DP-3030 - Queen City Office Technologies

DP-3030 - Queen City Office Technologies
DP-3030 Brochure
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• Up to 30 ppm Digital Copying and Printing
• Standard Document Handling Software
• Standard Network Printer / Scanner / Internet Fax
• Standard Stackless Duplexing
• Enhanced Security Features
DP-3030 Brochure
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Network-ready solutions
Welcome to the world of digital imaging platforms - the true convergence of digital
communications and cutting-edge imaging technology. With every new generation,
Panasonic office solutions deliver more versatility, higher reliability, greater ease of use, and
expanded network connectivity to your business. From our flagship department-class digital
MFPs and “all-around” multifunctional workgroup platforms to high-performance color
printers and document scanners, Panasonic's DP-3030 again sets new standards in intuitive
operation, durability, performance, and network integration.
Our latest generation offers a glimpse into the office of tomorrow. As you experience our new
“smart” visual user interface, you see how the DP-3030 puts the power of the most advanced
office technology at your fingertips. In your exploration of our desktop document
management solution, you realize that Panasonic is bringing the “paperless” office another
step closer to reality. In our enhanced network connectivity, you begin to share our vision of
the “ubiquitous digital” work environment where all devices speak the same language.
Face of the Next
Friendly, well-connected, and able to perform
five different jobs with speed and efficiency,
the DP-3030 is the ideal platform for workgroups. It incorporates the same advanced
technology, versatility, and intuitive operation
found in our department-class digital MFPs,
and packs it in a reliable compact platform
with performance that precisely fits your volume requirements. Serving as a complete
document processing and management
solution,the DP-3030 is ready to bring the digital imaging revolution to your workplace.
The DP-3030's advanced features and multifunctionality are easily accessible thanks to a
revolutionary visual user interface displayed
on a spacious half-VGA size touch panel.
Everything is arranged according to natural
workflow and organized in an intuitive tabbed
interface that enables walk-up users to tackle
the most challenging copying jobs and scan
and electronically distribute memos directly to
desktop users, and broadcast faxes over
conventional phone lines or over the Internet
– all with ease.
DP-3030 Brochure
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DP-3030 Brochure
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DP-3030 – the Copying Solution &
Network Printing Solution
fast, high-quality copying
From routine copying of your meeting notes to the production of stapled multi-page reports for the
entire department, the DP-3030 delivers up to 30 letter-size copies per minute and features ledger-size
paper handling standard. The combination of 600 x 600 dpi printing resolution and 256 gray scale half
tones offers the ultimate in output quality thanks to a unique new Panasonic image stabilization
system that uses advanced technology to control the laser exposure time.
Image Enhancement Technology
Original Panasonic technology makes sure that very detailed
graphics and small text are copied in clear detail.
innovative interface
The intuitive tabbed interface on the large half-VGA LCD display (640 x 240 pixels) provides quick access
to basic copying functions as well as walks users through advanced settings such as image rotation and
finishing options. A graphical confirmation feature helps prevent costly copying errors and can even
send a completion notice directly to the user's desktop.
versatility and convenience
Enjoy amazing versatility with the built-in stackless duplex unit and Inverting Automatic Document Feeder
as well as handy functions such as Double Exposure, Digital SkyShot, N-in-1 Copy, Zoom and Image Rotation.
The convenient Sort/Copy function electronically collates copies as shifted
and rotated sets.
Double Exposure
Panasonic Original
The DP-3030 has a versatile unique function that allows users to
make quality copies of double-sided documents on a single sheet of
paper without the black borders, even if the platen cover is open.This
is especially convenient for copying small double-sided originals such
as ID and insurance cards, checks, and receipts.
Two Images Combined
Onto a Single Sheet
With Double Exposure
Original Scanning Area
First Pass – Image #1
meet the friendliest interface in the office
Designed to let even a first-time user take full advantage of the
many digital copying conveniences, the GUI sets a standard in
ease of use. The left-to-right menu arrangement follows the
natural flow of work and takes the complexity out of the most
challenging copy jobs. In the spacious layout of the large touchscreen panel, settings are presented with easy-to-understand
graphics to simplify your selection.
Original Scanning Area
Second Pass – Image #2
N-in-1 copy
N-in 1 Copy is a cost efficient
feature. Copy multiple originals
onto a single sheet of paper.
2-sided copying for additional savings
copying connectivity
Built-in connectivity enables advanced capabilities such as Tandem Copy* and Remote Copy*. For extralarge jobs with tight deadlines, Tandem Copy lets you harness the power of multiple platforms to work
The built-in duplex unit enables copying on both sides for higher productivity and economical savings. With the Inverting
Automatic Document Feeder, copying double-sided originals is
made easier. As an added benefit, a notice can be automatically
printed, telling document readers to “See the other side”.
jointly on a single job.
Original: 50
Copy: 10 sets
Original: 50
Copy: 10 sets
* Optional Hard Disk Drive Unit and optional Image Memory are required.
These functions are available only between DP-3030/2330 and
other DP-3030/2330/3010/2310.
50 x 5 sets
50 x 5 sets
50 x 5 sets
50 x 5 sets
complete from start to finish
The optional finishing capabilities turn your MFP into a complete document solution, from start to finish.
check finishing selections
Before you press start, the DP-3030 lets you check finishing selections to prevent costly mistakes.
You can confirm all settings from size and “Zoom/Effects” to
“Sort/Finish” on the screen and prevent wasteful miscopying.
DP-3030 Brochure
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Page 4
high-quality 30-ppm network printing and ledger-size capability
The network-ready DP-3030 lets your LAN users access up to 30-ppm (letter) printing speed and high-quality
output with Panasonic’s Image Enhancement Technology.This ledger-size network printer takes advantage
of the built-in automatic duplex unit to provide 2-sided printing. In addition to the standard Panasonic
Printing System for Windows (GDI), optional modules and drivers expand printing versatility with PCL*1 and
genuine Adobe PostScript 3*2 capability. They are also compatible with IPX/SPX protocols.
Print *1
Print *2
*1 Optional PCL Printer Controller Module is required.
*2 Optional Multi-Page Description Language Controller Module is required.
leveraging your network
with connectivity
With the standard 10Base-T / 100Base-TX
Ethernet interface, the DP-3030 provides
printing power and performance to all
networked PCs. The standard USB
interface allows for direct connection to
a dedicated PC.
versatile print driver
Easy-to-install print drivers empower users with full control of versatile printing functions right from the
desktop. From the intuitive tabbed interface, to the on-screen graphical preview of job settings, and the
ability to check the status of the machine prior to printing, everything is designed to maximize ease of use
and eliminate costly errors.
true system integration
For today’s networked business environments, the DP-3030 includes many network utilities. From the Console
Management System,to network based configuration tools for address books and system settings,the DP-3030
provides IT Managers with the advanced configuration and enhanced network connectivity they require.
“smart” economy and efficiency
status monitor utility
With this convenient utility, users can easily view the status of
the DP-3030 including toner and paper supply.
The optional hard disk drive unit* enables document storage in mailboxes that can be password protected for
secure printing, Intelligent Job Control Management for detailed print queue management, concurrent copy
capability for up to 12 sequential jobs, storage for downloading PostScript fonts and enlarged memory areas
for job spooling, scanning and sorting capabilities… these are just a few of the intelligent features that
contribute to improved productivity. The DP-3030 also enables administrators to efficiently set up and
configure the system via the network, and offers easy-to-install optional Network Accounting Software to
track and log the volume of usage by user, department and function (Print, Copy, Scan, Fax).
* Optional Image Memory is required.
maximum 3-way paper output
Automatically separate output by function to a
maximum of three trays for easy sorting and pickup.
For example, incoming faxes can be assigned to the
inner tray (1), printer output can be assigned to the
optional inner tray (2), and copy output can be
assigned to the optional outer tray/finisher (3).
systematic issue identification and resolution
Incorporating MetaConsole™ technology licensed from Netaphor™
Software, the DP-3030 can be used as a device that can be
managed by popular Enterprise Console Systems to maintain
peak system performance while reducing support costs.
* MetaConsoleTM is a registered trademark of NetaphorTM Software Inc.
* TivoliTM is a registered trademark of IBM Corporation.
* OpenView is a trademark of Hewlett Packard.
* Microsoft® Management Console is a registered trademark
of Microsoft Corporation.
security level selection
DP-3030 has 3 levels for auto deletion and 2 levels for manual deletion. Users can easily assign the security level depending on the
importance of the data and situation.
know your users
User Authentication not only bolsters security and ease of administration by using the same user names and
passwords registered in your Windows Active Directory server database, but it also enables the setting of usage
restrictions on printing and copying for more efficient cost management and control.
Data Security Kit
The optional Data Security Kit can reinforce your machines overall security. For example, with the Hard Disk
Drive Lock function you can set your own password, which would protect your Hard Disk from any outside
access even when the Hard Disk is detached. You can also fortify the password certification with the Key
Operator Mode to make your machine even less vulnerable.
security function
To ensure the security of your print or copy data, the DP-3030 has the capability to employ multiple levels of
security functions. When these security functions are enabled, a portion of the data in the hard disk will be
erased utilizing various unique technologies to ensure data security.
DP-3030 Brochure
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DP-3030 – the Scanning & Document
Distribution Solution
high-speed network scanning
The Network Scanner function comes standard with the DP-3030. The intuitive interface makes it easy to
send scanned documents to an FTP server or PC on the LAN.The “File Naming”feature gives you the freedom
to assign a name to a scanned file before you send it for easy identification. High-resolution
scanning at up to 600 x 600 dpi with 256 gray scale halftones using error diffusion technology provides clear
crisp image quality. With the standard inverting ADF unit, 2-sided scanning up to ledger-size is possible.
document distribution system
scanned document management
When a scanned document arrives, the Document Manager
software notifies the user and can automatically open the file.
Image Viewer enables the user to easily view,annotate or attach
memos to the file. With simple drag and drop operation, users
can manage and edit documents from their desktop, and then
share them with other users.
The optional Document Distribution System allows
users to send documents to dedicated recipients
automatically. Information can be received as scans,
incoming faxes or even emails with attachments
and routed to the right person every time saving
time and money. You can even perform user defined
jobs such as auto-rotation, noise reduction, skew
correction, OCR text extraction and automatic file
naming using OCR title extraction. Once you’ve used
the DP-3030 to start the workflow process, the
Document Distribution System can route those documents via fax, email, ftp, or send them to a network
folder, a web based folder or even directly to multiple PC’s desktops. Combine that with the built-in PDF
Document Distribution System*
conversion utility and you can get text-searchable
*Optional Network Scanner Module for Document Distribution System
is required.
PDF files where and when you want them.
multi-network design
Broad OS compatibility ensures that LAN clients using Windows
Vista/XP/Server 2003/2000/98/Me and even Windows NT 4.0 take
advantage of the versatile “Push-type” network scanning capability.
fast faxing
Transform the DP-3030 into a high-performance fax
First Page
station. With the optional fax communication kit,
Dial and Start Transmission
which adds fast 33.6 kbps Super G3 fax capability
accelerated by 0.7-sec* “Quick Scanning” for shorter
preparation time and Quick Memory Transmission.
One of the smart features of the DP-3030 is a function that automatically switches to fax mode by
*To receive the TIFF or PDF file, Panasonic Document Management
System software is required.
“Quick Memory
Dial and Start Transmission
While Storing to Memory
Scan, Store to Memory
Connection and Data Transmission Time
determining that a telephone number is being
entered when a number over 6 digits is keyed in.
“Quick Memory Transmission”
*Letter portrait in Standard or Fine mode using the ADF.
For fax transmission of multiple pages, the DP-3030 begins
transmitting while scanning large documents.
desktop document management
The DP-3030 also provides Document Manager software for efficient management, editing and sharing of
scanned documents. For very large-scale document management based on a client-server model, the
optional DD Server System takes your business a step closer to paperless document management.
DP-3030 Brochure
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Page 6
Scan-to-email / Internet Fax
The standard Scan-to-Email and Internet fax functions quickly converts documents as TIFF images or PDF
files and transmit them as email attachments. For example, with the “Scan-to-Email” feature, scanned
documents can be sent to other Internet Fax-capable*1 platforms or email clients anywhere in the world.
Simultaneous distribution of the same document to multiple email clients and G3 fax*2 terminals is easy
using the “Mixed Broadcast” feature. The DP-3030’s Address Book with built-in LDAP Support (Lightweight
Directory Address Protocol) enhance your fax and email capabilities. The Internet Fax/Email functions also
provides a fax/email gateway function, which can automatically route incoming faxes to the recipient’s email
inbox.The attached image file can easily be opened and viewed with a standard image viewer. With Panafax
Desktop software, users can send documents directly from their PC via the LAN and the DP-3030 gateway to
one-touch document routing
The DP-3030’s Address Book allows up to 1,000 addresses to be
programmed (optional Hard Disk Drive Unit and optional
Image Memory are required). Fax numbers, email addresses as
well as network addresses can be easily stored using the “soft”
QWERTY keyboard. This convenient utility supports the simple
creation of a standardized email header.
G3 fax*2 machines around the world.
*1 In the case of the Scan to Email transmission at 600dpi and/or Ledger documents, reception may not be possible in some instances due to
reception-side functions.
*2 Optional Fax Communication Board is required.
service friendly
Easy maintenance access is one of the distinctive features of
Panasonic’s “service friendly” concept.
new image format versatility
The DP-3030 can be setup to scan images in standard TIFF or
popular PDF formats and transmit them as email attachments.
Panafax Desktop software
Panafax Desktop lets users send documents from their PCs directly
to fax machines over the network. By eliminating the step of printing out a hard copy and then running it through the fax machine,
Panafax Desktop can save valuable paper,labor and time.
the solution you can depend on
Reliability is always top priority for the entire line of Panasonic products. Especially in the case of a
multifunction digital document hub, we know that downtime is costly. For this reason, every aspect of the
DP-3030 is engineered to last. Also it features an easy-access design to reduce time required for routine
toner replacement and other servicing tasks.
Replacing toner is easy with front panel access. Just open,
remove the waste toner container, and then twist and slide out
the toner cartridge.
the solution we help maintain
By automatically reporting the status of the toner level and various key mechanical issues to a service center,
“Check & Call” can prevent costly downtime caused by simple problems. The DP-3030 also incorporates the
Remote Diagnostic System that enables technicians to quickly identify problems and provide solutions.
the solution that is friendly to the environment
“Check & Call*”
The EnergyStar-compliant DP-3030 contributes to lower Total
Cost of Ownership (TCO). In sleep mode, energy requirements
drop to virtually nothing. The work environment is also quieter
and cleaner thanks to reduced noise and ozone emissions.
The convenient “Check and Call” system
enables service centers to stay on top of
your printer status and performance. For
example, the built-in automatic report
function notifies your service center when
toner is running low or if any mechanical
problems need attention.
DP-3030 Brochure
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Page 7
DP-3030 – Options & Specifications
Hard Disk
Image Memory Options
Hard Disk Drive Unit
64MB / 128MB
Fax / Memory Options
Flash Memory
4MB Flash Memory / 8MB Flash Memory
(Optional Image Memory is required)
Paper Exit Options
Exit Tray (Inner)
Fax Communication Board
G3 Fax
Printer / Network Printer Options
Accounting System
Accounting Software
1-bin Finisher
(Optional Hard Disk Drive Unit and
Optional Image Memory are required)
Multi-Page Description Language
Controller Module
PS/PCL Printer
DD Server System
Exit Tray (Outer)
DD Server Software
Other Options
Document Distribution System
Panasonic Document Distribution System
Network Scanner Module for
Document Distribution System
Data Security Kit
(Hard Disk Drive Unit and Image Memory are required)
F u l l - H e i g h t C o n f i g u ra t i o n s
3-Paper Tray Configuration
F o r W h e e l c h a i r C o n f i g u ra t i o n s
4-Paper Tray Configuration
DP-3030 Specifications
Copy / Print Process
Developing Process
Inverting Automatic Document Feeder
Paper Feed
Paper Weight
Power Requirements
Power Consumption
Warm-up Time (68°F/20°C)
Dimensions (W x D x H)*1
(Excluding optional equipment)
(Excluding optional equipment)
Digital Copier
First Copy Time
Gray Scale
Multi Copy Speed*2
Maximum Original Size
Copy Size
Copy Ratio
Zoom (variable)
Multiple Copy
Exposure Control
Sort Memory (Standard)
Laser Indirect Electrostatic
Dry Dual Component
50 sheets (Letter, 20 lb, 75 g/m2)
Std. 550-sheet paper tray unit x 2 + 50-sheet bypass
Max. 2,250 sheets with option
Paper Tray : 16 to 24 lb (60 to 90 g/m2)
Bypass: 15 to 34 lb (55 to 133 g/m2)
AC 120, 60 Hz, 12A
Max.: Less than 1.5 kW
Power saver mode: Approx. 28 W
Sleep mode: Approx. 18 W
Approx. 35 sec. (Main power switch ON)
Approx. 30 sec. (Power saver mode)
23.6" x 27.9" x 33.9" (597 x 707 x 860 mm)
(Including Automatic Document Feeder and ADF mounting bracket)
Approx. 181 lb (82 kg)
Approx. 4.5 sec. (Letter)
600 dpi
256 steps
up to 30 cpm
Ledger-Invoice (fixed)
Enlargement (fixed)
200 %, 155 %, 129 %, 121 %
Reduction (fixed)
79 %, 77 %, 65 %, 61 %, 50 %
25-400 % (in 1% increments)
1 to 999, Automatic reset to 1
Text, Text/Photo, Photo
16 MB
Base Memory (16 MB) plus 64 MB / 128 MB (max.144 MB)
12 GB (with optional HDD)
Key Counter Cable Kit
Paper Feed Options
(Network Scanner Module for Document
Distribution System is required)
2-Paper Tray Configuration
Printer Controller
PCL Printer
1- 3rd Paper Tray
2-Paper Tray Configuration
2- 4th Paper Tray
3- Deluxe Stand (High)
4- Deluxe Stand (Low)
5- Base Plate with Casters
Ethernet 10Base-T/100Base-TX
IPX/SPX*3, *4 (NDS, Bindery, NDPS), AppleTalk (PS), IPP (PCL, PS)
Local Printer Interface
Printer Language (Standard)
Panasonic Printing System for Windows®*5
PCL 5e Emulation*4*5, PCL 6 Emulation*4*5
Adobe® PostScript®3™*6
Printing Speed*2
up to 30 ppm
Paper Size
Paper Tray: Ledger-Invoice
Bypass: Ledger-Invoice
Printing Resolution
1,200 dpi equivalent x 600 dpi (PCL, PS),
600 dpi x 600 dpi, 300 dpi x 300 dpi (PCL, PS, GDI)
Printer Memory
50 MB
PCL/PS Spool Memory
6 GB with optional HDD
Compatible Client Operating Systems Windows Vista*5/XP/2000/98/Me, Windows NT 4.0
Mac® OS 8.6-10.4 (PS Only)*6
Compatible Network Operating Systems Windows® 2000/Server 2003, NT 4.0, Novell 3.x/4.x/5.x/Unix (LPD/LPR),
Linux (LPD/LPR), AS/400 (PCL, PS)
G3 Fax (Option)
Modem Speed
Coding Scheme
Scanning Speed*7
Transmission Speed*8
Scanning Resolution
Network Printer Interface
Communication Protocol
Network Scanner
Network Scanner Interface
Communication Protocol
Maximum Scanning Size
Scanning Speed*7
Scanning Resolution
Compatible Operating Systems
Data Format
3-Paper Tray Configuration
Ethernet 10Base-T/100Base-TX
Approx. 30 opm (Originals per minute – Letter portrait with ADF)
150 dpi x 150 dpi, 300 dpi x 300 dpi, 600 dpi x 600 dpi
Windows® Vista/XP/2000/98/Me, Windows® 2003, Windows NT® 4.0
Maximum Original Size
Effective Scanning Width
Recording Resolution
Standard Memory*9
Optional Memory*9
Speed Dials
ITU-T Group 3, ECM
33.6-2.4 kbps with automatic fallback
Approx. 0.7 sec. (Letter portrait in Standard or Fine mode with ADF)
Approx. 2.7 sec.
Standard: 203 dpi x 98 lpi (8 dots/mm x 3.85 lines/mm)
Fine: 203 dpi x 196 lpi (8 dots/mm x 7.7 lines/mm)
Super Fine: 406 dpi x 391 lpi (16 dots/mm x 15.4 lines/mm)
600 dpi: 600 dpi x 600 dpi
10.7" (274 mm)
600 x 600 dpi
3 MB (approx. 180 pages)
Base memory plus 4 MB (320 pages)/8 MB (640 pages)
200 (Max. 1,000 with optional HDD)
Internet Fax/Scan-to-Email*10
Communication Protocol
Network Connectivity
Data Format
IETF RFC 3965, ITU-T T.37*11
10Base-T/100Base-TX Ethernet
TIFF (Profile S/F/J), PDF*11
Dimensions and weights are approximate.
Speeds are contingent upon applications, machine configuration, and status. Individual speeds may vary.
Compatible with Novell Netware® 3/4/5/6 and Novell Directory Services®.
Printer Controller Module or Multi-Page Description Language Controller Module option required.
Panasonic Printing System for windows will be available in March 2007.
PCL 5e Emulation and PCL 6 Emulation will be available in May 2007.
*6 Multi-Page Description Language Controller Module option required.
*7 Scanning speed applies to the feeding process from the top to the end of a single page test chart.
The time for the feeding process does not include the time that it takes for the top edge of the page to
reach the scanning point and page ejection. Time for entire storing process is not applied.
*8 Transmission time applies to memory transmission of text data using only ITU-T Image No.1 between the
same models at maximum modem speed. Transmission time may vary in actual usage.
Usually public telephone lines can only support communication speeds of 28.8 Kbps or lower.
Via PBX, transmission speed may fall back to a lower speed.
*9 Based on ITU-T Image No.1 scanned in Standard mode.
*10 Depending on the receiving machines capability, the document may not be correctly printed
depending on the chosen resolution and document size.
*11 T.37 Internet Fax only supports TIFF format.
Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.
Microsoft, Windows and Windows Vista are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation
in the United States and/or other countries.
Adobe, PostScript and PostScript 3 are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Adobe Systems
Incorporated in the United States and/or other countries.
Novell Netware® and Novell Directory Services® are registered trademarks of Novell Inc., in the
United States and other countries.
PCL is a registered trademark of Hewlett-Packard.
All other brand or product names are the property of their respective holders.
C o m m o n C r i t e r i a Va lid ate d EAL 2
Data Security Kit DA-SC03 V.1.01
The certification obtained for this product regarding information security
indicates that, as a result of evaluation based on given evaluation criteria
and evaluation method, the target of evaluation used for such evaluation
has been determined to conform to the security assurance requirements.
ISO 9001
Quality Management System
Panasonic Communications Company of North America
Unit of Panasonic Corporation of North America
One Panasonic Way, Secaucus, NJ 07094
For a local dealer, please call 1-800-742-8086
As an Energy Star® Partner, Panasonic has
determined that this product meets the Energy
Star® Guidelines for energy efficiency.
Our business processes which produce document, information
and network products, from manufacturing to marketing, conform
to ISO9001 Quality Management Systems standard.
Design, development, manufacture, installation, repair and
maintenance of document, information and network products,
their associated devices and consumables.
DP-3030-BR 07/07
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