Release Notes

Release Notes
April 2015
Software Highlights
Security Improvements
In our continuing efforts to provide our customers with the most secure platform, we are
recommending that users install the latest version of the Bloomberg Professional mobile app.
The new version of the app includes an important security update that improves digital certificate
handling and requires that users re-authenticate to Bloomberg.
To complete the process your B-UNIT is needed or alternatively you can run MOBI TOKEN
<go> to generate a token. Users are being asked to install the new version and re-authenticate
within 7 days.
Bloomberg Application Enhancements
Various bug fixes
Added support for "View Disclaimers" in IB chat rooms
Various bug fixes
Various bug fixes
Remove ‘Law Digest’ link
Various bug fixes
Various bug fixes
Various bug fixes
Various bug fixes
Various bug fixes
Various bug fixes
Various bug fixes
Security and stability improvements.
Limit pages of plain text to 50.
Fix for not handling clicks for rows that were under the header People.
IB chat room sorting
Fix for some monitor groups not expanding on user interaction.
Various bug fixes
Added the CDS Index Monitor {CDX<GO>}
Minor improvements and bug fixes
Important bug fixes.
Various bug fixes
Added privacy notice screen. {PCPN<GO>}.
Various bug fixes
Various bug fixes
Non email mode compose screens are more clearly labelled as Bcc
Add support for Bloomberg news links within the native mail application
Various bug fixes
Added support for AIM benchmarks within PORT
This version includes bug fixes to News
This version includes various bug fixes to MSG, IB and News
Resolves a problem with repeated retransmission of administrative telemetry data introduced in which can negatively impact performance
This version includes various bug fixes to Monitors
This version includes various bug fixes to IB and FLY
This version includes various bug fixes to IB and the Login screen
This version includes updates to the system information
This version includes various bug fixes to FLY
This version include various improvements to FLY
This version fixes bugs in BLAW
This version fixes bugs in IB.
This version fixes bugs in MSG, MEMO and IB.
Workaround BlackBerry OS 7.1 connection issues, requires or later
This version fixes bugs in Dine, MSG and Charts.
News from quote now supports a wider range of securities.
We implemented some bug fixes and small performance enhancements.
Various bug fixes.
We implemented some bug fixes and small performance enhancements.
We added a summary row at the top of each worksheet named ‘Totals’ in the same way that it
exists in the terminal function.
We have added the ability to integrate with the BlackBerry SMS system. SMSs received can be
forwarded to your Bloomberg inbox. If you reply to it then it can be forwarded back to the original
sender. Go to MSG settings to enable this.
Better support for wider language sets.
Modern OS Support
We have improved our support for modern devices in the Launcher, News and Message
We have revamped news and added your “My Pages” news searches to BlackBerry. Top has
also been improved and we now show the appropriate subsections which you can now drill into
for more detailed news.
MSG Compose Improvements
We have improved MSG Compose so that you can select users from your device contacts and
people you have recently corresponded with.
We have added MAV (Management of Alternative Ventures) functionality for AIM users. Use
MAV to monitor your firm’s positions using a strategy-based format. You can now see your
books’ positions and their associated pricing information and market value, profits and losses
(P&L) and risk and exposure on your BlackBerry.
Memo Improvements
Memo has been improved to allow you to read cached memos when offline. The icon will now
always show even if you have yet to use it on the terminal.
Notification Improvements
We have added a Folder/Tag setting to allow you to control whether to add the selected
Folder/Tag unread count to the total unread message count.
General Improvements
We have worked on general reliability issues and have added better support for modern OS 6.0
& 7.0 devices especially in MSG, IB, NEWS, EVTS, PEOPLE and DINE.
Notification Improvements
We have improved notifications and added new BlackBerry desktop MSG/IB notifications as well
as icon notifications to the internal Bloomberg icons. These are customizable inside Folder/Tag
Settings and IB Settings.
MSG Improvements
We have addressed some issues with tagged MSG notifications and the new message indicator.
IB Improvements
We have improved the Search Chat Transcript feature inside IB and also show who was in the
room for previously open transient chats.
Improved Message Notification
OS 6.0 devices and above can benefit from the new message notification indicator on the
Bloomberg icon when a new message arrives into the in box.
Improved Dine location searches
We have improved the way Dine works when searching for restaurants near you.
OS Specific libraries for RIM 5.0 & 6.0 Devices
As part of our continual support of the latest RIM devices we have released extra
com_bloomberg_osapi.cod libraries designed for RIM OS 5.0 & 6.0. The updater will by default
automatically install these files on the appropriate device.
Background downloading of News
We have improved the way background downloading of news is handled.
Scheduled favorite news can be re-ordered and the number of headlines downloaded per
favorite search can be customized.
We have also added a WiFi only option for background downloading of news and added a daily
quota of how much news is downloaded when running off battery (double your max number of
headlines stored on the device which itself can now be configured to up to 2000 stories up from
WiFi only background can be forced via the "Bloomberg.News.Background.WiFiOnly" custom IT
We have added options inside the folder settings and the IB settings to control whether we use
the native device notifications or not. Thus if you have a number of folders and tags and you
don’t want to disable each folder using the profile manager you can do it for all profiles from the
Bloomberg application.
Note this change also fixes IB notifications on RIM OS 5.0 devices.
We have added an option to allow connections to use the potentially faster BESless routes when
the device is in use and fall back to the old way of prioritising the MDS Gateway & MDS routes
when the device is in low energy mode (e.g. when idle)
This can be controlled via the IT Policy "Bloomberg.Transport.BeslessWhenActive".
TOP News
We have improved TOP to include an expanded set of headlines by default.
To display the traditional view please go to the Settings inside news.
Basic support for research {RSE<GO>} has been included.
We have addressed a number of command parsing issues as well as added support for
{FIRS<GO>} (First Word)
We have addressed an issue with GIP when viewing securities which have been closed prior to
a DST transition
4.2.1 Improved support
The base build of the application is now compiled for OS 4.2.1.
All versions of osapi.cod prior to 4.2.1 have been removed.
If ITPolicy "Bloomberg.Updater.OSAPI.OsVersion" is set to less than “4.2” will be treated as
“4.2” (the base) when upgrading to this version or later.
The default NSE cut-off date is now consistently applied to NSE ticker list news searches.
Improve support for Chinese characters.
Support for TW on touch devices.
Ensure message times update to reflect changes in device timezone.
Removal of the Synchronize messages menu used to help with the introduction of Tags.
This release focuses on improving reliability with a focus on IB.
Launcher changes
The Launcher screen has been redesigned to immediately display a full screen of icons. The
Quick Search command line interface will appear when you start typing.
You can access Quick Search from other screens by pressing ALT-G, or by going to the menu
and selecting “Go To…”.
We changed the way we handle some IT Policies for Podcast. Prior to we would not
allow Podcasts to work if the only route allowed was GW. We now allow podcasts to work in this
case (as if the MDS route was allowed).
Saved searches can be run using the {NI saved-search-name<GO>}. We now support saved
searches with spaces in their name.
We have fixed an issue which prevented security alerts from being created and edited from the
BlackBerry device software. It is now once again possible to customize and create pricing alerts
based on user-defined rules entered on the BlackBerry.
OS Version support
Please note we will not be supporting BlackBerry devices below 4.2.1 from January 2011. No
new versions of the software will be developed for these devices.
9800 Torch Support
We have improved support for RIM latest touch screen device.
Holdings Search
The new holding search application is now renamed to be HDS inside the launcher. This was
previously called PHDC.
We have changed the updater screen so that overnight updating is now the default. You can use
the cancel/back key if you wish to postpone the update process.
We have improved DINE’s GPS search feature which is now the default for devices that support
We have added a B-Unit help link to the login screen.
OS Version support
Please note we will not be supporting BlackBerry devices below 4.2.1 from January 2011. No
new versions of the software will be developed for these devices.
We have added support for Custom Holdings Search. Click on PHDC icon to see the holdings of
your current Equity.
You can also access PHDC from inside the Quote screen while looking at an Equity and
selecting “Holdings Search” from the menu.
We have also added Bloomberg Treasury & Money Markets Monitors to the available Markets.
Go to the Markets folder and select the BTMM icon.
Updated the look of charts.
This release contains a few minor stability and performance fixes.
This release contains a few minor fixes for IB, MSG & NEWS.
Addresses an issue with 4.0 builds of the software running on 5.0 RIM OS showing
“net_rim_plazmic_math” error on startup.
We now support this exciting new feature. Click the FIRST WORD news icon to see summaries
of breaking news stories. This news also supports the Bloomberg Refine Search feature (hit the
F key) so you can customize it using the NSE search screen to search breaking news stories by
keyword, ticker list, security etc.
The NSE Screen has also been improved to allow you to see more matches for specific topics,
tickers, people & wires than before. Just scroll to the desired criteria and type.
Dine restaurant search function has had several improvements. You can define a radius in your
search, see where the restaurant is on the map (requires device Map support), see and submit
ratings in the new improved rating system.
The NLRT attachment handler required to view NLRTS from inside the native Blackberry Email
client can now be configured from inside the News Settings screen. This setting defaults to OFF.
We have fixed an issue which should mean fewer unwanted B-Unit prompts.
This maintenance release focuses on performance & reliability improvements to MSG. We’ve
improved the way multiple notifications are handled and the message alert now includes a count
to show you the number of messages you have missed for a particular folder/tag.
Bloomberg now includes the Podcasts application by default. If your device has an SD Card and
RIM OS 4.3 or above, you can download Bloomberg Podcasts directly from us and listen to
them on the move.
Note to administrators: This can be disabled via the following IT Policies
"Bloomberg.Multimedia.Enabled" and "Bloomberg.Multimedia.AllowRoamingDownloads".
We have added an email NLRT attachment handler to enable viewing NLRT attachments from
within the native BlackBerry Email client.
We have made several reliability improvements to MSG.
As part of our migration from BlackBerry folders to terminal tags we have dropped support for
creating old style folders in this release. Instead, create your tags on the terminal and these will
be automatically synchronized with the device. In the future we plan to remove support for
folders from the BlackBerry completely in favour of the new style tags.
We now support terminal tags. Messages that are tagged will be put into the appropriate tag
folder. You can also tag messages from the device and that will be reflected in the terminal.
Note that tags have all the same alert options as folders.
We have changed the way folders are highlighted; to make it clearer which folders have new
messages when you go into a folder, even if it still has unread messages, the Bold font will clear.
The folder summary screen continues to show the number of unread messages.
We have added a folder setting to allow you to download news for pushed messages which
have news attachments. This means you can read these stories when you are out of coverage.
We have added Top Loan to our list of top news categories to show news on the syndicated
loans industry.
We have made reliability improvements to the updater, connectivity (especially in low coverage
areas) and to the use of BUnit.
We have worked around the RIM 5.0 OS http proxy issue with MDS connections.
NCAA Basketball Championship Application - BRKT
This month we will be releasing BRKT again. Users will be able to view the line-up of games on
the Bloomberg and pick their own predictions for each of the games up to the final. Points will be
given for each correct prediction and scores will be tallied. Enjoy the fun and follow the games
with Bloomberg!
This version of Bloomberg continues to focus on internal improvements to performance and
We have worked to improve the speed of receiving messages when the device has been
restarted or when the device is idle. IB speed will also be improved when the device is idle.
The ‘B’ icon in the dashboard has been changed to make it clearer when Bloomberg is online
and can receive push messages. In addition certain users who have difficulty connecting via
RIM routes can select "Ignore Insufficient MDS/BIS-B Coverage" from the Settings screen.
The updater now gives users the option to delete messages when in low memory conditions to
help improve the update process
We have fixed an issue in where if the user logged off and changed their password on
the terminal they would not be able to login again without entering their old password or logging
in as someone else.
This version of Bloomberg focuses on many internal improvements to performance and
We have worked to improve the login process and reduce times when users are prompted for
their BUNIT while maintaining security.
Updating the Bloomberg Application now uses the SD Card (when available) to store
downloaded files used during the install process. This must be enabled by setting the IT Policy
"Bloomberg.Upgrade.SDCard.Enabled" to true or from the Bloomberg Settings screen.
Updating the Bloomberg Application can now happen at a time that suits you. When prompted to
upgrade hit later then choose either when idle or at 3am. You will also be able to see what's new
in the new version before you install it.
It is now possible to download large numbers of messages when selecting "get received
messages" or "get sent messages".
We have added Top News commands for New York Times, Telegraph & Washington Post. Run
We've added the ability to force pulling of messages for customers who have found issues with
automatic IB push.
There is an issue with RIM 5.0 OS and notifications. Incoming message popups are not shown
when you receive an IB message. We are currently working with RIM on this issue, which affects
the Bold 2 (9700) and Storm 2 (9520/9550) models. Meanwhile we have implemented a
potential workaround for MSG popup alerts.
The Bloomberg application will now more accurately determine whether the device is in data
coverage or not and will reconnect when data coverage is restored. This should improve the
speed of delivery of Bloomberg Messages and IB Chat conversations.
We made some small changes which should help to make the Bloomberg update process more
reliable. We plan to do more work in this area in the next several releases as well.
Many users on the Bloomberg Message System use the Sent Message page to see if a
message has been read by the recipients. On the BlackBerry, this is also supported, but it
required that the user specifically download the messages. This download will now automatically
occur when the user accesses Sent MSGs. This feature is configurable through Folder Settings.
We have also added the ability to send messages from the BlackBerry that are non-forwardable
or forwardable only within the firm of the recipient. These are popular features of the Bloomberg
MSG function that are now also available on the BlackBerry. These features appear in the
“Advanced Send” menu option when composing a message.
We’ve made enhancements to IB that should save memory and we’ve improved support for
international characters.
We have added support for MIS<GO>. Ever wonder if you were missing something important?
Bloomberg tracks the news that is read by users on our system. This is further categorized by
the type of user - Portfolio Manager, Fixed Income Trader, Equity Analyst - type MIS<GO> to
see the stories that were most read by your own peers and stop missing out on what's important.
Under the News icon, it is possible to set your default view to Favorites. In this mode the first
category shows you the list of Bookmarked stories that you have created from either the terminal
or the device.
We have added support for Bloomberg Shared Message (SMSG<GO>). Many users on the
Bloomberg Message System cover trading or sales desks. To make this easier, many of them
have created Shared Message accounts which can be monitored by anyone in the group. With
this release of Bloomberg Mobile, members of shared message groups can monitor these
messages while away from the Bloomberg Terminal.
Through a new partnership with a third Party, Bloomberg has now significantly increased the
number of restaurants in our database where you can make a reservation directly from your
BlackBerry(R). A very handy feature to have when you are hungry and away from home.
We have made some minor tweaks to the application transport in the way that the app connects
to Bloomberg. These changes should result in fewer disconnects. These changes are related to
the timeout settings and the priority of the different connection mechanisms.
We have added support for Bookmarks (BKMK<GO>). You can display your news stories that
you have bookmarked and tagged on the terminal and also bookmark stories from the device
whether in or out of coverage. Bookmarked stories are automatically added to your favorite
stories and synchronized every hour.
We have also added the ability to see your recently read stories whether they were read on the
terminal or the device. Run the RECENT<GO> command or change the filter from within the
bookmarked stories to Recently Read. You can also filter by bookmark tag from here.
News favorites has been improved to show the last updated time and any download status. Run
the N<GO> command to quickly go to your news favorites.
We have added support for delayed messages. See your delayed messages in the MSG8 folder
and create delayed messages using the "Advanced Send..." option.
The Quote function now offers a new menu option, "VWAP Details", to obtain Volume Weighted
Average Price calculations for equities. This includes the ability to specify filters based on time,
price and volume, accessible via the "Change Parameters" menu option.
The biggest change to the Bloomberg Mobile software this month is related to logging in and
logging out. With this version of software, we will no longer log the user off when the user
accesses real-time data, we will simply "lock" the terminal session by minimizing the screens
and showing the user a window to enter their password to unlock the terminal. We expect this
feature to be quite popular among people who use Bloomberg on their BlackBerry during the
day while away from their desks.
*** New Application ***
It is now possible to access corporate Earnings Estimate data on the Bloomberg on BlackBerry.
To view them, select a company by entering the name in the command line or selecting from
your personal monitor. From the QUOTE screen, there is a new option on the menu: ‘Earnings
Est.’ This will show the consensus estimates for the current and next period for several
important measures - EBITDA, Revenue, CapEx, etc. Select one of these measures and you will
get all of the consensus details and the individual broker estimates.
It is now possible to change your personal MSG9 greeting from Blackberry. It is also possible to
set up your message forwarding preferences. This can be used to have a copy of all of your
Bloomberg Messages forwarded to another user while you are out of the office.
The MSG star feature is now fully implemented on the BlackBerry. Messages can be marked
with a star from Blackberry and messages can be filtered to show only the starred messages,
making it easier to manage your workflow on the go.
This application allows you to keep and share brief notes and is now available on the BlackBerry
with its own icon. If you have created MEMOs in the terminal, you will see this icon on the
*** New Application ***
This very popular function from the Bloomberg Service will provide a thorough analysis of a
user's portfolio (or an index) and will display the Intraday Gains and Losses by industry
classification. The "Heat Map" view is also available for an awesome visual representation.
There are several views of the portfolio list and these can be sorted by any column on the
display. Drill down to the individual security and view News & Charts
News on Monitor / News on Portfolio
A very frequent request has been to provide quick and easy access to news on the securities
that are on a monitor or in a portfolio and to structure the stories to be organized by stock. This
has now been completed. View a LaunchPad or NW monitor and choose the "News on Monitor"
option from the menu
Best News
Bloomberg has implemented a feature on the terminal which will highlight news stories on
specific securities which are determined to be significant based on our editors judgment and
also by news readership. These stories are indicated with a highlight and placed at the top of the
list. This feature is now available on the BlackBerry as well.
*** New Application ***
Use MEMO to create, store, and search personal memos. You can search the contents of your
memos to find information using the command line in the Bloomberg application.
Loading of security quote has been made much faster.
For web stories the first 250 characters are now displayed within the Bloomberg application.
This can be used to quickly identify if the story is of importance before having to view the web
page in the browser.
WEI - World Equity Indexes
We have recently changed the WEI monitor on BlackBerry to have the percent change on day
column placed next to the historical percent change column so that the values can be more
easily compared. This change follows the change that we made last month to allow the historical
change columns to be selected by the user - Year to Date, 12 Month, Month to Date, etc.
*** New Market Monitors ***
We are also adding three new monitors this month to provide better coverage of these volatile
OILX - Bloomberg has partnered with several of the world's largest players in the Oil
Trading market to build an trading platform. This monitor will provide direct access to
pricing in this market from the BlackBerry.
(See {OILX<GO>} on the Bloomberg for more information.)
EMMV - This monitor is a summary of all of the key information in all of the world's
emerging markets on a single page. See the major equity index, the currency rate, bond
and short term interest rates summaries. This will be a critical screen for any emerging
markets player. (See {EMMV<GO>})
DMMV - This monitor is similar to EMMV, but for the developed markets. Again it shows
all of the most critical information on a single screen.
At the request of several people, we have made it optional to have the tag "[BlackBerry]" prepended to every Instant Bloomberg post sent from a mobile device. There is still an indication in
the Message Compliance files so that compliance officers can tell when a post was made from a
mobile device. But now your clients and colleagues need no longer know that you are covering
them from outside the office.
It has long been possible to sort the securities in your monitors on the BlackBerry based on the
data in the columns. This sorting preference can now be saved so that each time the monitor is
launched the securities will be sorted in the preferred order.
Now that the NCAA Basketball Championship has ended, the BRKT application is hidden by
default on the launch screen.
We have fixed an incorrect display of timestamps when the USA is in day-light-saving time.
NCAA Basketball Championship Application - BRKT
This month we will be releasing a new "for fun" function on the Bloomberry. In response to the
challenging economic times, we have built an application for both the Bloomberg Terminal and
the BlackBerry to help our users follow (and participate) in the excitement of the annual March
Madness. Users will be able to view the line-up of games on the Bloomberg and pick their own
predictions for each of the games up to the final. Points will be given for each correct prediction
and scores will be tallied. Enjoy the fun and follow the games with Bloomberg.
We have added the ability to invite a group of users to a IB chat using the command line
By popular demand, the "What's New" icon will now stay around a little longer. Previously, the
icon for the "What's New" application would hide itself after the content had been viewed once
by the user. This avoided the clutter of an extra icon that was no longer needed. However, we
heard from users that they would glance at it quickly and make a mental note to go back and
read it later and then it would be gone. So now it will stay around for three days after the content
is first viewed.
The TNI command now works with a single tail, which is similar way TNI works on the terminal.
PODCASTs - New Multimedia Application
This month we have built and begun testing a new feature in the Bloomberg for BlackBerry
application. This is still in development so it has not been pushed out as part of the official
release. However, it is freely available from the download site. This new application will allow
users to download Bloomberg podcast content from the Bloomberg website. The content is
downloaded in the background and stored on a removable memory card on the device. These
podcasts can then be played back from the card. The application requires at least the 4.3
version of the RIM Operating System and a SD Card must be installed.
Bloomberg podcast content includes a wealth of market information and insight as well as
exclusive interviews with leading economists on the state of the markets. This valuable and
popular resource is now easily accessible on the platform of choice (the BlackBerry) in an easy
to access application.
We have added a "Clear Alerts" option on the IB application menu to allow a user to clear any
pending alerts without going into each IB conversation that has new content. This is especially
useful for people that actively use IB at their desk and then take up those conversations from the
Berry when they step away. They will only get a notification of new posts after they clear the
We added an option to the Personal Monitors application - "Select Monitor". This option appears
while a user is viewing a given monitor and, when chosen, brings up the list of available
monitors. This menu is also accessed by pressing the menu key on the device. However, the old
MKT app had this feature and users were comfortable with it, so we added it to Monitors
It is now possible for users to move and/or hide the icons for the SPDL, IB and MSG
applications. We also made some changes to make more efficient use of device memory.
Over the past several months, we have made many enhancements to our Monitors Application.
The MKT icon has been completely removed from this version. All users should be directed to
the new Monitors icon for their LaunchPad and NW monitors.
To make it easier to navigate on the BlackBerry Bold version of the Bloomberry application, we
have added the mnemonic to the icon. We received feedback that the images alone were harder
to navigate.
To make it easier to find messages quickly, it is now possible to type in the command line
{MSG1 UNREAD<GO>} to find all received messages on the device that have not been read. (It
is also possible to use the HotKey "U" in the MSG Inbox to see only Unread messages.)
Following the many significant news enhancements of last months, we have added a few more
features to the new "Favorites" menu:
Support READ (aka most frequently read stories) in favorites
Allow native NI, CN, MCN & MNI commands to be added to the favorites
Over the past several months, we have made many enhancements to our Monitors Application.
It is intended to replace the previous MKT application which will be deprecated in March. In this
version the MKT icon will be hidden. Please direct any users that have questions, to the new
Monitors icon. The MKT icon will no longer be functional after the March software release is
made public on March 15th.
This December release is compatible with the new BlackBerry Storm which was recently
released. It works (using the Storm's virtual keyboard), but it does not take full advantage of the
many cool new features of the phone. Over the coming months, we will be making more
enhancements to the application to better support the touch screen and the ability to view in
portrait or landscape mode, etc. Stay tuned.
The number of stories returned on a news search was previously 100 stories. This is now
configurable in the settings to be from 50 to 250 depending on your preferences. The default is
now 50 stories.
Bloomberg's news team works hard to create tailored news searches to help you find the critical
news. These are shown on STNI<GO> on the terminal. These "suggested" searches are now
available on the Berry in the NEWS icon. Try entering BAILOUT in the search field as an
We have added direct support for the major news special features functions from the terminal on
BBSR<GO> - These can be entered directly from the command line - CHAM<GO> (European
Soccer Championships) or FEDU<GO> (Federal Reserve Bank Updates).They have also been
added to the list of Categories on TOP. Run the TOP application and choose the "TOP News
Categories" option. These "Special Features" are listed at the bottom.
But the best of the new News features is the addition of a Favorites page. If you are a real news
junkie and often run the same news searches through the day, you can now save each of these
to a Favorite and create a menu of them. I have a search set up for news on the NY Giants;
another for the news on my monitor of stocks; another for the latest gadget news on mobile
devices, etc. I can set my Favorites list to be the first page I see when I run the News icon, so I
can go through all of my different news categories from one simple menu.
But wait! There's still more!! We have added a download timer feature. Are you tired of running a
news search and then waiting for the stories and, worse, losing signal before the stories are
downloaded? Your Favorites can be set up to run automatically on a timer up to every 4 hours.
Want to read the pre-market news on all the stocks on your monitor (and the latest football
news) on the 6:04 train? Set the news to run daily at 5:45 and grab a coffee. The news will be
there waiting when you are ready to read it. To use the timed download option, the "background
download" option in the "Settings" page must be set to "On Demand" or "Enabled". If it is set to
"Disabled", the timer option will not appear.
In our last release, we added the ability to view attachments to Bloomberg News stories like
photo images, etc. In this release we have added the credits and captions to these images.
We have added the feature from the terminal that indicates that a news story on the BlackBerry
is a "Web" story that will display a link to a web page rather than a text based story. These
stories will be indicated on the device with a gray headline just as they are on the terminal.
In order to optimize the usable space on the small screen of the BlackBerry, we have adjusted
some of the displays by eliminating irrelevant decimal places and adjusting column widths to
show more data on the screen.
We have also added an option on the Monitors page menu to allow a user to choose to see the
fixed income securities on the page displayed as either Yield or Price. The switch applies to all
of the securities on the Monitor.
We have enhanced the chart application to show more information in the "tracking" mode. Now
when you are viewing a historical chart on the BlackBerry and turn on "Tracking Mode". a legend
will appear which shows the details of a specific point in history as you move the cursor. This
makes it easier to identify particular historical price changes.
We have added a QUOTE display page for currencies to display relevant information about spot
and forward rates, including volatility and historical highs & lows
We have found and fixed a small error in our "naughty word" filter that was allowing some
inappropriate language to be posted to Instant Bloomberg chats. These are now captured and a
noticfcation is sent back to the user to let him know of the violation. If you would like to try this
feature for yourself, but are not familiar with any of the phrases that are inappropriate, you can
use "orch warn test" and "orch block test" (with "_" seperating the words) to see how it works in
In celebration of the release of the new BlackBerry Bold in the US on AT&T (which interestingly
corresponded with the election of a new US President), we have released a new look for the
Bloomberg Application on BOLD devices. The new look is much cleaner and highlights the
command line interface making it much easier for users that are familiar with the Bloomberg
Terminal to find what they want. We expect this to be very popular with Bold Users.
In this release we are deploying a new feature to our users. There is a new icon on the main
Bloomberg page that has a big red "*" in the middle of it. This new application will be updated
with each new Bloomberg software update and it will list all of the new features within the new
release. This will allow users to have a clearer understanding of what the changes are and how
they will be affected. Once this application has been viewed once, the icon will automatically
hide itself. To restore the app when it is hidden, the user can click the menu and choose the
option "Show All".
We fixed a small bug in the Monitors application where the "NewsMinder Bit" for a security on a
monitor was not being cleared when the company news was viewed on the terminal. This
indicator on the monitor is intended to show the user that there has been news published on the
company that has not been viewed. This is now correctly cleared on the device when the news
has been read by the user on the terminal.
We have enhanced the IMOV application which shows the securities within an index that are
most responsible for the index's change on the day. These are stocks that are most up or most
down weighted by their impact in the index value's change. The stocks in the IMOV function will
now be highlighted if there is current news on the company.
We fixed a minor bug in the FXGN application which was causing the "Closing Price" column to
display the closing price from the previous day rather than the most recent closing price.
In our last release, we added the ability to view attachments to Bloomberg News stories like
photo images, etc. In this release we have added the credits and captions to these images.
We have also created a new option in the menu for each news story displayed which gives the
option to display "Related Headlines". This will bring up stories with similar company and news
categories as the current story.
We have re-organized the User Interface for the NEWS application so that it is easy to create
sophisticated and detailed searches. Enter keywords, topics, company tickers, and/or people in
any combination. Entry of these criteria is assisted by the Bloomberg AutoComplete making it
simple to use. Just begin typing in any of the fields and matches for your search will appear or
just click in the field to select a recent entry.
You can select news from all news wires available to you on the Bloomberg or narrow our
search specific sources.
We have also added to the BlackBerry a popular news feature from the Bloomberg news
functions known as "relevance". This is a measure of how closely a particular story relates to the
criteria you enter. It now possible to set the relevance to High, Medium, or Low using the menu
option "Set Relevance".
Another new feature is the ability to filter news based on the importance of the story as
determined by Bloomberg editors. To show only the most important news on a particular topic or
company or person, choose the menu option for "Major News".
The new "Quick Search" field at the top allows users to use the AutoComplete to easily find
news for any single criteria quickly and easily without using a combination of other criteria.
We have also enhanced our support for attachments to news stories. If there is a research
document or legal filing or image attached to a news story, these are now supported.
We have enhanced the Monitors application on BlackBerry to support NW and Shared NW
monitors as well as LaunchPad monitors. Previously, support for NW was only available in the
MKT application.
Securities with news today are now highlighted as they were in MKT.
We have also added basic monitors for user portfolios with an option to hide securities with zero
We have added the short cut keys "T" for top and "B" for bottom to quickly move within a
personal security monitor or in the monitor list.
We have added the ability within the WEI function to launch into the IMOV display. Simply bring
up the menu on a security in any WEI view and click "Index Movers" to go directly to the list of
securities that are moving that index.
We have added support for securities in the Mortgage market, including TBAs, CMOs and
Pools. Critical fields for these securities, including Prepayment and Deliquency rates, can now
be reviewed from a BlackBerry.
Examples of securities that can now be analyzed:
TBAs: {FNCL6 F1 Mtge DES <GO>}
Pools: {FGC59921 Mtge DES <GO>}
{FN799868 Mtge DES <GO>}
CMOs: {WFMBS 07-10 1A3 Mtge DES <GO>} {WFMBS 07-10 1A14 Mtge DES <GO>}
We have added the ability to view company filing documents and images attached to news
stories using the RepliGo document viewer.
We have continued to make User Interface enhancements to make the News Search
application faster and more user friendly. These include the ability to edit
and refine past searches - including adding criteria to Company News.
For "Power Users" it is now possible to enter multiple criteria in the search
terms separated by ";" For example, NI codes
We have added the ability to search for Most Read news by company or NI code for example: {MNI ECHAMP<GO>} will find the most often read stories in the news
category for the European Football Championships. Or {LEH Equity MCN<GO>} to
see the most often read stories about Lehman Brothers. When looking at news on
a category or company, there is a new menu option "Most Read" to find these
This release also contains support for the Index Movers application. This
application displays the securities within an equity index which have moved
most up or most down. The new icon will appear in the Markets folder and will
be available from the menu in the Quote application when the security is an
Equity Index. This has been a very popular feature request from users.
Monitors & Markets
We fixed a minor bug which would sometimes cause the price update flash not to
"unflash" but to stay highlighted until the next price update.
EMS and TW
We previously released two applications related to Bloomberg's Execution
Management System (EMS) and Sell Side Trading System (TW). The EMS application
gives the user (if he is enabled) view access to his execution blotter from the
Bloomberg Terminal. The TW application gives the user access to the Trader
Worksheet function. In previous releases, these icons were present but hidden.
The user needed to actively unhide them. In this release, the icons will
automatically appear if the user is enabled.
With last month's release, we modified the QUOTE application so that the data displayed on the
page could be modified quickly and efficiently with a server side change without requiring new
software on the BlackBerry device.
Using this new ability, we have now completely re-designed the Commodity, Equity, Municipals,
Government and Corporate pages. These pages now display more data for these product types
and the data displayed is more relevant to users on mobile devices. For example, the Equity
QUOTE pages now display pre- & post- market pricing data (only available for US securities)
which is obviously important when you are on a mobile device and away from the office during
those hours.
Last month we also released a completely re-written version of this application to make it much
easier to find news on Topics, People, Companies and to search news for keywords.
Unfortunately, in making all of these changes to make it easier to use by adding our powerful
Autocomplete logic, we found that we removed some of the speed of the previous version that
allowed more experienced "power users" to enter the codes that they knew and find news
quickly. This new version adds shortcuts, using the space bar, to allow users to jump between
news types quickly and also supports the ability to re-run recent searches easily.
In these functions we have added the ability to view command history and store favorites. These
can make it much quicker and easier to find and access the data that you look for frequently. For
example, if you view a monitor and then choose the menu option "View Events" you can get a
list of all of the Corporate Events scheduled for the near future for all of the securities on the
You can save this search as a "Favorite" within EVTS and access it again quickly within the
EVTS application.
Similarly, if you find yourself running a News Search like:
News Category: Analyst Upgrades
Keywords: Strong Buy
Wires: BN
You can edit the description to read "BUYS". Then on the main Bloomberg Launch page, just
type BUYS and your recent search will appear and you can run it directly from the Quick Search
We have re-written this application to be server driven. This will make it possible for us to modify
the fields that are displayed for each type of security analyzed on the BlackBerry. So if you are
looking at a Futures Contract, we can show the Open Interest. If you are looking at an Equity
Security, we can show the Earnings per Share and the Dividend Yield. For Fixed Income, we
can show Yield and Duration, etc.
This will allow us to significantly improve the information we provide to our users and we can
react to requests for changes much more quickly.
We have also completely re-written the NEWS application to correspond with the recent
changes made to the NSE function on the Bloomberg Terminal. With the new features of the
NEWS application, users will be able to finds news on any topic using our AutoComplete logic
by entering keywords, company names, news topics and people names to find news that is
relevant to their interest. This new tool will make the Bloomberg NEWS application by far the
most powerful news and research on a mobile device.
With this release we have combined the Security look up features with the Command history
display. This will make it quick and easy for users to find recent commands and recent securities
and also to look up new securities.
Bloomberg Transport
We have implemented several changes to the transport mechanism with the goal of reducing
battery usage of the Bloomberg application. These changes are linked to a user selectable
switch on the main Settings page labeled: "Energy Saving Mode". This option is currently set to
OFF by default.
The command line has been improved to support better look up for commands supported on the
device. This should make it much easier to quickly run popular functions:
-DINE followed by a name will directly call up that restaurant.
-STNI followed by a suggested news category will directly call up news
on that topic. ie. {STNI OILRECORD<GO>}
We have added international clocks for major financial centers to the top of the page. Green
indicates that it is currently the business day in the given location (ie. 9:00am-5:00pm.) The
cities displayed can be chosen from a list in the "Clock Settings" menu option.
With this release we have officially enabled the ability for users to view LaunchPad monitors that
are linked to portfolios created in the Bloomberg portfolio system - including support for portfolio
related fields such as position, market value of current position, Profit/Loss, etc.
ALRT - Price Alerts
All alerts from the Bloomberg terminal are displayable on the device.
User settings can be specified on the device.
Edit/Create functionality on the device for simple alerts.
Added the ability to send messages to people who have entered reviews on
a given restaurant. The restaurant entry will be sent as an attachment.
Added the ability to see the Bloomberg Profile of people who enter reviews.
EVTS - Corporate Events Calendar
We have added the option to view "Favorite Searches" as a convenience.
We have made several minor bug fixes and performance enhancements.
EMS - Execution Management System
This is a first release of a new BlackBerry application which is intended to
support subscribers to the Bloomberg EMS System. Essentially it will show
a blotter with the status of all orders placed on the Bloomberg through
our Tradebook and Equity Order Routing platforms.
Access to this function will be controlled by the same logic that controls
access to the equivalent functions on the Bloomberg Terminal.
TW - Trader Worksheet
This is a first release of an application which is to support users of the
Bloomberg Trade Order Management System (TOMS). It will show a view of the
Trader's Worksheet with the status of all of their positions. There is a
summary row to show the totals for all positions in the trading book.
Access to this function will be controlled by the same logic that controls
access to the equivalent functions on the Bloomberg Terminal.
The Transport has been modified to provide better battery life and support for the enhanced
routing improvements implemented last month.
The transport is upto 32x faster when it receives large amount of data (e.g. large monitor)
A “watchdog” is used to ensure the push listener on the device is always running when Gateway
route is in use.
Numerous enhancements to the Bloomberg for Blackberry Updater have been implemented this
Users are prompted to upgrade once in 24 hours rather then 4 hours
Users are automatically notified about software close to expiry
Users are prompted to contact IT Department if custom IT Policy “Bloomberg.Updater.Version”
is set to an old version.
We have improved the memory management and performance of MSG.
There is a new folder setting to delete rolled over messages automatically from the terminal.
Restored the “Add Recipient” menu option.
Pearl clicks now select the user in name lookup screen
Fixed “NullPointerException” when a message is resent
Added “2 days” and “3 days” to Keep Messages options, and “2000” and “3000” to Max Number
Messages options in Folder Settings
The command line can now be used to search news using the following mnemonics; NI, TNI,
We have provided a “Resend” option and enhanced two status messages.
The “Retrieve Chat History” menu in P-Chat screen has been restored.
IB now displays “<name> has left” message when user leaves a group chat.
Fixed “NullPointerException” message seen in device log.
We have made many UI improvements based upon customer feedback.
Add “Favorite Monitors” in monitor selection screen.
Add “Refresh” menu option to Details Screen.
Transcripts & Summary documents can now be viewed using RepliGo
Users are encouraged to use the Monitors application for BLP monitors using a one time popup
A new connection mechanism has been released allowing the Bloomberg for BlackBerry suite to
connect to the Bloomberg service through a variety of techniques supported by BlackBerry.
These include the traditional connection through a BES and the Bloomberg MDS Gateway, a
connection directly through a corporate BES without the Bloomberg MDS Gateway and a direct
connection to the Bloomberg service.
We have added the ability to support a wide variety of MSG File attachments.
Users will be able to view PDF, MS Word, MS Excel, PowerPoint and image files, that they
receive as Bloomberg MSG attachments, right on their BlackBerry device.
It is now possible to view an Events calendar for a list of securities.
Events include Earnings Releases, Analyst Calls, Press Conferences etc.
Details for events are included, such as dialin numbers for conferences and web links for
presentations when available.
***NEW APPLICATION RELEASE***. The new personal monitors application is intended to
replace the MKTS application with enhanced features and performance. It is designed for
viewing personal monitors from NW or Launchpad. There is no longer a limit on the number of
securities which can be viewed. Shared monitors and linked monitors are now supported.
Fixed Income securities can now display either Price or Yield in the price column.
When a user accesses the Bloomberg App for the first time from a particular
device, they will enter their name & password as usual. They will then be prompted
for their B-Unit token value.
The User will *NOT* be prompted for this number each time he logs in.
Only the very first time that he logs into a new device.
It is now possible to enter names & SPDLs directly into the "To:","cc" & "bcc"
fields when composing, replying and forwarding messages.
It is now possible to paste in the "Create New Speed Dial" field.
Convert to ADSK option is now available from all MSG folders, not just Inbox.
It is now possible to set an alert on the device to notify you when another
user comes online.
Added a global "HotKey" for IB Alt-I to go to IB from anywhere in Bloomberg for BlackBerry.
From the IB menu page, the "Del" key will quickly end a chat.
Added input support for Japanese, Korean & Chinese.
It is now possible to search for reviews entered by other people.
New Features include:
Save your favorite restaurants cached on device.
Send a restaurant link as attachment to other users.
***NEW APPLICATION RELEASE***. Use CITATOR to search for legal documents by citation.
This is a Bloomberg for Blackberry version of the CITA<GO> function on the Bloomberg
Professional Service.
Integrated B-Unit security device with Login process.
Added Help button to "B-Unit required" popup for Login screen.
Fixed: Reboot dialog is shown as "always on top" after updating.
Fixed: Assorted cosmetic changes.
Fixed: Restored T(op) and B(ottom) shortcuts in Message view.
Optimized incoming message processing.
Improved the display of read/replied status in sent messages.
Added the ability to view the profile of the sender of a message.
Added the ability to "Click to Call" the sender of a message.
Fixed: Various UI and loss of push transport issues
Added IBSR<GO> command for searching IBs in Command Line
Automatically extend story date up to 1 week to obtain more stories.
Command Line
*** New Application Release ***
The Command Line allows a user to enter Bloomberg commands with Autocomplete
capability. The Command Line also supports security ticker lookups from company
names using Autocomplete logic.
Fixed: Close TLS connection when stopping.
Transport now has support for WAP TCP route.
"Routing" dropdown is now always visible in the Settings screen.
Warn if less than 3 MB flash free.
Log device model and OS versions in the upgrade report.
Disable background downloads when roaming.
Fixed: resizing bug when updating dashboard
Set initial focus to first icon
Fixed: Assorted navigation and display bugs
Added T(op) and B(ottom) shortcuts
Shows sender's business phone if one is found in SPDL store.
Sped up MSG push processing.
New MSG: 2 to 8 times faster. Marking as read: 20 times faster.
Option to send IB from a message.
Fixed: Assorted performance and display bugs.
Timestamps in chats now also available in line. Need to go to IB Settings
to turn it on.
Added separate group for P-Chats.
Settings - IB Notification alert can be turned on or off for P-Chats.
Fixed: Navigation and display bugs.
Add as reported indicator to actual column
Default to single security view on startup
Clearer message when there are no matches found.
Fixed: bug related to BES push of fresh install.
Fixed: assorted display and scrolling bugs.
Numerous performance enhancements and optimizations.
Enhanced logging for upgrade process.
Added 250 as an option in the max messages dropdown in folder settings.
Default to 1000 max messages and no alerts when creating a new folder.
Now Supports P-Chats and Group Chats!!!
Opening IB attachment for room that exists on server retrieves chat history automatically.
The embedded names are now used for Chat transcripts, i.e. '[BlackBerry]'
will appear next to peoples' names who were chatting from their BlackBerries.
Fixed: users' statuses remain gray in group chats.
Replaced "Chart" menu item with "Historical Chart" and "Intraday Chart".
Don't remove trailing space - more accurate searching
Changed default to wrapped view.
Fixed: N and P shortcuts go to the next and previous story respectively when viewing a story.
Fixed: focus bug in headline list screen.
Default view changed to 7 days from 1 day.
'E' key shows calendar screen (Edit Options)
***NEW APPLICATION RELEASE***. Use EVTS to see the schedule for important events
related to a company that may impact the company's stock price. For example, earnings
announcements, press conferences, shareholder meetings are displayed.
Enabled horizontal scrolling on 8300/8830 with libraries in FLY, ECO, MKT,
TOP/News, Markets.
Fixed: The list of messages is refreshed after unlocking Bloomberg.
Today's and yesterday's messages downloaded after a user logs in.
Download MSG body when opening an MSG with a body that has not yet been downloaded.
Show the next message (if possible) when deleting a message while it is being viewed. Disabled
by default, can be enabled from the MSG Settings.
Added option to wrap subject text in the message list.
Tooltip shows when a user is typing. User on a terminal is also able to see when a user on
BlackBerry is typing.
Intraday Chart menu item added.
Support for GIP2-n. Each time you view a previous day’s trading you will see multiple trade
Zoom operation zooms in on the right-hand edge of the chart.
Fixed: n.a. values were treated as zeroes.
Added option to wrap headline text in the headline list.
Show Dividend Yield for Equities, show Yield for Corp and Govt securities.
Added sorting within tables and within groups.
Bloomberg is locked after one hour of inactivity (configurable via IT policy).
User is logged out after one day of inactivity.
Fixed: Font style (e.g., plain, bold, italic) is now honored in the font selection field of the Settings
Transport does not stop upon receiving a pushed log out. This should stop the login screen
from closing when a user is logged in having first logged into the BlackBerry, then logged into
another BlackBerry.
Market Monitors applications can now be moved up to the main launcher screen.
MSG9 is now supported on BlackBerry.
SPDL now also works from 'New Chat' window.
Following additional information is now available for People:
- Compensation
- Career History
- Education
- Company Affiliation
- Board/Other Memberships
- Personal
- Reported Holdings
Large worksheets are now returned in batches to reduce load on server.
Progress information is also now available.
Minor change to screen navigation- the back key takes you to the worksheet
selection screen, another press of the back key exits the application.
Support for paging through trading days for GIP.
Removed old WEI. (com_bloomberg_wei.cod still there though, but contains no
When nothing is entered display all recent securities
Default to launching quote when security selected
***NEW APPLICATION RELEASE***. Use ECO to select an Economic Calendar by day or week
view and display up to date information and real time updates.
Main screen: ALT + QR recalculates the unread/unsent counters
for all folders. The counters are also recalculated when the MSG
persistent store is loaded for the first time after a reboot.
Main screen: ALT + QQ toggles folder/message highlighting.
23<GO> Now appears for non-forwardable messages.
Menu option to SEND CHAT HISTORY AS MSG from the chat screen.
'Send MSG', 'Make a Call' and 'Contact Info' options
now available from chat screen and from chat items on main
Device side changes for new status in IB: Mobile & Private.
Fixed: bug where adding a new SPDL on terminal will add it to device
but it won't appear in IB. Now, if user signs out of IB and back in,
should see the newly added SPDL.
UUID, phone numbers, etc is now downloaded for SPDLs added
thru device. This will make it available in IB without the need
to download contacts again.
Fixed: scrolling bugs in grid.
Changed auto refresh settings so 10 secs is fastest rate
Display name of view when loading
Made highlighting colors the same to make it look less busy
Add Settings dialog (for number of days to keep cache & refresh time of
Implement Restaurant ID DINE commands - DINE attachments from terminal
Add Reviews
Fixed: various bugs and enhanced performance
Added support for smaller upgrade files.
Enhanced logging capabilities.
Enhanced cache management.
Improved "failed" status management.
Fixed: Handles last message deletion properly.
Alt+QR recalculates unread MSG counters.
Dashboard ICON "Flashes" for new IB message.
PopUp dialog box is available for new incoming IB messages.
Improved performance.
Added "Worksheet News" menu item for all securities news.
Renamed "News" menu item to "Security News".
Replaced "Recent News" menu item with "Security News".
A blue highlighted ticker cell now indicates recent news NOT a link.
Fixed: doesn't display dialog for recoverable errors anymore.
Failed headlines are red with an error description.
Works with the new ALRT system (same as the Terminal).
***NEW APPLICATION RELEASE***. Use DINE to search for a restaurant.
Enhanced support for connection settings.
Detect “blocked by firewall” condition on 8100 and 8800 devices.
Enable custom web update URLs.
Do not erase the module cache on devices with 32+ MB of memory.
Fixed: To: field in compose screen on 8800 had contents truncated
Fixed: Restored Alt + G functionality in folder view.
Fixed: 1/2, n/3, n/4, n/5, n/6, n/7 and n/8 fraction display.
Improved error handling for SPDL maintenance.
Improved Read/Delete MSG status synchronization to terminal.
Remove custom folder names from Profiles when another user logs in.
Subject line can be focused in the message view.
Display [up to] 25 results per page instead of 10.
Make paging of results more obvious, and add buttons to navigate pages
(in addition to existing menu items).
Fixed: BUG in layout code.
Remove unnecessary logging
Persistent storage is completely cleared upon different user login.
Page Up/Down on Alt+Scroll now working on Trackball devices (8100/8800).
***NEW APPLICATION RELEASE***. Use FLY to display worldwide flight information.
Improved Transport resiliency for infrastructure changes.
Temporarily disallowed invoking a link when the cursor is not on the link to avoid issues on RIM
API 4.2.1 devices, such as 8800.
Atomic upgrades: everything is rolled back in case of failure.
Better error reporting when installing a module fails.
ALT + U in the Launcher no longer resets the Updater, instead it shows the Updater Admin
screen where the user can reset the Updater or request an upgrade to a particular software
'Insert Cc Line' menu item for inserting the Bloomberg-style Cc line at the end of the message.
"Get Read Status" menu item (with G shortcut) for updating the read status in MSG4.
"Show Sender?" folder setting. The display of sender/recipient can also be toggled by 'J' in the
message list view.
Changed the order of Open, Delete, Reply, Resend, and Forward menu items in the message
list view for backward compatibility and faster access to Delete and Reply items.
Fixed: "Time" field shown in user-default timezone defined in {PDF <GO>}.
Fixed: Correctly use B&W icon on B&W devices.
Remove Region field from search screen, plus various cosmetic changes.
On profile screen, make "Call" and "Compose Message" menu items available regardless of the
cursor position.
Underline selected item on search results screen.
When search returns only one result, avoid "flashing" results screen before loading the profile.
Now displays an unobtrusive loading message while the photo is loading.
Improve support for 8800 device.
***NEW APPLICATION RELEASE***. Use IB to extend the way you communicate with your
counterparties and colleagues!
***NEW APPLICATION RELEASE***. Use READ to display the Most Popular News articles on
the Bloomberg Professional service and to identify the companies, topics and people generating
the most news interest.
Proper layout of assistance phone numbers on the login screen.
Invoke links even if the cursor is not on the link, as long as the cursor is on the same line as the
Support for deleting commands and securities from the recent command and recent securities
lists respectively.
ALT + G should now work for all read-only fields.
Background downloading of updates. The user is notified of the a version only after all the
updates have been downloaded and are ready to be installed.
Delete cached CODs from cache during install as soon as possible to conserve memory.
Status bar always at bottom of the screen.
Fixed: issues with scrolling (e.g., status bar disappears, background repainted incorrectly).
Fixed: The message subject is now sent and received in UTF-8 instead of ASCII.
Fixed: MSG4 messages and their bodies will not disappear after Get Sent Messages.
Beautified the message list view: (1) fields are aligned in columns, (2) attachment icon.
Support for MSG> UUID command for composing messages to users by UUID.
Support for renaming custom (user-created) folders.
Built-in folders, except for MSG, MSG4, and Drafts, can be deleted and recreated by the user.
Added Reply, Forward, and Resend menu items in the message list view and enabled R, F, and
S/F shortcuts for Reply, Forward and Resend.
Configurable font size for lists of messages, SPDLs, and folders.
Increased the length of the shown message subject from 20 to 40 characters in the 'new
message received' popup.
Changed defaults: Max number of messages = 1000, Keep Messages = 90 days, and Alert with
Dialog enabled for ALRT, NLRT, and LLRT.
Download SPDLs obtains UUID, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and colors for SPDL
entries. Color messages according to the color information.
Unread Messages menu item and U shortcut for filtering for unread messages in the message
list view.
Overwrite the original draft message when saving changes to a draft message.
Renamed progress dialogs:
Get Message Content -> Getting ...,
Get Sent/Received Messages -> Getting ...,
Get Attachment Content -> Getting ...
Support for toggling between ticker and company name view for securities.
Fixed: It is no longer an error if a search returns no headlines.
Enable integration with the People application.
Different list of fields for futures.
RQ fields used for last price for Equities instead of PR fields.
***NEW APPLICATION RELEASE***. Use PEOPLE to perform a targeted search for people
within the Bloomberg Profiles database.
New Bloomberg for BlackBerry look-n-feel. With improved color scheme, dashboard, dashboard
icons and background splash screen.
Improved user authentication, which allows device side code to determine if user is a Bloomberg
employee or an external customer.
The Bloomberg transport application now accommodates devices being moved between
BES/MDS machines.
A new ‘GO’ icon has been added to start the command line input screen. In the past this could
only be done by typing ‘Alt+G’.
The list of icons displayed in Bloomberg is automatically refreshed when new Bloomberg
applications are installed.
Fixed: If multiple messages are selected and the current item is a date, the “Delete/Move”
menus are now displayed rather than “Delete Prior/Move Prior”.
Fixed: Column header being clipped when small or narrow font was selected.
Fixed: The “Forward” menu item and shortcut has been removed for messages in the MSG4
BLAW alerts folder ‘LLRT’ has been added as a default folder.
‘Alert with Dialog’ option is now off by default.
HELP x 2
New look-n-feel with improved icons and screen display.
Better support for colors, which now match the colors used on the terminal.
Support for ‘tooltips’ in chat screen (e.g. display of the time chat was sent by remote user).
Better icon support for devices with monochrome displays.
Users are logged out of IB automatically at 1am (local time) in the morning.
***NEW APPLICATION RELEASE***. Use ALRT to create limit alerts that notify you of moves in
the market as they happen. Alerts are sent to the device via MSG. Please ensure the Email Alert
type is set to active on the Bloomberg Terminal.
***NEW APPLICATION RELEASE***. Use BLAW to search for legal documents by citation, free
text, source, field and date.
The Bloomberg Transport application is stopped when user logs out of Bloomberg for
BlackBerry. The Transport application is restarted when user logs in and selects ‘yes’ on the
popup message. This change improves device battery life.
The ‘Updates Available’ popup message is shown daily, until the software is up-to-date.
Messages that are marked as ‘F’ (send failed) in the MSG4 folder are now displayed in bold.
To enable tracing for message delivery in the device log, the hotkey ‘Alt+Q’ has been replaced
with ‘Alt+Q Alt+Q’.
The ID of the message is sent to the MSG server, this allows the message backend to mark
messages with ‘R’ (replied) on the terminal.
Retry to the MSG servers now uses an exponential back-off strategy. This will reduce load on
the transaction server when there is an issue with MSG servers.
The TOP Categories list is refreshed once per day.
MSG now supports fully dynamic menus in the message list screen.
Fixed: Bug where MSG4 messages with downloaded content would lose the content after Get
Sent Messages.
Stricter rules matching for ALRT, NLRT and TMSG folders. Rules matching is case-sensitive.
The rules are:
NLRT = “NLRT ALERT” in the sender field,
ALRT = “BB ALERT” in the sender field,
TMSG = subject starting with “TMSG: “
Remove a story from the download queue if the story cannot be downloaded due to a server
error, otherwise the device would get stuck by continuously trying to download the same story.
Fixed: Bug with item focus when entering new security.
“Insert Function” menu item available when composing a message. This allows for quick
insertion of a Bloomberg Professional service command into a MSG and “wraps” the command
with curly braces and <GO>
Allow Equity, Index, Cmdty and Crncy securities in the recent securities screen.
HELP x 2
Fixed: ‘New IB Message’ indicator is correctly removed from dashboard after unlocking device.
Fixed: ADSK follow-up handling.
Support for the 8100 (Pearl) menu key and 2D navigation using the pearl.
Upgrade icon shown when there are updates available.
Changed 'No' button to 'Later' button in the Updates Available dialog.
Support for moving messages between folders.
TMSG [Trade Ideas] folder where all messages with TMSG in the subject go.
Properly clear the persistent store (including the settings) when a different user logs in.
Get Received/Sent Messages queries for messages between 00:00:00 -- 23:59:59 local
(device) time.
Disabled the D and DEL shortcuts for Delete Prior functionality to lower the probability of
accidental bulk-deletion.
After a selection of messages has been deleted the focus jumps to the next message after the
Enabled the A shortcut for Show All in message list view on devices with non-QWERTY
keyboard when the filter is set to messages from a particular sender.
Support for Unicode in TOP (rather than CN/NI/TCNI) headlines. This will enable categories with
news in Japanese and Chinese to be displayed.
Support for CN/TCNI for Comdty, Curncy, and Index securities.
Fixed: Deadlock which often occurred on 8100 devices when loading news headlines while
rolling the pearl (track ball).
HELP x 2
***NEW APPLICATION RELEASE***. The Help application can be used to communicate directly
with the Bloomberg Help Desk. The functionality is identical to <HELP><HELP> on your
Bloomberg Professional service.
Support for the 8100 series of devices with SureType keypads has been added.
Applications can be launched by typing the first character(s) of their names.
A new logout icon has been added to the application collection.
Displaying the Bloomberg application collection after an ESC has been sped up.
Message signature option added to settings. This option inserts the signature text before the text
of the original message. The signature text is inserted before the message is placed in the
outbox to ensure the message looks the same in the sender’s Outbox, recipients’ Inbox and
sender’s terminal MSG4.
Added support for MSG <recipients> and MSGE <recipients> commands.
Added support for MSG1/MSGS FROM <search> and MSG4/MSGS TO <search> commands.
Enabled shortcut ‘E’ for Reply/Resend on 7100/8100 series SureType devices.
Fixed: Read messages are now synchronized correctly when pulled via Get Received Messages
Support has been added for news wires other than BN.
News headlines are now available in languages other than English if device has the required
fonts installed.
Changed status message from “Download SPDL Entries” to “Downloading SPDL Entries”.
Clicking the thumb-wheel starts the application the cursor is currently on. Previous behavior for
starting an application was to display the menu and selecting the “launch” menu item. To display
the menu now use ‘Alt + thumb-wheel click’.
The command entry screen can be launched from any Bloomberg screen by pressing ‘Alt + G’
Copy/Paste support has been added to the command entry screen.
Bloomberg Updater checks for new software in the Bloomberg Transport program. This is more
reliable since the Transport is always running. In previous versions the check was performed by
the main Bloomberg application.
Fixed: Font display issues under various themes in the Bloomberg Updater details screen.
The ‘ESC’ key is now disabled when user is prompted to reboot the device after upgrading the
Bloomberg software using the Updater.
Fixed: Access to the compression/decompression and encryption/decryption routines is now
synchronized. This may have been the cause of small number of bugs reported with messages
being corrupted.
Fixed: The “Exceeded the limit of the number of bytes allowed per connection” error from the
MDS is now handled correctly. This fixes the problem with the Updater timing out half way
through the download process.
Better error reporting to help with situation where the MDS Gateway name cannot be resolved or
when the MDS cannot connect to the MDS Gateway. This should help troubleshoot bad
MDS/MDS Gateway setup.
***GIP – Intra-day charts support added.
***Support for all security types, such as GOVT, CORP, INDEX, EQUITY, CMDTY, CRNCY, etc.
The security description is displayed on the chart.
‘Alt + thumb-wheel click’ rescales the chart to make maximum use of screen space. Second ‘Alt
+ thumb-wheel click’ performs a full zoom-out.
Improved adaptive time axis switching on GP charts.
Volume chart is not shown if volume data is not available for the selected security.
Fixed: Infinite loop in program when all points for the loaded timeseries have the same value
Fixed: Infinite loop in program when TradeLine and Volume are displayed and the price for the
last point is missing.
The message icon has been *removed* from main BlackBerry screen. The icon is still accessible
for the Bloomberg application.
Fixed: Background message delivery could get stuck after the Bloomberg transport is restarted.
This could happen when the device moved in/out of coverage.
When a message is opened the cursor is positioned at the start of the message body. In
previous versions if the message header contained a phone number then the cursor would be
position on the phone number.
Chart and Quote can now be run for all security types.
Support for all security types, such as GOVT, CORP, INDEX, EQUITY, CMDTY, CRNCY, etc.
Copy/paste is now supported on the security entry screen.
Improved contrast by changing color of Prev Close in GIP.
Load/refresh chart resumes after privileges have been reclaimed.
Clickable links such as {MSG USERNAME<GO>}, http://website, or [email protected] are
now colored in blue.
Curly braces in Bloomberg links (‘{‘ and ‘}’) are preserved during copy/paste operations.
Support for new Bloomberg Software Updater. The Updater notifies users when new
applications or upgrades are available. If the user clicks on the yes button, the installed software
is upgraded using Bloomberg’s custom BlackBerry installer.
Fixed: The notification LED is now reset to green when; (1) The “new message” popup message
is dismissed, (2) the folder where the message is stored is opened, (3) unread message count in
folder reaches zero.
Improved ‘dynamic’ menu system allowing faster access to “Open Attachment” and “Call
Sender” menu items.
New “Copy Number” menu item when sender’s phone number is selected in the message
ADSK attachment details are hidden. Replying to an ADSK MSG invokes IB HELPHELP and
starts a new chat session with ADSK.
Securities that have menu have active items such as “News”, “Charts”, “Security Snapshot”, etc.
are now displayed in blue.
Bloomberg links {NW WORKSHEET<GO>}, {SNW WORKSHEET<GO>} and {BLP
WORKSHEET<GO>} are now clickable and open the specified worksheet. {NW<GO>} and
{SNW<GO>} open the worksheet selection screen.
Fixed: Pressing the ‘B’ hotkey now correctly causes the cursor to cycle through all the entries
beginning with ‘B’ and bottom of the SPDL list.
Bloomberg links {DES<GO>} and {CU<GO>} are now supported and start the security
application for the specified security when selected.
Bloomberg applications are now closed on log out to avoid leaking information about the logged
out user.
When a user is still logged in to the Bloomberg Terminal and the privilege reclaim screen comes
up the username is now read-only. This ensures that the user has to log out to log in with a
different username.
The Bloomberg launcher’s menu is simplified. Add/Remove App menu items and several other
menu items are now on the Transport Settings screen.
The Bloomberg command screen is now available via the “Go to …” menu item and the G
shortcut. This should speed up navigation for power users. The screen is identical to that in
Transport: The maximum packet size has been reduced from 600kB to 200kB.
Message view has full support for HTTP, e-mail and Bloomberg function links.
Fixed: A bug where the folder wasn’t refreshed after opening a message, moving to
next/previous and then deleting.
Settings Screen: Worksheet Selection has moved into a separate Select Worksheet screen.
Support for exchange-less company tickers.
Last price color is determined by the Net Change field.
Improved visibility of green colored text when it is selected.
Support for Trade Line and Trade Line + Volume charts. Volume chart display can be
temporarily toggled using the menu and permanently from the Settings.
Market conventions are used to obtain the minimum and maximum number of fractional decimal
places for price display. Non-decimal fractional display is not yet supported.
Automatic exchange code expansion when no exchange code specified.
Standard security entry screen used by all applications (News, Quote, Chart). This screen
maintains a history of entered securities and supports the concept of “currently loaded security”
similar to the terminal. When an application is launched, it uses the “currently loaded security” to
populate the screen.
All background threads run at a low priority resulting in a faster and responsive user interface.
Fixed: The Bloomberg dashboard height is calculated to take account of font settings. The B
(Bloomberg data) indicator is now displayed in full on all supported devices.
Fixed: The Bloomberg dashboard’s background color is now correctly displayed on devices with
screen background containing textured image.
The phone number in the ‘from’ field is now ‘active’. The number can be dialed by selecting the
“Call Sender” menu options. (Bloomberg classical messages received via push contain phone
SPDL entries modified on the terminal are now automatically synchronized on the device.
Fixed: Selecting “Copy Selection” from menu when no text is selected resulted in a Java
exception being reported.
The list of categories matches the new TOP categories on the terminal.
Support for NXTW and NSN Bloomberg mnemonics added.
The chart for the security can be viewed by selecting the ‘Chart’ menu option.
Support for NXTW and NSN Bloomberg mnemonics added.
***NEW APPLICATION RELEASE***. The charts application can be used to view historical price
charts of securities, similar to {GP<GO>}. In addition, there is support for up to three moving
averages chart and various configurable options such as, periodicity and date range.
New Bloomberg application icons.
Bloomberg Transport application does not automatically start up after a brand new install. This is
to facilitate BES OTA application install. Thus, after a brand new install, the user must run
message at least once to start the transport and receive pushed MSG’s.
‘T’ and ‘B’ hotkeys for quick navigation to top and bottom of message list and contacts.
“Messages from Sender” and “Messages from Recipient” menu options allows quick filtering of
Hotkey ‘A’ for “Show All” in message list (not supported on 71xx devices)
Bloomberg Dashboard always kept on top in message view, compose and attachment screens.
The size of the font in the headline screen is now configurable.
The chart for the security contained in the row the cursor is on can be viewed by selecting the
‘Chart’ menu option.
The size of the font in the headline screen is now configurable.
Traffic counters. Traffic counters show the time since the counting started, as well as high-level
categories like Messages, Quotes, Charts, etc.
Message screen shows the e-mail address of the sender for received messages, and the
addresses of recipients for sent messages.
Better handling of news attachment IDs. The first two characters comprise the Bloomberg
attachment type.
e-mail address is now shown in From: field of Internet messages.
Add Sender to SPDL menu item available when viewing a message. The item shows a screen
for adding the sender of the message to SPDL.
Fixed: Bug with security information refresh not being resumed after a privilege reclaim.
New implementation of the transport layer. The transport is now more reliable and more efficient.
Firewall dialogs appear only twice; one for the HTTP listener and the other for the outbound
Better feedback to the user when network I/O is blocked by the device's firewall.
Better feedback about why the transport cannot connect to Bloomberg. Previously applications
showed "Radio Cannot Transmit" or "Can't Send". Now the message is more detailed: "No data
service", "No network coverage", "Radio off", "Blocked by firewall", etc.
The state of the transport is shown in the dashboard of every Bloomberg screen. When the
transport can communicate with the backend, a B is displayed next to the antenna icon. When
network I/O is performed by the transport the arrows corresponding to the direction are shown
next to the B icon.
Better descriptions of applications;
MSG -> Message
SPDL -> Contacts
TOP -> Top Category News
News -> News
MKT -> Market Monitor
WEI -> World Equity Indices
Quote -> Security Snapshot
4-5 times faster bulk-deleting of messages.
Fixed: There were occasions where the message back-end will not push messages because it
incorrectly thought the device had ‘old’ version of the Bloomberg software.
More reliable background delivery of pending messages in Outbox and synchronization
information such as ‘mark as read’, ‘deleted’, etc).
Delete from ‘Terminal and Device’ option not shown when messages are deleted from Outbox &
DRAFT folders.
Security Info menu item available when showing news headlines associated with a ticker.
Clicking on the menu item invokes Quote with the ticker.
***NEW APPLICATION RELEASED***. The quote application can be used to obtain market
snapshot for a security (this version supports equities only). Using the security’s ticker (e.g.
‘IBM US Equity’) the following information can be viewed; Company Name, Last, Bid, Ask, %
Chg, Net Chg, VWAP, Volume, 30 Day Vol, 60 Day Vol, 90 Day Vol, MTD Return, QTD Return,
YTD Return, 1 Yr Return, Market Cap, 52 Wk Hi, 52 Wk Lo and Beta.
Company news for the security is viewable by selecting ‘Company News’ from the menu.
Using the settings pages, the quote display can be set to auto-refresh at fixed intervals.
Recently viewed securities are easily recalled from the application menu.
Launcher startup is around three to four times faster.
Invoking TOP or MSG from a Bloomberg application or via an icon is much faster (40ms vs
Release build time is shown in the ‘About’ dialog after the version information.
Support for the Allow Forwarding flag. Restricted messages (non-forwardable or firm-only
forwardable) cannot be copied or forwarded. Replying to such a message blanks out the subject,
the body, and the attachments. The restriction is not applied to messages that originated from
the user.
Fixed: ‘TooManyThreadsError’ which appeared when quickly deleting messages or marking
them as read. These operations no longer spawn a new thread.
Fixed: The event queue overflow that was caused by downloading many messages, or creating
a new folder when many messages are in the Inbox.
The TOP application is used for displaying message attachments containing news stories. This
takes advantage of enhanced news story support provided by TOP.
Compose screen prompts to ‘save changes’ only if changes have been made.
Dots, commas, and similar marks are excluded from the end of HTTP links and e-mail
addresses when viewing messages and attachments.
NI/TNI shows ‘the privilege reclaim dialog’ instead of ‘Server Error’ when privileges need
reclaiming e.g. when a user has logged onto a second BlackBerry whilst still logged onto the first
a dialog will prompt the user to claim the privilege which will automatically log the user off the
first device.
Fixed. ‘Send via MSG’ in TOP/NEWS is now working again.
Support for CN (Equity only) in links and the free-form command UI (Go To menu item).
New improved Bloomberg icon
SPDL displayed as a separate application icon.
News displayed as a separate application icon. Allows user to search and view NI/TNI news
All Bloomberg applications now have a status bar at the top of the screen. The status bar
displays title of the current application/screen being viewed along with the time, network signal
strength and number of unread Bloomberg messages.
System Information can be accessed from the About dialog and copied to the clipboard. This
can later be pasted into a message/email and sent to support staff.
The ‘D’ key can now be used to delete messages, except on BlackBerry 7100 models.
Support for e-mail address and HTTP URL links in stories. Clicking on an e-mail address opens
MSG, clicking on an HTTP URL opens the web browser.
Improved navigation:
 List of headlines is kept in the navigation history and pressing the Escape key will take
the user back to the previously viewed category.
 Navigation history consists of TOP categories and stories.
 Menu items to navigate to the top, the bottom of the story and the Related Info section.
Improved story information is displayed on the status bar:
 User time zone settings are used.
 The Wire is now displayed.
Improved use of color displays. + prices are displayed in green, - prices displayed in red.
Characters that cannot be displayed on a BlackBerry device (e.g. up tick/down tick arrow) are
removed from the display.
User columns (server side): The columns defined in the actual worksheet are now displayed on
the BlackBerry MKT application.
Market convention price formatting: All prices are now displayed using corresponding market
convention (decimal places, fractions, 32nds, etc)
News is now a separate application. It allows user to search for NI/TNI news stories using the
news category name and date. News has the same download/offline capabilities as TOP.
SPDL is now a separate application. It allows user to add/edit/remove SPDL entries and send
messages using SPDL contact list.
Message purging. Messages are kept for [1], [5], [15], [30], [60, [90] or [forever] days. The user
can choose the required value. The default is 90 days.
Number of messages per folder. The maximum number of messages per message folder can
now be set in the ‘Folder Settings’ screen.
‘Re:’ & ‘Fwd:’ are not repeated in message subject.
Headlines and contents of stories are stored, enabling the user to browse them offline.
Stored stories can be accessed either via the main screen or via the ‘Downloaded Stories’
screen which lists all stored stories and stories queued for download.
Stories can be marked for background download. Three download options are available in the
‘Settings’ screen; ‘Enabled’, ‘On Demand’ & ‘Disabled’. ‘On Demand’ allows the user to mark
individual stories for download.
Default category and current category are now completely separate. Default category is the
category that opens up when the user starts TOP. Current category is the one being viewed by
the user.
MKT application is modified to have the first data column fixed when navigating horizontally and
have first row (header) fixed when navigating vertically.
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