nemesis nc-200a - EDEN Amplification

nemesis nc-200a - EDEN Amplification
Publishing Date 6/10/96 Rev.4
Congratulations on your purchase of your new NEMESIS Combo
Amplifier system. This manual will cover all (4) versions of the NEMESIS
Combos. These include the NC-210,NC-410,NC-112,and NC-115.
All of these models currently use the NC-200 Power Amplifier System.
All of us at the NEMESIS factory are totally committed to providing you
with the very best Bass Guitar systems in their class. We hand build
them all right here in the USA.
Our goal is to offer to you, both the outstanding performance quality of a
top notch professional Bass Amplification system and a reasonable price
point. Our goal is to make the Nemesis line such a great value that you
really can't afford not to own one. The NEMESIS operation is solely
owned by EDEN ELECTRONICS, one of the very best Manufacturers of
Fine Bass Amplification equipment in the world .
The NEMESIS products group encompasses an entire array of new
technologies, fabrication techniques, and materials. It is in fact a
revolution in Bass Equipment and manufacturing technology. We have
taken FET power device technology, computer optimized circuit design
and years of research and testing to evolve our new electronics package
( the NC-200). This is a great step forward in performance, reliability,
and value. We have spent years researching new materials and
manufacturing techniques that are both optimum for acoustic enclosures
and friendly to the environment.
We have developed a new and truly revolutionary method of making
loud speaker enclosures. Our new production process allows us to use
recycled wood and paper products in a unique way that is very
environmentally friendly. The process also gives us a more integral
Bass enclosure that is much stronger than traditional plywood boxes.
The new enclosure is equal or better sounding than the traditional
enclosures, has better structural quality and weighs less than older
designs. Additionally it helps the environment and reduces our total cost
of manufacturing and ultimately your cost of purchase.
The NEMESIS Combo line is the result of our attempt to combine High
performance and compact size together with light weight construction
and a great value for the working Bass player. A skilled craftsman needs
good quality tools that won't let him down on the job, and so does a
good musician.
Your Nemesis Combo has all the following features; a 200 Watt FET
power amplifier, Passive thermal cooling, Automatic Thermal protection
circuit ,a Compressor Limiter with In/Out switch, Enhance Control,
Parameteric Tone control with In/Out switch, 3 Band Tone control,
Speaker On/Off switch, Headphones, Aux speaker output, full D.I. with
ground lift switch and Level control, Effect Loop, powerful 2" Voice Coil
Loud speakers, and a separate tuner output jack. Your unit may be
equipped with small plastic plugs that can be inserted into the unused
jacks in the unit. These are used to reduce the noise of air rushing out of
these jacks under high volume playing conditions. They are easy to
remove as well as insert.
To turn on your Nemesis Combo you will need to do a few things the
first time . If your unit was shipped directly to you from a dealer check
carefully for hidden freight damage before you attempt to operate the
unit. If you find any damage, notify your dealer and the freight line
immediately. If you picked up your unit from your dealer it was probably
set up and tested out already. Just in case we suggest that you go
through the set up now.
Before you plug in your unit for the first time please do the following
things. First turn the power switch to the off position. Then set the
Master Volume control to (0). Set the tone controls to the center position
or (0). Turn the Enhance control to the Minimum position. Set the
parametric controls to the center (0). Set the Gain control to
approximately the 9:00 position to start with. Set the compressor in the
(On) position and set the Parametric switch in the (Off) position. On the
back of the unit set the Internal Speaker switch in the (ON) position. This
will set your amplifier up flat and with the auto compressor operating.
Now plug in the power cord to the inlet on the back of the unit. Use only
a safe grounded receptacle for proper operation at 120 V. A.C. 60Hz.
Now you can plug in your Bass and turn on the unit. Turn the master up
until you reach a comfortable sound level and we will go through the
tone controls and other features.
The input Jack will accept most Bass Guitar output levels. If you have a
dual battery Bass with output in excess of +10dBm you probably will
have to turn the output of your Bass down to avoid clipping the input.
The jack should except most passive and active Basses.
GAIN CONTROL/ and-12db pull to pad
This control regulates the first amplification stage and controls the
overall system gain. The compressor automatically tracks the input level
and follows the gain. You control the compressor threshold by setting
the gain lower or higher, depending on how much compression effect
you want. The compressor is provided with a bypass to defeat the
compressor operation. Some of the new dual battery Bass Guitars have
unusually high output levels. If you own one of these Basses it mat be
necessary to engage the -12dB Pad in order to properly match correct
signal levels with this unit. The pad is engaged by pulling up on the Gain
control knob.
This light indicates the best spot to operate the amplifier at. When the
compressor is engaged the light indicates compressor operation. When
the compressor is bypassed it indicates the sweet spot for operating the
amplifier. The compressor on/off switch engages and disengages the
This is a great sounding feature seldom fund on amplifiers at this price
level. The Enhance control is a complex tone Pre-shape that is set up to
optimize your bass sound. It is designed to boost the low frequencies
and upper midrange while at the same time reducing the midrange
frequencies. The Enhance control is a quick and easy way to a quality
bass tone . To try it out, set all the other tone controls to flat. Then
rotate the Enhance control to around 9:00 to 12:00 for the full effect.
This range is typically the best area for operation. The Enhance can also
be used with the other tone controls.
The single stage Quasi -Parametric control lets you dial into a specific
frequency range and boost or cut just that small part of the audio band.
The level control in the filter allows you to select the amount of boost or
the amount of cut you want . The Frequency control is tunable from
40Hz to 10 KHz. You can create many complex tone changes with this
control. The on/off switch allows you to compare your tone before and
after the changes you have selected. You can also bypass the
Parametric control section if you do not wish to use it.
The main tone control section is a 3 band tone equalizer. The audio
spectrum is divided into three bands, the Bass, Mid, and Treble. The
Bass and Treble are shelving type filters and the Mid is a bandpass
filter. These controls give you broad general control of the shaping of
your tone. This is different than the more narrow control offered by the
This control sets the final output level to the amplifier. For general
operation the control will normally be set at between 9:00 and 1:00.
This jack provides the output for headphones for practicing. If you switch
off the internal speaker you can use your amplifier to rehearse with just
the headphones. It can also be used as a Aux. line level output.
This indicates that the D.C. power supplies are operating properly and
the amplifier is turned on.
This is where you plug in you A.C. line cord . This is also where the fuse
is located. For your unit you need a 3 Amp. 5x20 MM slow blow type. In
Europe use a 1.5 Amp or 1.6 Amp fuse slow blow and the appropriate
AC connector for the country you are in. Make certain that your unit is
set for the correct voltage of the country you are in.
Your unit is fully protected by an automatic thermal safety system that
meets the UL-813 standard for safety . If your unit it played to hard and
to long and it accumulates to much heat load. If this happens your unit
may temporarily go into the thermal standby mode. This is a normal
operation of the safety system. In the stand by mode the unit will remain
operating all the pilot lights will stay on, but the audio output to the
speaker will be shut down until the unit reaches a safe operating
temperature. The D.I. will continue to operate during the thermal
standby. Your unit will come back on automatically in 1 to 5 minuets and
operate normally.
HEAT SINK (chassis)
Your Nemesis unit is designed so that the outside panel (chassis) is also
the heat sink for the entire unit.
This means that the panel will always be from warm to quite HOT to the
human touch after playing for a while. This is normal and is totally within
the design parameters for the type of output devices that are used in this
unit. The thermal safety system will shut down the Audio Amplifier output
if the internal temperature rises above 190 degrees F.
The Nemesis Combos are primarily designed for small clubs and
medium venues. The Nemesis Combos run well above normal combo
loudness levels. However,it is not designed to replace or to perform as
loudly as the more powerful Eden separate systems. If you find that you
are pushing your amplifier so hard that you are encountering thermal
standby and shut down on more than a very occasional basis. You are
pushing the unit well above the intended operating parameters.
Your Nemesis (A) version is fitted with an additional external heat sink to
improve cooling at very high power levels and extreme playing
situations. With this extra cooling configuration and the automatic
internal audio limiters you can play your Nemesis combo at
unreasonable levels almost indefinitely.
This jack allows you to use an external extention cabinet. The jack is
configured as a series connection point. You can use any impedance
speaker in this jack without causing any problems for the amplifier. Best
recommendations would be for a 2 Ohm or 4 Ohm extention speaker.
Leave the internal speaker switch in the on possition when using the
extention cabinets.
This switch turns off the internal loudspeaker and any extention
cabinets. Make certain that this switch is in the on position if you want to
play your unit and hear it on the internal loudspeaker.
This is a line level output and return. This is the place to put your line
level effects. You can also use the Effect Send as an Aux. line level
output. The circuit breaks on the return jack.
The D.I. output is used to connect your unit to P.A. Systems and
recording consoles. The level control sets the amount of signal level that
appears at the output of the Mic. connector. The ground lift is used to
reduce noise when plugging in to another system. Switch the ground lift
back and forth to determine the lowest noise/hum position. The output
is adjustable from Mice. level to line level. This is a fully balanced output.
This is the place to plug in your tuner. You can also use this jack as an
additional Aux. output. This is a line level send.
Start by setting the pre-amplifier tone controls to the flat position. Set the
Enhance control to Min. Set the Master volume control to (0). Plug in
your Bass and turn on your unit. Set the Gain control to around 10:00
and move the master up to around 11:00 or to a comfortable listening
Try the Enhance control first. Rotate it while playing. You may find that
this gives you the sound you are looking for, using just this control.
Next try the main 3 band control . Start with the Treble control and work
down to the Midrange control then adjust the Bass control. Be careful
about using large boosts particularly in the Bass range. This can cause
increased distortion at loud playing levels and can limit overall output
level if carried to extremes.
The Parametric section is great for shaping a sharply defined tone
changes. Set the Parametric Level @ +12 and sweep the Frequency
control slowly as you play. This will give you a feel for the power of this
tone control section.
To some things up. You will always have the best results creating a
great bass tone around the natural tone of your instrument.
Always use a correctly grounded receptacle for your Amplifier A.C.
receptacle. If your fuse ever need replacement use only the same size
and type that came with your unit from the factory. Your Nemesis comes
with a two year warranty described in the warranty section of the
If you have any questions or problems with your unit please contact us
your local dealer, by calling 612-675-3650 and ask for the Nemesis
Service Dept. The Nemesis Service Dept. is open Monday through
Friday between 8:30 AM and 4:00 PM.
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