The Teachers Guide to Go Vocab

The Teachers Guide to Go Vocab
The Teachers Guide to Go Vocab
This is a brief summary of how to use Go Vocab, if something isn’t working or you have
questions about more advanced features please get in touch via [email protected]
Logging In
To log into Go Vocab as a teacher, go
Then click the ‘Login’ button in the top
right corner. Your can log in with your
school email address and the
password you chose or were
provided with. If you’ve forgotten your
password, just click the ‘Forgotten
your password’ link and you will get
an email with instructions to choose a
new password.
Note: If you are a teacher please do
not sign up or log in using Facebook.
Teacher Mode vs Student Mode
As a teacher, you can use Go Vocab as a teacher (we
call this Teacher Mode) or as a student (Student Mode).
You can see which mode you’re in on the header bar at
the top of the page.
To get from Teacher Mode to Student Mode, click where it
says Teacher Mode and then click Student Mode (and
vice versa to get from Student Mode to Teacher Mode).
Switching between classes
If you’re using Go Vocab for more than one class you’re
going to be switching between classes pretty often. Before
checking student scores or managing lists you need to
make sure you’re working with the correct class.
You can see which class you are currently viewing in the
header bar. To switch between classes, click the name of
your current class and then click the name of the class
you’d like to change to.
Playing Activities
As a teacher you can play all the activities just like the students. This is particularly useful
for demonstrating Go Vocab to your class. To play the activities, switch to Student Mode
and click one of the big green buttons to start an activity. The available activities are:
Towers - A single or multi player game based on Tetris
Sink - A race against the clock, questions are in multichoice form
Bingo - A single player version of the classic classroom game
Match - Drag and drop to match words with their translations
Verbs - A series of Verb conjugation lessons (Spanish and French only)
Combo Quiz - A quiz comprising of many different types of questions
Speller - Designed for students to practice spelling in the target language
Checking Student Progress
Checking student progress is one of the most important features in Go Vocab, it can
become quite addictive! To check your students’ progress you need to be in Teacher
Mode. Then go to the Students page by clicking Students in the header bar.
On this page you can see a list of your students and how many points they’ve earned over
the last few weeks as well as their total score.
To see more detailed information about a particular student, click on their name:
Managing Lists
On the Lists page (in Teacher Mode) you can control
which vocabulary your students are learning. All lists
available to the class show up on this page. Lists can
be turned on and off. When a list is turned on, your
students have access to the list.
When a list is turned off, you can still see the list but
your students don’t have access to it (e.g. you may
be saving that list for later in the year). To turn a list
on or off, just click the slider to the left of each list’s
name. You can also edit lists and create your own.
Finding Lists
Click ‘Browse Lists’ on the Lists page to find more lists
for your class. You can search for lists for a topic, or
from a textbook.
Click view to have a look at a list and check if it’s
suitable for your class. When you find a list you like,
click ‘Teach’ to add it to your class.
Pro Tip: Prioritising Lists
Click the Star on a list to
prioritise that list, this means
the words in that list will show
up in activities more often.
Setting Homework
You can set homework for your students in Go Vocab. In Teacher Mode, go to the
Students page and click Set Homework. Then you can choose a points target for your
students to work towards, a due date for the homework, and a Vocab list to learn
(optional). Then click “Set Homework” and you’re all done.
Students will get an email telling them about the homework (an in-class reminder is good
too). You can check on your students progress on the Students page throughout the week.
Once the homework period is over, Go Vocab will automatically email you the results, easy
as pie!
Helping Students Log In
If your students are having trouble logging in,
you should direct them to Go Vocab support.
Students (and teachers) can contact Go Vocab
support by clicking the black ‘Click for help!’ tab
at the bottom of the page. We aim to always
have chat support online during school hours,
but if it is not available then please send us a
message and we will be in touch asap.
Alternatively, on the Students page you can click
a student’s name and then click Edit to view their
email address and reset their password.
Advanced Features
These features will be covered in a future edition of this guide, if you’re having trouble with
them now, talk to us!
- Adding Students to your classes
- Removing Students from your classes
- Creating Classes
- Creating Lists
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