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Welding Filter Plates
Engineered to Improve
Welder’s Productivity.
The original AOSafety® “Weld-Cool”
glass welding filter plate has long been
famous for its ability to help the
welders “see the weld pool” better.
This can increase both productivity and
the quality of the weld.
AOSafety is pleased to announce the
introduction of a new, technologically
advanced version of the “Weld-Cool”
filter plate, with excellent impact resistance and an excellent view of the
“weld pool”. And it’s more economically
priced than ever before.
Eliminates Sodium Flare
Ordinary Green Filter Plate
Weld-Cool Filter Plate
“Weld-Cool” polycarbonate filter plates are made of a proprietary
polycarbonate formula and coated with 24-karat gold. Together,
these technologies reflect/absorb ultraviolet, visible, and infrared
radiation to protect the welder’s eyes and allow the welder to “see
the weld pool” better by reducing “sodium flare”. The welder is
cooler and more comfortable, and the quality of the weld can be
significantly improved.
“Weld-Cool” filter plates are made from lightweight, impact resistant “Duralite®” polycarbonate, and are coated with the exclusive
“DX™” anti-fog hard coat to minimize fogging, scratching, static
and chemical attack, and to protect the gold coating.
“DX™” Anti-fog Lens Coating
Protects Gold Coating
The edges of the “Weld-Cool” filter plates are raised to protect the
gold coating and lens surfaces. This eliminates the need for gaskets or spacers to keep the cover plate from scratching the coating or from forming annoying “interference bands”.
“Weld-Cool” polycarbonate filter plates fit common 2” X 41/4”
welding helmets, allowing welders to use either shade filter plate,
regardless of the brand of helmets they use.
Fits Common 2” X 41/4”
Welding Helmets
“Weld-Cool” polycarbonate filter plates are 50% to 70% lighter
than glass welding filter plates, leading to less fatigue and
improved comfort.
“Weld-Cool” filter plates are available in the most popular shades,
10 & 12, for the most demanding welding applications.
“Weld-cool” filter plates meet all requirements of ANSI Z87.1,
including the radiant energy requirements of Table 1 and the blue
light transmittance requirements.
Product Codes
Made in the USA
Shade 10
Shade 12
ISO 9001
Aearo Company
Southbridge Operations
Much Lighter Weight than
Regular Glass Filter Plates
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