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AC/DC/IR - Advanced Test Equipment Rentals
E stablished 1981
Advanced Test Equipment Rentals 800-404-ATEC (2832)
AC/DC/IR Hipot Tester
MODEL 19071
Key Features :
Ground fault interruption shutdown
the instrument when imbalance
current > 0.5mA , provide the
highest protection capability
TUV approved
CE Certified
Programmable output voltage up to
5kV AC and 6kV DC
Insulation resistance measurements from
1MΩ to 50GΩ
Ground continuity check with 1Ω limit
Arc detection with programmable limit
Front panel lockout
Large LCD display (240 x 64dot matrix)
can supply great view of test result and
MODEL : 19071/19073
Complete Dielectric Testing Solution
The Chroma Hipot Tester 19070 series
provide 3 models for choice. The 19071 for
AC Hipot testing, the 19073 which combines
both AC and DC Hipot with insulation
resistance (IR) measurements into a single
compact unit. The front panel of the testers
make them easy to operate. The digital
display and user friendly control allow test
parameters and limits to be set easily without
activating the high voltage.
The 19070 series electrical safety tester are
advanced digital hipots with load and line
regulation to ensure the measurement
integrity. Multi-step capability allows users to
perform up to two tests in a sequence such
as AC hipot followed by IR.
The 19071 AC Hipot Tester performs AC
dielectric withstand (hipot) tests. The test
voltage can be programmed in the range of
50V AC to 5kV AC with a resolution of 1V. Its
maximum total output current is 15mA.
The 19073 AC/DC/IR Hipot Tester has all the
features of the 19071 plus measurement of
insulation resistance. The IR measurement
range is from 1MΩ to 10GΩ with test voltages
from 50 to 1000V DC.
Ground Fault Interrupters (GFI)
GFI is required by the National Electrical
Code in wet locations. Such devices
automatically interrupt power when a ground
current >0.5mA exists for more than a few
milliseconds to protect users.
Quick Discharge
In DC hipot and IR the device under test is
discharged back through the HV transformer.
This technique results in a rapid and safe
setting functions
Programmable ramp and test times
Programmable high and low limits
Cost effective solution for Hipot and IR
Quick discharge of DUT in IR and DC
Storage of 10 test setups with 60 steps
per setup
Remote control
Easy to use
Ground Continuity Check
All of the 19070 Series testers have a ground
continuity check feature to determine that the
resistance, that is between the ground blade
of power cord and any exposed metal on the
product,is less than 1Ω.
Arc Detection
The 19070 series are sensitive enough to
monitor 10µsec current spikes even if they do
not exceed the maximum trip current level.
Large LCD display
Users can easy to operate instrument with
great view of setting functions and test result .
AC : 0.05 ~ 5kV
AC : 0.1 ~ 5kV , DC : 0.1 ~ 6kV
1 % + 5V
1% + 5 counts
AC : 0.1~20 mA
AC : 0.1~20 mA, DC : 0.01~5 mA
AC : 1µA, DC : 0.1µA
1.5% + 5 counts
0.1 ~ 999 seconds, continue
0.1 ~ 999 seconds, off
Sine wave
Continuity Check
Arc Detection
Setting Mode
Detection Current
Minimum Pulse Width
Secure Protection Function
Fast Output Cut-off
Fast DC discharge
Ground Fault Interrupt (GFI)
Panel Operation Lock
Continuity Check
GO/ NG Judgment
Indication, Alarm
Data Hold
Step Hold
Memory Storage
Operation Environment
DC : 50 ~ 1000V
5% + 5 counts
0.1MΩ -50GΩ
≥ 500V : 1MΩ -1000MΩ± (4% + 5 counts)
1GΩ -10GΩ ± (7% + 5 counts)
10GΩ-50GΩ ± (12% + 5 counts)
< 500V : 0.1MΩ -1000MΩ ± (7% + 5 counts)
< 500V : 0.1MΩ -1000MΩ ±(10% + 5 counts)
Current 0.1A, 1 Ω ± 0.2Ω, On/Off
Programmable Setting
AC : 1mA ~ 15mA, DC : 1mA ~ 5mA
10 µs approx
Go:Short sound ;NG:Long sound
Last tests data memories
Step signal trigger On/Off
10 tests setups with 60 steps per setup
Power Requirement
All specifications are subject to change without notice.
Dimension(W X H X D)
Panel Description
20 10
12 11
18 16
1. LINE Switch
2. Window Display
3. Reset Button
4. Start Button
5. Function Keys F1~F4
6. Function Key Display Area
7. High Voltage Output Terminal
8. Common Test Terminal
9. Test Indicator
10. Fail Indicator
11. Pass Indicator
12. Calibration Switch
13. Status Line
14. Remote Control
15. LINE Voltage Selector
16. Power Cord Receptacle
17. Earth Ground Terminal
18. Continuity Check
19. Fan
20. Update Switch
Production testing of appliances, instruments
and information technology equipment in
accordance with UL, IEC, TUV and other
standards such as EN 60335, EN 60950,
EN 61010, CSA C22.2 No.1010.1, UL 3111
and UL1950
Transformer electrical safety testing
Electric motor safety testing
Variety of electrical components
Testing of electronic components
Order Information
AC Hipot Tester
AC/DC/IR Hipot Tester
Remote Control Box
40kV Test Probe
Distributed by:
Developed and Manufactured by:
Head Office:
43, Wu-Chuan Road, Wu-Ku lnd. Park,
Wu-Ku, Taipei Hsien, Taiwan
TEL: +886-2-2298-3855
FAX: +886-2-2298-3596
8F, No.4, Nanyou Tian An
Industrial Estate Shenzhen,
Post Code: 518052
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The Netherlands
Tel: +31-318-648282
Fax: +31-318-648288
Worldwide Distribution and Service Network
Temperature : 0 ~ 40˚C
Humidity : ≤ 80% RH
No load : < 60W
With rated load : 300W max.
100V/120V/ 220V AC ±10%, 240V AC +5%~ -10%,
270 X 100 X 350mm
Power Consumption
0.4 ms after NG happen
0.2 sec.
0.5mA ± 0.2mA AC (Low), 5mA ± 2mA AC (High), Close
Present password
Current 0.1A, 1Ω ± 0.2Ω, On/Off
AC/DC/IR Hipot Tester
Withstanding Voltage Test
Output Voltage
Load Regulation
Voltage Resolution
Voltage Accuracy
Cutoff Current
Current Resolution
Current Accuracy
Output Frequency
Test Time
Ramp up Time
Wave Form
Insulation Resistance
Output Voltage
Voltage Resolution
Voltage Accuracy
IR Range
IR Accuracy
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