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Control Catalog - Samuel Jackson, Inc.
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It’s Possible...
Not Just Promises, but Possibilities
One of the best parts of our job is seeing our products in action at our customer’s gins and there
is nothing like watching the reactions on the day the equipment is started up for the first time.
The second biggest smiles you have ever seen are on the gin crews faces when wet cotton hits the
incoming sensor and the heaters immediately respond by turning up. The biggest smile is on the
manager’s face when the incoming cotton changes back to dry and the heaters not only turn down,
but turn all the way off. It’s an exciting time for our customers and something we always enjoy
An outsider would probably be a little perplexed by this whole scene. They would see a customer
who bought some equipment with expectations of performance and wonder why there is so much
excitement in it working as advertised. If that outsider knew of the many products pushed in
our industry over the years that were long on promises and short on delivery, they would better
understand that excitement of seeing equipment that actually does what it says it will do. And if
they understood all of the control challenges in a gin, they would better understand how rare such
products are and the amount of passion and dedication it takes to produce them.
At Sam Jackson, we know there is no substitute for seeing a product working like it should in
your own gin. We appreciate the commitment you make when selecting one of our products and
when you do, you can be sure of two things. First, we have a long track record and hard earned
reputation for customer satisfaction. Second, we know that keeping that reputation means keeping
our promises to you. After all, we will enjoy seeing our products in action in your gin almost as
much as you will.
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Do you wonder if you can...
...use automatic heater control to
protect from wet surprises and
save 40% or more fuel?
...automate flow
control to gin faster?
...maintain bale moisture
at higher capacity?
...record key statistics on how every bale was
ginned in an easy to use database?
...view current ginning data on-the-go
on your iPhone, iPad or computer?
You can do these things and much more.
Talk to your Sam Jackson rep today and
see what really is possible.
Main Line: 806-795-5218
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Moisture Mirror Line
Building the Perfect Mirror System for Your Gin
Your gin is one of a kind and nobody knows
its needs, people and budget better than
you. That’s why we make it easy for you to
customize a Mirror system by choosing the
options best for you.
Step 1: Select Your Mirror Model
There are five Moisture Mirror models, ranging
from the new budget-friendly Mirror Snap to
the fully- loaded Mirror 4X. Use the comparison
chart and talk to your Sam Jackson rep to see
which model offers all the features you want.
A Moisture Mirror 2X operator interface.
Depending on the Mirror model, you can
choose a variety of input and output connections
- moisture inputs, heater controls, Humidaire controls, motor loads, Air Control 8 integration,
database logging, iPads, iPhones and more! Information is power and the Mirror system provides
you with many ways to gather and use information.
Step 2: Select Sensors and Options
Step 3: Grow With Confidence
Tired of the technology you buy today becoming outdated tomorrow? For over a decade our
Mirror customers have avoided those costs and frustrations. As your needs grow, so can your
Moisture Mirror system. We make it easy to add on additional sensors and options, as well as
providing easy model upgrade options that preserve your original investment.
Model #
Touch Screen Size
Includes Toolbox Enclosure
Moisture Channel Inputs
Flow Analyzer Inputs
Custom Inputs
Alarm Contact
Automatic Heater
Temperature Control
Main Line: 806-795-5218
Yes, Standard
1400, 1500 & 1600
Series Remote
Aux. Heater Remote
Steamroller 2 Remote
Heater Banks Feature
Heater Idle Feature
Automatic Drying Index
Shed Technology
Automatic Control
for Target Bale Moisture
Mobile Mirror App
Printer Option
PBI Auto Increment
Data Recording Option
Air Control 8 Monitoring
and Control
Argus to Mirror X Panel
Touch screen only
Mirror 1
Mirror Snap
Yes, Advanced
Mirror 2X
Which model fits your needs?
SD Card, CSV file
Yes, Advanced
1 analog/1 digital
Mirror 3X
You’ve got it all!
Yes (2)
MySQL Database
on Mac Computer
Yes, Advanced
Yes (2)
Yes (2)
2 analog/2 digital
Mirror 4X
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Moisture Mirror Comparison Chart
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Moisture Mirror Introduction
Automatic Control for the 21st Century
The Moisture Mirror 1 home screen (8-inch screen size).
If you’ve been around ginning for very long, you’ve heard about automatic heater controls. There
are several products out there, but they are either based on 20-year old technology or a custom
product from a local electrician with limited product support or upgrade potential.
The Moisture Mirror is different. When the Moisture Mirror entered the scene in 2001, a world
of new options became available and heater controls have never been the same. The status quo for
automatic heater controls had been a couple of big analog dials rigged up to gas valves on your
heaters. Even the humble new Mirror Snap offers touch screen display and color graphing of three
moisture sensors as well as three flow sensor displays.
If you haven’t looked at moisture controls in a while, they’ve changed! You owe it to yourself and
your gin’s budget to check out what the Moisture Mirror has to offer.
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Moisture Mirror Snap
The Mirror Snap – Efficiency made quick and easy
Some of us need to see where we are going before we begin the drive. The Mirror Snap
offers an easy and affordable method to get a view of the road ahead. Connect up to three
moisture sensors (or other sensor types) as well as three additional channels. Use any
of three available alarm contacts to alert operation personnel about unusual conditions.
Often, these can be connected directly to the process to bypass human response entirely.
A home screen view of the Mirror Snap.
In a cotton gin, Mirror Snap is a natural for monitoring and graphing* moisture in seed, raw feed,
gin stand, or final bale because it connects directly to the unique signal of Sam Jackson moisture
sensors. It may also be used to monitor processes like temperature, pressure, position, weight, or
power. A peak hold feature allows the operator to see quick variations typically missed with the
human eye, a help in troubleshooting some processes or offering flexibility when selecting sensor
*24-hour graphing is only available on the three primary channels of Mirror Snap.
Main Line: 806-795-5218
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Moisture Mirror 1
Moisture Mirror 1 users commonly report
savings of 30% on their fuel bill!
The Moisture Mirror 1 is a good choice
for even the smallest and most budget
conscious gins. It’s loaded with features
and very economical. The feature most
appreciated by ginners is Automatic
Heater Temperature Control. The Mirror
reads the incoming moisture and sets the
heater temperature as a remote set point
on the existing controllers. The Mirror
sets low temperatures when cotton is dry
and instantly asks for more heat when
cotton becomes wet. This saves fuel and
prevents chokes by catching wet surprises
inside modules. Users commonly report
a savings of 30% on their fuel bill!
The Incoming Moisture Screen.
Automatic Humidaire Unit Control for
Target Bale Moisture is another feature
enjoyed by many Mirror users. The
Mirror receives the bale moisture signal
from a compatible sensor and adjusts
the Humidaire’s water temperature set
point to meet the target bale moisture
entered by the operator. This feature
helps maintain optimum bale moisture,
which improves bale weight consistency
and proper press performance.
The Target Bale Moisture Screen.
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The Mirror 1 graphs all connected moisture
sensor data for a 24-hour time period. This
information is helpful for troubleshooting
or monitoring moisture information from
the previous shift.
Flow Analyzers measure the real
horsepower being used by a connected
motor. When used on a module feeder or
inclined cleaner, they help anticipate and
prevent chokes.
Moisture Mirror 1 Key Features and Benefits
• 8-inch color touch screen
• Inputs for Incoming, After-Drying and
Bale Moisture
• Automatic Heater Temperature Control
• Automatic Humidaire Unit Control
for target bale moisture
• Automatic control of Conditioning
Hopper valves
• Flow Analyzer inputs
• 24-hour moisture graphs
• Bale per hour indicators
• Programmable alarm contacts
• Heater Idle button
• Saves fuel
• Helps preserve fiber quality
• Helps avoid chokes
• Heater idle input
• More consistent bale moisture
• Helps maintain optimum moisture
throughout the gin
• Easy to install and use
• Ginner friendly
Main Line: 806-795-5218
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Mirror X Software and Operating System
Meet the Mirror X Line
The operating core of the Moisture Mirror remained
fundamentally the same for almost ten years, since the
product’s release in 2001. Back then, high speed Internet
service at gins was rare, PLCs were less powerful,
touchscreens had fewer options and we never used the
word smart to describe a phone. A lot changed in ten years.
So in 2011, our engineers performed a massive overhaul of the operating system and named it the
Mirror X. This section will highlight some of the advantages and features the Mirror X offers, as
well as answer some frequently asked questions about this exciting upgrade.
Moisture Mirror 4X Home Screen.
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Friendlier, Faster and Mobile Mirror Compatible
Some Mirror X Highlights
This software is designed to make setup easier, provide you and your operators with easier
access to information and gives you the advantages of the most advanced automatic controls.
• Mobile Mirror App compatible
• More shown on the Home screen, giving
the information you need at a glance
• New bale moisture control algorithm for
greater stability of bale moisture
• Faster and more robust communication
to connected equipment
• Virtual stack light
• Ability to clear all errors and alarms with
the press of one button
• No operational screen is more than two
button presses away and most are just one
• Clear setup screens with features to make
it easy to adjust settings and options
• More advanced production tracking,
including per shift customization
• Additional inputs on Mirror 3X and 4X
models (details in those sections)
• 1600 Series equipment compatible
• More than 60 other new features
Not all features available on all models.
Frequently Asked Questions:
Can I upgrade my existing Mirror?
Yes! Mirror X software is compatible with all existing Moisture Mirrors.
What Mirror models can be upgraded to Mirror X software?
Mirror X software is available for the Mirror II, III and IV. A Mirror I can be upgraded to a Mirror
2X, 3X or 4X.
Will I need any additional parts?
Your Mirror will require: Ethernet cards, a 260 PLC CPU, a compatible touch screen (normally
applies to Mirror IIs purchased before 2006) and open ports on your network switch. Most
Mirrors have some of these components already, but a Samuel Jackson representative can help you
determine exactly what you need.
How do I get data from the Moisture Mirror X in my gin to my iPhone?
All Mirror X models are compatible with the Mobile Mirror App, but your Mirror data needs to be
securely transmitted to the Internet. See the Mobile Mirror App and Remote Access sections later
in this Handbook for more details.
Main Line: 806-795-5218
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Moisture Mirror 2X
The Mirror 2X is much more than a bigger screen...
and iPad
The Moisture Mirror 2X home screen (10-inch screen size).
The Moisture Mirror 2X has been a popular model because it’s packed with features
and with the Mirror X software the feature list has gotten even longer. Ginners
enjoy its larger 10-inch touch screen but it’s what it does for you that’s impressive.
1400/Delta Class/1500/1600 Series Remote Control, SimpleShed Technology and the Auto-Drying
Index are the core features that have made this model a “can’t gin without” product for many.
And now, add iPhone compatibility to the already strong feature list, giving you the ability to
monitor your Mirror through the Mobile Mirror App.
Many of the most powerful Mirror functions are made possible with Ethernet communications
and the Mirror 2X is the most economical Ethernet equipped model. Check out the following
pages to learn about the Moisture Mirror 2X highlights that users enjoy most.
it features functions that you will not want to gin without.
A detailed view of a King Mesa Humidaire
control screen on the Mirror 2X touch screen.
Remote Control Functions
The Mirror 1 can set the temperatures on
your heater and Humidaire, but the Mirror
2X offers full remote control functionality.
Ethernet allows the Mirror 2X to remotely
control up to 8 - 1400 Series/Delta Class
Heaters and 4 - 1400/1500/1600 Series
Humidaires. As a remote, the Mirror can
start and stop each unit, adjust temperature
set points, view diagnostics and clear error
messages. Ethernet also makes SimpleShed
possible, an incredible fuel saving technology
for gins with Delta Class Heaters.
The basic heater temperature control offered by
the Mirror 1 is a great fuel saver. SimpleShed
Technology takes fuel savings to a whole new
level. SimpleShed can turn Delta Class Heaters
on and off in a matter of seconds. The ginner
simply sets the Incoming Moisture Threshold
and Time Delay on each heater and lets the
Mirror do the rest. When incoming moisture
is below the threshold, the heater is completely
off and in Standby Mode. When it rises above
the threshold, the heater lights in about
3 seconds.
SimpleShed has saved gins as much as 50% on
their fuel bill!
SimpleShed is easy to set up. Heaters can have
separate thresholds staging the moisture content at
which they shed on and off.
For more on this extraordinary feature, see the
Delta Class Heater information in the Drying
Products Section.
Note: some highlighted inputs require optional sensors or hardware.
Main Line: 806-795-5218
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Moisture Mirror 2X
Packed with the most common user requested features.
The Auto Drying Index is easy to turn on and off and
set a Target After-Drying Set point.
Cash Counter
The Cash Counter page is a favorite of
many Mirror users because you can
watch your moisture restoration ROI in
real-time. It requires an after-drying and
bale moisture sensor for functionality.
It works by subtracting the after-drying
moisture from the bale moisture to
determine the moisture restored by
the bale moisture system. The Mirror
reports this value as $/bale and a running
total. Users set the cotton price and bale
weight for the calculation. This value is
also displayed on the Mobile Mirror App
making it easy to show gin customers in
the office or the field.
Target After-Drying Control
As the Mirror 1 gained popularity, the
most often requested feature for the
next model was ‘fully automatic’ heater
temperature control. The Mirror 2X
answers, allowing the operator to set a
target for the After-Drying Moisture.
The Mirror automatically adjusts the
Drying Index (red and blue bar) based
on comparing the target to the actual
moisture value. Incoming moisture is
still monitored and fast-paced changes
are made to the heater temperature set
points accordingly. If the ginner wants to
make adjustments, he can easily change
the target or switch back to manual
Drying Index control.
The always popular Cash Counter page.
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Auto Heater Idling
When there’s a small problem in the
gin, heaters are often left running while
the problem is ‘quickly’ resolved. Many
times, problems are not as small as they
first appear and a few minutes turns into
a few hours. If the heaters are left running
at normal temperatures during this time,
lots of fuel is wasted. The Mirror 2X can
easily solve this problem by automatically
idling heaters when cotton flow stops.
When cotton flow resumes, the heaters
resume normal operation.
Auto Heater Idle setup screen.
The Moisture Mirror 2X offers all the key features and benefits of the Mirror 1, plus:
• 10-inch color touch screen
• 1400/1500/ Delta Class/1600 Remote
• SimpleShed Technology
• Target After-Drying Moisture
• Ethernet Communications
• Remote Access Option- Monitor your
Mirror screen over the Internet
• Auto Heater Idle Feature
• Cash Counter Screen that tracks
the impact of your moisture restoration
• Ability to add a printer
• Heater Banks for greater heater
temperature control
• Mobile Mirror App compatible
Main Line: 806-795-5218
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Moisture Mirror 3X
The Moisture Mirror 3X: Serious Power
Power and
The Moisture Mirror 3X home screen (12-inch screen size).
The Moisture Mirror 3X was designed to enhance 1400, 1500, Delta Class and 1600 Series Sam
Jackson equipment. Humidaires, Heaters, moisture sensors, Air Control 8, the Steamroller and
more are right at your fingertips... and that’s before you even press a button!
The Mirror 3X has improved features from previous Mirror models and has quite a few new
capabilities of its own. Data recording, SmartShed Technology and VFD monitoring with Air
Control 8 and seed moisture measurement are a few of the most popular additions. Take a look at
the next few pages for a more in-depth look at the most popular features.
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Get the most from your 1400, 1500 and
1600 Series Sam Jackson Products.
The Mirror 3X data file exported to a spreadsheet
document. The SD memory card can store up to 40 data
fields for over 1,000,000 bales.
Like the Mirror 2X,
the Mirror 3X has
Shed Technology, but
the latest version has
a few new tricks up its sleeve. SmartShed
Technology builds on the SimpleShed
options offered by the Mirror 2X of a single
moisture threshold and time delay for
shedding heaters on and off. SmartShed
allows the operator to set an incoming
moisture threshold, a threshold for ambient
temperature and humidity and even has
the ability to turn heaters on and off based
on cotton flow.
Data Recording
The Mirror 3X is a completely integrated
moisture management system offering
data recording for all 1400, 1500, Delta
Class and 1600 Series products and
sensors. The Mirror records every
available moisture variable including
Heater and Humidaire temperatures, all
moisture sensor values, Flow Analyzer
readings, ginning rate and ambient
temperature and humidity. The data is
stored on a compact flash memory card and
can be retrieved for analysis via Remote
Access, through a networked computer or
by using a compact flash card reader.
SmartShed Technology is the ultimate in automatic
heater control.
Note: some highlighted inputs require optional sensors or hardware.
Main Line: 806-795-5218
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Moisture Mirror 3X
Air Control 8 Connectivity
The Air Control 8 have quietly
developed a reputation for being
the secret weapon in the world’s
most powerful drying systems.
One reason VFDs are so secret
is because they do their job of
maintaining robust air flow from
the electrical room in the back
of the gin...until now. The Air
Control 8 is compatible with the
Mirror 3X and 4X and ginners can
view VFD operation and change
set points from the comfort of
the Mirror touch screen at the
console. For more information,
see the Air Control 8 section of
this book.
The Air Control 8 screen on the Mirror 3X supports
8 fans and has dynamic text for custom naming.
iPhone/iPad Viewable
The Remote Access Service option lets
you watch your Mirror from home...
or anywhere you take your iPhone or
iPad. That might not sound appealing
at first, but you’ll want your whole gin
to be Internet accessible the first time
the Mirror 3X’s Remote Access saves
you a trip from home in the middle of
the night. This information can also be
viewed by Samuel Jackson personnel
saving you time and money if your
problem can be fixed remotely instead of
having someone make a service call. The
Mobile Mirror App can be downloaded
to an iPhone or iPad in the App Store.
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Auxiliary Heater Remote
The Mirror 3X is not only a
full function remote for 1400
Series and higher drying system
heaters and Humidaires, but it
can also connect to most 1401
and all 1501 Auxiliary Heaters.
That makes it possible for your
operators to monitor and adjust
your auxiliary heater from right
at the console. No more walking
back to the heater to reset
errors and more importantly,
no more surprises caused by
the heater going off without
anyone noticing or struggling
to maintain the desired
temperatures undetected.
Customizable Inputs
an indispensable mission
command center for operators.
So it makes sense that gins
have requests for non-standard
inputs. The Mirror 3X makes
this possible, giving you two
customizable input channels
(one analog and one digital).
You pick the critical points
you want to monitor, such as a
shaft speed, machine operating
temperature, pressure or switch
status. The 3X can display on
screen alarms, helping you
avoid trouble and gin faster.
Main Line: 806-795-5218
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Moisture Mirror 3X
Seed Moisture Input
Cotton seed is valuable and knowing the moisture content of
that seed can help protect its value. The Mirror 3X includes
a seed moisture input displayed on the home screen in real
time. A user-defined alarm contact is provided for a control
action based on seed moisture changes. This option requires
the 80400 Seed Moisture Sensor.
Bales per Shift
The quickest way to see how
things have been running is to
look at the production figures.
The Mirror 2X displays
current and average bales per
hour, but the Mirror 3X does
that and also keeps track of
bale production per shift.
You define the start and stop
time for up to 3 shifts and the
Mirror counts, displays and
records the number of bales
each shift produces, including
the current and last shift(s).
Monitors Temperature and Relative Humidity
You know that ambient conditions affect ginning
operations - make sure your Mirror knows what
those conditions are. SmartShed utilizes the ambient
temperature and relative humidity for advanced automatic heater control. Since this information
is also logged, it can help when analyzing bale and performance data.
Bale ID Logging
As you can see, the Mirror 3X is capable of collecting and recording
a lot of valuable information. To tie the data to each bale ginned,
the 3X is also capable of capturing every bale ID number. Receive
questions about a particular bale? Look up the data for that bale
and see the key information about how it was ginned.
28453_rh 99_SamuelJackson 101 2_20_2015
Steamroller Remote Control Screen
Steamroller 1 and 2 users with compatible control
panels can connect them to their Mirror 3X. This
allows operators to monitor the Steamroller from
the console. The static pressure is continuously
displayed, helping the operator keep an eye on
exhaust air flow - an important operation parameter.
Watching the static pressure can help indicate when
cleaning is needed. The screen also shows the
Steamroller status and speed. Consult with your Sam
Jackson representative for compatibility details.
How did we pack so many features into the Mirror 3X?
The Mirror 3X offers a lot of capabilities and power beyond lower models - more than we could
cram into a single panel. To offer all of these features, Mirror 3X and higher models include
a second control panel that we refer to as the advanced panel. The advanced panel gives extra
processing power and communication points to your Mirror system. This approach also makes it
easier to install field upgrades from a Mirror 1 or 2X.
Having more features requires more screen space to efficiently display information and controls
to the operator. The Mirror 3X utilizes a 12-inch color touch screen to keep key information
available to your ginners at a glance and all of the data and setup screens are never more than a
touch or two away.
The Moisture Mirror 3X offers all the key features and benefits of the
Mirror 1 and 2X plus:
• 12-inch color touch screen
• Data storage on a compact
flash memory card
• Data is internet accessible with
Remote Access Service
• Data is easily exported to
spreadsheet software for analysis
• SmartShed Technology
• Custom input channels (1 analog/1 digital)
• Analog input for seed moisture
• Monitoring and control of Air Control 8
• Steamroller monitoring
• Bales per shift monitor
• Temperature and relative humidity
sensor input
• Bale ID Logging
Main Line: 806-795-5218
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Moisture Mirror 4X
Look at your gin in ways never before possible.
The Moisture Mirror 4X home screen (15-inch touch screen).
The principles behind the Mirror 4X are simple. First, knowledge is power.
Second, the easier it is to access and the more ways it can be analyzed, the
more powerful that knowledge becomes.
The Mirror 4X combines those two basic truths to give you the most
information, the most ways to view it, the most automatic controls and the
most complete and usable database for creating performance reports.
28453_rh 99_SamuelJackson 103 2_20_2015
Look What’s Possible!
The Mirror 4X records ginning data in an Every Mirror 4X has its own website where
you can search for information and create
easy to access premium online database.
reports by any key variable on the Mirror.
Have you ever wondered...
• Search bales by permanent ID #
• how does my day ginning compare
• Search bales by date ginned
to my night ginning?
• how many bales left my gin under
• Search bales by Mirror variable
7.0% moisture last season?
• One click reports for data averages
• how much do we slow down in
by day, week or season
wet cotton?
• is dry cotton hurting my staple?
With easy to find information at your
• is overloading my pre-cleaning affecting
fingertips, you’ll never look at moisture
leaf grades?
control in your gin the same way again!
Main Line: 806-795-5218
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Moisture Mirror 4X
Three Drying Loops for Gins With
Multiple Incoming Feeders
Some gins are setup with multiple
module feeders and/or feed
controls. Without the 4X, such gins
would need additional Mirrors to
provide separate drying control
loops, but the 4X includes three
independent drying control loops,
making it an ideal solution when
moisture in the separate feeders is
not the same. Each feeder has its
own moisture sensor and the drying
indexes may be set independently.
...and Two Bale Moisture Control
Loops for Gins With Two Presses
The Mirror 4X also offers two
independent bale moisture control
loops, saving gins with two presses
from needing to purchase two
separate Moisture Mirrors. This
allows for two independent targets,
two bale moisture readings and the
ability to control two Humidaires
automatically. The screen also
displays the last 16 bale moistures
for each side, so that you see how
well your moisture restoration
systems matches the target.
Note: some highlighted inputs require optional sensors or hardware. Users can choose between the three drying
loops option or the second incoming moisture input, but not both at the same time.
28453_rh 99_SamuelJackson 105 2_20_2015
Second Incoming Moisture Input
In some situations, a second incoming
moisture sensor, like a Tex-Max microwave
for a module feeder, can add the benefit of
earlier response. The Mirror 4X makes this
possible, providing two inputs dedicated for
incoming moisture signals. The automated
control can be set to react to either reading,
the average of the two readings or to the
highest of the two readings.
More Flow Analyzer Inputs
All of the other Mirror models offer only three flow analyzer inputs. The Mirror 4X offers five
inputs, making it possible for you to monitor loads on two additional key points. These points can
also be configured to trigger an alarm contact, helping you avoid costly chokes and proactively
identify potential problems.
The Moisture Mirror 4X offers all the key features and benefits of the
Mirror 1, 2X and 3X plus:
• 15-inch color touch screen
• Two additional flow analyzer channels for
a total of five
• Three independent automatic drying
control loops for gins with multiple feeders
• Two independent automatic bale moisture
control loops for gins with two presses
• Two Steamroller remote control functions
• Equipped with networkable Mac Mini
Server for increased data storage
• Built-in premium database
• Data stored in full functioning MySQL
• Capable of recording 1,000,000 bales of
ginning data
• Dedicated website access to the database
• Database is searchable
• Data can be filtered to hone in on the
variables you want to analyze
• One click reports for data averages for
shift, day or season
• Custom reporting possible
Main Line: 806-795-5218
Moisture Mirror Upgrades
We make upgrading Mirror Models easy!
Mirror I
Mirror 2X
Mirror 3X
Mirror 4X
As deals go, you’ll be hard-pressed to find one like this in the ginning industry or anywhere else
for that matter. Since the Moisture Mirror 2 was released in 2003, Samuel Jackson has made it our
goal to allow Mirror users to retain 100% of their investment when upgrading their Mirror. On
some models, that amounts to over a 50% savings versus buying new. Over 100 gins with Moisture
Mirrors have already taken advantage of this offer.
The Moisture Mirror upgrade is essentially a kit. All Mirrors have compatible wiring, so the
upgrade usually consists of a larger touchscreen and new software. More advanced models include
a second PLC and enclosure with the kit. All existing sensors are compatible with updated Mirror
models assuring you that they can always be reused.
No other equipment in your gin preserves your capital like the Moisture Mirror. We hope you’ll
take advantage of this upgrade offer because it may not be around forever.
Mirror Sensors: The Sled 2
Incoming moisture for gins without a
Samuel Jackson Hot Box.
The Sled 2 is a resistance-based sensor
mounted on a pendulum frame above a
conveyor belt that gives lightning fast,
highly repeatable readings from the
blended seed cotton coming from the
module feeder disperser. The Sled 2 glides
along the top of the seed cotton and sends
high speed readings back to the Moisture
Mirror for automatic heater temperature
control. Sensing can be adjusted for the
wettest material present in the blended
mix to optimize your drying temperature.
The 81680 Sled 2 in action.
The Sled 2 is most often employed
at gins using a conveyor belt that do
not have a Samuel Jackson Hot Box .
The Sled 2 offers an earlier point for
sensing moisture than a feed control,
giving heaters more time to respond
to fluctuations in moisture. The Sled
is a very popular option for sensing
incoming moisture with over 150
units sold since 1995. If you have a
Sam Jackson Hot Box or are planning
to get one, see the section on the Hot
Box with Incoming Sensor.
A Sled 2 and a non-Sam Jackson hot box.
Main Line: 806-795-5218
28453_rh 99_SamuelJackson 108 2_20_2015
Mirror Sensors: Hot Box Door Sensor
If you have a Sam Jackson Hot Box 2 or 3,
save money and space with a door mounted sensor.
Mounting the incoming moisture sensor
on the cotton inlet door was an idea born
out of necessity for gins with limited
conveyor belt length between the module
feeder and the Hot Box 3. With the cotton
inlet door riding less than two inches
off of the belt, the sensor is constantly
submersed in seed cotton making it an
ideal spot for moisture sensing.
The 81670 Hot Box sensor constantly monitors the
moisture content of incoming seed cotton.
The cotton inlet door of the Hot Box 3
is a very hostile environment. Modules
often contain wrenches, concrete pieces,
mesquite stumps and a number of other
items that all end up at the Hot Box door.
With such an abrasive environment,
the rugged and durable stainless steel
design of the Hot Box door sensor is a
requirement. It sloughs off any debris that
comes its way as it performs its daily duty
of taking fast and repeatable moisture
The moisture sensor is mounted on the angled
area at the bottom of the cotton inlet door putting
it into direct contact with seed cotton.
28453_rh 99_SamuelJackson 109 2_20_2015
Mirror Sensors: Universal Sensor
Universal Sensors are the most flexible option
for measuring incoming or after-drying moisture.
The 80300 Universal Resistance Sensor.
After-Drying - The Universal
Resistance Sensor is also welldesigned for measuring after-drying
seed cotton moisture. For gins
that use seed cotton conditioning
systems, the best location for this
sensor is in the overflow hopper.
Gins that do not use seed cotton
conditioning have the option to
locate the sensor between the
conveyor distributor and the
extractor feeder above the gin stand
that receives the most cotton.
Incoming - Lots of gins don’t have
conveyor belts carrying cotton from the
module feeder to an air pickup point.
For those gins, the Universal Resistance
Sensor is the best option for measuring
incoming seed cotton moisture. This
sensor can be placed anywhere cotton
makes contact for a short period of time.
Above vacuum droppers, in feed control
bins and even where cotton touches with
regularity against a stationary surface are
all good locations. Sustained contact with
the cotton is not required due to special
measurement features in the Mirror.
The Universal Resistance Sensor is easy to install and access.
Main Line: 806-795-5218
28453_rh 99_SamuelJackson 110 2_20_2015
Mirror Sensors: Tex-Max Module Moisture
Great for Second Incoming Moisture Sensor
for Mirror 4X Users
Our first recommendation for an incoming moisture sensor is a resistance sensor close to the
pick-up point, such as a Sled 2, a Universal Sensor in a feed control bin or a Hot Box sensor.
These sensors are fast-responding and when paired with a Moisture Mirror, they are capable of
reporting the highest moisture cotton passing across it. That makes them ideal for providing you
with the incoming moisture signal you need for great automatic heater temperature control. If you
can only have one moisture sensor, one of our resistance sensors is the way to go.
But Moisture Mirror 4X users aren’t limited to one incoming moisture input - they can have two!
The Tex-Max Module Moisture sensor is ideal for making the most out of an additional incoming
moisture input. The Tex-Max is mounted on the module feeder, where it scans through the middle
of the module giving advanced notice of changes in module moisture. This means your ginner and
your Mirror 4X can not only see the moisture of the cotton currently being fed into the gin, but
also what is about to enter the gin, as well.
Using these two sensor types in
tandem allows you the advanced
notice provided by the Tex-Max,
while avoiding the shortcomings
associated with microwave sensing at
the module feeder. See the Mirror 4X
section of this catalog for more details
on using a secondary incoming
moisture input.
28453_rh 99_SamuelJackson 111 2_20_2015
Mirror Sensors: Seed Moisture Sensor
Help protect one of your most valuable assets - your seed.
Cotton seed is an extremely valuable asset
to gins because many gins are paid with
seed and nothing else. Seed moisture is
very important because wet seed can cause
an extensive amount of damage in the form
of mold and sometimes fires. The Cotton
Seed Resistance Sensor mounts in your
seed plug access door. As its name states,
it is based on the same fast and repeatable
resistance technology used in the Samuel
Jackson seed cotton moisture sensors.
The 80400 Seed Moisture Sensor is located in the
seed plug access door.
The Cotton Seed Sensor needs a display for
its output signal. For gins with a Moisture
Mirror 3X or 4X there is already an input for
seed moisture. For gins with earlier Mirror
models or no Mirror at all, the singlechannel Reflector is ideal for performing
this function. Both the Mirror 3X, Mirror
4X and Reflector include a user-defined
alarm contact to notify operators or perform
a control action when seed moisture gets too
high. For more, see the sections in this book
on the Reflector and the Moisture Mirror 3X
and 4X models.
A gin has a couple of options to serve as a
display for the Seed Moisture Sensor.
The 80400 seed moisture sensor is intended to offer a useful display of cotton seed moisture for a cotton ginner skilled in evaluation
and handling of cotton seed. This information is intended to be fast and repeatable, but not always accurate. Many variables may affect
accuracy of a resistance moisture sensor like the 80400 when used with cotton seed in a gin. Samuel Jackson recommends operator
attention to actual moisture conditions at all times and user validation of readings against oven moisture tests if readings appear
Main Line: 806-795-5218
Mirror Sensors: Tex-Max Bale Moisture
Know the moisture of every bale.
The Tex-Max is a highly accurate and very repeatable
online microwave-based sensor for reading final bale
moisture. It works by taking approximately 1,000
overlapping scans per second as the bale moves at a
constant speed through the transmitter and receiver.
Each scan passes all the way through the bale and is
not affected by bagging or tie materials.
After the bale has passed through the TexMax, the average bale moisture is displayed
on the LCD screen on the side of the unit. A
4-20 mA output for bale moisture content is also
available for display and automatic Humidaire Unit
control when connected to any Moisture Mirror
The 81710 Tex-Max Bale Moisture Sensor.
Do Not Use With
Water Spray Devices
A Tex-Max cannot protect you against problems from bales that have
been subjected to water spray systems. Because water spray systems
apply moisture unevenly, extreme wet spots can and do exist within a
bale that has an average moisture of less than 7.5%. Problems from
these wet spots can arise before the moisture can equilibrate throughout
the bale. Samuel Jackson reserves the right to refuse sale of a Tex-Max
to any gin using a water spray device.
28453_rh 99_SamuelJackson 113 2_20_2015
Mirror Sensors: Flow Analyzers
Monitor the flow of cotton through machinery.
Flow Analyzers are used to monitor the flow rate of cotton
through gin machinery. True power measured at key
machinery points directly corresponds to mass flow of seed
cotton. We put this principle to good use in the Mirror. Flow
monitoring features in the Mirror may be used, in conjunction
with alarm features, to protect you from cotton flow surges that
might otherwise leave your gin crew cleaning out a machinery
The 81520 Flow Analyzer is normally
installed near the motor starter.
Flow Analyzers typically monitor the module feeder dispersing
cylinders and the cylinders on the first stage inclined
cleaners. As cotton enters the machine being monitored,
the corresponding yellow bar graph on the Mirror changes
according to flow. The alarm features include contact inversion
and time delays to make implementation easy.
Alarms can be setup for a control
action such as pausing the module
feeder or alerting ginners with a light
or a buzzer. Flow Analyzers can also
be used to idle heaters on Moisture
Mirror models 2X, 3X and 4X. All
Mirror models offer at least three flow
analyzer inputs and the Mirror 4X
offers two extra for a total of five.
Flow Analyzer channels can be
programmed with custom alarms,
allowing you to do things like pause the
incoming feed if an incline reaches near
Do you have a problem with chokes from wads entering your belt feed?
The 23556 Cotton Height Sensor acts as an “eye” seeing wads
before they enter your gin and become chokes.
Ask your Sam Jackson Representative for details.
Main Line: 806-795-5218
28453_rh 99_SamuelJackson 114 2_20_2015
Mirror Accessories: Bar Code Scanner and Printer
Economical tools for documenting
moisture from module to bale.
Bar Code Scanner - While the Moisture
Mirror product line gives you an important
window into your ginning process at a specific
point in time, it’s not until later when you sit
down and look at the data that you’re able to
properly evaluate how well your operation ran
over a period of time. The Moisture Mirror
2X, 3X and 4X have the ability to record gin
level moisture control data by Permanent Bale
ID using a Bar Code Scanner. The Scanner
comes with a mounting arm for hands-free
scanning or it can be used manually.
The 81667 Bar Code Scanner is often mounted to
the Tex-Max Bale Moisture Sensor frame.
Printer - Moisture Mirror models 2X and
higher are compatible with the Printer
Option. The Printer provides a single line of
information for each bale. With the appropriate
sensors connected, this information includes:
Permanent Bale ID, BPH, time of day,
Incoming, After-Drying and Bale Moisture,
three Flow Analyzer Channels, Drying Index
Setting, After-Drying Target and Target Bale
The 81663 Printer Option records
line by line bale data.
Remote Access Service
Powerful connectivity...ready in minutes.
Sam Jackson products (depicted
in red) in your gin stay
connected via a local network.
This allows the information to
be conveniently displayed and
shared among products for
integrated performance.
But there are times when you
are away from the local gin
network that you would like
to view or share data on your
ginning operations. Example
devices include iPhones, iPads,
computers or Sam Jackson
support (depicted in green).
Remote Access Service can
securely make the data from your
local Sam Jackson gin network
available to you via the Internet
on any of these devices.
Remote Access Quick Facts
• It’s a fee-based Moisture Mirror network monitoring service.
• Provides you and technicians Mirror remote access for monitoring and troubleshooting.
• Saves service calls, which gets you back to ginning faster and saves you money.
• Required if Samuel Jackson is providing your network support.
• Service is billed annually during gin season.
• Do it yourself option instructions are FREE. See:
• Mobile Mirror is purchased via the Apple App Store by searching for “mobilemirror”.
• Mobile Mirror is designed for both iPhones and iPads.
Main Line: 806-795-5218
28453_rh 99_SamuelJackson 116 2_20_2015
Mobile Mirror App
From the other side of the county to the other side of the world,
your iPhone® can keep you connected to your gin.
Moisture Mirrors have given ginners loads of key information
that helps them run more efficiently, alert them to problems
faster and help automate more processes to achieve consistent
results. For gin managers, it also helps monitor system and
crew performance.
But gin managers wear a lot of hats and can’t always be near a
Mirror screen. But if they have an iPhone, they can have the
next best thing - a Mobile Mirror screen.
With the Mobile Mirror App, over 70 gin variables are at your
fingertips anywhere in your iPhone® service area. Have an
iPad? The Mobile Mirror App works on that, too.
The full Mobile Mirror App is
available through the Apple App
Store, but should only be purchased
once you have the necessary system
requirements, which include a
Mirror 2X or higher and Remote
Access Service. Other specifications
apply, so please visit with your
Sam Jackson rep for full details.
But you can check out a demo of the App for free! Search the App Store
for “MobileMirror Free” and see the simulated ginning variables, try
out the graphing feature and imagine all the ways you can make use
of having this information in your pocket whenever you need it.
28453_rh 99_SamuelJackson 117 2_20_2015
Some variables monitored
by the Mobile Mirror App:
Current BPH
Average BPH
Bales This Shift
Bales Last Shift
Bales This Season
Incoming Moistures
After-Drying Moisture
Bale Moisture
Seed Moisture
Flow Analyzer Loads
Heater Temps
Drying Index
Target After-Drying
Heater Status
Shed Status
Target Mode
Valve Position
Humidaire Temps
Humidaire Status
Evaporation Rate
Purge Rate
Auxiliary Heater
Steamroller Data
Target Bale Moisture
Air Control Set Points
Air Control Loads
Custom Channels
Mirror Inputs
Mirror Outputs
Ambient Temp
Ambient RH%
Cash Counter Data
*depending on your Mirror
model and options
Mobile Mirror connects you to the data being
displayed on the Moisture Mirror in your gin.
Main Line: 806-795-5218
28453_rh 99_SamuelJackson 118 2_20_2015
Moisture Mirror R.O.I.
Use this worksheet to estimate how much
a Moisture Mirror could benefit you each year.
Fuel Savings: Moisture Mirror users typically report 30-50% fuel savings each year.
your annual fuel cost ______________ x 30% = ________________
Reducing Downtime: Mirrors reduce downtime by monitoring loads and surprise wet
spots. Savings can vary, but estimating 1.5% of total operating hours is a good place to start.
downtime rate/hr _______ x all hours/season _______ x 1.5% = ________________
Faster Ginning: Optimizing drying and monitoring flow can allow a gin to operate more
consistently and improve average bales per hour for the entire season. Again this value
varies, but a reasonable estimate is 3% of all operating hours for the season.
gin cost/bale _______ x all hours/season _______ x 3% = ________________
Protecting Seed: Add a seed moisture sensor and you can protect your good seed from
being damaged by wet seed.
tons of seed lost to damage _______ x price/ton _______ = ________________
Optimizing Bale Moisture: Automatic bale moisture control helps you better hold your
target bale moisture, typically gaining you 3.5 pounds/bale or more.
bales/yr _______ x cotton price/lb _______ x 3.5 lb/bale = ________________
Total of Estimated Benefits = ________________
In 2015, over 400 Moisture Mirrors are estimated to have a
total economic impact of over $50,000,000 for the season.
Visit with your Sam Jackson representative to find out how to
maximize your Moisture Mirror benefits.
28453_rh 99_SamuelJackson 119 2_20_2015
The Tool Box
When you have nice tools, you want
a nice place to put them.
Mirrors, advanced panels, Flow Tools, Air Tools, data concentrators,
alarm relay panels - if you own several of these powerful products
the good news is they will make a big impact on your operational
efficiency and profitability. But each of these panels comes in
its individual enclosure, making installation of several panels
challenging. Space requirements, convenient access and inter-panel
wiring are all complicated by using individual enclosures.
So what do you do? We recommend that you take the same approach
as you would in keeping any other high-end tool. Put them in a
Tool Box!
The Tool Box is a 60” x 48” x 10” steel enclosure can comfortably
hold 4 standard panels, with plenty of room to keep wiring easy and neat. It can also house your
Ethernet switch(es) and power supply back-up. An integrated light makes everything easy to see
and panels are mounted at a comfortable working height. Doors open wide, keeping them from
interfering with access when you need it. And it’s equipped with a lock and key when you want to
keep access away from others.
Every time you need panel access, you’ll be glad you have a Tool Box!
Main Line: 806-795-5218
28453_rh 99_SamuelJackson 120 2_20_2015
Handheld Moisture Meters
Handheld Moisture Meters let you spot-check
moisture anywhere within safe reach.
Every gin needs a Moisture Mirror, but sometimes there
are places that you need to check moisture outside of
the gin. The 16001A Delmhorst C-2000 is a helpful
tool that can travel with you to the warehouse, the seed
house, the module yard or the field anytime you need
to spot-check moisture levels. Samuel Jackson has been
a U.S. Dealer for Delmhorst for many years and stands
by their product’s rugged and reliable operation. The
C-2000 is even carried by Sam Jackson technicians in the
field. The handheld unit is sold by itself, but requires one
of the resistance-based sensor attachments for operation.
These include: the 16867A Module Probe, the 16003A
Seed Cotton Cup and the 16002A Bale Probe.
Seed Cotton
28453_rh 99_SamuelJackson 121 2_20_2015
Handheld Temperature Sensor
A diagnostic tool every gin should have.
The Handheld Temperature Meter is a handy product
to have in your gin’s tool room. Even if you don’t use it
everyday, there’s no substitute when you need it.
The Meter does require one of the temperature probes for
operation. The 5-inch long, Air/Water Temperature Probe is
essential for diagnosing thermocouple problems on heaters
or Humidaire Units. Many gins have infrared temperature
meters, but they only measure surface temperature. That’s
great for troubleshooting failing electrical components,
but accurately measuring air or water temperature requires
immersion of a probe into air or water. Taking a reading
near the suspect thermocouple can quickly tell you if it’s
working or not, saving time and headaches.
The Handheld Temperature Meter also supports a Module
Temperature Probe.
Temperature Meter
Air/Water Probe
Module Probe
Specifications and features include:
• 3.5-inch Digital LCD readout
• Displays in Fahrenheit or Celsius
• Temperature Range: -40ºF to 300ºF
-40ºC to 150ºC
• Accuracy: 40ºC to 80ºC, ±1.5ºC
80ºC to 150ºC, ±2.5ºC
-40ºF to 176ºF, ±3ºF
176ºF to 300ºF, ±4.5ºF
• Includes carrying case
Main Line: 806-795-5218
28453_rh 99_SamuelJackson 122 2_20_2015
Air Tools
Why continuously measure your air?
Everyday life is filled with
sensors and indicators to
make our lives better...
In a cotton gin, air is extremely important. It dries and restores moisture, cleans lint, batts fiber,
doffs brushes and conveys material between machinery. For such a critical component in the
ginning process, air has traditionally been difficult to keep a handle on. Air Tools uses online
pressure ports connected to analog gauges or touchscreen displays to make air easier to see and
understand. These pressure measurements act as windows into a gin’s air systems showing changes
as they happen throughout the entire ginning season. Air Tools let you see and prevent blockages
that cripple your air systems and ultimately lead to chokes.
We use them throughout the
gin to monitor compressed
air pressure, amps, hydraulic
pressure, RPMs, temperature,
moisture and more...
28453_rh 99_SamuelJackson 123 2_20_2015
Save time and money by avoiding chokes.
It’s amazing what these
things tell you. We balanced
our air and even found a
problem...that’s before we
even ginned the first bale.
Shep Shepard
Southern Kansas Cotton Growers,
Anthony, KS
Static Pressure Port installed in a pipe.
In a cotton gin, air is extremely important. It dries
and restores moisture, cleans lint, batts fiber, doffs
brushes and conveys material between machinery.
For such a critical component in the ginning process,
air has traditionally been difficult to keep a handle
on. Air Tools uses online pressure ports connected
to analog gauges or touchscreen displays to make
air easier to see and understand. These pressure
measurements act as windows into a gin’s air systems
showing changes as they happen throughout the
entire ginning season. Air Tools let you see and
prevent blockages that cripple your air systems and
ultimately lead to chokes.
28453_rh 99_SamuelJackson 124 2_20_2015
Air Tools
The Static Pressure Port
The 22420B
Static Pressure Port.
Every Air Tools measurement location
requires a pressure port. The static pressure
port measures static pressure inside a pipe
or duct. Static pressure is especially useful
because it is normally very stable and easy
to monitor. When there’s a problem, static
pressure increases or decreases depending
on whether the blockage is upstream or
downstream from the port. Seeing this change
early allows operators to pause ginning, go
straight to the problem, fix it quickly and
resume ginning. Air Tools allows ginners to
detect small problems before they become
large ones saving costly down time.
The Static Pressure Port is made out of
powder-coated cast iron making it durable
and economical. It consists of three pieces
and can be quickly installed from the outside
of any round pipe or rectangular duct.
Suggested measurement locations include:
• Drying system pipes
• Cyclones
• Lint cleaner duct
• Lint flue
• Before or after inclined cleaners
• Fan inlets or outlets
• Other problematic choke points
in your gin
The inside view of
the Static Pressure Port.
28453_rh 99_SamuelJackson 125 2_20_2015
Where can I put Air Tools?
We get asked quite a bit about where to locate
the pressure ports. We’ll do our best to offer
some popular options and tips here:
Module Feeder - This location between
your feeder and dryer can show you drying
system leakage or weak fans. When wet cotton
surprises you, a port here alerts ginners to
slow down.
Incline Cleaners - Make sure to monitor both
sides in a split system for balancing your air.
The pipe between the belly pan and pull fan
has been the most popular for ease of access
and mounting the transducer.
Gin Stands - Air on the gin stands is generated
by the brush and the lint cleaner fan. Locate
the port behind the stand, but closer to the
lint cleaner for higher pressure and greater
resolution on the monitor.
Overflow - Overflow seperators often get
neglected with gin upgrades. As gins run
faster, their overflow system is undersized
and chokes happen. Locate the port before
your seperator or after your overflow storage
Seed lines - Upgrade your gin stands to more
saws and capacity? Nobody wants to break
concrete and change a seed line a country mile
long. Air Tools has a special transducer made
for high pressure seed lines to avoid costly
Lint Flue Riser - This one is pretty flexible, but
the port should be located on the inside radius
of the elbow when the pipe turns vertical.
Avoid locations in direct contact with moist
air being exhausted back into the flue.
Mote/Reclaim System - Mote equipment is
often tucked in the back of the gin with little or
no supervision. Locate a port in the pipe going
to your cleaner to be notified when a mole hill
is about to turn into a mote mountain.
Trash Pipes - Trash systems can be very unique.
This port has many options, but several gins
have located the port on the very end of the
trash line to avoid trash getting into the port.
A top side pipe location keeps the port clean.
Moist air applicator exhaust - A port located
on the exhaust of your Steamroller lets you go
longer without cleaning. Locate the port close
to the applicator for fastest response.
Cyclones - There’s nothing worse than choking
the gin, cleaning up and then choking again
because you didn’t know a stopped cyclone
was the problem. There are 36 ports per Air
Tools system making covering your cyclones
Did we miss a location that would be
helpful? Send us an idea we’ve not heard of
and we’ll send you a FREE Air Tools port
and transducer!
Main Line: 806-795-5218
28453_rh 99_SamuelJackson 126 2_20_2015
Air Tools
Budget-friendly options, because everyone
needs an eye on their air flow.
Simple Monitoring - The Air Tools
product line was designed to fit the budget
and comfort level of any operation.
The easiest way to setup an Air Tools
monitoring point is by connecting the
pressure port directly to a 17880 Analog
Magnehelic Gauge. The Analog Gauge
serves as a monitoring point, but offers
no control action.
Basic Alarm Contact - The 22453
Photohelic Gauge keeps the simple
Analog interface of the Magnehelic, but
adds control action with a built-in relay
contact. The set points are easy to adjust
with the dials on the sensor’s face. If the
pressure reading trips either of these
set points, the contact opens or closes
depending on wiring. These could be
used to turn on a warning light, kick a
gin stand out, pause incoming feed or
any of a number of other possibilities.
28453_rh 99_SamuelJackson 127 2_20_2015
Transducers and Concentrators
put Air Tool readings at your fingertips.
Pressure Transducers - Analog Gauges are
reasonably priced for one or two points to get a
peek into your air systems. As with any system,
looking at one part is helpful, but it really
doesn’t tell you the whole story. Air Tools can
bring multiple monitoring points into a single
touch screen. To accomplish this, a Pressure
Transducer must be used to convert the pressure
readings into electrical signals. One Transducer
is required for every Pressure Port. The air tube
from each Port plugs into a Transducer which is
then wired into the Data Concentrator.
Air Tools Pressure Transducer.
Data Concentrator - A Data Concentrator
is included with every Air Tools 12 System,
but it requires a fiberglass enclosure or an
81960 Tool Box for mounting. A single
Concentrator supports up to 12 monitoring
points. Each additional Concentrator
adds another 12 points of capacity up to a
maximum of 36 points. Cables leaving the
Pressure Transducers are wired into the
Concentrator and then a single Ethernet
cable connects the Concentrator to the Air
Tools Touch Screen Interface or network
switch. The Concentrator should be located
as central to its monitoring points as possible.
The 81951 Data Concentrator connects the Pressure
Transducers to the Touch Screen Interface.
Main Line: 806-795-5218
Air Tools
Air Tools 12: An affordable option for monitoring
the most essential points in your air system.
Air Tools 12 includes: a 12-inch
12 Pressure Ports, 12 Transducers and
a single Data Concentrator to monitor
pressure at the most essential points
throughout your gin. The twelve
points can be used anywhere there is
air flow such as the drying system, lint
cleaners, cyclone banks, etc.
The 81000 Air Tools 12 includes an 12-inch color
touch screen that is easy to read and use.
Air Tools was designed with all users
in mind. The twelve monitoring
channels fill the touch screen, so they
are easy to read and use. Pressing
any channel zooms to an individual
monitoring and setup page. Setup is
simple using an on-screen keypad to
enter each warning and alarm value.
The red, yellow and green scale adjusts
instantly as changes are made. Air
Tools 12 users also enjoy dynamic text
for flexible naming of each monitoring
Each channel can be ‘zoomed in’ to see short
term graphs and setup parameters.
28453_rh 99_SamuelJackson 129 2_20_2015
Want more of a good thing? ‘See the air’
at up to 36 points in your gin.
Once you discover the power of Air
Tools, you’ll find there are lots of places in
your operation that ‘Seeing the Air’ could
be beneficial. The Air Tools Interface is
capable of handling 36 different channels
making it suitable for systems large and
small. Additional monitoring zones
require only one data concentrator for
every 12 monitoring points. This allows
an operation to utilize the original
interface, but only purchase ports and
concentrators as needed.
Air Tools with all 36 channels displayed. Unused
channels can be hidden.
Air Tools has several user-definable
features. There are two scales for each
channel allowing the operator to set
thresholds for flowing material and
idled flow. This is helpful because these
values can be significantly different and
idled thresholds can alert the operator to
problems before material is fed into the
system. An early indicator could mean
the difference between preventing a
problem and digging one out of a choked
piece of machinery.
Each channel allows the operator
to zoom in for a closer look.
Do you want more options for controlling your Air Tools system? The 81952 Alarm Relay Output
Panel gives you 16 separate alarm outputs for control actions such as kicking out individual gin
stands or pausing your module feeder.
Main Line: 806-795-5218
28453_rh 99_SamuelJackson 130 2_20_2015
Introduction to Flow Control
It’s cotton flowing through your gin,
A lot of factors go into determining a gin’s bottom line, but aside from having cotton to gin, no
factor matters more than how quickly that crop is ginned.
When the topic of gin production gets discussed, how fast a gin can run gets a lot of attention. But
the biggest of those numbers happen under the best conditions and can be deceptive in evaluating
overall performance. What matters to a gin’s bottom line is achieving their target production
consistently. Our company’s history has been built on delivering products that help gins with that
goal across a wider range of conditions - not just the best conditions.
But setting up your gin layout for consistent production is just one challenge, keeping it fed with
the right amount of cotton is another. Knowing the importance of this challenge of flow control,
we’ve had a history of swings and misses working on it, too - mostly misses. Still, the advantages
of consistent flow control were too great for us to give up.
In 2007, we set out to address this challenge again with a mix of lessons learned from past attempts
and new control tools with a fresh approach to custom tuning for each gin. Melding those elements
were the seasoned talents of Mark Gentry, the lead product designer. If you’ve met Mark, you
know he has a knack for making the complex simple and a passion for helping customers become
more efficient. The hard earned results reflect those qualities and from it we can now offer gins
automatic flow control with Flow Tools.
28453_rh 99_SamuelJackson 131 2_20_2015
but it might as well be real money.
How much is good flow control worth?
To evaluate the importance of consistent flow
control, think about your last gin stand. Out of
every hour, how much time does it spend empty
with the gin breast out? How much time does it
spend running at less than full capacity? Those
times add up to production losses and those
losses eat up profits.
To put some numbers to it, look at these examples.
If you watched a 15 bale-per-hour stand for 10 minutes:
• Every 40 seconds that stand is out, it loses 1 bale-per-hour of production
• Every minute it is operating at 50% capacity it loses 3/4 bales-per-hour of production
Scenario #1
• 40,000 Bale Season
• 32 bales-per-hour average
without flow control
• 34 bales-per-hour average
with flow control
Production savings of
more than $45,000
Scenario #2
• 100,000 Bale Season
• 43.5 bales-per-hour average
without flow control
• 46 bales-per-hour average
with flow control
Production savings of
more than $78,000
Flow Tools has helped customers achieve production increases in
that range and in some cases even more.
Note: The production savings are based off of a variable hourly
ginning cost of $625 per hour. Our engineers will be happy to help
you analyze potential returns based on costs specific to your gin.
Main Line: 806-795-5218
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Flow Tools: Fundamentals
Your ginner accounts for a lot of variables to
control the feed rate...
Consider some of the variables that your ginner must factor in when setting the feed rate. These
variables are always changing and aren’t always easy to see. Even if he had all of the information,
making adjustments to all of it would require constant tweaking of the control knob, which ties
him up from taking care of the many other parts of his job.
Gin Stand
Round or
Disperser Load
at the
28453_rh 99_SamuelJackson 133 2_20_2015
Flow Tools does, too.
Flow Tools collects information from its own sensors and shares information from the Moisture
Mirror via an Ethernet network. What type of information? Flow Tools monitors the same type of
variables your ginner would use to adjust the incoming flow of cotton.
Because these variables or their immediate effects are continuously monitored, Flow Tools can
make fast adjustments in response to changes, resulting in more consistent production and freeing
your ginner up to tend to the other things that keep your gin running smoothly.
Feed control or Flow Tools? I
was a skeptic, but Flow Tools
makes ginning a pleasure.
Bruce Hudson
Quality Gin, Dunn, NC
Hear what Flow Tools customers are saying
for yourself. Go to YouTube and type in
keywords “Cotton Gin Flow Tools”
Main Line: 806-795-5218
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Flow Tools
Proven results from a design made for the way you gin
Flow Tools is an innovative product that’s easy to use and understand. The operator simply sets the
Flow Tools Set Point Selector on a conventional dial near the touch screen. Flow Tools maintains
that setting by combining the information it collects via sensors and the network with the user
defined settings that are specific to your gin.
The result allows for a completely automatic flow
control solution for many gin layouts.
Flow Tools even keeps track of the amount of time
it is being operated in automatic. This feature helps
you (and us) track how well it is performing. Real
reports from gins utilizing Flow Tools show run
times as high as 99.5%.
Existing module feeder controls are not altered
when integrating Flow Tools. Modifying a system
that works creates unforeseen problems and
confuses operators that are comfortable with their
existing setup.
Flow Tools Home Screen.
Flow Tools sends a speed signal to the
module feeder bed via two wires. Instead of
the ginner setting a bed speed with a speed
potentiometer or a touchscreen, Flow Tools
does it automatically. All existing module
feeder functions and features are preserved.
If you want to take the system out of automatic
and switch back to manually setting the
module feeder bed speed, all it takes is the flip
of a switch. But once you see how well Flow
Tools keeps your gin fed consistently, expect to
be spending almost all of the time in automatic
mode and the smiles that go with it.
Flow Tools works with a gin’s existing
module feeder controls.
28453_rh 99_SamuelJackson 135 2_20_2015
Setup, training and people
Flow Tools includes many
customize the system for your
gin. Sam Jackson technicians
help you initially set up Flow
Tools while teaching personnel
how each parameter works. After
the initial setup, Flow Tools will
be operational, but there’s no way
to replicate cotton flow in your
gin like real ginning. Fine tuning
will be done by ginners through
experience with the system. Every
adjustment will move the system
closer to seamless integration
into your operation. The tuning
period may take a few days to a
couple of weeks depending on the operation
and gin personnel.
Flow Tools Setup Screen.
As with any product in your gin, don’t
underestimate the people requirement
for a Flow Tools System. Samuel Jackson
requires that at least two people are
trained by our technicians on Flow Tools
setup, tuning and operation during
commissioning. Flow Tools is a product
that will ultimately require less ginner
involvement with flow control, but
understanding the system is the only
way to get there. In the right hands, Flow
Tools can significantly improve consistent
cotton flow in your gin, allowing faster
and more profitable ginning.
Ginner sets the Flow Tools Set Point.
Main Line: 806-795-5218
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Flow Tools
What you need to know when considering
if Flow Tools is right for your gin...
We’d love to tell you Flow Tools will work for any gin, but it won’t. One of the principles behind
our success is that we always strive to find the best fit of products for each of our customers and
Flow Tools is no exception. Our engineers have identified some of the gin setup characteristics
that contribute to a successful Flow Tools installation. If your gin meets these criteria, there is a
good chance that Flow Tools could be right for you.
Isolated Motor on Inclined Cleaner Cylinders
Flow Tools requires accurate readings from the Flow Analyzers that provide it with inclined cleaner
loads. For the accuracy needed, the motors must drive only the cylinders. If a motor drives both
the cylinders and a vacuum, it will not provide a consistent or accurate enough signal.
Belt Feed at the Module Feeder
Cotton height measurement is a critical element in avoiding chokes in loosely packed modules
and providing Flow Tools with a more comprehensive picture of the amount of cotton entering the
gin. A belt feed going into a Hot Box provides us with a place to obtain that measurement.
Adequate Sized Overflow Based on Gin Capacity
Flow Tools utilizes information about the amount of cotton in your overflow to make a determination
if the cotton flow is too high or too low. A small overflow decreases the amount of resolution in
this information and reduces the margin for error. Flow Tools works best with 5 cubic feet of
overflow for every bale per hour capacity.
No Long Delays Between the Module Feeder and the Inclines
Long time delays create a lag between measured variables that makes tuning difficult. Long belt
conveyors, like those used on moving head module feeders, or dryers with long residence times
are not Flow Tools compatible.
Responsive and Solid Drying Systems
Flow Tools factors in incoming moisture, but for it to really shine it needs to be coordinated with
responsive and effective drying system controls and equipment.
Visit with us to find out more about Flow Tools and its
potential to help you gin more efficiently.
28453_rh 99_SamuelJackson 137 2_20_2015
All gin stands running at full capacity.
Ginners tending the gin instead of the feed control knob.
Ginning faster with Flow Tools.
Main Line: 806-795-5218
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Fire Prevention
Sometimes it’s a little fire. Sometimes not.
There’s one word feared more than any other in a cotton gin: FIRE!
Fire melts flashings, destroys electrical components, warps sheet metal and causes general havoc
throughout the whole operation. While the costs of mid-season repairs of fire damaged equipment
are extremely high, they are small in comparison to the costs of lost production due to down time.
With fire related down times ranging from two hours to two weeks, spark detection can pay for
itself with the first fire it prevents!
Sam Jackson is pleased to offer the Argus Fire Control products as the exclusive Authorized
Distributor for the cotton ginning industry. Check out the following pages to find out how Argus
works and system selection basics for your gin.
28453_rh 99_SamuelJackson 139 2_20_2015
We have two gins with Argus Systems. When we began the
layout on our third plant, we knew we wanted Argus before
we picked how many gin stands. It’s that important.
Gary Weathers
B.C.T. Gin Company, Berlin, GA
Main Line: 806-795-5218
28453_rh 99_SamuelJackson 140 2_20_2015
Fire Prevention
See one in action and you’ll want several.
The Argus Fire Prevention System consists
of a Control Panel and Spark Detectors.
Control Panels are available in 10 and 20
zone sizes. A zone is considered any location
in the gin that sensors are monitoring and
would typically consist of two to twelve
sensors. Zone examples might be above
the module feeder pick-up point, the precleaning system, behind individual gin
stands, in the lint flue riser, the mote or trash
system or any other spot that fires are prone
to break out.
A single 23400A
Argus 535 Infrared
Spark Detector.
Fires cost gins a lot more than one bale of cotton.
Spark Detectors mount flush to the side of a
pipe or duct and monitor through a small sealed
cutout. They use infrared technology to pinpoint
single sparks at speeds up to 200 feet per second.
By comparison, cotton typically flows at 75
feet per second in gin pipes. Upon detection,
a control action can be used to contain spread
of the spark in 1/20th of a second. The infrared
field is produced at a ninety degree angle from
the detectors giving it a very wide viewing area.
Additional sensors can be added for better
coverage and protection.
A 20-Zone Argus Control Panel is a great
value for those gin to expand their system
in the future.
See Argus Detectors in action. View
the Argus page on our website.
28453_rh 99_SamuelJackson 141 2_20_2015
Argus and Moisture Mirrors are two customer
favorites that are now working together!
There is now a special product created by Samuel Jackson called the Mirror to Argus Interface.
Moisture Mirrors define cutting-edge technology with high speed sensors, data recording and an
iOS App for remote monitoring. Argus Systems excel in a unique way using ultra high-speed spark
detectors that can stop a dreaded fire in milliseconds. The Mirror to Argus Interface maintains the
robust and reliable Argus experience customers have come to love, but brings the information
right to your Moisture Mirror touch screen. The Interface is compatible with Mirror 3X and 4X
models and all Argus Systems.
Features Include:
• Easy to see alarm notification at your Mirror 3X or 4X
• Alarms can be reset directly from the Mirror screen
• Argus zone can be named dynamically Mirror screen
• Alarms are recorded and accessible from the Mirror screen
• Mirror to Argus Interface fits in any open slot in a Toolbox enclosure
Main Line: 806-795-5218
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