Kalkaska County Road Commission
Kalkaska County Road Commission
1049 Island Lake Road
Kalkaska, MI 49646
Telephone: 231.258.2242
Facsimile: 231.258.8205
The Kalkaska County Road Commission is an Equal Opportunity Provider and Employer
Sealed bids will be received for cab and chassis truck equipment until 9:00a.m. Wednesday, March 1,
2017, at which time they will be publicly opened and read. Bids will be received at the office of the
Kalkaska County Road Commission, 1049 Island Lake Road, Kalkaska, MI 49646. The bid shall be
clearly marked “Equipment Bids” and bear the name of the bidder. Bids will be tabulated and a
recommendation will be made to the Board of Road Commissioners at their next regular meeting.
To supply and install the following equipment on three (3) cab and chassis trucks:
 201 S.S. heavy duty frame mounted material spreader
 Underbody scraper
 Front mounted plow hitch
 Rear mounted pull hitch
 One – Way Plow
 Nine (9´) snow patrol wing/plow
 Hydraulic pump
 Fuel and hydraulic tanks
 Cross-auger with spinner unit
 Lighting
 Associated controls meeting Road Commission specifications
 Optional Pre-Wet system
Bid prices shall include all set up and delivery charges to points designated by the Commission.
Bidders must complete the KCRC checklist.
Further information and specifications may be obtained at the office of the Kalkaska County Road
Commission or by contacting Tony Moses at 231.258.2242 (desk), 231-384-3451 (cell) or via e-mail at
[email protected]
David Gill, Chairman
Board of Kalkaska County Road Commission
Kalkaska County Road Commission
1049 Island Lake Road
Kalkaska, MI 49646
Telephone: 231.258.2242
Facsimile: 231.258.8205
The Kalkaska County Road Commission is an Equal Opportunity Provider and Employer
The following specifications describe and are intended for use in securing equipment for three (3) tandem
axle cab and chassis trucks.
Options – Supply and install equipment meeting or exceeding Kalkaska County Road Commission
Delivery – Time of delivery may be an important factor in determining successful bidder. Please state
estimated completion date. Units are intended for use in the 2017-2018 plowing season.
Payment Terms – Payment for equipment shall be on the day of delivery, after acceptance by the
Kalkaska County Road Commission.
Note – The Kalkaska County Road Commission reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids, to
waive any irregularity or defect in a bid, or to reject that bid which offers equipment not compatible with
body builder’s components, or to accept that bid which is in the opinion of the Kalkaska County Road
Commission in the best interest of the county.
A. 14’ long X 48” high, 9.2 cubic yard sides, 11.1 cubic yard ends. Complete unit manufactured of
201 non-rusting stainless steel.
B. Front/sides/gate to be built of 3/16” 201 stainless steel with 3” double crimped top edge, 45
degree sloped sides, 201 stainless steel lifting loops, (1) at each corner of the body.
C. Side supports 2-1/2” X 4” 201 stainless steel formed channel on 36” centers, 100% welded with
stainless steel welding wire.
D. Tailgate, outer perimeter to be 4” formed 201 stainless steel channel with (2) inner 3” formed 201
stainless steel channel supports, tailgate to be offset hinged with HD hardware; all tailgate linkage
shall be grease-able including top hinge pin, jack type metering gate, approx. 34” X 14”, ¼”
thick, 201SS door, 201SS jack crank. Tailgate shall be air operated – over center cam style, shaft
retracted in closed position – in cab control switch.
E. Longsills & crossmembers, minimum ¼” thick, 201SS to extend beyond the body for additional
support of cross auger with 3” formed 201SS crossmembers.
F. Catwalks, min. 3/16” thick, 30” wide, smooth 201SS with anti-skid top surface, full length both
sides. Shall be reinforced to hold additional weight of future pre-wet tank, approx. 1500 lbs. per
G. Floor & chain shields, min 3/16” thick 201SS removable chain shields, min. ¼” thick 201SS boltin removable floor with stainless steel bolts.
H. Conveyor chain, min. 28,000 lb tensile strength per strand, 34” width, conveyor ½” X 1-1/2"
wide cross bars every other link on 4 1/2” centers, 2.25 pitch.
I. Conveyor drive; two 6:1 Rawson gear boxes with hardened high strength steel alloy gears,
supported by ball bearings mounting on a 2” shaft driven by (2) low speed hi-torque motors.
Include torque link brackets to reduce gear box stress. One motor (1) to include 100 pulse speed
J. Front idler shaft 2” diameter, 4 bolt HD relubable, self-aligning bearings with dirt shields, 8 tooth
hardened sprockets (front and rear), longsills to have full length open slots to allow removing
front idler assembly and rear drive assembly without disassemble, to include HD slide rail chain
adjustment. Minimum 1 ¼ diameter adjuster.
K. Hi-Low speed conveyor; Hi and Low speed shall be accomplished by an air shift series parallel
valve, installed front of body, to include cab control
L. Stainless steel hydraulic tubing to accommodate main chain Hi-Low speed, cross auger, spinner
and patrol wing; shall be mounted to the hopper body minimum 16” off the catwalks and clamps
and stainless steel hardware, 5 tubes drivers side (1) 1-1/4” tube and four (4) 3/4” tubes and 4
tubes passenger side (2) ¾” and (2) ½”.
M. Cab-Shield; has 20” coverage, constructed of 3/16” 201SS, 100% continuous welded inside and
out to the front of the body.
Deviations explained
A. Full bottom clean out quick latch system
B. Rear cross auger with 3” offset mount
C. 9" auger – 3/8 fliting
D. 28 cubic in. motor
E. 4" pitch
F. Self-leveling, left hand discharge, tailgate spreader spinner assembly w/18" poly spinner disc,
spinner, spinner shield, and seal saver kit.
Deviations explained
A. 304 stainless steel Oval style enclosure, one each side, rear of the body to house from top to
bottom. (2) oval 60 series lights; LED Strobe # ENFSRV3G12 LED and standard 60 series nonLED back-up, stop/turn/tail lights. (2) Oval 60 series lights; LED Strobe # ENFSRV3A12 LED
mounted in SS boxes on tailgate. Lights and switches arrangement will be determined at
B. Federal 108 lighting shall include (4) reflectors, (1) Betts poly center, (3) light cluster, Betts poly
corner clearance lights with weather proof wiring and 18 pin Betts junction box.
C. Flaming River battery disconnect lock out design model FR1044 installed with L.E.D. indicator
light. Location to be determined at installation.
D. Front Strobe
 Star, model 9016 LED clear dome amber/green, including stainless brackets and stainless
steel lens guards. Exact height and location to be determined at installation.
Note: If possible prefer all warning lights on one in-cab switch.
E. Work Lights
 Six (6) Work lights to be provided and installed Nordic N25.
 One (1) Each side to shine on the underbody scraper
 Work light to shine on left rear side spinner discharge.
 Work light to shine on wing discharge.
 The other two (2) work lights, on tailgate, wired to reverse circuit.
Deviations explained
A. ½” thick, heavy duty mud flaps, front and rear of the drive axles, installed using stainless steel
B. Ladder; bolt on 201SS hinge down two (2) section ladder 6 rungs installed to include 304SS
mounting brackets and stainless steel hardware. Not to interfere with pre-wet tanks or tarp arms.
Location to be determined at installation
C. Two (2) Shovel Holders: Made of 201SS to be mounted left front face of material spreader,
drivers side. Hardwood sideboards 6” in height.
D. Star 66107 electronic backup alarm.
E. 7-gauge SS plate – installed between the longsills – 2 pc. Bolt in design to protect truck
components, brake valve, driveline, and electrical.
F. Stainless steel tool box 48” long X 17” deep X 12” tall mounted top of cat walk left front.
Will be deleted if pre-Wet option is selected.
G. Remote Lube System; remote grease fittings and line system shall be installed to consolidate
fittings in three (3) locations for ease of maintenance. This system shall connect to all grease
points except tailgate.
H. Rear air foil wind deflector installed on tailgate, wide enough for affected lights.
Deviations explained
A. HANGERBOARD: Designed and engineered for optimum strength. ½” formed plate
reinforced by ½” X 7-1/2” flat plate to make full 1” thickness. 3.25”X .344” mechanical tube
outer hinge tubes. ¾” bar reinforced full length of the hinge. ¾” thick trunnion arms. Outer
trunnion arms shall be bolted to hanger board. Welded on is unacceptable. Shall include a
Manifold bracket for the grease line kit, one installed each side of the hanger board.
B. HINGE SHAFT: 2-1/2” OD X 96” long with four (4) grease points and three (3) hinge points.
The two (2) outer hinges are 3-1/4” OD X 6” long with .344 wall thickness. Each outer hinge has
one (1) ½” wrap – around gusset, center hinge shall be 3 ¼” OD X 10 ¾” long with .344 wall and
have two (2) ½” thick wrap – around gussets, including thrust bearing wear plates to prevent side
to side shifting of moldboard.
C. MOLDBOARD: 1” thick X 20” high X 12’ long moldboard. ½” X 6” double beveled cutting
edge with standard highway punched.
D. SHOCKS & HOUSINGS: Cushioned by two (2) extra heavy duty spring housings, allow 600
PSI down pressure. Two (2) ½” thick flange retaining plates held by four (4) 5/8” bolts with
prevailing lock nuts. Housings to be slotted to relieve contaminates. Grease-able trunnion mount
bushings are 2-3/4” OD with a .344” wall mechanical tube trunnion mount pins are 2” solid rod,
bolt in removable and replaceable design.
E. ACTUATING CYLINDERS: Shall be 3-1/2” bore X 10” stroke with 2” socatri 1000 piston
rods, with poly pac seals and cast steel heads, ½” hoses and piping (supported with poly clamps)
to be externally mounted for easy access. Prince in-line relief valve shall be supplied.
F. CIRCLE: Shall be 1” solid one piece with infinite plowing positions (no notches), minimum cut
out for power reverse cylinder travel and full front circle ears as to have clamps in full contact of
circle at 45-degree angle for maximum circle bearing surface. 5” ID X 6.5” OD X 1” hardened
center pin bushing.
G. CENTER PIN: Heavy Duty 5” diameter, hardened center pin, zinc coated. Grease-able with 3
port grease journal and 5/16” wide X 3/16” deep grease groove around pin. Center pin is piloted
into the hanger board.
H. CLAMPS: 20.5 long X 7” deep X 1” thick. Shaped to follow the contour of the circle. 3/8”
UHMW wear pads. Entire clamps must remain fully on the circle throughout the entire rotation
of the scraper.
I. REVERSE CYLINDERS AND HARDWARE: Two (2) 4” double – acting cylinders containing
½” #8 SAE ports, 2” socatri 1000 rods, poly pac seals, and cast steel heads. 3” OD – 2” ID anchor
pivots, 2” hardened zinc coated with spiraled grease groove removable pivot pins (grease-able at
each end). Prince Cross over relief valve set at 2200 PSI to protect reversing cylinders from
shock impacts.
J. MOUNTING PLATES: ¾” thick 26 X 22 full plate steel construction. With 7” X 7” cut out for
ease of cleaning. Attached to the truck using ¾” grade 8 bolts, SAE washers and prevailing lock
nuts that are electronically plated for corrosion resistance.
K. PAINT: Shot-blasted, washed and powder coat paint TGIC polyester black. All parts are powder
coated prior to assembly of scraper. Outer 12” of moldboard ends painted high visibility yellow.
L. GREASE LINE KIT: Remote grease kit that allows grease to be applied at centralized locations
outside of the chassis frame. Grease hoses shall be SAE 107 Hytron hose rated at 3000 psi.
Grease line kit will incorporate all 15 grease points on the scraper.
Deviations explained
A. ROLL-RITE MODEL 6416, fully automatic aluminum system to include double arm system tarp
and tension bows, four springs per side, aluminum tarp spool with aluminum wind deflector,
direct mount motor and gear box, 30 degree cast aluminum elbows to give maximum clearance
for loader, in-cab switch, light and resettable circuit breaker and 20’ heavy duty mesh tarp.
Deviations explained
A. Hustings style heavy duty 34” wide Quick Hitch, top of hitch gusseted with 3/8” plate. Roller
pins have grease fittings and secondary locking tabs. Lift arm includes pivoting booster arm with
three (3) ½ grab hooks. Plow cylinder is hydraulic double acting cylinder with the following
specifications: 3” diameter bore, 10” stroke 2” socatri 1000 shaft – Boss O-ring ports. Hitch is
bolted to a heavy duty structural channel. 12” minimum 20.7 lb., front bumper with flare back
and boxed ends. Hitch includes upper and lower bracing. Hitch, bumper and bracing is installed
with grade 8 nuts and bolts. All to be epoxy primed, and painted urethane black.
Deviations explained
Note: If factory bumper is used there will be an applied credit to Kalkaska County Road
Commission for fabricated structural channel bumper; credit: ______________________
A. Auxiliary plow lights and turn signals. Nordic Truck Light model N520, hood mounted, custom
built ¼” thick X 4” wide aluminum brackets with fiberglass in hood support plates, height to be
determined at time of installation to include in-cab 6-way switch and wire harness
Deviations explained
A. Tanks shall be designed to be installed in conjunction with a vertically mounted DPF/SCR
exhaust system. The Fuel Hydraulic Tanks shall be 7ga. Steel construction. The Fuel Tank shall
be 123-gallon capacity. The Hydraulic Tank shall be 31-gallon capacity. The Fuel and Hydraulic
Tanks shall be integrated into a single, integrally constructed unit custom fit to KCRC chassis.
The mounting of the tank shall include four mounting pads and shall be equipped with rubber
bushings and mounting bolts. The tanks shall be powder coated orange and include labels.
B. The Fuel Tank shall include ball valve shut off valves on both the supply and the return fuel lines
to facilitate changing of fuel filter. The proper fuel gauge sending unit shall be installed. The vent
for the tank shall conform to the engine manufactures specifications. The tank shall also be
equipped with a magnetic drain plug.
C. The hydraulic tank shall include a 3” supply port with a Zinga top of the tank mounting flange.
The filter shall be equipped with an internal drop tube and an anti-siphon device. A solid state,
low oil sending unit shall be installed in the side of the tank. A float type sender will not be
acceptable. A 5” sight/temperature gauge shall be installed on the side of tank. The tank shall be
full of AW32 hydraulic oil.
D. Hydraulic Tank also includes:
 Zinga suction strainer, part # 2030-3.
 Zinga return filter, RF1215-S-1 with RE-409-10-micron element.
 2 ½” - ¼ turn full flow ball valve installed at the reservoir outlet.
 201 Stainless Steel Serrated grate steps, driver side end of mounting saddle, size, and location
to be determined at installation.
Decals as to the contents, “Diesel Fuel” or “Hydraulic Oil”.
Low oil light and alarm system installed in the cab.
Momentary over-ride switch installed in the cab.
Deviations explained
A. Front mounted piston pump crank shaft driven, load sense hydraulic system to operate a double
acting front plow hoist, scraper up & down, scraper reverse, patrol wing, HD material spreader,
main chain, 9” cross auger, spinner assembly and pre-wet.
B. System shall consist of a 1300 Series A Danfoss 8.9 C.I.R. pump, model ERL147CLS, positive
solenoid shut-off valve.
C. Rexroth mid-inlet 8 bank valve, model M4 12. Plow 13 GPM, Scraper up & down 16-gal spool,
Scraper reverse, 16-gal spool, Wing 19-gal spool, Spreader chain 24-gal spool,
Cross auger 15-gal, Spinner 7-gal spool, and 7-gal Pre-wet. No exceptions.
D. Hydraulic valve shall be installed in a stainless-steel enclosure, location to be determined at
E. Rexroth CS-150 joy stick arm rest console 6 joy stick buttons, functions will be displayed on the
CS550 screen, includes switch pack and distribution box with LED indication and 100 AMP
circuit protection.
F. Rexroth CS550 spreader control will operate manual, automatic, closed loop or open loop ground
speed and 12-volt triggered. 4 different granular, pre-wet, anti-ice materials, each with 9
programmable rates. All connections are IP 68 rated. Includes all other standard features.
 Temperature read back and pre-wet temperature compensation.
 Will supply logging information to external GPS system.
 Onboard Wi-Fi and GPS information.
 When using liquid, has a material reduction % built into the system.
 Screen will show miles traveled and amount of material used.
 Controller will provide information, event time, date, material set point, and usage amounts.
 All information can be transferred to a desk or laptop computer via hand held device.
 Controller to default to off/and prior settings used.
 The controller can be, as needed, up graded via desk, or lap top computer.
 To include ground speed, and blast functions on cross auger.
 Rexroth tech – Jeff Strong will do hands on training and calibrating for CS150 joy stick and
the CS550 controller, at the KCRC facility.
Note: Kalkaska County fleet manager Tony Moses shall be consulted prior to installation of
cab-mounted controls for placement and order of operation
G. Supply line from reservoir to pump shall be 2 ½” ID stainless steel hard pipe, with 2 ½”ID short
hose assembles at each end.
H. Hoses, fittings, and adaptors: All hoses to have crimp type fittings and have abrasive resistant
sleeve covering in high wear areas. All clamps to be lined with abrasive resistant sleeve
covering. All pressure hoses shall have minimum working pressure rating of 3,000 PSI, swivels
at each end. Routing of pressure hoses shall be on the left side of engine as to stay away from
turbo heat, using proper extension hangers and to leave room for service of engine filters. All
extension hangers to be manufactured of stainless steel.
I. Hydraulic system to be filled with AW32 oil, pressures set and system tested.
Deviations explained
Monroe 9D FWMB Para-Glide Design (to include Ottawa County style clamp)
A. Wing shall be designed to mount behind the underbody blade, moldboard length shall be 113”
inches at the top and 108” inches at the bottom, height shall measure 33” inboard and 33”
outboard including cutting edge.
B. Moldboard shall be 3/16” A36 steel; top of moldboard formed into a 2-3/4” X 1”
channel for additional strength. All seams and joints shall be 100% continuous welded.
C. Bottom angle shall be 4” X 4” X ¾”, reinforced between the cutting edge holes with ten (10) 3”
X 3” X ½” gussets. Shall include six (6) ½” moldboard reinforcement ribs tapered from 4” at the
bottom to 2-1/2” at the top.
D. There shall be two (2) horizontal reinforcement angles between the discharge end last two ribs,
bottom 4” X 3” X ½” reinforcement angle shall have seven (7) evenly spaced 5/8” holes for push
arm adjustment, top 4” X 4” X ½” reinforcement angle shall have seven (7) evenly spaced 5/8”
holes for push arm adjustment.
E. Pivot pin shall be constructed of 1-1/2” steel. Front attachment pivot plate will be ½” steel,
completely boxed and supported with ½” and 3/16” plate. Pivot tube for the 1-1/2” pivot bolt
shall have a minimum .625” wall and be welded 100% to the inside of the ½” plate and outside of
the moldboard.
F. A ½” safety stop eyelet and a ½” centered lip loop shall be on the front of the moldboard.
G. Cutting edge shall be 9’ in length, 5/8” thick X 8” tall AASHO punched recurved style.
Moldboard shall be equipped with three (3) shoes. Shoes shall be bolted on with the cutting edge.
One (1) shoe shall be installed on both the toe end and the heel end and one center mounted, shall
be heavy-duty cast iron construction. Cast iron shoes shall weigh approximately 75 lbs. each.
Bottom of shoe shall be cut at approximately 10 degrees to match attack angle of moldboard.
H. Shall have ½” X 4” X 6” cross tube passes behind the underbody blade circle and passing thru
two (2) mounting plates, 36” tall X 12” wide X 1/2” thick for mounting the wing to the frame of
the truck.
I. Para-Glide structure shall be no more than 24” high and 14” wide. Post weldment shall be
manufactured with a .75” inside mounting plate and a matching .50” outer plate. A .375” Ex-Ten
50 front base plate will set the width of the post, support the .50” inner lower hinge brackets and
the .75” bottom cylinder mounts. Internal reinforcement with a .500 HSLA radius plate shall be
welded to both side plates and the front base plate. The post weldment will serve as anchor for
three trailing link assemblies. The upper and lower link arms shall be .750” radius bar with a
1.75” machined hole on each end. The upper arm assembly will be reinforced with a 2.5”
schedule 80 pipe at the front. The lower arm assembly will be reinforced with a 2.5” schedule
pipe at the front anchor and .50 HSLA x 5.0 plate to the rear. The lift/float link will be .50” bar
with a radius at the anchor end, reinforced with a 2.5” schedule pipe. The rear of the lift link will
be1.0” plate reinforced with .625” bar and will include two .625” upper cylinder mounts. The
rear lift weldment shall have an outer 1.0” and inner .50” bar with radius ends and machined
1.75” holes. Bars shall be spaced and supported with two 2.50” schedule pipes and two .50” x
4.0” triangular gussets. The hinge shall consist of three 1” thick radius ears that have 1.438”
machined holes, spaced evenly and reinforced with two .25” x 2” x 2” angles. All 1.75”
machined holes will have Rc 50 hardened bushings. Hinge pins shall be 1.5” OD, case hardened
to Rc 55-60. Hinge pins shall be retained with machine bushings and .25” roll pins. There shall
be 10 grease fittings. Lift cylinder shall be a 3” ID x 5” strake with a 1.5” industrial hard chrome
rod. Hydraulic port(s) shall be .562-18 ORB. Cylinder shall be attached within the post with 1”
stress proof pins, machine washers and roll pins. Prior to assembly, the post will be shot blasted,
washed and prepped prior to powder coating black.
J. The bolt for retaining the moldboard shall be 1-1/2 – 6 X 7 G8 HHCS Zinc plated with castle nut
and cotter pin. Bolt shall be drilled for the cotter pin.
K. Lifting action for the heel end of the wing shall be a single 3” ID x stroke, 2” nitrated rod, ¾ - 16
ORB ports, polypak seals, double acting hydraulic cylinder. Heel cylinder shall be attached to the
upper rear push arm slide assembly.
L. Wing shall be operated by hydraulic lift; no cables or chains shall be accepted.
M. Rear wing mount shall be fabricated from 5” X 7” X 3/8” mild steel tubing, and shall include two
(2) 28” X 18” X ½” frame attachment plates with 5” X 7” openings. Rear channel push
arm/cylinder mounting plate shall include two (2) ½” plates, flame cut with three (3) offset
mounting holes to mount the rear push arms and the heel lift cylinder. The rear upper push arm
shall be equipped with an external slide assembly to allow for mechanical float and attachment of
the heel lift cylinder and the rear push arms and heel lift cylinder shall be attached with 1-1/4”
stress proof pins for quick attach and detach.
N. There shall be two (2) rear wing heavy duty, 2-1/2” schedule 80, adjustable, spring cushioned lift
arms including safety shear pins, 6’ long fully extended. Wing shall be capable of mounting with
an overlap to the scraper discharge to prevent a window between the scraper and the wing
O. All fabricated components shall be shot blasted and washed prior to powder coating; mounting
components shall be powder coated black, Moldboard shall be powder coated orange, with a
minimum curing time of 25 minutes, at temperature of no less than 400 degrees.
P. Mounting hardware shall include three (3) schedule 80 pipe bracing, six (6) pipe balls, a flame cut
¾” support plate, Grade 8 nuts, bolts and washers necessary for a complete installation.
Q. One (1) sequencing valve shall be supplied with the wing and shall be adjustable for both the up
and down sequencing of the wing. Lock valves shall be built into the sequencing valve to prevent
both the toe and heel cylinder from drifting when in the stored position. The sequencing valve
shall allow wing to hydraulically drift up when in the plowing position and shall be equipped with
an adjustable metering valve to control the speed at which the blade drops when going from the
stored position to the plow position.
R. Installation shall also include:
 Stainless steel quick couplers, caps, and plugs
 3/8” Hi Test safety chain and grab hook
 Remote grease bank
 Stand-alone 60 Series LED strobe light and LED ICC light – both installed in a stainless steel
60 Series light box, mounted on discharge end of moldboard and to include in cab switch.
Deviations explained
A. Clevis design and height to be determined at installation.
Deviations explained
A. Consisting of 1-¼” schedule 80 PVC main run, with approximately fourteen (14) nozzles,
adjustable style. Clamped in place using stainless steel hardware. To include cam lock and
necessary fittings for complete installation. This system shall be installed under the stainless-steel
cover plate.
Deviations explained
14. ONE-WAY RIDGED SNOWPLOW: Monroe 11’ MPH256711OWFA (Kalkaska Spec)
A. One-way, ridged mounted, no trip snowplow. 34” female plow side Hustings Hitch. Moldboard
manufactured from 10-gauge steel. Minimum of six (6) vertical ribs. Boomerang style shoe
rockers, manually pinned shoe adjusters, single ear standard cast plow shoes. Snow deflector to
mimic the construction of the Monroe “Snowknife” in design. Cutting edge to be 5/8”X 8”
standard punch. Snowplow to be finished in orange powder coat or painted urethane on the front
side of the moldboard, and flat black powder coat or urethane on the push frame side of the
Deviations explained
Monroe Snow & Ice
Duz-Mor On-Board Pre-Wet System
A. Two (2) 100-gallon polypropylene 3/8” thick UV stabilized tanks, 1-¼” ports, molded gauge
calibration in US gallons
B. Two (2) 304 stainless steel tank mounting saddles with heavy duty polyester retaining strap
C. Nema weather tight enclosure to house 7 GPM product pump with stainless steel shaft, direct
drive hydraulic motor
D. One (1) Cross over hose kit
E. One (1) Bulk fill and flush kit
F. One (1) Nozzle kit (3 nozzles, 2 GPM brass tips and caps, SS nozzle bracket, EPDM 150 PSI
hoses), five (5) PSI in-line check valve
G. One (1) Stainless steel enclosure mounting kit
H. One (1) Suction strainer
I. Designed to mount on top of reinforced cat walks-and not run interference with tarp system
Deviations explained
1. Successful bidder shall consult with Kalkaska County Road Commission prior to
installation of all components for placement and order of operation.
2. Bid form must be used when submitting a bid and any specifications and/or
exceptions must be fully explained. Deviation sheet provided, please make copies as
needed. Please mark each item “YES” if it meets specifications or “NO” if it doesn’t
and explain the deviation from the specification.
3. Kalkaska County reserves the right to accept or reject any and all bids, to waive any
irregularities in bids and to make the award of the bid in the best interest of the
county. Special consideration will be given to a bidder based on past performance
with regard to ability to stock and supply parts and components. The speed in
which parts and components are received from suppliers, location of the facility of
ship and deliver is very important.
4. The successful body builder shall provide parts manuals for equipment and handson training for the service personnel and operators of the county.
5. Any structural deviations will require an attached print.
Kalkaska County Road Commission
1049 Island Lake Road
Kalkaska, MI 49646
Telephone: 231.258.2242
Facsimile: 231.258.8205
The Kalkaska County Road Commission is an Equal Opportunity Provider and Employer
Equipment and installation for three (3) cab and chassis trucks:
Bid per the specification
Delivery Date
Unit Price
Bid prices shall include all set up and delivery charges to points designated by the Commission.
Additional fuel surcharges, set up or delivery charges will not be accepted. Payment for units
shall be made on the day of delivery, after acceptance by the Kalkaska County Road Commission.
State the Warranties and Guarantee to be furnished by the supplier and/or manufacturer:
Bidder Information:
Name: ______________________________________
Title: ______________________________________
Company: ___________________________________
Address: ____________________________________
Phone: ____________________________________
Signature: ___________________________________
Deviations: (three per page):
Item # _________
Item # _________
Item # _________
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