PS-800i Compact Travel Surge Protector User Guide

PS-800i Compact Travel Surge Protector User Guide
PS-800i Compact Travel Surge Protector User Guide
Thank you for purchasing
our PowerSource™ AC
Surge Protector. It provides
protection, conditioning,
filtration and optimization.
The PS Series products
filters polluted AC power
that can damage and even
destroy connected system
components, providing an
energy absorbing shield.
Protect your investment!
3,750 Joules
Ground OK Indicator
Phone Line Protection
Power ON/OFF Button
Protection ON Indicator
8 Surge Protection Outlets
Cable TV / Satelite Line Protection
6-ft 14 AWG Flat Profile AC Power Cord
WARNING: Power Sources
Do not plug this UltraPower device into a power
outlet differing in configuration or voltage from
the source indicated for safe use on the device.
If you don’t know the type of electrical power that
is supplied to your home, please consult your local
power utility company for further information.
Grounding and Polarization
Your UltraPower device has a three-prong
grounding-type AC plug. This plug is designed
to be inserted into a grounding-type outlet only.
If this plug doesn’t fit directly inside your outlet,
do not attempt to force it into the outlet. Never
attempt to disassemble or modify the plug in any
way or to use an altered extension cord to make it
fit into a two-prong outlet. The grounding feature
is a necessary and important safety and design
feature. Do not attempt to circumvent it by using a
3-to-2 prong adapter. If you do not have a properly
grounded three-prong outlet available, call a local
electrician to install one.
If you use any devices on your roof-top —
such as satellite dishes, antennas, or any
other component with wire that connects to
a device, you must insure that all wires are
properly grounded. Proper grounding techniques
as specified in section 810 of the National Electrical
Code (NEC), AASI/NFPA 70 (in Canada, part 1 of
the Canadian Electrical Code). Doing so will provide
protection against voltage surges and static
charges. Do not place any antenna component
near overhead power lines, or any other power
source. Do not touch any power line or power
source. Doing so may cause you severe physical
injury and possibly death.
WARNING: Cleaning
The only cleaning necessary for your UltraPower
device is a light, dry dusting. Do not use any type
of liquid or aerosol cleaners and unplug the device
from the wall before cleaning it.
Liquid –
Avoiding Electrical Shocks
Do not operate your UltraPower device if liquid
of any kind is spilled onto or inside the unit. Do
not operate your UltraPower device near liquid of
any kind spilled, condensed, or contained. Do not
operate your UltraPower device in the bathroom,
kitchen or anywhere near a sink or bathtub.
WARNING: Power Cord Safety
If the protective jacket of the power cord
begins to wear or fray and any internal wiring
is exposed, immediately disconnect it from the
power source and discontinue use.
Do not route any of the incoming or outgoing
cables from your UltraPower device place in
heavy foot traffic which could cause undue
wear, strain or cause a tripping hazard.
CAUTION: Exposure to Heat
Do not expose your UltraPower device to direct
sunlight or place it near heat sources or in any
enclosed space prone to uncontrolled high
No User Serviceable Parts Inside
If, for any reason, your UltraPower devicee does
not properly operate, never open the unit or
attempt to service it yourself in any way. There
are no user serviceable parts inside. Unplug
the unit and refer to the service and warranty
information that came with it.
CAUTION: Proper Grounding
All UltraPower devices require a properly grounded
3-wire outlet to protect connected equipment. If
your AC outlet is improperly wired (no ground or
reverse polarity), the Green “Ground OK” light on
the UltraPower product will not light up. Should
this occur, it means that your home wiring is faulty
and improperly grounded, which is not uncommon,
especially in older buildings. Call an electrician to
fix the problem in your home’s wiring. Building
wiring and grounding must conform to applicable
NEC (USA) or CEC (Canada) codes for the Limited
Connected Equipment Warranty to be valid. If you
are not sure about the wiring in your home, have it
checked by a qualified electrician.
CAUTION: Proper Power and Protection
Your UltraPower device provides a protective
‘shield’ for your system. To deliver clean power and
protect your equipment against electrical surges,
every single wire into or out of your equipment
must be connected to an appropriate UltraPower
device. There can be no unprotected pathway in or
out of your system. This includes all power, signal,
control, antenna, data, phone, internet, cable or
other connection to all components within the
system and any equipment of any kind connected
to any component within the system in any way.
WARNING: This warranty does not apply to, or
protect against damage to connected equipment
that is a result of a direct lightning strike or surge.
To avoid the potential of such damage from a
lightning strike, UltraPower strongly recommends,
when either an electrical storm is imminent,
or in progress, that you immediately unplug all
connected and/or associated equipment.
Warranty Information
IMPORTANT NOTE: The Connected Equipment
Limited Warranty is invalid if any wire (phone,
data, coax, or AC power), or audio or video
interconnect leading into the equipment comes
from a component that is not properly protected
by an appropriate UltraPower device.
Warranty Information
“UltraPower”) warrants that this product shall
be free of defects in materials and workmanship
under proper use for three (3) years from date
of purchase.
This warranty extends only to the original
purchaser and is nontransferable. During the
warranty period, UltraPower will, at no additional
charge, repair and/or replace defective parts or,
at the option of UltraPower, replace the entire
1.) Call UltraPower at: 1-866-357-5465
This warranty does not extend to any UltraPower
device that has been damaged or rendered
defective as a result of accident, misuse or
abuse; by the use of parts not manufactured
or sold by UltraPower; or by unauthorized
modification of the device.
UltraPower will replace, or, at its option, pay to
repair, or pay the fair market value of connected
equipment that is damaged by an AC power,
cable, telephone, or data voltage surge for a
period of three (3) years from date of purchase
while connected to a properly installed
UltraPower device.
WARNING: This warranty does not apply
to, or protect against damage to connected
equipment that is a result of a lightning strike
that causes a damaging power surge. To avoid
the potential of such damage from a lightning
strike, UltraPower strongly recommends,
when either an electrical storm is imminent,
or in progress, that you immediately unplug all
connected and/or associated equipment.
Ten Thousand Dollars (USD10,000.00 in USA;
CAD10,000.00 in Canada) is the Maximum
Coverage Amount UltraPower will pay for
damage to Connected Equipment.The foregoing
Limited Connected Equipment Warranty is
conditioned on the damage having arisen from
surge damage or the UltraPower device having
operated outside the design specifications.
As To Each Warranty:
Any technical or other advice offered before
or after delivery with respect to the use
and application of the UltraPower device is
furnished without charge and subject to the
understanding that such advice is issued at
the purchaser’s sole risk without any limitation
or modifications of any disclaimer or other
provision contained herein.
In the event damage has occurred to equipment
which is properly connected to an UltraPower
device as a result of an abnormally high voltage
spike, you must follow these instructions.
2.) Give a detailed explanation of how the
damage occurred.
3.) Obtain a Return Authorization Number for
the UltraPower product.
4.)Request that a “Limited Connected
Equipment Claim Form” be sent to you. This
claim form must be filled out entirely and
sent back with the UltraPower device.
5.)Return the UltraPower device, shipping
prepaid, to UltraPower for verification of
damage, along with a copy of your sales
receipt for your UltraPower device, the
completed Limited Connected Equipment
Claim Form, and Return Authorization
number provided by UltraPower which you
must attach to the outside of the package.
The Limited Connected Equipment Claim
Form will include complete instructions
for return. UltraPower will respond as to
whether the damage to the connected
equipment was caused by the UltraPower
6.)If it is determined that the damage
was caused by the UltraPower device,
UltraPower, at its discretion, will instruct
you to:
a)Obtain a repair estimate at a service
center authorized by the manufacturer of
the connected equipment; or
b)Send the damaged connected equipment
to UltraPower for repair; or
c)Reimburse you for the fair market value of
the damaged connected equipment (see
Limited Connected Equipment Warranty
for details).
7.)If a repair estimate is required, as stated
in Section 6a above, you will be instructed
on how to properly submit UltraPower for
NOTE: Compensation for restoration of data
loss is not covered and UltraPower does
not assume any liability for any incidental,
consequential or indirect damages under this
limited warranty.
How to Contact Us
• UltraPower Products, LLC,
231 Bentley St., Markham, Ontario,
Canada L3R 3L1
• Visit us on the web at:
• Call us at: 1-866-357-5465
UltraPower Products, LLC, 231 Bentley St.,
Markham, ON L3R 3L1 Canada (“UltraPower”)
extends you this Limited Warranty.
Statutory or common law may provide you with
additional rights or remedies, which shall not be
“Proper Usage” This UltraPower device
is intended to be used for private purposes
within a home or dwelling only, and not for
commercial applications. The device must
be connected and operated in compliance
with all applicable local, state, provincial, or
federal law, code or regulations, including all
building and/or electrical codes, in accordance
with manufacturer recommendations and/or
instructions in the materials and documentation
that accompany the device and any Connected
Equipment, with proper electrical grounding,
with proper and direct connection between
the device and an AC power source that has
protective grounding (excluding gas or diesel
powered generators), with cable or telephone
or data lines to any Connected Equipment
properly connected to the device, and without
a connection in a “daisy-chain” fashion to or
with any extension cord, surge suppressor,
power strip, uninterruptible power supply or
other equipment.
“Authorized Dealer” UltraPower will honor the
Limited Connected Equipment Warranty only if
the Product was purchased from an Authorized
UltraPower retailer, distributor, reseller or
retailer and was sold to you in new condition in
its original packaging.
“Connected Equipment” The User of this
device may void the Limited Connected
Equipment Warranty by connecting equipment
that has been altered, modified, or tampered
with, and such equipment must comply with all
applicable laws and safety standards.
“Physical Connected Equipment Damage”
is defined as a product defect resulting from a
transient AC power, cable, satellite, telephone,
or data surge while connected to a properly
installed UltraPower device. This definition does
not refer to damage to Connected Equipment
resulting from surge, spike, or lightning strike
incurred through a connection other than
through the device. The Limited Connected
Equipment Warranty does not extend to loss
of data or consequential, indirect or special
damages resulting from the Connected
Equipment Damage.
“The Connected Equipment Value” The
connected equipment value, if and when
connected equipment damage occurs, is
defined as ‘Fair Market Value’.
“Device Defect” Failure of the UltraPower
device is defined as a deficiency that existed at
the time you purchased or received the device
from an Authorized Dealer that caused a failure
of the device to perform in accordance with
UltraPower’s documentation accompanying
the device, unless such failure has been
caused completely or partly by any usage
other than Proper Usage, damage occurring in
transit, neglect, misuse or abuse, unauthorized
alteration, tampering or modification of the
device, accident (other than a malfunction that
would otherwise qualify as a device defect),
improper maintenance or service, exposure of
the device to excessive heat, bright light, sun,
liquids, sand or other contaminants; or acts
outside the control of UltraPower, including
without limitation, acts of God, fire, storms,
lightning surges, earthquake or flood.
“Warranty Period” The Warranty Period
commences on the date when you purchased
or received the device, whichever occurs later,
from an Authorized Dealer as evidenced by
the Authorized Dealer’s invoice, sales receipt
or packing slip. If you do not have written
proof of the date of purchase or receipt,
then the Warranty Period commences ninety
(90) days after the date when the device left
UltraPower or its factory as evidenced by
UltraPower’s records. The Limited Warranty
Period expires three (3) years after the original
date of purchase, or immediately after you have
transferred ownership of the device, whichever
occurs first. You must contact UltraPower to
obtain a Return Authorization Number within
sixty (60) days following the time you discover
a device defect.
If an UltraPower device was defective at the
time you purchased or received it from an
Authorized Dealer, and if your Claim complies
with all requirements specified above,
UltraPower will repair or, at UltraPower’s sole
discretion, replace the device, or refund to you
the purchase price you paid to the Authorized
Dealer for the affected UltraPower device.
UltraPower will also provide you with a remedy
regarding Connected Equipment Damage if
you have a claim under the Limited Warranty
for products because of a device defect that
causes Connected Equipment Damage despite
Proper Use, and UltraPower receives a Formal
Warranty Claim from you before the end of
the Warranty Period for Connected Equipment
Damage applicable to the affected device. If the
conditions listed in the preceding sentence are
met, UltraPower will provide you with one of the
following remedies provided that UltraPower
may decide at its sole discretion which of the
three remedies it provides: UltraPower will (1.)
replace the damaged Connected Equipment;
(2.) pay to repair the damaged Connected
Equipment; or (3.) pay you the Connected
Equipment Value of the Connected Equipment,
provided that such payments shall not exceed
the Maximum Coverage Amount for the device,
or the actual damage having occurred from
power surges due to a device defect.
NOTE: Compensation for restoration of data
loss is not covered and UltraPower does
not assume any liability for any incidental,
consequential or indirect damages under this
limited warranty.
This Limited Warranty and any disputes arising
out of or in connection with this Limited Warranty
(“Disputes”) shall be governed by the laws of
the Province of Ontario, Canada, excluding
conflicts of law principles and excluding the
Convention for the International Sale of Goods.
The courts located in the Province of Ontario,
Canada shall have exclusive jurisdiction over
any Disputes.
This limited warranty gives you specific legal
rights, and you may also have other rights,
which vary from state to state, province to
province, and jurisdiction to jurisdiction, and
which shall not be affected by this limited
warranty. This warranty extends only to you and
cannot be transferred or assigned.
If any provision of this Limited Warranty is
unlawful, void or unenforceable, that provision
shall be deemed severable and shall not
affect any remaining provisions. In case of any
inconsistency between the English and other
versions of this Limited Warranty, the English
version shall prevail.
Failure to register your UltraPower device may
diminish your warranty rights, and we encourage
you to complete the registration immediately at:
“UltraPower”, the UltraPower logo; “Active
Surge Processor”, “ASP”; are registered or
unregistered trademarks, used under license,
of Ultralink Products, Inc. Markham, Ontario,
Canada L3R 3L1.
©2011 UltraPower Products, All rights reserved.
No part of this publication may be reproduced
or transmitted in any form or by any means or
stored in a database and retrieval system without
the express written permission of Ultralink
Products, Inc. We regret any inconvenience
resulting from typographical, printing errors and
omissions. E.&.O.E. Specifications and features
are subject to change without notice as design
improvements are regularly incorporated.
UltraPower™ products are protected by U.S.
Patent numbers D519,927 and 7,561,388 B2.
Other patents pending.
UltraPower™ and the Power Source™ brands are
a division of Ultralink Products, Inc. Markham,
Ontario, Canada.
UltraPower™, the UltraPower™ logo, Power
Source™ and the Power Source™ logo are
registered trademarks of Ultralink Products,
Inc. Specifications and features are subject
to change without notice. ©2011 Ultralink
Products, Inc. All rights reserve. Manufactured
in China.
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