Advanced Wireless Solutions TK-8180H User's Manual

Advanced Wireless Solutions TK-8180H User's Manual
Listen to the Future
30/50 W (136-174 MHz)
30/45 W (450-520, 400-470 MHz)
Conventional & LTR® Zones
MPT1327 Trunking Option
Remote Control Head Option’
12 Character Alphanumeric Aliases
Backlit Dot Matrix LCD
3-Digit Sub-Display
Function / Status LCD Icons
RSSI Indicator
Date & 12/24 Hour Time Clock
Transmit / Busy / Call Alert / Warn LED
6 Backlit PF Keys
Emergency / AUX Key
Enhanced Kenwood Audio
Front Panel Speaker
Companded Audio
Voice Inversion Scrambler Built-in
Easy Option Port
Encryption / ANI Board Control
VGS-1 Voice Guide / Storage Option
Emergency Call Features
DTMF Encode / Decode’
Special Alert Tone Patterns’
Call Key‘
Time Out Timer
Busy Channel Lockout
Timed Power Off
DB-25 Accessory Connenctor’
9 Programmable AUX 1/0s*
2 Programmable AUX Outputs*
Ignition Sense*
Public Address / Horn Alert Option”
MIL-Spec Standard Mic
MIL-Spec 12-Key DTMF Mic Option
Windows® Programming 8: Tuning*
Windows? Firmware Uploading*
Front Panel Test / Tune
MIL-STD “Driven-Rain”°
IP-54/55 Water & Dust Intrusion’
512 Channels / 128 Zones"
Two-Tone Decode"
Single / Two-Tone Encode"
Operator Selectable Tone"
VHF/UHF FM Mobile Radios
Dual Priority Scan
Single 8: Multi-Zone Scan
List Scan
512 GID / 128 Zones"
Kenwood LTR® Features"
FleetSync® or FleetSync® ||"
PTT ID Digital ANI
Selective Call & Group Call
Status Messaging
Emergency Status
Caller ID Display
Short & Long Text Messages"
Power On/Off Status Messages
Input / Output Status Messages
FleetSync® GPS Ready"
Send GPS PF Key"
PTT ID & Emergency GPS Reporting
Status Message Block GPS Reporting"
Ignition On/Off GPS Reporting” >
VGS-1 GPS Data Storage"*"°
PC Serial Interface
E KMC-35 H KCT-40
Microphone Radio Interface Cable a
(supplied microphone) (for KDS-100, KGP-2A/2B) V3
H KMC-36
Keypad Microphone
Control Station H KCT-23M3
Desktop Microphone DC cable и
moun ee pat
Control Head 3 Ш KAP-2
Remote Kit (23ft/7m) He 723 Horn Alert/Public
Address Relay Unit
Ignition Sense Cable ‘< . — Е 4
Storage Unit
DC Cable (Dash dé
mount / 10 feet) и
‚— — — — uw .
External Speaker
Ш КЕ5-5
External Speaker
(requires KAP-2)
Key Lock Adapter
Line Noise Filter
DC Power Supply
DC Power Supply
EH KDS-100
Mobile Data Terminal
H KGP-2A/2B ="
GPS Receiver / GPS-2A
Modem Unit
All accessories and options may not be available in all markets.
аа 5 Contact an authorized Kenwood dealer for details and complete list of all accessories and options.
Specifications P ?
Model TK-7180 TK-7180H TK-8180 TK-8180H Model TK-7180 TK-7180H TK-8180 TK-8180H
GENERAL RECEIVER (Measurements made per EIA/TIA-603)
Frequency Range Sensitivity (12dB SINAD)
Type 1 136-174 MHz 450-520 MHz 450-512 MHz Wide 0.25 UV
Type 2 — 400-470 MHz Narrow 0.28 pV
Number of Channels* Selectivity**
Zone Max.128 per Radio Wide 80 dB 80 dB
Ch/GID Max.250 per Zones Narrow 70 dB 67 dB
(Max.512 [Conv.Ch's +GID's] total per Radio) Intermodulation Distortion
Channel Spacing Wide/Narrow 75 dB (+50, 100 kHz)
Wide 25 kHz, 30 kHz 25 kHz Spurious Response** 90 dB 85 dB
Narrow 12.5 kHz, 15 kHz 12.5 kHz Audio Output
Operating Voltage 13.6 V DC+15 % (4 Q Impedance) 4 W with less than 5 % distortion
Standby 04A 04A 04 A 0 A T SMITTER (Measurements made per ElA/ 603)
ae un A A an e e 30 to 1 W 50t010W 30t01W 4510 10 \М
Transmit 9.0 A 13.0 A 9.0 A 13.0 A ype © © | or
Duty Cycle Transmit: 20 % Type 2 _ _ a TU Ш a"
Operating Temperature Range -22 °F ~ +140 °F (-30 °C ~ +60 °C) Spurious Response 50 dB
Frequency Stability +0.00025 % (-22 °F ~ +140 °F) Type of Emission
Antenna Impedance 50Q ;
Wide 16KOF3E
Channel Frequency Spread Narrow 11KOF3E
Type 1 38 MHz 70 MHz FM Hum & Noise
Type 2 70 MHz Wide 50 dB
Dimensions (W x H x D), 6-5/16" x 1-3/4" x 6-3/16" Narrow 45 dB
Projections not included (160 mm x 45 mm x 157 mm) Microphone Impedance 600 Q
Weight (net) 3.3 Ibs. (1.5 kg) Audio Distortion
FCC ID Wide/Narrow 3 %
Type 1 K4437303110 K4437303210 K4437313110 K4437313210 »* Tnital specifications
Type 2— = = K4437313120 K4437313220 Kenwood follows a policy of continuous footnotes from Front:
IC Certification a in rome, For ae reason KRK-10 remote control kit required.
specifications may be changed without 2 DTMF includes PTT ID, Emergency ANI, Manual Encode (KMC-36),
Type 1 282F-37303110 - - - NONE, Auto-Dial (9 numbers) 8 stun...
Type 2— — — 282F-37313120 — 3 Special Alert Tone Patterns operate for 2-Tone, DTMF,
*Maximum capability depends on the number of programmed Zone and repeater channels.
Applicable MIL-STD & IP
Standard MIL 810C MIL 810D
MIL 810E
FleetSync” is a registered trademark of
Kenwood Corporation.
LTR® is a registered trademark of Transcrypt
MIL 810F
Methods/Procedures Methods/Procedures Methods/Procedures Methods/Procedures
500. 1/Procedure |
501.1/Procedure |, Il
500.2/Procedure |, II
501.2/Procedure |, II
Low Pressure
High Temperature
500.3/Procedure |, II
501.3/Procedure |, ||
500.4/Procedure |, Il
501 .4/Procedure |, ll
Low Temperature 502.1/Procedure | 502.2/Procedure |, || 502.3/Procedure |, II 502.4/Procedure |, ||
Temperature Shock 503.1/Procedure | 503.2/Procedure | 503.3/Procedure | 503.4/Procedure |, II
Solar Radiation 505.1/Procedure | 505.2/Procedure | 505.3/Procedure | 505.4/Procedure |
Rain 506.1/Procedure |, Il 506.2/Procedure |, Il 506.3/Procedure |, Il 506.4/Procedure |, III
Humidity 507.1/Procedure |, Il 507.2/Procedure Il, II! 507.3/Procedure ||, Ill 507.4
Salt Fog 509.1/Procedure | 509.2/Procedure | 509.3/Procedure | 509.4
Dust 510.1/Procedure | 510.2/Procedure | 510.3/Procedure | 510.4/Procedure |, Ill
Vibration 514.2/Procedure VIII, X 514.3/Procedure | 514.4/Procedure | 514.5/Procedure |
Shock 516.2/Procedure |, Il, lll, V 516.3/Procedure |, IV, V 516.4/Procedure |, IV, V 516.5/Procedure |, IV. V
International Protection Standard
Dust & Water Protection P54: Radio itself
P54/55: Remote Head with KRK-10
*To meet above Mil810 and IP grade, weather proof microphone KMC-35 or KMC-36 has to be connected.
20809 Kensington Blvd Lakeville, MN 55044
FleetSync® selective call decode.
* Call Key: 6 keys max.; operates for 2-Tone, DTMF and
FleetSync status encode.
> DB-25 ACC supports 15 Remote Zone/CH/GID selections,
KGP-2A/B (KCT-40 required), KDS-100 (KCT-40 required), data
modem, MDT, interconnect.
* KCT46 ignition sense cable option required; plugs into mobile
ignition sense pig-tail cable.
7 KAP-2 required: Horn Alert operates for FleetSync*, 2-Tone or
DTMF selective call decode.
* KPG-89D required: Windows®98/ NT/ 2000/ Me/XP compatible;
English/Spanish screen languages.
> MIL-STD “Driven-Rain” and IP-55 Water/Dust Intrusion apply
to remote control head only; IP54 applies to radio chassis.
' Conventional Zones: 512 Channels /128 Zones max. per radio;
250 CH max. per Zone Trunked Zones: 512 GID / 128 Zones
max. per radio; 250 GID max. per Zone.
"" Two-Tone Decode (4 sets x 4 pairs each); Single / Two-Tone
Encode (32 tones), Operator Selectable Tone (40 QT.DQT code pairs).
2 Kenwood LTR® Features include: GID Delete/Add, LTR® Talk
Around /Scan Revert Group Display, System Scan, Group Scan,
Auto Search.
" FleetSync® & FleetSync® Il are not compatible.
" Short Text Messages are radio stored & LCD displayed; Long
Text Messages require a KDS-100 and KCT-40.
> FleetSync® GPS features require an internal GPS board or
externally wired GPS receiver with NMEA TTL level serial data
output to the internal COM 1 or 2 set to "GPS".
'5 Requires a VGS-1 option.
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