Install Instructions
1994-2003 Ford F-Series Power Stroke 7.3L
Edge Evolution Programmer
Installation Instructions & Manual
P/N: 15000
FORD Power Stroke 7.3 Liter
TABLE OF CONTENTS _________________________________________________ 1
IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION ___________________________________ 3
SAFETY TERMS ___________________________________________________________ 3
SAFETY GUIDELINES ______________________________________________________ 3
PRODUCT REGISTRATION _____________________________________________ 4
Benefits of product registration: _______________________________________________ 4
About the Evolution _____________________________________________________ 5
Stock Program ______________________________________________________________ 5
Tow Program _______________________________________________________________ 6
Race Program ______________________________________________________________ 6
Extreme Program ___________________________________________________________ 6
Power Gains ________________________________________________________________ 6
Features _______________________________________________________________ 7
Diagnostics _________________________________________________________________ 7
0-60 and Quarter Mile time ___________________________________________________ 7
Display and Keypad______________________________________________________ 7
Getting Started__________________________________________________________ 8
IMPORTANT STEPS (Prior to Programming): __________________________________ 8
Connecting the Evolution _________________________________________________ 9
Power Programming ____________________________________________________ 11
TOW _____________________________________________________________________ 15
RACE ____________________________________________________________________ 15
EXTREME________________________________________________________________ 15
STOCK (This selection only appears after the first use) ___________________________ 16
Speed Limiter warning ______________________________________________________ 16
Towing Warning ___________________________________________________________ 17
Update Required: __________________________________________________________ 20
Programming Interrupted: __________________________________________________ 21
Diagnostics ___________________________________________________________ 21
Retrieving Codes ___________________________________________________________ 21
Clearing Codes_____________________________________________________________ 22
Data Stream Monitor ___________________________________________________ 23
Performance Testing ____________________________________________________ 24
FORD Power Stroke 7.3 Liter
Quarter Mile Display _______________________________________________________ 27
0 to 60 Display _____________________________________________________________ 27
Troubleshooting/Tips ___________________________________________________ 28
Warranty Information___________________________________________________ 29
LIMITED 1 YEAR WARRANTY _____________________________________________ 29
Commonly Used Acronyms_______________________________________________ 31
Technical Support: _________________________________________________________ 31
©2007 Edge Products
All rights reserved.
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Ogden, UT 84404
Manual Version 10
FORD Power Stroke 7.3 Liter
Throughout this User Guide (hereafter referred to as User Manual or Manual) you will see
important messages regarding your safety or the protection of your vehicle. These messages will
be designated by the words WARNING or CAUTION.
WARNING indicates a condition that may cause serious injury or death to you, your
passengers or others nearby. Pay careful attention to these Warning messages, and always
comply with them. They could save a life.
CAUTION indicates a condition that could cause damage to your vehicle. It is important to
install and operate your EDGE product in conformance with instructions in this Manual. Caution
messages alert you to particularly important things to watch for to keep your vehicle operating the
way you want it to.
The Edge product you have bought is a high-performance product. As such, it does present some
risks of which you should be fully aware. Do not use this product until you have carefully read all
the following safety information and the Owner Agreement.
Misapplication or misuse of this product could lead to a serious or fatal
accident. Comply with all safety information below, and in your vehicle owner’s
manual. Follow safety, installation and operating instructions in this User
1. Do not exceed legal speed limits on public roadways. Use any enhanced speed
capabilities of this product only in closed circuit, legally sanctioned racing environments
expressly for this purpose. Loss of control from speeding on a public road could
seriously injure you, your passengers, or others on the roadway.
2. Select a position on the windshield or dashboard to mount the device where it will not
impair your view. You must be able to see the road, traffic, and pedestrians without
interference. Be sure your mounting location meets state and local laws regarding
placement of devices on the windshield or dashboard.
3. Do not operate the device while driving. Perform all adjustments or changes while
stopped. Changing a setting while under way can interfere with your attention to
roadway conditions.
4. “Stacking” performance-enhancing devices or other improper installation could cause
powertrain failure on the road. Other products may have features incompatible with
your Edge device. Follow all installation and operating instructions, and don’t stack
5. Some modifications may affect other parts of your vehicle. For example, if you
remove/adjust the speed limiter in your vehicle, be sure your tires and other
components are rated for the increased speeds they will have to withstand. Not doing
so can lead to loss of vehicle control. Modify the speed limiter only for use in closed
circuit, legally sanctioned racing environments, not for use on public roadways.
6. Do not use the Performance Tests feature to break any traffic laws. Perform these tests
only where they are legal and safe.
FORD Power Stroke 7.3 Liter
7. Some features may not function on all vehicle models. Check a newly-installed device
for all features you intend to use. Do not rely on their working without checking first.
NOTE: Dispose of this product consistent with local codes. Return to your electronics supplier for
proper handling.
Please take the time to register your product. To register your product, follow the
instructions at this link.
Benefits of product registration:
Your Safety – registering your product allows us to know exactly which product you have and
provide important product updates to you that improve the quality and/or safety of the product
Enhanced Features – almost all Edge products are easily updated via the internet. We are
constantly adding new features and improvements to our product that we know you will want to
Confirmation of Ownership – provides a record in case of product loss, theft, or required
warranty work. When you call us for support our team will already have much of the information
they need to help you!
Improved Product Development – helps us better understand you (our customers) and design
products that meet your needs
Special Offers – allows us to inform you about special offers on accessories and/or new products
that fit your vehicle and enhance your driving experience
Extended Warranty Plan Opportunity – within the first 90 days of ownership, Edge offers
the option to buy a 1-year warranty extension to all customers who register their product!
All Edge modules and programmers are built to operate with OEM calibrations.
When you take your vehicle to a service center they may, by your request or
otherwise, update your vehicles calibrations. Therefore it is important that you
return your vehicle to stock before taking it in for service. Edge updates its active
products (i.e. those currently being manufactured) to work effectively with updated
OEM calibrations. However, this process can take some time as Edge is not always
made aware of calibration changes made by the OEM. In the case of discontinued
products, Edge cannot ensure that your unit will work effectively if you take your
vehicle to a dealership and you are given, by your request or otherwise, a new
If you have used another tuner/programmer on your vehicle, you will need to
program back to stock and remove the device before using the Edge Products
Failure to return to stock may result in PCM failure or engine damage.
FORD Power Stroke 7.3 Liter
Caution: The Evolution employs carefully modified strategies that are designed to be
utilized on unmodified (stock) vehicles only.
Many aftermarket components such as cold air intake (CAI) kits, exhaust systems,
and throttle body spacers as well as forced induction systems (turbochargers,
superchargers, nitrous oxide, etc) alter the calculated airflow characteristics of the
engine. In addition, mechanical modifications to the engine such as displacement
changes, camshaft modification, and cylinder head modification may alter calculated
airflow characteristics.
Using any of these modifications (either alone or in any combination) in conjunction
with the Evolution is NOT RECOMMENDED as it may cause an excessively lean
condition which could result in engine damage.
Edge Products will not be responsible for any damages caused by using the
Evolution on a vehicle that has been modified from a stock configuration.
Programming your vehicle may expose existing defects in your vehicle’s PCM that
could disable your vehicle. It is advised that you do not program your vehicle in
remote locations in case of vehicle failure.
About the Evolution
IMPORTANT: Read all Safety, Warranty, and Installation Instructions
before installing this product. Read through these instructions completely so
that you understand each step prior to installation.
Congratulations on purchasing the Evolution by Edge Products, the leader in
diesel electronics and power gain technology. The following manual contains
information and instructions on the proper use of the Evolution. Please read
carefully before proceeding to program your vehicle.
Note: At the back of this manual, we have included commonly used
acronyms. This should help while using the Evolution.
Stock Program
The Evolution automatically makes a backup of your stock program from
your PCM before writing a new program onto your PCM. This assures that
you will have the stock program if/when you desire to reprogram your
vehicle to its original stock program.
We recommended that you return your vehicle’s computer to the stock
program prior to returning your vehicle to a service center. This will
eliminate the possibility of interfering with any diagnostic equipment.
FORD Power Stroke 7.3 Liter
Tow Program
WARNING Do not exceed your vehicle’s max GVWR as outlined in
the vehicle’s owner’s manual. Doing so may result in loss of vehicle control
and cause bodily injury.
This setting is the lowest power setting. It is designed to provide a significant
increase in horsepower and torque while still being safe enough to use for
towing. While it isn’t necessary, a modified exhaust system will help
improve overall performance and help reduce your EGT (exhaust gas
temperature) levels.
Race Program
If you plan to tow with this program, we strongly recommended that you
make appropriate modifications to your exhaust system and install an EGT
(exhaust gas temperature) gauge to aid in the prevention of potential damage
to your engine.
Note: This setting is legal in California only for racing vehicles which may
never be used upon a highway. For more information, consult a qualified
diesel mechanic.
Extreme Program
This program is not designed for towing. If you plan to tow, program your
vehicle to the Tow program. We strongly recommended that you make
appropriate modifications to your exhaust system and install an EGT
(exhaust gas temperature) gauge to aid in the prevention of damage to your
engine. This setting is legal in California only for racing vehicles which may
never be used upon a highway. For more information, consult a qualified
diesel mechanic.
Power Gains
The following power gains are representative of an actual test vehicle in
factory stock configuration. Power gains may vary from vehicle to vehicle
depending on model year, engine condition, fuel quality or geographic
location. In addition, modifications to the engine, turbocharger and/or fuel
delivery system may significantly affect power output.
FORD Power Stroke 7.3 Liter
Power Level
Horsepower Gains
Torque Gains
Level 1 (Tow)
Level 2 (Race)
Level 3 (Extreme)
WARNING Do not combine, or “stack” chips (modules) to gain more
horsepower. The chips could be incompatible and result in powertrain
failure or create dangerous conditions (such as adverse running conditions,
high idle, DTC codes, etc.) leading to a serious or fatal accident.
The Evolution is also a powerful diagnostics tool. You can view any
diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) your vehicle may have, which in turn allows
you to fix them. It will also allow you to turn off that annoying “Check
Engine” light when the problem has been addressed (no more expensive trips
to the dealer for a diagnostics scan).
0-60 and Quarter Mile time
WARNING Do not use the Performance Tests feature to break any
traffic laws. Perform these tests only where they are legal and safe.
Another feature often only found on the Edge Product monitors, is the ability
to determine your quarter mile times as well as your 0-60 times.
Display and Keypad
The following screen is a sample Evolution screen. Great effort has gone into
making the Evolution programmer very simple to use. The arrow keys are
used to scroll through options on the screen, and the <ENT> (enter) key is
used to select desired options from a menu, or move to the next screen. The
ESC (escape) key is used to return to the previous screen.
Use the arrow keys
to scroll through
and select options
on the screen.
FORD Power Stroke 7.3 Liter
To select an option, scroll to the
desired option with the arrow
keys and press the <ENT>
button. In the example below,
Power Programming is selected.
Use the <ENT> key to accept
a selected option, or to
move to the next screen.
Use the <ESC> key to return
to the previous screen.
Getting Started
This manual is designed to help you understand the process of programming
your vehicle as well as performing simple diagnostics on your vehicle using
the built-in scan tool. There are also convenient troubleshooting tips included
in this manual.
If you experience problems using this product that are not covered in this
manual, please contact our technical support line at (801) 476-3343. To
handle your call quickly and efficiently, please have the product Part Number
(ex. EEF1000, 15000), the current Version Number (ex. E1.24.15) and the
Date of Manufacture ready prior to calling. This information is listed on the
silver sticker attached to your Evolution programmer.
IMPORTANT STEPS (Prior to Programming):
 Make sure your battery is fully charged before programming your vehicle.
FORD Power Stroke 7.3 Liter
 Do NOT unplug the Evolution while programming is in process. This
could cause your vehicle to become disabled.
 Some types of radio equipment, electrical accessories, and cellular
communications devices can interfere with the programming process.
Either turn off or remove all devices from the vehicle.
 Close the doors on your vehicle and keep them closed during the
programming process.
 Set the parking brake on your vehicle to deactivate the daytime running
 Remove any other electronic power enhancing modules from your vehicle
before programming. This includes aftermarket programmers and chips.
CAUTION: ALWAYS Disconnect your Evolution while your truck is not
in use. This Evolution does not turn itself off and uses the power from the
truck’s battery. Failure to unplug the Evolution is equal to leaving your
dome light on and could drain your battery.
Connecting the Evolution
1. Turn the ignition switch to the OFF position. Locate the diagnostic
connector under the dash near the steering column or under the glove
compartment and connect the supplied Evolution cable to this
FORD Power Stroke 7.3 Liter
After making the connection, the screen will first display the Edge
Products logo and then the main startup displays:
The numbers in the upper left portion of the screen represent the
version number of the Evolution programmer. The character in the
upper right portion of the screen represents the current programmed
state of your vehicle. The following letters may appear:
I – Programming was interrupted. (See Programming Interrupted
section for more information)
1 – Vehicle has been programmed to L1 - TOW.
2 – Vehicle has been programmed to L2 - RACE.
3 – Vehicle has been programmed to L3 - EXTREME.
2. Select your desired option by pressing the up or down keys on the left
side of the programmer and press <ENT>. Continue to the next
FORD Power Stroke 7.3 Liter
Power Programming
Caution: Vehicle manufacturers do not recommend vehicle programming in
extreme temperature. Please see the service manual of your vehicle to ensure
that programming is being done in accordance to the original equipment
manufacturers specifications.
If you selected Diagnostics from the Main Menu, go to that section in this
instruction manual and follow the steps.
If you selected Performance from the Main Menu, go to that section in this
instruction manual and follow the steps.
If you selected Power Programming, the screen displays the following
1. After turning the key ON (do not start the engine) and pressing
<ENT>, the screen displays the following message:
FORD Power Stroke 7.3 Liter
2. The Evolution will check the PCM and determine if it is in the
Master Calibration list. If the calibration is available, you will see
the following message:
Otherwise you will see the following message (See Update Required
for more information):
3. You will then be instructed to turn the key OFF, Press <ENT> and
turn the key back to ON (do not start) to begin saving STOCK:
FORD Power Stroke 7.3 Liter
During the storing process, you will see the following display:
4. If this is the first time the unit is used on a particular vehicle, the
Evolution will build and verify the modified calibrations (Skip to
step 5 for subsequent programming operations). During this
process, you will see the following displays:
FORD Power Stroke 7.3 Liter
5. Once storing is complete, you will see the following display:
Select your desired option by pressing the arrow keys and pressing
<ENT>. Depending on your selection, you will see one of the
following displays:
FORD Power Stroke 7.3 Liter
FORD Power Stroke 7.3 Liter
STOCK (This selection only appears after the first use)
6. Press <ENT> to continue or <ESC> to return the Choose a Program
7. After pressing <ENT> to verify the calibration selection, the
following screen appears:
Please read and understand the Warnings on the display of the
Evolution and the following warnings.
Speed Limiter warning
WARNING If you drive on public roads after removal or adjustment of
the speed limiter, you must still obey all driving laws, including adhering to
posted speed limits. To drive at racing speeds on public roads seriously
endangers you, your passengers, and others nearby. Driving at high speeds
with inadequate tires or other components can lead to serious or fatal injury.
FORD Power Stroke 7.3 Liter
CAUTION: Removing/adjusting the speed limiter for purposes inconsistent
with the product’s intended function violates the product’s intended use and
will invalidate the product’s warranty. Edge Products is not responsible for
or liable for the consequences of improper product use.
Towing Warning
Do not exceed your vehicle’s max GVWR as outlined in the
vehicle’s owner’s manual. Doing so may result in loss of vehicle control and
cause bodily injury.
8. After you as the customer display and read the warnings, the
Evolution prepares to program the PCM. You will see the following
9. You are then instructed to turn the key OFF. Press <ENT> when
FORD Power Stroke 7.3 Liter
10. The following display instructs to turn the key ON. Do not start the
11. The Evolution begins programming the PCM. During this
process, you will see the following display:
The programming process takes approximately 2 to 3 minutes to
12. When the programming process is finished, the following screen
FORD Power Stroke 7.3 Liter
13. After turning the key OFF, the following screen appears:
14. After pressing <ENT>, the Evolution tests the PCM for
communications. If successful, a truck does a “Burnout” and the
FINISHED screen appears:
FORD Power Stroke 7.3 Liter
Programming is now complete. You may now disconnect the
Evolution from the Diagnostic Port:
Update Required:
It is possible that there may be a vehicle that is not currently in our database.
(A result of a vehicle getting the latest file update from a dealer for example.)
When this occurs, the message “Update Required” appears immediately after
storing the Stock calibration. The following display shows an example:
If this should occur, please contact Edge Products for a return authorization
number (RMA number) and return the unit to Edge Products. We will extract
your original calibration from the unit, then reprogram the unit and return it
to you at no charge.
FORD Power Stroke 7.3 Liter
Programming Interrupted:
If at any time the programming should be interrupted for whatever reason,
the Evolution should be able to completely recover the PCM. Simply
reconnect the programming cable into the Diagnostic Port of the vehicle and
restart the programming process. In order to simplify the recovery process,
the Evolution will only program the original calibration and you will not be
able to select any performance options. This is to ensure the complete,
original calibration is returned to the PCM. Once recovery is complete, the
Evolution function will return to normal.
The diagnostics scanner built into your Evolution is a powerful tool that
allows you to view and clear trouble codes on your vehicle. Trouble codes
are the messages your vehicle’s computer logs to let you know there may be
something wrong with your vehicle. The “Check Engine” light on your dash
is activated by the presence of some trouble codes.
If you selected Diagnostics from the initial option screen after plugging in
the Evolution, the screen displays the following message:
Retrieving Codes
If you want to retrieve and view the trouble codes on your vehicle (trouble
codes are what makes your “check engine” light come on) select the Retrieve
option. Make sure your ignition is in the ON position, but the vehicle is not
FORD Power Stroke 7.3 Liter
If you have trouble codes, they appear on the screen like the following
If you have no trouble codes, the following screen appears:
Clearing Codes
If you want to clear the trouble codes on your vehicle (trouble codes are what
makes your “check engine” light come on) select the Clear option.
CAUTION: If you do not address the issue that originally caused the DTC,
the DTC will set again and the “Check Engine” light will come back on. If a
trouble code is set repeatedly and does not clear, the user must take action to
define and correct the problem. Failure to correct the problem could result
in powertrain damage. The user must become familiar with the codes and the
potential problems if left uncorrected.
FORD Power Stroke 7.3 Liter
WARNING Some Codes are set as a result of using aftermarket
products. Some trouble codes may have safety implications. Do not clear
codes unless you are familiar with the code and concerns if not corrected.
Use only when necessary, and address all trouble code warnings.
After selecting the Clear option, any current trouble codes are cleared from
your vehicle’s PCM and the “check engine” light goes out. The screen looks
like the following:
Data Stream Monitor
The Evolution also monitors 5 PIDs (Parameter IDentification), often called
‘Data Streams’ from your truck. These values might be useful to monitor,
particularly the transmission fluid temperature.
NOTE: Always remember to disconnect the Evolution when you turn the
vehicle off so you don’t drain the battery.
1. After selecting the Diagnostics option, the following screen appears:
FORD Power Stroke 7.3 Liter
2. Select the Data Stream option and press [Enter]. The following screen
Since these values are constantly changing, you have the option of
freezing the screen to capture these values. The following list describes
the displayed PIDs:
 Engine RPM - This is the actual RPM value calculated by the PCM
 EOT Deg. F
- Engine Oil Temperature in Degrees (Fahrenheit)
 TFT Deg. F
- Transmission Fluid Temperature in Degrees
 Line Pr. PSI
- Transmission MAIN line pressure (this is
controlled by the PCM)
 Exh. B/P PSI - Exhaust Backpressure reading before turbo in PSI
Performance Testing
WARNING Do not use the Performance Tests feature to break any
traffic laws. Perform these tests only where they are legal and safe.
The Evolution allows you to test the performance of your vehicle by timing
the 0-60 and the quarter mile times. You also have the option to save and
recall one of your 1/4 mile performance runs.
NOTE: It is helpful to remember these might not be results you would
receive from actual races. Modified tire sizes and gear ratios as well as tire
slippage can cause the speedometer to read incorrectly causing slight
miscalculations in the displayed results.
FORD Power Stroke 7.3 Liter
To run these tests, perform the following steps:
1. From the Main Menu, select the Performance option:
2. The following screen appears:
3. Select the desired performance test and press <ENT>. If your vehicle
is moving at this time, the following screen appears:
FORD Power Stroke 7.3 Liter
4. When your vehicle is at a complete stop, the following screen
automatically appears:
When you press the accelerator pedal, the test automatically begins. As
you drive, the screen should be displaying your current speed. When
the test is complete (the desired distance or speed is reached), the test
will automatically stop and your result will be displayed on the screen.
FORD Power Stroke 7.3 Liter
Quarter Mile Display
The Evolution displays your 60 foot, 1/8 mile, and 1/4 mile times in
addition to your MPH at 1/4 mile.
The quarter mile run also has the option to save one run. You can
recall this run at anytime. You can also save over it with a better run if
0 to 60 Display
The Evolution displays the time it took to go from 0 to 60 MPH.
5. After the test is complete, press <ESC> to return to the Performance
FORD Power Stroke 7.3 Liter
Tip: Programming your vehicle may expose existing defects in your
vehicle’s PCM that could disable your vehicle. It is advised that you
do not program your vehicle in remote locations in case of failure.
Tip: Keep in mind that the Evolution is a high performance product and that
not all vehicles deliver the exact same power output when
programmed with the Evolution. It is recommended that you select a
program that will best fit your needs. Whether towing, or traveling
long distances at high speeds, choose your power level wisely and
keep in mind the condition and tolerances of your vehicle when
selecting a suitable power level.
 NO DISPLAY WITH KEY ON – If you should get no display when
turning the key on, check all of your fuses and make sure your battery
is fully charged. Disconnect and reconnect the OBD-II cable to ensure
the Evolution restarts properly. If the unit restarts but fails to stay on,
or fails to turn on when the key is on, there is most likely a
communications issue. Contact Edge Products Technical Support for
further assistance.
 NO START – If you experience a “No-Start” condition after
programming your PCM, return to the Power Programming menu and
select Return to Stock. This will allow the Evolution to reprogram the
PCM with the factory calibration and recover the PCM. If, after
reprogramming, you still have a “No-Start” condition, contact Edge
Products Technical Support. A member of our support team can
further instruct you on possible recovery procedures.
FORD Power Stroke 7.3 Liter
 THEFT LIGHT (on Excursions) - If the theft light flashes rapidly
after programming and the vehicle won't start, the Passive Anti-theft
system (PATS) will need to be reset. To reset the PATS, perform the
following steps:
1. Turn the key on, but do not attempt to start the vehicle.
2. Wait for the theft light to quit flashing rapidly. This should take
about 45 seconds, after which the THEFT light will flash
multiple times about every 3 seconds.
3. Turn the key off and remove the key from the ignition for 30
4. Insert the key and turn the ignition to the ON position.
5. The THEFT light should illuminate for about 5 seconds and then
go out.
6. Continue to start the vehicle normally.
Warranty Information
Edge Products, LLC, (hereafter "SELLER") gives Limited Warranty as to description, quality,
merchantability, fitness for any product’s purpose, productiveness, or any other matter of SELLER's
product sold herewith. The SELLER shall be in no way responsible for the product’s open use and
service and the BUYER hereby waives all rights other than those expressly written herein. This
Warranty shall not be extended or varied except by a written instrument signed by SELLER and
The Warranty is Limited to one (1) year from the date of sale and limited solely to the parts contained
within the product's kit. All products that are in question of Warranty must be returned shipping prepaid
to the SELLER and must be accompanied by a dated proof of purchase receipt. All Warranty claims
are subject to approval by Edge Products Inc.
Under no circumstances shall the SELLER be liable for any labor charged or travel time incurred in
diagnosis for defects, removal, or reinstallation of this product, or any other contingent expenses.
If the BUYER sends back a failed unit that is out of warranty and chooses to buy a refurbished
unit, the refurbished unit will only carry a 90 day warranty. If the BUYER purchases a new unit at
a predetermined discounted rate, it will have the standard 1 year warranty.
Under no circumstances will the SELLER be liable for any damage or expenses insured by reason of
the use or sale of any such equipment.
FORD Power Stroke 7.3 Liter
Many of our customers ask, “Will your product void my vehicle’s manufacturer’s warranty?” While
the answer is straightforward from a legal standpoint, it’s important to educate our customers (and
all aftermarket consumers) on some industry realities and offer some common sense precautions
to minimize your risk. Edge is committed to providing quality products that are safe to use. Our
products do not cause damage to a vehicle when used as intended. Please keep in mind that
towing in anything higher than the towing level and hard driving in race or extreme performance
levels is not recommended.
Consumers of aftermarket products are protected by the Federal Magnusson-Moss Warranty Act.
The Act states that if something breaks on your vehicle and you take it in for warranty repair, the
dealer must honor your warranty unless whatever modifications you have added to your vehicle
actually caused the problem in question.
However, the reality is that many dealerships have been known to void warranties on vehicles that
use aftermarket products as a matter of policy. This applies in particular to those aftermarket
products that produce horsepower, such as performance enhancement “chips,” modified intake
manifolds, or aftermarket exhaust systems, regardless of product brand.
You have strong legal protection as a consumer in regard to your vehicle’s warranty. However,
Edge strongly recommends you always disconnect and remove your module/programmer and
monitor when you take your vehicle to a dealer for warranty work. In addition, leaving the product
connected may affect dealer diagnostic analysis and CAN tool functions. Edge makes every effort
to produce product that can be easily removed. NOTE: Even if you disconnect your unit, your
dealer can detect the use of any programmer—even if the unit has been removed.
Thank you for purchasing the Evolution by Edge Products, LLC for the Ford 7.3 Powerstroke
Diesel®. The Evolution programmer has been developed and produced from the highest quality
materials available to ensure the best performance for years to come. If you have any concerns or
questions, please contact us.
Note: This warranty is void for any new products purchased through auction websites. Warranty is
valid only for new products purchased through Authorized Dealers (proof of purchase required for
all warranty claims).
FORD Power Stroke 7.3 Liter
Commonly Used Acronyms
KOEO = Key On Engine Off
KOER = Key On Engine Running
KS = Knock Sensor
LOAD = Engine Load
LOS = Limited Operation Strategy
LPD = Line Pressure Desired
LUS = Lock-up Solenoid
MAF = Mass Airflow
MAFV = Mass Airflow Sensor Voltage
MAP = Manifold Absolute Pressure
MAT = Manifold Air Temp
MCU = Microprocessor Control Unit
MIL = Malfunction Indicator Light
MPH = Miles Per Hour
OHC = Over Head Camshaft
OSS = Output Shaft Speed
PCM = Powertrain Control Module
PFE = Pressure Feedback EGR Sensor
PIP = Profile Ignition Pickup
PSPS = Power Steering Pressure Switch
RPM = Revolutions Per Minute
SES = Service Engine Soon
SIL = Shift Indicator Light
SPARK = Spark Advance/Retard
SPOUT = Spark Output Signal (from ECA)
STAR = Self Test Automatic Readout
TAPS = Throttle Angle Position Sensor
TCM = Transmission Control Module
TFI = Thick Film Ignition System
TFT = Transmission Fluid Temperature
TGS = Top Gear Switch
THS = Transmission Temperature Switch
TPS = Throttle Position Sensor
TQC = Torque Control
TSS = Turbine Shaft Speed
TTS = Transmission Temperature Switch
VAF = Vane Air Flow Sensor
VAT = Vane Air Temperature
VCT = Variable Cam Timing
VSS = Vehicle Speed Sensor
WAC = WOT A/C Cut-off Switch
WOT = Wide Open Throttle
ACT = Air Charge Temp
ACV = Thermactor Air Control Sensor
AOD = Automatic Overdrive Transmission
APP = Accelerator Petal Position
AXOD = Automatic Overdrive Transmission
BAT = Battery Voltage
BCM = Body Control Module
BOO = Brake On/Off Switch
BP = Barometric Pressure Sensor
BST = Boost
CCD = Computer Controlled Dwell
CCO = Converter Clutch Override
CDR = Crankcase Depression Regulator
CEL = Check Engine Light
CFI = Central Fuel Injection
CHT = Cylinder Head Temperature
CID = Cylinder Identification Sensor
CKP = Crank Position Sensor
CMP = Cam Position Sensor
CPS = Crankshaft Position Sensor
DTC = Diagnostic Trouble Codes
ECA = Electronic Control Assembly
ECM = Electronic Control Module
ECT = Engine Coolant Temp
EDF = Electric Drive Fan Relay
EDIS = Electronic Distributor
EGO = Exhaust Gas Oxygen Sensor
EGR = Exhaust Gas Recirculation
EGRC = EGR Control Solenoid
EOT = Engine Oil Temperature
EVP = EGR Position Sensor
EVR = EGR Valve Regulator
FDM = Fuel Delivery Module
FPM = Fuel Pump Monitor
FRP = Fuel Rail Pressure
HEGO = Heated Exhaust Gas Sensor
IAT = Intake Air Temperature
ICM = Integrated Controller Module
IDM = Ignition Driver Module
ISC = Idle Speed Control
ITS = Idle Tracking Switch
IVS = Idle Validation Switch (Diesel)
KAM = Keep Alive Memory
Technical Support:
To expedite your support call, please have your Vehicle Information,
Part Number, Serial Number, and Date of Manufacture ready prior to
calling Technical Support. The Edge Products information is found on
the label located on the bottom of the device.
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