A.O. Smith EWJ 15 Brochure

A.O. Smith EWJ 15 Brochure
Comfort is a
warm feeling
Dual Glass Coated Changeable Front 23% stronger than Blue Diamond Glass
Heating Elements Panels in eight stainless steel tanks. Lining offers the
reduce electricity bills, colours to match | 23% |! | Ideal for high rise best protection
increases life of the your bathroom. apartments where against tank
heating element and water pressure is high. corrosion.
heats water faster.
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EWJ 15, 25 Litres
Key Features
Dual Glass Coated Heating Elements reduces electricity bills, increases the life of the
heating element and heats water faster
Dual Glass Coated Heating Elements provide extended life to the water heater by preventing Scale
Formation on the element surface. They help in quick water heating. In the unlikely event of one
glass coated element failing, the other element ensures that water gets heated. It is recommended
in all areas that have hard water.
Blue Diamond Glass Lining offers the best protection against tank corrosion
The new Blue Diamond technology with enhanced levels of zircon increases the life of the water
heater. The lining is proven to be stronger and more water-resistant than any other in the industry.
Anode Rod protects the tank from corrosion
The tank has an anode rod system with a stainless-core that is designed to protect the tank from
corrosive elements. The system uses a special cathodic action to fight the corrosive elements which
in turn prolongs the life of the water heater.
Safety Valve discharges water in case pressure or temperature exceeds preset limits
This water heater has a temperature and pressure safety valve. This valve is designed to
automatically relieve and discharge water incase the pressure or temperature overshoots the preset
limits. [Not seen in picture]
Digital Controls & Display helps set temperature and power options
The Control Panel has a LCD screen that displays electricity consumed and the set temperature. The
user can select the set temperature within the range of 25°C - 75°C and an input mode among 1kW,
2kW and 3kW. The preset settings won't change in the eventuality of a power cut or the power
plug being pulled out by mistake. Feature available with sizes 15 litres and above.
Thermal Cutout cuts electrical power to the unit if a fault occurs, ensuring safety
In case a fault occurs and the water temperature exceeds the highest preset temperature on the
thermostat, the breaker rapidly cuts off the live line and the zero line simultaneously to guarantee
A. O. Smith ColourMatch System™ [Decorative Front Panel]
The A. O. Smith ColourMatch System™ allows your water heater to match the colours of your
home interiors.
Select the colour of front panel as per your choice.
Ivory Red Brick Olive Brown
The tank carries a warranty of 7 years. The Glass Lined Heating Elements have a warranty of
4 years. The rest of the parts carry a warranty of 2 years.
Please ensure you fill the warranty card enclosed in the packaging, at the time of purchase.
Introducing A Partnership Providing Elite Comfort
A. O. Smith
In 1936, A. O. Smith developed and patented a process to glass-line water heaters.
Today, A. O. Smith Water Products Company; the largest water heater manufacturer in North
America, has gained the respect and support of homeowners, contractors, architects, and
specifying engineers in over 60 countries by providing innovative technologies and energy
efficient solutions.
Set up in the year 1986, Jaquar has evolved in tune with the changing customer tastes and
preferences. The multi-faceted leader in the world of bath fittings based in India is driven by a
mission to provide its customers with quality bathware solutions. Throughout the years Jaquar
has remained steadfastly committed to its philosophy of standardisation, customer satisfaction,
and total quality solutions, no matter what the cost.
The Partnership
Based on feedback from numerous focus group studies conducted throughout India and an
endless number of hours of market research, A. O. Smith and Jaquar have formed a partnership;
utilizing their individual strengths, to provide the A. O. Smith-Jaquar Elite Series for consumers
who are demanding an endless supply of style and comfort.
Product Range
Wired remote with LCD display
. . enables the water heater to be
EWJ 6 , 10 Litres EWJ 15 , 25 Litres installed in the loft with easy
access to all controls through
the remote panel.
CEWHR 35, 50, 70, 100 Litres
Capacity [ltrs.] 6 10 15 25
Power Supply q 230V / 50Hz >
Wattage [kW] 2 2 1/2/3 1/2/3
Max Stdg. Loss [kWh/24h/45°C diff.] 0.792 0.99 1.138 1.386
[as per IS] 2082:1993 amended in 2002]
Actual Stdg. Loss [kWh/24h/45°C diff.] 0.51 0.62 0.75 0.924
Reheating Time for 50°C rise [in min] 16 33 48 for 2kW 72 for 2kW
38 for 3kW 58 for 3kW
Rated Pressure [bar] 8 8 8 8
Dimensions Bp A .
Model EWJ-6 EWJ-10 EWJ-15 EWJ-25 A 1 I \
A [mm] 317 373 373 444
B1 [mm] 317 373 373 444 B2 B1
B2 [mm] 326 380 383 453 y 4
C [mm] 258 277 340 374
т! =
1 2 3
Parts Descriptors
Part Descriptors
1 Outlet 8 Anode С _
2 Inlet 9 Heating Element* LM
3 Safety Valve 10 Tank 12
4 Digital Display* 11 Installation Bracket 11 = — 13
5 Decorative Front Panel 12 PU Insulation 10
6 FrontJacket 13 Thermal Cutout 9 р
8 — 4
7 BackJacket я
7 6
*EWJ 6, 10 Litres are available with a manual Thermostat Knob
and single heating element.
Reliable after Sales Service
We guarantee you efficient, speedy and superior after sales
services, so that you can enhance your experience with the
undisputed quality that we offer.
Jaquar Mercantile
306 Udyog Vihar Phase Il, Gurgaon - 122016, Haryana (India).
T: +91.124.474.6800 [30 Lines] m F: +
Ne Smith
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