Yaesu FT-60R HAM Radio
Yaesu FT‐60R HAM Radio
Call Sign:
TunnelsUp.com v1.0
Simplex Frequencies Local Repeaters
Transmitter Power: 5W Bands
QTH ‐ Location
108MHz‐200MHz (tx 144‐148) 146.52 147.42
QSL ‐ Confirmation
146.535 147.435
QSY – Change freq.
146.55 147.48
QRZ ‐ Who is calling me?
146.565 147.495
QRT – Close down station. 400MHz‐520MHz (tx 430‐450)
146.595 446.0
QSO – Radio contact
Data Sheet
Operation and Buttons
FW+: Press the FW(function)
button then another button
P&H: Push and Hold
Memory Mode
Press PRI (V/M) key to
switch between VFO
(manual freq. dial) and
Memory bank mode.
Dial Knob
Used to change frequencies
and menu selection
SQL Knob
Outer knob is used to silence background
noise. Turn it clockwise until noise is cancelled
and the green “BUSY” indicator turns off.
Dial Into Repeater
Press 0 and make sure wires is off.
Enter VFO mode (PRI key)
Enter the repeater transmit freq.
Push FW+1, select SQ Type, then FW
Push FW+2, set the receive freq.
Attempt to talk, if repeater sends
beeps back, 2way comm is good.
Change Memory Bank
While in Memory Mode,
press and hold the BAND
key, then rotate dial to bank,
then press V/M key.
Save a Frequency
Dial into the freq to save.
P+H FW key
Select channel and push FW key.
PTT (Push to Talk)
MONI Switch
Disables squelch.
Lamp Switch
Illuminates the LCD screen
SQ TYP (1)
Press: Enter Frequency Digit
FW+: Activates CTCSS or Tone SQ Type
P&H: Recalls NOAA Weather Channel
TX PO (3)
Press: Enter Frequency Digit
FW+: Select transmitter output level
P&H: Activates Smart Search
CODE (2)
Press: Enter Frequency Digit
FW+: Selects CTCSS or Tone SQ freq
P&H: Activates the ARTS feature
MHz (up)
Press: Moves freq. up or channel up
FW+: Moves VFO freq. up by 1MHz
P&H: Starts scanner upward
RPT (4)
Press: Enter Frequency Digit
FW+: Selects freq shift “+”, “-“, “simplex”
P&H: Activates EMERGENCY function
MHz (down)
Press: Moves freq. down or channel down
FW+: Moves VFO freq. down by 1MHz
P&H: Starts scanner downward
BELL (5)
Press: Enter Frequency Digit
FW+: CTCSS/DCS bell ringer repetitions
P&H: None
P1 (7)
Press: Enter Frequency Digit
FW+: Activates EPCS feature
P&H: None
P2 (8)
Press: Enter Frequency Digit
FW+: Memory scan “skip” channel-select
P&H: None
Press: Switches freq. control
between VFO and memory
FW+: Priority (Dual Watch)
P&H: Scans freq. or channel
SET (0)
Press: Enter Frequency Digit
or Enable/Disable Wires
FW+: Set (Menu) mode
P&H: Enables internet access
code selection
Press: Enables secondary key
FW+: Disables secondary key
P&H: Activates memory write
Band DN (BAND)
VFO Mode:
Press: Moves freq. band up
FW+: Moves freq. band down
P&H: Selects scanner b/w
Memory Mode:
Press: Show frequency
P&H: Change banks
LOCK (6)
Press: Enter Frequency Digit
FW+: Activates key lockout feature
P&H: Activates key lockout feature
Press: Reverse tx and rx frequencies
FW+: Switches to “home” channel
P&H: None
DTMF (9)
Press: Enter Frequency Digit
FW+: Selects DTMF mode
P&H: None
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