Diesel Equipment Company Carries Littelfuse–Cole Hersee
Diesel Equipment Company Carries Littelfuse–Cole Hersee
Diesel Equipment Company stocks Littelfuse® fuses and fuse holders as well
as Littelfuse – Cole Hersee Brand switches, relays, battery management
products. Learn more about the types of products offered below!
Circuit Protection, Fuse Holders and Power Distribution Modules
Bolt-Down Fuse Holders
In-Line Fuse Holders
Littelfuse offers the broadest
portfolio of circuit protection in
the world to meet your needs.
Available for most automotive
style fuse designs in sealed and
partially sealed designs.
Multiple styles available for
automotive most fuse types.
Hard Wired Boxes for
Fuses and Relays
Standard Solenoids
Special Purpose Relays
Solid State Relays
Select from steel body, sealed
PVC coated or plastic body
designs in continuous duty
and intermittent duty styles.
Modules are ideal for lifts,
hoists, winches, snowplows,
exhaust fans and other
forward/reverse applications.
Reliable in harsh environments
with excessive vibration.
Features a high on/off cycle
count and the availability of
remote status LEDs.
Sealed power distribution
modules in various form
factors that accept plug-in
fuses, relays and diodes.
Relays and Solenoids
Bi-Stable Relays
Supports high-current loads
with no continuous power draw
in a rugged, sealed enclosure.
High Current Battery Disconnect Switches & Low Current Switches
Master Disconnect Switches
Battery Disconnect Switches
Ignition Switches
Rotary Switches
Protects from hazards during
vehicle servicing and provide
efficient emergency shut-off.
Keyed or lever switches for
rapid and reliable battery
circuit disconnect.
Keyed or lever actuator switches
are available with in multiple
positions or options.
Operation of headlamps, heating,
air conditioning, windshield
wipers or other accessories.
Rocker Switches
Toggle Switches
Momentary Switches
Push-Pull Switches
Rocking actuator switches
with pilot lights, blade or screw
terminals or attached wire leads.
Handle or paddle actuated
Operated by pushing a button or
switches with illuminated handle, closing a door for easy operation.
blade or screw terminals options.
Spring loaded designed allows
switch to return to normal state.
Battery Management and Power Conversion
Liftgate Battery Chargers
Charges liftgate batteries
rapidly and safely. Harness
kits available to minimize
installation time.
Low-Voltage Disconnects
Electronically senses battery
voltage and conserves power
which prolongs battery life by
preventing battery damage.
Battery Isolators
Smart Battery Isolators
Prevents loads on an auxiliary
battery from draining the
starting battery and regulates
system voltage.
More flexible than traditional
battery isolators featuring a
smaller and lighter package
size with simple installation.
Junction Blocks, Wiring Devices and Accessories
Junction Blocks
Connectors & Plugs
Alarms and Pilot Lights
Busbars & Terminal Blocks
Available in non-feed-thru or
feed-thru designs in various
thread sizes and lengths
Removable connections
between truck and trailer, or
automobiles and trailers.
Buzzers and alarms of all kinds
(audible and/or visible), and
pilot lights.
ultiple options or styles with
separate individual studs
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