Jetten Update 2013 April ENG.indd

Jetten Update 2013 April ENG.indd
Newsletter of Jetten Yachting Sneek
April 2013
Jetten 50 Multi Purpose Cruiser
Two-tone en Metallic Colors
Jetten 41 The development continues
Your own Wi-Fi-network
Annet and Jan Busbroek:
“We could not wish for more”
Jetten Yachting has strong position in market due to innovation and developments
As a company, we are experiencing a
phenomenal and busy time. Boot Düsseldorf and the London Boat Show have
been a tremendous success. Marcel
Jetten, the managing director of Jetten Yachting: “We garnered enormous
interest, more than expected. This has
engendered many tangible orders. Never before in our 15-year existence did
we sign so many construction orders
as in the past three months.” The development of new vessels has not slowed down either. In the next months,
the Jetten 41 Sedan will be showcased
at the Easter Show and the Jetten 35
AC will be showcased at Hiswa te Water. With the completion of the Jetten
38 AC/Sedan at the end of the year, the
entire Jetten assortment will have been
relaunched. In addition, the surprise of
the year is Jetten’s launch of the Jetten
50 MPC.
Jetten 41
The development continues
Following the successful
reception of the Jetten
44 launched in 2011, Jetten Yachting is now introducing the Jetten 41. In
doing so, we are meeting
the market’s demand. We
have also developed a new
model of a hinged mast
that reduces the headway
to a minimum.
Jetten Yachting has also applied modular
construction techniques in the Jetten 41. In
addition, the yacht was built in accordance
with the smart principle, resulting in an accelerated building process while maintaining a very high level of quality. The motor
yacht comes in two models, one with an
open cockpit (Sedan) and one with an aft
deckhouse (AC) with one or two cabins.
As far as propulsion is concerned, Jetten Yachting recommends the ultra-quiet
Deutz four- or six-cylinder diesel engine.
The motor yacht has a new low-maintenance and scratch-resistant design floor
The Easter Show on 12, 13, and 14 April,
with the world premiere of the Jetten 41
At Hiswa te Water, from 3 September up
to and including 8 September, Jetten
Yachting will display the Jetten 41 Sedan
and the Jetten 44 AC, while the Jetten 35
AC will experience its world premiere.
Your own
Wi-Fi network
Your own Wi-Fi network on your
motor yacht. This feature is made possible by Jetten Yachting employing the
latest technology in routers, resulting
in a stable Wi-Fi network. Just like at
Mini Mega Yacht
With the Jetten 35, the concept of a
steel motor yacht takes on a new dimension. A luxury motor yacht in a
compact format. It is an entirely new
concept based on the successful design
line of the Jetten 41 and the 44 series.
Team Jetten Yachting
Jetten 35
Specifications Jetten 41 Sedan:
12.49 m
4.30 m
1.00 m
2.43 m
12.4 t
CE category
Price incl. 21% VAT
from € 286,750
available in all conceivable variations. The motor
yacht is equipped with a modern-classic interior.
Of course, it is equipped with the tested and insulated panoramic windows that are currently installed
standard on all vessels of the Jetten series.
The master cabin in the aft quarter of the Jetten 41
AC comes furnished with a french bed for two persons, with easy access. The cabin is equipped with
portholes and deck hatches readily admitting abundant light and creating a spacious impression. The
head as well as the separate shower room come with
private access from the master cabin. The capacious
lounge, equipped with a dinette and a sizeable kitchen, is accessible via the fixed staircase, creating
a peaceful and spacious impression. The comfortable guest cabin, intended for two persons, can be
reached via the lounge. Drawers, cupboards, and
compartments have been positioned carefully and
with practicality in mind. This layout can be modified
in consultation with the client, of course. The buyer
can select from several interior styles, giving the motor yacht a personal touch.
Two-tone and Metallic Colours
Jetten Yachting is taking the next
step in personalising your vessel by introducing the Metallic
and Two-tone colour schemes.
By using metallic lacquer and/or
two different colours, your motor
yacht acquires a personal touch
and an even richer appearance.
You can select from various colours, such as Snowpack Silver,
Hazelnut, Midnight Grey, Blue
Horizon, and Dolphin Blue.
For more information
In the Jetten 35 AC/Sedan, Jetten
Yachting has applied cutting-edge
insights in engineering and development. This luxury motor yacht in a
compact format is intended for people who appreciate design and appearance. The Jetten 35 has received
an entirely new colour scheme that
enhances its design characteristics.
It is an innovatively designed motor
yacht, available with six berths distributed over two cabins and one in
the lounge in the model with an aft
deckhouse (AC). The interior is very
spacious and bright due in part to the
use of insulated panoramic windows.
The large window in the aft cabin has
the same properties and provides a fantastic
view. The buyer can select an interior from
the famous interior styles of Jetten Yachting.
These styles vary from traditional to modern,
giving the motor yacht a bespoke appearance.
The Jetten 35 has a displacement hull design, allowing the yacht to sail very comfortably and making it extremely fuel-effi cient.
As a result, this motor yacht is very easy to
manoeuvre, even for beginning water sports
enthusiasts. The canopy on the aft
deck can be fully closed off, creating
a comfortable second lounge, even in
bad weather.
SpecificationsJetten 35 AC:
10.50 m
Overall length
3.40 m
0.90 m
2.90 m
9.1 t
CE category
from € 238,350
Price incl. 21% VAT
Easter Show
On 12, 13, and 14 April, the doors of Jetten
Yachting are thrown wide open to you. The
Easter Show of Motorbootsneek takes place on these days, and Jetten Yachting will
be present in force during the show. On
display we will exhibit; The Jetten 38 Cabrio, Jetten 40.4, Jetten 40ac Classic, Jetten 44 Sedan, Jetten 44 AC, Bommelaer
47, and the Bommelaer 52. This will also be
the world premiere of the Jetten 41 Sedan.
In addition to a unique opportunity to see
our motor yachts and to take a trial trip, our show will be an experience in ambiance and style. On the wharf of Jetten Yachting, suppliers such as Vetus, Belship, Whisper Power, Raymarine, Jaarsma & Silvius, Combi Noord, TCNN, and F3 Flexiteek will complete the
event with their stands. Please enjoy the wonderful things a Dutch Boatyard can offer while enjoying snacks and drinks. We cordially welcome you on behalf of the entire team of Jetten Yachting and our agents from Germany, Switzerland and United Kingdom!
Jetten 50 Multi Purpose Cruiser
Jetten Yachting introduces the Jetten 50 MPC: an ultimate motor
yacht with modern lines and all comfort for a long stay on board.
Designed as her name suggests for long range cruising or tranquil
inland waters. We will provide more information about this fantastic
Cruiser in the next Update.
Annet and Jan Busbroek super-enthusiastic about their Jetten 40.4
“We had a wish list of criteria for our new vessel. The
Jetten 40.4 has fulfilled all our requirements. In fact, it
even surpassed them, as it came with a washing machine. Moreover, everything was perfect. We were unable
to find anything amiss,” says the couple, Annet en Jan
Busbroek, who are the proud owners of the Jetten 40.4
‘Gabry-elle’ since one year.
“We could not wish for more”
The couple has ‘worn out’ quite a number of boats in their life. They
knew very well what they wanted and, even more so, what they did not,
when they walked into Jetten Yachting during the Motorbootsneek two
years ago. Jan Busbroek: “In the beginning of our marriage, we did sail
a lot. We have had a Trintella 1, a Victoire 33, and a Bianca. Later, when I
went sailing on the ‘Regenboog’, ‘Pampus’, and ‘Zestienkwadraat’ types,
we owned a Grand Banks 32 and later a 36, which we used as the mother ship. This means that there were always guests on board. Consequently, we now wanted a boat just for the two of us. We visited several
boatyards and finally ended up with Jetting Yachting. We instantly felt
we were in the right place. It was as if it clicked. In addition, we were immediately sold on the Jetten 40.4. The beautiful lines, with everything
on it that we wanted, and finished down to the details. They are clearly
experts in their field. I have had a technical wholesale business in which
I have seen many applications come and go. It is therefore my informed
opinion that what they do at Jetten Yachting is fantastic. They provide a
carefully finished product with e.g. cable glands, among other details.
Really well done. They have good ideas and are receptive to customer
input. For instance, I wanted a 24-Volt converter instead of a 12-Volt one.
That was no problem. Just a call to the manufacturer and it was taken
care off. The cooling in the galley is an ingenious idea. Another one
is the use of drawers instead of a cabinet, so that you do not have to
kneel to get something. Another attractive feature was that we were
continuously kept informed during the construction process. The construction of the hull, superstructure, engineering, carpentry, painting,
we were able to follow it all very well. This is also the fun part of buying
a new vessel, the fact that you can follow every step. At Jetten Yachting,
they get it. Look, you can spend your money on anything anywhere.
However, the manner in which you do that is important.”
The Jetten 40.4 of Annet and Jan Busbroek is moored at their home
at the Beulaeker. The most important cruising grounds over there are
the surrounding region and the Northern provinces. Annet: “Now that
we have a low-built vessel, an entirely new world has opened up for
us. Last year, we sailed through Noord-Groningen and returned via
Leeuwarden. At most bridges, we did not have to wait. Moreover, we
also crossed the peripheral lakes (Randmeren) and visited Muiden and
Loosdrecht. There, we garnered quite a lot of attention. You would not
be able to guess how many people came on board. This was not so surprising since it is an exceptional ship. Great gangways, a little bench to
relax on, the cockpit and steering lounge on the ground floor, and the
galley in the forecastle with opposite seating in which you can retreat. A
detached bed, a washing machine, what more could I desire. And I love
the colour, ice blue, very chic.”
Hendrik Bulthuisweg 23 8606 KB Sneek - Holland
T 0031 (0)515 56 00 66
F 0031 (0)515 56 00 21
E [email protected]
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