Motion Computing C5m/F5m Quick Setup and Getting Started Guide

Motion Computing C5m/F5m Quick Setup and Getting Started Guide
C5m/F5m Tablet PC Features
1 Web camera indicator light and web camera (optional)
2 Microphones
3 Function button
4 Motion Tablet Center button
5 Directional pad
6 Battery gauge
7 B button
8 A button
9 Touchscreen display
10 Dock connector
USB 3.0 port
Power adapter port
Windows® button
Security button
Fingerprint reader
Power button
Barcode scanner (optional)
11 Pen tether attach point
12 Volume buttons
13 Pen bay
14 Fan cover
15 Battery
16 Smart card reader (optional)
17 Micro-3FF SIM card slot (must remove battery)
18 Docking guide
19 Battery latch
20 Battery gauge button
21 Battery gauge light
22 Rear camera (optional)
23 Speaker
24 Rear camera light
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Getting Started with the Motion® C5m/F5m Tablet PC
Power on and off
Using the pen
Checking battery power
Press the power button at the top right side of the
C5m/F5m Tablet PC.
An important difference between traditional PCs and
Tablet PCs is that you frequently use a digitizer pen
instead of a mouse and keyboard. The C5m/F5m pen
has a pressure-sensitive tip, eraser, and a function
button. Pressing the function button is equivalent to
right-clicking a mouse.
You can check the remaining battery power in your C5m/F5m by:
You can shut down your tablet from Windows . Swipe
from the right side of the screen, tap Settings, tap
Power, then tap Shut down. If Windows doesn’t respond, force the tablet to shut down by pressing the
power button for about five seconds.
To put the Tablet PC in Sleep mode, press and release
the power button. To wake up the tablet from Sleep
mode, press the power button again.
pen tip
Note The power button blinks when the tablet is in Sleep mode.
Locking and unlocking
To lock and unlock your C5m/F5m, press the Security
button on the right side of the Tablet PC.
•• From the Windows Notification area, tap the power indicator, which changes appearance depending
on whether the Tablet PC is plugged in or running on battery.
– If the Tablet PC is plugged in, tap the plug icon.
– If it is on battery power, tap the battery icon.
Four green lights
The battery is between 75% and
100% charged.
Three green lights
The battery is between 50% and
75% charged.
Two green lights
The battery is between 25% and
50% charged.
One green light
The battery is less than 25%
Flashing amber light
The battery is low.
battery gauge
Using touch
Your C5m/F5m is equipped with 10-finger touch,
which means you can use your fingers to select items
and open files, zoom in and out, scroll through browser windows and documents, and more.
Battery tips
•• Use AC power when available. When the C5m/F5m is plugged in, the battery charges while in use.
Touch works like a mouse. Tap to select an item and
double-tap to open it.
•• Put your Tablet PC in Sleep mode when you’re not using it.
•• When not in use, disable wireless adapters using Motion Tablet Center’s Power category.
To open a right-click menu using touch, press your finger on the display until a square appears, then lift your finger and the shortcut menu appears.
If you find that the touchscreen doesn’t respond as
you expect, or if the tablet starts to respond to unintentional touch input, you can fine-tune touch by
resetting the touch system to its optimal state. To start
the application, tap the Motion Tablet Center tile, then
tap Tablet, and then tap Touch Settings.
C5m/F5m Quick Setup and Getting Started Guide
When the tablet is plugged in, the lights on the gauge indicate the battery’s current level of charge—
from one amber light (less than 25% charged) to four green lights (between 75% and 100% charged).
function button
Place your C5m/F5m in Sleep mode when you go away
for a short period of time to conserve battery power.
When you return, the Tablet PC quickly resumes activity and your desktop is the same as you left it.
•• From the Windows 8.1 Start Screen, swipe from the right side of the screen and the battery power
indicator appears on the screen.
Model CFT-004
•• Stop unnecessary background applications and processes.
•• Set the brightness of the display to automatically dim after a selected number of minutes of
inactivity using Motion Tablet Center’s Power category. Tap Power, tap Advanced, then tap Choose
when to turn off the display.
•• When using mobile broadband, reduce how often the C5m/F5m updates email and other Internet
applications to once every half hour or longer.
•• Disable mobile broadband when you know a signal is unavailable.
•• Condition your battery once a month. To condition it, run the Tablet PC on battery power until the
battery’s charge level drops below 20%.
Using the buttons on the front of the C5m/F5m
Setting up wireless
You can use the buttons on the front of the Tablet PC to perform many functions
without having to use the pen. Press a button to perform certain actions. To perform
a different set of actions, press the function button and another button simultaneously
(as listed in the table below). Also, you can customize the buttons to perform actions
that suit your needs.
The C5m/F5m includes built-in Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth®. Your Tablet PC may also be equipped with mobile broadband. To set up
available wireless networks, follow these steps:
Motion Tablet Center button
function button
Step 1. Set up Wi-Fi
1. Enable Wi-Fi:
a. Swipe from the right side of the screen and
tap Settings.
b. From the Settings menu, tap the wireless
network icon .
c. Slide the Wi-Fi On/Off slider to On.
2. Select a wireless network from the list of available networks.
3. Follow the on-screen instructions.
Step 3. Set up Mobile Broadband with GPS
If you purchased your C5m/F5m with the optional mobile
broadband module, you can connect to high-speed
cellular networks worldwide. With the mobile broadband
module and a data plan from one of several cellular network providers, you have full Internet access.
Note A button
B button
directional pad
Press function + button
Activates secondary function for other buttons
Enter button
Makes a selection
(equivalent to Enter key)
Windows button (Opens the Windows
Start screen. If you’re in the Windows Start
screen, press the button to return to the
Windows desktop.)
Motion Tablet Starts Motion Tablet Center
Center button
Opens Windows Journal™
A button
Performs application-specific function
Rotates the display orientation
B button
Activates the barcode scanner (if
Cancels the current task
(equivalent to Esc key)
Moves the pointer or navigates through
documents—equivalent to arrow keys
on a keyboard
Left = Shift + Tab
Right = Tab
Up = Page up
Down = Page down
C5m/F5m Quick Setup and Getting Started Guide
Model CFT-004
1. With the Tablet PC powered off, insert the SIM card
and then power the tablet on.
Step 2. Set up Bluetooth
1. Enable Bluetooth:
a. Swipe from the right side of the screen and
tap Settings.
b. From the Settings menu, tap Change PC Settings.
c. Under PC and Devices, tap Bluetooth.
d. Slide the Bluetooth On/Off slider to On and the Tablet PC will begin to search for Bluetooth devices.
2. To add a Bluetooth device:
a. Ensure that the Bluetooth device is discoverable according to the manufacturer’s instructions. (When a Bluetooth device is discoverable, it’s visible to other Bluetooth devices within range.)
b. Select the desired Bluetooth device from the list of devices.
c. Follow the on-screen instructions.
Before you can connect to a mobile broaband
network, you must have an active account
with a cellular network provider and obtain
a SIM card for mobile broadband access.
2. Enable mobile broadband:
a. Swipe from the right side of the screen and
tap Settings.
b. From the Settings menu, tap the wireless
network icon .
c. Slide the mobile broadband On/Off slider to On.
3. If the desired network service provider isn’t
displayed, tap (find more) under Mobile
a. Select location and tap OK.
4. Select the desired network service provider.
5. Follow the on-screen instructions.
Note If you purchased your C5m/F5m with the optional Mobile broadband with GPS module or the optional discrete GPS module, your tablet has GPS capabilities. You can use GPS with your preferred mapping application to find your current and destination locations. Please refer to the User’s Guide for additional information.
Motion Tablet Center
Motion Tablet Center provides a central location for accessing and configuring the most commonly used Windows 8.1 settings.
To open Motion Tablet Center:
•• Tap the Motion Tablet Center icon in the Windows taskbar.
•• From the Windows 8.1 Start Screen, tap the Motion Tablet Center tile.
The following table lists some of the tasks you can perform using Motion Tablet Center.
Category Task
Adjust Pen and Touch Settings
Configure Tablet PC Settings
Adjust Touch Settings
Configure Wireless Settings
Turn devices on or off
Change what the power button does when pressed when plugged in or on
battery: Sleep, Hibernate, or shut down
Access advanced Power Management settings
Calibrate the C5m/F5m’s internal compass and access Location Services
C5m/F5m Quick Setup and Getting Started Guide
Model CFT-004
Entering text with the input panel or on-screen keyboard
Using the documentation camera
You can use different methods to enter text with your C5m/F5m to fit your needs. You can use an
on-screen touch keyboard or the handwriting panel.
To open the on-screen keyboard:
•• Tap the keyboard icon
in the Windows notification area.
Your C5m/F5m is equipped with an integrated 8MP autofocus camera. You can use the camera to take pictures
and save them on the Tablet PC. The camera lens is on the
back of the unit.
To take a photograph:
1.Tap the camera icon
on the Windows taskbar to
activate Motion SnapWorks.
2.Hold the camera steady and point the lens at the object.
3.Press the camera icon
to take the picture.
•• Tap in a text field, such as the URL field in a web browser.
The default on-screen keyboard will appear at the bottom of the screen.
Documentation camera
indicator light
Documentation camera
To open the handwriting panel:
•• In the on-screen keyboard, press and hold the keyboard icon in the lower right-hand
corner of the keyboard.
•• From the panel of icons that pops up, tap the handwriting panel icon
The handwriting panel will appear at the bottom of the screen.
Using the web camera
Use your digitizer pen to begin writing in the handwriting panel. Your handwriting will then
be converted to text.
Tip The more you write, the more accurately Windows detects your handwriting style.
In addition to the default on-screen keyboard, Windows provides other keyboard layouts
for entering text. You can use an expanded keyboard, which provides additional keys or a
keyboard that includes a numbers keypad.
Web camera
indicator light
Web camera
Your C5m/F5m has a 2MP web camera that
supports color images and streaming video.
The web camera is located on the front of the
Tablet PC in the top center area.
If you’d like to use Skype™ with your web
camera, you can access it by tapping the Skype
tile on the Windows 8.1 Start screen.
Follow the on-screen instructions for using
Skype or the web camera software of your
Explanded keyboard
To close the on-screen keyboard or handwriting panel, tap the close icon in the upper
right-hand corner. To minimize the on-screen keyboard or handwriting panel, tap the
in the upper right-hand corner.
minimize icon
C5m/F5m Quick Setup and Getting Started Guide
Model CFT-004
Learn more
Make the most of your C5m/F5m by following these tips.
Pen and Touch tips
•• You can change from right- to left-handed use. From
Motion Tablet Center, tap Tablet PC Settings, tap the
Other tab, then tap Left-handed.
Caution • Attention • Achtung • Precaución • Precaución
•• You can open items with one tap (instead of two) and
select an item by pointing to it. From the Control Panel,
tap Folder Options, then tap Single-click to open an
item (point to select).
•• Read the Safety and Regulatory Guide before starting the
•• Veuillez lire le Guide des conseils de sécurité et réglementations
avant de démarrer la tablette.
General tips
•• Use only the C5m/F5m digitizer pen or your finger on the
display. The Tablet PC doesn’t respond to any other type
of pen or stylus.
•• When attaching the pen tether, slip one end of the tether
through the hole at the end of the pen and pull the pen
through the loop until it’s tight. Then slip the other end
of the tether through the attach point and pull the pen
through the loop until it’s tight.
•• Lesen Sie vor Inbetriebnahme des Tablet PC das Sicherheitsund Vorschriftshandbuch.
•• Lea la Guía de seguridad y normativa antes de empezar a utilizar
el tablet.
•• Leia o Guia Regulatório e de Segurança antes de ligar o tablet.
•• Store the pen in the pen storage bay when not in use. To
store the pen, press the pen release button and insert it
into the pen storage bay, tip down. To remove the pen,
press the pen release button and pull the pen upward
and out from the storage bay.
To get more detailed information on your
Tablet PC, go to the C5m/F5m User’s Guide,
which is available here:
In addition to our documentation, you can
get the following information from
our website:
••  Motion Support
••  Motion Knowledge Base
••  Free online training videos
••  C5m/F5m accessories
••  Software for the C5m/F5m Tablet PC
•• Clean fingerprints and smudges from the display surface
by wiping it with the display cloth provided.
•• You can find the serial number of your C5m/F5m in
Motion Tablet Center on the Tablet screen.
For more accessories, go to
Pour davantage d’accessoires, rendez-vous sur
Weitere Informationen zum Zubehör erhalten Sie hier
Para obtener más información sobre accesorios, visite
Para obter mais informações sobre acessórios, acesse
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C5m/F5m Quick Setup and Getting Started Guide
Model CFT-004
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