asc367 - datasheet - ir

asc367 - datasheet - ir
Product Data Sheet
Conventional Ceiling Mount VAD, Multi tone, Deep base - RED flash
The ASC367 is a RED, general purpose, ceiling
mount, electronic sounder and beacon for fire
alarm applications. It features a special base
containing all wiring connections allowing for easy
placement or removal of the device. With an
EN54-23 approved coverage pattern of C-3-8.9
for the beacon, each ASC367 may be mounted
up to 3m high and provide a 8.9m cylinder
diameter coverage. A room size of 6.3 x 6.3m
square room may therefore be covered with a
single device.
Easy and Fast Installation
The ASx360 series alarm sounder/beacons allow
faster installation and maintenance thanks to an
innovative mounting base. Dispensing with the
need for locking screws these devices use
TimeSaver™ bases from the 630 series detector
lines. Heads are simply locked onto the base with
a “twist and click” action, allowing fitting or
removal at any time because the base is the only
component that needs to be wired. As the cabling
requirement is reduced, commissioning time and
costs are naturally reduced as well.
Efficient and versatile
The ASx360 series sounders provide high sound
output at a low current, thus reducing power
requirements and system cost. They are supplied
with a volume control as standard, allowing final
audio adjustments to be made during installation.
With a choice of 32 different tones (see tones
table in manual), which are switch selectable, the
required tone can be selected during installation.
The ASx360 series beacons utilise a specially
designed lens giving a uniformed light output over
the specified coverage area.
The mechanism for locking the device to the base
may be activated if required. Once activated, a
special tool is required to remove the sounder
from the base.
Standard Features
High sound output with Pulse Alert™ technology
32 Tones user selectable
Automatic syncronisation
Volume control and adjustable flash rate
Anti-Tamper locking mechanism
E Deep mouting base with side cable entry and wiring to
the base
E Weatherproof
E Seperate sounder and beacon and control
E EN54:3 and EN54:23 approved, CPR Certified
Conventional Ceiling Mount VAD, Multi tone, Deep base - RED flash
17 - 60 VDC
Supply voltage
Current consumption
20mA @ 0.5 Hz
40mA @ 1 Hz
85 to 97dB(A)
Phased start
Polarised input
High impact polycarbonate
-25°C to +70°C
5% to 95%
Sound output @ 1 m (tone dependant)
Number of tones
Automatic synchronisation
Line monitoring input
Ingress protection
Operating temperature
Dimensions (Ø x D)
Deep base
97.5 x 117 mm
Housing colour
Flash colour
EN54-23 rating
Light coverage
Mounting posistion
Mounting height
up to 3 m
Floor coverage
up to 8.9 m diameter
Ordering Information
Part No.
Conventional Ceiling Mount VAD, Multi tone, Deep base - RED with
RED flash
As a company of innovation, UTC Fire & Security reserves the right to change product specifications without notice. For the latest
product specifications, visit UTC Fire & Security online or contact your sales representative.
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