Logic Pro X 10.1 Release Notes – Apple Support

Logic Pro X 10.1 Release Notes – Apple Support
Logic Pro X 10.1 Release Notes
Learn about current and previous Logic Pro X updates. Logic Pro X 10.1 is an update
to Logic Pro X.
Logic Pro X 10.1 update
New Features
10 new Drummers that produce beats in a variety of electronic and hip hop styles including Techno,
House, Trap, Dubstep and more
Drummer provides specialized sound and performance controls for dialing in electronic or hip hop
drum grooves
New Drum Machine Designer plug-in for customizing electronic drum kits
Redesigned Compressor plug-in features scalable, Retina-ready interface and 7 models including the
new Classic VCA
Retro Synth can now create wavetables from imported audio and is able to stack up to 8 voices
Note Repeat and Spot Erase modes allow classic drum machine style techniques for creating beats in
Automation can now be part of a region, not just the track
Relative and Trim Automation modes extend the options for fine-tuning existing automation
Manage large-scale mixes more easily with the addition of console-style VCA faders in the mixer
Mixer now allows remote control of microphone and other input settings for compatible audio
Realtime rendering of fades allow them to work with Flex Pitch and speeds up project load times
The Plug-in Manager now allows you to customize the organization of your menu
Support for Mail Drop and AirDrop in OS X Yosemite makes it even easier to share your Logic projects
Expanded sound library includes over 200 new synth patches and 10 Mellotron instruments
The Piano Roll editor now features a Brush tool for creating or deleting a sequence of notes with single
mouse gestures
Smart Quantize proportionally corrects the timing and length of notes to preserve the musicality of
your original performance
Track Stacks can now be disclosed/undisclosed directly in the Mixer independently of the Tracks area
New Collapse view option in the Piano Roll Editor lets you see more notes in less vertical space
It's now possible to create more than one Drummer track per song
It's now possible to copy and paste voices between different instances of Ultrabeat
There's a new option in the Drummer Editor action menu that allows you to change the drummer
without also changing the drum kit
Alternatives can now be exported as fully independent projects
There's now a button in the Main window to automatically set the vertical zoom to the optimal
resolution to maximize track height while keeping all tracks visible
A new Region parameter allows the playback speed of Apple Loops to be altered from ⅛ to 8x the
original speed
Command-clicking an enabled mute or solo button un-mutes or un-solos all channels if no track is
muted or soloed, and command-clicking a mute or solo button mutes or solos all tracks
There's now a Kill/Recall Solo button in the track header area that toggles the solo state of all currently
soloed tracks
The Reset Channel Strip command now works for multiple selected channel strips in the Mixer
Logic now supports the Bravura score font
There's a new key command for enabling/disabling the Flex or Follow Tempo Region parameter
Logic can now import multichannel interleaved audio files and convert them to individual mono files
When bouncing a project, the default name for the bounced file is now the project name
The Piano Roll now includes an option to display drum names instead of note names when working
with Drummer tracks, EXS drum kits or Ultrabeat tracks
Time Handles in the Piano Roll allow time stretching/compression on selected notes
It's now possible to adjust the position and borders of regions in the Piano Roll time line
Undo is now available in the Notepad
Undo is now available for Score Set edits
A single click now inserts an EQ into the EQ slot of a channel strip
Logic now supports 50, 5994d, 5994, 60 d and 60 fps frame rates
There's now a Track Protect button for the Movie track
The Repeat Regions/Events key command now duplicates the currently selected region or event
without opening a dialog window (the previous behavior for this command is accessed with the new
key command Repeat Regions/Events Multiple Times)
Smart Controls mapped to plug-in parameters are now dimmed when the plug-in is bypassed
User created Groove Templates are now available from the Time Quantize menu in the Piano Roll
When dragging objects, the Tooltip now shows both the bar/beat and time position
The Beat Mapping track now offers a Protect Flex Markers option in the Beat Mapping drop-down
The Copy command now copies selected markers in the Marker List window as text
When multiple closed Track Stack regions are glued together, Logic now maintains the individual tracks
within the stack
The Convert to New Sampler Track sheet includes a new option for creating ‘1 Shot’ Zones
Auto backups of Logic projects are now directly accessible from the Quick Looks view
It's now possible to specify up to 100 automatic backups per alternative in a project
Dragging a movie in the Movie Track now moves in increments of one frame and the Option key can
be used to position it in smaller increments
When Logic extracts audio from a movie file, it now creates a time-stamped Broadcast Wave file
When a movie is added that is longer than the current project, the project is now automatically
lengthened to accommodate it
A region with movie audio sync can now be defined for a movie file
When exporting audio to a movie, Logic now uses the project sample rate
When exporting audio to a movie, the length of the selected regions now determines the overall
length of the newly created movie
The contents of the Bounces folder is now excluded when Cleanup Project is used on a folder project
The Clean Up Project dialog now shows the dates previous operations were performed
Logic Pro X 10.1 includes improvements to stability including, but not limited to fixes for:
Quitting unexpectedly when analyzing 192 kHz audio files for flex editing
Quitting unexpectedly when the Mix > Create Automation > Fade-Out command is used
Quitting unexpectedly when adjusting the start time of a region by samples in the Event List
Quitting unexpectedly when editing MIDI events in a song created in Mobile GarageBand
Quitting unexpectedly when importing a MIDI file that contains no note events
Quitting unexpectedly when adding a Text object to the Environment
Quitting unexpectedly after performing multiple velocity edits in the EXS24 Instrument Editor
Transient detection for Beat mapping is performed faster in cases where the audio file has been
divided into multiple smaller regions
Responsiveness when rubber-band selecting a large number of regions is improved
Improves the performance of the realtime waveform while recording audio
The movie now responds more accurately when scrubbing by frames with the Playhead
Logic no longer shows a spinning wait cursor for several seconds when recording is started on certain
Logic now uses less CPU when idle on Macs running on battery power
Main Window
When an Apple Loop is added to a new track, the channel strip volume is now set to match the prelisten volume in the Loop Browser
There is now an option that allows the looped portion of looped regions to have a darker shade than
the parent region
The cycle locators in the LCD now reliably show the cycle state in projects originally created by earlier
versions of Logic
The "Slice at Transient Markers" command now works on regions up to 256 bars in length
Tracks set to follow a Drummer track that is enabled as the Groove track now update as expected when
changing the Swing parameter in the Drummer editor
Dragging the Zoom tool over the lower half of a track no longer sets the visible area to include the
track below
Global edit operations, such as the “Insert Silence between Locators” command, now are applied to
hidden tracks
Long regions with fades applied now resume playback as expected when overlapped by a shorter
Logic now automatically applies crossfades when cycling to reduce clicks in audio regions at cycle start
and end points
The Patch Library can now be used to browse and assign patches to the right-hand channel strip in the
Tracks area Inspector when it's selected
Replace mode recording onto a Take Lane of a group track that is clutched no longer removes that
track from the group (this allows group comping to work as expected once the group is reactivated)
Dragging the right edge of a region to the right in songs that start before 1111 no longer results in
unexpected jumps in the region border
The Zoom to Fit Selection command now includes the looped portions of looped regions
Logic no longer fails to record when the SMPTE start time is 00:00:00:0000 and there is a Record pre-roll
Creating a MIDI track with a device configured in Audio MIDI Setup now behaves as expected
Option-clicking on Inspector parameters such as Transpose or Velocity again resets them to default
Changes made to fade values in the Region Inspector by scrolling are now updated immediately during
Performing Undo after creating a Track Stack no longer removes plug-in settings from the tracks used
in the Track Stack
When a Take Folder is disclosed, other non-disclosed Take Folders no longer show empty outlines in
the Take Lanes
Logic again presents a dialog asking if a time signature change should be added after using the Cut
Section between Locators command for a section whose borders do not both fall on the start of a bar
Bounce Track in Place now includes all regions on a MIDI track that contains MIDI takes
Using the Split by Playhead command no longer causes a looped region earlier in the same track to
unexpectedly extend to the beginning of the split region
Deleting a Track Stack summing Aux no longer deletes tracks that had originally been part of the stack,
but were subsequently moved out of it
Adjusting the anchor position on an audio region no longer causes the length to change slightly
Enabling automation view no longer causes an auto-zoomed track’s vertical zoom to increase
Clicking Learn to learn controller assignments in the Toolbar no longer causes all buttons in the Toolbar
to dim
The overview on a closed Track Stack is now shown correctly in projects whose start time isn't 1 1 1 1
Reorganizing the order of tracks within a Summing Track Stack no longer causes some the tracks to
route to the wrong bus or output
When recording MIDI, Logic now captures notes played up to 1 bar before the first downbeat
Logic no longer shows a File Not Found error when renaming an audio file that's stored outside the
project folder in the Project Audio window
When the locators are set to start at 1 1 1 1, the Insert Silence at Locators command no longer adds an
unneeded 4/4 time signature and changes the LCD display to -9 1 1 1
The "Split by Playhead" command no longer moves SMPTE locked regions when performed at high
zoom levels
Maximizing a floating Transport no longer causes it to stretch to the full width of the screen
Creating a new Software Instrument track no longer causes Logic’s global tuning to reset to A440 if it's
been changed
Catch Playhead Position is again properly disabled when a Marquee selection is made
Command-clicking the lower half of the timeline again toggles Auto Punch
It's again possible to delete the right portion of a region divided by using Marquee selection
Logic’s real time waveforms are now accurately positioned when audio recording is started after
playback has begun
Logic now reliably uses the selected instrument when using the Drum Replacement feature
Audio added to the Project Audio window is now reliably shown in its correct position, as determined
by the sort method selected in the window
Record enabling a track no longer opens the Bounce window if an Output track is selected
Regions created by performing Strip Silence now retain any Region Gain setting applied to the original
The "Project Cleanup" command now preserves assets used by other projects in the same project
Smart Snap now works correctly with /8 based signatures and at high zoom levels
Settings for the Metronome are now saved as expected in Templates
Join Regions per Tracks again works properly when some of the regions in the selection do not require
Selection of regions via Shift-click and Command-click now works reliably in projects that contain track
Custom graphs and ranges set up for Smart Controls are now retained when the Smart Control is
When an Alternative is created after a project has been edited, Logic now shows a dialog offering to
save the current Alternative
When Catch mode is enabled in the Marker List, double-clicking a marker now properly opens that
marker instead of the one currently under the Playhead
Changing a project’s frame rate no longer causes SMPTE-locked regions to change positions
When a project is saved with a movie open in full screen mode on a second display, the movie now
displays in full screen mode when the project is opened
Prelisten of audio files in the All Files browser now continues when using the arrow keys to navigate
between files
Clicking on the Piano Roll tab in the Main window now properly sets the focus to the Piano Roll editor
A single audio track packed into a folder and then moved to to a different audio track, now plays on the
new audio track as expected
Logic Control control surfaces are more reliably detected at launch
Logic now reliably retains audio recordings that are part of a project but not currently used in a take
when the project is saved for the first time
The "Join with Select Regions" recording option now works as expected when dropping into recording
while playing
The Option key can now be used with the Scissors tool to divide a long note into a set of equal length
shorter notes
The Event list now immediately updates to show notes copied into the Score or Piano Roll editors
Edits to notes performed in the Event List are now immediately reflected in the Piano Roll
Deleting an event definition in the Step Editor now selects the next event definition
It's now possible to select a group of events in the Step Editor by Shift-dragging over them with the
The Finger tool can now be used to move events in the Step Editor
When a region is moved in the Tracks area, its position in the Step Editor bar ruler is now immediately
The MIDI In and MIDI Out buttons in the Event List and Piano Roll now synchronize between the two
editors as expected
The timeline in the Step Editor now updates immediately when the Division format is changed in the
Right-clicking in the MIDI Draw area of the Piano Roll no longer causes selected regions to be deselected
MIDI Draw in the Piano Roll now reliably shows labels for all MIDI controller types
The Paste command is again available in the Piano Roll contextual menu
When multiple regions are selected, double-clicking a note in the Piano Roll again restricts the view to
only the region containing the note, and a double-click on the Piano Roll background restores the
previous view
When Step Input is active for an editor, key presses on the computer keyboard no longer lead to
unexpected note entry when the Musical Typing Keyboard isn't open
Pressing Control-Shift while dragging notes in the Piano Roll now allows movement in increments of
single ticks
Simultaneously editing values on multiple selected Staff Styles now reliably maintains the relative
Edits are now performed at the correct Playhead position when the "Split by Playhead" command is
used in the Piano Roll on a region whose left border has been changed
The position of cuts for regions divided with the Scissors tool at high zoom levels is now consistently
Undo now works as expected after editing time and key signatures
A Piano Roll with Link mode turned off no longer loses focus when a region at a different position is
Sharp notes now properly retain their pitch when pressing Enter to confirm an edit in the Event List
Notes on the Piano Roll now continue to display if the Global Track header or an item in a Global Track
is selected
Pasting events whose type is filtered in the Event List now works correctly
Double-clicking a note in the Event List editor no longer causes the pitch to change
Changing the automation mode for a group of Aux channels selected in the Track Mixer now works
reliably when some of them are assigned to tracks in the Tracks Area
Changes made simultaneously to the automation display of multiple tracks are now immediately
visible in the Tracks area
A tooltip showing position information is again shown when moving an automation or a MIDI Draw
point in the Tracks area
In Write mode, automation is no longer written for MIDI plug-ins when plug-in automation is disabled
in automation preferences
A long click on a horizontal MIDI Draw automation line no longer unexpectedly changes it to a vertical
When a region is copied at the same position from one track to another using the same channel strip,
Logic no longer asks whether automation should be copied
When adjusting velocity in MIDI Draw, the velocity now displays as expected in the Tooltip
Engaging the mute switch on one automation lane no longer mutes automation on other lanes
Undo now works correctly when used after opening Automation lanes
It's now possible to use the up and down arrow keys to navigate the track list when Automation lanes
are disclosed on some tracks
Setting an automation mode for an Aux in the main window Channel Strip Inspector now creates a
track for the Aux in the Tracks area
A single click in MIDI Draw no longer creates multiple automation points
It's no longer possible to place two automation points for the same parameter in a track on the same
clock tick
When automation is enabled for the first time in a project, the power buttons for track automation now
default to On for each track
Flex pitch now works in areas of audio regions where fades have been applied
When the flex mode is changed on a track, flex is no longer enabled on regions where flex had been
When the delete key is used to remove a flex marker in one track of an editing group, the
corresponding flex markers in other tracks in the group are now reliably deleted as well
Edits applied to split stereo audio files no longer remove or corrupt existing flex edits on those files
Resetting manual flex pitch edits no longer causes all flex pitch values to disappear in the Tracks
Double-clicking a flex pitched note in the Tracks area now resets its pitch as expected
When a flex pitch edit is applied to a note in a Take, the pitch values displayed for other notes in the
Take are no longer incorrectly displayed as having the same value
The Create MIDI Track from Flex Pitch Data command now works reliably on the first try
Undo after gluing two flex pitched notes together now works as expected
Flex pitched notes now continue to display reliably after the region containing them is divided
Key signature changes no longer cause unexpected transposition of flex pitched audio tracks
Edits applied to fades are now audible during playback
Flex edits applied to regions with fades are now audible during playback
When switching Project Alternatives, Logic no longer plays fades incorrectly
It's now possible to change the Fade type in the Region Inspector when multiple regions with fades of
different lengths are selected
The Follow option in the Drummer editor now works as expected when the track followed contains
take regions
Extending a looped Drummer region to the right over another region no longer removes the
beginning of the second region – instead, the loop ends at the start of the new region
Transform is now available on Drummer regions converted to MIDI on the Drummer track
New Drummer channel strips set to Surround no longer default to “No Output”
It's again possible to open a Drummer track that has been converted to audio with the "Bounce > And
Replace all Tracks" command in the Audio Editor
Global Tracks
Highlighted text fields in Global Tracks pop-up windows now maintain proper alignment when the
window is resized
Beat Mapping using “Tolerate missing or additional events” now works with time signatures of 3/4, 5/4,
and 6/4 as well as 4/4
Deleting beat markers on the Beat Mapping track now reliably deletes the corresponding tempo
The Eraser tool now works reliably when deleting beat markers in the Beat Mapping track
The beat mapping track now always shows a handle at the beginning and end of a region, whether or
not there is a detected transient at those positions
Markers are now displayed in the timeline when the Global Marker track is not visible
When the starting time code for a project has been changed from the default, copying an Arrangement
Marker no longer resets the project’s starting timecode to 00:00:00:0000
If the Marker track is hidden, renaming an Arrangement marker no longer causes it to be shown
The Marker Track now maintains its set height when a screen set is recalled
Tooltips are again displayed when moving or copying Markers and Arrangement Markers
It's now possible to show/hide individual global tracks after adding a movie to a project
Switching from one Tempo Set to another while pressing Option now copies the first Tempo Set
When importing tracks from another project, the import sheet now shows individual tracks within
Track Stacks by default
Importing an XML file with a different frame rate into Logic Pro no longer causes an unexpected SMPTE
Lyrics with non-standard ASCII characters in MIDI files now import correctly
When importing long MP3 files, Logic no longer creates AIFF files that are larger than necessary
It is again possible to drag and drop a movie from the Finder to the Movie track
Logic now remembers the last settings used to export audio to a movie
Improves reliability when exporting Music XML for songs with a large number of tracks
Regions that start after 1 1 1 1 are now handled properly when exported to Music XML
Logic now retains chapter markers from imported movies after audio has been exported to the movie
It's again possible to share to iTunes directly from the Bounce window
Logic now creates properly configured key signatures in exported MIDI files
Settings made in the Bounce window are now retained the next time Bounce is used
Duration bars are now available for independent notes in the Score window
Step Input now creates whole notes of the correct length
Tied notes shorter than a dotted 32nd tied to a tuplet can again be displayed
The staff shown in the Staff Styles window now reflects the key signature that results from changes to
the Transpose setting
Independent notes are now displayed correctly on drum tracks
In the Score it is no longer possible to create a beat grouping whose sum exceeds the total number of
beats in the time signature
The cursor for the alternate (Command key) tool in the Score now reliably shows the tool when the
Command key is pressed
If Interpretation is enabled and a note of shorter duration than the current display quantize setting is
dragged to the staff, interpretation is automatically defeated for the dragged note, so that it displays as
The Undo Quantization key command and menu item again works in the Score
Adding a new Drum Group assignment again works as expected in the Score window
The Staff Style editor now immediately updates to show newly added staves
Undo now works as expected after editing brackets and lines in the Staff Style window
The Fix Displayed Note Positions & Durations command no longer causes notes to shift position
It is now possible to use Command or Shift to select multiple markings in the Chord Grid Editor
Clicking in the background of the Score with the Zoom tool after zooming now reliably returns to the
previous zoom setting
The Camera tool in the Score now properly captures lines and ties
The Sonata score font now works as expected with Logic Pro X on OS X Yosemite
The edit handles for slurs and crescendos are now easier to click
Double-clicking a chord extension now opens the Chord Symbol dialog
Key Commands
When editing key commands, Logic now correctly warns for all conflicts with an entered key command
The Hide Selected Track key command now affects all selected tracks
The various windows key command “Mute Notes/Regions/Folders” now works in the Step Editor
The key commands to move and adjust Marquee selections now behave correctly when used on Take
The key command to toggle the Loop Browser now works correctly when the bottom portion of the
Loop Browser has focus
Unused audio files are now properly highlighted when the Select Unused key command is used
The key commands for Set Quantize Parameter to Next/Previous Value now work as expected in the
Piano Roll editor
The key commands for FWD by Transient and RWD by Transient are now assigned by default to Control
+ and Control - respectively
There's now a key command to toggle the Musical Grid between bars and beats, and SMPTE time
Notes in high octaves now loop reliably in all EXS instruments
When in MIDI Mono Mode, EXS24 now responds to channel pressure independently per MIDI channel
The Recall Default plug-in setting now works with the Delay Designer plug-in
It's now possible to dynamically hide or show parameters in the Scripter plug-in
The Arpeggiator plug-in’s Pattern name now instantly updates when changes are made to the selected
pattern name, or a pattern is loaded or deleted
The Power button in a MIDI plug-in window can now be mapped to a Smart Control
Audio Unit MIDI plug-ins now play back at the correct tempo when the project sample rate is set to
something other than 441 kHz
Scrolling numerical values with the mouse in the Channel EQ again works as expected
Ultrabeat and EXS24 now remain in sync when the project tempo is changed during playback
When Logic’s playhead is moved while playback is stopped, the playhead in an inserted Melodyne
plug-in now updates to show the correct position
The Gain plug-in no longer introduces clicks when switching between mono and stereo, or swapping L
and R
The text showing the db value for the Output Gain slider on Amp Designer displays as expected
In the Pitch Shifter plug-in, changing the Stereo Link from Inverse to Normal no longer causes some of
the unprocessed signal to sound when the Mix setting is 100%
The Ensemble plug-in now outputs audio to the left channel in single voice mode
Removing a multi-output Software Instrument track now also removes its associated Aux channels
from the Mixer
The text for the Show/Hide all Plug-in Windows menu now correctly matches the current state of the
plug-in windows
Custom I/O labels now show up correctly with the External Instrument and I/O plug-ins
Logic now properly distinguishes between and supports 24 fps and 23976 fps time code
Voiceover now works when the Tab key is used to jump to the Smart Controls Editor
Plug-in slots on channel strips are now accessible with VoiceOver
Edits to region names, looping and region borders are again possible using VoiceOver
Logic Pro X 10.0.7 update
New Features and Enhancements
It is now possible to insert the current values of volume, pan, and all active sends of selected tracks as
automation points at the playhead position. The new functions are accessible as a menu option or key
It is now possible to paste track automation data at the Playhead or Marquee selection location.
A new MIDI Project Setting allows MIDI CC 7 (volume) and MIDI CC 10 (pan) messages to control the
instrument plug-in instead of the channel strip.
The output of Auxiliary channel strips assigned to Tracks will now generate audio files when using any
of the following Export menu options: "Region as Audio File," "Track as Audio File," or "All Tracks as
Audio Files."
Logic now supports up to 24 processing threads on computers with 12 cores.
All menu items related to Snap, Alignment Guides, and "Snap to Grid" settings have been consolidated
into the Snap menu in the Main window.
It is now possible to activate/deactivate multiple plug-ins on a channel strip by vertically click-dragging
the mouse over their power buttons.
An auto-saved version of a project now contains the Undo History of the project from which it was
Activating Auto Punch with a key command or Marquee selection now automatically adds the
Autopunch button to the Control Bar.
The installer now behaves correctly when installing Logic and its content to an alternate system drive.
It is now possible to use modifiers with the Velocity Slider in the Piano Roll and Score Inspectors to
change its behavior in the same way as the Velocity tool. Holding Option allows velocities for notes to
continue to be changed even when other notes have reached there minimum or maximum MIDI
velocity value. Option-Shift sets all notes to the same velocity value.
The Scissors tool now works on arrangement markers.
It is now possible to drag a Summing Stack into a Folder Stack.
It is now possible to use the Beat Map feature with a track that has Flex enabled.
Flex Transient Analysis can now be aborted by pressing Command-period.
When a Transient Marker is inserted near the position of a previously deleted transient in the Audio File
window, the marker will now only snap to the position of the deleted marker if the Option key is
pressed while inserting it.
It is now possible to create more than 32 Folder Track Stacks in a project.
It is now possible to adjust sliders in the Mixer when controlling Logic via screen sharing, Apple Remote
Desktop, or other VNC clients.
It is now possible to access the Recent Projects menu while the Open Project dialog is active.
It is now possible to remove the Master Output track from the Tracks area.
The master track of a Track Stack can now be designated as Groove Master.
Audio waveforms are now visible under automation on the master track of a Track Stack.
The Track Import window now shows plug-in preset names.
When Logic imports Final Cut Pro X XML, it now organizes audio tracks according to their assigned
roles in Final Cut Pro.
Audio is now exported as 24-bit in projects exported to Final Cut Pro X XML.
When importing XML files that contain multiple projects from Final Cut Pro X 10.1 or later, Logic Pro X
now offers a dialog to pick a specific project to import.
The 1/2 Note head symbol is now available in the the Score Part Box.
The Catch Playhead button is now available in the Score when the Advanced Tools preference is
It is now possible to load ".caf" format files into Space Designer with the Load IR file selector.
There is now a new key command to trim the start of a region to the end of the previous region in the
There is now a dedicated Piano Roll section in the Key Commands window. This includes commands for
"View Mode: One Track," "View Mode: Selected Regions," and Toggle View Mode.
There is now a key command for “Detect Tempo of Selected Region.”
There is now a key command for “Adjust Tempo using Beat Mapping Track.”
The timeline in Logic Remote now changes color to indicate Logic is in Sync mode.
It is now possible to use the Option key to insert a mono plug-in between two existing plug-ins on a
stereo channel strip or vice-versa.
The Velocity Processor MIDI plug-in now displays note-on as orange dots and note-off events as blue
dots in the compression curve window.
Command-click on a vector point can now be used to modify the times of all subsequent points in the
ES2 Vector Envelope.
The Distortion II plug-in now offers a Distortion Output Level and Mix control.
Logic no longer sometimes quits unexpectedly when:
Using the Option key to toggle all the disclosure triangles in the Project Audio window.
Dragging audio from the Project Audio window to the Tracks area.
Defining custom bank messages for a Multi Instrument in the Environment.
You insert a blank recordable DVD while Logic is running.
Changing the audio buffer size while the Audio Editor is open in Flex Pitch mode.
Selecting a font in the Number & Names panel of the Score preferences.
Deleting a group in the Project Audio window.
Undoing a flex edit.
Using the Glue tool on flex pitched notes after having switched from the Audio File Editor to the Audio
Track Editor.
Performing undo and then redo in quick succession on an EQ in the Smart Controls.
Performing Undo after deleting a comp or take.
Closing a song while importing a MIDI file.
Enabling phase-locked editing on a group.
Using the Pencil tool in the Audio File editor.
Importing a long MP4 (AAC) file.
Changing a channel strip input from stereo to mono.
Disabling Core Audio.
Playing a Drummer track while downloading and installing new content.
Performing undo after certain operations.
Pasting channel strip settings in the Mixer.
Dragging a MIDI region over the Score editor.
Hot-plugging an Apogee Duet to a computer running OS X Mavericks.
Importing a patch that includes a Track Stack.
Adding AAC files containing Audio Transport Stream Data (file type “.adts”).
The Channel EQ no longer causes unexpected CPU spikes in live track mode on MacBook Pro with
Retina Display.
Logic no longer becomes less responsive after making several adjustments to the size and/or position
of a floating Transport window.
There is no longer a delay opening the list when clicking in a Send or Output slot on a channel strip.
Logic no longer becomes less responsive when working for long periods with Flex Pitch.
The Drummer track now reliably maintains proper timing if it is selected with Low Latency mode
Control points in the Transposition track now move more fluidly when edited.
Scrolling a channel strip fader in the Inspector with a mouse wheel now adjusts its value at the correct
Comping takes is now more responsive when Flex Time is enabled.
Playing a Touch Instrument in Logic Remote no longer sometimes leads to hung notes in Logic Pro X.
Improves responsiveness when dragging tempo events in the Global tempo track.
Songs with a very large number of regions now play back as expected.
Logic’s performance has improved when previewing notes in the Score, Piano Roll, and Event List for
regions on a track other than the one selected.
Multi output Software Instruments with complex routings no longer sometimes cause Logic to become
briefly unresponsive when starting playback.
Logic now reliably creates thumbnails to the end of the video track with long movie files.
Selecting Channel Strips in very large projects is now faster.
Improves compatibility with ProRes movie files on OS X Mountain Lion v10.8.5.
When scrolling over an open Take folder at high zoom levels on OS X Mountain Lion v10.8.5, there are
no longer unexpected spikes in CPU usage.
Clicking on an event in the Score no longer sometimes selects the wrong events.
It is now possible to paste automation at the playhead or marquee selection area rather than only at its
original position.
All MIDI Draw data created by moving track based automation to a Region now appears on the Region
and in Piano Roll as expected.
Volume automation moved from a track to a region is now displayed in the Tracks area MIDI Draw view
as expected.
It is now possible to use MIDI Draw for an event type that does not yet exist in the region.
When track based automation is moved to a region, the region now immediately switches on MIDI
Draw to show the automation in the Track area.
When region automation is moved to a track, the automation now starts at the beginning of the track.
MIDI Draw now reliably creates Surround Diversity and Surround Angle fader events in regions.
It is now possible to make a Marquee selection over region loops when automation is visible.
MIDI Draw data is no longer shown on additional automation lanes when the main automation lane is
set to “Off.”
MIDI Draw no longer incorrectly displays a ramp between isolated Pitch Bend events.
When switching between MIDI takes, the MIDI Draw area now properly updates to show the currently
selected take.
Option-clicking a MIDI Draw point again selects all following MIDI Draw points for the region.
MIDI Draw points inserted with the Pencil are now reliably placed at the clicked position.
Audio no longer glitches when editing automation while playing back.
It is now possible to deselect a voice in the Staff Style window by Command-clicking it.
The floating Part Box window in the Score no longer shows overlapping elements when first opened.
Clefs in the Staff Style window now scale properly when viewed on a Retina display.
Rests in Mapped Drum styles are now correctly positioned with their associated drum groups on the
When printing a score part with Advanced Tools disabled, Logic no longer prints the track name twice.
Changing the split point of one voice in a multi-stave Staff Style now properly affects the other voices
assigned to the same channel.
Page view of scores in songs created in Logic 9 now retain their proper paper size when opened in
Logic Pro X.
Scores printed as PDF files now render properly when viewed in Adobe Reader.
The cursor now reliably shows the correct tools when editing the score in linear display mode.
It is no longer possible to give a new Score Part Box a name that is already in use by another Part Box.
The font names for Jazz Cord and Swing Cord fonts now display correctly in the Root Font and Chord
Extension Font display in the Chords & Grids panel of the Score settings.
The staff display in the Staff Style editor now shows the proper key signature for transposed styles.
It is now possible to change settings for multiple selected staves in the Staff Style edit window at the
same time.
Pasting a compound time signature in the Signature track no longer corrupts the time signature
display in the Score.
Filter buttons on floating part boxes in the Score now remain visible when the part box is resized.
Tap to click on a trackpad now works with the Pencil tool in the Score.
It is again possible to insert a bar line at the end of a region in the Score.
The pencil tool again works in the Score when assigned to the right mouse button.
In the Score, selected notes in loops now show the selection color.
The Part box is no longer empty when first opened in a stand-alone Score window after recording.
The print border no longer sometimes changes unexpectedly when printing to PDF from the Score.
When Select All is used within a Score Set, the selection is now properly limited to regions within the
Score Set.
Tooltips no longer sometimes obscure the guidelines when inserting elements into the Score.
The bar positions of SMPTE locked notes now update properly in the Score after the tempo is changed.
Pressing the Control key now allows for finer granularity when editing Duration Bars in the Score.
Undo now works after pasting Staff Styles.
Undo now works after changing the Low or High note value in a Staff Style.
In page view, the Score now correctly updates to reflect a different paper size selected in the Page
Setup window.
Track names are now reliably shown in Page View when the track contains overlapping regions.
Drag handles now remain visible at all zoom settings when dragging parts into the Score in linear view
Adding special bar lines next to added clef or signature changes in linear view mode no longer causes
the bar lines and clef or signatures to overlap.
The mouse cursor now reliably shows the currently active tool in the Score.
The Score now displays as expected after scrolling vertically at high zoom settings.
Copy/paste of notes across multiple staves in the Score now works properly.
Custom colors defined in the Score Layout window are now recalled properly when Logic is
The text cursor is now easier to see in various fields in the Score window.
The Display Level button in the Score now follows the entire Score hierarchy when an Instrument
Set is in use.
The cursor now displays the Length Change tool when held over the end of a Duration Bar in the
It is again possible to assign no clef or a drum clef to non-mapped score styles.
Importing plug-ins to a track no longer unexpectedly changes the input source on the track.
The pitch of notes held when using Sculpture or ES2 are no longer sometimes shifted when using nonEqual Tempered tunings.
Moving the Delay slider in the Note Repeater MIDI plug-in while notes are repeating no longer results
in hung notes.
The cycle length in the Arpeggiator plug-in now reliably updates when set to Grid mode.
Recall Default now works with the Delay Designer plug-in.
Recall Default now works properly with Audio Unit plug-ins.
It is now possible to activate bypass on plug-ins that are not currently available.
When the I/O configuration of a plug-in is changed, its editor no longer opens.
The timing of multi-output software instruments is now maintained when latency inducing plug-ins
like the Ad-Limiter are used on the main output.
Audio files created by the "Export All Tracks as Audio Files" command now maintain proper sync in
projects where high latency plug-ins are used in Summing Stacks.
The Expander plug-in no longer sometimes introduces audio crackles with certain source signals.
With Beat Sync disabled, the Course Rate control in the Auto Filter plug-in again behaves as expected.
Audio now plays reliably from tracks in which there are two Tube Burner pedals inserted in the
Pedalboard plug-in.
VoiceOver now works reliably to activate Smart Controls for the Vintage Clav and Vintage B3 Organ
Improves the behavior of Smart Controls when used with Voiceover.
The stand-alone Smart Controls window now properly remembers its last state when reopened.
When editing vector points in ES2 in loop mode, all envelope values are now properly shown as
percentages when the envelope is time-synced.
Shift-clicking can again be used to insert a vector point in the ES2 Vector Envelope.
In the ES2 Vector Envelope, the Delete Selected Point contextual menu item again works as expected.
EXS instruments created in EXS24 MK I no longer exhibit unexpected random velocities when played.
Logic no longer changes a user-assigned track color when swapping Software Instruments.
Space Designer’s Filter and Density controls now remain active when the plug-in window is opened
more than one time in a session.
Projects with multiple Ultrabeat instances now play back with reliable timing when the Process Buffer
Range is set to Small in the Audio > Devices preferences.
A plug-in inserted on the 16th slot of an audio channel strip or the 15th slot of a Software Instrument
channel strip now remains visible.
The percussion controls in the Vintage B3 now respond as expected to knob movements from the
Native Instruments B4d remote control.
The mapping of value to position for the Organ sliders in the Smart Controls window is now consistent
with the sliders in the Vintage B3 Organ.
In the Mixer, it is now possible to drag a plug-in from one channel strip to another when there is an
External MIDI channel strip between the source and target.
One shot samples triggered in EXS24 no longer play back with clicks when Rewire Live Mode for Rewire
is disabled.
All plug-in windows now reliably open after changing the order of plug-ins in a channel strip.
The Scripter plug-in now reliably triggers notes when playing back outside of an active cycle zone.
The meters in stereo instances of the Adaptive Limiter plug-in now show independent levels for the left
and right channels.
Tuned taps in the Delay Designer plug-in now reliably play in sync.
Flexed regions no longer sometimes show waveforms in the wrong positions.
Flex Markers no longer unexpectedly change positions when moving them in songs that contain
tempo curves.
Logic no longer sometimes incorrectly shows that an audio region is flexed in songs that contain
tempo changes.
If Flex is enabled, Logic now properly includes manually added transients when an audio region is
converted to a sampler track.
Flex Pitch controls are now available in the Tracks area and Audio Editor immediately after Flex Pitch is
enabled for a track and analysis is complete.
Setting a Flex Mode now applies to all selected tracks.
It is again possible to cancel flex analysis before it completes.
The Transposition Track now works with flex-pitched regions.
Flex mode now gets enabled for all tracks in a group even if Group Clutch enabled.
The Audio Track editor now reliably shows all notes when scrolling with Flex Pitch enabled.
Logic no longer sometimes hangs when adjusting notes in Flex Pitch.
The Flex Pitch grid is now displayed for all takes in the Track Editor even when a Software Instrument
track is directly above the selected Audio track.
Logic now offers the option “Do not show again” in the alert dialog that reads "This region contains
inactive flex markers, which will be deleted if you perform the edit."
If a Flex mode has already been set, clicking the Flex drop-down menu will correctly highlight the
currently selected Flex mode.
When dragging a region from one track to another, the region "Flex and Follow Tempo & Pitch"
checkbox settings are now maintained as expected.
Transient detection is improved with quieter source material.
When Flex is bypassed on a Take folder, the Follow Tempo checkbox is also now disabled.
Resolves several issues with Snap introduced in Logic Pro X v10.0.6.
"Snap to Relative Value" now reliably works at all zoom levels with Smart Snap enabled.
Adjustments to the left border of a region now use relative snap when that option is enabled.
When Alignment guides is enabled, Snap to Absolute value now works with Cycle.
Alignment Guides now work as expected when Snap is set to Off.
The track icon picker now activates with the first right-click or Control-click.
Toggling the Tracks Inspector no longer sometimes activates Alignment Guides.
Logic no longer incorrectly shows an alert that the content must be installed the first time it is
launched on computers purchased with Logic pre-installed.
The Capture as Recording key command no longer creates odd length regions when used in songs
with time signatures other than 4/4.
The Hide Step Input Keyboard key command again works as expected.
The Nudge Region to Nearest Beat option in the Adjust Tempo using Beat Detection dialog now works
as expected.
The Snip at Playhead Position key command no longer sometimes causes notes in the new right-hand
region to shift to the beginning of the region.
Logic Pro X no longer displays the error “Could not open source file” when opening certain MP3 files.
Logic now properly includes time signature, key signature, and tempo events when moving
Arrangement markers.
Undoing the repositioning of an Arrangement Marker now correctly moves affected automation back
to its original position.
Command-dragging one arrangement marker over another now replaces the previous marker as
Colors assigned to arrangement markers now take effect as soon as the color is clicked in the Color Box.
It is now possible to use the Marquee stripe to delete a section within the area encompassed by an
Arrangement Marker.
Using the "Split at Playhead" command on the last arrangement Marker in a song now properly sizes
the arrangement marker to the right of the Playhead.
When an arrangement marker is split, the new marker to the right now maintains the same color and
name as the original.
Arrangement markers can no longer be inadvertently moved by mouse clicks in an empty area of the
Arrangement track.
Copying Arrangement markers no longer creates extra tempo events.
The Beat Mapping track now continues to display properly when it is resized after other Global tracks
have been resized.
The Beat Mapping Track no longer disappears if Global Tracks are shown while it is already visible.
Deleting a connection in the Beat Mapping track now correctly also deletes its associated tempo event.
Tempo events created in the Global Tempo track now reliably display in the Tempo list.
Setting one track of a phase-locked edit group as Groove Master or Groove Follower now reliably
shows all members of the group as being enabled.
Time signature changes are now reliably displayed in the timeline.
Logic no longer re-downloads basic content that has already been downloaded by MainStage.
Arrange Folders now reliably display as expected in the Mixer.
Double-clicking on the icon for a folder channel strip in the Mixer now opens the folder.
Commas may now be used as decimal separators when typing values into controls on the Mixer.
It is now possible to drag regions vertically without an unexpected horizontal shift when "Snap to Grid"
is enabled in the Tracks area.
Recording a new take over multiple existing regions again works as expected.
It is now possible to create an empty MIDI region on a track hosting an Auxiliary channel strip.
Shift-click to delete a take selection again works reliably.
Region Gain now works as expected when applied to comp segments in a Take folder.
When a take selection is disabled and then re-enabled, the change is now properly reflected in all
tracks that are part of the same group.
Logic no longer unexpectedly re-extends a shortened Take folder when the folder is dragged vertically
to a different track.
When recording in Cycle mode, Logic no longer creates an automatic comp when a take encompasses
only part of the Cycle range.
When regions are packed into a Take folder, regions from the same track are now placed on the same
sub-track in the Take folder.
Fixes an issue in which it was sometimes no longer possible to change the length of a Take folder after
performing several other Take folder length edits.
Take regions no longer unexpectedly shift horizontally when dragged vertically from one sub-track to
another when the "Limit Dragging to One Direction In: Tracks" preference is enabled.
Copied Take folders are no longer missing their contents in certain rare situations.
Regions on audio tracks inside a folder now are reliably placed on their proper tracks when the folder is
The key command “Select Previous Section for Realtime Comping” now works correctly when used
while recording multiple takes in Cycle mode.
When Bounce-in Place is used with a channel strip that contains a plug-in that performs a mono to
stereo conversion, Logic now creates a mono file if the option to bypass plug-ins is selected.
Regions created with "Bounce in Place" are no longer sometimes given random names.
Addresses and rare issue that could cause some MIDI notes to play back at the wrong pitch.
In Link mode, the Piano Roll now reliably shows the contents of the selected region.
The Event Float window no longer loses focus after a selected note has been edited in the Piano Roll.
The "Split Events by Playhead" command now works reliably with multiple notes in the Piano Roll.
Editing notes in the Piano Roll with multiple regions selected no longer sometimes results in notes
being inadvertently moved from one region to another.
Closing the local inspector in the Piano Roll editor no longer leaves a blank area on the right side of the
Opening MIDI Draw in the Piano Roll no longer offsets the keyboard into the editing area.
When adding notes in the Piano Roll with the Pencil, newly created notes again have the same Velocity
as the last edited note.
It is now possible to lasso notes in the Piano Roll editor using a Wacom tablet when Logic’s Right
Mouse Button preference is set to something other than Assignable to Tool.
An independent Piano Roll window now reliably opens to the currently selected region.
Pasting MIDI notes to a track at their original position no longer creates a region that starts at
beginning of the track.
Option-clicking a group of selected notes in the Piano Roll no longer changes the selection.
New automation sub-tracks created on External MIDI tracks are now correctly assigned to MIDI CC7.
Clicking bypass on a channel strip send on the Mixer now also bypasses the same send for all other
selected channels.
When bouncing a track from within a Track Stack, the bounced file’s volume is no longer affected by
the master track volume.
When selected notes are muted in the Score window while working in Tracks view, the regions
containing them are no longer muted.
Routings of tracks inside Track Stacks are now properly maintained when the Track Stack is packed into
a folder and the folder is then moved to a different position.
Recording audio to a Track Stack and then switching to another track no longer sometimes leads to the
new recording being placed on the original Track Stack.
Track Stack Patches are again saved and recalled reliably.
Bus assignments are now consistently maintained when importing Track Stacks into a new empty song.
It is now possible to import/replace a track within a Track Stack.
Changing the patch on a Track Stack no longer unexpectedly mutes other tracks that are assigned to
the same Group.
Overview regions on closed Folder Stacks and Folders now appear muted when their respective Mute
buttons are activated, or other tracks are soloed.
Patch changes sent to a Summing Stack that is inside a Folder Stack now work as expected.
When a Summing Track Stack is created from existing Patches, Logic now maintains the existing Smart
Control layout for each sub-track of the resulting Track Stack.
After removing a sub-track from a track stack, other remaining sub-tracks are properly maintained
when saving the track stack as a patch.
Using the arrow keys to navigate the overview regions on Summing Stacks now works correctly.
It is again possible to create a Summing Stack within a Folder Stack.
Using the Repeat Section between Locators command no longer opens all closed stacks in the song.
Pasting a Marquee selection from inside a folder or in a song that starts earlier than 1 1 1 1 no longer
places the pasted region early by an offset equal to the original selection’s length.
The key command to activate MIDI Step Input now has no effect when used in windows that do not
allow MIDI input.
The Event list now reliably shows a vertical scroll bar in cases where the available screen space is not
sufficient to show the entire list of events.
The Event List now immediately updates event positions when the regions containing them are moved.
The Track Inspector now properly updates to reflect incoming MIDI program change messages.
Controller assignments from control surfaces with the MIDI input port set to Any now work as
When using the Marquee tool in a Track Editor, it is no longer possible to inadvertently extend the
Marquee selection to tracks beneath it in the Tracks area.
Logic again reliably updates track names, volume, and pan values on the V-Control iPad controller app.
It is now possible to activate the Project Setting for sending CC7 and CC10 messages when a song is
Chase Notes is no longer sometimes unexpectedly disabled.
Chase now works as expected with non-note events when used with Environment objects that
channelize MIDI data.
The Repeat Regions command now works correctly when the Adjustment parameter is set to Seconds.
The "Join Regions per Tracks" command now completes as expected in cases where some tracks
contain muted regions.
The Control Surface Setup window now shows the correct icon for the Novation AutoMap Mixer.
Improves the display of plug-in parameters on Mackie C4 control surfaces.
The Project Audio window now properly sorts audio files by size in projects that include compressed
audio files.
The playhead position now remains within the song start and end positions when scrubbing the
position display in the Control Bar with the mouse.
When dividing a MIDI region with the scissors, the Split option now correctly shortens all overlapping
notes on the left side of the cut.
The Play Region button in the Editor window is no longer shown for muted regions.
It is again possible to perform edits in the Audio Track Editor in songs where the song start is at a
position before 1 1 1 1.
The playhead in the Track Editor now behaves consistently with the playhead in the Tracks area when
“Scrubbing with audio in Tracks area” is not enabled.
Opening a Logic 9 song that contains a movie with a file format not supported by Logic Pro X no
longer results in multiple error dialogs.
Changing the SMPTE start position in a song no longer results in an incorrect SMPTE time display in the
The units for time in the LCD panel are again localized as expected.
The counter in the LCD and stand-alone Transport window again change to show the current edit
position when moving a region or event.
When recording past the current end of a song marker, the LCD now continues to display the current
playhead position.
It is now possible to type in tempo values that include decimal points with the LCD display mode set to
Beats & Project.
The Time display in the LCD now changes to show the region position when dragging a region.
Mapping a Smart Control button to Solo on a channel strip no longer incorrectly maps it to Mute
When using Selective Track Import, it is now possible to import plug-ins from Output channel strips.
Drummer now properly generates a beat after a Drummer region is lengthened with the Trim > "Fill
within Locators" command.
Importing a Drummer track with contents from another project now again properly creates Drummer
regions instead of MIDI regions.
When using Selective Track Import, it is now possible to import plug-ins, routing, or sends from a stack
without importing the contents of its tracks.
Moving an audio region from one track to another no longer causes the Follow Tempo check box to be
Setting a quantization value for an audio region no longer disables the Match Groove Track button for
all tracks.
The key signature at the beginning of a song is now reliably included when using the Repeat Section
When regions are glued, their respective Gain settings are now maintained in the resulting region.
The Musical Typing Keyboard and Onscreen Keyboard once again react to notes playing back from the
selected MIDI track.
Resolves an issue introduced in Logic Pro X v10.0.5 in which alternative tempo sets other than set 1 did
not playback as expected.
Click-holding a region no longer sometimes results in inadvertent position shifts to the left or right.
When a region is bounced in place to a new track, only the new track is selected after the bounce has
been performed.
External MIDI channel strips are now drawn correctly in the All view on the Mixer.
Region borders no longer snap to unexpected positions when using the Junction tool with alignment
guides enabled.
Clicking in the ruler now reliably repositions the Playhead to the clicked position.
Disabling the Clip Length setting in the Region Inspector now works as expected.
SMPTE locked regions now show the SMPTE lock glyph when selected.
It is again possible to use the Control and Shift keys to reduce the grid when using the Option key to
drag-copy regions or notes.
Pitch Bend data now displays reliably in the Step Editor.
The Step Editor now updates to show the correct position of its contents when the left border of a
region is dragged to the right.
When a Patch is defined as the default, the Smart Control mappings are now included as part of the
Regions selected in the Tracks area are now also reliably selected in the Project Audio window when
Project Audio is opened after the selection has been made.
The correct mouse cursor now appears when hovering over plug-in slots for tracks that were frozen
with the Pre-Fader mode enabled.
Changing the Grid value in the Step Editor now works when more than one lane is selected.
The Solo Tool now works on audio track 32 and higher.
Virtual MIDI ports created by other software now reliably appear in Logic Pro X as expected.
Channel strips in the Environment now correctly show the automation state.
Quick Help now reliably opens in the correct window.
The Project Settings and Preferences panels no longer obscures open Font Picker of Color Picker
Double-clicking the Key Limit value in the Track Inspector no longer unexpectedly changes its value.
All Inspector controls are now disabled properly when a track is frozen or protected.
Clicking on the Settings insert on the secondary channel strip in the Inspector no longer selects its
track in the Track List.
The Key Commands window no longer stays on top when switching to another application.
Logic no longer shows a “Key Command preset changed” message when the system keyboard input
setting is changed.
Logic no longer incorrectly shows an alert “Please quit ReWire application first” whenever the Logic Pro
X menu is accessed.
Opening a setting or preference window no longer closes the Color Picker.
The tooltip display now shows both "bars/beats" and time when dragging objects if the Secondary
Ruler is visible.
Custom labels for stereo inputs now display reliably in the Create New Track window.
If the preference to select regions when a track is selected is enabled, all the regions of a selected track
now reliably display as selected when the track header is clicked.
The input level meter for a selected stereo audio track now reacts to both channels of input as
The check boxes for in Groups inspector now work reliably when the inspector is set to its minimum
It is now possible to scroll the Mixer layer of the Environment window all the way to the right.
Screensets that contain open plug-in windows are now recalled properly.
Logic now correctly positions MIDI CC events that are at position 1 1 1 1 when importing Standard
MIDI files.
When importing a Final Cut Pro X XML file that contains only audio, Logic Pro X now properly maintains
the correct frame rate.
Pan automation in imported Final Cut Pro X XML projects again works as expected.
Logic no longer shows an error “One or more audio files have changed in length” when importing a
Final Cut Pro X XML file where the start time is not zero.
Logic now properly maintains overlapped audio clips in imported Final Cut Pro X XML projects.
Logic Remote now properly updates its display when the song start position is adjusted in Logic Pro X.
Logic Remote now correctly shows the Master fader when connected to a Mac running Logic Pro X
with Advanced Tools disabled.
Pressing Command-period now aborts the download of additional content as expected.
Logic Pro X 10.0.6 update
Fixes an audio-input issue that caused the Record Enable button to be unavailable with some audio
interfaces, including the M-Audio Fast Track Pro, M-Audio Plus, Blue Yeti USB mic, Alesis i02 Express, Avid
Mbox, and Griffin iMic.
Logic Pro X 10.0.5 update
New features and enhancements
Includes 3 new Drummers and 11 new Drum Kit Designer patches.
Significant enhancements to Channel EQ and Linear Phase EQ plug-ins, including:
Redesigned, easier-to-use interface that's also accessible within the Smart Controls area
Double Precision processing provides more accurate filtering, especially for low frequencies
Oversampling option improves high-frequency clarity
Option to apply EQ only to stereo left, right, middle, or side signals
There is now an option to set the Piano Roll to a light background color.
Selected notes in the Piano Roll are now highlighted by a selection frame.
When Logic is stopped or in Play mode, the glyph on the Metronome button in the control bar now
illuminates to indicate that “Click while recording” is enabled.
The Shuffle commands are improved (see Logic Pro X Help for details).
User interface
There is now a command to assign region names to track names.
The waveform size in an audio region now adapts to the value of the region gain parameter.
Loops that belong to the same family can now be selected and changed using a new control in the
region header.
Logic Pro X now assigns region and Mixer channel colors that are closer to the original colors when
opening a project created in an earlier version of Logic.
Option-clicking a disclosure triangle in the Project Audio window now toggles all disclosure triangles in
the window.
The Windows menu again lists all currently open windows.
The Mixer can now be reliably resized when in All mode.
Renaming multiple selected Mixer channels now reliably renames all channel strips in the selection.
When creating a duplicate track, the correct track icon and color are now assigned to the duplicate.
The song title is now automatically populated in the Share to iTunes dialog when sharing a song
created in Logic 9 or GarageBand for iOS.
It's once again possible to browse or load patches onto the Output channel strip via the Library.
The View menu items One Track and Selected Regions in the Piano Roll are now disabled when Link
mode is disabled.
Improves processor balancing for multi-output software instrument configurations.
Improves handling of multiple displays on OS X Mavericks v10.9.
Resolves an issue that in some cases might cause audio clicks and pops when scrolling.
Moving an automation line while playing no longer spikes in CPU usages, or clicks and pops in the
audio output.
Resolves an issue that could cause clicks and pops in the audio output when adjusting the gain or
output level settings during playback in the various plug-ins.
Logic's interface no longer freezes when using the Native Instruments Maschine controller to adjust
two macro controls simultaneously.
Fixes an issue in which a warning about not enough memory might be displayed when performing
Undo after editing a protected track.
Adjusting the frequency controls while playing audio through the Stereo Spread plug-in no longer
causes audible zipper noise.
Improves the performance of scrolling when dragging regions in the Tracks area beyond the currently
visible section.
Playing notes live into the Arpeggiator plug-in no longer sometimes leads to spikes in CPU usage.
Fixes an issue that could cause a spike in CPU usage when recording near the end of a project.
Logic 9 projects that contain a macro object in the Environment now behave more reliably when
opened into Logic Pro X.
Multiple instances of the Scripter plug-in no longer have the potential to cause stuck notes.
The Scripter plug-in is no longer prone to causing stuck notes when using the Delay Note Until Next
Beat preset.
Switching between presets in the Space Designer plug-in no longer sometimes results in noise.
Regions copied from a Track Stack can now be muted as expected even when they are within a Track
Stack that is muted.
Deleting an audio Track Stack while it was soloed no longer leaves all the remaining tracks muted.
Entering a new crossfade value in the Region inspector for multiple selected regions now works as
Region-based automation data beyond the end of a region is now chased properly even when
playback is started after the last automation node within the bounds of the region.
Logic now maintains the correct relative levels when automation on multiple tracks belonging to the
same Group are copied by dragging.
Resolves an issue in which track automation might be deleted when switching patches.
The default display setting when showing automation on Track Stacks is now Volume, instead of
Display Off.
A track is now created as expected when using a control surface to set the automation mode of a
channel strip not previously assigned to a track.
Moving a SMPTE locked region can no longer cause the automation on the track to move.
The position of the automation line no longer jumps unexpectedly when it is selected after creating 4
automation points with a Marquee selection.
Adjacent automation points of the same value are no longer sometimes inadvertently deleted when
moving automation points on a grouped track.
The Repeat Section Between Locators command now includes automation on tracks that contain no
regions in the repeated section.
When using Touch mode, Logic no longer writes unneeded automation points at the held value when
holding a fader at the same position where there is an existing automation ramp.
Writing automation to an Aux not assigned to a track can no longer potentially cause tracks in a Track
Stack to be rerouted to that Aux.
Copying multiple regions where only some affected tracks contain automation no longer activates
Automation Read mode on the channel strips that have no automation.
Chase now works as expected for MIDI controllers on channels other than channel 1.
Takes are now shortened as expected when the take folder containing them is shortened by an edit
operation and No Overlap mode is enabled.
Fixes an issue in which the visible area might jump unexpectedly when comping in a take folder that
was not on the selected track.
Fixes an issue that caused some audio regions to be immovable when duplicate regions are packed
into a take folder.
Packing regions with names containing non-ASCII characters into a take folder no longer creates
garbled take names.
Numbers assigned to MIDI takes now increment reliably.
Expanding a take folder no longer potentially causes the playhead to fall out of sync with the audio
When using OS X v10.9, the playhead in the Audio Editor now consistently maintains the correct
position when switching from Flex Time to Flex Pitch mode.
It's now possible to set a loop to a length of less than 1/16 note.
The position of beat markers in the Global Beat Mapping track are now updated appropriately when
using the various Cut/Insert Time commands.
Inserting a beat marker in the Beat Mapping track no longer creates unexpected tempo events in some
Expanding a take folder no longer potentially causes the playhead to fall out of sync with the audio
Resolves an issue in which some MIDI notes might unexpectedly change position when Beat Mapping.
Adding a Beat Mapping marker no longer intermittently removes existing tempo events.
Inserting a fade-in using Shift-Control and the Pointer tool now works consistently.
Using the Fade tool to set fade-ins on multiple regions in a set of grouped tracks now works reliably.
Dragging regions on multiple grouped tracks with the Drag Mode set to X-Fade no longer potentially
results in crossfades of varying lengths.
The Delete command now works as expected on selected regions that are inside a collapsed Group in
the Project Audio window.
It's now possible to add a green Apple MIDI loop to the Tracks area as an audio loop by dragging it
from the Loops browser while pressing the Option key.
Logic Pro X no longer creates separate tracks for non-overlapping regions when unpacking folders in
projects created by earlier versions of Logic.
Using the menu that appears when pressing the Metronome button in the Control Bar, it's now
possible to set the metronome to sound only during count-in.
Improves the reliability of Undo in several areas.
The Mixer window no longer intermittently moves when scrolling past the minimum or maximum
value of the fader using a scroll wheel or gesture.
It's now possible to select or open folder tracks in the Mixer.
Right-clicking an Aux or Output channel strip in the Mixer and selecting Create Track now behaves as
expected even if the channel strip is not initially selected.
Command-click again works reliably to deselect a Mixer channel within a selected group of channels.
The display of audio waveforms of regions in a track no longer change unexpectedly when enabling or
disabling the Groove status on a track.
Looped regions inside a folder now update the point they are supposed to stop playing after
extending the length of the folder.
Overwriting an existing project no longer potentially leaves assets from the original project in place.
When creating a new project from a Logic 9 template, the default save path is no longer the location of
the template.
Improves the mapping of Smart Controls to channel strip settings created in Logic 9.
The Follow Tempo parameter in the Region inspector is no longer incorrectly disabled for Apple Loops
in songs last saved in GarageBand 6 or earlier.
Clicking and holding down on the upper-right corner of a region no longer unexpectedly enables
looping in the Region inspector, with a loop length of zero.
The Region Inspector no longer displays a Loop checkbox for selected Track Stack folder regions.
It's once again possible to disable Quantize in the Region Inspector for a region on a track slaved to a
Groove Master track.
Saving a song created from a template no longer resets the tempo to 120 BPM.
Text for alert messages now always displays correctly on control surfaces.
Changing Region inspector parameters for MIDI regions on the main track of a Track Stack now
behaves as expected.
It's again possible to change the Transpose value in the Region Inspector using the + and - keys.
Logic now consistently responds to Play or Stop key commands when a floating Region inspector
window is open.
It's no longer possible to give the same name to more than one project alternative.
MIDI played from the Musical Typing Keyboard and Logic Remote is now routed through the Physical
Input object in the Environment, which allows Environment processing of MIDI as it is being played into
Logic from these sources.
Logic no longer adds 2 extra frames to the value when entering a SMPTE position in a project set to a
non-drop frame rate.
Regions copied by option-dragging in projects with a start position earlier than bar 1 now end at the
desired position.
Moving the first arrangement marker in a project no longer inadvertently moves other arrangement
Resolves a rare issue that could cause the timing of a track in a project with many tempo changes to be
altered after turning Flex on and then off.
Logic now asks the user to save the project when closing a project immediately after entering text into
the Project Notes area.
It's now possible to consistently add, remove, or edit plug-ins on tracks that were frozen in Source Only
Pressing the Control key while dragging a region with the Snap Mode set to Bar now moves the region
by beats instead of ticks, as expected.
Editing the left border of an audio region now behaves as expected when the Snap setting is set to
“Snap Regions to Relative Value”.
Resizing a region with the Snap setting set to “Snap Regions to Absolute Value” now behaves as
Resolves an issue that caused an event in the Event List to move later than expected when editing its
The “Capture as Recording” command now works as expected when multiple MIDI tracks are recordenabled.
It's now possible to preview sections of an audio file outside the current region borders by clicking the
area in the Project Audio window.
The tap-to-click option for trackpads now works reliably with all drop down menus.
The “Discard Recording and Return to Last Play Position” key command now reliably discards the
It's again possible to use the Tab key to navigate to the next control while working with plug-ins in
Controls view.
The MIDI Activity display now shows chords as they are played when using Musical Typing.
All currently found audio files are now reliably saved with a project when using Save As or Save a Copy
As with a project in which one or more audio files are missing.
The name of a project is now correctly updated after saving a project created from a template.
Fixes an issue in which clicking on the level LED in the track header did not select the track.
Resolves an issue in which changes made to the setup for Mackie Control and other MCU-compatible
control surfaces were not saved by Logic Pro X.
Setting the Display Time preference to “SMPTE/EBU with Subframes”, “SMPTE/EBU without Subframes,”
or “SMPTE/EBU with Quarter frames” can no longer cause the time display to jump unexpectedly.
Saving a project for the first time no longer resets the record path when it was previously set to an
external path.
Performing undo in the Piano Roll or after deleting a flex marker no longer has the potential to
unfreeze currently frozen tracks in the project.
Sample rate, tempo, and key information is now reliably stored within template files.
Fixes an issue in which the Repeat Regions dialog did not have key focus when opened, making it
necessary to click it with the mouse before pressing Return to confirm the operation.
Individual MIDI Draw points in the Piano Roll are now easier to grab.
Deleting a track no longer has the potential to inadvertently delete regions on other tracks.
Cut/Insert Time edits no longer add unexpected tempo changes.
Scrubbing the SMPTE display in the LCD no longer moves the playhead to the wrong position.
Copying an arrangement marker to a position between two other arrangement markers now moves
the end-of-song marker to accommodate the new section, as expected.
Audio regions now appear as expected in the Audio Editor, even when cycle is enabled and there are
no audio regions within the cycle area.
Flex Pitch now correctly detects notes for take regions that have manually inserted flex markers.
The timing of notes played during the count-in on EXS24 or Drummer tracks is now more reliable.
Pasting an audio region into a take folder now correctly places the region on the selected take lane.
When saving an EXS instrument, the default save location is now ~/Music/Audio Music Apps/Sampler
Editing the start point and anchor in the EXS audio editor now consistently alters playback as expected.
Logic no longer overwrites an existing audio file of the same name when performing a bounce with
the option to create a split stereo file enabled.
Audio tracks assigned to output to a bus now consistently maintain that assignment when imported
into a different song.
User-defined controller assignments now work as expected to control MIDI plug-in parameters.
The Record Repeat command now deletes the previous recording when used after recording in Cycle
Quantize now operates reliably on takes that are displayed in the Audio Editor.
The Tuner window is no longer affected by the Content Link setting of other plug-in windows.
Audio now plays for multiple cycle iterations when using marquee selection to define the cycle area.
When the Edit command “Analyze Audio for Flex Editing” is used, Logic now properly resets any existing
pitch edits on the selected audio files.
Command-clicking a selected note in Flex Pitch mode in the Audio Editor now deselects the note, as
Setting a track to Flex Edit mode with the Slicing algorithm no longer processes the track with Flex if
no edits have been applied.
It's again possible to set Software Instruments to mono.
Logic no longer creates an extra audio file when merging or format-converting audio files.
Resolves an issue in which the Mixer did not show the 8th bus send on a channel strip.
Changing the input format of a stereo output channel strip to mono now creates a second mono
output channel strip on the Mixer for the other channel in the stereo pair.
Setting an external recording path now reliably resets the Audio Assets setting. Conversely, enabling
the Audio Assets setting now disables an externally set recording path.
The compressor meter in the channel strip is now in sync with the meter in the plug-in window.
Improves the translation of articulations when an Ultrabeat-based patch is assigned to a Drummer
When a project starts on an upbeat, a Drummer region at the project start now automatically creates a
fill at the beginning.
Changes to Drummer regions are now reliably applied when the regions are set to follow a flexed
audio track.
MIDI editors
The Link mode button is now available for the Piano Roll editor.
The “Limit Dragging to One Direction” setting now works as expected in the Piano Roll.
It's now possible to grab notes shorter than 15 ticks for editing in the Piano Roll.
Double-clicking a region with MIDI Draw enabled now consistently opens or closes a MIDI editor.
Resolves an issue in which recently recorded MIDI notes might disappear from view in the Piano Roll
when recording with cycle engaged.
It's again possible to alter the pitch of notes in the Piano Roll via MIDI input.
Using Option-Shift to edit the end points of multiple selected notes to the same position in the Piano
Roll Editor now works as expected.
In the Piano Roll, it's again possible to use Option-Shift in conjunction with the Velocity tool to set all
selected notes to the same velocity.
An Event Float window that is linked no longer switches unexpectedly to the Region level when using
arrow keys to move from note to note in the Piano Roll.
Pasting events in the Piano Roll when the playhead is to the right of the region border will not trigger
the error “Illegal Region number”.
It's now possible to copy a note in the Piano Roll to a different pitch at the same position when the
note starts before the left edge of the region.
It’s now possible to move notes in the Piano Roll by increments smaller than 13 ticks when the “Limit
Dragging to One Direction” setting is enabled.
User-inserted rests no longer incorrectly appear as notes in the Piano Roll.
Copying a muted note in the Piano Roll now creates a muted copy of the note, as expected.
Fixes an issue in which some note events might not be selectable in the Step Editor.
The contents of the Event List are now updated properly when deselecting a region from a multiple
selection while Content Link mode is enabled.
The Event List now displays the correct LSB values for 14-bit pitch bend events.
Editing Release Velocity values in the Event List now behaves as expected.
The “Copy selected events” option in the MIDI Transform window now behaves as expected.
Score Editor
Fixes an issue that could cause the menu option for switching between Parts and Score view in the
Score Sets window to disappear.
Double-clicking a region with the All Instruments filter setting active now reliably reveals all regions on
that track, rather than just the single region.
The contents of the Event List editor are more consistently updated when changing the region
selection from the Score window.
Newly inserted key signatures no longer display “xx Major” in some circumstances.
The Chord Grid Editor now correctly names Add 9 chords.
The clef menu no longer disappears for a Mapped Instrument staff style set to “No Clef”.
It's again possible to create a new Chord Grid library that uses an alternate tuning.
It's now possible to adjust the Velocity setting in the MIDI Meanings settings window by scrubbing the
value with the mouse.
The length adjustment in the MIDI Meanings settings window can now be adjusted via a pop-up
In the Staff Style window, the check marks indicating that a style is used in the current song now
reliably update to reflect changes when Content Link mode is off.
Grace notes now scale properly when the scale setting of a Score Set is less than 100.
Resolves an issue that prevented reassigning instruments assigned to a Score Set after performing
certain other edits.
Fixes an issue that prevented naming a floating score Part box set.
Solo now works as expected on channel strips using an external I/O plug-in
Ultrabeat can now find samples that have been relocated from the default install location.
Ultrabeat now correctly applies the Fine Pitch adjustment to all triggered samples when trigger mode
is set to Multi.
It's now possible to halve/double the current rate of the Arpeggiator plug-in by clicking the Slow/Fast
The ES1 synth plug-in can now be set to offer 32 and 64 voices per instance.
The Scripter plug-in now allows System Realtime MIDI events to pass through.
The Scripter plug-in now offers an option to keep current control values when recompiling a script,
rather than resetting all values back to their defaults.
The Scripter MIDI plug-in now includes a Set Parameter function.
Switching between Vintage Electric Piano patches while holding notes no longer potentially results in
momentary jumps in level.
The Vintage Electric Piano no longer potentially creates audible pops when switching patches when
the Drive is enabled and set to Type II.
It's now possible to continue working with the Scripter editor window when Logic Pro X is not in focus.
The Surround Compressor plug-in now properly shows all the new circuit types available in Logic Pro X.
It's again possible to copy or paste settings in the Space Designer plug-in window.
The order of controls in the Retrosynth Filter Envelope and Amp Envelope sections has been
reorganized to improve usability.
The plug-in window no longer appears empty for Waves plug-ins opened in projects created in Logic 9.
Fixes an issue in which inserting a plug-in on multiple stereo Software Instrument channel strips would
insert mono versions of the plug-in on some channel strips.
EXS24 or Kontakt settings are no longer removed from a song if the Audio Device buffer size is changed
before saving the song.
Resolves an issue in which adjusting parameters on the Channel EQ while playing back might cause
minor clicks and pops in the audio signal.
Moving an Amp Designer instance to a different plug-in slot no longer sometimes changes its sound.
“Save as Default” for Audio Unit presets again works as expected.
It's now possible to exchange movie files in a project by dragging a new movie file into the Movie
window or the Movie inspector.
Logic Pro X can now work with the following professional video codecs, if OS X Mavericks v10.9 and the
codecs are installed: Apple Intermediate Codec, Apple ProRes, AVC-Intra, DVCPRO HD, HDV, XDCAM HD /
EX / HD422, MPEG IMX, Uncompressed 4:2:2, XAVC.
There is now a Show/Hide Movie Window command in the View menu when the current project
contains a movie.
Resolves an issue in which some movies that were compatible with QuickTime X did not play in Logic
Pro X.
Exporting audio to a movie with a portrait orientation no longer causes the movie to rotate 90 degrees.
Logic is now able to export surround AAC audio to a movie even if the original audio in the movie was
originally kept.
The visible frame of a movie now updates as note lengths in the Piano Roll are changed.
Import/export fixes and improvements
XML projects imported from Final Cut Pro X now contain volume and pan automation when opened in
Logic Pro X.
Exporting a project as an Final Cut Pro/XML file with the “Export as Final Cut Compound Clip” option
enabled now behaves as expected.
Includes several improvements to the way Logic handles audio sample-rate conversion when importing
Final Cut Pro XML.
Logic now shows a progress bar when importing large Final Cut Pro XML projects.
32-bit float audio files in Final Cut Pro XML projects are now converted to 24-bit files during import so
they play properly when imported into Logic.
The start time of imported Final Cut Pro XML projects is now consistently correct.
It's now possible to export Music XML when the Score window is in linear view mode.
Logic no longer shows multiple alerts when importing a Final Cut Pro XML project containing videos in
a format not supported by Logic.
Songs created in GarageBand 6 no longer load in Logic Pro X with an extra channel in the Mixer.
Fixes an issue in which audio in a song imported from GarageBand 6 might play back too fast in Logic
Pro X.
Logic now offers to include embedded tempo and marker information when using Track Import to
bring an audio file into a project that contains no other audio regions.
Simultaneously dragging multiple MIDI files into the Tracks area now behaves as expected when using
No Overlap mode.
The default destination path for exported MIDI files is now the project folder instead of ~/Music/Logic.
When importing projects, there is now an Add All button in the Aux import dialog.
The user settings in the Bounce window are now retained after sharing to iTunes.
Split stereo SD2 files no longer incorrectly import as AIFF files when the WAV file option is enabled.
The “Share Song to iTunes” command now creates a playlist with the name entered if there is not
already an iTunes playlist with that name.
MIDI events that precede the start point of a region are no longer included when the region is
exported as a MIDI file.
Stability and reliability
Includes several fixes related to stability and reliability, including to resolve issues that could cause Logic to
quit unexpectedly in these circumstances:
When changing the length of a time-stretched region
When importing tracks from another project
When recording with the color palette open
When bypassing an instance of the Maschine plug-in
When exporting Music XML after applying Enharmonic Shift to some notes
When changing the range on an Environment fader whose style was set to Text
When quitting a project that has a Surround Compressor inserted on a channel strip
When removing a control surface from the Control Surface setup window when the Logic Remote is
also present
When changing the range value of a Smart Control during playback.
When reapplying a Time and Pitch operation after undoing a previous one
When dragging an audio region from a take folder to a new song
Logic Pro X 10.0.4 update
Includes a change that allows Logic to properly open GarageBand X projects.
Fixes an issue in which the Mixer might flicker when scrolling up or down in OS X Mavericks v10.9.
Resolves an issue in which EXS instruments created with third-party applications might exhibit
unexpected voice "stealing" when played in Logic Pro X.
Resolves an issue in which the Tuner did not display correctly on Retina Displays with OS X Mavericks
Fixes an issue in which Logic Pro X did not correctly display track icons in projects imported from
GarageBand 2 for iOS.
Logic Pro X 10.0.3 update
Addresses an issue introduced in Logic Pro 10.0.2 in which Logic Pro would quit unexpectedly when a
multi-output instance of a Software Instrument plug-in was bypassed.
Fixes an issue in which default MIDI region parameters in songs created in earlier versions of Logic
might be set to incorrect values when opened in Logic Pro X.
Logic Pro X 10.0.2 update
Stability and Reliability
Includes various stability and reliability improvements, including, but not limited to:
Logic Pro X should no longer quit unexpectedly when:
Resizing a movie window while in full screen mode.
Opening a Text Style window in the Score Editor.
While making adjustments in the EXS Editor.
Inserting notes in the Step Editor.
Going back a large number of steps in the Undo History.
Double-clicking the Drummer button in the Add New Track dialog.
Selecting all audio files in the Bin and then using the Copy/Convert command to relocate and
convert them to another format.
Clicking an Apple Loop in the browser while another loop was playing back in the project.
Exporting a video with a cycle region active in the project.
Changing the Slope parameter in the Space Designer plug-in while using very long synthetic
impulse responses.
Resolves an issue in which Logic Pro X might consume an unexpectedly large amount of CPU power
while downloading content.
The Capture Last Take key command no longer erases a MIDI recording.
Improved CPU performance with audio plug-ins.
Fixes an issue in which changing the bypass state of a plug-in while Logic Pro was playing caused a
CPU spike that might lead to an overload message.
Fixes an issue in which starting playback of the Ultrabeat sequencer could cause CPU spikes.
Using the Eraser tool to delete large numbers of notes in the Piano Roll no longer causes a long delay.
Improved CPU performance with MIDI plug-ins.
Fixes an issue in which playing notes into the Arpeggiator might lead to CPU overloads.
Includes various fixes to improve performance in Full Screen mode.
Specific Zoom and Snap functions in the Piano Roll now behave as expected when using a graphic
tablet input device.
The Apogee Control Panel is again accessible in Logic Pro X when using an Apogee Duet connected via
Flex Editing
All tracks in a phase-locked edit group now remain in phase after using the "Reset all Flex Edits"
The "Set to Neutral Position" command is now correctly applied to all regions in a phase-locked edit
Tracks in a phase-locked edit group which have been flex edited now remain phase locked after
changing a project's tempo.
Improved format preservation when shifting notes up or down by several semitones with Flex Pitch.
Track Stacks
Fixes an issue in which changing patches on a track that was soloed would cause any other soloed
track stacks to become un-soloed.
Arming and disarming the main track in a Track Stack now reliably affects all sub-tracks that are part of
the same group.
Changing the font for Numbers & Names and then subsequently changing the font for another Text
style no longer causes the second edit to be incorrectly applied to the Numbers & Names style.
Note heads now display as expected in the Note Attributes window when using Sigler Jazz or Swing
The Score preference previously labeled “Auto split notes in multi staff chord styles” is now labeled
“Auto split notes in polyphonic staff styles.”
Tablature for 5-string banjo now displays correctly.
The Staff Style window now behaves as expected when Link mode was disabled.
Resolves an issue in which the text header and footer in Score were incorrectly positioned when
printing or saving to PDF.
Fixes an issue in which the window focus unexpectedly jumped to the wrong area when editing a Staff
Style with Link mode on.
Resolves an issue in the Score Editor in which it was possible to sometimes inadvertently select
multiple notes when clicking on one note.
Fixes an issue in which the Fills and Swing knobs in the Drummer Editor were accessible in cases where
no region was selected.
Double-clicking on a Drummer region now opens or closes the editor.
Patch merging now works with Drummer patches.
Drummer regions are now created properly in songs with a start position before 1 1 1 1.
The movie inspector now shows the correct movie when two songs with movies are open at the same
Resolves an issue in which some supported movie files did not play in Logic Pro X.
Improves the chase behavior of movies when repositioning regions.
Movies containing a timecode track are now properly clipped to match an active cycle zone when
exported from Logic Pro X.
User Interface
Resolves several issues in which Logic Pro X might display the wrong cursor.
The cursor now displays the correct tools when it is placed between transient markers while working in
Flex Time mode within a Take folder.
Resolves an issue in which objects in the Environment window might snap much too far to the right
when moved.
Increased window sizing flexibility when using Logic on portable computers.
Resolves an issue in which sliders in various preference windows had no effect until they were released.
Addresses a graphic issue in which the Piano Roll Editor could display an empty window.
Right-clicking in the Piano Roll now correctly brings up the Tool menu when the "Right Mouse Button:
Opens Tool Menu" preference is set.
When a region color is changed, the color in the Step Editor now immediately updates as expected.
Resolves an issue in which the Playhead might not appear if an editor in the Main window is opened,
closed, and then opened again.
Fixes an issue in which the Key Commands window might become inaccessible after entering and then
leaving full screen mode.
Resolves an issue in which selecting a note in the Piano Roll might cause the visible area to jump to
notes below the selected note.
The insert guideline now appears at the correct position when clicking with the Pencil tool when
working with Flex Pitch in the Audio Editor.
The screen now redraws as expected when using the Select Next Event and Select Previous Event key
commands in the Event List editor.
It is again possible to open plug-in windows while recording.
Fixes an issue in which AU plug-in names might incorrectly display as 4-character IDs in the mixer insert
slot on systems running in Russian or Czech.
The LCD now properly displays minor song keys.
Fixes an issue in which it might not be possible to set the Mixer window to use all the vertical space on
a display.
Resolves an issue in which the transparent overlay when dragging a region might not be visible in
cases where the visible area is scrolled by dragging past the edge of the screen.
Fixes a screen redraw issue when the Edit > Move > To Selected Track command was used.
It is now easier to reveal the Toolbar by dragging down with the mouse cursor.
Clicking the Q button in an editor now correctly applies the Local Inspector setting instead of the
setting in the Region Inspector.
Fixes an issue in which click-holding on a region might cause it to improperly shift slightly when
Alignment Guides were active.
The "Limit Dragging to One Direction" setting now works as expected in the Piano Roll editor.
Undo commands work as expected after Flex Pitch editing.
Improves the reliability of of the Velocity tool in the Piano Roll when editing multiple notes at one time.
Resolves an issue in which the wrong sequence was sometimes pasted when using the Paste Sequence
command in the Ultrabeat sequencer.
Fixes an issue in which arrangement markers could not be edited if the Marker track was protected.
Changing a stereo track patch to a mono patch now properly sets the channel strip input to mono.
Resolves an issue in which double-clicking in the MIDI Draw editor did not create an automation point
if there were no existing automation points in the region.
Resolves an issue in which the "Export/Move active Comp to New Track" command created a track
Region track assignments are now properly maintained when merging folders in the Main window.
It is again possible to copy/paste data between takes within the same MIDI take folder.
The region play button in the Piano Roll now works reliably when working with MIDI takes.
Fixes an issue in which enabling the Protect button for any track disabled volume and pan adjustments
for all tracks in the project.
Resolves an issue in which the Velocity setting in the Track Inspector might cause all notes to output
with a velocity of 127.
Resolves an issue in which MIDI note off events might not be sent resulting in stuck notes when a large
number of MIDI events were being processed in a short time.
Option-dragging a region to copy it in a project with a song start before 1 1 1 1 now works as
Resolves an issue in which the snap setting was not reliably used when dragging regions with
Alignment Guides visible in the Main window.
It is again possible to change the length of a loop in the Tracks area at small vertical zoom settings.
When multiple channels in the Mixer are selected, double-clicking on a fader’s value no longer causes
the faders to move unexpectedly.
Resolves an issue in which pressing Enter to confirm text entry into the Mixer Track Notes caused the
Playhead to jump back to the song start.
Fixes an issue in which using the Return key to confirm renaming a channel in the Mixer caused Logic
to enter Play mode.
Resolves an issue in which the Piano Roll editor might be unexpectedly displayed if an audio region
was selected and its position was outside the active cycle zone.
A track’s audio waveform display no longer changes when its Match Groove Track checkbox is toggled.
When multiple new tracks are created at once, all the new channels are now selected in the Mixer.
In songs created in GarageBand, changing the name of a channel on the Mixer now updates the
corresponding track in the main window and vice versa.
Fixes an issue in which tracks that were muted in GarageBand Mobile songs were turned off when
opened in Logic Pro X instead of muted.
Audio and Plug-ins
Changing the level or mute status of an Aux used as a submix no longer improperly changes the level
or mute of an Aux set as a send destination from the same source channel strip.
Resolves an issue in which key click on the Vintage B3 Organ got softer at higher sample rates.
Fixes an issue in which the Rotor Cabinet in the Vintage B3 Organ got louder at higher sample rates.
Resolves an issue in which notes might hang when playing the Pedal manual of the Vintage B3 Organ
with a sustain setting greater than 100 ms.
Fixes an issue in which Continuous Controller messages sent from a Roland VK77 controller might be
sent to the wrong Manual in the Vintage B3 Organ.
The Vintage B3 Organ Upper Morph slider now updates properly when changing presets.
The Vintage Electric Piano plug-in now performs correctly at all sample rates.
The Adaptive Limiter Output Ceiling control again works correctly when Inter Sample Peak Detection is
not enabled.
Resolves an issue in which the Gain meter did not reliably go back to "0db" when the Inter Sample Peak
Detection checkbox was enabled.
Fixes an issue in which there might be an unexpected audio tail when un-bypassing a Software
Logic Pro X 10.0.1 update
Logic Pro X should no longer quit unexpectedly when:
A Track Stack is flattened during playback.
Trimming an audio file in the Audio File Editor.
Switching from the Audio File Editor to the Audio Track Editor after enabling Flex Pitch.
Selecting or moving notes in the Piano Roll.
Saving a patch with an edited Smart Controls layout.
Several Software Instrument tracks are created in quick succession from Logic Remote.
Changing a velocity range in the EXS Editor while playing a note.
Deleting an arrangement marker.
A second lane of MIDI data is added with the pencil in the Step Editor.
Fixes an issue that could cause content downloading to hang.
Logic Pro X should no longer hang if the Length parameter in the Step Editor was double-clicked.
Logic Pro X no longer hangs when a settings folder containing more than 138 settings files is accessed
from Logic Remote.
Track Stacks
Tuner is now available when selecting the main track of a Track Stack.
The output routing on a Drummer Track that has been manually reassigned to an Aux is no longer
reassigned to No Output when changing drum characters.
It is again possible to switch Aux channels that are part of a Multi Output Software Instrument between
mono and stereo.
Resolves an issue in which a copied main track of a Summing Track Stack did not maintain the correct
routing for sub-tracks.
Track Stacks that contain both software instrument and audio tracks will no longer be inadvertently
flattened by loading a Patch.
Multi-timbral tracks are no longer created as track stacks by default.
Text styles in the Score window event inspector pop-up menu now display the currently selected
You should now be able to import custom Text Styles into a new project.
Edit focus on selected regions should now be properly maintained when opening the Staff Style
You should now be able to select rests and bar repeat objects in the Score window.
Mapped Staff Styles no longer improperly show a Transpose value.
Create New Track with Next Channel now works as expected for multi-timbral Software Instrument or
External MIDI tracks.
When Follow is selected in the Drummer Editor, a track is now automatically assigned for Drummer to
When exporting projects to AAF, 24-bit audio files are no longer converted to 16-bit.
Resolves an issue in which in some cases notes copied in the Piano Roll ended up at unexpected
Shift-clicking in the timeline to adjust the cycle range now works as expected.
The Mixer now correctly shows channel strips when navigating between multiple folders in the Main
Take regions now appear consistently in the Track Audio Editor when they are selected.
Resolves an issue in which arrangement markers were improperly resized after being dragged in
projects with a start point before bar 1 1 1 1.
Resolves an issue in which undo did not work after an arrangement marker was copied.
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websites or products. Apple makes no representations regarding third-party website accuracy or reliability. Risks are inherent in the use
of the Internet. Contact the vendor for additional information.
Last Modified: Jan 21, 2015
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