SP10600 GB-GER
• Model Name: EPSON Stylus PRO 10600UC
• Power consumption: Approx 131 Watts (operating)
30W (Sleep mode)
• Voltage: 220 – 240V
• Frequency: 50 – 60Hz
• Current: 50 – 60Hz
Printing Technology
Drop-On-Demand Ink Jet technology
Resolution: Maximum: 1440 x 720dpi
EPSON Variable-sized Droplet Technology:
Nozzle Configuration:
Monochrome: 180 nozzles
Colour: 900 nozzles (180 nozzles x 5 colours)
Environmental Operating Conditions
• Temperature: 10 – 35°C (operating)
• Humidity: 20 – 80 % RH (operating)
• EPSON UltraChrome™ Ink:
Light Magenta
Light Cyan
Photo Black or Matte Black T549100/T549800
• EPSON Ink Cartridge: 500ml per cartridge
• Ink Catridge shelf life: 2 years from printed
production date or 6 months after opening
• 1865 (W) x 1222 (H) x 680mm (D)
• 131Kg (Including Stand and not including
ink cartridges)
• EPSON ESC/P2 Raster
• Buffer Memory 128MB
System Requirements
• Media Input: Double rolls (up to 100mm
Outside diameter)
Single roll (up to 150mm Outside diameter)
• Cut Sheet Size: Single sheet (A4 – B0+)
• Maximum Roll Media Diameter: Core diameter 2" or 3"
• Built-in Media cutter for automatic or manual cutting
• Optional Manual Media Cutter
• Optional Automatic Paper Take-up Reel
• Microsoft® Windows® 95/ 98/ NT4.0/2000/ME/XP
• Macintosh 8.1 or later
• Minimum Recommended System Requirements:
Microsoft® Windows® 95/ 98/ NT4.0/2000/ME;
Pentium II 400MHz or higher processor, 128MB or
more available internal memory, 500MB or more free
disk space
• Macintosh: PowerPC G4 400MHz or faster, Mac OS 8.1
or later, 20MB or more of available internal memory,
500MB or more free disk space
Printable Area
• Maximum Paper width: 1118mm (roll media)
• Maximum Paper size: BO+/1118mm (cut sheet)
• Print Margins: Roll Media: 3mm (from all sides)
15mm (top, bottom) 15mm (from all sides)
Cut Sheet: 3mm (top, sides) 14mm (bottom)
Media Handling
• Total print volume: 20,000 pages (BO size)
Line Accuracy
2" Media Spindle
2" Media Spindle
3" Media Spindle
Replacement Manual Cutter Blade
Replacement GrayBalancer Chart
Manual Cutting Unit
Auto Take-up reel Unit
Auto Paper Cutter Spare Blade
Take-up Reel Core
• +/- 0.2% at specified page length
Print Engine Speed
• 1 Year on-site
• Optional extended warranties available –
contact your EPSON dealer for details
• Print engine speeds will vary from 2,5 m2 to a
maximum of 20 m2 per hour (depends on print mode
in use)
• Everyday “production quality” print speeds are
typically 4.6 to 17.2 m2 per hour (depends on
print job)
• You can produce better than photo lab quality results
at 4.6 m2 per hour
Your EPSON dealer:
ISO 9001 : 2000 BVQI Certification number 80678
ISO 14001 BVQI Certification number 80679
• USB 1.1, Centronics-type 8-bit Parallel interface
(IEEE-1284 ECP Mode), Ethernet 10/100BaseT,
and IEEE 1394 Firewire™
Art.-Nr. 7010204 – Stand 10/02
* Test conditions as follows: (Indoor Display Conditions)
Light Source:
Fluorescent Light
70,000 lux.
60% RH
Glass Mount:
2mm, Soda Lime
Fade Criteria:
Pure YMC 30% loss at OD=1
Display Life Calculation:
Total Illuminance/(500 lux x 10 hours x 365 days = 1 year)
* The data is calculated by EPSON’s accelerated test, and does not mean EPSON guaranteed
periods. Tests developed and conducted by EPSON. This estimate longevity does not indicate
the colour changing and the durability of the paper itself.
EPSON’s fast, versatile
professional production printer
• Exceptional B0+ (44") Graphics, Fine Art, Photographic and Proofing printer
• New EPSON UltraChrome™ ink technology
• 6 colour printing with interchangeable Photo/Matte black inks
• Excellent combination of wide colour gamut, productivity and durability
• Parallel, USB, IEEE1394 FireWire and 10/100BaseTx network connectivity
• Versatile, flexible and easy to use
The flagship of EPSON’s professional printer line-up – ideal for ALL large
format printing, including Graphics, Photography, Fine Art and Proofing
The EPSON Stylus PRO 10600 offers production facilities the finest combination of output quality, print
speed and image stability. EPSON’s large format Stylus PRO series is renowned for its exceptional Graphics,
Proofing and POP/Display output, but the new B0+ (44") Stylus PRO 10600 also has the power to satisfy
the requirements of the Professional Photographic and Fine Art markets.
The latest EPSON UltraChrome™ six-colour ink system ensures outstanding
quality, stability and lightfastness, with smooth neutral grey tones and
gradations, and the widest colour gamut available. The system also includes
interchangeable Photo and Matte Black inks to optimise results for different
types of photo, proofing or art applications printing.
The EPSON name is synonymous with exceptional
colour print quality, but with the EPSON Stylus PRO
10600 EPSON brings unprecedented levels of performance to large-format digital photo printing.
Professional quality has rarely been easier, or faster.
The new EPSON UltraChrome™ inks create a wide
colour gamut, while simple changing between Photo
Black and Matte Black cartridges optimises image
quality not only on EPSON’s range of specialist glossy
media, but also on our Matte & Fine Art media where
high density black is required.
Professional photo applications will also benefit from
the exceptional durability of printed
• 6 colour EPSON
UltraChrome™ ink set
• 1440 x 720dpi
• A0 print output in 13 mins
(Photolab quality)
• Interchangeable Photo Black
and Matte Black cartridges
• Lightfast in excess of 75 years*
• Range of speciality media up to
1.5mm in thickness
• Low cost per print
• EPSON GrayBalancer
utility software
EPSON Stylus PRO 10600
The EPSON Stylus PRO 10600 has the meticulous
control required to produce rich colour, crisp blacks
and smooth tones, but also has what it takes to
output BIG, 44" wide, hard-wearing prints that have
serious impact.
There’s no better solution for striking point-of-sale
material, exhibition graphics, signage and banners.
Thanks to the UltraChrome™ ink set, maximum quality
is assured, while high capacity 500ml catridges handle
the really big jobs and exceptional durability and 75
year plus lightfastness will keep banners, promotional
displays and even outdoor signage looking its best.
And all this is available on media from standard Gloss
and Semi-Gloss to the more specialist Synthetic, Tyvec
and Vinyl materials, and up to a thickness of 1.5mm
which is used through the printer’s straight media
• High quality prints on variety of media
• EPSON UltraChrome™ inks for quality and speed
• Optional automatic take up reel unit
for unattended printing
• Lightfastness up to 75 years*
• High capacity ink cartridges
• Production printspeed up to 20 m2 per hour
EPSON’s exclusive inkjet technologies combine to create the
ultimate colour and monochrome printing solution. The finest
hardware, software, media and inks ensure the highest
quality reproduction at high speed, and with the greatest
of ease.
The life-long EPSON Micro Piezo™ print head propels perfectly
formed ink droplets onto the page with absolute precision,
including the virtually invisible 4 picolitre EPSON Ultra Micro
Dots™ for high quality reproduction.
The highly advanced, permanent EPSON Micro Piezo™ print head
is able to achieve incredibly fine resolution up to 1440dpi,
ensuring improved tonal gradation, a wide colour gamut and
exceptional overall print quality.
Fine Art is a particularly discerning area of the market,
requiring an uncompromising combination of quality
and consistency.
With its superb 6 colour UltraChrome™ quality and
exceptional colour matching capabilities, the EPSON
Stylus PRO 10600 is more than up to the job. The
ability to change between Photo Black to Matte Black
cartridges ensures optimum results on high quality
matte and plain Fine Art printing stocks.
The ability to handle a wide range of media sizes and
thicknesses is invaluable in the Fine Art market, while
the cost per page is remarkable low for a printer that
is able to deliver results that are more than a match
for the original.
• Versatile media handling including 2"/3" roll
feed spindle
• Interchangeable Photo Black and Matte Black 6
colour UltraChrome™ ink set
• Lightfast in excess of 75 years*
• Range of speciality fine art media
• Printing on media up to 1.5mm in thickness
• Low cost per print
• EPSON GrayBalancer Utility Software
Features at a Glance:
Accuracy is a key consideration for colour proofing
businesses such as newspapers and graphic designers.
High Print Quality
Thanks to the latest UltraChrome™ ink and Micro
Piezo™ technologies, great looking prints are
guaranteed, but for proofing, colour stability and
colour gamut is key.
With this in mind, the EPSON Stylus Pro 10600 with
UltraChrome™ ink offers very high colour stability and
a wide colour gamut that covers comprehensive,
advanced, industry colour matching standards which
includes SWOP, EUROSCALE and even Gravure.
Astonishing Colour
Low cost per page is also a major benefit to proofing
applications, while flexibility is provided by standard
Parallel, USB and IEEE1394 FireWire interfaces, and
networking is available via the standard 100/10BaseTx
• Colour gamut equivalent to industry standard
press & proofing standards
• Very high colour stability
• Supported by all leading RIP vendors
• Very high image quality
• Optimised for use with a wide range of
proofing media
• Standard Parallel, USB, Ethernet 10/100 BaseT
and IEEE1394 FireWire interfaces
• Standard 128MB memory
Optimum speed and detail is achieved by targeting different sized
ink droplets at different areas of the page. Quality and efficiency is
maximised by using small dots for areas of fine detail and large
dots for areas of block colour.
New EPSON UltraChrome in provides excellent long and short-term
stability, lightfastness in excess of 75 years* and the widest
colour gamut available today. The 6-colour EPSON UltraChrome™
ink system includes interchangeable Photo and Matte Black inks to
maximise quality for Photo, Graphics and Fine Art printing.
• Breathtaking picture quality is achieved by EPSON’s
1440 dpi print resolution and 5pl Ultra Micro Dot™
• Life-like skin tones and the finest details with
EPSON’s expanded 6 colour UltraChrome™ ink set
Ultimate Halftones
• Complete control over grey scale gradations and
neutral tones with dual black ink cartridges, two
different black ink configurations and ‘GrayBalancer’
software utility
Media Matching
• Maximise output quality by matching gloss or matte
media with new Matte or Photo Black inks. ‘White
glove’ cartridge changing enables you to configure
black inks in just 10 minutes
Image Longevity
• Printed images with a lightfastness up to 75 years*
(indoor) with EPSON UltraChrome™ inks
Complete User Control
• Comprehensive utility software featuring executable
maintenance, diagnostic tools, error-correction and
user installable firmware upgrades
Flexible Connectivity
• Effortlessly connects to USB, Parallel, Ethernet
and Firewire ports
The inks are contained in high volume 500ml cartridges which also
feature an integral IC memory chip that precisely tracks and
communicates ink usage back to the user. For even more flexibility
empty cartridges can be replaced mid-print, a resealable valve
enables removal of partially used cartridges for future use.
*Please refer to lightfast test conditions on reverse
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