AEG VAMPYRETTE 314 User's Manual

AEG VAMPYRETTE 314 User's Manual
Hand vacuum cleaner
Aspirateur a main
Aspirapolvere portabile
Aspiradora manual — В
Operating instructions -
Mode d'emploi
Istruzioni per | uso |
Instrucciones para el uso
о >
Handie tube
Crevice and upholstery nozzle, handily
located on the handle tube
(depending on model)
* Snap-action catch for bag compartment
Power economy button
On/off switch
Electronic power control
Appliance handle
Filter change (bag full) indicator
: VARIO 4000
Plug socket for electrosuction brush
(depending on model)
wm >
Manche métailique avec poignée
Suceur plat et à capitonnages, |
à portée de la main sur le manche
(pour certains modèles)
Touche de fermeture du coffret pour sac à
Position «économie d’ énergie»
Interrupteur Marche/Arrêt
Réglage électronique de la puissance
Poignée de l'appareil
Indicateur de changement du filtre
VARIO 4000
Prise pour électrobrosse
(pour certains modèles)
WU >
Metalen steel met handgreep
Kieren- en stofferingszuigmond,
voor het gebruik gereed aan de steel
(afhankelijk van de uitvoering)
Sluittoets voor het vakje van de stofzak
In- en ultschakelaar —
Elektronische zuigkrachtregelaar
Indicatie dat de filter vervangen moet
‘VARIO 4000
Kontaktdoos voor elektrozuigborstel
(afhankelijk van de uitvoering)
о >
‘Manico di metallo con impugnatura
Ugello per fessure e cuscini,
pronto all'uso, nel manico
(secondo il modello)
Pulsante di bloccaggio dello всотрапо | del
sacchetto di intercettazione polvere
Livello di economizzazione di energía
— Interruttore per inserzione/disinserzione
Regolazione elettronica di potenza
Manico dell’apparecchio Е
Indicazione di sostituzione del filtro
VARIO 4000
Presa per la spazzola elettrica di
aspirazione (secondo il modello)
Mango metálico con empuñadura
Boquilla para juntas y tapizados, al alcance
de la mano junto al mango
(según modelo)
C Tecla de cierre para el compartimiento de
la bolsa recogepolvos
Etapa economizadora de energía
Interruptor de conexión/desconexión
Regulación electrónica de la potencia
Empuñadura del aparato
indicador para cambiar el filtro
VARIO 4000 |
Caja toma corriente para el cepillo
aspirador eléctrico (según modelo)
° 13
Metalistiel mit Handgriff
Fugen- und Polsterdúse,
griffbereit am Stiel (je nach Ausführung)
VerschluBtaste für Staubbeutelraum
Ein- und Ausschalter
‚ МАМРУВЕТТЕ® 320/330
Elektronische Leistungsregelung
VARIO 4000 | о
Steckdose für Elektrosaugbürste (je nach -
| Ausfúhrung)
Safety instructions
—e The supply voltage must be the same as
the operating voltage (see rating plate on
underside of vacuum cleaner)!
e The circuit for the socket used must be
— protected with a fuse of at least 10 A.
e Before maintenance or cleaning or before
connecting additional appliances, ensure
that the appliance is switched off and
unplugged from the mains supply.
— € Never use the flex to pull the mains plug
out of the plug socket.
e Do not operate the appliance if:
— the flex is damaged |
— the housing shows visible signs of
® Avoid running over the supply lead with the
appliance, suction brush, or electric
suction brush. The insulation may be
@® Repairs to electrical appliances should
only be carried out by a trained electri-
cian. Improperly performed repairs may
place the user at serious risk. .
O If your vacuum cleaner has a fault, please
therefore contact your electrical retailer or
the AEG Service Centre direct.
— € Make sure that a paper dustbag and
| MICROFILTER are always inserted.
® Let shampooed carpeted floors fully dry.
Never use your vacuum cleaner to vacuum
liquids, since it may otherwise be
-damaged. The protection against electric
shock may also be impaired.
e If the appliance is wrongly operated
or used for a purpose other than that for
which it is intended, no liability can be
accepted for any possible damage.
® Never use your appliance to vacuum
‘matches, glowing embers, or cigarette-
ends. Avoid vacuuming hard pointed
‘objects, since they may damage the appli-
Е апсе ог рарег dustbag. |
“CE” This appliance complies with the follow-
ing EC Directives: — 72/23/EEC of 19. 02. 1973
~ Low Voltages Directive - 89/336/EEC of
03. 05. 1989 (including Amentment Directive
ЗЕ/ЗИЕЕС) = EMV Directive.
| Insert handle
First of all, insert the handlegrip into the
tubular handle by pressing down the locking
knob, taking care that the knob comes to rest
in the hole provided.
Fig. 3: Insert the handie into the top of the
appliance and secure it by means of the lock-
nut. The handlegrip and cable clips must point
backwards. Insert the electric lead into the
plug aperture on the handlle next to the upper
cable clip. |
Conversion into a hand appliance
(fig. 4)
Detach the handle from the appliance, sepa- —.
rate the handlegrip from the handle tube by
pressing on the knob and pulling, and insert it
in the appliance in place of the handle.
The handlegrip of the handle tube and the
handle on the appliance enable the appliance
to be used with ease and comfort on uphols-
tery, mattrasses, etc.
Fig. 5: The nozzles are connected by pushing
and twisting and disconnected by pulling and
Switching on and off (fig. 6)
Switch your vacuum cleaner on or off with the
on/off button (A).
If you have connected other electrical
appliances with high connected load on the
same circuit and switch them on simulta-
neously with your vacuum cleaner, the fuse
may cut out. On the VAMPYRETTE, this can be
avoided by setting the slide control to MIN
before switching on and then controlling the
setting to a higher level after switching on.
Power economy button and
electronic suction control
(depending on model)
The VAMPYRETTE incorporates a high-per-
formance blower. The suction power can be
electronically controlled from MIN to MAX by
means of a slide.
Fig. 6/B: The power economy button ensures. ‘
that your vacuum cleaner has the right degree
of suction for normal everyday cleaning tasks.
Should, however, more intensive vacuum
cleaning be required (removing heavy dirt
stains, working on smooth floors, etc.), the
degree of suction can be increased to MAX.
In exactly the same manner, the suction power
can also be reduced to MIN (for delicate
‘fabrics, light carpets, etc.).
| should basically be noted that the highest
suction power setting will give the best
- cleaning results. With increasing wattage,
however, the power consumption also
increases together with the effort required to
push the nozzles and the operating noise of
the vacuum cleaner.
Dustbag full indicator
(depending on model)
The filter change (bag full) indicator da. 1/H)
tells you that the filters must be changed.
You should then check as follows:
Switch on vacuum cleaner.
If a red symbol in the inspection window
show red, the dustbag or also the
MICROFILTER must be changed.
Please use original AEG dustbags or
MICROFILTERS provided with the
quality seal. This will ensure
"high suction power and reliability.
Replacement filters (size 20) are available from
your stockist under E-No. 618 899679 and’
from the AEG After-Sales Service under
ET-No. 668 901 257, OKO-VAMPYRETTE/350
(size 27) E-No. 618 899 691,
ET-No. 668 901 267. Damage resulting from
use of other dustbags will not be covered by
guarantee. Every pack of original AEG paper
filters contains: 10 dustbags and
Changing the filters (fig. 7)
Open the dust: compartment lid by depressing
the snapaction catch and remove the lid.
Fig. 8: The lid can be used to carry the full
dustbag. Take out the full dustbag and fit the .
new dustbag on the dustbag carrier. Wipe the
dustbag cavity with a damp cloth as and when
required. Full dustbags can be disposed of
with the normal household rubbish.
Fig. 9: Please note: after every fifth dustbag '
change, the MICROFILTER must also be
replaced to ensure proper suction power.
Through timely replacement, you will ensure
optimum suction power and save yourself
work. |
Fig. 10: insert the lid into the appliance and
. press it firmly closed.
Using the cleaner head VARIO 4000
— (fig. 11)
The cleaner head is universally suitable for
everyday cleaning of carpets and hard floor-
ing, such as wooden parquet flooring, ceramic
tilling, linoleum etc. There is no need to
manually adjust the cleaner head to suit dif-
ferent floor types.
Four rollers, as well as 2 wheels at the back of
“the cleaner head, give the VARIO 4000 ex-
tremely good manoeuvrability. Even sideways
movements are possible. |
The rollers ensure a constant distance
between the floor and the underside of the
- cleaner head. This allows even scratch prone
wooden flooring to be cleaned.
it additionally features a pivot that makes your
hand vacuum cleaner- especially mobile.
Working under furniture is eased by lateral
rotation of the appliance.
— Fig. 12; When the nozzle is inserted with rota-
tion through 180°, the VAMPYRETTE needs a
working height of only 19 cm. |
What to do when the rollers and
wheels start seizing up? (fig. 13)
‘Remove the hair or threads that have accumu- |
lated around the rollers, wheels and axles of
the cleaner head.
The rollers and wheels are easily removed for
cleaning. The wheels (A) are removed by
pulling in a sideways direction as illustrated.
Remove the hairs and threads and push the
wheels back into place until you hear an
audible click.
The 4 rollers (B) can be levered out of their
location by using an thin flat object such as a
screwdriver or spoon (please observe the
arrow direction). Insert the screwdriver (B) as |
illustrated and lever out the roller. Remove the
hairs and threads and push the roller back Ш
into place.
BEWARE: Place the flat of the hand over the
roller whilst levering out. This avoids the roller
springing out. |
Changing the thread collectors
(fig. 14)
If the thread collector (C) on the cleaner head
(located near the pipe exit) is worn out then it
can be replaced. This is available from AEG
Spare Parts Department under part number
ET-nr. 668 901 690.
ROTOSOFT 1100 turbobrush (fig. 15)
(Special accessory, E-No. 618 104 200)
The ROTOSOFT 1100 turbobrush eases the
"care of carpets and hard floors. Its rotating
brush picks up trodden-in dirt, e.g. in well-
trodden areas, and straightens the carpet pile.
The ROTOSOFT 1100 turbobrush can also be
used on hard floors without re-equipment. I
ROTOSOFT electrosuction brush
(fig. 16) a
(Special accessory, E-No. 618 110 211)
This is the ideal accessory for cleaning large
areas of carpeting quickly and thoroughly.
Fluff and threads are no problem for this
appliance, which will gently brush and vacuum
your carpet in a single operation.
The device is fitted to the socket outlet of your
hand vacuum cleaner.
When working with ROTOSOFT, do not run
—. over the vacuum cleaner flex!
For the sake of the environment
Do not throw away packing material.
e The cardboard box can be taken to paper |
‘recycling facilities.
e Plastic bag made of polyethyiene (PE) can
be taken to recycling facilities of PE collec-
tion depots.
® The filler parts are made of polystyrene =
(PS). They do not contain any CFCs.
Your local Department for the Environment
will be able to give you advise as to where
“collecting depots and recycling facilities are
— available.
AEG Kundendienst i in Europa
52068 Aachen, Auf der Hiils 197
. 63741 Aschaffenburg, Dammer Straße 5
14199 Berlin, Hohenzollerndamm 150
33609 Bielefeld, Schillerstraße 44
53113 Bonn, Friedrich-Ebert-Allee 26
71034 Bóblingen-Hulb, DornierstraBe 7
38102 Braunschweig, Campestraße 7
28207 Bremen, Hastedter Osterdeich 222
41541 Dormagen-St. Peter, SachtlebenstraGe 1
44139 Dortmund, Rheinlanddamm, AEG Haus
01099 Dresden, Industriegelánde, StraBe E
Diisseldorf (Kundendienst in 41541 Dormagen)
99096 Erfurt, Arnstädter Straße 28
45329 Essen-Altenessen, Teilungsweg 28
60326 Frankfurt/Main, Mainzer Landstraße 349
79108 Freiburg, Tullastraße 84
36000 Fulda, Michael-Henkel-Straße 4-6
35390 Gießen, Schanzenstraße 1-5
65462 Ginsheim-Gustavsburg, Darmstädter Landstraße 47 |
22625 Hamburg-Bahrenfeld, Hoistenkamp 40
30179 Hannover, Wiesenauer StraBe 13
74078 Heilbronn-Neckargartach, Bollinger Strale 61
76185 Karlsruhe, Neureuter StraBe 5-7
34123 Kassel-Bettenhausen, Lilienthalstra3e 150
87437 Kempten, Brodkorbweg 22
24113 Kiel, Rendsburger Landstraße 206
56068 Koblenz, Rheinstraße 17
50825 Köln, Weinsbergstraße 190
- 04448 Leipzig-Seehausen, Walter-Kähn-Strabe 4
39110 Magdeburg, GroBe Diesdorfer StraBe 203
68309 Mannheim-Káfertal, Heppenheimer Str. 31-33
80634 Miinchen-Neuhausen, Arnulfstra3e 205
-- 48153 Miinster, Friedrich-Ebert-StraBe 7
90429 Nürnberg, Muggenhofer Straße 135
49084 Osnabrück, Pferdestraße 23
88213 Ravensburg, Henri-Dunant-Straße 6
93055 Regensburg, Bukarester Straße 12
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66121 Saarbriicken-St. Johann, Mainzer StraBe 176
57072. Siegen, Sandstrafie 173
Stuttgart (Kundendienst in 71034 Böblingen)
54292 Trier, Paulinstraße 152
89073 Ulm, Neue Straße 113-115
Österreich, 1230 Wien, 1-8 66.40-0
Belgique/Belgié, 1502 Lembeck, 02/363.0555
Danmark, 7000 Fredericia, 79-22 13 00
España, Madrid, 1-885-27 00
- France, 60307 Senlis, 03 44 62 20 00
Great Britain, Slough, 0173-87 23 49
Hellas, 17674 Kallithea, Athen 01/9 30 49 85
Island, Reykjavik (Brædurnir Ormsson Ltd.) 91- 3 88 20
Italia, 20041 Agrate Brianza (Milano) 39/68 99-8 39
Luxembourg, 1273 Luxembourg-Hamm 24 24 31-4 30
Nederland, 1066 BP Amsterdam, 0 20-6 17 89 91
Norge, 0516 Oslo 22-64 17 74
Portugal, 2735 Cacem 11-9 1504 77
Schweiz - Svizzera, 5506 Mägenwil 62-889 93 93
Suomi, 00580 Helsinki 77 04 24 70
Sverige, 10545 Stockholm, 08-6 56-68 30
Für dieses Gerát leisten wir — zusátzlich zu'der
gesetzlichen Gewáhrleistung des Hándlers aus
Kaufvertrag — dem Endabnehmer gegenüber zu
den nachstehenden Bedingungen Garantie:
1. Die Garantiezeit betrdgt 12 Monate und
beginnt mit dem Zeitpunkt der Ubergabe des
Geráts, der durch Rechnung oder andere
Unterlagen zu belegen ist. Die Garantiezeit
ist auf 6 Monate beschránkt, wenn das Gerát
gewerblich genutzt wird.
2. Die Garantie umfaBt die Behebung ailer
innerhalb der Garantiezeit auftretenden
Schäden oder Mängel des Geräts, die nach-
weislich auf Material- oder Fertigungs-
fehlern beruhen. Nicht unter die Garantie
fallen Schäden oder Mängel aus nicht
vorschriftsmäßigem Anschluß, unsachge-
mäßer Handhabung sowie Nichtbeachtung.
der Gebrauchsanweisungen.
3. Im Garantiefall kann das Gerát einer unse-
rer Kundendienst-Stellen oder dem autori-
sierten Fachhandel übergeben werden.
Bei Einsendung des Geräts an die für Sie
zuständige Kundendienststelle ist darauf zu
achten, daß das Gerät gut verpackt, mit voll-
ständigem Absender und - soweit möglich —
‘mit einer kurzen Fehlerbeschreibung ver-
sehen wird.
4, Die Garantieleistungen werden ohne jede
Berechnung durchgeführt; sie bewirken
weder eine Verlängerung noch einen Neube-
ginn der Garantiezeit. Ausgewechselte Teile
gehen in unser Eigentum über.
Guarantee ‘
This appliance | is covered by the following guar-
antee and is in' addition to your statutory and
other legal rights. All components which fail due
"to defective manufacture will be repaired or
replaced free of charge for a period of 12 months
from the date of purchase. We will not accept
claims if unauthorised modification is made or if
nonstandard components are used. The appli-
ance must be used in accordance with the oper-
ating instructions and the guarantee does not
cover any damage caused during transit or
through misuse. In order to establish the date of
purchase, advice note or similar document must
be produced whenever the guarantee is claimed.
Pour toute mise en œuvre de garantie ou de :
service aprés vente, vous devez vous adresser á
votre vendeur.
AEG assure au vendeur le remplacement gratuit
des pièces détachées nécessaires à la réparation — -
pendant 1 an, a partir de la date de votre factu-
re, sauf en cas de non respect des prescriptions
d'utilisation ou lorsqu'une cause étrangère à
l'appareil] est responsable de la défaillance.
Les dispositions stipulées ci-dessus ne sont pas
exclusives du bénéfice au profit de l'acheteur
“ de la garantie légale pour défaut et vice cachés
qui s'applique, en tout état de cause, dans
les conditions des articles 1641 et suivants, du
code civil,
AEG Nederland neemt voor reparaties binnen de
garantietermijn - voor zover de defekten zijn
terug te voeren op materiaal — enfof konstruk-
tiefouten - de kosten op zich voor materiaal en
arbeitsloon. De garantie bedraagt 12 maanden
AEG Hausgeráte GmbH, Muggenhofer StraBe 135, D-90429 Núrnberg
en gaat in op de dag van aankoop. Wanneer ga-
rantie wordt verlangd, dient de faktuur van aan-
koop te worden overlegd. De garantietermijn
wordt door reparaties niet verlengd. Buiten elke
garantieverpflichting vallen losse onderdelen
van: glas en/of kunststof. Alle overige kosten,
zoals voorrijdkosten, kosten van opzending en
administratie, zijn voor rekening van de eigenaar.
Garanzia :
Duranti ¡ primi 12 mesi d'esercizio, vengono for-
nite gratuitamente dall'AEG le parti di ricambio
riconosciute difettose. La garanzia ha inizio con
il giorno dell'acquisto che deve venir comprova-
to a mezzo della fattura o boletta di consegna.
“Per il resto valgono le condiziont generali di -
fornitura della rispettiva rappresentanza nazio-
Durante los primeros 12 meses, la AEG se hace
cargo de cuantos costes de material y horas de
trabajos invertidas se produzcan en la subsana-
ción de defectos. La garantia empieza a regir a
partir de la fecha de la entrega, la que deberá
justificarse mediante presentación de la factura
o de la nota de depacho. Por lo demás serán de
aplicación las condiciones generales de venta se
“gun rigen en el respectivo pais de nuestra re-
In Belgien ist nur die durch belge AEG ausgege-
bene Garantiekarte gültig.
En Belgique, seule la carte de garantie émise par
la belge AEG est valable.
. In Belgié is slechts de door de belge AEG uitge-
geven waarborgkaart geldig. *
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