Car Black Box Instruction Manual
HDDVR302 Instruction Manual
Thank you for purchasing our Gator DVR. In order to help you
operate it correctly, please read this instruction carefully before using.
A) Recording mode
15.MicroSD card Slot
Press the power button【18】, then press the OK button【17】to open or
16.RESET button
connect car charger into the video mode and start recording (note:
17.OK button(record / camera)
please insert MicroSD card before use), then the time at the bottom
18.Power/Mode switching button
right will turn red from white, recorded files are stored into the card,
press the OK button 【 17 】 to stop recording, then red digital time
Product picture and function
becomes white.
B) Camera mode
Power on and press MODE button【18】to enter the camera mode, press
A.Built-in battery
OK button to take pictures.
Connect car charger: Whilst charging the red indicator lamp is bright.
C) Preview mode
When charge is complete, the display window will show the battery
Power on and press MODE button 【18】 twice to enter the preview
1.2.0 inch LCD display
icon as full.
B. Connected with Car Charger
Press Up/Down button 【10.11】to select the folder preview, press the
3.LED light
After the car starts, the DVR will automatically enter video recording
OK button into menu, and then press OK button to play/pause.
mode, charging at the same time. When the car has been shut down, the
5.Bracket hole
product will continue working for 15 seconds before automatically
Delete function
6.Photo resistance (infrared auto-detection)
shutting down and saving the previous recorded files.
Under the preview mode, press the MENU button 【12】 to enter delete
7.USB Slot
Note: This machine can be used only with the car charger with output
interface, and then press OK button 【17】 into "single/ all / selection
8.AV output interface
"interface (use up / down buttons to select the listed settings), finally
9.Working indicator (Blue)/ Charging indicator (Red)
press OK button to confirm, you can also choose "Thumbnail Display"
10.11.Up/ Down button
and "preview playback volume" feature, and finally press OK button to
12.MENU button
DVR with record / camera / playback functions
13.Battery cover
Under setting interface of Recording mode or Camera mode, press
disk driver”. Through Up/ Down button 【 10.11 】 chooses “network
5. White balance:Auto, Daylight, Cloudy, Tungsten, Fluorescent
6. ISO:Auto 100 200
7. Color:Standard Vivid Sepia Monochrome
8. Saturation:High Normal Low
camera”, and press OK button 【17】 to confirm and enters network
1) Format: Cancel / Execute
camera mode, this product has special-purpose actuation software, it
10. Preview: on/off
2) Language: English / Simplified Chinese / Traditional Chinese /
needs install the driver before connecting USB cable with computer.
11. Time Stamp: Off, Date & Time, Date only
Japanese / Russian / French / German / Italian / Spanish / Portuguese
12. Burst: On, off
and so on.
PC camera mode:
Press MENU button【12】to enter the USB mode, then press OK button
【17】to enter the confirmation mode, it appears “network camera” “the
Sharpness: Hard Normal Soft
MENU button【12】 again, DVR will enter the following settings, Press
Up/Down button【10.11】 to select the specific parameters, press OK
button【17】to confirm exit.
USB Mode
Turn on the DVR and press MENU button 【12】 to enter into Video
3) Auto power off: 1 minute, 3 minutes, 5 minutes, off
Connect your DVR with computer by USB cable, [My computer] shows
mode and select by Up/Down button 【 10.11 】 , press OK button
4) Restore default parameters: cancel / execute (After select Execute,
removable disk, and the files are stored at Removable Disk/DCIM/100
【 17 】 enter into setting interface, then select specific parameters by
DSCIM. The files can be downloaded to the computer.
Up/Down button【10.11】. Press OK button again to exit after finished.
Setting the functions:
Turn on the product and press “Mode Switching”【18】to enter Camera
mode, then press MENU” 【12】to enter into Camera setting interface.
Select by “ UP/ DOWN” button 【10.11】 for the following setting and
confirm by “OK”【17】. Then press “OK” button【17】again to exit after
6) Format: PAL, NTSC
2) Exposure Value:+1/3 +0.0 -1/3 -2/3 -1.0 -4/3 -5/3 -2.0 +2.0
7) Time setting: off / set (Press the OK button 【17】to enter setting,
+5/3 +4/3 +1.0 +2/3
3) White Balance: Auto/ Daylight/ Cloudy/ Tungsten Filament
lamp/ Fluorescent lamp
4) Time Display: Close/Date/Date and Time (Under “Close “ mode,
the time don’t be shown)
5) Motion Detection: Off / On
Picture quality: fine, standard, economy
6) Continuous loop Video Recording: 3 minutes / 5 minutes / 10
Scene mode: Auto, Sport, Night, Portrait, Landscape, Backlight
+1.0 + 2/3
5) Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
1. Resolution: VGA 1.3M 2M 3M 5M 8M 12M
4. EV:+1/3 +0.0 -1/3 -2/3 -1.0 -4/3 -5/3 -2.0 +2.0 +5/3 +4/3
DVR will restore the default settings)
minutes / 15 minutes
7) Flip Screen: OFF / ON
8) Night Vision: OFF / ON
press the MENU button【12】again to enter the time and date settings,
press Up / Down buttons 【10.11】to adjust time, date, press the OK
button【17】to enter the next setting, when all is set up, press the
MENU【12】button to confirm and exit. ) Note: Before set time, you
can press Up / Down buttons【10.11】to select: [year / month / day],
[day / month / year] and [month / day / year]
8) USB functions: PC camera / Disk drive
Download files
1) Connect the product with computer by USB cable
2) [My computer] will show removable disk,
Digital magnification
Video resolution
1280*720, 720*480, 640*480, 320*240
File Format
Image : JPEG
Video : AVI
3) The file is stored at Removable Disk/DCIM/100 DSCIM. At that
pointt, the file of the product can be downloaded to the computer.
1) Please insert the MicroSD card before recording.
white balance
color effects
Continuous loop
Power off file
2) The product can select the recording mode, recycling recording,
when the memory card is full, the camera will continue recording.
motion detection
Operating Tips
The DVR is similar to a computer, in case not working, please follow
these steps: find cylindrical objects less than Dia.1mm, press RESET
hole, DVR will restart and work normally!
•Roof mount
Remark: At this point the old file is overwritten one by one, in order to
avoid all the old files are removed, the camera provides 3 minutes / 5
Year, month, day
hour, minute
•AV Cable
Carrier media
MicroSD: 1GB-32GB
English / Simplified Chinese / Traditional
Chinese / Japanese / Russian / French /
minutes / 10 minutes / 15 minutes as storage time.
3) When the battery is in low power level, DVR screen will display the
•USB cable
•Car Charger
"low battery" message, the DVR will automatically save the file and
German / Italian / Spanish / Portuguese
Technical Assistance
shut down after 20 seconds.
If you need assistance setting up or using your Gator
product now or
When you need to reset the DVR, press and hold RESET
hole for 3 seconds then release, DVR will automatically reset.
USB function
5) When recording, do not pull out the MicroSD card, to prevent
1. Charge
in the future, call Gator Support.
2. Memory card
3. PC camera
rechargeable polymer battery 3.7V
TEL: 03 – 8587 8898
FAX: 03 – 8587 8866
Car Charger 5V/800MA
Mon-Fri 9am – 5pm AEST
Note: Night lamp turned on, shooting objects with a reflective surface
Note: This machine can only use the car charger of output 5V
will have reflective, exposure. Please use with caution!
Please retain this user guide for future reference.
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