QSound® Bluetooth® Audio

QSound® Bluetooth® Audio
Application Overview
QSound® Bluetooth® Audio
stereo enhancement for CSR BC3/5 Multimedia IC’s
About QSound® Bluetooth® Audio
In today’s consumer environment, wireless means flexibility,
freedom and mobility – no cables, no clutter, no hassles. Whether
wired or not, consumers expect excellent performance and quality.
QSound and CSR deliver exactly that – top quality Bluetooth wireless
capability. CSR’s BlueCore3/5-Multimedia single chip radio and
baseband IC enhanced with QSound’s leading stereo sound stage
expansion, surpasses consumer expectations with an impressively
detailed audio experience.
QSound Bluetooth Audio is a compact, high-performance digital
audio processing software solution drawn from QSound Labs’
ground-breaking 3D spatial algorithms. This technology represents
the culmination of over 15 years of PC host and DSP audio software
development and product deployment by QSound Labs, Inc., a world
leader in sonic innovation.
QSound Bluetooth® Audio Applications
Mobile Phones
Media Players
QSound Labs, Inc., Partner
CSR eXtension Program
Car Stereo
Feature Description
The QSound Competitive Edge
QSound’s proprietary QXpander 3D spatial processing literally
adds new dimensions to music playback, expanding the sound stage
beyond the physical limitations of speaker locations, and enlarging the
acoustic image outside the listener’s head when using headphones.
• Top quality audio enhancement
algorithms for stereo headphones,
speakers / docking stations
QXpander employs purpose-specific algorithms for maximum spatial
impact on headphones or speakers. Speaker-targeted 3D processing
is optimized for narrow speaker geometries and can be OEM-tuned for
peak performance on front, rear, or side-firing speaker configurations.
QSizzle is an adaptive mid to high-frequency spectral enhancement,
selectively adding upper spectrum energy according to the real
time characteristics of the input signal. QSizzle restores a natural
sounding sonic punch to highly compressed audio formats like mp3
resulting in lively, sparkling highs without the strident, harsh sideeffects of simple frequency boosters.
A high-efficiency, anti-saturation dynamic range controller, QLimiter
handles any combination of signals and extreme effects settings,
eliminating output distortion with surprisingly little CPU bandwidth.
Industry’s best performance:
- Lowest memory and MIPS
- Ultra low system overhead
- Minimal effect on headset
playback times
- Tunable for all narrow geometry
speaker configurations
• Proven track record and established
brand recognition
Other Technologies Available:
QRumble™ dynamic low-frequency enhancement.
QCompressor™ dynamic range control.
QLoudness™ Fletcher-Munson equalization curve.
Leaders in Digital Audio Innovation
QSound® Bluetooth® Audio
Proven Technology,
Brand Recognition and
Implementation Experience
Technical Specifications
& Implementation Data
Audio solutions by QSound Labs have
been rigorously optimized with the
participation of major industry partners
focusing on three critical requirements:
quality, processing performance and
memory footprint.
QSound Labs’ audio software is well known as one of the wireless
industry’s highest quality, most compact and efficient solutions for enriching
the users’ audio experience. Since its inception in 1988, QSound Labs,
Inc. has established itself as one of the world’s leading audio technology
companies. QSound’s expertise was born out of its roots in pro-audio recording
of numerous artists, television shows and movies such as Madonna, Sting,
Pink Floyd, X-Files, Wonder Years, Robin Hood Prince of Thieves and many
You can expect at least 25 to 50 percent
savings on MIPS and memory footprint
when compared to competing solutions.
For detailed technical information and
implementation data please contact
a QSound representative as per the
contact information below or email us at
[email protected]
Today, QSound Labs is well known and highly regarded for its proprietary
audio solutions that include virtual surround sound, positional audio and
stereo enhancement for the mobile devices, consumer electronics, PC/
multimedia and Internet markets. A partial listing of the companies using
QSound technology is provided below.
Mobile Phones
Mobile Partners
Audio Products
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