Joining method for SDR tubing (CTS) or SIDR 7 pipe (IPS) only

Joining method for SDR tubing (CTS) or SIDR 7 pipe (IPS) only
Joining method for SDR tubing
(CTS) or SIDR 7 pipe (IPS) only
Joining Method for SIDR pipe (IPS)
Explanation of Terms
IPS – Iron Pipe Size
Make sure tubing/pipe end is round and clean.
Place the insert stiffener inside the
Insert the tubing/pipe into the fitting so that
the end of the tubing/pipe hits the bottom of
the fitting or is well past the gasket. Tighten
the pack joint nut down per manufacture
Test all joints for leaks before back filling
AVOID using a pipe wrench on brass fittings
SIDR 19, SIDR 15, SIDR 11.5, SIDR 9 and
Irrigation pipe will use “barbed insert fittings”
with stainless steel hose clamps.
Pipe should be cut squarely with a pipe cutter
designed for cutting plastic pipe. Using 2
clamps per joint with the screw head 180°
opposite each other. Insert the fitting into the
pipe until it is fully seated.
Place clamps at the end of the pipe, making
sure clamps are 180°apart and tighten.
Insert fittings can be used on the SIDR 7 pipe,
but it is not recommended.
Insert Coupling
Insert Stiffener
Insert Male Adapter
Compression x
Male Thread
Insert Elbow
Compression x
Insert Tee
Other combination are available
Other combinations are available
CTS – Copper Tube Size
PE – Polyethylene
IPS/OD – Iron Pipe Size but OD controlled (aka
SIDR (ID Controlled) – Standard Inside Dimension Ratio.
Inside diameter constant throughout SIDR sizes
SDR/SODR (OD Controlled) – Standard outside
Dimension Ratio. Outside diameter constant
throughout SDR sizes
PSI – Pressure rating of Polyethylene at 73.4°F
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