AEG Coffee Machines User manual

AEG Coffee Machines User manual
Coffee Machine
Coffee Machine
Coffee Machines
A stunning addition to your kitchen, an AEG-Electrolux coffee
machine is always on hand to deliver the perfect cup of freshly
ground coffee, bringing Italian espresso coffee into your home.
Design & Performance
Coffee Machine
g & Performance
Superb aesthetics
& outstanding performance.
Anti-fingerprint stainless steel.
The AEG-Electrolux coffee machine is
designed with anti-fingerprint
stainless steel, taking the style and
elegance of stainless steel one stage
further - ensuring your coffee
machine always looks good.
Coffee bean grinder.
At the turn of a switch, the coffee
bean grinder will grind fresh coffee
beans exactly to your individual taste.
It is regulated to deliver the perfect
espresso, but can be adjusted
according to personal preference.
Coffee press.
The coffee press function firmly
compresses the ground coffee in
preparation for making coffee.
Coffee pods.
Our coffee machine can utilise coffee
pods for added flexibility
Halogen light.
Perfect illumination of the working area.
Italian espresso style coffee at home.
Integrated coffee machine.
BRITA® water filter.
There is no need to plumb the
AEG-Electrolux coffee machine, BRITA®
water filters are included as standard
to ensure the optimum water quality
is maintained. It holds 2.5 litres of
water and the LED display will indicate
when it needs to be refilled, making
maintenance simple.
Anti-finger print stainless steel
Electronic touch controls with LED display
for ease of use and stunning design
Pre-programmed coffee offering a
selection of coffee including espresso,
double espresso and regular coffee
Uses fresh coffee beans, ground coffee or
coffee pods
BRITA® water filter included as standard
Water tank 2.5l capacity
Telescopic runners for easy access
2 rotary control knobs for coffee selection
and steam water operation
Used coffee drawer with LED when emptying
Water sensor with LED when refilling required
Steam/water spout - froths milk to create
an authentic cappuccino, latte or even hot
Water tank docking station
Coffee filter holder
1 cup filter & nozzle
2 cup filter & nozzle
Wire cup rack
Steam spout.
The AEG-Electrolux coffee machine
comes with a steam spout; perfect for
cappuccino, latte or even hot chocolate.
Perfect accessories:
Accessory drawer
The AEG-Electrolux coffee machine
and accessory drawer with telescopic
runners can be easily installed into
kitchen furniture to perfectly match
your oven and dishwasher.
Wire cup rack
Wire cup rack for espresso making
Filter holder
Filter holder holds the relevant filter
for coffee preparation.
2 nozzles
1 and 2 cup nozzles to use with filters.
The 2 cup nozzle has an adjustable
screw to allow regulation of coffee
flow, delivering the required volume
into each cup.
2 filters
Allows the user to make either 1 or 2
cups at a time.
1 scoop useful when using pre-ground
Accessory drawer.
All accessories can be cleaned in the
dishwasher for total convenience.
Waste dish
A durable and easy to clean dish for
emptying the filter of used coffee
Stylish recessed handle
PKD6070M: Anti-fingerprint stainless steel
Telescopic runners
Stainless steel inner liner
Useful storage space for coffee machine
Waste dish
Co-ordinates perfectly with
the accessory drawer.
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