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E-air Breathing Device
The new E-air is from the same designer that created the very first helicopter egress device in 1979 (U.S. Patent#4324234). The
E-air is a substantially more compact and lightweight unit compared to existing aircrew emergency egress breathing devices. All
components have been carefully selected to ensure long term reliability with low maintenance requirements. The new design provides a 33% weight reduction compared to the Aqua Lung® SEA in a compact and low profile form factor that is easily
stowed in equipment vests.
The first and second stage regulators utilize industry standard and field proven designs. While the ultra low-volume and low-profile
second stage regulator provides users with easy initial purging of trapped water and allows for hands free use while egressing
the aircraft. Warning: Emergency Egress Device to assist egress from submerged aircraft – Training Required.
Key Characteristics:
LP Swivel Fittings for Ergonomic Use
and Ease of Stowage
In-Line fill port uses common refill adapters.
90 deg. 1st Stage Regulator
reduces overall length by 2 inches
for improved stowage/wear
Low Profile and Ultra Low Volume
Ultra low profile 1st & 2nd stage
2nd Stage Regulator with Both Hard
& Soft Purge Options.
1st Stage w/ Rubber Overmold
for Impact Protection
Dial Pressure Gauge
w/ Rubber Guard
Standard 20” High-Flex Hose w/
Durable Monofilament Overbraid.
Optional Hose Lengths Available.
Standard 1.5 cu. ft. 3000 psi Air
Cylinder, Black.
Optional Cylinder Size Available
E-air Breathing Device
33% weight reduction
Corrosion resistant materials.
Robust design and impact resistant.
Low cost of ownership.
#880-RA ScubaTankRefillAdaptorf/880
#745-P7 MollePocketf/#880(seepg.26Formoreinformation)
HEED 3 – Breathing System
Designed to enhance the survivability of aircraft crew members. Compact design weighs only 1.4
lbs. The 3000 psi, 1.7 cu ft. bottle provides approx. 30 breaths (at the surface) to give users the extra
time to exit a submerged aircraft/vessel. Includes a dial pressure gauge and is easily refilled from
a scuba tank or at a local dive shop with adapters (sold separately). Available with either soft or
hard purge covers.
WARNING: Emergency device to assist egress from submerged aircraft; training required.
HEED 3 – Breathing System
Replacement Mouthpiece Cover
Medevac II & Medevac IIA Rescue Litters
The Medevac II series is the most widely used helicopter rescue litter. Currently in use with civilian and military operators
worldwide, including all branches of the US Military, Japan Self Defense Force, Canada Department of National Defense,
Royal Australian Army, and is standard equipment aboard all US Coast Guard helicopters and rescue boats. The Medevac II
is a modern Stokes-type litter constructed for long life in the marine environment and is available in two models; a rigid frame
(Medevac II) or break-apart frame (Medevac IIA).
The Break-Apart model occupies approximately half the stowage space of rigid litters. Screw-couplers with self-aligning
pins secure the top tubes firmly together, and the lower skid tubes attach with hook and pin-type fittings (see picture below)
permitting quick assembly.
Both top tube and skid couplers are cast or machined from solid stainless steel. This coupler system is the strongest in use on any
stretcher today. When assembled, the Medevac IIA Break-Apart is as robust as the rigid Medevac II, proof load tested to 2,600
lbs with no yield.
Both the Medevac II & IIA litters are offered with polished Type 304 Stainless Steel or lightweight Titanium frames. The tubular
components have a wall thickness that is 30% greater than that used on other MIL-SPEC & commercial litters for extended
service life and durability. Included with each litter are five (5) color-coded patient restraint straps with LSC’s exclusive, double
locking Quick Release Safety Buckles. Optional #140-SH Straps have incorporated shoulder restraint straps.
The lightweight Titanium Medevac II & IIA share the same design as the stainless steel models, but are fabricated from
aerospace ASTM Grade 9 (TI-3AL-2.5V) titanium tubing and components. Use of titanium provides a 40% reduction in frame
weight, increased mechanical strength properties, and improved corrosion resistance compared to standard steel and stainless
steel litters. The weight reduction is a significant benefit to aircraft operators, providing an increased available payload for
additional equipment and/or reduced fuel consumption. Ergonomically, the lighter litter results in significantly easier transport &
handling by rescue personnel, making the titanium models ideal for remote area and mountain rescue operations.
Approved for US Military & NATO use.
Exceeds 2,500 lbs load test requirement for MIL-SPEC litters.
Corrosion resistant - designed for the marine environment. Color-coded patient
restraint straps with quick release buckles.
Hoistable with #190 or #193-A horizontal hoisting slings, sold seperately.
Stainless steel or lightweight Titanium tubular construction.
Optional Incorporated Shoulder Straps available for Medevac II Litter versions see
#140-SH (sold separately)
Medevac II Rigid Litters
6530-01-338-6094 (stainless #404)
Weight: Stainless steel litter at 32 lbs (42 lbs with flotation),
Titanium litter at 21 lbs (31 lbs with flotation)
24” W x 7” D x 84” L or 24” x 7” x 78”
#404-TI-F MedevacIILitter,Titanium,24x84”w/FlotationKit#103-TI
#404-D-F MedevacIILitter,StainlessSteel,24x78”w/FlotationKit#101
#404-D-TI MedevacIILitter,Titanium,24x78”
#404-D-TI-F MedevacIILitter,Titanium,24x78”w/FlotationKit#103-TI
Medevac IIA Break-Apart Litters
6530-01-397-0094 (stainless #406)
4220-01-483-1934 (stainless #406-F)
Weight: Stainless steel litter at 34 lbs (45 lbs with flotation)
Titanium litter at 22 lbs (33 lbs with flotation)
24” W x 7” (10” stowed) D x 84” (43” stowed) L
Medevac IIA Litter, Titanium, 24 x 84”
(40” stowed)
#406-D-TI-F Medevac IIA Litter, Titanium, 24 x 78”
Coupler Detail
Medevac Board
A two piece, full length, back board suited for confined space rescue. Offers
compact stowage and fits inside the #404 and #406 litters. Constructed of
heavy gauge aluminum with stainless steel couplers for strength and rigidity.
Load capacity in excess of 300 lbs. Nonporous surface is easy to clean and
impervious to body fluids. Replaceable, oversized hand straps are located to
make carrying and maneuvering easy.
Medevac Board
Medevac Board
Includes replaceable, color-coded restraint straps with quick-close buckles,
and a disposable head restraint.
Easily separates into two halves for stowage.
Stowage/carrying case included.
19 lbs
16¼” W x 1½” D x 76¼” L.
Medevac Board
Strap & Handle Set
Standard & Narrow Flotation Kits
Designed for over and in-water rescue missions. Each kit provides flotation and patient
restraint for the Medevac II series and other Stokes-type litters. Components of each kit
are constructed from high quality synthetic materials, and are suitable for the marine
environment. When properly installed, the kits provide positive self-righting and head-up
flotation characteristics. Each kit includes five (5) color-coded patient restraint straps
with LSC’s Quick Release Safety Buckle. The included retainer straps prevent fouling of
the patient restraint straps during in-water rescues. Covers for flotation components are
international orange, and are available in black by special order.
#100 Flotation Kit w/ Hoisting Sling
Includes components: #110, 103-3, 103-4, 130, 140, 150, 170, and 190.
NSN 6530-01-370-6905.
NAVAIR Approved.
#101 Flotation Kit
Includes components: #110, 103-3, 103-4, 130,140, 150, and 170.
See page 5 to view #101 Flotation kit installed in Litter
NSN 4220-01-329-6420.
NAVAIR Approved & approved for US Coast Guard use.
IMPORTANT: The #100 and #101 have been designed to fit the Medevac II, Medevac IIA,
and Mil-Spec litters only.
#103 Narrow Flotation Kit f/Stainless Litters
LSC’s #103 Flotation Kit reduces the width of a litter with installed flotation by four (4)
inches. The narrow profile is accomplished with half-width, “D” shaped flotation logs and
a foam back pad. Other manufacturers litters will require testing prior to placement in
In service on all USCG helicopters.
Includes components: #103-1, 103-2, 103-3, 103-4, 103-6, 140, 150, and 170.
See page 6 to view #103 Flotation kit installed in Litter
NSN 4220-01-483-1926.
#103-TI Narrow Flotation Kit f/Titanium Litters
LSC’s #103-TI Flotation Kit reduces the width of a litter with installed flotation by four (4)
inches. The narrow profile is accomplished with half-width, “D” shaped flotation logs and a
foam back pad. Flotation tests have been conducted on LSC #404-TI and #406-TI Medevac
II litters only. Other litters will require testing prior to placement in service.
Includes components: #103-1, 103-2, 103-3, 103-4, 103-6TI, 140, 150, and 170.
NSN 4220-01-483-1926.
Replacement Components for Flotation Kits
#103-1 &
Shoulder Straps
Ballast Bar
Litter Hoisting Sling
Horizontal hoisting sling designed for quick connect and disconnect to Medevac and Stokes-type
litters. All components, including the 5/32” cable, are corrosion resistant stainless steel. Snap hooks
are marked with color-coded reflective tape; additional tape is provided for marking the litter frame.
Approved for US Navy (NAVAIR) and US Coast Guard use.
NSN #1670-01-226-5300.
Litter Hoisting Sling, Semi-permanent
Similar to the #190, modified with titanium lifting v-rings and snap hooks drilled for cotter pin insertion.
After installation, insert cotter pins through lock nuts to secure each hook in place. Cover with
heat-shrink tubing to prevent tampering and removal of the sling. All required hardware is provided.
Approved for US Coast Guard.
#193-A Litter Hoisting Sling, Semi-permanent
Litter Covers
International orange stowage cases constructed of vinyl-coated nylon. Mounting
holes can be cut through the case as required without the fabric unraveling or
#408LitterCover,MedevacIIABreak-Apart features buckle closures and stows the
Medevac IIA Break-Apart Litters with the frame halves nested for compact stowage
with or without flotation.
#409LitterCover,MedevacIIRigidfeatures zipper closure and completely encases
the rigid Medevac II and Stokes-type litters. Accommodates litters rigged with
Adjustable Tie-Down Strap
Nylon strap with stainless steel adjustor, one large (#366) and one small (#365) Wichard
snap hook. Use the small hook to clip to the aircraft tie-down rings and the larger
hook to secure litters and other equipment.
Adjustment Range:
Working Load Limit:
12” to 36”
1,500 lbs
0.80 lbs
#431-Y Ultra-Vue 16 Board
The Ultra-Vue backboard by Iron Duck is 100% X-Ray Translucent, MRI and CT scan compatible.
Rigid design supports loads of 1000 lbs with minimal deflection and provides a secure means to
safely transport/transfer injured persons. Compatible with most common head immobilizers and
strap systems (not included). Surface is easily cleaned, and will not retain pathogens. Reflective
strips for added safety in low light situations. Board is buoyant, rescue personnel must take caution
to ensure compatibility and performance when used with other in-water rescue equipment (rescue
litters, etc.) as flotation characteristics may be compromised.
Weight Capacity:
72” x 16” x 1.75”
1000 lbs.
16 lbs.
Medevac Litter
Ideally suited for confined area rescues, LSC’s Medevac litter is currently carried as
required equipment onboard all US Navy surface vessels and SAR helicopters, as well
as US Coast Guard cutters and other rescue agencies worldwide. Narrow design
permits easy transfer through hatches and doorways of marine vessels. The Medevac
litter is engineered to withstand the conditions encountered in remote operations, such
as in-water rescue, submarine/shipboard rescue, mountain rescue, and other restricted
areas requiring a versatile, narrow, and low-profile litter. Integrated flotation designed
to self-right and float with the patient’s head slightly reclined to provide maximum
freeboard. Includes stowage case with backpack harness for easy transport & two
carrying harnesses to allow personnel free use of their hands while carrying litter and
patient. Tubular stainless steel or lightweight titanium frame & skid construction. Fast
action, sliding couplers secure the two halves of the litter and are locked in place
within seconds. The Medevac litter may be hoisted in either vertical or horizontal
positions. For horizontal hoisting, use LSC #190-A Litter Hoisting Sling (see page 8), sold
Medevac Litter Features & Specifications:
Foldable and compact with integrated flotation.
Color-coded restraint straps and built-in head restraint system.
Corrosion resistant frame and hardware.
Heavy-duty ballistics nylon cover and
stowage case.
Includes vertical hoisting sling.
(stainless #402)
16½” W x 10” D x 41” L (stowed)
16½” W x 7½” D x 80” L (assembled)
Weight: Stainless litter at 32 lbs
(39 lbs with case & accessories)
Titanium litter at 24 lbs
(31 lbs with case & accessories)
Black version available by Special order.
#402-B MedevacLitter,Black
#402-TI TitaniumMedevacLitter,Orange
Replacement Components for Medevac Litter
#402-6 LumbarSupportPad
#402-7 Vertical Hoisting Sling
#402-8 Carrying Harness
#402-13 NeckPad
Life Raft/Medevac Harness & Strap
Specifically designed to secure life rafts and #402 Medevac Litter in USN
H-60 helicopters. Harness utilizes four each 12-jaw fittings to secure to the
floor system & the strap has a single 12-jaw fitting. All remaining hardware is
stainless steel. The Harness (#760) and Strap (#761) are sold separately.
NAVAIR Approved.
NSNs: 4240-01-519-3134 (#760) and 4240-01-519-3137 (#761).
Photo Credit: U.S. Navy Photo by Mass Comm. Spec. 2nd Class Aaron Chase. Medical and rescue personnel assigned to the
destroyer USS Winston S Churchill, assist in airlifting an injured crew member to an awaiting SH-60B Sea Hawk helicopter.
D-LOK Helicopter Hoist Hook
The D-LOK incorporates an automatic dual-lock latch gate design for ultimate safety. The double
lock gate provides security to prevent accidental openings, while allowing the latch gate to be
operated quickly and easily with one hand. The hoist hook features a large ring volume for multiple
equipment rings, and will accept rings over one inch in diameter. Integral utility eye (#410 only) allows
attachment of tag/guide line. Hook is constructed entirely of stainless steel for strength and corrosion
The D-LOK Hoist Hook eliminates all problems associated with the current double rescue hook, such as
inadvertent engagement (including the snagging of fingers on the small hook), and self-release (ring
roll-out). The LSC D-LOK Hoist Hook exceeds the load test requirement for the double rescue hook
(MS-18027-2A), and is available with seven (7) attachment options to fit all current hoist installations.
Patent No. D389983.
Auto - double lock latch gate.
Field proven service in all environments / climates.
Stainless steel construction.
The only single handed operational hook to
consider when safety is paramount.
Latch gate opening: 1.1” (28mm).
Mil-LOK Helicopter Hoist Hook
The Mil-LOK may be operated in auto-lock mode or with the safety lock disabled. The gate and safety
latch are easily functioned by a single gloved or bare hand. With hook in hand, rotate the safety latch
up using your thumb and pull the gate back with the index finger. Release, and the spring-assisted gate
and safety latch will automatically return to the locked & secured position, preventing ring roll out and
loss of load.
In situations where it may be desirable to operate with an unlocked gate (certain combat operations
or lowering equipment to untrained personnel), the lock may be disabled via a simple push-action
catch on the hook spine to temporarily secure the safety in the unlocked position. The spring-assisted
gate will close as normal, but is no longer secured by the safety latch. To return to auto-lock mode,
simply press the catch release and the safety will return to the closed & locked position.
The Mil-LOK’s robust design and stainless steel construction pivots all movements about axles for
simplicity and minimal maintenance. Far superior to alternate hooks utilizing tight tolerance slide lock
and ball-detent mechanisms prone to failure from grit, binding, or unintentional deactivation of the
safety. Further, the slide lock hooks do not feature the auto-lock capability of the D-LOK or Mil-LOK
hoist hooks, relying solely on the operator to set the safety in the locked position for each use.
Another safety aspect of the Mil-LOK design is its inherent resistance to ring roll-out when the safety is
disabled. Equipment o-rings and equivalent v-rings having an inside diameter of 1-½” or less will not roll
out with the gate closed due to the geometry. The Mil-LOK provides users with a choice of operating
in auto-lock mode for safety during regular use or disabled when required under specific conditions,
while providing significantly improved safety and reliability over slide lock designs. This hook is currently
in use by the US Air Force on the V22 Osprey’s and the Spanish Navy. Certified by NAVAIR for service
on V22’s.
#412 Mil-LOK Helicopter Hoist Hook
Attaches to hoist hook and hangs below crewman. Intended to
discharge static electricity to ground. Integrated weak link (200 lb.)
to allow cable to separate in case of entanglement.
Quick Splice - Emergency Hook Replacement Kit
The wedge style Quick Splice is designed for in-flight replacement of the hoist hook should the cable become damaged,
broken, or entangled. Allows crew members to cut the cable and secure a replacement hook in less than a minute to continue
with the mission. LSC designed the wedge style Quick Splice to prevent the large reduction in cable strength that occurs when
using old style lace or wrap designs. This is caused by the sharp bend in the cable when laced on the plate. A thumbscrew
pre-loads the wedge against the cable. As the load increases, the internal forces securing the cable get tighter and tighter for
a positive cable grip. Easy to follow instructions are etched on the face. Constructed of anodized aluminum with stainless steel
fasteners for strength and corrosion resistance. The Quick Splice is available separately or as an Emergency Hook Replacement
Kit with attached D-LOK hook, cable cutters, and case.
Superior to wraparound and lace-through designs, the Quick
Splice offers:
Quick, and positive cable insertion - No wire wraps to come
Full rated breaking-strength of the hoist cable, with no strength
degradation from lacing bends and wraps.
Designed for 3/16”, 19 x 7 hoist cable only.
NSN 4030-01-497-6202 (#197)
#194 QuickSpliceEmergencyHookReplacementKit
#197 QuickSplicew/D-LOKHoistHook
#199 QuickSplicew/Shackle,NoHoistHook
#195 CableCutter
Survivor Simulator
Field proven design is a durable & economical
training aid for rescue swimmer programs
and other in-water training requirements.
Constructed of ballistics nylon cloth,
closed-cell foam, and corrosion
resistant hardware. The unit can
withstand repeated helicopter
deployment/drops into water from
heights of up to 50’. Simulator is
suitable for SADPU recovery, and is
equipped with MADPU lifting ring.
#580 Survivor Simulator
Retro-reflective markings.
High visibility orange gussets
and arms.
Folds in half for compact
Shoulder strap for easy transport.
Fast draining/drying design.
Snap hooks for light stick attachment.
Resists drift from rotor-wash and wind.
Floats upright, simulating an adult person
treading water.
Weight: 26 lbs (approximate)
18” L x 20½” W x 6” H (stowed)
Photo Credit: U.S. Coast Guard PO3 David Weydert. Petty Officer 3rd class Darren Hicks is hoisted into a MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter
from Air Station Elizabeth City N.C., while conducting rescue swimmer training in the James River.
The Rescue Basket
Rescue baskets are by far the safest, fastest, and simplest to use rescue device in use. In most rescues
they eliminate the need to expose the rescue crewmember to deployment. They also reduce the time on
scenes and in hover. We have been made aware of numerous rescue missions where the rescue basket
was the only option for a safe rescue and other situations where people perished that could have been
saved had a basket been available.
In missions with multiple victims with minimal or no injuries the rescue basket is the perfect solution for rapid
unaided rescue. In critical mass casualty situations, two average sized individuals can be hoisted at once
in a basket. Additionally, medical concerns as well as discomfort and chest compression caused by most
rescue strops, especially with larger heavier individuals should be taken into consideration. If the size of the
basket is a consideration as with smaller helicopters, the basket can be stored in the hangar for carriage
for specific types of rescue cases.
Photo Credit: U.S. Coast Guard PO2 Nyxolyno Cangemi.
Pregnant woman being hoisted from her apartment, flooded in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, during a search
and rescue flight in New Orleans. The Coast Guard rescued 11 survivors from the apartment building.
Collapsible Rescue Basket
The McCauley Collapsible Basket combines the compact stowage of the
rescue net systems with the ruggedness, rigidity and safety of the tubular
frame rescue basket. The design reduces stowage space requirements by
55% thus lending itself suitable for use by operators of smaller helicopters or
those not specific for SAR operations. Design features a large open internal
volume, able to accommodate two average adults for 2-person recovery in a
single hoist evolution, reducing the time at scene and in hover.
Bail assemblies fold into the basket and each side collapses for stowage.
Basket is easily and quickly erected by simply lifting the bails and top rail
up, rotating the side supports down, and securing in place with simple
spring-locks. This provides a rigid structure that aids handling and entry into
the basket. A new tubular hinge design reduces maintenance. Frame
members are constructed of tubular stainless steel with flexible net sides of
/2” nylon webbing. All components are non-corrosive, and require minimal
maintenance for extended service life. A plastic mesh liner with 1” openings
encloses the bottom. Inherent flotation provides positive self-righting and
reserve buoyancy. Float covers are printed with safety pictorials and have
high intensity reflective markings. This basket is standard equipment aboard
all U.S. Navy H-60’s and many other rescue agencies worldwide.
Includes heavy-duty stowage case and tie-strap.
44½” L x 25” W x 9½” H (stowed)
44½” L x 25” W x 41” H (assembled)
39 lbs
Rescue Basket w/ Modified Lift Point
Modified bail system reduces the clearance required to bring the basket into
the door of the helicopter.
44½” L x 25” W x 9½” H (stowed)
44½” L x 25” W x 41” H (assembled)
39 lbs
Compact Rescue Basket
LSC’s original compact Rescue Basket is standard equipment aboard all US
Coast Guard rescue helicopters, and in service with numerous international
military & civilian operators. The frame opening has been enlarged to better
accommodate two adults without increasing the overall dimensions, and an
integrated, yet flexible stainless steel bail retainer has been added to keep
the bails from dropping after removing the hoist hook. The frame of the
Basket is constructed of tubular stainless steel for low maintenance. The bail
assembly folds into the basket for compact stowage. Bottom is enclosed
with a plastic mesh liner. Basket provides excellent flotation performance
and is self-righting with 100% reserve buoyancy. Float covers have reflective
markings and are printed with safety pictorials.
44½” L x 25” W x 21” H (stowed)
44½” L x 25” W x 41” H (assembled)
39 lbs.
Replacement Liner
Chinook Rescue Basket
The #496 Basket has been specifically designed for hoisting through the floor hatch of the
CH-47 Chinook Helicopter using the internal winch. Constructed of tubular stainless steel,
the simple design is easily maintained & handled. The bottom is enclosed by a plastic
mesh liner with 1/2”openings. A removable flotation collar provides reserve buoyancy and
self-righting characteristics.
34 lbs
Rescue Seat
The Rescue Seat is a compact, lightweight, and simple to use rescue device. Equipped
with two folding seats and flotation collar. May be utilized for both maritime and land
rescue operations. Patterned after the military Forest Penetrator, the Rescue Seat has been
designed for simple operation and ease of maintenance. All problems (corrosion, spares,
etc) with the military Forest Penetrator are eliminated.
Constructed entirely of stainless steel and corrosion resistant components, the Rescue Seat
is virtually maintenance free. Each fold-down seat is equipped with a safety strap, and
printed instructions on the flotation collar.
Approved by US Navy, US Air Force and US Army.
NSN 4240-01-465-2302
Weight: 18 lbs
6” W x 9” D x 32” H
GSA Contract #GS-07F-0078H.
#420 Rescue Seat
Currently in use with US Coast Guard, Navy and other Rescue Units worldwide. Constructed
of MIL-SPEC webbing and stainless steel hardware, the strop provides a quick, safe means
of hoisting uninjured personnel. Designed to be placed under the arms and around the
back. Rescue personnel can slide the Strop over the head of the survivor and into place
in a single quick motion. To prevent the survivor from slipping out, a friction buckle is slid
down the Strop and attached to an adjustable safety strap (stowed in rear zipper pocket).
Instructions and pictorials are printed on the Strop.
Approved for US Coast Guard use and by NAVAIR.
NSN 4240-01-545-6722.
Quick Strop SAP
Sling Deployed
Similar to the #214 the modified Quick Strop provides
more support in the seat and has a sling with seat straps
that distribute weight more evenly for more comfort and
less compression of the chest than the conventional
strop. It also utilizes a single V-Ring for attachment to the
hoist hook. A secondary safety hook is installed near the
hook attachment V-Ring. This design allows the Quick
Strop to be used without opening the gate of the helo
hoist hook during the rescue.
Rescue Strop
The Strop is placed under the arms and across the back to hoist uninjured,
military personnel during helicopter operations. The victim’s arms must remain
down to prevent slipping free of the Rescue Strop during hoisting. A safety
strap is provided to secure the victim’s arms down and by their sides. Strop
has printed pictorials. Personnel must be trained in the proper and safe use of
this item. The Rescue Strop is designed to be unaffected by repeated use in
the marine environment; constructed of nylon, closed-cell foam and stainless
steel hardware.
Restricted to hoisting military personnel only.
NSN 1680-01-347-4946.
Trail Line Assembly, 120’
Also referred to as a Tag Line, the #220 is used to control & guide rescue equipment during
helicopter hoist operations. Suitable for the Medevac, Medevac II, and Stokes-type litters.
Stainless steel hardware. Contains the following: Line pack, 120’ of 3/8” hollow braid rope
(#498), weak-link (400-500 lbs.), (#220-4) 5 lb. shot bag, line handling gloves, and V-strap.
NAVAIR Approved
NSN 4010-01-312-4854
#220 TrailLineAssembly,120’
#220-L TrailLineAssembly,240’
Replacement Components
Line Handling Gloves
Chemical Light Strap
Strap is used for attaching Light sticks to rescue hooks or other rescue devices during night
operations. Hardware is made of brass and stainless steel for corrosion resistance in the
marine environment. Approved by NAVAIR
NSN 4220-01-325-3133
#230 Chemical Light Strap
Trail Line Quick Release
Simple stainless steel snap shackle with beaded lanyard. Attaches between rescue hook
and tag line, allows rescue swimmer to easily disconnect line at the hook if needed. Does
not replace trail line weak link.
#619 TrailLineQuickRelease
Cable Ladders
LSC’s professional cable ladder is the finest available. Built with ¼” (7x19) stainless steel
cable and ¾” x 18-gauge titanium ladder rungs. Rungs are knurled for enhanced grip and
swaged onto the cables with titanium compression inserts. The unique design provides a
very low profile swage. Rung slippage occurs at over 1,500 lbs. Stainless steel thimbles
located at the end of each cable allow attachment to the aircraft or the addition of
another cable ladder, using carabineers, for greater length.
Low profile & corrosion resistant.
Includes stowage bag.
12” vertical spacing between rungs.
Standard 6” wide rungs.
Optional 12” wide rungs available (call for details).
30 ft @ approx. 15.5 lbs
45 ft @ approx. 21.2 lbs
#592 CableLadder,30ft
#593 CableLadder,45ft
Rescue Equipment Cases
Heavy-duty and lightweight hang-up cases provide storage for miscellaneous
rescue equipment. Cases can be quickly moved from one aircraft to another.
Pockets are marked and will hold equipment as specified by NWP 3-50.1.
NAVAIR Approved.
Size: 28” x 44”.
Front panel: 3 pockets @ 5½” W x 11” L x 3” D
4 pockets @ 4½” W x 9” L x 1½” D
3 pockets @ 5½” W x 13” L x 2” D
Back panel: 1 pocket @ 24” W x 10” L x 3½” D
1 pocket @ 24” W x 16” L x 3½” D
1 pocket @ 24” W x 10” L x 5½” D
Size: 17” x 44”.
Same front panel configuration as #260.
Back panel consists of only 1 pocket measuring 16” x 24”.
Smokes Bag
Designed for the H-60 cabin to safely stow smoke canisters. Durable multiple-ply construction
using ballistics nylon cloth. Attaches with two quick release snap shackles at the top, and the
bottom is secured by two adjustable straps with snap hooks. All hardware is stainless steel for
corrosion resistance. NAVAIR Approved.
Size: 17” x 44”.
Front panel has pockets sized to stow six (6) MK-25 canisters.
Rear panel stows two (2) MK-58 canisters and three (3) electric sea marker lights.
Medical Kit Bag
Durable nylon panel measures 22” x 40”, and contains 17 pockets of various sizes with Vislon®
zipper closures. Two loop straps with quick release buckles are fixed to the top of the case for
hanging and easy access. Panel folds into thirds and stows in the attached zippered case,
measuring 22” x 7” x 11”. Compact and lightweight design is quickly accessed by unzipping
the bag and lifting the loop straps to expose the kit. All hardware is corrosion resistant.
Medical items are not included. NAVAIR Approved.
NSN 6545-01-157-9112.
Aerial Delivery Container
Designed for aerial delivery of small items to land or sea. The open head steel drum is
sealed with a lever type ring, and is supplied with a nylon webbing sling and welded fittings
for parachute attachment. Drum features a high visibility orange powder coat finish with
reflective markings.
Size: 14” D x 18” H.
Includes a removable 25 lbs weight bag to ensure minimum weight for parachute
Total weight is 40 lbs with the removable weight bag.
TRITON Harness with Integrated Flotation Vest
The TRITON is LSC’s second generation helicopter hoistable rescue
harness with dual recovery capability. It is standard
equipment for the USCG Aviation Rescue
Swimmers and Canadian SAR Techs. Building
on the foundation and comfort of the
TRI-SAR (see below), the TRITON offers
numerous enhancements. A new
low profile flotation vest provides
variable buoyancy up to 35 lbs with
reduced bulk. Several equipment
pockets have been transferred to
the waist belt for improved weight
distribution and comfort. Quick
release buckles have been added
to the leg straps for easier donning
and doffing of the harness, and
a chest strap added for better fit
adjustment. The recovery hook has
been updated to LSC’s Talon IIS safety
hook with swivel and locking gate. All
components and materials are corrosion
resistant for the marine environment.
Uses one 31 gram CO2 cylinder (#480).
Harness and Vests also sold separately.
Size (Height): M (64 - 69”), L (68 - 73”), XL (72 - 78”), XX (74 - 80”)
Color: Black harness with international orange or black vest
#497-VOCG TRITON w/ USCG Markings
TRITON II MOLLE Harness with Integrated Flotation MOLLE Vest
The Triton II is the latest version of the Triton Rescue Harness. It incorporates all the features
of the #497 with the exception of the standard equipment pockets. They have been
replaced with MOLLE Strap Panels on the waist belt of the harness and MOLLE straps on
the front of the flotation vest. Numerous MOLLE pockets are available to allow the user to
customize the needed configuration for the mission.
Uses one 31 gram CO2 cylinder (#480).
Harness and Vests also sold separately.
MOLLE Pockets sold separately. See page 26.
Size (Height): M (64 - 69”), L (68 - 73”), XL (72 - 78”), XX (74 - 80”)
Color: Black harness with international orange or black vest
Mounting Panel for LPU-40
A simple MOLLE panel that securely mounts the LPU-40 to the TRITON Rescue Swimmers
Harness (#497 or #490).
#490-MP Mounting Panel for LPU-40
TRITON Harness with Integrated QUICK RELEASE DEVICE and Integrated
Flotation Vest.
TRITON harness with integrated quick release device (QRD). Same as the standard #497
except for the addition of the Capewell (QRD) that is installed at the hook attachment point
of the hoisting sling. This allows for quick release from the helicopter hoist hook even when
under a load. The QRD is a Capewell parachute riser release that has been in use for 50+
years. Standard rescue harness for Canadian SAR Operations.
Uses one 31 gram CO2 cylinder (#480).
Harness and Vests also sold separately.
Size (Height): M (64 - 69”), L (68 - 73”), XL (72 - 78”), XX (74 - 80”)
Black harness with international orange or black vest
TRI-SAR Harness with Integrated Vest
The TRI-SAR is LSC’s first professional grade helicopter hoistable rescue harness with
integrated flotation and dual recovery capability. It is standard equipment and approved
for US Navy Aviation & US Navy Surface Swimmers. The TRI-SAR combines the security of a full
body harness, comfort of a seat harness and safety of integrated flotation. Constructed of
Mil-Spec webbing, and low profile, quick adjusting stainless steel hardware. When hoisted,
the upright, slightly reclined & seated position allows total use of the hands. Ideal for rapid
deployment in swift/cold water or cliff type rescues. Wide leg and waist straps optimally
distribute weight for superior comfort and support without the use of heavy, bulky pads.
Flotation vest is easy to swim in, with user variable buoyancy up to 35 lbs (oral or manual CO2
inflation). The encased design requires no repacking after use; simply deflate. Stowage
pockets provided for rescue and emergency equipment.
Uses one 33 gram CO2 cylinder (#484).
GSA Contract #GS-07F-0078H.
Size (Height):
M (64 - 69”), L (68 - 73”), XL (72 - 78”), XX (74 - 80”).
Includes harness and orange vest with retroreflective panels.
Includes harness and black vest with US Navy pocket configuration.
NSN 4240-01-517-5062 (M)
NSN 4240-01-517-5064 (XL)
NSN 4240-01-517-5061 (L)
NSN 4240-01-517-5065 (XX)
Dive-SAR Harness
The Dive-SAR is designed as a constant wear, helicopter hoistable harness. Identical in
construction to the TRI-SAR harness with the addition of an upper chest strap. The additional
strap counteracts the weight of a scuba tank, thereby ensuring the slightly reclined and
seated hoist position. Harness is designed to allow the user to wear an integrated or Mae
West style buoyancy compensator.
Size: Regular (height) 72” - 78”
XX (height) 74” - 80”
Inflatable Rescue Swimmer Vest & Harness
Designed for surface rescue swimmers. Single compact unit combines a
harness and inflatable life preserver. Harness is made of Mil-Spec webbing
with stainless steel and high-strength plastic hardware for corrosion resistance.
Includes a quick-release stainless steel snap shackle with beaded lanyard,
allowing the swimmer to release the safety line if the need arises. Quick
donning design with front zipper closure, secured by LSC’s QRSB Buckle. Waist
adjustment (30” to 48”) is accomplished with two front located adjustors.
Flotation cell is enclosed entirely in a heavyweight, puncture and abrasion
resistant nylon case that requires no repacking after use; simply deflate.
Vest provides variable buoyancy up to 35 lbs and can be inflated manually
with CO2 or orally with air. Approved for US Coast Guard Surface Swimmers.
SOLAS grade retro-reflective panels,
Two equipment pockets (5½” x 4” x 1½”) on the front
#358 Survival Knife.
Includes 31 gram CO2 cylinder (#480).
NSN 4220-01-542-6814.
GSA Contract #GS-07F-0078H.
#486-CG InflatableRescueSwimmerVestw/CG
Rescue swimmer vest with factory applied USCG markings.
Quad Lock Aviation Crewman Safety Belt
For use by helicopter crew working near open hatches or doors. Combines a high degree
of security with quick releases. Features a 5” wide inner belt with two outer Mil-Spec
nylon webbing waist belts. Each waist belt is secured with double locking QRSB Buckles.
The double buckle system provides the extra level of safety needed in the aviation
environment. The quick-adjusting, single tether strap located in the center back of the belt
has a stainless steel safety hook.
Regular fits waist sizes 30” – 44”.
Large fits waist sizes 38” – 50”.
Boat Safety Belt
Standard USCG Boat Safety Belt, features LSC’s high-strength QRSB Buckle. Quick adjusting
tether straps with stainless steel hardware. Colored hang-up strap indicates belt size:
black/small and red/large. US Coast Guard approved for USCG boat crews.
Small fits waist size (27” - 36”)
Regular fits waist size (34” - 44”)
Large fits waist (42” – 52”)
GSA Contract #GS-07F-0078H.
Boat Safety Belt
#218-1 AttachmentStrapsw/TalonHooks,Pr.
Rescue Swimmer Harness (Surface)
Enhances the effectiveness & safety of rescue personnel for in-water rescue from ships,
small craft or shore. Universally sized harness is donned & adjusted in seconds. Constructed
of black, Mil-Spec webbing with a quick-release feature to allow the swimmer to release
the safety/tending line if the need arises. A quick pull on the beaded lanyard opens
the stainless steel snap shackle and releases the safety line ring. Harness is equipped
with attached Rescue Knife (#358), and is supplied with 70’ of yellow, hollow-braid,
polypropylene tending line (#498). Tending line is coiled and secured to the backside
with hook & loop retainer straps. Free end has a spliced-in hand loop for the line handler.
Opposite end has a stainless steel release ring spliced-in for attachment to the snap
shackle. Approved by the US Coast Guard for USCG Surface Rescue Swimmers.
Size: Adult Universal
NSN 4240-01-361-1273.
Navy Surface Swimmer Harness
Constructed of Type 13 MIL-SPEC webbing for enhanced UV resistance and increased service life.
Pockets attached to webbing for stowage of strobe light and signaling devices and stainless steel
hardware for strength and corrosion resistance. Approved by the US Navy for all Surface Rescue
Size: Adult Universal
NSN 4240-01-327-6185.
Boat Seat Belt
LSC’s corrosion resistant seat belt assembly is constructed of Mil-Spec webbing and features LSC’s
high strength, QRSB Buckle with friction adjustor. Includes 304 stainless steel attachment fittings with
½” anchor holes. Breaking strength at 3,000 lbs.
Available in two sizes.
Regular: 54” total length
63” total length
Shock Reduction Tether (SRT)
The Shock Reduction Tether (SRT) is LSC’s latest technology in restraint tethers. The SRT is designed
to reduce or mitigate the forces experienced by personnel during a fall or other high acceleration
event such as vehicular direction change (momentum), etc. Constructed for the marine
environment utilizing MIL-SPEC webbing and stainless steel hardware for strength and corrosion
resistance. At the core of the SRT is a patented, energy absorbing sacrificial strap that is folded
and secured within a protective sleeve forming the shock reduction element. The strap is woven
in a special manner such that the fibers will begin to separate and break once a force of approx.
700-800lbs. is experienced. It is the separation and breaking of the fibers that permits the tether
system to dissipate and absorb the energy of the moving mass/body that is in free fall, etc. The
shock-reducing element will expand in length, as the fibers are broken. The maximum extension
will not exceed 18 inches (The extended length is in addition to the length of the tether). During
the extension of the SRT, the force experienced by the personnel being restrained is limited to
approx. 800 lbs. Once the SRT has reached max. extension no further energy will be absorbed by
the element and the unit will serve as a standard nylon-webbing tether up to the rating breaking
limit of 3300 lbs. The design of the tether is self-indicating and a warning label will be exposed if the
system has been subjected to an over limit force of 800 lbs or greater.
Designed for the Boat Gunner Restraint System and Approved by the USCG Office of Boat Forces.
Ultimate breaking limit of the tether is 3300 lbs.
Adjustable length: 18” - 72”.
#780-SRT Standard Tether for M240 Mount
#780-SRTL Tether for Rear RBM Mount
Kory Harness
A simple seat harness coupled with SRT Tether (see below) serve as a safety restraint for boat crew
personnel. Specifically intended to secure the gunner in USCG response boats. Harness features
LSC’s low profile stainless steel adjustors and rings. Universally sized.
SRT Harness
Restraint Tether, 6.5’
The Restraint Tether is constructed from MIL-SPEC webbing with a high
strength stainless steel adjuster on one end and a #513 Safety hook on
the opposite end. It has a 3000 lb. breaking load and 600 lb. WLL. The
extended length is 6.5’.
#467-SRT SRTRestraintTether,6.5’
Designed as an aircraft safety tether.
Ring Buoys
US Coast Guard approved Type IV Ring Buoys meet the requirement for a
throwable floating device.
Vinyl coated nylon skin over urethane foam core.
Available in 20”, 24”, and 30” diameters with or without reflective markings.
Color: International Orange.
#244 Ring Buoys
Stowage Rack for Ring Buoy
Heavy-duty, welded stainless steel construction for a lifetime
of maintenance-free use. Comes with predrilled holes for
stanchion and life line mounting, as well as cabin wall installation.
Available in three standard sizes to fit 20”, 24”, and 30”
diameter ring buoys.
Ring Buoy Line Bag
The solution for rapid deployment of a ring buoy and rescue line. Compact
bag holds 90’ of 3/8” hollow braid, UV resistant, yellow polypropylene rope
(#498) with excellent flotation characteristics. Rope attaches to ring buoy with
a stainless steel snap hook. Bag is constructed from heavy-duty nylon. Stainless
steel bracket (sold separately) mounts easily, and securely stows line bag for
quick and convenient access.
#241 & #232
Ring Buoy Line Bag
#241-B Replacement Bag for #241
#232 StainlessSteelBracketfor#241
Stearns® Man Overboard® Inflatable Life Ring
Inflatable ring buoy throws like a baseball. Inflates automatically in less than
5 seconds and enables first responders to provide immediate assistance.
Reusable pouch.
Automatic water activated CO2 inflation.
Strong nylon retrieval harness.
SOLAS grade retro-reflective tape.
#338-K CO2RearmingKit(901)
Stearns® Ring Buoy
Molded from high-impact low density polyethylene for a long service life.
Available in 24” & 30” diameters.
USCG Approved Type IV.
Features SOLAS reflective tape.
Encircling rope is replaceable.
Thin design fits the rear 24” ring buoy mount of USCG 25’ RBS.
International Orange
Stearns® Ring Buoy
Water Rescue Throwline Bags
Conventional water rescue throwlines. The #237 bag is constructed from UV resistant
polyester, while the #238 bag is constructed of a PVC coated polyester mesh. Both
have an Ethafoam flotation insert and a quick release buckle on the handle strap. Each
bag contains 75’ of 3/8” Max-Grip Safety Line (#500) which provides excellent flotation
characteristics, strength, and abrasion resistance.
Professional versions are available as the #237-P and #238-P. Each professional bag
contains 75’ of 1/2” Water Rescue Rope (#503), with a 16-strand kernmantle construction
for improved grip and abrasion protection.
Optional #235 stainless steel stowage bracket fits all versions of the #237 / #238 series
throwline bags and may be purchased separately.
#237-P ProfessionalThrowline,Orange,75’
#237-B Replacement Bag for #237 & #237-P
#238-P ProfessionalThrowline,YellowMesh,75’
#238-B Replacement Bag for #238 & #238-P
Rescue Line Bag
The Rescue Line Bag is the solution for rapid and accurate deployment of a line for rescue
or boat handling needs. A flexible ball (#229) is used in the nose of the bag to provide
weight in windy conditions and offers superior accuracy and ease of use compared
to other designs. Stowage bag is high visibility orange and constructed of UV resistant
polyester fabric. Includes 70 feet of 3/8” solid braid, Max-Grip line (#500) with excellent
flotation, strength, & abrasion resistant properties. Optional #232 stainless steel stowage
bracket is available separately for convenient and quick access.
#226 RescueLineBag
#226-B ReplacementBagfor#226
#232 Bracketfor#226
Rescue Heaving Line
A flexible ball with just enough weight to provide long, accurate throws,
yet not too heavy or hard to cause damage or injury. Both the ball and
/8” braided, synthetic line float extremely well. The stowage bag is UV
resistant, vinyl coated, orange fabric. Stainless steel snap hook and D-ring
straps allow the bag to be hung in a readily accessible location. Currently
in use with the US Navy, US Coast Guard, Fire Departments, & other rescue
Replacement Bag for #227 & #227-H
Rescue Rope Reel
Intended for use where fast, tangle free deployment and retrieval is required. Tubular frame
and fasteners are corrosion resistant stainless steel. Heavy duty plastic reel will hold a variety
of ropes and lengths. Size: 16½” L x 17” W x 22” H
May be ordered with any of the ropes listed below.
Polypropylene Rope, 3/8”
Hollow-braid, monofilament construction provides good handling characteristics, positive
flotation, and can be easily spliced.
High-visibility yellow.
Breaking load 2,200 lbs.
Max-Grip Safety Line, 3/8”
A hollow-braid MFP jacket in high visibility golden-yellow surrounds a multifilament
polypropylene core. Line has positive flotation and excellent flexibility characteristics.
Jacket is a unique braid of alternating strand diameters forming a tread-like pattern for
improved hand grip in wet conditions.
Breaking Load 1,800 lbs.
Discounted Scrap rope lengths 20’, 35’ & 50’ – based on availability only.
Water Rescue Rope, 1/2”
Redesigned with a larger diameter for improved handling and grip. Multifilament
polypropylene sheath of 16-strand kernmantle construction provides abrasion and UV
protection for the multifilament polypropylene core. Sheath is high-visibility yellow with red
tracers. Excellent flotation characteristics.
Breaking Load 2,500 lbs.
Mustang Survival® Rescue Stick™
The Rescue Stick™ allows first responders to quickly stabilize a victim at risk of drowning.
It can be accurately thrown over 100 feet, automatically inflating upon contact with
water. Available individually or kitted with multiple Rescue Sticks™, throwline bag (victim
recovery), and a hard-shell, protective stowage case.
#840-100 Mustang Survival®RescueStick™
Mustang Survival® Rescue Kit™
Includes MIT manual inflatable PFD (for rescuer), one Rescue Stick™, one throwline bag (75
ft) to recover victim, and stowage case.
#840-110 Water Rescue Kit
Patrol Rescue Can
Ideal for lifeguard patrol. The Patrol Rescue Can is the latest innovation of the torpedo
or diamond buoy. Seamless unit is extremely buoyant, lightweight and formed from a
highly visible orange plastic with molded handles. Offers durability and low maintenance.
Includes line and a nylon shoulder strap with hook & loop closures. Measures 25” long and
weighs 3.5 lbs.
#555 Patrol Rescue Can
Boat Seat Belt
LSC’s corrosion resistant seat belt assembly is constructed of Mil-Spec webbing and
features LSC’s high strength, QRSB Buckle with friction adjustor. Includes 304 stainless steel
attachment fittings with ½” anchor holes. Breaking strength at 3,000 lbs. Available in two
54” total length
63” total length
Personnel Retrieval Strap
For recovery of uninjured person from the water. The length of the strap is sufficient for use
from boats having freeboard from 2 to 8 ft. The body loop is padded with closed cell foam.
Main strap is constructed of Type 13 nylon webbing. Spaced hand loops provide easier,
faster, & more secure lifting than using a rope.
#215 Personnel Retrieval Strap
Float Marker
A temporary marker ideally suited for marine rescue or law enforcement personnel.
Reusable buoy is made of structural foamed resin & weighs 1 lb. High visibility yellow
with dayglow rings. Includes 100’ of polyethylene 225 lb test line, and a 6 oz. non-drag
dispatchable anchor.
Size: 8” L x 3” OD
ACR® Strobe Illumination Marker
SOLAS 74/83 and USCG 161.010/6/1 approved (Floating Electric Water Light) for installation
with other required survival equipment. Drop tested 300 ft. into water, the strobe
illumination marker is the ideal man overboard light for tethering to ring buoys, etc. See
page 38 for complete product details.
#314 ACR®StrobeIlluminationMarker
Fits over the discharge outlet of the Vari-Nozzle used on both USN and USCG vessels.
Muzzle includes two straps with snap fasteners to secure the bail in the forward position &
prevents activation. High visibility orange sleeve and yellow straps provide visual indication
to remove the muzzle after training/drill. Two sizes. Small fits standard US Navy vari-nozzle
with brass bail, and the large fits Akron vari-nozzle with plastic bail.
#795-S Vari-Muzzle,Small
#795-L Vari-Muzzle,Large
Aqua Lung Shredder SAR Rescue Fins
Features a hydrodynamic blade design for improved thrust with less fatigue. Ultra
light polymer blade with large foot pocket (fits boots of ice rescue suits). Fin strap with
adjustable buckles and quick-release leash.
#548 ShredderSARRescueFins
#548-1 ReplacementFinStrap
Aqua Lung Rocket II Fins
Excellent propulsion and comfort in a vented design. Unique rubber compound allows you
to achieve greater efficiency by reducing the overall weight. Improved foot pocket with
quick-release buckle. One size fits most. Color: Black
#546 RocketFins
#546-1 ReplacementFinStrap
Aqua Lung Military Snorkel, Black
Black neoprene snorkel. Large bore with flex tube design. Features a flexible mouthpiece.
Approved for use by US Navy and US Coast Guard rescue swimmers.
Snorkel Keeper, Black
Accessory Hanger
The ideal hanger for your water rescue accessories. Separate prongs to individually
stow gloves, boots, and hood. The compact design allows for thorough ventilation and
reduced drying time of each item. Molded of heavy-duty black plastic.
The Osprey System
Our most flexible and comprehensive modular design enables both aviation and maritime
personnel to configure a lightweight, yet heavy duty ensemble tailored to their specific
requirements or mission; ranging from a simple pilot or boat crew vest with minimal fixed
equipment pockets to a tactical ensemble with integrated extraction harness, high
buoyancy flotation collar, and MOLLE panels for custom pocket configuration. Modularity
allows users to economically update the ensemble by only replacing worn or damaged
components, and/or adding components in support of new mission requirements.
Possible Assembly Configuration
Lightweight, constructed of mesh for comfort and ventilation.
Gear carriers are universally sized with adjustable waist belt and stowable leg straps;
one size fits most.
Pockets have been removed and replaced with MOLLE (modular lightweight loadcarrying equipment) panels located on the left & right waist and chest. These panels
allow the wearer to customize their vest layout with compatible MOLLE pockets &
holsters available from LSC and other manufacturers.
Two, flat map pockets incorporated between the MOLLE waist panels and the mesh vest.
Adjustable waist belt with heavy-duty buckle and zipper closure.
Light-duty leg straps to ensure a secure fit and enhance in-water flotation
performance. Small pockets with zipper closure stow the leg straps out of the way
when not worn. Carriers incorporate strap management system to neatly stow the
loose ends of adjustable straps & reduce snag hazards.
Corrosion resistant hardware, Synthetic materials.
Easily integrates with Osprey Low Profile Flotation Collars (LPFC). See facing page.
MOLLE pockets sold separately, see below.
Color: Black
Adult Universal
The Osprey MOLLE Vest & Harness incorporates all the features
of the #745-M (above) with the addition of an integrated lifting
harness and stow-able rear tether attachment. Intended for
aircrew or tactical personnel who may require deployment or
recovery by helicopter hoist. The rear tether permits mobile aircrew
members to securely restrain themselves while inside the aircraft
#745-MH Rear Tether
MOLLE Pockets and Straps for the Osprey System
Interchangeable MOLLE pockets feature lace on design with snap fasteners. The pockets are constructed of heavy-duty
nylon with hook and pile tape closures, pull tabs for quick and easy opening, and internal loops to tether survival and signaling
equipment. Available in Black.
Large utility pocket with internal divider forming two
4” L x 1.8” W x 6” D each.
Features sleeve on the inside pocket flap with beaded
lanyard to stow a safety hook knife, (LSC #700) See page 54.
Small utility pocket that is ideally sized for chest
level mounting.
4.5” L x 1.8” W x 6” D
#745-P4 OspreyMOLLEHEEDS3Holster(notpictured)
#745-P6 OspreyMOLLECrossDrawHolster(Right)
#745-P6R OspreyMOLLECrossDrawHolster(Right)
#745-P7 OspreyMOLLEHolsterf/E-Air(Right)(LSC#880,pg.4)
#745-P8 OspreyMOLLEPocketf/ICOMRadio(notpictured)
#745-P10 OspreyMOLLEPocketw/AttachedSprayHood
Strobe Light Molle Strap
A simple strap to attach all LSC Strobe Light versions to any Molle style vest or panel.
Osprey Low Profile Flotation Collar (LPFC)
The Osprey LPFC is an updated design of LSC’s patented collar in use with the US Army Air
Warrior and US Coast Guard aviation ensembles. Unique to the LPFC is the use of the minibuckle attachment system permitting easy installation of the collar to any of the Osprey
Vests, and allows the flexibility to dress for land or over-water missions. The portion of the
collar that lies across the shoulders is only ¼” thick, eliminating interference with helmets
common with other collars. Collar can be quickly replaced if damaged or removed for
inspection. Buckles have been revised to provide a secure, tight fit between the collar and
vest, eliminating slack and unwanted collar movement, while ensuring optimal in-water
flotation performance by keeping the inflated collar close & tight to the body.
The dual-chamber, inflatable bladder & dual inflation mechanisms ensure redundancy
and safety, while enabling full buoyancy recovery should one chamber become
damaged or punctured.
When properly fitted, the collar provides positive self-righting (head-up) characteristics.
Inflation is via manual pull-lanyard CO2 activation, and may be orally inflated in an
The high visibility bladder has reflective markings and is protected by a heavy-duty &
flame resistant aramid case.
Case is secured by a zipper closure preventing unwanted opening in wind blasts or
from snags, and is self parting on inflation.
The design permits simple & quick maintenance with ease of repack.
Available in Black , and with optional case reflective markings.
70 lbs of buoyancy.
Utilizes two 33 gram CO2 cylinders (LSC #484). Both cylinders are
actuated by a single pull of the beaded inflation lanyard.
#740-B OspreyLPFC
#740-BR OspreyLPFCw/Retro
Osprey Harness
Simple Harness assembly to attach flotation collar, with leg straps
Osprey Harness
Osprey Molle Straps
Designed to attach the Osprey flotation collar to other manufacturers Molle Style Carriers.
Not required for LSC’s #745’s. Set of 4 ea.
#740-MS Osprey Molle Straps
Life Preserver Survival Vest (LPSV)
Intended for boat crews & boarding team members, the LPSV is ideal for SAR
response and law enforcement. Provides superior performance and comfort
compared to inherently buoyant PFDs. Features the reliable Secumatic Auto
Inflator with manual pull-lanyard CO2 inflation and automatic backup inflation when
submerged in water. Beaded lanyard is easily identified by touch in an emergency.
Manual only version available.
Flotation cell can be inflated orally and is fully encased within a heavyweight,
puncture and abrasion resistant nylon cover for simple repack and maintenance.
Vest provides a positive righting moment with approximately 35 lbs of buoyancy.
Two attached pockets for stowage of survival equipment. Pockets are positioned to
provide optimal weight distribution, reduced interference, and to allow use of a law
enforcement belt.
Approved for US Coast Guard use. Meets LPSV requirements.
Includes reflective markings, attachment to secure #358 Knife & Sheath, and
one 33 gram CO2 cylinder (#484).
• Includes USCG ensign, emblem, and stencil.
• Pile patch to secure strobe light.
• Pin sleeve for attaching PML.
• Comfortable Neoprene collar
• Includes D-ring & Buddy-line.
#485-CG LifePreserverSurvivalVest(LPSV)
Color: Intl Orange or Black avail.
by special order.
#485-CGM LPSVw/CGMarkings,Manual
Regular (waist) 32” - 48”
XL (waist) 38” - 56”
LPSV with manual pull-lanyard
GSA Contract #GS-07F-0078H.
CO2 inflation and USCG Markings.
Pro Vest
Compact, lightweight, and comfortable to wear inflatable life preserver and
survival vest combination for the professional pilot & crew. A single pull activates
the CO2 system inflating the dual chamber bladder. Bladder features two oral
inflation tubes, and LSC’s recoverable displacement design in the event of single
chamber puncture. The Pro Vest provides a positive righting moment (face-up)
with approximately 35 lbs of buoyancy. Flotation bladder is constructed of heavyduty, puncture and abrasion resistant nylon. Design is inherently simple to inspect,
test, and repack. Pro Vest is constructed of nylon mesh for comfort, weighs less
than 2 lbs, and is universally sized. Waist adjustment is via two Delrin® adjustors. All
hardware is non-corrosive and the vest is equipped with two pockets. Right pocket
measures 8” x 6” x 1¾” with a divider for radio and survival equipment; left pocket
measures 8½” x 5” x 2” for the #578 HEED egress device. The pockets are positioned
to reduce interference and distribute weight evenly.
Two 16 gram CO2 cylinders (#540), included.
Adult Universal (Waist 30” to 48”)
Orange or Black by special order.
Pro Vest
#489-1 Replacement Bladder
GSA Contract #GS-07F-0078H.
Rescue Swimmer Vest & Harness
Designed for surface rescue swimmers. Single compact unit combines
a harness and inflatable life preserver. Harness is made of Mil-Spec
webbing with stainless steel and high-strength plastic hardware for
corrosion resistance. Includes a quick-release stainless steel snap shackle
with beaded lanyard, allowing the swimmer to release the safety line if
the need arises. Complete product description provided on page 19.
#486-CG InflatableRescueSwimmerVestw/CG
Rescue swimmer vest with factory applied USCG markings.
GSA Contract #GS-07F-0078H.
Inflatable SAR Vest (LPU-28A/P)
The SAR Vest is a compact, lightweight, over-the-head, rescue swimmer inflatable flotation
device. Vest produces a positive self-righting moment (face-up) while providing 35 lbs of
buoyancy. Normally inflated manually with CO2, or can be orally inflated through oral tube.
Inflatable SAR Vest is constructed using heavy-duty 420 denier nylon for continuous wear,
and uses a replaceable bladder. The vest incorporates all current approved changes to
the USN LPU-28A/P Rescue Swimmer Vest including the PRC-125 modification.
Approved by the US Navy.
Includes 33 gram CO2 cylinder (#484).
NSN 4240-01-463-0197.
#482 InflatableSARVest(LPU-28A/P)
#482-1 Replacement Bladder
#482-2 InflatorAssemblyw/Lanyard
Pro Lite Vest
A lightweight and extremely comfortable vest for professional and commercial operators.
The #481 features manual pull-lanyard CO2 inflation. The beaded lanyard is easily
identified by touch in an emergency. Vest may also be inflated orally and provides the
SOLAS standard 35 lbs of buoyancy, more than twice that of a typical Type III PFD. The
inflatable cell requires minimal maintenance, is constructed of 210 denier polyurethanecoated nylon, and is protected by a heavy-duty nylon cover for durability. When inflated,
the high-visibility orange cell exposes SOLAS grade retro-reflective panels and attached
whistle. Quick release front buckle & stainless steel slide bar side adjustors.
Includes: front D-ring, attached Buddy-line, and one 33 gram CO2 cylinder (#484).
Back panel may be custom stenciled (see LSC #008).
Comfortable Neoprene collar
Orange or Black
Adult Universal with adjustable waist belt (30” to 48”).
GSA Contract #GS-07F-0078H.
Pro Lite Vest
#481-CGM ProLiteVest,USCGManual-CGMarkings,manual
pull-lanyard CO2inflation.
Pro Lite Waist Belt Pocket
Optional equipment pouch attaches to the waist belt of the Pro Lite and similar vests with
2” wide or narrower belts. Zippered pocket stows survival items and has a separate pocket
for the #358 Survival Knife. Zippered attachment system keeps pocket secured to the belt.
Color: Orange or Black
GSA Contract #GS-07F-0078H
Mustang Survival Inflatable PFD with HIT™ (MD3183vGS)
Low profile PFD with neoprene comfort collar features Hydrostatic Inflation Technology.
Automatically inflates when submerged in four or more inches of water, or by manual pull
tab. USCG Approved Type II/V.
Orange/Black, Carbon/Black & Tan/Black or Orange, Carbon & Tan (all with
black accents). USCG & USCG AUX models in Orange/Black only
Adult Universal
#801-CGK RearmKit(MA7214-22)
Features subdued colors and back flap for custom stencil.
Colors: Black, Orange/Black, Navy/Black & Olive/Black.
ANSI approved fabric and reflective tape for ultimate conspicuity.
Color: ANSI Fluorescent Yellow/Green (black accent)
Stearns® Ultra 3000 Auto-Inflatable
High performance life vest for comfort and mobility. Tri-fold design for quick and easy
repack. Secumar 3001 inflator provides manual pull lanyard or automatic inflation when
submerged in water. USCG approved Type II Inflatable.
Minimum 33 lbs (150 Newton) buoyancy.
Intl Orange or Royal Blue
Adult Universal
GSA Contract #GS-07F-0078H.
#434-A Stearns®Ultra3000Auto-Inflatable
#435-K CO2RearmingKit(923)
Stearns® Ultra Commercial Automatic
High performance inflatable for commercial operators. Utilizes HR-1F inflator with single
point indicator & provides automatic inflation when submerged in water, or manual pull
lanyard inflation. Clear window shows arming status. Includes one pocket, reflective
markings, and provides minimum 33 lbs (150 Newtons) of buoyancy. USCG approved Type
V Inflatable. Shown with optional back flap.
Colors: Intl Orange or Black
Adult Universal
GSA Contract #GS-07F-0078H.
#436 Stearns®UltraCommercialAutomatic(1470)
#436-K CO2RearmingKit(927)
Mustang Survival SAR Vest with Lift™
Combined flotation and equipment carrying capability in one comfortable product.
Features HIT™ inflation technology and multiple pockets for equipment storage.
Neoprene comfort collar.
Includes USCG markings.
Durable nylon shell.
Mesh back for cooling air flow.
Safety inspection window.
Color: Intl Orange
Adult Universal
#808-CG SAR Vest with Lift™ (MD0450-22)
#808-CGK RearmKit(MA7218-22)
Mustang Survival Aviation Passenger Life Jacket
Constant wear design for use in helicopters and light aircraft. Provides flotation protection
for emergency water landings. Coast Guard specific version for passengers flying aboard
USCG aircraft.
Fire resistant aramid fabric shell.
Dual chamber design provides 37 lbs buoyancy.
Color: Intl Orange
Adult Universal
#816-CG PassengerLifeJacket,USCG
Stearns® Abandon Ship LP
NAVSEA authorized, the abandon ship life preserver is a commercial replacement for the
old, Mil-Spec pouch type inflatable life preserver. Based on Stearns popular Inflata-Belt
design. Attached to the waist belt is a small equipment pocket with a strobe light, whistle,
and buddy-line. USCG Approved Type V.
• Manual CO2 inflation.
• NSN 4220-01-487-2932
Color: Navy Blue
Adult Universal
Mustang Survival Tactical Side Pouch PFD (MD1250) psd
Low profile inflatable flotation capability with minimum bulk or interference uses separate,
independently operated left and right side pouches. The pair of pouches may be
attached to law enforcement belts or modular vest systems. Each unit provides 35
lbs buoyancy when inflated for a combined 70 lbs buoyancy. Features HIT™ inflation
technology and will inflate after immersion in 4” of water.
Color: Black or Coyote Tan
Adult Universal
Included: Manual Conversion Cap (MA7219)
Standard bladder is yellow with SOLAS reflective tape.
Optional Covert green bladder w/o SOLAS tape is available. (MD1250 SO)
#819 TacticalSidePouchPFD(MD1250)
#819-K RearmKit(MA7214-10)
Mustang Survival Pouch for Inflatable Vest
Accessory pocket to attach to the waist belt of all inflatable PFD’s. Ergonomically designed
stowage to provide easy access to personal survival equipment. 400 denier nylon shell.
Available in Orange or Black.
#805-O Pouchf/InflatableVest,Orange
#805-B Pouchf/InflatableVest,Black
Replacement Components for Inflatable Vests
Listed below are industry standard consumables for inflatable life vest and collars by LSC
and other inflatable manufacturers.
CO2 Cylinders
24 gram, 1/2” threads
Rearming Pins for HR Inflators
#HI015 LockPin,Red
#HI017 LockPin,Green/Semicircle
Inflator Gaskets
#484-S Gasket, 1/2” Cylinder Seat
#488-S Gasket,3/8”CylinderSeat
Super-Bobbin for HR Auto-Inflators
Stearns® SecumaticTM Auto Inflator
Easy to use water-activated auto inflator uses an extremely reliable and economical, water
soluble, cellulose pill, and accepts UNF ½”-20 threaded CO2 cylinders. Auto inflation occurs
within 1-2 seconds after submersion, yet provides high resistance to undesired activation
from normal shipboard conditions and humidity. Complete with gaskets, cap nut and a
package of ten cellulose pills (tablets).
#470-1 ReplacementSafetyPin,Green
Leak Detect Compound
A neutral solution formulated specifically for leak-testing lines, cylinders and tanks carrying
pure oxygen, but may also be used for testing fuel systems, pneumatic systems, inflatable
vests & rafts, or any product or system that can be leak tested with air or gas. Solution will
not foam like soap/water solutions which may give false leak indications. Leaves no greasy
residue and may be flushed clean with cold water if removal is required.
Conforms to MIL-PRF-25567 Type I.
Provided in an 8 oz squeeze bottle.
NSN 6850-00-621-1820.
Boat Crew Survival Vest
Lightweight & rugged nylon mesh vest is intended to be worn over the top of Type I &
III inherently buoyant PFDs or anti-exposure coveralls, and provides stowage for survival
equipment. Contains five (5) pockets sized to fit the equipment requirements specified in
the USCG Rescue & Survival Systems Manual. Side pockets measure 5½” x 4½” x 1½” and
help to distribute loads to the shoulders. Vest front has a knife pocket (see #358), strobe
light pocket and utility pocket measuring 3¾” x 5¾” x 1”.
Corrosion resistant hardware & materials.
Side adjusters for optimal fit.
SOLAS-grade reflective material front and back for high visibility, day or night.
Pull tab color on the knife pocket identifies size.
Available plain & marked with US Coast Guard or Auxiliary markings.
Regular (Chest 36” - 50”) and Large (Chest 42” - 56”).
GSA Contract #GS-07F-0078H.
Survival Vest
#217-CG SurvivalVestw/CGMarkings
#217-A SurvivalVestw/CGAuxiliaryMarkings
Mustang Survival Industrial Mesh Vest
USCG Approved Type III.
Strength rated at 50 mph.
SOLAS grade reflective tape on front and back.
Mesh Shoulders offer mobility and comfort.
Large front pockets with Velcro™ closure.
Side adjustments for dual sizing.
High waist reduces interference with tool & duty belts.
Color: Intl Orange
Sizes: S/M, L/XL, 2X/3X, 4X/5X
#800-CG MeshVestw/USCGMarkings
#800-A MeshVestw/USCGAuxiliaryMarkings
Stearns® Utility Flotation Vest
LSC’s best selling flotation vest. The comfort series
utility vest is specially designed with soft, lightweight
mesh on the upper half of the vest for comfort
and ventilation. Optional knife harness (#358-H2)
available for separate purchase, see page 54.
USCG Approved Type III (strength rated to 50 mph).
Tough, nylon oxford outer shell material.
Two 1” encircling body straps with zipper front
for secure fit.
Two pockets with hook and loop closure.
Light, durable Crosstech® flotation foam.
D-rings for attaching gear.
SOLAS-grade reflective tape.
Color: Intl Orange
Sizes: S–XXX
GSA Contract #GS-07F-0078H.
#460-CG UtilityVestw/USCGMarkings
#460-A UtilityVestw/USCGAuxiliaryMarkings
Stearns® Versatile (I465)
Functional, industrial flotation vest. Tough nylon shell with seven-piece foam design for allday comfort & flexibility. Features four pockets with full hook and loop closures & rustproof
Vislon® zipper. Optional knife harness (#358-H) available, see page 54.
USCG Approved Type III.
Color: Intl Orange
Sizes: S–XXX
GSA Contract #GS-07F-0078H.
#320 Stearns®Versatile(I465)
Mustang Survival 4-Pocket Flotation Vest
A functional PFD design for industrial and professional applications. Offers large arm
holes for mobility and Tug-Tite® adjustments for an exact fit. Four large front pockets with
Velcro™ closure store tools and signaling equipment. Short-waisted design can be worn
with law enforcement and utility belts. USCG Approved Type III.
Strength rated at 50 mph.
SOLAS reflective tape on shoulders.
Color: Intl Orange
Sizes: S – XX, 3X/7X
#815-CG 4-Pocket Vest w/ USCG Markings
#815-A 4-PocketVestw/USCGAuxiliaryMarkings
Stearns® Type III “SAR” Vest
Security and comfort for water rescue personnel. Fleece-lined handwarmer pockets with
zippered and pleated gear storage compartments. Front zipper closure with two 2” wide
encircling body belts for a secure fit. Includes whistle. Optional knife harness (#358-H3)
available, see page 54. USCG Approved Type III.
Two large waist & two chest pockets.
Stowable leg straps.
Fleece-lined stand-up collar.
SOLAS-grade reflective panels.
Color: Intl Orange
Sizes: S–4X/7X
GSA Contract #GS-07F-0078H.
#430 Stearns®TypeIII“SAR”Vest(4185)
Mustang Survival High Impact SAR Vest
Intended for rigorous activities. The high neoprene collar provides impact protection by
minimizing neck mobility. USCG Approved Type III.
Strength rated at 100 mph.
SOLAS reflective tape for visibility.
3-belt adjustment for a secure fit.
Large cutaway arm holes provide maximum range of motion.
Color: Intl Orange, Black (w/o reflective tape)
Sizes: S – XXX
Stearns® Versatile Rescue Vest
Ideal for swift water technicians & rescue swimmers, the VR Vest provides 25 lbs of buoyancy.
Polyethylene foam is encased within a rugged nylon shell, absorbs shock and insulates
against the cold. Four front adjustable straps provide security while adjustable shoulders
allow for customized fit. Side panels provide protection or can be folded inside for
ventilation. Vest features a front quick release buckle system capable of supporting 1,100
lbs with the optional auxiliary tether (#464-1), purchased separately. USCG Approved Type V.
SOLAS grade retroreflective markings, front & back.
Removable crotch straps stow in pocket when not in use.
Lash tabs for securing knife or tools.
Utility chest pad with multiple pockets and loops.
Colors: Red or Yellow
Size: Adult Universal
GSA Contract #GS-07F-0078H.
Stearns® White Water Rescue Vest
Designed for swift water and ideal for water rescue. Features two encircling body belts & a
chest strap. USCG Approved Type III / V.
Foam filled head support.
SOLAS reflective panels.
Color: International Orange
Size: S/M (30”-40”), L/XL (42”-52”), and Oversize (52”-62”)
#324-O Stearns®WhiteWaterRescueVest(6155)
#324-C White Water Camo Vest (6155CAM)
Similar to the #324-O above. This vest is for military use and
has a nylon shell in a green & brown camouflage pattern
with no reflective markings. USCG Approved Type V.
Restricted for DOD use only.
S/M (30” - 40”)
L/XL (42” - 52”)
NSN 4220-01-454-6135
NSN 4220-01-454-6136
Mustang Survival Near Shore Rescue Vest
Delivers a more compact, light weight solution for the shore-based rescue professional.
Shoulder adjustments and short-waist cut for maximum mobility. USCG Approved Type III.
Strength rated at 50 mph.
Reflective tape on front & back.
Two front storage pockets with zipper closures.
Fast tab and D-ring for radio, light, or accessory attachment.
Color: Orange/Black Combo
Sizes: XS/S, M/L, XL/XX
Stearns® Work Master
The finest work vest available. Soft, comfortable closed-cell foam is encased in a heavyduty nylon shell. Encircling body belt in belt tunnel to reduce snag hazard.
USCG Approved Type III/V.
Flotation collar & hinged back panel.
Mesh lining for ventilation.
SOLAS-grade reflective tape.
Sizes: Adult Universal or Adult Oversize
Color: Intl Orange
#328 Stearns®WorkMaster(I222)
Mustang Survival Type III/V Work Vest
For construction, enforcement and other personnel working on or near the water.
Features fast tab attachment point for a radio, light or other equipment. One encircling
body belt and upper chest strap. USCG Approved Type III/V.
SOLAS reflective tape.
Comfortable mesh lining.
Bright color for high visibility.
Color: Intl Orange
Sizes: Adult Universal
Stearns® Force II (I223)
Rugged work vest for all-around industrial use. AquafoamTM flotation retains buoyancy
even when punctured. Coated with strong, durable PVC. USCG Approved Type V.
Easy to clean.
Encircling belts with snag resistant buckles.
SOLAS reflective panels.
Color: Intl Orange
Adult Universal or Adult Oversize
#331 Stearns®ForceII(I223)
Stearns® Low Profile Vest
Low profile vest works well with utility or law enforcement belts. Super
soft Suisse Aire™ foam with a nylon shell. Triple side adjustments with
elastic side panels, along with adjustable neoprene shoulders for
maximum maneuverability, fit, and comfort. Side entry front pocket.
USCG Approved Type III.
SOLAS retroreflective markings on orange vest.
Colors: Intl Orange or Black
S - XX
Stearns® Deluxe Merchant Mate II
Nonreversible Type I PFD designed for comfort and performance.
Provides 22 lbs (98 Newtons) of buoyancy. Hinged back panel
with foam-filled collar for head support. Encircling, adjustable
body belt and chest strap. Rear opening on the back for safety
tether attachment & accommodates most fall protection
harnesses. USCG Approved Type I, Offshore life jacket.
Heavy duty nylon shell with SOLAS-grade reflective panels.
Includes whistle with pocket for whistle and light stowage.
Velcro® patch on shoulder to mount light for best visibility.
Color: Intl Orange
Size: Adult Universal
GSA Contract #GS-07F-0078H.
#600-NAV USNInherentlyBuoyantVest(I600-NAV)-VestforUSNavywithMOBpocket.
#600-NLT USNVestwithStrobeLight(I600-NLT)-VestforUSNavywithtetheredstrobe
Stearns® Merchant Mate™ I, Adult
Type I flotation designed to keep most unconscious wearers face-up. Provides a minimum
22 lbs (98 Newtons) of buoyancy. USCG Approved Type I - Offshore life jacket.
Reversible for quick donning.
Intl Orange with SOLAS reflective panels.
Attachment grommets for PML (#231).
Encircling chest strap.
Easily stacked for stowage.
Heavy-duty stainless steel hardware.
Size: Adult (Over 90 lbs)
#321 Stearns®MerchantMate™I,Adult(I100)
#329 MerchantMateI,Child(I102)-Provides18lbsofbuoyancy.
Size: Child (Less than 90 lbs)
Stearns® Powerboat Jacket
A new design for the original bomber style flotation jacket with extra comfort &
mobility. New enhancements include redesigned wrists and waistband that will
not expand or absorb water when wet. Waist-length cut for freedom of movement.
Soft Suisse AireTM foam with coated nylon shell. Multiple pockets with hook & loop
closure. USCG Approved Type III.
SOLAS-grade reflective tape.
Waterproof construction and design.
Four pockets, plus sleeve utility pocket & inside chest pocket.
Internal adjustable belt for a secure fit.
Insulated & detachable hood available; see #346.
Color: Intl Orange, Navy, Orange/Black Combo, or Green
Sizes: XS–XXX
#344-CG Stearns®PowerboatJacketw/CGMarkings
Jacket with USCG stencil, emblem & ensign applied.
Color: Intl Orange or Orange/Black Combo
Sizes: XS–XXX
Mustang Survival Classic Flotation Bomber Jacket
USCG Approved Type III.
Relaxed fit for mobility and comfort.
Full length storm flap and an internal waist belt reduces ride-up.
Warm, fleece-lined front pockets.
SOLAS reflective tape on chest, sleeves, and back.
Color: Orange, Navy, Orange/Black Combo, or Olive
Sizes: S–XXX
#813-CG ClassicBomberw/CGMarkings(MJ621422)
Jacket with USCG stencil, emblem & ensign applied.
Color: Orange/Black Combo
Sizes: S–XXX
Color: Orange/Black Combo
Sizes: S–XXX
Mustang Survival Integrity™ Bomber Jacket
Integrity™ Bomber Jackets will keep you warm, comfortable, and protected while
on the water. Built with Mustang AirSoft™ foam for a light & flexible fit, these
jackets feature deluxe benefits that include a fleece lined collar, under-arm zipper
vents, and water resistant Comfort-Cuff™ technology. USCG Approved Type III.
Color: Red/Carbon, Black/Carbon, or Orange/Carbon
Sizes: S–XXX
Stearns® Challenger™ Anti-Exposure Work Suit
Popular work suit is more comfortable than ever and provides enhanced hypothermia
protection. Features sealed seams for 100% integrity and allows full range of motion for all
day comfort in the world’s most demanding sea environments.
USCG Approved Type III/V (Anti-Exposure Coverall).
Adjustment straps on ankles, thighs, and wrists.
Insulated hood to keep out wind and rain.
Inflatable head support.
Adjustable waist belt.
Leg zippers for easy on/off over work boots.
Neoprene wrist closures for a comfortable, watertight fit.
Generous pockets, plus handwarmer pockets.
Double layer of durable nylon fabric in seat and knees.
62 sq. inches SOLAS grade reflective tape.
Color: Intl Orange, Orange/Black Combo, or Green
Sizes: XS – XXX (Green available in S – XX only)
GSA Contract #GS-07F-0078H.
Challenger™ Suit w/ CG Auxiliary Markings
Work suit with CG Auxiliary stencil & emblem.
#327 / Combo
Color: Intl Orange or Orange/Black Combo
Sizes: XS – XXX
#327-CG Challenger™ Work Suit w/ CG Markings
Work suit with USCG stencil, emblem, and ensign.
Color: Intl Orange or Orange/Black Combo
Sizes: XS – XXX
Mustang Survival Deluxe Anti-Exposure Coverall
Rugged work suit is constructed of Mustang Airsoft® closed cell
foam for mobility. Provides protection from foul weather and
offers emergency flotation and insulation in the event of water
immersion. USCG Approved Type III/V.
Insulated hood & inflatable head pillow.
Velcro™ closures at wrists and ankles.
SOLAS reflective tape.
Neoprene wrist cuffs.
Extra chest pockets.
Color: Intl Orange or Orange/Black Combo
Sizes: XS – XXX
#820-CG Coverallw/USCGMarkings
#820-A Coverallw/AuxiliaryMarkings
Mustang Survival Rescue Swimmer Dry Suit
Breathable dry suit was co-developed with the US Navy for aviation rescue swimmers. Built to
perform in the most extreme environments and is compatible with aircrew duties for most aircraft.
Features exhaust valve in the forearm for quickly purging excess trapped air. Constructed with
waterproof and breathable GORE-TEX® fabric.
Easy donning & doffing with diagonal cross-chest waterproof & heavy-duty zipper.
Sewn & double sealed seams for integrity.
Lightweight and flexible.
Attached waterproof socks integrate with
footwear or swim fins.
Padded reinforcements in high wear areas.
Waterproof relief zipper.
Color: Black
Sizes: S - XL
Stearns® Rapid Rescue™ Dry Suit
Value and quality in a surface rescue
suit. Features breathable fabric with internal
suspenders for extended wear comfort. Latex
seals around ankles, neck, and wrists with
waterproof entry zipper. Neoprene protector
around neck seal. Knees and elbows are
reinforced with Cordura® fabric for added
Color: Black/Yellow Combo
Sizes: S – XX
#355 Stearns®RapidRescue™DrySuit(I800)
Stearns® Rapid Rescue Extreme™ Dry Suit
An enhanced version of the standard #355. Upgraded features include attached waterproof socks,
neoprene protectors around wrist seals, air purge valve, and relief zipper.
Color: Black/Red Combo
Sizes: S – XX
Mustang Survival Cold Water Immersion Suit
Easy to don abandon ship suit is ideal for work boats, drilling rigs, supply ships, transport vessels,
commercial fishermen, etc. Constructed of 5mm neoprene for flotation and hypothermia
protection. For use on non-SOLAS vessels.
Included Lifting Harness.
Five-finger insulated gloves for dexterity.
Ankle adjustments for improved fit.
Non-slip, durable soles.
Includes stowage bag (color-coded by size) .
Color: Intl Orange
Sizes: Child, Adult Small, Adult Universal and Adult Oversize
#846 Cold Water Immersion Suit
Stearns® Cold Water Immersion Suit
No other brand of suit is used in more worldwide applications than the Stearns® Immersion Suit. Exceeds
US Coast Guard specifications for hypothermia protection and complies with SOLAS 2010 requirements.
Immersion suit has a face seal and flap, attached five-finger gloves, waterproof zipper, and pocket for
a rescue light. Each suit has been individually tested for seam leakage and strength. Stowage bag is
included. US Coast Guard & MED Approved.
Complies with SOLAS 2010.
Includes lifting harness & buddy-line.
SOLAS-grade reflective panels.
Inflatable head support.
Includes stowage bag, color coded by
size for quick identification.
Replacement storage bags available.
Color: Intl Orange
Adult Small
Adult Universal
Adult Oversize
Weight (lbs.)
Height (in.)
#340 Stearns®ColdWaterImmersionSuit(I590TypeS)
Mustang Survival Ice Commander
Quick-don suit for ice and cold water rescue. Offers both flotation and thermal
protection. Durable urethane-coated nylon fabric shell with removable buoyancy
liner provides a system that is 45% lighter than comparable neoprene foam suits.
Neoprene hood and face guard.
Color: Golden Yellow
Knee & elbow reinforcements.
Sizes: Adult Universal (110 - 330 lbs)
Diagonal zipper for ease of entry.
#841 IceCommander(IC9002-02)
Ice awl pockets on forearms.
Integrated gloves and non-slip boots.
Chest harness for tether attachment.
Stearns® Ice Rescue Suit
One-piece suit of 100% closed cell neoprene foam provides buoyancy and
insulation. Designed for rescue operations in extreme cold water and ice
conditions. Features attached five-finger insulated gloves, sealed seams, and an
offset waterproof zipper for an improved face seal.
• Reinforced knees and elbows.
• Large, ice-pick pockets on forearms.
• Thick soled boot with tread for sure footing.
SOLAS-grade reflective panels front & back.
Integral chest harness with front and back
Color: Intl Orange
stainless steel D-rings.
Sizes: Adult Small, Adult Universal, & Adult Oversize
Individual storage bag included.
#341 Stearns®IceRescueSuit(I595)
Replacement storage bags available.
Mustang Survival Ocean Commander
Abandon ship suit features a urethane-coated nylon shell that is 45% lighter than conventional neoprene
suits and offers increased mobility. USCG/MED/SOLAS Approved.
Removable gloves for dexterity.
Watertight zipper and seams.
SOLAS grade reflective tape.
Neoprene wrist seals.
Includes buddy line for tethering and
integrated lifting harness.
Removable liner provides flotation & insulation.
Color: Intl Orange
Sizes: Adult Universal (110 - 330 lbs)
Mustang Survival Neoprene Hood
Neoprene hood offers increased protection against the elements when worn with
Mustang Survival® anti-exposure gear. Designed for easy integration with the MSD901,
MSD585, MAC200 and MAC300. The hood provides exceptional head and neck insulation
and includes a lanyard to tether the hood to the suit, Velcro™ attachment point for an
emergency light and SOLAS reflective tape. Sewn on SOLAS tape as per CG-731, Office of
Boat Forces requirements. The adjustable mouth guard provides protection from spray and
can be stored inside the hood when not required.
- #477
A clear urethane based repair adhesive and sealant for neoprene items, such as dry suits,
wet suits, boots and gloves. Waterproof formula seals and protects against abrasion. 8 oz tube
Zipper lubricant formulated to protect and lubricate all types of zippers. Excellent for use on wetsuits,
dry suits, dry bags and survival suits. Easily applied by rubbing stick lightly up and down zipper teeth.
Sea Drops Anti-Fog & Lens Cleaner - #545
Anti-fog & cleaning solution for dive masks & goggles. 1.25 oz squeeze bottle
Wetsuit & Dry Suit Shampoo - #632
Maintenance system for neoprene and marine fabrics. 8 oz bottle
Silicone Lubricant & Protectant Spray
- #626
High quality silicone lubricates, conditions & protects wetsuits, drysuits, booties and
all rubber & plastic products. 11 1/2 oz.
Pro-Slide Dry Lubricant & Protectant - #637
Pro-Slide powder preserves latex and rubber seals, gloves and boots. It also absorbs moisture, eases entry
into wetsuits & drysuits and helps to prevent chaffing. 1.25 oz. talc pouch
Wetsuit & Dry Suit Hanger - #624
Heavy-duty, noncorrosive hanger with stainless steel hook. The wide ABS plastic shoulders reduce stretching,
prevent pressure point damage, and improve ventilation for reduced drying time. Ideal for wetsuits, dry suits, and
anti-exposure coveralls. Color: Black
Rain Gear
LSC’s ultimate breathable rain gear. This lightweight, heavy-duty, two piece rain suit is made with a high tech tri-laminate fabric.
The fabric is waterproof and windproof, yet breathable allowing body moisture to escape as vapor for all day comfort. The
inner membrane is protected by a durable, high tenacity nylon shell and a tricot mesh lining creating a comfortable
rain suit with no loss in functionality. All seams are sealed with heat welded tape to further ensure waterproof integrity.
Multi-panel, adjustable hood with integrated brim and drawstring.
Multi-panel, anatomically fitted sleeves with adjustable cuffs.
Angled side pockets with water-resistant YKK® zipper closure.
Lengthened back panel keeps waist covered when bending.
Works-When-Wet” reflective markings - chest, back & sleeve cuffs.
Soft fleece lining on front collar.
Gusseted legs with zippered expansion panel for easier donning and doffing over work/duty boots.
Hip length jacket features YKK zipper closure with storm flap.
Pants have elasticized waist with drawstring.
Raintec is available with “US COAST GUARD” stencil on the backside of the jacket.
Other custom markings available. Stencil in black ink only.
Color: Intl Orange Sizes:
S – XX
Chest (in.)
Waist (in.)
Inseam (in.)
Polartec® fleece under garments are engineered for winter and cold weather activities.
Ideal for layering beneath a dry suit & other protective clothing. Easy care (machine washable)
Power Stretch® and Thermal Stretch™ fabrics provide body hugging, four way stretch for freedom
in any activity. Superior thermal insulation with less weight than other performance fabrics. Thermal
Stretch™ fabric features a windproof membrane and water-repellent surface.
Polartec® Fleece Union Suit - #716
One piece waist zip design, union style with long sleeves and high
collar. Constructed of Power Stretch® performance fleece. Features
elasticized rear waist drop relief flap, Lycra edge bound wrists and
ankles for a perfect fit and draft elimination. Unmatched stretch and
wicking ability for all day comfort. Color: Black Sizes: S – XX
Polartec® Fleece Pullover - #712
A long sleeve pullover constructed of Power Stretch® performance
fleece. High stretch allows for total freedom of movement. Zip-front for
ventilation. Works great as underwear or high wicking top. Lycra edge
bound wrist and waist for flexible fit. Color: Black Sizes: S – XL
Polartec® Fleece Pants - #713
Versatile 4-panel tight pattern has elasticized drawstring waist and lycra
bound cuffs. Fast-wicking Power Stretch® performance fleece keeps you
warm and dry. May be worn as an under garment or middle layer.
Color: Black
Sizes: XS – XX
Chest (in.)
Waist (in.)
Sleeve (in.)
Polartec® Lycra/Fleece Skullcap - #715
Excellent liner constructed from windproof and breathable
Thermal Stretch™ lycra/fleece laminate. Full head coverage and
will fit under most helmets.
Color: Black
Sizes: S/M & M/L
Polartec® Lycra/Fleece Balaclava - #714
Constructed from windproof and breathable
Thermal Stretch™ lycra/fleece laminate. Provides full head, neck and face coverage. Fits under most helmets. Excellent peripheral vision, high elasticity and
Color: Black
Size: Universal
High quality knee pads for tactical or professional use. Superflex design features a black rubber
cap for protection and improved grip on surfaces to prevent sliding. Thick foam and Dupont Cordura construction ensure comfort and durability. Easy on/off Altalok buckle system allows users to
adjust the fit once and then leave them alone. Ideal for hoist operators and deck crews working
on non-skid surfaces. One size fits most.
Emergency Blanket - #387
SPACE® brand first aid thermal blanket reflects and retains over 80% of a person’s radiated body heat to provide thermal protection from the cold or in a
crisis situation. The orange & silver polyester film prevents wind or water penetration while providing high visibility. Registered FDA medical device.
Measures: 56” x 84”
Weight: 2 oz.
Hoist Operators Glove
Features ¾ length fingers and is sized slightly larger to fit over flight gloves of the same
size designation. Reverse seam construction eases on/off fitting and improves dexterity.
Leather palms with stretch nylon side walls along the fingers and power-net mesh back.
Inside grip of palm, fingers and thumb are reinforced with an extra layer of leather for
protection from cable abrasion.
Velcro™ closure
Color: Tan Leather with Black Mesh
Sizes: M – XL , Sold individually, specify Left or Right when ordering.
#224 Hoist Operators Glove
Line Handling Gloves
An excellent line handling glove with ¾ length fingers. Top grade leather with 2-way
stretch nylon side walls along the fingers and power-net mesh back panel. Sewn-in leather
palm reinforcement.
Velcro™ closure.
Color: Tan Leather with Black Mesh
Sizes: S – XL
#225 Line Handling Gloves
Cold Weather Line Handling Gloves
Warm, durable and lightweight glove. Efficient Lamilite insulation. Outershell is made
of water resistant nylon and features top grade leather palm and fingers with additional
leather strips sewn the full length of fingers and across the palm for added protection.
Color: Black
Sizes: S – XL
#444 Cold Weather Line Handling Gloves
Seamless Glove/Liner
The Zensah™ Seamless Glove is ideal for any outdoor activity. Thin, lightweight design is
suitable as a stand alone glove for mild & dry environments or as a moisture wicking glove
liner for cold and wet environments. Special tactile dots on the palm improve hand grip.
Wetsuit Gloves, 3mm
3mm neoprene foam with Kevlar™ palms and fingers for abrasion resistance. Retains
flexibility in cold water. Glued and blind stitched for durability. Pre-curved fingers for
comfortable fit. 5mm gloves available by special order.
Color: Black
Sizes: S – XL
#458 Whitewater Helmet
Lightweight & designed for use by professional boat crews, whitewater and mountain
rescue teams. Helmet features a multi- impact liner with four point neck strap system.
Large openings enhance comfort through ventilation and drainage. The closed-cell foam
liner eliminates absorption and odors. Includes SOLAS-grade reflective markings, a 2” x 3”
loop patch for attachment of a strobe light and a removable visor.
Color: Red; alternate colors available.
Sizes: Small
(21½” – 22¼”) X-Large (24” – 24¾”)
Medium (22½” – 23”)
XX-Large (25” – 25¾”)
(23¼” – 23¾”)
#458 WhitewaterHelmet
#457-S ReplacementHelmetPad,Thin,3pack
#459 Replacement Visor
#696 Zensah™ Skullcap / Helmet Liner
Constructed of breathable and moisture wicking fabric to keep
you comfortable in all weather conditions. Silver ions impregnated
into the fabric fight odor and heat generating bacteria to keep
you cool and fresh.
Color: Black
Used by the United States Coast Guard, the Gentex special operations headset adaptable
helmets (SOHAH) have become the standard issued helmet for both maritime and fixed wing
aircraft platforms. The configuration provides the user with the luxury to interface with headsets
that have large earcups and night vision goggles. Gentex SOHAH helmets are available in two
sizes; in both ballistic and non-ballistic versions and are offered in a variety of shell colors.
Sawfly® Military Eyewear System
The Sawfly® by Revision Eyewear is APEL approved and exceeds U.S. Military ballistic impact
requirements. System provides an unmatched level of protection and comfort. Curved
lens offers an unrestricted field-of-view with max ventilation while the adjustable arms and
head strap ensure a perfect fit every time. Includes frame, interchangeable clear & smoke
lenses, head strap, microfiber pouch and stowage case with belt clip.
Approved for USCG use.
Sizes: Regular (NSN 4240-01-527-4051)
Replacement clear or smoke lenses available.
Optional enhanced polarized or vermilion
lenses available.
(NSN 4240-01-527-4051)
#507Sawfly MilitaryEyewearSystem
#508 Replacement Lenses
Desert Locust® Military Goggle System
The Desert Locust® by Revision Eyewear is APEL approved and exceeds U.S. Military ballistic
impact requirements. Combines the best ballistic protection with optimal facial and helmet
fit. OcuMax® coating prevents fogging and scratches. Optically correct lens maximizes
field-of-view with unprecedented visual clarity. System includes frame, clear and smoke
interchangeable lenses, head strap, anti-reflective/protective sleeve, cleaning cloth and
stowage case.
Replacement clear/smoke lenses and optional vermilion lens available.
NSN 4240-01-547-6227.
Desert Locust® Military Goggle System
Replacement Lenses
Prescription Carrier - #514
Optional insert allows corrective lenses to be worn with either the #507 Sawfly or #509
Desert Locust systems (lenses not included).
Safety Glasses
High quality and economical safety glasses provide protection from UVA/UVB/UVC rays,
and are compliant with ANSI Z87.1 2003+ high impact standards. Functional, wraparound
design with tapered lenses eliminates side shield distortion and refraction on the periphery.
Frame and temples are constructed of a durable, light weight and flexible nylon resin for all
day wear and comfort. Features fog and scratch-resistant coated lenses.
Color: Black Frame with either Clear or Smoke lenses
#537 Safety Glasses
Polarized Safety Glasses
Identical to the #537 Safety Glasses described above only with premium POLARIZED lenses.
The polarized lens system removes glare from above and reflected light from below to
maximize your vision and eye comfort. Perfect for use on land or at sea. Fog-resistant
polycarbonate lenses with scratch-resistant hard coat.
Color: Black Frame with Smoke lenses
Boat Crew Goggles, Clear Lens
Scott USA® Performance Series goggles are designed to provide protection from wind and
moisture. Features scratch resistant, 100% UV protection and anti-fog lens. Flexible frame
is durable and helmet compatible. The hypoallergenic face foam provides a precise fit,
comfort and seals out the elements. Available in Classic and Over-The-Glass (OTG) models
with standard clear lens. Optional Amplifier Lens (as shown in photo) fits both models and
increases vision clarity, contrast and definition.
Boat Crew Goggles, Clear OTG
SeaVision 2000 Low Volume Dive Mask
Lightweight, two lens, low volume design provides excellent visibility. Features a
high impact, black plastic frame with surgical silicone skirt and wide head strap for a
comfortable fit and security. CR-39 polymer lenses are half the weight of glass and provide
inherent UV protection without coatings to scratch or rub off over time. Available with
either clear lenses or light intensifying Max Vision lenses for low light or night operations.
Includes plastic clamp for attachment of 4” lightstick (#568).
#542-1 ReplacementSeaVision2000Strap,Black
Aqua Lung Wraparound Dive Mask
Made for military and search-and-rescue divers, the stainless steel frame and strap buckles
provide extreme durability. A black, non-reflective coating improves its stealth quality and
an updated mask skirt gives a high performance fit. Three panel design gives improved
side to side vision with tempered glass lenses that meet ANSI standards. Optional #547
chemical light bar allows for attachment of 4” lightstick (#568). Approved for use by US
Navy and US Coast Guard rescue swimmers.
#543 WraparoundDiveMask
#543-1 ReplacementMaskStrap,Black
Chem-Light Bar
Attaches to the frame of the #543 wraparound dive mask and secures LSC #568 4”
lightstick to the mask for illumination at night.
#547 Chem-Light Bar
Rescue Swimmer Gear Bag
A rugged gear bag designed for rescue swimmers. Constructed of black, heavy-duty
nylon fabric. Features padded shoulder straps and a top carrying handle. Compartments
of varying sizes fit odd sized equipment. Main compartment is sized at 20” x 24” x 9”,
and side compartments (9” x 24” x 3”) are perfect for fins. The double padded front
compartments (12” x 8” x 4” and 12” x 12” x 4”) protect delicate equipment.
Rescue Gear Bag
LSC’s professional gear bag. Water-resistant, rugged, and constructed of a heavyweight
nylon fabric. High visible orange gusset with black sides and bottom. Features YKK
corrosion resistant zippers on the main compartment and two side pockets. Sewn-in plastic
panels provide side support while loading equipment in the bag. Embroidered markings.
Features two carrying handles and a removable shoulder strap.
Size: 21” L x 12” W x 13” D
#308 Rescue Gear Bag
This rugged, waterproof gear bag utilizes a premium grade survival suit zipper for a
dependable & positive seal. Multilayer design with durable orange nylon shell for abrasion
resistance, 3/16” thick closed cell foam padding on the bottom and sides for impact
protection, and an inner waterproof liner of heavy-duty urethane coated nylon.
Size: 20” W x 13½” H x 11” D.
#307 Dri-Bag
Dri-Bag Insert
Removable, customizable, lightly padded, semi-rigid insert for protection of sensitive
gear. Constructed with Velcro-compatible material on the interior, with 420 denier nylon
fabric on the exterior. All inserts are edged with power hook to provide numerous custom
configurations. Main Insert is 10 1/2” x 19 1/2” x 8”. Includes one center divider (19” x 8”), two
(10” x 8”) dividers, four (4 1/4” x 8”) dividers and one (4 1/4” x 6 1/4” ) pocket.
#307-1 Dri-Bag Insert
Pelican Protector Equipment Cases
Pelican™ equipment cases provide the ultimate protection and are watertight & airtight
to 30’ depth. Lightweight, structural resin with a neoprene o-ring seal and purge valve.
Molded grip, fold down handle, locking flanges, and massive multiple latches for absolute
security. Stocked in 5 common sizes with pick n’ pluck foam.
Available in Black or Orange.
Outside Dims.
L x W x H (in)
Inside Dims.
L x W x H (in)
Pelican™ Case 1200
10.6 x 9.7 x 4.9
9.2 x 7.1 x 4.1
Pelican™ Case 1400
13.4 x 11.6 x 6.0
11.8 x 8.8 x 5.1
Pelican™ Case 1500
18.5 x 14.1 x 7.0
16.7 x 11.1 x 6.1
Pelican™ Case 1550
20.6 x 16.9 x 8.1
18.4 x 14.0 x 7.6
Pelican™ Case 1600
24.3 x 19.4 x 8.7
21.4 x 16.5 x 7.8
Sirius LED Strobe Lights
Utilizing the latest in LED and solid state electronics, LSC has developed a series of strobe lights for both commercial and
military/SAR applications that exceed US Coast Guard and SOLAS performance requirements. This design provides enhanced
brightness, durability and service life compared to filament light bulbs or gas filled xenon flash tubes. Commercial PFD lights
have USCG Approval and offer standard manual or water-activated functionality, while the military and SAR specific models
provide enhanced signaling features including infrared (IR) and multiple color LED’s. Built for the marine environment, the low
profile housing is constructed of high-strength, corrosion resistant plastic with a high-impact resistant clear lens. Smaller, lighter
and brighter than the Firefly®, the Sirius Strobe Lights are your first choice for a PFD or signaling strobe.
Features of all Sirius Strobe Lights include:
• Will flash a bright white signal 60 times a minute for over 18 hours, will flash with reduced brightness for 5 days+.
• Visible at twice the distance of the Firefly® Strobes.
• Quarter-turn tail cap permits easy and rapid battery change.
• Slide switch with detents prevent inadvertent activation and is easily operated with gloved hands.
• Attached tether cord to secure light in equipment pocket.
• Attached hook patch for affixing to loop patch on a PFD etc.
3.6” x 2.0” x 1.1”
Weight: 3.3 oz (with batteries)
Require two AA alkaline or lithium batteries (not included). Lithium batteries recommended for cold environments.
Sirius Strobe
Tri-Sirius Strobe
Ideal for life vests, survival kits, immersion suits, etc.
Developed for rescue swimmers and other SAR personnel,
the Tri-Sirius features a multi-position switch giving the user the
choice of three operating modes:
High visibility orange case.
USCG SOLAS Approval 161.112/77/0
Aqua-Sirius Strobe
The Aqua-Sirius provides water-activated functionality.
High visibility orange case.
USCG SOLAS Approval 161.112/77/0
Sirius MILTAC Strobe
A military/tactical personal strobe light offers the user the choice
of a flashing covert IR signal (not visible to the human eye) or
visible flashing bright white signal. To activate the IR signal,
simply slide the switch to the “ON” position. Default IR mode
prevents inadvertent white flash during critical covert operations.
User must cycle switch three (3) times within five (5) seconds
to activate the emergency white signal light. IR LED’s emit IR
wavelength only, no filter required and no chance of white light
leakage. Both IR and white signal can be detected at distances
far greater than the military MS2000(M)™ CSAR Strobe.
Case molded in a subdued, sage green color.
Flashing White Strobe: The standard white emergency
signal common to all Sirius Strobes.
Flashing Blue Strobe: Differentiates the swimmer from
other marker lights in the area or lights worn by victims in
the water.
Green Work Lamp: A constant burn, green work light, is
directed forward and provides broad area illumination in
front of the swimmer. The green hue is of low intensity to
reduce adverse effects on the operator’s night vision.
High Visibility Orange Case.
Strobe Light Molle Strap
A simple strap to attach all LSC Strobe Light versions to any
Molle style vest or panel.
Sea Float for Strobes
An inexpensive flotation collar for the LSC Sirius strobe lights.
Allows the strobe to be used as a marker or location light for
air dropped equipment, etc. 5.4oz.
Pelican Nemo™ 2010 Recoil™ LED
Submersible to 100 meters. Recoil LED technology directs the lamp rearward, into
the reflector where 100% of the emitted light is captured & projected forward in
a collimated beam. LED lamp offers durability, long service life, and long battery
life compared to filament bulbs. Requires three (3) C-cell alkaline batteries (not
Tested light output is 56 lumens with 43 hours of
battery burn time.
Size: 8 1/8” x 1 7/8” OD
Color: Black
Pelican SabreLite™ 2000
Rated IP67 submersible (1 meter, 30 minutes). ABS resin body resists chemicals,
corrosion and extreme temperatures. Unlike ordinary flashlights that produce a yellow
beam, the SabreLite’s incredibly bright Xenon lamp produces a powerful collimated
white beam. CSA, FM, MSHA, UL and IEC approved non-incendive.
Includes: belt clip, stainless steel split ring, and lanyard.
Requires three (3) C-cell alkaline batteries (not included).
Tested light output is 53 lumens with 5 hours of battery burn time.
NSN 6230-01-281-3775.
Size: 7 3/4” x 1 7/8” OD
Color: Black
Handheld HID Search Light
Handheld search light utilizes a High Intensity Discharge lamp and is ideal for law
enforcement and search & rescue professionals with the need to light targets at
great distances. Several times (5+) brighter than conventional hand held spotlights.
Includes lithium-ion rechargeable battery with AC Charger for economy. Waterproof
to one (1) meter. Optional DC Charger and DC power cord adapters available to
enable powering from 12-24 VDC vehicle/vessel power.
Pelican L1 LED Light
The L1 flashlight provides a concentrated close quarter beam. UL & IEC approved
non-incendive. White LED provides long service life and uses four (4) replaceable LR44, 1.5 volt alkaline coin cells. Tested light output is 12 lumens. Includes break-away
lanyard and tail switch with constant & momentary function. Water resistant black
plastic housing. Packaged with batteries and colored lens to preserve night vision.
#602 L1LEDLight
#427 AlkalineBattery,LR44ButtonCell,2pack
Pelican HeadsUp Light
Hybrid LED/xenon hands-free light with the option of using the Xenon lamp for intense
bright light or the 3 LEDs to conserve battery life. The multi-angle pivoting head allows
you to aim the light where you need it. A rubber strap for helmets and adjustable
cloth strap are included. Powered by three (3) AAA-cell alkaline batteries (included).
Pelican MityLite™ 1900NVG Night Vision
Compact flashlight with hi-intensity Xenon lamp will cut through smoke, fog and
dust. Rated IP67 submersible (1 meter, 30 minutes). CSA, IEC and ETL approved nonincendive. Twist-on shroud. Includes shirt clip, xenon lamp module and two (2) AAAcell alkaline batteries. Tested light output is 11 lumens with 1½ hours of battery burn
time. This light has a removable blue filter disk. The disk filters out most of the visible light
emitted. NSN 6230-01-463-8505.
Size: 4 ¾” x ¾” OD
Color: Black
Pelican MityLite™ 1960 LED
An evolution of the popular MityLite™, the 1960 adds the latest in LED technology. Built
compact and lightweight to fit inside your pocket. Rated IP67 submersible (1 meter, 30
minutes). Twist-on shroud. Uses two AAA-cell alkaline batteries (included).
ABS body resists corrosion and extreme temperatures. Tested light output is 24 lumens with
3 hours of battery burn time.
5½” x ¾” OD
Color: Black
Pelican NemoTM 4300
Submersible to 100 meters. Features an unbreakable ABS body with polycarbonate lens. A
spare Xenon lamp is included and stored underneath the reflector. Powered by eight (8)
C-cell alkaline batteries (not included). Tested light output is 276 lumens with 3½ hours of
battery burn time.
Color: High Visibility Yellow
Sea Float for Strobes
An inexpensive flotation collar for the LSC Sirius strobe lights. Allows the strobe to be used
as a marker or location light for air dropped equipment, etc. 5.4oz.
#312 Sea Float for Strobes
ACR® Firefly® Plus
A combination high intensity emergency strobe and flashlight. Omnidirectional, xenon
strobe is visible up to two miles, and flashes 40-60 times per minute with an operational life
of 10 hours. Flashlight with krypton lamp provides 2 hours of continuous operation. Uses
two AA-cell alkaline batteries (not included). Case is waterproof to 100m and floats.
5.3” L x 1.5” OD
Weight: 5 oz
#310ACR®Firefly® Plus
ACR® C-Strobe™
A reliable and inexpensive emergency signaling strobe for life preservers. Slim and
lightweight design fits easily in a pocket or attaches to a life vest or jacket with stainless
steel clip pin, hook & loop strap or the included C-clip. C-clip allows for attachment to oral
inflation tubes, etc. Twist on/off control can be operated by gloved hands.
USCG 161.012/41/0 approved.
Visible for up to two miles.
Operates for 8 hours using 2 AA-cell alkaline batteries (not included).
Waterproof to 10 feet.
#314 ACR® Strobe Illumination Marker
SOLAS 74/83 and USCG 161.010/6/1 approved (Floating Electric Water Light) for installation
with other required survival equipment. Emits a rain and fog penetrating, 360 degree light
with a peak brilliance of 250,000 lumens. Minimum 36 hours continuous operation. No
tools needed to replace battery. Rugged construction resists weathering and corrosion
from the marine environment. Drop tested 300 ft. into water. Automatically rights itself
and activates when in water. Used worldwide by major fleets. Exceeds requirements as
a man overboard light, boundary marker, underwater obstruction definition, etc. Includes
patented nonmagnetic and noncorrosive mounting bracket. Battery not included. Uses
LSC Battery #396 (see next page).
#314 ACR®StrobeIlluminationMarker
#314-1 ReplacementBulb
#397 ReplacementMountingBracketfor#314
Alkaline Battery, 6-Volt
Lantern battery with screw terminals for the ACR Strobe Marker (#314). This battery is
approved by ACR for use with the #314 and has been tested to ensure proper flotation of
illumination marker.
Duracell Procell Alkaline Batteries
Procell professional batteries deliver outstanding performance & reliability. Dependable,
long lasting power with 7-year shelf life, and printed date code to ensure use of fresh
batteries. Reliable operation in temperature extremes from -20o C to 54o C.
#422-AAA 4Pack
#422-AA 4Pack
AA Lithium Batteries
Lithium batteries by Energizer® are the best choice for strobe lights and other survival
related equipment. These batteries provide a long, 15 year shelf life with improved cold
weather performance (nearly twice the service life of alkaline batteries when used in high
drain devices). Reliable operation in temperature extremes from -40o C to 140o C. Sold in
packages of four batteries.
ACR® HemiLight™ 2
The all new LED personal/PFD marker light activates when in contact with salt or fresh water
and can be deactivated by sliding the switch to the off position. It is smaller than other
approved lights and features rounded edges to maintain air chamber integrity when used
with inflatable life jackets. Installation is quick and simple with the all new Dragon Clip™
which provides a secure attachment to almost any style life jacket in a matter of seconds.
Single use light has a sealed 5-year battery (not replaceable) with typical operational life of
16 hours. USCG SOLAS Approved.
Size: 2.8” x 1.5” x 1.4”
Pelican Recoil™ LED w/ traffic wand
Screw on traffic wand w/ four colored filters (blue, yellow, red and green) make flight deck
FOD (foreign object damage) a thing of the past. LED technology produces 51 lumens
of clean bright light and a runtime of 15 hours will outlast a full work shift. The lightweight
polymer body is corrosion proof, resistant to extreme temperatures, and is weather resistant.
Requires 4 AA Alkaline batteries (not included).
Beam distance 88m.
Waterproof to 1m.
Size: 12.5”
Weight w/ batteries: 8.2oz.
Pelican LED 1920 Penlight
New ultra compact aluminum 1920 flashlight is designed with style and function in mind.
The bright LED light creates a clean white beam. Long burntimes combined with hi-lumen
output make for an efficient lighting tool; the perfect personal light.
Requires 2 AAA Alkaline batteries (not included).
Tested Light output is 120 Lumens (High) w/ 2hrs 45min runtime or 12 Lumens (Low) w/9
hrs 30 min runtime.
Weight: 2.2oz.
#598 LED Penlight
Cyalume® 6” Lightsticks
A portable and cost-efficient light source. Each lightstick is a pliable, plastic tube
filled with two nontoxic chemicals. Sealed foil wrapper provides a 4-year shelf life
and protects lightstick until use. To activate, bend tube and shake to mix chemicals.
A cool bright light is generated from the chemical reaction without heat, flame, or
sparks. No batteries or bulbs to break or replace.
Manually activates in seconds and emits 360° of cool light.
100% maintenance-free, nontoxic and nonflammable.
Spark-proof, buoyant and impervious to corrosion.
Use optional #230 strap to attach Lightsticks to rescue hooks or other devices at
6” Lightstick, Green
12 hour
6” Lightstick, White
8 hour
6” Lightstick, Red
12 hour
6” Lightstick, Orange
12 hour
6” Lightstick, Yellow
12 hour
6” Lightstick, Blue
8 hour
6” Lightstick, Hi-Intensity Yellow
½ hour
Chemical Light Strap
Strap is used for attaching Light sticks to rescue hooks or other devices during night
operations. Hardware is made of brass and stainless steel for corrosion resistance in
the marine environment. Approved by NAVAIR
NSN 4220-01-325-3133
#230 Chemical Light Strap
Cyalume® 4” Lightstick
Small lightstick fits the clamps of the #547 Chemical Light Bar and SeaVision Masks (see page 45).
Provides six hours of green light.
NSN 6260-00-106-7478.
Cyalume® PML Chemical Light
The Personnel Marker Light (PML) is a safe chemical light approved by the USCG and
the FAA for use on life preservers. Squeeze handle to activate. When activated,
the PML emits a yellow-green glow which lasts for a minimum 8 hours and is visible
for up to one (1) mile on clear, dark nights. A superb emergency light source for
life preservers as it is waterproof, windproof, nonflammable, easy to activate, and
requires no batteries. Four year shelf life. Includes stainless steel clip for attachment
to life jackets and vests.
#231 Cyalume® PML Chemical Light
ACR is the leading manufacturer of EPIRBs in the USA and offers three models to fit your budget
requirements. All models are offered in both Category I (automatic hydrostatic deployment) or
Category II (manual deployment) mounting options. Each beacon transmits your digital identifier
to the COSPAS/SARSAT monitoring system via 406 MHz signal. A separate 121.5 MHz homing
signal then guides local search and rescue efforts.
Operational Life:
33 ft
5 years (Limited)
Lithium – 5 year replacement life
48 hours @ -20o C (-4o F)
14.3” x 5.5” x 4.5” (EPIRB with Case, Cat. I)
7.0” x 4.2” x 3.6”
(EPIRB only, Cat. II)
ACR® GlobalFix™ Pro with GPS
A step up from the basic EPIRB, the GlobalFix™ Pro adds an onboard GPS receiver enabling the
beacon to provide your latitude and longitude coordinates when transmitting your distress signal.
Providing a more narrow search location for SAR responders.
ACR® GlobalFix™ iPro with GPS
ACR’s top of the line EPIRB includes GPS technology and adds a digital display providing
feedback on the beacon’s operational activities such as transmission, self-test, coordinates, etc.
The beacon also permits the owner to send “I’m OK” messages via optional nonemergency messaging service.
ACR® ResQLink™ PLB with GPS
The world’s smallest and lightest PLB! This PLB has a 66-channel onboard GPS receiver and offers
more output power than larger models. Features flex-blade antenna, strobe and “I’m OK”
message capability via optional non-emergency messaging service.
3.9” x 1.9” x 1.3”
Weight: 4.6 oz
Signal Mirror
This 2” x 3” acrylic mirror is virtually unbreakable and weighs just ¾ oz. Operates on the same
principle as the glass military signal mirrors with grid and fireball targeting. Mirror will float. The
scratch resistant surface is covered with a removable and replaceable non-glare vinyl sheet to
prevent inadvertent flashes and provides protection to the mirror surface.
#208 Signal Mirror
Fox 40 Whistle
Sometimes, the only way to be rescued is to be heard. The fox 40 whistle is invaluable for
signaling rescuers. Waterproof and pea-less design. Patented 3-chamber whistle provides 115
db signal. Includes split ring for lanyard attachment. Color: Orange
Waterproof Whistle
This rugged, dependable whistle was developed for the US Navy. Easily attached to a life
jacket or any type of foul weather gear. Molded of high impact plastic. Resists weathering and
corrosion. The loud (116 db), shrill whistle is audible from great distances and facilitates locating
overboard persons. Flat design will not hold water. Meets SOLAS requirements. Color: Orange
#394 Waterproof Whistle
3M® SOLAS Grade Retro Reflective Tapes
Encapsulated lens design provides a high level of light reflection across a wide range
of entry angles, in dry or wet conditions. For use on life vests, rafts & other life support
equipment. Aids in locating survivors at night. Can be applied onto life vest fabrics without
a primer. Recommended for objects with curves (helmets, ring buoys, etc.) or where
flexing may occur. Available in 1”, 2” & 3” widths. Sold by the meter or 50-meter roll.
US Coast Guard Approved.
#276-M RetroReflectiveAdhesiveTape,1”
#275-M RetroReflectiveAdhesiveTape,2”
#272-M RetroReflectiveAdhesiveTape,3”
#273-M Retro Reflective Cloth (Sew-On), 3”R
Sea Dye Marker
Conforms to MIL-S-17980D and contains a fluorescent green dye which spreads over the
surface of the water, creating a bright green pattern to enhance your conspicuity to
search vessels and aircraft. Dye will last approximately 30-40 minutes before dissipating.
Easily stored in a life vest pocket or life raft safety kit.
Signaling Sleeves
A slip-on arm sleeve designed to enhance rescuer’s hand signaling visibility, both day
and night. Made from bright yellow acrylic fabric with four 1” bands of SOLAS grade
retroreflective material sewn around sleeves. Elastic cuffs.
Approved for US Coast Guard use.
ACR® Hot Shot™ Signal Mirror
Acrylic Mirror measures 4.25” x 2.75”, is virtually unbreakable, and weighs just 1.8 ounces.
Provides an optimal sighting “spot” with holographic red dot and features telescope
quality reflective surface. Operates on the same principle as the glass military signal mirrors
with grid and fireball targeting. Includes a USCG approved whistle, attached lanyard and
RLL Rescue Laser Light™
Unique concept extends the typical laser “dot” into a brilliant laser line for greater signaling
and search coverage. Operates for 40 hours with common Lithium CR123 battery
(included). Use in the same manner you would a signal mirror, but add a slight scanning
Effective up to 20 miles at night and 3 miles in daylight.
Waterproof, nonflammable, and safer to store or use than flares.
Hydrostatic Release
Replacement Hydrostatic Release Unit (HRU) for ACR Category I EPIRB brackets. When
submerged to a depth of 5-13 feet, the HydroFix™ will separate the front and back
sections of the bracket to eject the EPIRB out of the bracket. Sold as a universal kit and is
compatible with current and legacy ACR Category I EPIRB brackets.
#374-2 Hydrostatic Release
Rescue & Survival Knife
Gerber® E-Z-Out® Rescue Knife
The basic survival tool. A high quality,
compact, lightweight, snag and corrosion
resistant knife manufactured by LSC. This
knife has a razor sharp, 4” mirror finish stainless
steel blade with blunt tip. The upper edge is
serrated and features a line cutter. Handle is
ABS plastic with sure-grip design and molded
lanyard hole. Includes synthetic rubber belt
sheath with integrated safety retainer. Overall
knife length is 8”. Optional attachment
harnesses available to stow the knife on life
vests, see below.
Harnesses for #358 Knife
Lightweight harnesses for the #358 Rescue & Survival Knife
provide simple and secure attachment of the knife and
sheath to three popular vest style PFDs. Knife not included.
Fits the Stearns® #320 and Mustang® #815 four-pocket PFDs.
#358-H2 KnifeHarnessfor#460/#800
#358-H3 KnifeHarnessfor#430
This harness is specific for the Stearns® Type III SAR Vest (#430).
The Gerber® E-Z-Out® knife features a folding blade with
lock and a fiberglass reinforced handle. Easily opens with
one hand. Includes removable stainless steel pocket clip.
Stainless steel 3½” blade with serrated edge. Length: 8”
(open). Weight: 2.5 oz
#705Gerber® E-Z-Out®RescueKnife
#705-YGerber® E-Z-Out®RescueKnife,BluntTip
Leatherman Wave®
Leatherman’s most popular multi-tool, redesigned with larger
knives & stronger pliers. Stainless steel construction. Features
combination needlenose & standard pliers, wire cutters,
hard-wire cutters, clip point knife, serrated knife, scissors,
saw, wood/metal file, diamond coated file, large & small
bit drivers, large screwdriver, ruler, bottle/can opener, wire
stripper, two double ended bits and lanyard attachment.
Includes nylon belt sheath. Length: 4” (closed). Weight: 8.5
Gerber® Multi-Plier 600 Tool
Cable Cutter
High quality, Swiss-made
cable/wire cutters with insulated
handles. Hardened and precision
ground, cutting blades ensure a clean, fast
cut every time. An economical and practical
tool to clear deck rigging or to cut the helicopter
hoist cable without activating the emergency internal cutter.
Suitable for 3/16” diameter and smaller stainless steel wire rope.
Length: 13”. Weight: 26.5 oz
Safety Hook Knife
An inexpensive yet functional safety knife for use by
rescue personnel to remove belts, clothing etc., or in
an emergency to safely free oneself and others from
fouled lines & restraints. Corrosion resistant design with
rigid plastic handle features a super-sharp stainless
steel blade. The hook design and non-exposed blade
significantly reduce the chance for laceration injury.
The single blade design offers superior all-around
cutting performance. Length: 6 5/8”. Color: Yellow
Features one-handed opening
with easily accessed components
and safety locks. Includes crimper,
needlenose pliers, wire cutter, standard
& metric scales, lanyard ring, crosshead
& flat screwdrivers, can & bottle
openers, fine and coarse files, drop
point & serrated sheepsfoot blades.
Constructed of heavy-gauge stainless
steel with black finish. Smooth handles and ballistic nylon
sheath. Length: 5 1/8” (closed). Weight: 8 oz
Gerber® Multi-Plier Legend™ Tool
Stainless steel construction is lightweight, ergonomic and built
to last. Jaws have replaceable tungsten carbide cutting
inserts, replaceable RemGrit® blade, easy one-handed
opening knife blade and Fiskars® scissors. All components
feature safety lock and are accessible without opening the
tool. Complete with black, ballistic nylon sheath.
Length: 5 1/8” (closed). Weight: 8.6 oz.
Wichard® Snap Hooks
High quality, stainless steel snap hook is so simple it does away
with all internal spring mechanisms. Asymmetrical design.
Gate has a generous opening and the wide offset shape of
the latch bar reduces the risk of self-release. Opening side is
easily identified by touch, important when working at night,
underwater or in an emergency. Forged for high strength.
See chart for available sizes.
#667 Snap Hook, 4-5/8”
A high quality and economical
alternate to the #367 Wichard®
Snap Hook described above.
Features forged stainless steel
Less expensive version of the #364 Wichard® snap hook.
This hook is imported and is of standard quality, suitable
for utility purposes only. Constructed of stainless steel. LSC
recommends using the Wichard® snap hook where a high
level of functional reliability is required.
#377 Snap Hook Clip
Used to hold open the latch gate of LSC #367 and #667
snap hooks. Attached to a pole, it can be used to reach out
and snap the hook onto mooring buoys, bow cleats, deck
rings, etc. Once the hook is engaged, a simple pull back on
the pole releases the hook and latch gate simultaneously.
Constructed of stainless steel, it will provide many years of
service. Includes stainless steel mounting screws. Snap hook
and pole not included.
Wichard® Snap Hook, 2-3/8”
Functional Breaking
Limit (lbs) Load (lbs)
Wichard Snap Hook, 3-5/32”
Wichard Snap Hook, 4”
Wichard Snap Hook, 4-5/8”
Stainless Steel Mini-Buckle
#664 Snap Hook, 2-3/8”
A low profile mini-buckle
constructed of stainless steel
for corrosion resistance. More
compact and much stronger than
comparably sized plastic buckles. Webbing slot measures ¾”
wide. Size (w/ insert): 1.88” L x 1.25” W. Color: Black
Working Limit Load (WLL) of 2000 lbs.
WLL stamped on frame for quick reference.
Miscellaneous Stainless Steel Hardware
Stainless Steel Lite Carabiner
A high quality and corrosion resistant carabiner
with screw lock manufactured by Seattle
Manufacturing Corporation (SMC). The offset
‘D’ shape provides ample volume to clip in large
diameter ropes and rings. Major axis strength
7,400 lbf (locked).
NFPA Aluminum Carabiner
Aluminum ‘D’ shape carabiner with locking gate
is ideal for aviation and tactical requirements
needing reduced weight. Manufactured by
Seattle Manufacturing Corporation (SMC) and is
certified by Underwriter’s Laboratories to exceed
NFPA 1983 Light Use requirement of 27 kN. Black
anodized finish. Major axis strength 6,000 lbf
Talon IIS Safety Hook with Swivel
Quick Release Safety Buckle (QRSB)
Used extensively throughout the LSC product line, this custom
designed buckle is corrosion resistant and features metal-tometal, double latch security. Constructed of stainless steel
with a structurally independent and high strength plastic
housing. Mating hardware is available as a link or with
adjustor. Breaking load of 1,000 lbs. High-strength, retrofit,
and all black tactical versions available. Call for information.
Size (with link) 3.6” L x 2.1” W x 0.6” H
#393 QuickReleaseSafetyBuckle(QRSB)
#401-2 StainlessSteelLinkw/QRSBKey,1”
#451-K Adjustorw/QRSBKey,1¾”
Safety Hook with integrated swivel eye. Features a locking
gate to reduce ring roll-out or inadvertent release. To open,
simply press the latch on the spine and open the gate. After
release, the spring loaded gate and latch return to the
locked positions. Ergonomic design allows for easy grip and
functioning with a single hand. Available in stainless steel
with black oxide finish or titanium alloy for reduced weight.
Improved ball & socket gate interface reduces snag incidents
when clipping into or out of small
diameter ropes & rings.
Size: 6.1” L x 2.6” W
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