ACP-EP Memory 80X User's Manual
Extreme Performance 80X Compact Flash Cards
ACP-EP Memory’s Extreme Performance 80X CF cards are designed
for photographers who need to capture large images quickly. Extreme
Performance CF cards feature a 12MB per second write speed so
you’ll be able to capture all the action quickly and securely.
Extreme Performance 80X CF cards are built with the same quality
features as our standard Mobile Storage CF cards, but deliver
faster data transfer rates, allowing your device to reach its Extreme
• Compliant with the CompactFlash Association® Standard Specifications
• Support for 8-bit or 16-bit host data transfers
• Support PIO mode 4 / mode 5
• Compatible with PC Card Type II adapters
• Support Error Correcting Code (ECC) function to detect and correct errors
• Support In System Programming (ISP) function to load the firmware
• Supports power down commands and sleep mode
• Capacity from 512MB to 2GB
• Support Wear Leverage function to maximize data endurance
• Read / Write Speed: up to 12 MB/sec (1 X=150KB/sec)
• Physical Characteristics: 42.8mm (Width) x 3.3mm (Thickness) x 36.4mm (Height)
• Backed by ACP-EP Memory’s Five (5) Year Warranty
Available Capacities:
Part Number
(877) 292.1701
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