Aiphone TC-10M User's Manual

Aiphone TC-10M User's Manual
83945900 0102 ® 2 Al PHON E ®
TC-M Series |
Models: TC-10M: 10-call master
TC-20M: 20-call master
This Manual and the Markings on the product contain various
symbols in order that the product can be used safely and properly,
and that the installer and user are protected from injury and
property damage. The following precautions must be thoroughly
read and understood before proceeding.
/N WARNING Negligence could result in death or serious injury.
/\ CAUTION Negligence could result in injury or damage to property.
- Places subject to moisture or humidity extremes. ®
MA WARNING - Places subject to environmental conditions,
1. Do not connect any power source other than specified on O such as oil, dust, chemicals, salt, etc.
TC-M master, Fire or damage to the unit could result. - Places subject to constant vibration or impact.
2. Do not open TC-M master. High voltage is present inside, O - Places where noise generating devices such as
and it can cause electric shock. TV or radio are close by.
3. Do not change or alter TC-M master. it can cause fire O
or electric shock. AN
4. Make sure wires are connected properly before plugging in O GENERAL PRECAUTIONS
power supply. 1. TC-M equipment is designed for indoor use only.
5. Keep TC-M master away from water or any other liquid. O Do not install outdoors.
Fire or electric shock could result. | 2. TC-M system is not operational during a power failure.
6. Keep AC plug away from moisture or dust. 3. In areas where broadcasting station antennas are close by,
7. Keep AG cord away from being marred or crushed. O intercom system may be affected by radio frequency interference.
8. Do not plug or unplug with wet hands. 4. Keep all DC wiring at least 30cm, 1' away from AC 100-240V
9. Do not put any metal into TC-M through Openings. O wiring, fluorescent lighting, or dimmer switches.
It can cause fire, electric shock or unit damage. Otherwise, cross AC wiring at a 90° angle.
A CAUTION x Weather conditions, such as lightning storms, may cause damage
, to TC-M equipment. It is suggested to take protective measures
1. Do not make call tone testing with hook switch manually held down. as follows;
The call tone sounds very loud near your ears, and can cause O * When an AC transformer is used
your hearing damage. TC-10M TC-20M
. . , . . AC trans.
2. Do not install or make any wire terminations while power supply o Install a surge-arrester 7 | ac 15- 16v
is plugged in. It can cause electrical shock or damage to the unit. (discharging voltage: 100~180V) or DC 18V
3. Install TC-M master in a convenient location, but not o on a point close to the output, —, I Surge-
where it could be bumped or jarred. Зоне arrester
4. In case of electrical storms, unplug power supply from AC outlet. = Grounded
It can cause fire, electric shock, or power surge damage. * When a DC power supply is used: |
5. Do not install TC-M components in any of the following locations, on the power und. grounding terminal, be sure to take the
as it may cause ihe system to malfunction; In this case, it is not necessary to connect a surge-arrester.
- High or extreme cold temperature area: — When using a power supply that has no grounding terminal,
under direct sunlight, near equipment that varies in temperature, install a surge-arrester in the same manner as stated above.
in front of air conditioner, inside a refrigerated area, etc. Surge-arrester SA-1 is available from Aiphone.
Examples of Symbols;
The Z\ mark indicates caution The @ mark indicates contents The Q mark indicates contents ® PROHIBITIONS
statement (incl. danger and warning), which demands a specific which prohibit a specific action
which is specifically shown inside. action shown inside or attached. ~~ shown inside or attached. NI MOISTURE
* All the products of other manufacturers, power supply, buzzer, etc. used for TC-M, are not within our warranty, A PROHIBITIONS
and must be used under manufacturer or distributor's specifications and warranty.
Hl System outline
The TC-M is an internal telephone type system, expandable up to 60 subs and 2 masters.
Communicates with TB-SE handset subs and IE/IF door stations.
TC-10M or TC-20M
w/TC-20G or TC-40G
- Master stations
10-call master
20-call master
M Package contents
Master station (TC-10M or TC-20M)
Directory card & cover
Screws-pack (2 types, ea. 4 pcs)
Wall-mount cradle
Installation & Operation Manual
- Sub stations
- Power supplies
PS-18C (AC 120V)
PS-18E (AC 220 - 240V)
- External signaling relay
+ Door station adaptors
TC-20G 20-call add-on selector
TC-40G 40-call add-on selector
TB-SE Handset sub station
TB-SE-R Handset sub station, red case
IER-2 Call extension speaker (for TC-M)
TAR-3 External signaling relay
(Requires a 6V DC power supply)
TB-AD1 1-call door station adaptor
TB-AD10 10-call door station adaptor
IF-DA Door station (any IE/IF series)
PS-18C 18V DC power supply (AC 120V)
PS-18E 18V DC power supply (AC 220 - 240V)
. Video accessories;
1. TG-M & TC-G units can not interchangeably be used with TB-M & TB-G units.
2. TC-M masters & accessories are NOT compatible with TB-10T and TB-20T.
3. TB-RC sub station (for TB-T) can be used with TB-M & TC-M masters.
TC-M system may be combined with a TB-ADM10 video adaptor, which can connect
up to 10 video door stations MK series (MK-DAC, MK-DBC, MK-DS/B), etc. Install a
video monitor MYH-CU beside TC-M. For details, refer to the Manual packed with TB-ADM10.
HB Names & functions
TC-10M and TC-20M master station is streamline and modernly designed. The master console may
be placed on desk or wall-mounted.
Power on switch
(on rear panel)
Power on & Plug-in connector
in-use LEDs (on the back)
Station-select or
call button with LED
Directory card
and cover
Receive & call tone
volume controls
Transfer switch
TC-10M with TC-20G add-on selector
The selector switch bank is aligned vertically, with each station having its own directory. Station
numbers count top to bottom 1 to 10 on first switch bank, and 11 to 20 on the second switch bank of
TC-20M. The supplied directory card and cover can be attached from the left.
Features Transfer switch and LED in the center of front panel. Single transfer button automatically
connects the master with the next TB-SE sub that has called (max. 2)
TC-20G or TC-40G add-on selector plugs into TC-M back panel, and can be placed on either side of
EM Features
- TC-20G or TC-40G add-on selector connects additional TB-SE subs, allowing system
* One or dual-master configuration.
- TB-AD1 adaptor connects TC-M with an IE/IF Series audio door station (up to 3).
«For 4 to max. 10 doors, use a TB-AD10 adaptor. Or alternatively, TB-ADM10 adaptor
for max. 10 PanTilt door stations. Allows TC-M to communicate and monitor each MY
door station audio-visually either selectively or all in succession. Refer to the TB-
ADM10 Manual.
* Call extension IER-2 allows incoming call tone to be heard at a remote location:
Master station can call sub by tone, and optional external buzzer.
E Terminal-block layout
+ HE le [e] E] [9] [a] [a] [e] fé]
DC18V or
le [= [=] 3] [21 [Zo] [m] (m) {m} m} [m] [m
-«—— Connect power supply to
TC-M Master station
(Max. 25m/1.0mmg, 8071 BAWG)
«4— Each E terminal may have
one to three wires from
TB-SE terminal 2.
% 2 wires from TB-SE subs must
not be made common at any
other point than on the
TC-M terminal block.
- N
(ея Г ее [m m Bf) el [oo] fo] [5 eo) 9] 2 | §
Ш Meaning of terminal symbols
E terminal is common calling and communication line.
No. 1~40 terminals are selective station points, providing selective calling and communication.
C & M terminals are master-to-master communication.
R & T terminals are master-to-door adaptor transmit and receive lines.
S & S terminals are call tone output to IER-2 call extension speaker.
Cable requirements
Use 2-conductor cable (twisted or non-twisted) homerun to each sub station (0.65 ~ 1.0mm ¢ ,
22 - 18AWG).
NEE GE EE Bm mm fm mw mm
DC18V or
Ip] [6] [1] 2) 3) [Z} [©] [m] [m] fm] [m] {m} [m]
Im] Im} [m] [m] [m] [rm] [m] [m] [5] [©] [eof [] [2] [0] [#] [2] [ro] [=]
(ra (ma) {mn [mi] [ma [rm (ml [| 5 el dE J ad E] (a) fl
ENEE e e e (e E) 7) 5 FF mm
12RBEEEE EE E Em mmm mn mn)
— | Es
= Ш
2 Al
2 Ni
+ О
2 7]
2 2]
7 О
в О
BM TC-10M single-master system with a door station
Master station
Door adaptor
To: power supply
e The # terminals on the master station connect to
terminal 1 on each TB-SE sub. These numbers
become the sub's station number, numbered from
the top on each 10-button row.
* 2 parallel wires per TB-SE sub, nonpolarized.
Be sure to run each pair of wires directly to
TC-M master.
E line in each pair should not be connected at
any other point of cable than E terminals on
TC-M, which can accomodate 2 ~ 3 TB-SE subs.
Sub station
Any # terminal on T
add-on selector.
10 | -—
18v NEE
~~ ZA S 1
5 E
C-M or TC-G
% Do not connect any power source here.
Call extension
(one per TC-M)
The master can select the door station for audio monitoring at any time. The call
announce pretone is selectable.
Set the switch to ON position for pretone, removing the cover of front case.
Ш Wiring distance
TC-M to TB-SE sub
Diameter | 0.65mm | 0.8mm | 1.0mm
“Distance | 400m | 600m | 900m
TB-AD1 to audio door station
Diameter | 0.65mm | 0.8mm | 1.0mm
Distance | 150m 230m 360m
TC-M to TB-AD1
Diameter | 0.65mm | 0.8mm | 1.0mm
Distance 65m 100m 150m
— DC12V input
AWG 22AWG | 20AWG | 18AWG
Distance | 1,300" | 2,000 | 3,000'
Distance 500° = 750 1,200"
Pre-tone sounds at door
AWG 22AWG | 20AWG 18AWG station when selected from
Distance 210' 330' 495' TC-M master. The feature
can be muted by switching
to OFF.
Ш TC-10M single-master with TC-(20,40)G add-on selector
* TC-M master, with a TC-G add-on selector,
expands its capacity up to 60 substations.
Choose the master and add-on selector to
meet your system's requirements.
Master station
AC 15-16V
or DC18V
-— To: power supply
Sub station
3 | 1
EF 2
4 1
[E] [2
Door adaptor 5 =
TB-AD1 [E 2
IF-DA — 6 1
| В =
в Я
1 9 с
N 10 | «— Designate any # terminal
for TB-AD1
1 Tv -«— Xx Do not connect any
т т power source here.
S 111 kn Call extension
в E . IER-2
— = (one per TC-M)
Add-on selector
Sub station
11 ,
12 >
13 E
14 TE!
s E
16 7
17 |8
18 [E}—-
Cd J
* Up to 3 TB-AD1 door station adaptors per TC-M.
5 wires homerun to TC-M.
H TC-20M single-master with up to 10 door stations
In place of TB-SE handset subs, TC-M master
may have max. 10 door stations, by using a
TB-AD10 adaptor.
Master station N
TC-20M AC 15-16V
or DC18V
» To: power supply
> Sub station
, 7 TBSE
E > [|
2- UL
El 2
= - 10-call door adaptor
El tf TB-AD10
6 1
[E] 2
8 1 D1 1
+ —{] Е = №
9 1 D2 1
; E 53)
10 D3 11 M
2 |
Ш : Е ;
12 2
13 3 |E + |
14 4 15
Ë о Е 2) |
% Do not connect any 19 © |
power source here. 18 8 E D6 9)
19 9 —
20 10 D7 a
Ha — D8 1 |
Call extension 1 | 12М[Е Lo
(one per TC-M) T T D9 Ч >
R R 5 - | |
a3 5
TB-AD10, 10-call door adaptor may be wired to any # terminal on TC-M or TC-G add-on selector,
connecting max. 10 IE/IF door stations. Features two-way calling and communication with door TB-AD10
station, including optional pretone. Set the switch to ON position, if pretone to door is required.
HE Wiring distance:
TC-M to TB-AD10
Diameter | 0.65mm | 0.8mm | 1.0mm AWG 22AWG | 20AWG | 18AWG
Distance 65M 100m 150m Distance 210' 330' 495'
TB-AD10 to audio IF-DA ON
Diameter | 0.65mm | 0.8mm | 1.0mm AWG 22AWG | 20AWG | 18AWG ;
Distance 150m 230m 360m Distance 500° 750° 1,200" OFF
Ш TC-M dual-master system
* Common TB-SE sub rings two TC-M Masters.
* Each master can call TB-SE sub selectively.
* Master-to-master communication.
Single-pair, |
Master station Master station
TC-10M TC-10M
1 —— TT
AC 15-16V AC 15-16V |
= Polarized eros
— » Topower supply \ _ » To power supply
1 a Г, 1
T ~ Polarized > T
2 2
3 3
4 4
Door adaptor 5 5
IF-DA _ 6 6 Sub Station
a T E) -
o | mn
7 | 1 7 |
8 = 1 8
El = —>, Е
1 1 9 | «— Designate any # terminal 9 —
2 2 for TB-AD1
10 |
N 10 \ |=— X The number terminal
E E | jumpered to “M” at each
M M > master establishes master
Cl С -to- master communication.
12V OUT 12V OUT!
+ +— +—
_ _12V -4-— Do not connect __12V
т т any power source т
RT R Call extension | R Call extension
S - 1 IER-2 5 1 IER-2
Do not use the following wiring methods. They will cause the system H Wiring distance:
to malfunction: Between TC-M masters
YE Le > |] Diameter | 0.65mm | 0.8mm = 1.0mm
LE Distance | 200m | 300m | 480m
[+] +]
= 5 AWG | 22AWG | 20AWG 18AWG
A A Distance 650 1,000' : 1,570'
7 [1]
Or IN]
Do not parallel sub station wires Door adaptor TB-AD1(10) can only
between TC-M master stations. be wired to one master. Doors
Wiring from TB-SE must be cannot call both master stations.
homerun to EACH master station.
Ш Connecting a buzzer at a TB-SE sub Buzzer
When called by TC-M master, buzzer is TC-M TBSE (0) — To: power source
activated and on TB-SE sub, call tone sounds mea A
at reduced volume. E) >
TAR-3 relay activates an AC-operated buzzer: TAR-3
AC 240V, 0.3A. DC-operated buzzer must be — DCE6V, 160mA
mechanical type: DC 24V, 1.0A. а | White range
Do not use DC electronic buzzer. 74 Si |
/ ue | 7 Orange
Remove Red
shorting link. ** White (-)
— Red (+) PS-6D
En power supply
in USA)
EM TC-(10,20)M with TC-(20,40)G
Remove 2 screws on front panel, removing the cover on upper end and area/section plate. Lift off front
case holding sides at top. Disconnect the intercom by unplugging the connector.
Open a cable inlet hole (rubber part) on bottom of chassis. Pull in cable(s), and make wire terminations.
Use attached cable clamps(s) for neat and secured connection. Reconnect and mount front case to
chassis, attaching the cover and plate in place.
When wall-mounting, separate the front panel from chassis, as explained above. Install the chassis
upside down on the wall, onto a single-gang or two-gang box.
Desk-top mounting Wall-mounting
Area / section plate Lift off front case holding sides
Lift off front case holdin
sides at top. Single-gang or
2-gang box
o 83.5 mm,
Open a knock-out
Chassis mounts upside down.
* TC-M master wall-mounts with TC-G (and TB-AD10) attached.
Decide the exact location of TB-M master, and use the following measurements to mount the add-on components.
TC-M master TC-G add-on TB-AD10 door
selector adaptor Wall-mounting guide
2 © © oO dQ 2 © © Master | Attached | Guide A | Attached | Guide B
| TC-20G | 202.5, 8" | TB-AD10 | 150.0, 6"
TC-10M TC-40G | 277.5, 11" | TB-AD10 | 225.0, 9"
TB-AD10 | 202.5, 8" — —
с © 2 S db O S db 0 TC-20G |240.0,9-1/2"| TB-AD10 | 150.0, 6"
«— A —>< — В — > TC-20M TC-40G 315.0, 12-1/2'| TB-AD10 | 225.0, 9"
L | | TB-AD10 |240.0, 9-1/2" — —
Centers of each chassis
(or gang boxes)
H Single TC-M system Speaker for call-in tone ‚Power on LED
TC-(10, 20)M master communicates with 10 or
20 TB-SE subs. TC-20G or TC-40G add-on
communicates with 20 to 40 additional subs.
In-use LED
Indicates TC-M master is not put
in standby. Make sure handset is
properly placed.
Attach the directory &
cover from left side to
Call in LED
Also indicates waiting for
transfer of call
Receiver (upper) & call tone
volume controls (3 levels)
Transfer switch & LED
Station-select button
E TC-M single-master system
Calling and receiving ; |
SIAtION-SEIECI DUTION TOr To call a TB-SE sub, the other master or audio door station pick up
sub, door or master handset and depress a station-select button. When called by
Red LED tremolo tone, pick up and depress the LED-Iit select button. LED
| remains on while in communication. Communicating TC-M is
notified of a call with a lit LED only. The audible call tone will
resume when the handset is hung up.
Do not press more than one buttons,
when calling.
Receiving a call from audio IE/IF door station
When the door station places a call with call button, a tremolo tone
is activated on the TC-M, which stays on approx. 40 seconds. The
master replies by selecting the station button that is lit. At the door
station, when selected, a pretone is heard, unless it is muted at the
TB-AD1, 10 adaptor.
il |
“Transfer” allows two TB-SE subs to communicate with each other
When a master receives a call from sub A, requesting transfer of
call, TC-M leaves sub A waiting, pressing a sub B select button.
When sub B picks up the call (sub A hears a busy tone), TC-M
depresses Transfer switch.
TC-M then reselects waiting sub A with red LED on. Three parties
are on the line, and TC-M may hang up.
% Door-to-master or master-to-master calls are not transferrable.
* If transfer LED is lit when a transfer is not being made, it can be
cleared by pressing “transfer” switch.
— 10 —
TC-M places a buzzer-activating call to a TB-SE sub
Buzzer sounds continuously at TB-SE sub, in
addition to ordinary tremolo. Pick up on the
TB-SE station, that the buzzer is connected to.
Adjusting receive and call tone volume
Receive Upper control adjusts handset receiver volume,
— when TC-M does not hear a TB-SE sub clearly.
e Tone control adjusts ringing tremolo, 3 levels.
Call tone
wun il |
3-levels each
H TC-M dual-master system
Two masters call and communicate with each assigned select
button. Transfer of a sub’s call to another on the other master is not
À call from TB-SE subs that are connected to two masters activates
tremolo tone at both masters. When the controlling TC-M is busy,
the other TC-M may pick up. In this case, the sub hears both
tremolo and busy tones.
x Dual-master has an operation that, when TC-M1 places a call to
either TC-M2 or a common TB-SE that is already in
communication, the talk line is connected among 3 parties.
It reduces communication volume. One party should hang up to
restore normal volume.
E TB-SE sub operation
SS To call TC-M master, simply pick up and it rings TC-M with tremolo
tone, which continues ringing until the call is answered. Intermittent
tone means the master is occupied. Hang up or continue to hold.
Yi — Speaker When called by tremolo tone, simply pick up.
| for call tone
x The power switch is located on back panel of TC-M console, which should be placed ON, except for
special occasions. If the system malfunctions, turn off and on TC-M master, by which the system
may reset itself. Possible causes are; power supply is unplugged, connecting wires are loosened or
shorted. Do not attempt to open TC-M equipment nor change wiring. Ask qualified personnel.
x At end of each communication, be sure to place handset in cradle properly. If not, TC-M master or
TB-SE sub will not hear the call tone.
* The TC-M is rated to operate at temperatures between 0°C ~ +40°C (32°F ~ 104°F).
Xx Clean the TC-M equipment with a soft cloth dampened with neutral household cleanser. Never use
any abrasive cleaner or cloth.
—11 =
Power source
Power consumption
DC18V, 350MA max. or AC 15 — 16V, 50/60Hz. 750mA max.
EW max. 3W (standby)
Capacity 60 stations max., TB-SE or door stations incl.
One add-on selector TC-20G or TC-40G per TC-M. 1 to 3 TB-AD1 door adaptors or one
TB-AD10 only alternatively, or one TB-ADM10 only.
Calling TB-SE sub’s call-in is annunciated with intermittent tremolo tone and LED lighting in red,
both of which are held (approx. 40 seconds for |E/IF door stations).
Station-select button calls each TB-SE with intermittent tone. Corresponding LED is lit to indicate
which sub is called. Master can calf IE/IF door station by voice, with or without pretone (selectable).
Communication Both stations communicate simultaneously via handset.
2 conductors (parallel) or a pair in multi-cond. cable TC-M to ea. TB-SE
5 conductors TC-M to TB-AD1
14 conductors max TC-M to TB-AD10
3 conductors between TC-M’s
% In TC-M dual-master system, two parallel conductors cables are required for each common TB-SE
Wiring distance
0.65mm¢ | 0.8mm¢ 1.0mmé 22AWG 20AWG 18AWG
TC-M to TB-SE 400m 600m 900m 1,300’ 2,000’ 3,000’
TC-M to TC-M 200m 300m 480m 650’ 1,000’ 1,570”
TC-M to TB-AD1
65 1 1 210' 330” 495’
TC-M to TB-AD10 Tm vom som 9
TB-AD1(10) to IE/IF door 150m 230m 360m 500” 750’ 1,200
Dimensions 8 weight
TC-M system components: TC-(10,20)M, TC-(20,40)G 8 TB-AD(1,10), cannot be intermixed
with TB-(10,20)T masters, while TB-RC handset sub can be used with TC-M system.
Height Width Depth Height Width Depth Weight
TC-10M 117 mm x 255 mm x 230 mm 4-5/8" x 10" x 9" 1.8 kg (3.97 Ibs.)
TC-20M 117 mm x 330 mm x 230 mm 4-5/8" x 13" x 9" 2.3 kg (5.07 Ibs.)
TC-20G 97 mm x 150 mm x 230 mm 3-13/16" x 6" x 9" 1.0 kg (2.20 165.)
TC-40G 97 mm x 300 mm x 230 mm 3-13/16" x 11-13/16" x 9" 1.9 kg (4.19 Ibs.)
TB-AD10 97 mm x 150 mm x 230 mM 3-13/16" x 6" x 9° 1.1 kg (2.43 Ibs.)
TB-AD1 140 mm x 74mm x 42mm 5-1/2" x 3" x 1-5/8" 160 g (0.35 Ibs.)
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Aiphone warrants its products to be free from defects of material and workmanship under normal use and service for a
period of one year after delivery to the ultimate user and will repair free of charge or replace at no charge, should it
become defective upon which examination shall disclose to be defective and under warranty. Aiphone reserves unto itself
the sole right to make the final decision whether there is a defect in materials and/or workmanship; and whether or not the
product is within the warranty.
This warranty shall not apply to any Aiphone product which has been subject to misuse, neglect, accident, or to use in
violation of instructions furnished, nor extended to units which have been repaired or altered outside of the factory. This
warranty does not cover batteries or damage caused by batteries used in connection with the product.
This warranty covers bench repairs only, and any repairs must be made at the shop or place designated in writing by
Aiphone will not be responsible for any costs incurred involving on site service calls.
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TC-M-I(E) 0102A
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