safety protocol and procedures in an emergency

safety protocol and procedures in an emergency
No matter how small the fire, or even if it is extinguished, report it to your RA. Appropriate action will
be taken. In the event the fire alarm sounds, leave the building immediately via the nearest stairway exit.
If possible, before you leave the room: turn on the lights, open the drapes, close windows and lock the
door. Also remember to wear shoes and carry a towel to place over your nose if smoke is present. If you
should happen to be away from your room when the alarm sounds, do not return to your room itself, but
leave the building via the nearest exit.
Fire alarms and smoke detection equipment are located throughout each floor for your safety. If the alarm
sounds, evacuate the building in the safest way possible using the nearest exit. Do not return until
instructed to do so.
There is a smoke detector in every student room. Do not tamper with or disconnect this safety apparatus.
Report any malfunction to the Office of Residential Life and Housing at 516-6877. Students who tamper
with smoke detectors and/or fire prevention equipment are subject to a $200 fine and/or disciplinary
action, and/or criminal action, and/or a combination of the remedies listed.
Smoke Detectors
In compliance with Missouri statutes, each student room is furnished with a smoke detector. These
smoke detectors are designed to protect student life. Please cooperate by keeping your smoke detector
plugged into the wall outlet with the battery in place. If your smoke detector is not working properly
(there is a test button on each unit), report it immediately to the Residential Life and Housing Office (5166877). Any damage to, or loss of the smoke detector will result in a $25 replacement charge.
If you should spot a fire anywhere in the building:
• Activate the building fire alarm system closest to you.
• If it is possible (WITHOUT ENDANGERING YOURSELF) notify an RA
• If possible, grab keys and ID card before leaving the building
• Evacuate the building immediately by using the stairs and not the elevator.
Severe Weather/Tornadoes
Tornado Watch: Conditions are favorable for a tornado to form in the area. This is time to prepare and
be aware of where you will go to seek shelter. When a watch has been issued for St. Louis County, the
UMSL Police and the Hall Director will monitor the situation for additional information. You can stay
alert yourself by listening to the radio, television or a weather radio for the latest weather information.
Tornado Warning: A tornado has been actually spotted in the area or Doppler radar has indicated an
area of rotation. When a warning has been issued for St. Louis County, it is time to take shelter
If you should hear the Civil Defense sirens going off and/or you are notified that severe weather is about
to hit the area:
• Evacuate to the basement, an interior hallway, a restroom, or anywhere on the lowest level floor
as possible that does not have windows or an exterior door. Do not use the elevators when
o During severe weather, the front desk and Hall Director will be notified on severe
weather watches and warnings. The Desk Assistant will notify the Resident Advisor OnCall.
o If a warning is issued, the Hall Director will also immediately notify the Resident
Advisor (RA) staff. The RA’s will immediately recommend, but not force, that residents
seek shelter. The staff will provide suggestions on where to go and approximately how
long it will last. After notifying residents, the staff will seek shelter themselves, but will
remain in close contact with the Hall Director on the status of the warning. The siren
may end before the area is completely free of danger. Hence, please stay in the above
mentioned areas until you are instructed that the area is safe.
o It is important that you make yourself aware of areas of shelter within Oak Hall prior to
an emergency occurring.
• Get under heavy furniture (if available).
• Use your arms to protect your head and neck.
If you need help:
• Assess the situation to the best of your ability.
• Call ext 516-5155 and/or 911 with as much information as possible.
Criminal Activity
If you notice a crime being committed:
• DO NOT INTERVENE! Remove yourself from the situation as calmly and quietly as possible.
• Call ext 5155 and/or 911.
• Have as much information available as possible i.e. the four W’s: who, what, where and when.
Evacuation Protocol
In case of a fire, earthquake or other emergency requiring evacuation outdoors:
• Oak Hall: residents should use the nearest exits and convene in front of the building (closer to
the grotto).
• Villa and Villa North: residents should use the nearest exits and convene in front of the Provincial
House building (closer to the parking lot/lawn).
• Move to the closet area furthest away from the building and line up by your floors/wings.
If you hear gunfire and/or notice a hostage situation:
• DO NOT INTERVENE! Remove yourself from the situation preferably to a location that can be
locked from the inside (remain still and quiet).
• If you think it is safe to use a phone and one is available call the campus police at 516-5155
and/or dial 911.
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