased in size.
13th June, 2009
п‚· All entities can be locked and unlocked. If locked then they cannot be deleted or
changed. Use Menu Edit/Lock-Unlock to change.
п‚· World view panel complete.
п‚· Moved Sheets menu group from Edit to Home menu.
п‚· New add text sheet button in Home/Sheets menu.
12th June, 2009
п‚· Double click on text, note, part values and reference entities brings up text
 Origin now draws in magenta so it‟s visible on schematics and PCBs.
п‚· 2 new add note buttons in the Add/Shapes menu.
п‚· Add notes and text now prompts for text before allowing you to drag the next
into place.
п‚· Spell checker added to text editor and note editor.
п‚· Bug fixes.
п‚· Improvements to reader AutoTRAX EDA files.
June, 2009
Print preview and print for source view panel.
Print preview and print netlist panel.
Print preview and print for Spice analysis panel.
Newsletter link on Home ribbon.
Send Feedback on Home ribbon.
Wishlist on Home ribbon.
Tip of the day now links to correct file.
Subpicking works correctly. (Edit menu)
Menu minimize moved from Home to Panels menu.
8th June, 2009
п‚· Add snap footprints to grid command in layout menu ribbon.
п‚· Add snap tracks to grid command in layout menu ribbon.
п‚· Net/Wire optimizer removes excess vias and excess tracks vertices.
7th June, 2009
п‚· PCB picking improved.
6th June, 2009
п‚· Added auto-dimming option in Route Ribbon tab.
п‚· PCB now drawn in black or green if populated view set.
п‚· Manual routing of tracks done.
п‚· Unroute all done.
п‚· Unroute selected nets done.
п‚· Unroute selected tracks done.
п‚· Unroute selected track segment done.
4th June, 2009
п‚· Add option to enable/disable spell checking as you type. This underlines missspelt words in red. Right click to see menu of spelling suggestions.
п‚· Fix to error reading PCB contents.
3rd. June, 2009
п‚· Added new text sheet type. Use project panel and add text document. These
documents are multi-page and can have pictures etc.
п‚· Added spelling checker for text documents.
31st. May, 2009
п‚· Added new Add Note command and associated properties editor.
May, 2009
Dimension arrows now draw correct.
Undo/Redo now works ok with dimensions.
Added more internal tests – it improves reliability and helps fix bugs.
Work started on manual routing in PCBs.
May, 2009
PCB via properties dialog done.
PCB pad properties dialog done.
PCB track properties dialog done.
25th May, 2009
п‚· Adding wires now incorporated smart routing. As you drag the end of the wire,
left click fixes a route via point. This allow you to do fully automatic wire routing,
routing via your specified points using left clicks or completely manual via left
24rd. May, 2009
п‚· Library panel viewport of part now readonly.
п‚· Footprint now read from file correctly. Mapping of pads to Symbol terminals was
п‚· Tooltips in the viewport only show in pick mode.
п‚· Add pad command completed and pad properties dialog completed.
п‚· Tabbed views now restored in correct order.
п‚· Scaling objects vertically by dragging center scale point works.
п‚· Rotating objects works correctly.
п‚· Dragging unselected objects keeps them unselected.
23rd. May, 2009
п‚· PCB board in 3D generated correctly for rectangular, elliptical and curved
п‚· Part components now displayed in 3D on the PCB.
 What‟s New dialog only automatically displayed with new versions.
May, 2009
Node (wire) junction properties dialog completed.
Bus junction properties dialog completed.
Wire junctions now display as sold circles.
Group properties dialog completed.
Moving parts in schematics automatically adjusts wire connections. This is now
perfect yet and sometimes a bit slow but works well.
21st. May, 2009
п‚· New vastly improved Add Node functionality. Just click on start terminal/bus and
click on end terminal/bus and the node is automatically routed from source to
target avoiding all obstacles including graphical objects such as text and circles.
This will greatly improve your productivity.
See http://kov.com/Tutorials/AddingNodes
17th May, 2009
п‚· Bug fixes and improvements to adding nodes/buses.
New cursors for add Bus.
16th May, 2009
п‚· Added text height increment/decrement button to text type object properties
п‚· Add bus command completed and bus properties dialog completed.
п‚· Add button to Add ribbon menu to bevel wire to bus connections.
п‚· Buses now have movable Ids.
May, 2009
NodeID properties dialog completed.
Node properties dialog completed.
Improved node naming.
Add offpage command completed and offpage properties dialog completed.
Symbol terminal properties dialog completed.
May, 2009
Improvement to schematic nodes.
Bug fixed in reading nodes.
Node IDs autoplaced on adding wires.
May, 2009
Part reference properties dialog completed.
Part value properties dialog completed.
Part reference and value can be picked and moved independently.
11th May, 2009
п‚· ColorBar improved and completed.
п‚· Help now works. Only a few topics completed as yet.
п‚· AutoHide/Show on docked panels now a lot faster.
10th May, 2009
п‚· Missing SPICE dll and exe now installs. This enables SPICE simulation.
9th May, 2009
п‚· ColorBar panel now works on all sheets.
п‚· Layer Panel now fully functional.
п‚· Added layer controls to all entities which can be assigned to a layer. Layers only
applicable to PCB sheets.
п‚· Show pin numbers for pads implemented.
п‚· Show pad holes implemented.
8th May, 2009
п‚· Pcb Border, PCB Cutouts, Keepouts and Copper pour shapes can now be:
1. Rectangular.
2. Ellipical.
3. Closed Polygon/Curve.
п‚· Commands added to Add menu tab to add the above.
п‚· Add menu optimized.
п‚· Add keepout command completed and keepout properties dialog completed.
п‚· Add pcb cutout command completed and pcb cutout properties dialog completed.
п‚· Add pcb border command completed and pcb border properties dialog completed.
Add copper pour command completed and copper pour properties dialog completed.
Add pad command completed and pad properties dialog completed.
Added Center PCB command in ribbon menu layout tab.
2nd. May, 2009
п‚· Tooltips over entities now shows units correctly.
п‚· Origin, horizontal and vertical ruler context menus completed.
п‚· Add show/hide rulers to viewport context menu.
1st. May, 2009
п‚· Implemented origin. Includes.
Show/Hide origin
Move origin in viewport.
Origin properties dialog.
Delete origin in viewport hides origin (Yes, a bit obvious! пЃЉ)
п‚· Right context menus for horizontal, vertical and origin rulers around viewport.
п‚· Hide/Show rulers in Ribbon menu.
п‚· Bug fix on undo/redo.
28th April, 2009
п‚· Changed font for this page.
п‚· Units property now works e.g. mm/cm/inches. The units are settable per sheet so a
schematic sheet can be in inches and the PCB sheet can be in cm.
27th April, 2009
п‚· Add text commands completed and text properties dialog completed.
п‚· Text quality now improved using antialiasing.
п‚· Add polyline/polygon commands completed and polyline/polygon properties dialog
п‚· Add open and closed curve commands completed and curve properties dialog
 New Ribbon style dialog for the What‟s New dialog.
25th April, 2009
п‚· Fixed resource leakage when adding graphics.
24th April, 2009
п‚· Separated main application into AutoTRAX.dll this is driven by DEX.exe. This will
allow for automated system testing.
22nd. April, 2009
п‚· Add arc command completed and arc properties dialog completed.
 What‟s New Button on Home Ribbon Menu shows this text dialog.
19th April, 2009
 This What‟s New dialog box.
п‚· Add image command completed and image properties dialog completed.
п‚· Add coordinate command completed and coordinate properties dialog completed.
п‚· Add dimension command completed and dimension properties dialog completed.
п‚· Add rectangle command completed and rectangle properties dialog completed.
п‚· Add line command completed and line properties dialog completed.
п‚· Add ellipse command completed and ellipse properties dialog completed.
Add horizontal, vertical and point guide commands completed and their associated
properties dialog.
Repeat command is now the default. Turn it on/off using the viewport right click
context menu (see below)
Snap to objects now works.
Viewports now have context sensitive right clock menus.
Status panel now shows directories used.
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