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RigCom / EZ Page
Offshore Communications Solutions
RigCom is a common-talk communication system designed for hazardous areas on
land and offshore oil rigs. The system is simple to use with push-to-talk, release-tolisten operation, and will withstand the harsh effects of the environment. The system consists of an explosion-proof case which houses the electronics, and an explosion-proof loudspeaker also functioning as the microphone. Optional accessories
include a gooseneck microphone, footswitch, and the capability to remote mount
the speaker. RigCom is also available in a hands-free model.
The RigCom is also compatible with GAI-Tronics' EZ Page. EZ Page is a commontalk communications system designed for a wide variety of rugged applications. EZ
Page provides a low cost alternative to the RigCom in non-hazardous, industrial
applications. EZ Page configurations are identical to RigCom: Master / Slave and
Common Line.
Driller's Intercom Systems provide communications between drill operators
and rig personnel. The system's digital architecture is used to link the stations
with the central intercom server. The server unit includes station line cards,
audio interfaces and relay interfaces allowing ease of connection to PA, Radio
or Alarm systems. Additionally, tone generators and telephone/radio interfaces
may be added to create complex loudspeaking and PA systems.
The intercom stations are available as explosion-proof, weatherproof or
desktop units. The stations have direct access by using the keypad, preprogrammed keys or speed dials. This allows the user the capability of performing point to
point private calls. Additionally, the system may be configured to allow group calls, conference
calls and all call announcements.
Digital Intercom
Centra Page/Party®
GAI-Tronics' Centra Page system provides dependable paging and party line
communications for rugged and hazardous industrial facilities. Centra Page features
centrally-located electronics which provide for easy maintenance. Standard Centra Page
cabinets can support up to 30 handset stations and in most cases up to 60 paging
speakers. Alarms and telephone interfacing can also be added to Centra Page.
All stations are homerun wired to the
central cabinet, where station status
is monitored. To maximize flexibility,
stations are available in Desktop,
Desk-Edge, Weatherproof, Indoor,
and Flush Mount configurations.
The Central Cabinet must be located in a non-hazardous area. Stations
and speakers may then be located in both hazardous and non-hazardous locations, depending on the method used to install the wiring.
Offshore Communication Solutions
ADVANCE / SmartSeries / Page/Party®
SmartSeries system field devices utilize the latest technology in data
communications to significantly improve system integrity and
functionality. By interfacing with the SmartSeries control unit, the
devices exchange fault and activity messages. The SmartStatus feature
provides a graphical display of the entire communication system, making
the system very user-friendly.
Current faults are displayed or logged, depending on the system
configuration, to provide maintenance personnel a means to diagnose
equipment problems. For example, a handset left off-hook can degrade
an audio channel. To alleviate this problem, the stations report this
condition and are programmed to go electronically on-hook after a
pre-set time period configured at start up.
Other system functions monitored by the control unit include use of the
page line, integrity of the system cable, and the functionality of the station
amplifier and associated speakers. Supervision of these features significantly
reduces the costs associated with maintaining your communication system.
With emergency notification as a major industrial concern, GAI-Tronics offers the
ADVANCE Emergency Notification System. The ADVANCE Control Unit interfaces
with GAI-Tronics standard Page/Party® or SmartSeries stations to provide all of the
features required for an Emergency Notification System that you and your
employees can depend on to give you peace of mind.
SmartSeries systems are fully adaptable to a variety of facility sizes, from a few
handsets to several hundred. Using SmartLink technology, multiple independent
communication systems can be interfaced and monitored from a central location.
Elemec plus: Digitally Controlled Voice Evacuation System
Elemec plus is a Digitally Voice Evacuation System (PA/GA), using their experience of developing
high integrity emergency systems for the offshore Oil and Gas market.
The modular construction along with the ease of management, maintenance and control
ensures that Elemec plus is an ideal solution for a broad spectrum of installations anywhere an
emergency notification system is essential to the safety of the employees.
The equipment is specifically and fundamentally designed as failsafe, with detailed comprehensive
system and fault status monitoring for maximum availability at all times.
In addition to Routine Paging, Emergency Broadcasts can be automatically initiated from Fire
Detection Equipment Systems that include the option of accessing alarm
GAI-Tronics is uniquely positioned with a wealth of experience in the development of robust
systems, and a comprehensive knowledge of certification and safety related standards that
ensures fail-safe, high availability solutions in industrial and petrochemical environments.
GAI-Tronics® - USA Toll Free: 1 (800) 492-1212 Tel: (610) 777-1374 Fax: (610) 796-5954
GAI-Tronics® Limited, UK Tel: +44 (0)1283 500500 Fax: +44 (0)1283 500400
GAI-Tronics® S.r.l, Italy Tel: +39 02 48601 460 Fax: +39 02 4585 625
GAI-Tronics® - Malaysia Tel: +60-3-8945-4035 / 8945-7348 Fax: +60-3-8945-4675
Austdac - GAI-Tronics® - Australia Tel: 011-61-28-851-5000 Fax: 011-61-29-899-2490
Quality Management Systems Certified - ISO9001:2000
Pub. 050402 rev 3-2007
The policy of GAI-Tronics® is one of continuous improvement, therefore the company reserves the right to change specifications without notice
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