OBD1150 Info Scan - Bosch Diagnostics

OBD1150 Info Scan - Bosch Diagnostics
OBD1150 Info Scan
en Quick start guide
The Quick Start Guide was developed to
help you get started using the Scan Tool. If
there are any problems following these
steps or extra information is required refer
to the User’s Guide located at
All Safety Information is contained in the
User’s Guide. Read User’s Guide completely before operating Scan Tool.
| OBD 1150 | Operating instructions | 1
1 General Scan Tool Information............................................. 2
1. 1 User Interface ............................................................ 2
1.1.2 Display Icons...................................................... 2
2 Download Scanning Suite..................................................... 3
3 Using Your Scan Tool............................................................. 3
3. 1 Locating Data Link Connector.................................... 3
3.2 Connect the Tool......................................................... 4
4 Tool Menus............................................................................5
4. 1 Diagnostic Functions ................................................. 6
5 Limited Warranty.................................................................. 9
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2 | Operating instructions | OBD 1150 |
1 General Scan Tool Information
1. 1 User Interface
The scan tool is designed for easy use.
All menus and lists operate the same
UP/READ key performs the
Read Codes function and scrolls back through the screens. Press
this key when an up arrow ( ) appears on the display to scroll
backwards, or press and hold for 2 seconds when the
on the display to Read Codes.
DOWN/ERASE key performs the Erase Codes function and
scrolls forward through the screens. Press this key when a down
arrow ( ) appears on the display to scroll forward, or press and
hold for 2 seconds when the
appears on the display to Erase
ENTER key selects item.
BACK key returns to previous screen.
1.1.2 Display Icons
Indicates additional information is available by scrolling down.
Indicates additional information is available by scrolling up.
Indicates the UP/READ and DOWN/ERASE hot keys are active.
• √ Indicates data is available for items on the Review Data Menu.
Indicates graphical viewing of data items is available in View Data.
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| OBD 1150 | Operating instructions | 3
2 Download Scanning Suite
√√ Go to www.boschdiagnostics.com/downloads and download the
Scanning Suite PC application.
√√ Scanning Suite is NOT required to operate the Scan Tool.
√√ Install the downloaded Scanning Suite application prior to connecting the Scan Tool to the PC.
√√ Some of the items included in Scanning Suite are:
–– Tool update software
√√ To be able to use Scanning Suite the PC must meet the following
minimum requirements:
–– Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, and 8.
–– Adobe Acrobat Reader
–– Screen Resolution of 800 x 600
>> If screen resolution is 800 x 600, in Display Properties, Settings
Tab, set Font Size to Small Fonts.
√√ Use Scanning Suite to determine if any updates are available for
your tool by clicking Check for Update button.
√√ You can also configure the Scanning Suite Frequency (SS Frequency) to automatically check every xx minutes. The default frequency is 30 minutes.
√√ Refer to instructions provided on www.boschdiagnostics.com/
downloads for how to install Scanning Suite and Tool updates.
3 Using Your Scan Tool
3. 1 Locating Data Link Connector
• The OBD II Data Link Connector (DLC) is
usually located under the driver’s side dash.
• Refer to user’s manual for DLC location.
• For more information, go to http://www.
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4 | Operating instructions | OBD 1150 |
3.2 Connect the Tool
1. Locate the OBD II Data Link Connector under the steering column. If the connector is not there, a label should be there indicating the whereabouts of the connector.
2. If necessary, remove the cover from the vehicle connector.
3. Turn the ignition switch to the ON position. Do not start the
4. Plug the OBD II connector attached to the Tool into the Data Link
5. The tool will attempt to identify the vehicle. If successful, the
vehicle identified will be displayed. If vehicle couldn‘t be identified, menus will be shown for you to select the vehicle manually.
The tool can support one previous vehicle in the garage. If you
already have a previous vehicle in your garage, the tool will automatically overwrite the previous vehicle with the currently
selected one. All previous scanned data in Review Data will be a
combination of all previous vehicles. Run all functions again to
ensure that all data was scanned from the current vehicle.
6. Review Quick Test Results.
7. Go to Diagnostic Menu by pressing
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| OBD 1150 | Operating instructions | 5
4 Tool Menus
The Main Menu and Diagnostic Menu are broken down into the
following menus:
ΔVehicle Diagnostics
+I/M Monitors
+Read Codes
+Erase Codes
+MIL Status
+State OBD Check
+View Data
+Record Data
+View Freeze Data
+Drive Cycle Monitor
+O2 Monitor Tests
+Diag Monitor Tests
+On-Board Systems
+Vehicle Information
*Charging System Monitor
*Component Locator
*Review Data
-I/M Monitors
-DTCs (Codes)
-State OBD Check
-View Freeze Data
-O2 Monitor Tests
-Diag Monitor Tests
-Vehicle Information
*Code Lookup
*System Setup
-Quick Test
-Language Setup
-Long PID names
-Tool Information
-Display Test
-Keypad Test
-Memory Test
-Program Mode
ΔFunction is only on Main Menu.
+Function is only on Diagnostic Menu.
*Function is on both the Main Menu and Diagnostic Menu.
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6 | Operating instructions | OBD 1150 |
4. 1 Diagnostic Functions
Vehicle Diagnostics
Use this function to select a vehicle and then proceed to the Diagnostic Menu.
I/M Monitors
Displays a snapshot of the state of the vehicle’s OBD II Monitors.
Read Codes
Reads DTCs from vehicle’s computer with KOEO or KOER.
Erase Codes
Deletes DTCs from vehicle’s memory.
MIL Status
Displays whether the Malfunction Indicator Lamp is on or off.
State OBD Check
Displays a basic status of the vehicle’s OBD system.
View Data
Views vehicle Parameter Identification Data (PIDs) in real time. PIDs
are displayed in either a text format or graph format when available.
Record Data
Records vehicle PIDs while vehicle is parked or being driven. This
function is for diagnosing intermittent driveability problems.
View Freeze Data
Displays a snapshot of operating conditions at the time of a fault.
Drive Cycle Monitor
Displays the current state of the vehicle’s OBD II Monitors in RealTime.
O2 Monitor Tests
The O2 Monitor Tests is NOT an ON-DEMAND TEST. This Function
displays oxygen sensor monitoring test results from the vehicle’s
Diag Monitor Tests
Reads test results for emission related powertrain components and
systems that are and are not continuously monitored.
On-Board Systems
Scan tool controls the operation of vehicle components, tests or
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| OBD 1150 | Operating instructions | 7
Vehicle Information
Scan tool displays the vehicle’s VIN number, Calibration ID(s) and
CVN that identify the software version in the vehicles control module(s.) The tool also displays In-Use Performance Tracking of important
readiness monitors.
Review Data
Allows review of data stored in Scan Tool.
DTCs (Codes)
Five-digit alphanumeric codes that help determine the cause of problems with a vehicle.
Plays back a recording that allows viewing of previously-recorded
Code Lookup
Looks up definitions of DTCs stored in Scan Tool.
System Setup
Changes tool settings, displays tool information, and performs tool
Changes measurement units
Language Setup
Allows the user to change the language used by the tool. English is
the default.
Long PID Names
Allows the user to enable/disable the tool scrolling the complete PID
name on the bottom line of the display while viewing live data or
viewing freeze data.
Tool Information
Allows the user to view specific tool information that may be needed
when contacting customer service.
Display Test
Used to check the display.
Keypad Test
Verifies that the keys are working correctly.
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8 | Operating instructions | OBD 1150 |
Memory Test
Checks RAM and Flash ROM.
Program Mode
Used for updating the Scan Tool.
Charging System Monitor
This function is used to monitor the voltage present on pin 16 of the
OBD II Data Link connector.
Allows the user to view acronyms and abbreviations used by the Scan
Component Locator
Tool will display a list of components and their locations on the vehicle. This function will always appear on the Main Menu. This selection
will appear on the Diagnostic Menu only when the tool has a list of
component locations for the currently selected vehicle.
573915 REV A | 11.2014
Bosch Automotive Service Solutions
| OBD 1150 | Operating instructions | 9
5 Limited Warranty
BOSCH Automotive Service Solutions LLC Units are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for one year (12 months) from date of delivery. This warranty does not cover any Unit that has
been abused, altered, used for a purpose other than that for which it was intended, or used in a manner
inconsistent with instructions regarding use. The sole and exclusive remedy for any Unit found to be
defective is repair or replacement, the option of BOSCH. In no event shall BOSCH be liable for any
direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages (including lost profit) whether based on
warranty, contract, tort or any other legal theory. The existence of a defect shall be determined by
BOSCH in accordance with procedures established by BOSCH. No one is authorized to make any
statement or representation altering the terms of this warranty.
Unit software is proprietary, confidential information protected under copyright law. Users have no
right in or title to Unit software other than a limited right of use revocable by BOSCH. Unit software
may not be transferred or disclosed without written consent of BOSCH. Unit software may not be
copied except in ordinary backup procedures.
If you have any questions on the operation of the product, please call 1-800-228-7667.
• Please contact Technical Support for troubleshooting and service options prior to sending any
unit in for repair.
• To send a unit in for repair, go to repairtrack.bosch-automotive.com and follow the online
instructions. This web site will also have the latest Service policies and service center locations.
If you do not have internet access, please call 1-800-344-4013.
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