Acer | N300 Series | User's Manual | Acer N300 Series User's Manual

 Acer N300 Series
Microsoft® Windows Mobile™ Version 5.0 Software for Pocket
PC, Premium Edition with Microsoft® Outlook® 2002
‫מערכת הפעלה‬
Samsung S3C2440 processor at 400 MHz
64 MB mobile SDRAM for system operation
128 MB of flash memory for operating system, embedded
applications, user applications and storage
Flash ROM*
3.7" high-brightness transflective TFT LCD (65,536 colors) with
480 x 640 VGA resolution
110 (L) x 70 (W) x 13.7 (H) mm
4.33 (L) x 2.76 (W) x 0.54 (H) inches
135 g
4.76 oz.
SD/MMC expansion slot with SDIO support
USB Host/Client 1.1
‫חריץ הרחבת זיכרון‬
Built-in microphone and speaker
3.5 mm stereo earphone jack (2 watt)
Four quick-launch application buttons: Today, Calendar, Special keys and buttons
Contacts, Messaging
5-way joystick
Soft reset button
Power button
Hold switch
Battery access latch
Red/Green LED — Alarm, battery charging
Blue LED — Bluetooth ® and wireless LAN*
Rechargeable and replaceable 1200 mAh Li-ion battery
8-hour battery life when backlight is inactive
3 hours to fully charge
USB Host 1.1
USB Client 1.1
Serial port
Proprietary 26-pin
Available via USB sync cable, serial sync cable, wireless LAN * ,
Bluetooth® or cradle
Bluetooth® 1.2
IEEE 802.11b wireless LAN *
Outlook® Mobile — Organize personal information: calendar,
‫תוכנות שכבר מותקנות‬
contacts, tasks, notes and messaging
Word™ Mobile — Word processing application compatible with
Microsoft® Word
Excel™ Mobile — Spreadsheet application compatible with
Microsoft® Excel
PowerPoint™ Mobile — Presentation slide application
compatible with Microsoft® PowerPoint
Windows Media™ Player 10 Mobile — Play back multimedia
files: MP3, Windows® Media audio, Windows® Media video, and
streaming video files
Internet Explorer Mobile — Browse websites and download
files and images
Voice recorder
Calculator — Easy-to-use calculator
Games — Enjoy playing classic Solitaire and Bubble Breaker
File Explorer — Manage files in flash memory or on storage
media cards
Microsoft® ActiveSync® 4.0 — Synchronize PIM data with
Microsoft® Outlook®
Pictures & Videos — View pictures and videos
Lunar View * * — View the Chinese lunar calendar
Pocket MSN — Provides instant access to your MSN Hotmail
account and MSN Messenger Contacts list
Backup/restore utility — Back up/restore important files onto
external storage devices
System Info — Monitor hardware and software status and
Power control — Fine-tune power settings for optimal battery
Backlight Control — Change backlight settings for optimal
viewing quality
Microphone AGC and volume control setting — Control the
quality of voice recordings
Speaker control setting — Adjust speaker volume settings
Bluetooth® setting — Easily configure Bluetooth® options
Wireless LAN setting * — Easily configure wireless LAN
Terminal Services Client * * * — Run applications or remotely
manage a server from the Pocket PC
Pocket TV Enterprise Edition — Play back MPEG 1 video files
Microsoft® Outlook® 2002
Microsoft® ActiveSync® 4.0
Acer n300 Handheld User Guide
Getting Started CD
Acer n300 stylus
Acer n300 battery pack
Acer n300 cradle *
SD dummy card
Acer n300 series pouch
AC adapter
USB sync cable *
‫תוכן האריזה‬
USB sync cable
3-in-1 sync cable
USB host and DC-in cable
Serial sync cable
DC-in adapter
AC adapter kit
Car charger
Foldable keyboard
Acer n300 book-style leather cover
Acer n300 flip-top leather cover
Acer n300 cradle
Acer n300 battery pack
Acer n300 high-capacity battery pack
Acer n300 screen protector
Acer n300 stylus pack
‫אביזרים נלווים‬
)‫(לא כלולים באריזה‬
‫שנתיים אחריות‬
‫אחריות עולמית‬
* Specifications vary depending on model and usage.
*** Available only with English and European language versions
of Microsoft® Windows Mobile™ Version 5.0.
Acer recommends Microsoft® Windows Mobile™ 5.0
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