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VC720004MUK Rev1
Multifunction Steam Cleaner Tank
Please read and keep these instructions for future use
IMPORTANT: To prevent limescale problems which would not be covered by
the guarantee, use only deionised, demineralised or distilled water (available
from most large supermarkets), or Morphy Richards’ Water Softener
(for more information, call our UK spares helpline below).
All spares, eg. micro-fibre cloths and water softener, may be
purchased by calling our UK spares helpline on:
0344 873 0710 or logging onto
For competitions, product hints and tips
and more join us at
* Register online for your 2 year guarantee. See back of this instruction book for details. (UK and Ireland customers only)
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Health and Safety
The use of any electrical appliance requires the following common sense safety rules.
Please read these instructions carefully before using the product.
Disconnect from the mains supply
before carrying out any routine maintenance.
• This appliance can be used by persons with reduced
physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of
experience and knowledge, if they have been given
supervision or instruction concerning the use of the
appliance in a safe way and understand the hazards
• Keep appliance out of the reach of children when it
is energised or cooling down.
• Children shall not play with the appliance.
• Cleaning and user maintenance shall not be
undertaken by children without supervision.
Personal safety
• WARNING: Never direct steam at
electrical components or fittings. If
in doubt about the suitability of
steam for cleaning an appliance,
contact the appliance manufacturer
for advice prior to cleaning.
• WARNING: Never touch the plug or
cable with wet hands.
• WARNING: Attachments and tools
will be hot after use. Allow to cool
before attempting to remove.
• WARNING: Do not
discharge the
steam towards
people or
Danger of
• Do not use or keep this product
• Do not store the appliance near hot
surfaces eg. ovens or heating
• The appliance is not to be used if it
has been dropped, if there are visible
signs of damage or if it is leaking.
Other safety considerations
• Do not use any chemical detergents,
perfumes, alcohol or descaler etc in
Mains cable
• Repairs to electrical appliances are
• WARNING: A damaged or severed
only to be undertaken by trained
mains cable fitted with a plug
should never be connected to the
mains supply. It must be destroyed, • Unprofessional repairs can be
dangerous for users.
as a damaged cable becomes
hazardous if connected to a power • Use only genuine Morphy Richards
spare parts and accessories.
• If the supply cord is damaged, it must • The appliance must not be left
be replaced by the manufacturer, its
unattended while connected to the
service agent, or similarly qualified
supply mains.
person to avoid a hazard.
• This steam cleaner is intended for
• Do not allow the mains lead to
domestic use only. Misuse or use for
become strained.
commercial or any other purpose will
render the guarantee invalid.
Product safety
• WARNING: Do not use the appliance
without the filler cap in place.
• WARNING: In the event of a fault,
excess pressure may be released
from beneath the fillier cap.
• To protect against fire, electric shock
and personal injury, do not immerse •
Electrical requirements
WARNING: Always test on an
inconspicuous area first. Never use • Check that the voltage on the rating
on materials that can not resist high
plate of your appliance corresponds
temperature, such as dralon, natural
with your house electricity supply
fur etc.
which must be A.C. (Alternating
Never modify the steam cleaner in
any way.
• WARNING: This appliance must be
cord, plug or steam cleaner in water
• Never operate the steam cleaner
or other liquid.
without water in the tank.
• Should the fuse in the mains plug
• The plug should be removed from the
require changing, a 13 amp BS1362
wall socket after use, before cleaning, • Never fill the steam cleaner’s tank
fuse must be fitted.
with anything other than deionised,
filling or changing the accessories, or
demineralised or distilled water.
carrying out user maintenance.
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Health and safety ....................................................................... 2
Electrical requirements .............................................................. 2
Product overview / Features ..................................................... 4
Operating the appliance ............................................................ 5
Steam cleaning floors ................................................................ 5-7
Using the accessories ............................................................... 7
List of attachments (excluding floorhead) ................................ 8
Refilling during use .................................................................... 9
Anti-scale ................................................................................... 9
After use ..................................................................................... 9
Storage ....................................................................................... 9-10
Maintenance .............................................................................. 10
Contact us .................................................................................. 10
Notes .......................................................................................... 11
Guarantee ................................................................................... 12
VC720004MUK Rev1.qxp_Instruction Book 02/09/2014 15:27 Page 4
Product overview
Carrying handle
On/off power switch
Power indicator light
Steam ready light
Variable steam control
Filler cap
Tube park
Hose inlet and flap
(10) On-board tool storage cart
(11) Hose handle
(12) Steam trigger lock
(13) Accessory release button
(14) Handle steam nozzle
(15) Steam trigger
(16) Hose
(17) Upholstery nozzle
(18) Window squeegee
(19) Extension tubes (x3)
(20) Upholstery nozzle cloth
(21) Accessory adaptor
(22) Stiff floor brush
(shown fitted into floorhead)
(23) Floorhead
(24) Angled nozzle
(25) Small and large nylon
(26) Small and large brass
(27) Floor cloth
(28) Carpet glider
(29) Jet nozzle
(30) Measuring jug
(31) Funnel
VC720004MUK Rev1.qxp_Instruction Book 02/09/2014 15:27 Page 5
Operating the appliance
IMPORTANT: The pressurised steam is at a high temperature. Always test on an inconspicuous area
first. Never use it on objects or surfaces which cannot resist this temperature, or on surfaces with
coatings or polishes, or on delicate materials such as dralon, plastic, natural fur or antique items etc.
If in doubt, check carefully on a part of the material where minor marks will not matter.
Steam cleaning floors
IMPORTANT: The steam cleaner should not be used on:
• bare wooden floors or any surfaces where wood is exposed (as the surface will absorb moisture and may
• damaged hardfloors or hardfloors with gaps present (as the flooring will absorb moisture and may distort).
Additionally, do not keep the floorhead (23) in one place for an extended period because the continual heat
may cause damage to carpets and some hardfloor types such as laminate flooring.
• Use the low steam setting on sealed wood and laminate flooring, do not make the floor overly wet.
• Use the medium steam setting on tiled flooring, do not make the floor overly wet.
• Use the high steam setting on stubborn marks and dirt.
Lock the trigger (see step 6 of “Steam Cleaning Floors” on page 6) and allow the cloth or attachment to cool
before removing.
Thoroughly sweep or vacuum floors before steam cleaning.
The stiff floor brush (22) should only be used on hard ceramic type floors.
Pull the hose inlet flap (9) down at the front of
the cleaner.
Unscrew the filler cap (6) by turning
Push the hose connector firmly and fully into the
cleaner socket.
NOTE: If there is pressure in the boiler, the
filler cap cannot be removed. Switch off,
release any pressure via the hose trigger and
press the red button on the filler cap to allow
the cap to turn.
WARNING: Please allow the product to cool
and release any pressure before removing the
Fill the boiler with a maximum of 1 litre of water
by using the jug and funnel provided.
IMPORTANT: To prevent limescale problems in
the product, only use deionised, distilled or
demineralised water (or Morphy Richards’
Water Softener). Any problems arising from
limescale will invalidate the product
Refit the filler cap and fully tighten by turning
clockwise. If the filler cap will not tighten, press
down the red button.
NOTE: If there is pressure in the product, the
red button cannot be pushed down.
VC720004MUK Rev1.qxp_Instruction Book 02/09/2014 15:27 Page 6
Steam cleaning floors (continued)
Ensure the stiff floor brush (22) is fitted into the
floorhead (23), or use the stiff floor brush
seperately on tough areas. Press the pedal to
remove the stiff floor brush.
Fit the cloth to the floorhead using the grips on
the underside of the floorhead. If cleaning
carpets, the carpet glider (28) should be
attached to the floorhead.
Attach the floorhead to the extension tube(s) (19)
or directly onto the hose handle (11).
The cleaning power of the cloth can be
optimised by flipping, changing and washing
the cloth regularly.
If using the extension tubes, push them onto the
handle steam nozzle (14) as far as they will go
until you hear a click.
Additional cloths can be ordered through our
To clean very dirty areas, move the floorhead
over the surface more slowly in order to increase
the cleaning action of the steam.
WARNING: Before switching ON, ensure the
steam outlet is located safely away from
persons or animals.
Plug in at the mains outlet and switch on the
steam cleaner at the on/off power switch (2).
The red power indicator light (3) will illuminate.
When the steam is up to pressure, the green
steam ready light will illuminate. This will take
approximately six minutes. The steam cleaner
is now ready to use.
The green steam ready light will cycle
on-and-off during operation to show that the
steam cleaner is maintaining the steam
Press the steam trigger lock (12) to allow the
steam trigger (15) to be operated. When not in
use, press the lock ‘on’ to prevent accidental
release of steam.
WARNING: When the trigger is first pressed, hot
water may be ejected, especially if the water
tank has been overfilled. Release the first steam
safely into a sink or bucket.
WARNING: If you leave the working area, apply
the trigger lock, switch the steam cleaner off
and unplug.
VC720004MUK Rev1.qxp_Instruction Book 02/09/2014 15:27 Page 7
Steam cleaning floors (continued)
The variable steam control (5)‚ varies the steam
output. Turn the knob anti-clockwise as far as it
will go for the maximum amount of steam, or
clockwise to decrease steam output.
During use, the tubes and nozzle can be stored
in the park position for short breaks whilst
Using the accessories
For a variety of cleaning tasks, alternative accessories can be used. Follow steps 1-2 & 5-7 from ‘Steam
cleaning floors’ on pages 5-7, but use the accessory adaptor (21) with other accessories attached in place of
the floorhead (23) at step 3.
WARNING: Unplug the steam cleaner and allow to cool before fitting or changing attachments or cloths as
they become hot during use.
Push the accessory adaptor (21) as far as it will
go onto the handle steam nozzle (14) until you
hear it click into place.
Push the upholstery nozzle (17) or jet nozzle (29)
onto the accessory adaptor (21) and turn in a
clockwise direction to lock into place.
The accessory adaptor can be removed again
by pressing the accessory release button (13) to
release it.
If using the window squeegee attachment (18),
it must be clipped onto the upholstery nozzle,
which in turn must be fitted onto the accessory
adaptor as described above.
The extension tube(s) (19) can be used in
between the hose handle (11) and the accessory
adaptor for additional reach if required.
If using the angled nozzle (24) / small and large
nylon brushes (25) / small and large brass
brushes (26), these must be pushed onto the jet
nozzle (29), which in turn must be fitted onto the
accessory adaptor (21) as described above.
VC720004MUK Rev1.qxp_Instruction Book 02/09/2014 15:27 Page 8
List of attachments (excluding floorhead)
Accessory adaptor (21) this attachment is the
base attachment for all accessories supplied with
the product (excluding the floorhead and the
extension tubes).
Jet nozzle attachment (29) this attachment can be
used alone to clean places or crevices that are not
easily accessible. Also, this attachment is the base
attachment if using the small and large nylon
brushes (25) / small and large brass brushes (26)
/ angled nozzle (24).
Small and large nylon brush attachments (25) to
remove stains on room-temperature surfaces,
such as tiles, wheel trims, mirrors and windows.
Upholstery nozzle attachment (17) once attached
to the accessory adaptor (21), the utility
attachment is the base attachment for attaching
the following accessories:
Small and large brass brush attachments (26) to
remove stubborn stains. Use only on hard metal
surfaces, eg. draining boards, BBQs etc.
Angled nozzle attachment (24) to clean sanitary
ware such as toilet bowls, taps or sinks. Point it
directly at non-permanent stains on carpets or
upholstery whilst holding a clean cloth near the
stained area to capture any loosened dirt.
The squeegee attachment can be attached to the
utility attachment by inserting the hooks at the
back of the squeegee attachment into the loops on
the back of the utility attachment, then securing
the front of the utility attachment into the locking
clip on the top of the squeegee attachment (as
Upholstery nozzle cloth (20) for covering the utility
attachment when freshening up upholstery,
garments and bedding.
Squeegee attachment (18) is ideal for cleaning
tiled or glass areas such as windows or mirror
panels. To clean windows, start at the top, press
the squeegee to the surface and drag downwards
in straight passes from top to bottom. Wipe the
rubber blade and the bottom edge of the window
dry after each pass. For small window panels,
remove the squeegee tool and spray the steam
directly onto the surface. Use the squeegee
separately to wipe away the moisture.
Remove the squeegee after use by holding the
locking clip forward. Pivot the utility attachment up
and unhook from the loops to lift it away.
WARNING: Do not use on very cold glass, as the
sudden temperature change may crack the glass.
VC720004MUK Rev1.qxp_Instruction Book 02/09/2014 15:27 Page 9
Refilling during use
After use
To refill the boiler during use, follow the procedure
WARNING: Always switch off, unplug from the
mains supply and release all steam before
opening and removing the filler cap (6).
Follow the maintenance steps below after every
Release the steam pressure by pressing the
steam trigger (15) on the handle until all the
steam has been expelled. Leave the steamer to
cool down for a few minutes.
Switch the cleaner off and unplug from the
socket. Wait until the cleaner has cooled down
Release any steam pressure by pressing the
steam trigger on the handle.
Apply the steam safety lock.
Remove the filler cap.
Empty the water tank. Allow the inside of the
water tank to dry out before replacing filler cap.
On-board tool storage
The cleaner may be used with or without the
on-board tool storage cart (10).
Fill the boiler as previously (please see
‘Anti-scale’ section below for further information).
Press the button at the rear of the cleaner and lift
to remove the boiler from the cart.
To prevent limescale build-up in the boiler, never
fill the steam cleaner’s water tank with anything
other than deionised, demineralised or distilled
water (available from most leading supermarkets),
or Morphy Richards’ Water Softener (790002) for more information or to purchase, call our UK
spares line on 0344 873 0710.
The use of the correct water is an additional
precaution that should be taken to ensure the
performance of the boiler is maximised and the
product is not damaged.
The accessories for your steam cleaner can be
neatly stored in the cart.
IMPORTANT: The use of any other fluids can be
dangerous and can lead to damage of the heating
Rinsing the water tank
To clean the water tank fill it with clean water and
shake vigorously. This will release any limescale
deposits that have collected on the bottom of the
tank. Pour the water out by holding upside down.
When replacing the steam cleaner on the cart,
put hose inlet (9) end in first, then with a firm
downward motion push until you hear the button
at the back of the cart click to lock in place.
VC720004MUK Rev1.qxp_Instruction Book 02/09/2014 15:27 Page 10
Cord storage
There is a cord storage facility on the bottom of
the cart. With the cleaner on its heel, pull-out the
lower portion and rotate half a turn. Pull the latch
in the centre downwards to allow the upper
portion to move out. Wrap the cable around the
two hooks.
Contact us
If you are having a problem with your appliance,
please call our Helpline, as we are more likely to
be able to help than the store you purchased the
item from.
Please have the product name, model number
and serial number to hand when you call to help
us deal with your enquiry quicker.
UK Helpline: 0344 871 0944
IRE Helpline: 1800 409 119
0344 873 0710
Talk To Us
For quick release of the cable, rotate the lower
portion back half a turn.
Make sure cord storage is returned to its
flattened position before using your steam
WARNING: Always unplug the Steam cleaner
from the mains supply before undertaking any
maintenance procedures.
Overall maintenance
Your cleaner is manufactured to withstand normal
day-to-day use, but an occasional wipe over with
a damp cloth will help maintain it. Abrasive
cleaners should not be used.
Cleaning the cloths
The floor cloth (27) and the upholstery nozzle
cloth (20) can be machine washed (40ºC max).
For heavy soiling, soak the cloths in warm water
and detergent or a mild stain remover.
IMPORTANT: Do not use bleach or fabric
Allow cloths to completely dry before storing.
Replacement cloths can be purchased by calling
our UK helpline directly on: 0344 873 0710 or
logging onto
Maintaining the attachments
Dirt and blockages should be regularly removed
from the attachments to help prolong their usage.
If you have any questions or comments, or want
some great tips to help you get the most out of
your products, join us online:
VC720004MUK Rev1.qxp_Instruction Book 02/09/2014 15:27 Page 11
Please attach your receipt to this page. This will be needed if you have any issues with the appliance.
VC720004MUK Rev1.qxp_Instruction Book 02/09/2014 15:27 Page 12
VC720004MUK Rev1 09/14
Registering your 2 year
Your standard 1 year guarantee is extended for an
additional 12 months when you register the product within
28 days of purchase with Morphy Richards. If you do not
register the product with Morphy Richards within 28 days,
your product is guaranteed for 1 year. To validate your 2
year guarantee, register with us online at
If, for any reason, this item is replaced during the 1 year
guarantee period, the guarantee on the new item will be
calculated from original purchase date. Therefore it is vital
to retain your original till receipt or invoice to indicate the
date of initial purchase.
This appliance is intended for domestic use only. Misuse
or use for commercial or any other purpose will render the
guarantee invalid.
Or call our customer registration line
Morphy Richards shall not be liable to replace or repair the
goods under the terms of the guarantee where:
0344 871 0242
1800 409 119
N.B. Each qualifying product needs to be registered with
Morphy Richards individually.
1 The fault has been caused or is attributable to accidental
use, misuse, negligent use or used contrary to the
manufacturer’s recommendations or where the fault has
been caused by power surges or damage caused in transit.
Please note that the 2 year guarantee is only available
in the UK and Ireland. Please refer to the 1 year guarantee
for more information.
2 The appliance has been used on a voltage supply other
Your 1 year guarantee
3 Repairs have been attempted by persons other than our
To qualify for the 1 year guarantee, the appliance must
have been used according to the instructions supplied.
4 The appliance has been used for hire purposes or non
than that stamped on the products.
service staff (or authorised dealer).
It is important to retain the retailer’s receipt as proof of
purchase. Staple your receipt to this back cover for future
domestic use.
5 The appliance is second hand.
6 Morphy Richards reserves the right not to carry out any
type of servicing under the guarantee at its discretion.
Please quote the following information if the product
develops a fault. These numbers can be found on the base
of the product.
7 The guarantee excludes consumables such as cloths and
Model no.
8 Any problems arise as a result of limescale build-up.
Serial no.
All Morphy Richards products are individually tested before
leaving the factory. In the unlikely event of any appliance
proving to be faulty within 28 days of purchase, it should
be returned to the place of purchase for it to be replaced.
If the fault develops after 28 days and within 12 months (2
years if registered) of original purchase, you should contact
the Helpline number quoting Model number and Serial
number on the product, or write to Morphy Richards at the
address shown.
• This guarantee does not confer any rights other than those
expressly set out above and does not cover any claims for
consequential loss or damage. This guarantee is offered
as an additional benefit and does not affect your statutory
rights as a consumer. Morphy Richards products are
intended for household use only. See usage limitations
within the location safety instructions.
You may be asked to return a copy of proof of purchase.
Subject to the exclusions set out below (see Exclusions),
the faulty appliance will then be repaired or replaced and
dispatched usually within 7 working days of receipt.
If you suspect a fault, follow the simple checks detailed
below before retrying the appliance or calling the helpline.
• Check the steam outlet is not blocked.
• Check the plug is firmly in the socket.
• Check the socket is working by trying another appliance.
• Check the fuse in the plug.
The After Sales Division
Morphy Richards Ltd
South Yorkshire,
England, S64 8AJ
Morphy Richards has a policy of continuous improvement
in product quality and design. The company, therefore
reserves the right to change the specification of
its models at any time.
For electrical products sold within the
European Community. At the end of the
electrical products useful life, it should not be
disposed of with household waste. Please recycle
where facilities exist. Check with your Local
Authority or retailer for recycling advice in your
0344 871 0944
1800 409 119
0344 873 0710
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