OMC-506 Barometric pressure sensor
OMC-506 Barometric
pressure sensor
The OMC-506 Barometric pressure sensor is a high precision sensor with which Observator can guarantee an accuracy of ± 0.2 hPa. This sensor is often used within Met
systems on board offshore platforms, within the Obsermet
OMC-410 MultiMetProbe and various other applications.
The OMC-506 is based on a stable, floating piezoresisitive
transducer and a micro-processor with build in 16 bit D/A
converter. Output RS485 and an industry standard 4..20
mA signal
• High accuracy 0.03% FS
• Temperature compensated
● Range 800..1100 hPa (on request 600..1100 hPa)
● RS485 output and 4..20 mA output
● Low power consumption
● Fast response
● Excellent Long term stability
Barometric pressure sensor in OMC-183 housing
The OMC-506 Barometric pressure sensor is depended
on the configuration mounted into a cabinet together
with the signal conditioning unit OMC-183, mounted into
the housing of the MultiMetProbe or in a separate housing. In all situations there is the possibility to ventilate to
the outside air with a process connection.
Operating range 800 to 1100 hPa
On request other ranges available
Floating piezoresisitive transducer
Temperature compensated (polynomial compensation)
Power 8..28 Vdc
Output RS485 and 4..20 mA
Accuracy 0.05% FS
Temperature range –40°C..70°C
CE-conformity EN50081-2, EN 50082-2
Material 316
OMC-506 in separate housing
CABLE Layout:
White: Out/Ground
Black: + Vcc
OMC-506 in cabinet together with signal conditioning unit
Blue: RS485 A
Yellow: RS485B
(Red not used)
OMC-509 Pressure Port to minimise airflow influences , when the barometric sensor is vented
outside via tube.
The Observator range is in continuous development and so specifications may be subject to change without prior notice
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