Abo valve s.v.o Pavilion 5, sector B, stand 49 3E – Tripple excentric

Abo valve s.v.o Pavilion 5, sector B, stand 49 3E – Tripple excentric
Abo valve s.v.o
Pavilion 5, sector B, stand 49
3E – Tripple excentric high performance butterly valve
High performance valve with unique and sophisticated design suitable for high pressure and high
temperature applications.
AFRISO Sp. z o.o.
Pavilion 5, sector D, stand 122
AFRISO AUTOMATIC Angular Vent with R½” connector, designed for installations with maximum
parameters of 12 bar and 110°C. The device features is characterized by attractive look, reliable
operation and functionality. Resistant body made from nickel plated brass. The applied Aquastop
innovative system prevents possible leaks from the vent.
Eurolyzer ST
Eurolyzer ST flue gas analyzer – new generation. Profiled, touch scrollpad. TFT color monitor. The
possibility to measure O2, CO/H2 as well as NOx, chimney draught and differential pressure. There is
a possibility of writing the measurements on the SD card and remote servicing by means of Bluetooth.
Auto diagnostics of sensors. Compliant with PN-EN 50379-2 standard.
WATCHDOG is the name of alarm devices designed to control the tanks filling-up levels, to signal
leakages, to signal the presence of explosive gases and smoke. Controllers of the devices are
equipped with visual and acoustic alarm and the function of the acoustic alarm muting. In
combination with the EMS device which reports the event, the information about the alarm is
transmitted in the form of SMS. Some additional information can be presented visually, recorded or
processed. Depending on the system expansion degree, it is possible to remotely control the power
supply systems installed in the whole house.
WATCHDOG informs us about the oil and water leakages, informs about the maximum and minimum
level of the media in the tanks, signals the gas outflow and the presence of smoke in the rooms.
Distributors of floor heating with the full instrumentation within the range between 2 to 12
circuits, manufactured from plastics of the highest quality.
ALFA – Ryszard Kroszel
Pavilion 3, stand 106
Separators(splitters) and splitter handles
For installation in central heating, h.u.w (hot usable water) or f.h. floor heating made of crosslinked
polietylen with anti diffuse barrier PEX / EVOH / PEX ,
or made of multilayer pipes PEX / Al / PEX i PE-RT / Al. / PE-RT.
„U” Elbow
Insatlled in drilling holse for buliding vertical collectors of PE pipes connecting in order to power
gaining from the ground by the heat pump. This kind of elbow significantly reduces the diameter of
drilling holse.
PE Elbow – with Flange and PE Tee – with Flange
Used for permanent connections in the assembly plant for transmission of water, wastewater
treatment and non-aggressive liquids which are exposed to vibration and resonance.
Pavilion 5, sector E, stand 181
Bathroom radiator, steel elements chromium plated. Casing of radiator made in natural stone. (20
various types of marble and granite).
Pavilion 3, stand 93
Insulating coatings made of aluminium laminate and Hypalon.
1577CW, 1579CW self-adhesive coatings from aluminium laminate, used as the protective and sealing
jacket for the thermal and cryogenic installations as well as in the external and internal installations of
air conditioning, ventilation, etc. 1574CW-H self-adhesive coating from Hypalon, having excellent
chemical durability, high resistance to weather, UV and ozone, applied as above. The above
mentioned coatings make an alternative to the shields made from aluminium and from acid resistant
Systems of high quality coatings and linings, applied in liquid state on the concrete, steel and asphalt
surfaces. Seamless, moisture-proof, abrasion resistant – they are the effective and protective barrier
to water and chemicals. Used in construction: of reservoirs in the potable water treatment plants, in
sewage treatment plants and in chemical plants. It is also used as the water-proof membrane in the
bridge constructions, multi-level car parks, and as the anti slip coating on footbridges and pavements
for pedestrians, cycle tracks, etc.
The product has obtained Technical Approval of ITB No AT-15-8165/2009, Technical Approval of
IBDiM No AT/2009-03-2552, Hygienic Cerificate No HK/W/0801/01/2008.
Composite material built on the basis of the UV radiation cured glass fibre fabric and resin. It has high
resistance to chemical factors, mechanical damage and abrasion. It is applied as: anticorrosive and
damp insulation for the steel and concrete objects as well as a protective jacket of the thermal and
cryogenic insulation of tanks, pipelines and channels.
CLOCK SPRING – composite repair band.
Clock Spring – effective method for the pipelines repair. It provides permanent reinforcement of the
area structure affected by external corrosion (penetrating up to 80% of the pipe wall thickness) or of
the local mechanical damage. In addition, it can be applied to repair the weld zone with mechanical
and corrosive defects. The product has obtained Technical Approval No AT/2009-04-04 issue I/2009.
ATTACK, s.r.o.
Pavilion 5, sector C, stand 58A
Wood Gasifying Boiler ATTACK DPX LAMBDA
Heating of family houses, small plants.
Tube heat exchanger, turbulators - higher efficiency, heat exchanger cleaning.
Air flaps for primary and secondary air controlled by Lambda control system - flue gas temperature
and O2 content.
Heating-up shutter opened with feeding door.
Efficiency – over 90%.
AZ PROFITOR Sp. z o.o.
Pavilion 5, sector E, stand 148
MH-PROFIGAS are corrugated safety metal hose assemblies type 1 for the connection of domestic
appliances using gaseous fuels according to EN 14800.
BISAN Sp. z o.o.
Pavilion 5, sector F, stand 208
A paste facilitating slipping effect during assembling of plastic sewage pipes and fittings connected
together by means of gaskets. Thanks to their lubricating properties the paste facilitates connecting of
the installation elements.
Boren Energia Nova Sp. z o.o.
Pavilion 5, sector D, stand 124
Steam-driven Vaporad radiant tube heaters are equipped with the compact steam generator, adapted
for installation inside the object. Ideal for application in the compartments endangered with fire or
explosion (e.g., woodworking shops, paint shops, rooms that contain inflammable or explosive
vapours). It is the only system of this kind offered on the Polish market.
Bosch - Junkers
Pavilion 5, sector B, stand 25
Condensation heating stations – Cerapur Modul and Cerapur Modul Solar.
Standing condensation boilers of Junkers brand - Cerapur Modul and Cerapur Modul Solar have been
equipped among the others with energy-saving pumps, efficient layer-type storage bins, function of
the solar system work optimization and the function of the condensation optimization. The boilers are
available in the standard versions with powers modulated to 14, 22 and 31 kW, with the 100 and 150
liter storage bins, as well as in the solar versions with powers modulated to 14 and 22 kW, with as
large as 210 liter storage bins.
FKT Excellence Solar Collectors
Very high output of the collectors, comparable with vacuum collectors. To be applied for assisting of
the hot service water warming up, warming up of a swimming pool and assisting in warming up of the
central heating. Quick assembly of solar panels using only one tool. Possiblity of hydraulic connection
of 5 collectors in one line at one side. Large surface area of the absorber (high-selective covering with
PVD) 2,23 m in relation to the collector surface area, i.e. 2,37 m.
FKC Comfort Solar Collectors
To be applied in assisting the hot service water warming up, warming up of a swimming pool and
assisting in warming up of the central heating. Large number of variants concerning assembly of the
Junkers collectors: on flat rooftop, on the ground, facade, on the roof or inside the roof. General
purpose assembly hooks for roof tiles with the possibility of adjustment. Casing made from glass fibre,
30 % lighter than aluminium guarantees easier transportation. Covering of the absorber – black
SKW Solar Collectors – NEW 2010
Fair price in relation to the collector’s quality. The main application is to assist the warming up of hot
service water. Light aluminium casing and small dimensions facilitate transportation and assembly of
the solar panels (height/width/depth 1032/2026/66 mm). We make connections of the collectors
without using tools. Covering of the absorber – black chromium.
TM/TE 60…170-1 Heat Pumps of Junkers brand
Junkers brand TM/TE 60…170-1 water-glycol type heat pumps designed for cooperation with the
ground heat exchangers with rated thermal powers ranging from 6,0 to 17,0 kW. With the in-built
weather compensation controller with the display in Polish language, controlling 2 heating circuits (1
with a mixer and 1 without a mixer), hot service water circuit and operation of the inbuilt 3-stage
electric reheater, with the function of smooth start-up. In the two-function version (TM) this is a
compact heat pump with in-built double-jacket hot service water steel container with 163 l capacity.
Junkers brand AE 60…150-2 external air - water type heat pumps
with rated thermal powers ranging from 6,0 to 15,0 kW ; COP to 4,1. Maximum temperature at the
supply 650C (at the outside temperature +70C). The heat pump works at the outside temperatures of
-200C (below this temperature only the electric reheater works). Loudness – 53 [dB(A)] (1m from the
pump). Possibility of cooperation with gas or oil boiler.
Pavilion 5, sector E, stand 193
Composite fittings system for polyethylene pipes from 20mm up to 63mm and working pressure up to
16 bar. Due to composite used for fittings production, they are 6 times stronger than our competitive
products present on the market.
ISIFLO Flexi Adpater
Composite adapters for all kind of pipes connecting with ISIFLO brass fittings system in range of
diameter from 20 up to 32mm and working pressure up to 16 bar. Due to composite used for fittings
production, they are 6 times stronger than our competitive products present on the market.
ISIFLO kształtki mosięŜne
Compression brass fittings system for polyethylene pipes in range of diameter from 16mm up to
63mm and working pressure up to 16 bar. The material used for production of brass fittings is RA-450
- dezincification resistant brass. Due to block system PE pipes can be connected with other pipes with
threaded ends.
Kształtki elektrooporowe i doczołowe TEGA
Electrofusion and butt fusion fittings made of PE100 SDR17, SDR11 in range of diameter from 20mm
up to 1600mm. For special orders we produce fittings in every range of diameter according to
delivered project. Our innovation solution is electrofusion saddle for pipes in range of diameter up to
BWT Polska Sp. z o.o.
Pavilion 3, stand 52
b-intense infrared cabins are a novelty on the Polish market. Exclusive, high-quality infrared saunas
may be used in houses, flats or private spas. In the offer are double and triple cabins and single ones
for bathrooms. Cabins are made of glass or have fashionable, exotic wood finish. Welcome to BWT
Polska stand.
AQA perla Softener
AQA perla – the newest compact, unusually economic two-column water softener. The device was
optimized in respect of safety, comfort, ecology and hygiene. The softener is controlled by a
microprocessor. Fast and easy assembly with the use of module connection system.
BEWAMAT + is a device in modern design. One-column compact softener, accessible in three versions:
Z, SE and BIO (with additional softener’s disinfection with every regeneration). The softener is
controlled by a valve with a LCD digital display and an alarm signalization option for working mode
and checks’ mode.
BWT F1 – a new manual module filter with backwash offered by BWT Polska. A high-quality filter with
a brazen valve and plastic containment in a modern design to filtrate drinking and process water. It
cleans water from mechanic contamination such as parts of rust, sand or rest of sealing materials.
Protector mini
Protector mini is the newest mechanic filter BWT Polska can offer. Brazen, high-quality filter for
drinking and process water. Water can contain various constant contaminations like parts of rust, sand
or rests of sealing materials. Mechanic filter protects the installation and installed fittings from these
Capricorn Sp. z o.o.
Pavilion 5, sector C, stand 98
Ø110, Ø160 Double-cover Anti-flood Valve
The Double anti flood valve has been designed to prevent backflow from surcharging sewers, it
safeguards property from fl ood damage. The anti-fl ood valve is automatically, fl oat operated forcing
a closure of the pipe when backfl ow occurs. The anti-fl ood valve allows free sewage discharge with
accordance to drain fall.
Surface Heating Distributors
Surface heating manifolds are designed to distribute the heating medium to particular circuits of the
installation. Thanks to instrumentation of manifolds it is possible to fully control both the temperature
and flow balance in all circuits.
Sewage System Venting Devices
Venting devices are used to vent vertical branches of sewage systems, tanks and non-discharge
channels. Venting devices carry sewage digestion gases outside a building.
Linear Shower Water Run-off
Shower channel is an alternative to shower trays, its construction provides excellent outflow of water.
Application of shower channel increases ability to arrange bathroom makes it more aesthetic. It can
be used in new buildings and for renovation work.
Floor Heating Assembly Rail
The Rail System – an installation rail for mounting heating pipes or surface cooling on large areas. Rail
System comes in 1000 or 2000 mm segments depending on a version. Segments can be joined
together up to the length of more than ten metres.
Carrier Polska Sp. z o.o.
Pavilion 5, sector F, stand 219
Toshiba Estía air to water heat pumps are the ideal solution using air as a main source of energy. This
is an all in one system designed to deliver the right temperature for space heating, for domestic
sanitary hot water and air conditioning in the summer. Toshiba systems can manage two independent
zones and deliver the water to diverse emitters at different temperature levels up to 55 °C.
Centrum Klima S.A.
Pavilion 3, stand 140
Circular ducts and fitings (stainless steel)
Circular ducts and fittings with stainless steel 1.4301 by EN 10088-2.
New products in offer:
coil pipe RZN,
sectional bend 90° and 45° BSN,
symmetrical reducers RSN,
symmetrical tee TSN,
coupling VN,
coupling VFN,
single-leaf round damper DSN.
S-Flex® Semi flexible aluminium ducts
S-Flex® semi-flexible aluminium duct is the latest product offered by Centrum Klima S.A. Thanks to a
new innovative technology, S-Flex® has significantly better parameters: more durable and flexible
than the products of the competition. The efficiency of production allows for meeting the needs of the
market while maintaining competitive prices at the same time.
S-Flex® is a product used in the construction of ventilation and air conditioning installations. Due to
its high mechanical durability the product proves indispensible also in the installations of industrial
facilities. Perfected technical parameters, high flexibility and special design enable to install ducts
without the necessity to use special tools or fittings.
Circular acoustic silencer
Centrum Klima SA as a well-known manufacturer of HVAC systems from Poland has tested whole
range of its round silencers TAO in accordance with ISO 7235 standard for attenuation and pressure
loss in German laboratories of Muller-BBM GmbH.
Use: Circular acoustic attenuators are designed to suppress noise in ventilation and air conditioning
duct systems. Design: External cover is made of spirally rolled pipe. The attenuating layer consists of
mineral wool protected from the duct system by fibre glass cloth and perforated galvanized steel
CLAGE Polska Sp. z o.o.
Pavilion 5, sector D, stand 112
Instantaneous water heater CFX-U 11-13,5 kW/ 400V
Fully electronically controlled undersink instantaneous water heater in compact size with wirelless
remote control for kitchen sink. The power consumption is controlled by the electronic in accordance
with the ambient temperature and flow rate in order to obtain precisely the set outlet temperature
and to keep it constant. The outlet temperature can be set between 20°C and 60°C. MPS® : Power
rating can be limited to 11-13,5 kW when installing the heater.
Podgrzewacz przepływowy CEX-U 11-13,5 kW/ 400V
Regulowany elektronicznie podgrzewacz przepływowy w wersji podblatowej przeznaczony pod
zlewozmywak. Elektronika regulująca pobór mocy, temperatura wody wybierana na wyświetlaczu w
zakresie 20°C do 60°C. MPS® : moc urządzenia programowana przy pierwszej instalacji 11kW lub
Instantaneous water heater CDX11-U 11 kW/ 400V
Electronically controlled undersink instantaneous water heater in compact size with wirelless remote
control for kitchen sink. The power consumption is controlled by the electronic in accordance with the
ambient temperature and flow rate in order to obtain precisely the set outlet temperature and to keep
it constant. The factory pre-set outlet temperature is 50°C which can be mixed with cold water
through the tap as accustomed.
Danfoss LPM Sp. z o.o.
Pavilion 5, sector B, stand 43
ECL 210 / 310
ECL 210 / 310 - new generation ECL controller with complex communicate applications and innovation
„application key” what is provide multifunctional of controller.
ACS - Advanced Compact Substation
Modern design of the compact heating centers for the central heating and hot service water powers
ranging from 100 to 400 kW based on the technology of the new generation weather compensation
controllers ECL 210 and 310, with the developed communication abilities, and new patented solution
of the “combi” valve, combining the functions of several valves and controllers.
Pavilion 3, stand 16
The family of DOWLEX™ PE-RT Resins for hot and cold water pipe applications comprises DOWLEX™
2344, a type I PE-RT resin that demonstrates excellent flexibility, and DOWLEX™ 2388 , a type II PERT resin offering excellent processability.
New Dow Products for 3LPE Steel Pipe Coating
Dow Europe offers a new 3LPE steel pipe coating system: DOW™ HDPE 12110G, a black top-coat
polyethylene material, and AMPLIFY™ GR 320, a grafted adhesive resin, both suited for high
temperature pipeline applications. Used in conjunction with industry standard epoxy, 3LPE systems
comprising these products are expected to meet demanding standards in the global steel pipe coating
INSPIRE™ Performance Polymers for Non-Pressure Pipes
INSPIRE™ Performance Polymers are propylene-based resins that provide performance in pipe
applications at competitive prices. INSPIRETM 114 EU offers a combination of high melt strength with
improved properties. INSPIRETM 137 is suitable for applications where higher flexibility is required,
with a good balance of properties and processability.
Pavilion 5, sector D, stand 140
Water exchangers DUO WGJ-SOL type with solar pump group
They are exchangers with two spiral coil pipes, equipped with two-ways group pump integrated with
control panel for solar system and expanation tank. According to EU directives they are adopted for
installation in rooms with door wide for 70 cms (diameter is only 66 cms). Thermal insulation is made
from polyurethane foam, external housing is produced from plastic.
Central heating boilers EKO-KWPR 25 DUAL type
Universal coal’s boilers equipped with automatic dosage hearth and second hearth with water grate.
They have multifunctional microprocessor for fuel burning control on top hearth and down automatic
dosage hearth. There is possibility of manipulation central heating, central utility water and circulation
pumps’ working.
Central heating boilers EKO-KWS type
They are boilers for all types of solid fuel, equipped with hearth with water grate. They are produced
in two powers: 6 kW and 10 kW. Boilers are adopted for cooperation with regulator of draught but
they are not equipped with.
Central heating boilers EKO-PED 20 type for pellets
They are boilers for pellets. They are equipped with burner, control processor and pellet’s container.
Main advantages: competitive price, simple service and use, high efficiency (more than 90%).
Enix sp. z o.o.
Pavilion 5, sector C, stand 102
ELIT – central heating heater – DESIGN type
Radiator with an unique, yet functional form. Construction based upon one decorative collector.
Available in standard colour SILVER.
BOSTON – central heating heater - DESIGN type
Model with strongly emphasized geometrical, raw form. Without superfluous additions. Available in
standard colour SILVER.
LIBRA – central heating heater – DESIGN type
Decorative radiator, ideally harmonious and proportional. Available in standard colour SILVER. (fot.)
TANGO – central heating heater – DECORATIVE type
Model with an unique connection system – horizontal pipes gentle integrate with collector’s body.
Equipped with characteristic middle-bottom connection. Available in standard colours SILVER and
WHITE semi-gloss.
Pavilion 5, sector D, stand 129
2,65m2 collector with meandrical absorber, type ES2V/2,65B.
Collector manufactured from a single, rigid, anodized aluminium profile, patented by the firm Ensol.
The main element of the collector is the copper, ultrasonically welded meandrical absorber made from
a single coil pipe on the basis of the BlueTec company high-selective eta plus coating.
Pavilion 5, sector E, stand 157
Aleternum® of the Fondital company introduces the heaters into the new era – the era of complete
protection, which ensures full safety and high output. Your installation will always look as new. In
order to prevent formation of corrosion, Fondital company developed the Aleternum®, a unique resinbased internal coating, to protect water chamber of the heater.
FU-WI Spółka z o. o
Pavilion 5, sector C, stand 84
The boiler BIO - P with thermal power from 8,7 kW - 29 kW,
Two - furnaces cast-iron central heating boiler BIO - P with automatic dosage and lighting up solid fuel
- Pellets or hand loading and firing up wood, briquette and carbon. The innovative solution marks the
furnace of Pellets, depending on use the draught of previous burning in ceramic building as well as
achieving 90% efficiency.
Pavilion 5, sector D, stand 111
Solario bivalent heat exchanger with the integrated pump group and control
The heater enables connection of two independent sources of heat. It has been equipped with the
integrated two-way pump group and the control module; in consequence, it makes ideal solution for
solar installations. The tank is protected with vitrous enamel; thick layer of the freon free hard
polyurethane foam keeps the heat loss to the minimum.
EKO GT-KWP D DUO central heating boiler
The boiler has been equipped with the automatic worm feeder with rotating retort furnace and the
fixed water grate. Such a construction allows to burn on the retort furnace of the boiler both the ecopea and other solid fuels (coal nut, fine coal, fuel wood) by traditional method on the water grate.
Operation of the boiler is watched over by the EXPERT microprocessor controller equipped with the
weather compensation controller.
EKO GT-KPP central heating boiler for firing of pellets
The boiler has been equipped with the automatic worm feeder with throw-type burner, lighter and a
ventilator as well as the big fuel storage bin, which can be placed on the right or left side of the boiler.
Safe and economic operation of the boiler is watched over by the EXPERT-P microprocessor controller,
controlling the boiler work in a weekly cycle with the hot service water priority, equipped with the
weather compensation controller.
Hot service water heat exchanger with the Kwadro spiral coil pipe
The preheater cooperates with all types of boilers; its construction – all outlets are situated in one
bottom –considerably facilitates its connection, particularly to the single-function suspended boilers.
Up-to-date design and shape of the preheater (harmonizing with the shapes of most boilers) makes it
fit into nearly every interior.
Hot service water heat exchanger with the Neptun Kombi Elektronik spiral coil pipe
Big coil pipe for central heating enables quick heating of water in the tank which is protected with
ceramic enamel; the layer of the freon free polyurethane foam keeps to the minimum the loss of heat.
Comfort of the usage is raised by the electronic thermostat with LED display, which controls the
electric heating element work, making it possible to determine precisely the temperature of water
being heated.
Gebwell – Oy
Pavilion 5, sector E, stand 160
EH-203 heating controller with 2 heating circuits and 1 domestic hot water circuit
EH-203 has numerous qualities to improve heating regulation and save energy. Logical user interface
and automatic configuration make the use of EH-203 easy. It has patented DHW strategy. Unique
supply water info helps to detect faulty settings. EH-203 can be used via the Internet or mobile.
EH-800 Smart heating controller for small houses
EH-800 heating controller conserves energy and increases your level of comfort. It is easily installed
and handy to use. It has diverse time programs and it offers possibility to connect to the internet or to
use GSM. Also control of hybrid heating or a second heating circuit is possible.
Ground source heat pump Qi series
Qi – Ground source heat pump is a heating system designed especially for single-family houses. Qi
series is extremely quiet and very economical due to high level of efficiency. Accessible with capacity:
6,0 or 9,0 kW. It can be connected to radiator heating as well as floor heating.
3-functional substation for semi-detached houses
The only one in Polish District Heating market 3-circuits substation for semi-detached houses, offering
with capacity: 1 circuit HE: 6-12kW/ DHW: 60kW/ 2 circuit HE: 11-18kW. Additional circuit helps in
heating of damp spaces, regardless of the individual radiator or floor heating requirements.
Glen Dimplex Polska Sp. z o.o.
Pavilion 5, sector E, stand 162
High efficiency air-water heat pumps for outdoor installation Dimplex LA…TU
Outdoor air-water heat pumps with temperature operating limits for air from -25°C to +35°C. Soundoptimised through the use of slow-running "owl's wing" fans with a low, natural-sounding noise. High
COPs through high-performance evaporator- COP 3,8-3,9 (A2/W35). Max. flow temperature for
heating: 58 °C.
SmartRad fan convector radiators
SmartRad wall mounted fan convector radiators, optimized for use with the very latest heat pump
technology. They are designed to provide individual temperature controlled room heating at water
flow temperatures as low as 35ºC, allowing heat pump efficiency to be maximized.
Open area, sector 5, stand 6
MASTER-M central heating boiler
MASTER – M is a boiler intended for automatic burning solid fuels. The unit is equipped with cast
iron burner designed for firing different kinds of fuels starting from fine coal, pea and ending on
brown coal. The boilers with the powers: 25-50kW (75-300 kW in preparation) are manufactured.
FARMER central heating boiler
Automatic boiler with throw-type burner and worm feeder for burning oats and oats-and-pellet
mixes. The unit is intended for heating of single-family houses, small arable farms and work places.
The boilers are manufactured with the powers: 25-50 kW.
PELTORUS central heating boiler
Automatic boiler with pellet burner. Charging of fuel is performed by a worm feeder to the
combustion chamber. The advantage of this unit lies in the novel system of cumulative ceramics
inside the boiler and the insulating ceramics on the gates. The boilers are produced with the powers
of 14-40 kW. (fot.)
HEL-WITA Sp. z o.o.
Pavilion 5, stand 58
Energy saving pump WITA Delta HE
- rotor with permanent magnet
- energy economy up to 80%
- motor resistant to the flow blockage
matching of the pump power to the actual demand of the installation
principle of proportional pressure
function of temperature drop at night
max lifting height 4-6 m
power consumption 3-38 W
Pavilion 5, sector C, stand 71
Heater PWPC3,8-3W300
Heater PWPC3,8-3W300 for solar collectors and conventional water sources, with a built in heat
pump. Capacity of the heater is 300l, heating power of the heat pump is 3,8kW and total input
power is 0,9kW.
Air heat pump PCWU3,8
Air heat pump PCWU3,8 for heating household water in a tank. Heating power is 3,8kW, total input
power is 0,9kW.
Heater with two exchangers KOMPAKT 300HB
Heater with two exchangers, KOMPAKT 300HB, is a solution which integrates a 300l water heater, a
pump control set, an expansion vessel as well as a safety group for household water. It is therefore
quick and easy to install and takes less space.
Elastic tube made of stainless steel
The tube is used for circulation of the heat carrier in a solar system for central heating and hot water.
Its montage is easy and fast. Moreover it is characterized by low resistance and low noise during the
flow of the heat carrier. We propose a system of convenient and strong connections. A spiral tube
DN15, DN20 and DN25, offered without isolation or with Armaflex HT and AC isolation.
Hirsch Porozell Sp. z o.o.
Pavilion 5, sector C, stand 72
Systemic board for the floor heating COMBITOP
We produce and distribute EPS pattern boards used for the highest quality systems of surface heating.
Thank to cooperation with manufacturers specialized in floor heating systems our products,
distinguished by acoustic isolation and increased thermal insulating, are adapted to various tubes and
system types.
HKS LAZAR Sp. z o.o.
Pavilion 5, sector B, stand 36
SILESIA fireplace insert
Modern SILESIA fireplace inserts mean precision of manufacturing in every inch. Thanks to its
construction and appropriately matched materials they reach the highest efficiency, and their emission
meets the most restrictive standards. This is why the fireplace glass remains clean for a long time and
allows to enjoy the flame, and its use brings notable benefits.
Pavilion 3, stand 64
Floor inlet HL90Pr
Floor inlet HL90Pr with the in-building allowance of 57mm! DN40/50. Perfect solution for bathrooms,
toilets and any compartments where problems with odor releasing through the wastewater inlet may
occur. The PRIMUS closing blocks emitting of odors even when no water remains in the air trap.
Shower tray module HL530
Shower tray module HL530: new systemic solution for the trays situated on the floor level, where the
base is to be lined with normal tile, mosaic or stone. The module is made from a hardened foam with
the waterproof top surface, with perforation enabling downflow of the water filtering through and
shaped inclination. In the DN50 outflow the PRIMUS air trap was applied for blocking the emitting of
odors, even when no water remains in the air trap. Output 48 l/s of water.
100% tight insulation kit for sealing of pipes running through the walls, foundations for pipes
DN110/125/160. Particularly important for the cellars of buildings erected in humid climate or on
mountain-sides. Leakages from outside are stopped and no seepage or fungal attacks occur on the
cellar walls. HL800 is mounted on pipes with sleeves and on plastic, cast iron or steel pipes.
very flat and efficient tray air trap, Ø90mm, with ball joint on the DN50 outlet. In-building allowance
only 83mm! Draw-out elastic air trap and dirt pocket. Output for the horizontal outlet: 0,9 l/s, output
for the vertical outlet: 1,25 l/s! Flat cover cap.
ID Electronics Sp. z o.o
Pavilion 3, stand 150
Multi-functional central device KNX - IP / GPRS ZENNIO
Multi-functional controller for managing the intelligent house based on KNX-EIB, with the Internet
interface and GPRS. It has in-built logic, mathematic and time functions, with the time synchronized
from the Internet source and with the integrated Web-server including e-mail and SMS communication
Touch Panel Z38 ZENNIO
LCD 3,8" touch panel serves the controlling of equipment and systems of the intelligent building KNXEIB. It allows to display 36 screen buttons. It is equipped with temperature sensor and a receiver.
Quadruple temperature sensor / binary input ZN1IO-4IAD QUAD ZENNIO
Quadruple analog/digital QUAD sensor allows to transmit information about the temperature and the
state of contacts to the KNX/EIB busbar. The inputs are programmable and opto-electronically
insulated. Temperature probes or sensors with potential free contacts can be conntected to them.
General purpose interface KNX – air conditioner controlled with the pilot IR ZN1CL-IRSC
Zennio IRSC module allows the direct control of the air conditioning from the systems of the intelligent
building KNX/EIB. It can support over 300 models of Splits and duct type air conditioners, which have
the factory preset ability to be controlled by infrared pilots only.
Weather Compensation Station – Suntracer KNX - GPS
Multi-functional weather compensation station serves the measuring of wind speed, temperature and
the lighting or shading intensity (up to the maximum 6 facades), detection of precipitation and also
receiving of GPS signals with information about the time and geographical position; intended for
intelligent installations.
Pavilion 5, sector E, stand 190
TBV-CMP – for modular adjustment (stepless and on/off)
Terminal Balancing Valve - Control Modulating Pressure Independent. Automatic balancing and
controlling valve; independent from the pressure, it provides linear circulation characteristics, which is
required in order to obtain the optimal controllability. Measurement of flow, pressure drop and
available differential pressure ensures ideal adjustment and easy troubleshooting. Through the
deactivation of the Dp unit, it is possible to flush the valve by means of the higher pressure. This
makes it a unique product on the market.
Pavilion 5, sector B, stand 30
Conex Push-Fit
Conex Push-Fit is a new unique push-fit fitting suitable for a wide variety of tubes including copper,
carbon steel, stainless steel. It has wide range of applications for the professional plumber including
hot and cold drinking water, heating and chilled water systems.
Banninger >B< Oyster
Designed especially for fast connecting of copper tube with female threaded products. The Bänninger
>B< Oyster converter can be used with lever ball and radiator valves, manifolds etc. It’s suitable for
hot and cold sanitary supplies, heating and industrial circuits.
Pavilion 3, stand 162
ArCADia-Mains electricity computer program 1.0 computer program
A tool that adds new, extensive functions to AutoCAD, ArCADia-IntelliCAD and ArCADia-GRAF. It
enables to draw up technical projects of external cable power lines and aerial low voltage lines
including necessary calculations and verifications.
ArCADia-Electrical installations 1.0 computer program
A tool that adds new, extensive functions to AutoCAD, ArCADia-IntelliCAD and ArCADia-GRAF. It
enables to draw up technical projects of internal electrical and lighting installations, including
necessary calculations and verifications.
ArCADia-TERMO 2.0 computer program
A new version of the program. On the Polish market, ArCADia-TERMO is the most popular program
that enables to draw up energy performance certificates which are a necessary part of a construction
project, as well as to draw up energy/renovation audits, and also indispensable when calculating the
heating demand that is needed to choose the heaters. The previous version of the program was
awarded the Gold Medal at 2009 BUDMA International Construction Fair as well as many other
ArCADia-GRAF computer program
A specialized tool for construction engineers. It enables to create projections by means of 3D tools like
walls, stairs, ceilings as well as drawing tools. The program is able to read and record DWG files and it
cooperates with all the programs that constitute the ArCADia system.
A tool to create profiles of sewage system, operating in CAD environment (AutoCAD, ArCADiaINTTELICAD or ArCADia-GRAF). Through the use of new technologies, program helps to speed up
procject work, and intuitive interface makes that use of the program is easy and extremely effective.
Pavilion 3, stand 83
CALMAT intelligent, electronic and fully ecologic device for treatment of hard water. As the device is
equipped with 4 impulse cables, it can be installed in pairs on the hot and cold water! However, in
such a case the maximum pipe diameter is DN40 ( 1 1/2").
Another product from the VULCAN series, extending the range of products and designed for the
application in installations with the diameters up to 3” (76mm).
Catronic Vita is a device, which not only physically purifies water but also places us closer to the
nature “vitalizing” water by passing its stream through the deposits of noble crystals. Amethyst, a pink
mountain crystal and colourless, transparent quartz make the deposit, which in addition, is loaded by
the energy of light from the colour light emitting diodes. Water, while passing through the deposit,
recovers its energy and structure, lost during transportation to our home. Effects of the device
operation are measurable.
Pavilion 5, sector D, stand 130
Katherm HK - floor duct heaters for heating and/or cooling
The heating or cooling output is produced by cu/al convectors supplied with LPHW or LPCW via a 2pipe or 4-pipe system. The air is distributed, evenly and quietly, by 5-stage cross-flow fans.
TOP unit heaters
A self-supporting unit, it is manufactured from sendzimir-galvanized sheet steel. It is supplied
complete with standard wall/ceiling brackets, single row louvre and fan guard.
The quietly-operating fan and impeller form an extremely flat unit, ideally suited to this unit heater.
The aerodynamic shape of the die-cast aluminium rotor housing and aluminium blades produces an
extremely efficient unit with excellent cooling.
Applications: manufacturing plants, warehouses all industrial and retail premises
Tandem door air curtains
The secondary air stream has deeper penetration. Turbulence is minimal because of the low mixing
ratio (<0.2). The so-called "vortex limitation" effect creates greater penetration.
The primary and secondary air streams can be operated separately or simultaneously as required.
Heating, cooling, ventilating for architectural interiors Ultra
Contemporary, updated housing design
Whisper-quiet sickle-blade fan
Overall height 330 mm
Three sizes
Higher heat and cooling outputs
Large output range
Induction crown supplied as standard
Ventilation for cooling and heating of dwelling compartments
Operation in the cooling mode is based on the principle of indirect cooling through evaporation. This
process takes place in two separate air streams without adding extra humidity to the primary stream
of air. Evaporation of water takes place only in the stream of the process air on the hydrophylic layer
of the heat exchanger layer of aluminium plates. Apart from that, the absolute humidity of the air
remains on constant level.
Pavilion 5, sector C, stand 65
Installation cabinets.
KAN-therm installation cabinets are special made cabinets where the manifolds are mounted together
with accessories. Cabinets come out in on-wall and in-wall series in two versions: for central heating
and under floor heating installations.
System KAN-therm PP
System KAN-therm PP is a complete installation system consists of pipes and fittings made from highquality random polypropylene PP-R ( type 3 ) in range 16-110 mm. System has a wide application to
build internal heating installation systems as well as to cold and hot domestic water.
PE-RT pipe with diffusion barrier
PE-RT pipes of System KAN-therm Push are made of high temperature resistant polyethylene on the
KAN’s new production line. PE-RT pipes with diffusion barrier EVOH are in series of diameters from
12x2 up to 32x4,4 mm and can work in heating as well as in cold and hot domestic water installations.
KAN-therm manifolds with open-close valve.
KAN-therm Manifolds with open-close valve are simple and easy in service equipment which allows to
connect traditional radiators with manifold’s distribution system. Those types of manifolds allows to
close particular radiator without a need to shutting-down a whole installation.
KAN-therm manifolds with mixing unit for under floor heating systems.
KAN-therm manifolds with mixing unit are simple and easy in service equipment which allows to
connect traditional radiator installation with under floor heating system without necessary to use
complicated mixing devices in the boiler room.
KESSEL Sp. z o.o.
Pavilion 5, sector F, stand 209
Roof inlets ECOGUSS®
Ecoguss roof inlets for gravitational roof drainage, made from the Ecoguss material, combining in itself
the advantages of cast iron and plastic, and resistant to the temperatures up to 250 Cº; available in
diameters DN 70/100/125; they can be joined with the DN200 female connector in order to obtain
double sealing. The following are available as the accessories: emergency draining ring, basket for
collecting leaves and the dry air trap Multistop200.
Bathroom grates KESSEL Design
Collection of KESSEL Design bathroom inlets has been extended by eight new designs of grates, which
combine in themselves the technical know–how with the elegance and high quality of manufacture.
The grates are available with both the Lock&lift system, making it possible at the same time to close
and remove the grate, or without that system.
LINEARIS Super60 Individual linear outlets
Linear outlets have different covers, including, among the others: wenge, nut root, highlighted
corian® material. The series of linear LINEARIS Super60 Individual outlets is characterized by the
versatility of available covers, among the others: wenge, nut root, highlighted corian® material. There
is also a possibility to place any elements inside the highlighted outlet, eg. Swarovski crystals or any
inscription or graphic art. The outlets are powered by low-voltage LED diodes.
Device "SonicControl" for measuring of fat layer in the separator
The device "SonicControl" for measuring and control of fat layer thickness to be applied in all KESSEL
separators; it shows exact time, in which the separator should be emptied (saving costs); easy and
quick in assembly and operation.
Pavilion 5, sector D, stand 145
UMP-4P Module
Designed for the weather-related adjustment of the heating circuit temperature by means of the
mixing valve. The module can cooperate with any boiler controller. There is a possibility to connect in
parallel of a free number of modules in order to control many heating circuits. DIN rail busbar
UMP-4PS Module
Designed for the weather-related adjustment of the heating temperature circuit by means of the
mixing valve. The module is intended for large objects and heat centres. There is a possibility of
parallel connection of any number of modules in order to control many heating circuits. DIN rail
busbar enclosure.
RK-2001TW Controller
General purpose temperature controller for solid fuel fired boilers. Rich possibilities for programming
of parameters allow to match the regulation process for any type of boiler and type of fuel. The
controller enables to control the blow-in fan and the pumps of the central heating and hot service
water. Simple and intuitive operation.
RK-2006L2 Controller
General purpose temperature controller for solid fuel fired boilers with the fuel feeder. Rich
possibilities for programming of parameters. Simple and intuitive operation. The controller enables to
control the blow-in fan and the pumps of the central heating and hot service water, fuel feeder and
the automatic fuel ignition system.
RK-2008GP Controller
Controller of boilers fired with pellets, with the graphic display. Fully automatic control of the fuel
ignition and modulation of the boiler power. Weather-related control of the heating circuit mixing
valve. Weekly programming of room temperature. Rich possibilities for programming of parameters.
Menu in several languages.
KLIMOSZ Sp. z o.o.
Pavilion 5, sector B, stand 28
Bio Ling Duo - automatic two-furnace boiler with innovative Speedfire burner to enable burningof a
biomass, and particularly the pellets. High efficiency up to 91%. Possibility of assembly in a closed
system, up to the pressure of 3,0 bar BIO LING DUO B (UDT Certificate). Thickness of the internal
heat exchanger metal sheets: 8 mm. Cleaning of the heat exchanger from the front of the boiler.
Pavilion 5, sector C, stand 73
Solar Panels KSH-2,0
A flat solar collectors KSH-2.0 are specifically intended for heating a domestic hot water.
The KSH-2,9 collectors are equipped with a solar selective absorber coating and other high quality
materials, which ensure the highest thermal power. The construction of KSH-2.0 meets the highest
quality standards.
Domestic Hot Water Cylinders Termo Max & Termo Solar
Kospel boasts the most modern and fully automatic enamelling line for manufacturing a hot water
tanks. We have extended our product range to include a Domestic Hot Water Cylinders SW Termo
Max and SB Termo Solar (Twin Coil Domestic Hot Water Cylinder).
Electric boilers EKCO.LN2
EKCO.LN2 are the most modern type of electric boilers. The boilers are equipped with a heating box
made of stainless steel, a filter with magnetic cartridge and the differential pressure relief valve (bypass). The power range of EKCO.LN2 is from 4kW to 24Kw.
Storage water heaters Luna inox
Luna inox is a new storage water heater which is equipped with a stainless steel container (5 litres
capacity). Product is equipped with 2 kW immersion heater, which ensures 5 litres of hot water within
5,5 minutes.
Leszczyńska Fabryka Pomp Sp. z o.o.
Pavilion 5, sector D, stand 123
ERGA – high efficiency new generation pump, serves the water circulation in the hot service water
installation, provides comfort of warm water immediately after turning the tap on. Electronically
controlled motor with permanent magnet and spherically formed rotor reduce consumption of energy
to the unparalleled value of 3 WAT.
MAXIMA – intelligent pump, it has a control system automatically adjusting the operation in the
heating systems with variable flow intensity. At the moment of the thermostat closing, the valve the
pump reduces the output, thanks to what the energy consumption drops down and in this way
provides the real translation to the costs of exploitation.
EFEKTA – the pump with very broad range of outputs, governed by the 7-stage adjustment system.
Ideal for the up-to-date installations with the constant flow intensity. Green diode informs about the
current pump operation status. The motor with the ball rotor and permanent magnet does not require
Pavilion 5, sector C, stand 91
Integrator - Intelligent energy management
Device harmonizes work sources of heat energy which separates on energy receivers both radiators
and tank. Integrator improves reliability of heating system and helps in fitting of each device.
Boiler separating modules
Group pumps with separating system facilitates heating system. Depending on your installation we
offer various solutions for systems with two heating receivers and floor heating, whether intended for
layouts with energy buffer tanks.
Corner Turbofireplace
Fireplace with water shell and built-in exchanger. Large corner glass ensures a pleasant glow of fire
and relaxation. Version right and left-handed. Air curtain in this model helps in maintaining purity of
Turbofireplace Glass
Stylish and elegant fireplace adapted to modern interiors with patented dual glass door system. The
outer glass frame is available in several versions. It allows you to quickly change the appearance of
the fireplace. All stainless steel handle complements.
MEIBES sp. z o.o.
Pavilion 5, sector D, stand 109
The MFK 001 and MFK 002 collectors offer the best value for money. Modulated system of assembly
of these collectors allows for installing them on the roof in a free-standing mode. Upon the Customer’s
order, they can additionally be equipped with CuCu or AlCu absorbers. They also include a solar
protective glass with no content of iron.
They consist of 14 vacuum tubes which enable achieving 30% less heat losses as compared to the
standard flat plate collectors. Special reflective mirrors allow for acquiring the optimum number of
light beams, also during low or distributed sunlight.
These heat distribution networks prepare the heating factor for installations of central heating with
Logotherm. Their advantage consists in the possibility of cooperation with a multilayer buffer storage
tank, short reaction time of devices to the signal from the controlling automation system as well as
the frame enclosure, small size, the possibility of measuring the amount of consumed energy and easy
This Logotherm features high efficiency, energy saving and comfort. It includes the ECO function
creating savings while preparing hot water. It allows for programming of the heating time taking into
account the external temperature; individual air temperature in the room, temperature of hot utility
water and the working time of the circulating pump. It also features remote data exchange as well as
remote controlling and station diagnosis. It is compatible with the automation equipment installed in
intelligent buildings.
Metalplast Tarnowskie Góry Sp. z o.o.
Pavilion 3, stand 141
Acid-resistant duct fan type WKP-K
The fans, type WKP-K are made of hard PVC, which ensures its long-lasting service life with no need
of maintenance. The additional trump card is its construction enabling easy access to the rotor for its
periodical cleaning.
Explosion-proof roof fan, type WDc/s-Ex-K
In manufacturing of the fans the anti-electrostatic PE EL material was used, rotor made of carbon
steel and the electric motor adapted for operation in the explosion-endangered zones. The fans are
designed for use in the explosion endangered zones outside the mines and mining excavations.
Duct fan, type WKP
The fans, type WKP-K are made of hard PVC, which ensures its long-lasting service life with no of
maintenance. The additional trump card is its construction enabling easy access to the rotor for its
periodical cleaning.
Ned Air Polska Sp. z o.o.
Pavilion 3, stand 131
Main components of the air distribution system by Ned Air are: the flexible ducting system Tuboflex,
for installing in the walls, dropped ceilings, floating floors and the insulated ducting system, made
from EPE foam – IsounDuct. Antistatic, easy to clean and assemble system guarantees low pressure
drop and durability.
Heat recovery units with a range of air volumes between 600 and 24000 m3/h and the counter-flow,
high efficiency heat exchanger (up to 90%). Designed and patented by Ned Air, special air dividing
module (the LSM) results in higher efficiency and capacity and a small size of a unit at the same time.
The RotorLine includes 2 series: with a range of air volumes between 2500 and 16000 m3/h (PT
series) or 4000 and 40000 m3/h (XT series with an enthalpy wheel and integrated cooling and heating
systems). The efficiency of the rotary heat exchanger achieves up to 80%. Compact-built units
(sections) with the Plug & Play system – ready to use.
Quiet, compact-built unit with the air volume of 600 m3/h, intended for existing buildings ventilation –
no need of air distribution duct system. Designed especially for educational buildings – classrooms,
kindergartens, crèche etc. (with CO2 sensor).
NIBE-BIAWAR Sp. z o.o.
Pavilion 5, sector E, stand 158
Heat pump NIBE F1145
NIBETM F1145 is a ground source heat pump for heating single and multi-family houses and industrial
buildings. The latest generation NIBETM ground source heat pumpsn are not only more efficient than
previous models, but have also been designed for user friendly operation. A control unit helps you
maintain a comfortable indoor climate, both cost-effectively and safely.
Heat pump NIBETM F1245
NIBETM F1245 is a ground source heat pump with an integrated immersion heater (capacity 180
liters). It is easier than ever to get the full benefits of this clean, cost-effective technology. A control
unit helps you maintain a comfortable indoor climate. Clear information about status, operation time
and all temperatures in the heat pump are shown on large and easy to read display.
Ventilation Module NIBETM FLM
The addition of FLM – exhaust air module, further reduces your heating bills. Developed to work in
conjunction with NIBETH ground source heat pumps the FLM module recycles old, stale air from the
house, extracts the energy from it and reuses it to heat new, clean ait from outside. Air quality is
improved while warmth is maintained – all at no extra cost!
Accumulation Tank NIBETM VPB
NIBETM VPB is the new generation of accumul;ator tank with water heater. If your heat pump does
not have a build-in water heater, or if your household consumers a particularly large quantity of hot
water, a aseparate storage tank can be connected to the system (e.g. NIBETM F1145 or solar
collector). It provides the hot water you need, or boots the capacity of an existing system.
Central Heating Boiler fired with pellets PELLUX 200
Modern pellet boiler with temperature controlled automatic shunt and automatic sweeping. PELLUX
200 is a complete pellet burner for heating detached and terraced houses using wooden pellets. It has
been developed to suit all types of modern pellet burners. PELLUX 200 may be completed with robust
screw fed burner for pellet firing (e.g. PB 10), feeder and fuel tank.
OVENTROP Sp. z o.o.
Pavilion 5, sector B, stand 37
DynaTemp system serves the monitoring of rooms and controlling of the operation of the heating and
water installations using the Internet and the home computer network. Apart from the application in
the public utility buildings the device can be used in small dwelling houses, providing the user with
several functions so far used only in the big office buildings.
Pavilion 5, sector E, stand 149
SolvisMax complete heating system running on gas/ oil/ heat pump supported by sun collectors and
fireplace. Built-in burner, patented stratified tank together with heat exchanger guarantee maximum
efficiency and minimum fuel consumption.
SolvisMax Pur
SolvisMax Pur complete heating system running on gas/ oil/ heat pump supported by fireplace with
option of installation of sun collectors in the future. Built-in burner, patented stratified tank guarantee
maximum efficiency and minimum fuel consumption.
SolvisMax Futur
SolvisMax Futur heating system is designed to work with any boiler, assisted by solar panels and / or
fireplace. The possibility of incorporation of any fuel burner in the future, patented stratified tank with
heat exchanger are the uniqueness of this product.
Flat Collector SolvisFera
Solar collectors “Fera” thanks to meander shape of the absorber tubes reach the highest performance
level among the available flat collectors, and as the result of use of "low-flow” technology they are
characterized by low demand for electricity.
Vacuum Collector SolvisLuna
Collectors "Luna" enable to achieve a similar effect as the other collectors, but they occupy smaller
surface on the roof or can be installed in less sunny places. Increase of productivity is achieved
thanks to the technology of mirror coatings that focus sun's rays inside the vacuum tube.
Promar Sp. z o.o
Pavilion 5, sector D, stand 116
The program is dedicated to owners and property managers. The program aim is the reduction
of buildings energy consumption, ensuring energy safety and increase the efficiency of energy
usage. The program implementation has guarantee of reducing costs of energy consumption.
Pavilion 5, sector D, stand 118
Metal expansion joints made of bellows with diameter DN400÷600
Metal expansion joints made of bellows with diameter DN400÷600 using water hydroforming
technology. Compensators with maximal axial movement 250 mm and working pressure 25 bar.
Application for pre-insulated pipes, welding, with flanges or for pumps, units and diesel engines
vibration compensation.
Rbr ecom Polska
Pavilion 5, sector B, stand 14
Flue Gas Analyzer ecom-EN2
The new EN2 is robust, compact and designed for long life operation. It is ideal for the quick check
and adjustment of firing plants and can be equipped with up to 4 electrochemical sensors (O2, CO
and NO, NO2 as option). It has an electronic condensate monitoring with safety stop. A fast thermal
printer is standard as well as USB interface and a slot for MMC.
Flue Gas Analyzer ecom-J2KN (Industrie)
The J2KN (Industry version) is designed for higher application requirements including possible longterm measurements. It can be equipped with up to 6 electrochemical sensors (O2, CO, and optional
NO, NO2, SO2, H2S, NH3, HCL, CxHy) and an Infrared bench for CO, CO2, CxHy. Automatic
condensate evacuation is standard as well as an electronic gas cooler.
Tightness Check Suitcase Kit ecom-DPK
The tightness check case DPK offers a complete kit for the evaluation of gas installations. Connection
tubes with quick-fittings as well as practical connection adapters render the operation uncomplicated.
Preliminary checks, main checks leakage rate measurements can be done easily (up to 1500 mbar).
Results can be documented on a thermal printer.
Electronic Pressure Manometer ecom-UNO
Many pressure measurements in heating applications, like gas flow pressure, nozzle pressure or
chimney draught can easily and quickly be performed by using the ecom-UNO. The small and handy
instrument fits in every pocket. An integrated magnet provides an easy fixation on magnet surfaces. It
is available in two versions: +/- 200 hPa and in +/- 30 hPa.
Gas Leak Detector ecom-LSG
The gas leak detector ecom-LSG is designed for the quick and reliable identification of leakage sources
at gas installations. The sensor sensitivity can be adjusted and the robust sensor head is connected to
a flexible swan-neck so even difficult accessible sections can be reached. The operating time is up to 8
hours and the batteries can be recharged.
Cooling Gas Detector ecom-LSK
The gas leak detector ecom-LSK is designed for the quick and reliable identification of leakage sources
at refrigerates installations and heat pumps. The sensor sensitivity is adjustable. The robust head is
connected to a flexible swan-neck to reach difficult accessible sections. The operating time is up to 8
hours and the batteries can be recharged.
Pavilion 5, sector B, stand 54
Fully configurable weather compensation controller for boilers with automatic feeding of solid fuel,
supporting up to 2 heating circuits, equipped with mixing valves. The controller can work the boilers
equipped with the retort or piston-driven feeder. At several power stages the boiler operation is
connected with the PID algorithm.
Controller for boilers with the blow-in. Casing sealed with silicone, graphic display, device manual
instruction in-built into the controller, modified with PID algorithm – these features make new quality
in this category of equipment.
Controller for the solar systems with 19 in-built work schemes. Impressive, highlighted screen,
functional casing in combination with attractive price are the product’s features.
Module of automatic combustion adjustment for the ControlS101 controllers. Automatic correction of
fuel and air quantity for the retort or piston-driven burner. The solution patent applied for at the
Patent Office of the Republic of Poland.
Wireless weekly programmator with the option of bidirectional communication. In combination with
our other devices it enables remote monitoring of some of the boiler’s parameters. Information about
the boiler alarms is visible on the room panel and additionally acoustically signalled.
Remar PH Sp. z o.o.
Pavilion 3, stand 73
Brass fittings
Elbow 90 No 90. Max working pressure 16 bar
Galvanized cast iron fittings
Cast iron fittings with thread acc. to DIN 2999 and ISO 9002 NEN 3258
ISOR 7 taper threads.
Tensile strength: min. 28kg/mm2 ( 40000 p.s.o.)
Testing: each fitting is tested and checked under the water pressure of 10 bar.
PVC fittings
T-pipe 90
Brass Fittings
Brass ball valve, type Hydro-S
Hose Megaflex – garden hose, woven PVC, light make. Free from barium and cadmium.
Heavy Fittings
Butterfly damper
Housing: iron casting
Axle: stainless steel
Sealing: NBR/EPDM
Painting: Epoxy
Working pressure: 16 bar
Working temperature: -20ºC up to 135ºC max.
Fits flanges PN 6 / 10 / 16
Robobat Polska Sp. z o.o.
Pavilion 3, stand 161
EXPERT Energy Certificate+
Tool, easy in operation, for energetic certification of the dwelling buildings and multi-family buildings,
public utility buildings as well as production, warehouse and farm buildings. The program serves
calculating of the building demand for energy for the needs of the central heating, hot service water,
ventilation, lighting and air conditioning. There is a possibility to download the full 30-day program
version from the webpage www.robobat.pl.
Sanha Polska Sp. z o.o.
Pavilion 5, sector C, stand 60
New series of 30 000 and 80 000 fittings
„Pb-free” products of Sanha company are made from the copper and zinc alloy, and, in order to meet
the requirements of the directive and eliminate the presence of lead, the new alloy additive – silicon –
was used. Lack of the lead compounds in chemical composition of the CUPHIN alloy prevents this
element from penetrating to water during exploitation of the cold and hot service water installations
and of the installations with specific hygienic requirements, even during long periods of water
stagnation in the installation.
Schlosser Heiztechnik Gruppe Polska Sp. z o. o.
Pavilion 5, sector E, stand 173
Sets of Bathroom valves - Elegant Style series
Decoration sets of bathroom valves in exclusive carry out of colors – white, chrome, satin, steel,
antique brass, antique cooper. Sets includes: lockshield valves, radiator valves with manual knob oraz
fittings which gives possibility of montage to installation.
Ceramic heads
Innovation look of valves attraction of attention even the most required person. Heads are available in
few carry out of colors. This give a possibility to fit a valve to the rest elements of bathroom
armature. Valves have a very high service life and operational reliability.
SFA Poland Sp. z o.o
Pavilion 3, stand 102
Saniwall Pro (5m/100m)
It is a special shredder pump mounted inside the frame of the suspended toilet bowl, with the
possibility of connecting the entire bathroom. Spacing of the bowl fixing points 18/23 cm. It is
equipped with the dual chromium plated flush button (6/3 l, ECO mode) .
Discreet and silent pump for carrying away of condensate from the air conditioners and
cooling equipment, perfectly protecting against unnecessary moistness of the rooms and the
devices themselves, when it is not possible to remove them gravitationally. The pump was designed
for the installations below the air conditioner drip tray.
Condensate pump is the extension of Sanicondens Plus (4,5m/50m) by the superstructure with a
drawer for the neutralizer (to be replaced once a year, and attached at the time of purchase to the
device), indispensable in public boiler houses equipped with ovens. Recommended for the investors
who care about ecology.
Sanicompact Comfort (3m/30m) is a modern, as far as the design is concerned, suspended bowl
with the shredder-pump inside and with the integrated metal frame and slow close toilet seat. In its
cost-saving flush version it requires only 1,8 l of water to flush the contents. It combines ecology with
Shredder with high performance pump for pumping out wastewater and fecal matter from
the entire house; the innovative shredding system also for the public applications. Equipped with two
1500W motors, and the additional alarm detector (HF), transmitting information via radio. Several
inlets of different diameters in the device.
Pavilion 5, sector D, stand 138
The vacuum collector P10 DE (SUNPUR OEM 10/2 HP is manufacturing in Lahnstein (Germany).
It was designed and made with the highest care. Thanks to it installation becomes an easy task. It
has simply and solid construction, modern design and it is offered in three possible lengths : 80, 150
and 200 cm. Its most important merit is high efficiency. With a small surface we receive more such
valuable energy.
The flat collector ST 191 DE is entirely made in Germany. Its characteristic feature is super light,
stable and solid construction. As a result the product is sold with ten-year guarantee. Moreover,
durability of this collector is stated as 25 years at least. Thanks to super selective coat SunSelect®
the percentage of absorption is defined as 95%.
Spiroflex Sp. z o.o.
Pavilion 5, sector B, stand 23
Enamelled chimney inser for carruing away of flue gas from boilers fired with coal, fine
coal and eco-pea.
The insert is intended for carrying away of flue gas from boilers fired with coal, fine coal or eco-pea.
Special enamel (resistant to chemicals and heat) effectively protects the chimney against the
aggression of chemical compounds formed in result of coal burning, and also the sulfur and chloride
pollution. Tightness is obtained thank to the use of ceramic rope seal inside the socket of each
Ceramic chimney in metal casing, named "Hybrid Chimney", for carrying away of flue gas
from boilers fired with coal, fine coal and eco-pea.
The innovativeness consists in the combination of two systems of flue gas off-take, the ceramic and
the metallic systems. The reality has shown, that the metal chimneys, for carrying away of flue gas
from boilers fired with coal are not suitable, because they are subject to perforation, in result of being
affected with chemical compounds formed during burning of coal.
Pavilion 5, sector E, stand 191
IVT C/E LECP is the new generation of high-performance heat pumps, equipped with energy-saving
circulating pumps of high and low source, and the new Rego 1000 Controller with wide range of
additional functions. The series of types of the heat pumps IVT C/E LECP available in options with the
following power values 6, 7.5 , 9, 11, 14 & 17 kW.
Three functions – one system: heating, ventilation, cooling!
proKlima is the first system, which in a complex way treats the climate of the rooms, realized by both
the heating and the cooling, as well as by the appropriate ventilation. proKlima is the integrated
system showing the direction, which entirely meets the requirements of a healthy compartment,
effective and cost saving usage of energy, and the highest comfort.
IVT Air is the family of heat pumps, which acquire energy for the heating purposes from the outside
air, and when requested, for production of hot service water. The family of products consists of the
following types: Air 50, Air 70, Air 90, Air 120 and Air 150. These pumps, do not require drilling wells
or placing coil pipes in the ground. The AIR pump is placed outside the house, where the silentrunning fan sucks-in the outside air.
IVT PremiumLine X11, X15
IVT PREMIUMLINE series – higher efficiency with lower energy consumption! New generation of heat
pumps. IVT PremiumLine are the first IVT heat pumps, in which the compressor and the low source
circulating pump are the inverter devices. The heat pump produces exactly as much heat energy, as is
needed at the time to compensate the building heat losses.
SUNERZHA Sp. z o.o.
Pavilion 5, sector E, stand 187
FURORE VERSO – design model with unusual shape. Perfectly curved pipes create spatial and
sophisticated form. Polished to the high gloss stainless steel and the unique colours of black pearl,
copper, gold and chameleon – do not have the substitutes on the market.
ELEGY VERSO- decorative radiator of stainless steel with modern look. Thickness and density of
pipes influence on efficiency. The technology of pipe welding applied in all of the radiators has the
effect in durable joint of a pipe with a profile which does not react for cleaning agents and heating
BOHEMIA P4 – innovative improvement of classical ladder by shelves on which clothes and towels
will be always warm. As every Sunerzha stainless steel radiator, it has a 10-year guarantee, can be
adapted in all types of heating systems and is available in colours of black pearl, copper, gold and
FURORE BIS- shape and composition of curved pipes combine elegance with high usability. In
addition SUNERZHA radiators are distinguished by decorative elements which hide the air plug velves
and gives the impression of one whole with the radiator.
ELEGY – radiator of extraordinary form, meets the expectations of every consumer. Natural colour of
polished stainless steel and colours such as black pearl , copper, gold and chameleon fits perfectly to
any styles of bathrooms. Regulated mounts make the assembly of the SUNERZHA radiators quick and
Swegon Sp. z o.o.
Pavilion 3, stand 137
GOLD LP air handling unit
The GOLD LP (LP stands for ’Low Profile’) is a complete air handling unit with rotary heat exchanger
and built-in control equipment. Thanks to its low installation height, the GOLD LP can be installed in
false ceiling voids, horizontally in an attic space or in other confined spaces.
Demand-Controlled Ventilation System – Swegon WISE
Swegon WISE is a complete system solution for buildings with a variable occupancy. Through the
active elements of the system, Swegon WISE adjusts the quantity of ventilated air to the current
number of users and their needs.
Pavilion 5, sector D, stand 115
For installation work, quiet, light and dust-free machine:
- a new more powerful motor, 40% stronger, 1250W
- 40% faster cutting
- precisely and deeply cuts holes in the walls
- cuts vents, ducts and electrical conduits
- cuts along the arch and at any angle
Pavilion 5, sector D, stand 143
Distributor for the 1 1/4" central heating, equipped with the 1/2" ball valves at the
Modular industrial distributor for the 1 1/2" central heating, equipped with the 1" ball
valves at the outlets
Modular industrial distributor for the 2" central heating, equipped with the 1" ball valves
at the outlets
Modular industrial distributor for the 1 1/2" floor heating, equipped with the 3/4" control
and thermostatic valves
Modular industrial distributor for the 2" floor heating, equipped with the 3/4" control and
thermostatic valves at the outlets
Distributors made from round brass tubes with diameters ranging from 1 1/4" to 2", intended for
heating of large objects such as industrial production buildings, sports buildings, schools, hospitals.
Segmented construction in case of diameters 1/2" and 2" allows to assembly a distributor of any size.
They can be used in central heating installations as well as in the installations of floor heating, and the
application of the brand valves of a renowned firm in them ensures perfect regulation and achieving
of high flow rates of the heating medium (water).
Teklim Sp.j. / 2VV
Pavilion 3, stand 129
VENESSE Air curtain, Komfort series
The new vertical air curtain has been developed with strict requirements for performance, energy
savings, and most of all, minimum operating noise. The result is the quietest, best-performing air
curtain in its class.
STYLESSE Air curtain, Design series
The air curtain is designer for representative interiors. New series offers a unique in-class solutions
such as PID control, internal color fluorescent lamps, antibacterial lamp, refreshing air aromatic
contribution fragrances . Standard colors are silver, graphite and champagne – all metalic.
INTENSSE Air curtain, Design series
The air curtain is designer for representative interiors. New series offers a unique in-class solutions
such as PID control, internal color fluorescent lamps, antibacterial lamp, refreshing air aromatic
contribution fragrances . Standard colors are silver, graphite and champagne – all metalic.
ISIS ventilation center with heat recuperation, Recovery series
Compact heat recovery unit, cross-flow exchange with 60% efficiency, integrated heater for winter
ventilation, integrated by-pass for summer ventilation, G4 filters, remote control for comfortable
operation, appropriate for installation into kitchen cabinet (width=60cm).
AVENTIS ventilation center with heat recuperation, Recovery series
Main features of the unit are high efficiency (up tp 90%) in retrieving heat thanks to diagonal
recuperator and low power consumption (EC motors). Regulation is fully automatic, ventilation is
regulated in accordance with temperature, air humidity or CO2 concentration. Height of the unit = 36
Pavilion 5, sector B, stand 13
Gas fired central heating condensation boiler, with one – or two functions and with powers of 5-25
kW and 7-30 kW respectively. Efficiency 107,7%; low emission of NOx, heat exchanger and
cylindrical PREMIX burner made of stainless steel; control panel with full automatic diagnostics and
weather-relating adjustment; complete system of protections, 3 years of guarantee.
Testo Sp. z o.o.
Pavilion 5, sector B, stand 42
Digital manifold testo 550
Testo 550 -it’s professional solution measuring in daily work on refrigeration systems and heat pumps,
in service and maintenance and when commissioning systems.
Testo 350: high and low pressure measurement as well as temperature calculation, calculation of
superheating/ subcooling in real time, robustness and highest ease of operation,30 refrigerants are
stored in the instrument.
UNIWERSAL Sp. z o.o.
Pavilion 3, stand 130
MagEllan hybrid system of exhaust ventilation
The essence of the operation of the MagEllan system consists in combination of the operation of the
Mag hybrid fan with the Ellan ceiling diffuser. The Mag hybrid fans are driven by the electronically
commutated single-phase motor, with the low installed power factor and the maximum output of
400m3/h and 260m3/h depending on the motor gear.
Vario Term Sp. z o.o. / Mera Term
Pavilion 5, sector E, stand 180
Installation kit „Lux-1” for a bathroom heater.
Execution: chromium, nickel (steel) or chromium-satin finishing. The kit consists of the thermostatic
head, cut-off non-return angle valve, thermostatic angle valve (as required), left-hand or right hand
angle valve.
Installation kit „Lux-3” for a bathroom heater.
Execution: white (RAL 9016 ) or white–chromium. The kit consists of the thermostatic head, cut-off
non-return angle valve, thermostatic angle valve (as required), left-hand or right hand angle valve.
Installation kit „Swing 1” for a bathroom heater.
Execution: chromium. The kit consists of the angle valves: the non-return cut-ff valve and the heater
Pavilion 5, sector E, stand 164
Vacuum cleaning unit VARIOVAC Premium VIP 200
Premium VIP200:2-motor unit with the information and power control panel in the handle(power
adjustment,a condition of filter and trash can, service),with EasyClean system(bags with
maximizers),which allows the ejection of dust and dust-free exchange of filter.Variovac Intelligent
PowerControl-for the most demanding!
Weishaupt Polska Sp. z o.o.
Pavilion 5, sector A, stand 1A
Condensation gas boiler WTC GB
The world premiere of the new standing condensation boiler with the rated power of 90 kW.
Intuitively simple operation and rich standard instrumentation.
Burners of WM 30 series.
Higher power in the compact size (up to 5 MW). In-built acoustic silencers. High operational efficiency
due to the digital management of the burner work.
Dual fuel burners WGL 30.
The first in Europe dual-fuel low power burner (up to 300 kW), digitally controlled.
Pavilion 5, sector F, stand 217
Solar Group VERTIGO R 90 – 3/4”
Solar group VERTIGO R is used in the solar pumping installations. It is equipped with the Grundfos
SOLAR 15 – 65 pump, flow regulator 2 – 12 l/min, safety group, ball valve with thermometer and nonreturn valve, wall mounted brackets and insulation.
Solar Group VERTIGO VRD 90 – 3/4”
Solar group VERTIGO VRD is used in the solar pumping installations. It is equipped with the air
separator, Grundfos SOLAR 15 – 65 pump, flow regulator 2 – 12 l/min, safety group, two ball valves
with thermometers and non-return valves, wall mounted brackets and insulation.
Weather Compensation Controller Ceta 106
Ceta 106 controller ensures weather compensation regulation of the heating circuit with the mixing
valve. It is equipped with the external temperature and power supply sensors. When required, the
regulator can be equipped with the inside temperature sensor.
Mixing and pumping group SM 125 – DN 25
Mixing and pumping group SM 125 – DN 25 is included in the complete system of the boiler-house
equipment, which contains the switching device, distributor and the pumping groups. It is equipped
with a mixer of T type, Grundfos pump, two ball valves with thermometers, non-return valve, and
Xeoos Polska
Open area, sector 9, stand 1
Kominek wolnostojący: xeoos Twinfire
Forget everything that you knew up to now about fire.With xeoos® chimney stove you can change
immediatelyinto a new fire dimension: A Stove is a stove – xeoos®is innovation, fascination and
ecology.The innovative TwinFire® on first sight puts you underits spell. Mesmerise yourselves by the
fascination of twoflames. This unique burning technology is sympatheticto the environment. The
energy balance is distinguishedon account of the high efficiency.
Pavilion 5, sector D, stand 139
Zehnder ComfoBox Centre
Zehnder ComfoBox Energy Centre includes: heat pump of brine/water type (power 5-13 kW) and
recuperation centre with an automatic by-pass and counter-current heat exchanger (up to 550 m3/h,
95% of heat recovery). The tank for storage of hot tap water with capacity of 400 l and a set of
hydraulic and electric connections included, the base area of 0.5 m2 (with 1 m2 storage tank). Clear
menu in Polish.
Zehnder Metropolitan Heater
New 2010. Steel heater with flat front. Surrounding profile with triangle cross-section is connected
with invisible welds with transverse flat profiles. In bathroom and room version. Optional with chrome
grips for towels. Water supply or water-electric supply. Powder painted in all colours of Zehnder's
Zehnder Silent Fan
New 2010. On-wall bathroom/kitchen fan. Quiet fan with ball bearings and replaceable decors. Noise
level: up to 26.7 dB(A), max. output 95 m3/h.
Zehnder Carboline Ceiling Radiator
Ceiling radiator for heating and cooling of rooms. Modern energy-saving technology: with a power
transmitter the expanded graphite combined with a copper coil is formed in the light panels. Unique
fast reaction time to temperature changes. Integration with ceiling components: lighting, ventilation
components, etc. Perfect solution for offices, schools and hospitals.
Zehnder Terraline Channel Heater – with natural convection
New 2010. The housing of channel is coated with corrosion protective coating, painted lamella heat
exchanger made of copper tube and rigid, massive convection plates. Available in lengths from 800 to
4000 mm, four depths and five widths. Cut-outs for columns available. Aluminium linear or wound grill
in option with different colors, also available in wooden variants.
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