Electronic security Improve retail profitability and

Electronic security Improve retail profitability and
Electronic security
Improve retail profitability
and operational performance
Answers for infrastructure.
Effective loss prevention through
multi-layered retail security
Crime affects the profitability of retail businesses of all sizes all over the world,
from small individual shops to large multi-storey shopping centres. Small
wonder, then that most retailers have made loss prevention a major priority.
While several practical measures can be put into place to limit the opportunity
for theft during opening hours such as addressing blind spots on shopfloors –
the real key to bringing about a substantial reduction is the building of a
multi-layered approach to retail security – during and after working hours.
Electronic systems have an integral part to play in this multi-layered approach.
The installation of video surveillance has often proven effective. As well as
enabling the detection of intruders after hours, the presence of video systems
can deter unauthorised access to vulnerable areas during opening hours. And,
even greater benefits can be achieved through the integration and interoperability between video surveillance, access control and intruder alarm systems.
At Siemens, we understand that the level of sophistication and functionality
required in such systems is driven by the size of the business they cover. The
scalable products and systems we offer interoperate seamlessly to provide costeffective security which will not impact negatively on the retail environment.
Retail security: good for staff, good for
customers and great for profitability
“Multi-layered” approach to security
Adopting common sense procedures –
such as locking stockrooms and limiting
staff and customer access during stock
takes – is fundamental to a more secure
retail environment. Through training,
staff should be encouraged to remain observant and to be on the lookout for suspicious or unusual behaviour. Once these
kind of basic practices are put into place,
electronic systems are the effective final
layer of security – both during and outside opening hours.
Interoperability for all
Electronic security systems from Siemens
have inherent interoperability capability,
meaning that regardless of the system
size, the components can interact and be
controlled from one central point at all
times. So all retailers can benefit from
centralised security management which
focusses on their specific risks and priorities.
Clamp down on shoplifting
In any attempt to reduce shoplifting, providing an active deterrent is a key objective. This can be achieved by a combination of article tagging and the overt
positioning of video surveillance cameras. And, when thieves are not deterred,
the latest video systems from Siemens
will ensure that clear, visual evidence is
recorded, easily retrieved and readily
available to support any prosecution. The
installation of access control for offices,
stockrooms and other sensitive areas will
also limit the opportunity for thieving.
Protect cash
The handling of cash is a major issue
within the retail industry. It provides a
constant temptation not only for employees regularly handling small amounts,
but also for serious criminals wherever
substantial takings start to accumulate.
Again video surveillance and alarm
systems, fitted with panic buttons to
summon the police, have a proven deterrent effect.
Tighten out-of-hours security
Much vandalism and theft – and most
break-ins – occur under the cover of
darkness, outside normal working hours.
Implementing overt electronic systems
will help deter offenders and implementing covert ones will help identify, apprehend and successfully prosecute them.
Siemens’ access control, intruder detection and video surveillance systems are
flexible enough to cater for differing levels of security during and after opening
times. Times of greater vulnerability such
as evenings, weekends and public holidays can be designated as needing
greater security and alarms set to trigger
video recording equipment or locking
Improve customer service
By relieving them of routine security procedures, the implementation of electronic security measures gives staff more
time for customers. So with a safer, improved service, the likelihood of repeat
business is greatly enhanced.
Reduce Health & Safety risks
Using access control systems to restrict
entry to certain areas such as warehouses,
stockrooms etc., also can ensure that
only personnel trained in Health & Safety
(H&S) policies are allowed to proceed.
This should reduce the number of accidents in the workplace.
Security – all around improvement
Improved security is the key to a safer retail environment for customers and staff,
but it also brings a measurable return on
investment – with fewer losses, and improved customer and staff retention.
Better overall security leads to an improved retail experience for customers
Electronic security systems can also
contribute to an improvement in
Health & Safety performance
Use electronic security measures –
combined with common sense practices – to deliver increased protection
for assets, staff and premises
Reduce shrinkage by reducing the
opportunity for theft
Protect cash with physical restrictions
and interoperable access control and
video surveillance systems
Improve out-of-hours security with
interoperable video surveillance/recording and intruder detection systems
Reduce employee theft opportunities
It is estimated that 35%(1) of retail theft
is committed by employees. This involves
activities that range from the removal of
stock from displays to dishonest handling
of cash and fraudulent till manipulation.
Again, a combination of Siemens’ fixed
video cameras linked to digital recording
equipment, POS systems and access control of critical locations will provide an
effective deterrent to staff who may be
tempted. It also provides irrefutable
evidence if they succumb to temptation
Global Retail Theft Barometer 2007.
Small to medium-sized retail companies usually have limited security budgets and find it difficult to invest in electronic systems to cover all
aspects of their business. As they do not have
the security personnel that larger retailers or
shopping centres have, improving security is
therefore an issue for these kind of stores. However, through a combination of physical measures and carefully selected electronic equipment, it is possible to increase the protection of
stock, staff, customers, takings and premises.
Further more, choosing the right security products can help small retailers benefit from a first
level of interoperability even if only two of the
three electronic security disciplines (access
control, intruder alarm and video surveillance)
are represented in the system.
Small to medium-sized retail outlets
Petrol stations, high street retailers, specialist shops, pharmacies, convenience stores
Optimise investments in security
Security equipment need not be expensive. An effective system can be created
with a number of strategically positioned
surveillance cameras linked to a digital
video recorder. For this kind of limited
system of only a few cameras, SISTORE™
digital recorders from Siemens provide
various, easy-to-use management tools
and – integrated with a Sintony® 60 or
Intrunet intrusion system to ensure outof-hours monitoring – will be easy and
cost-effective to upgrade and expand.
Interoperability can already be achieved
here with no additional costs. In fact, any
combination of SISTORE video surveillance, Intrunet intruder alarm and SiPass
access control can provide a useful level
of interoperability and central event
management for small retailers, with e.g.
alarm events being paired with video
footage and access control events.
Eliminate blind spots in the store
Shoplifters generally seek out the quieter
corners of stores or areas where they are
hidden from sight, when attempting to
conceal merchandise before leaving
without paying.
By siting surveillance cameras in locations wherever customers are hidden
from view, there is effectively no hiding
place for shoplifters.
Keep a watch at all times
Smaller stores rarely have the luxury of
being able to watch live video images or
maintain normal observation of all customers on the premises, particularly at
peak times. With entry-level recording
equipment from Siemens, digital images
are reliably recorded for later viewing or
evidence-gathering should a theft or other event take place. Digital recording has
many advantages from optimisation of
data stored to reduced storage space
(compared to tapes). Searching recorded
images by “date” and “time” also saves a
great deal of valuable time.
No easy way out for thieves
To provide irrefutable evidence, a fixed
camera should be positioned above the
exit filming customers as they leave the
store. Siemens’ fixed, colour cameras
record digital video images with encrypted time and date data, making it simple
to check in the event of an activated
alarm or attempted theft.
Protect stockrooms and safes
There is a variety of options available
from Siemens to control entry to retail
stores, stockrooms and safes. The simplest option is a standalone, battery-operated code lock which, needing no extra
wiring, is activated by a PIN code. Installation is quick and simple and causes
very little disruption.
Central controllers
Interoperability in action – small convenience store
Access control
Intrusion detection
SiPass Entro Lite
Intrunet SI120
SiPass Entro Lite is perfectly suited to small and mediumsized applications. A SiPass Entro Lite system can control
up to 8 doors and 1,000 cardholders.
Designed for small to medium-sized bu
Intrunet SI120 system offers made-to-m
with advanced detection technologies.
panel delivers comprehensive and user
No need to manage multiple sets of keys to your facility
anymore – employees, delivery people, etc. can have cards
that allow them access to certain doors at certain times
of the day or week. The system records who entered
which door and when. Very cost-efficient and easy to use.
06h00 – The shop owner arrives and enters the shop
through the back door. He deactivates the Intrunet SI120
intruder alarm system and proceeds to the shop. Nothing looks unusual, but to make sure, he proceeds to the
office. The access is controlled by a SiPass codelock: only
he has the code. The office is also the stock room and
safe, so no one else should have access. He changes the
code every week anyway, just in case.
06h30 – He reviews the night’s video recording to ensure
nothing has gone undetected. Using SISTORE AX Lite, he
can search events by “activity” very quickly. Nothing
unusual happened. He leaves the alarm on in the shop
whilst he is at the back preparing for the day ahead.
07h00 – The assistant opens the shop: the alarm system
is deactivated throughout the premises, but the video
surveillance system is on continuously monitoring all
areas in the store through 4 cameras: one at the
entrance, one at the till, and two covering other areas of
the shop.
13h00 – After a busy morning, the assistant has gone
for lunch. The shop owner needs to re-stack some of the
shelves. He goes to the stockroom, where CRT monitors
allow him to keep an eye on his shop, so if a customer
comes in, he can immediately go back behind the till.
Field devices
Proximity and PIN reader with a robust
design and metal casing for vandal resistance. Access granted by card only or
card + PIN for additional security.
Proximity readers
Ideal for controlling access to doors in
offices by use of card only.
Hands-free readers
Ideal for food preparation areas to prevent contamination or warehouse areas
as it is possible for the reader to read your
card from a greater distance (up to 1 m).
Heavy duty weatherproof readers
Ideal for use in outdoor applications
and in warehouse environments (vandal
Comprehensive functionality
The system includes audio and video a
remote or in-situ programming and act
well as alarm and event transmission u
communication paths (e.g. PSTN, ISDN
Glass break detector
Access controller
Single tec
High-resolution colour camera
Spot monitor
Digital video recorder
Standalone access control
With no need for system connections,
this is a cost-effective way to secure
doors without heavy investments. The
range includes:
– SiPass Codoor – battery-powered code
locks that fit directly onto the door.
– The BC615 range of compact card
readers – programmable from a builtin keypad.
– SiPass standalone kit – manage access
rights for up to 500 users and one
individual door or more.
Control keypad
Motion detectors
High-performance motion detectors are
strategically positioned to monitor entrances to premises or rooms for early
break-in detection. Single or dual technology detectors offer multi criteria sig
nal analysis to ensure high immunity to
false alarms, and clever mirror technologies make for superior detection.
Easy snap-in installation concept for
ease of installation and maintenance.
Control keypads
A complete range of 2-line display keypads with up to 16 characters. Displays
for system states, such as on/off, partition “unset”, “part set”, etc.
Video surveillance
usinesses, the
measure security
The SI120 control
r-friendly security.
SISTORE AX is specifically designed for this area of the
market, with up to 16 cameras able to be connected. All
models offer an integral front panel keyboard for local
control, however remote network connection is also possible via the included RAS network-viewing software.
larm verification,
tivation via PC, as
sing common
Security system integration
SISTORE AX can be connected to all Siemens PIR detectors
for alarm triggering and also to SiPass Entro Lite access
control system to enable an integrated security system.
chnology detector
Fixed dome
17h30 – The owner needs to prepare for the arrival of
the cash transit company at 18h00. He leaves his shop
assistant to deal with the customers. The codelock on
the office door means no one will be able to enter whilst
he is handling that much cash. The cash conveyor will
also be able to collect the takings out of view from the
public. There is a video camera at the back door however, so should anything go wrong during cash handling,
evidence would be recorded.
20h00 – It’s closing time. The shop owner closes all
doors and sets the alarm system. The video recording
system is still running. The system is remotely managed
by an alarm receiving centre, so if anything happens,
they will be able to verify the alarm via the video cameras and respond accordingly.
Control software:
– Records of those entering the room
– Video playback linked to each record
Dual technology detector
SiPass Entro
Lite Software
Glassbreak detectors
Windows or glass doors are a preferred
point of entry for intruders. The offglass acoustic glass break detector can
be positioned up to 8.5 m away from the
glass surface to be monitored, offering
flexible positioning options.
Door and window contacts
Door and window contacts will trigger
an alarm as soon as opening is detected, and before the intruder has had a
chance to set foot on the premises.
Interoperability – System Control Software
High-resolution models ensure detailed
information is captured, with quick and
easy setup. Setup made via DIP switches.
Fixed domes
These are usually placed in the corners
for monitoring the complete area.
Models can be fixed focal length for the
most cost-effective solution, to models
offering varifocal length lenses ensuring
the most flexibility during installation.
Spot monitors
This is a cost-effective public display
monitor, showing customers that cameras are monitoring the premises,
aimed at proactively deterring theft.
Control keyboard
Able to remotely control the digital
recording system, the CKA4820 keyboard offers ease of use and flexibility
for quick and simple playback or searching of events.
The Intrunet entry-level intruder alarm
systems from Siemens provides out-ofhours security for the whole retail
premises yet allows the setting of the
alarm on the stockroom whilst attending
to customers during working hours.
Reduce cash shrinkage at the till
Many forms of register theft – “No-sale”,
false refunds, etc. – are particularly difficult to detect without electronic help.
Again, a fixed camera positioned over the
till enables till activity to be continually
and closely tracked, virtually eradicating
the problem and – by signposting the
company’s determination to stop staff
theft from tills or stock – acting as a
strong deterrent to employees.
Improve out-of-hours security
It is possible to record clear, crisp images
even in the dimmest of lighting conditions with Siemens day-night cameras. It
is therefore possible for smaller retail
premises (which tend not to be manned
24 hours per day) to be fitted with
practical, effective around-the-clock
surveillance. When linked to Siemens’
digital video recorders and intrusion
detection systems, the images they
record can prove invaluable for investigation purposes. In the event of an alarm
being triggered, the recording switches
to high-speed in real time. An alert can
be sent via a mobile telephone and video
images viewed remotely from the storekeeper’s home, (using a standard IP
connection) to verify the alarm and call
the emergency services. Connection to
an alarm receiving centre will provide
additional peace of mind for smaller
shopkeepers. Verification of any alarm
incident then becomes vital to ensure
appropriate response is given in each
Specialist shops and extended hours
Specialist shops such as pharmacies and
shops open late at night are increasingly
becoming the targets of organised crime.
Siemens’ silent alarms will raise the
alarm without the intruder’s knowledge,
thereby reducing the likelihood of violent
or panic reaction. Again, linking to
Siemens video surveillance cameras and
digital recording systems will facilitate
the full and reliable recording of any incident without putting the safety of any
staff in jeopardy.
Reduce risk and insurance premiums
The introduction of even a relatively simple security system will inevitably bring
about a reduction in theft during the
working day and vandalism and break-ins
during the night. Fewer claims will, in
turn, lead to reduced insurance premiums – and the peace of mind that alarms
are given adequate response by the intervention services.
Eliminate ‘blind’ spots in stores with
careful positioning of video cameras
Restrict entry to cash areas and
stockrooms with standalone access
control systems
Clamp down on register-theft by active
video monitoring of all till activities
Reduce insurance costs by reducing
insurance claims
Improve overall security of premises
and safety of staff with alarm and alert
Well-designed security products enables shopkeepers to operate to a
fixed budget whilst benefitting from a
first level of security interoperability
Security systems from Siemens offer medium to
large-sized retailers the opportunity to increase
operational efficiency, by reducing losses and
thereby effecting greater competitiveness.
With interoperable access control, intruder alarm
and video surveillance systems, cost-effective security becomes a reality, building upon existing IT
and security systems to provide central management of all the functionality, on-site or remotely
via a CMS: from managing thousands of personnel, customers, suppliers and contractors requiring access to various parts of the retail site to
monitoring entrances, exits, stockrooms, warehouses and payment areas – with extensions and
upgrades to the system easily effected. Staff management, asset tracking and alarm response can
also be greatly improved with centralised verification and response to cardholders, alarms, etc.
Medium to large-sized retail outlets
Supermarkets, department stores, DIY shops, car dealerships
Deter theft with overt surveillance
Overt video surveillance systems are a
proven deterrent. Strategic positioning of
Siemens’ fixed cameras will actively discourage shoplifting, criminal damage
and staff theft. That’s because people
know that, not only are the chances of
being seen much greater, but that evidence is also constantly being recorded.
Siemens’ moving cameras have the additional advantage of being able to track
suspected thieves throughout the store.
Reduce fraudulent insurance claims
“No Win – No Fee” legal services have
brought about a dramatic increase in the
number of “Slip & Fall” claims against retailers. If the entire retail premises are
covered by Siemens cameras linked to
SISTORE digital recording systems the
chances of a false, costly liability claim
proceeding will be greatly reduced because the retailer can produce evidence
of any incident. If the claim proves to be
legitimate, a valuable insight can be obtained by reviewing the events leading
up to the incident. This can help implement adequate corrective and preventative measures.
Detect fraud at the cash register
By linking them to POS data mining packages, Siemens’ digital recording systems
can deliver clear, detailed images of till
transactions in an instant. Till receipts
can be matched to images encrypted
with ‘date and time’ data showing who
sold what to whom. In this way, suspicious activities can be investigated and
any fraudulent transactions readily
Entry rights – based on seniority and
working hours – are managed via a central database and tailored to suit the access requirements of each member of
staff. Doors are locked and only open
upon presentation of an authorised card
to a reader controlling the door lock. The
system can also be used to arm and disarm the Siemens’ intrusion detection system therefore ensuring that high-risk
areas are automatically protected at all
times. This minimises the risk of personnel forgetting to reset the alarm or the
passing of alarm codes to external parties.
Integrated with detector-activated video
surveillance systems, it also gives additional evidence-gathering functionality in
the case of forced or unauthorised entry.
Manage access to vulnerable areas
Siemens’ access control systems can limit
entry to stockrooms, offices and other
sensitive areas of the retail premises.
Central and remote management
Siemens’ remote-viewing software enables live or recorded images to be
viewed by specified PC users on the net-
Central controllers
Interoperability in action – town supermarket
Access control
Intrusion detection
SiPass Entro
Intrunet SI220
SiPass Entro is a very flexible and user-friendly PC-based
access control system that can monitor and control up to
512 doors and 40,000 cardholders.
It enables customised access rights by categories and offers a complete range of reports. System configuration is
simple and an extensive range of reader and card options
are available.
SiPass Entro also provides a unique video recording capability when used in combination with SISTORE digital
video recorders.
The Intrunet SI220 intruder alarm syste
to large-sized retailers the flexibility of
and high-performance intrusion detect
pansion and integration is facilitated, a
tional security functionality to be integ
door control or local video surveillance
Easy to use and manage, the system al
range of communication modules that
alarm transmission and verification zon
for centralised as well as remote monit
05h00 – The first deliveries are due at 05h30. The staff
enter the car park using their own access card to control
the barrier. As they enter the warehouse using their
hands-free access cards, the alarm system is deactivated,
at the same time triggering real-time video recording.
07h00 – The stock management system is showing
products available in area J but only half the quantity is
there. The security manager reviews the video surveillance footage to investigate whether this is an inventory
check error, a vendor error or pure theft. By reviewing
the access log and video footage, he finds out that one
of the employee’s badges was used to enter the warehouse and steal some stock. He will now speak to the
employee to clarify the situation.
08h30 – The supermarket will open shortly. Each office
is access controlled with proximity readers. As the office
staff present their cards to a reader to enter their offices,
the motion detector is deactivated, the lights are turned
on automatically.
Colour camera
Field devices
Hands-free readers
Ideal for food preparation areas to prevent contamination or warehouse areas
as it is possible for the reader to read your
card from a greater distance (up to 1 m).
Ultrasonic detector
Proximity readers
Ideal for controlling access to doors in
offices by use of card only.
Glass break detector
Hybrid digital recorder
Proximity and PIN reader with a robust
design and metal casing for vandal resistance. Access granted by card only or
card + PIN for additional security.
Access controller
Heavy duty weatherproof readers
Ideal for use in outdoor applications
and in warehouse environments (vandal
Multi-partition keypad
Glassbreak detectors
– Flexible positioning options
– Install up to 8.5 m away from the
glass surface being monitored
Advanced motion detectors
– Advanced temperature compensation
– White light suppression (e.g. car
– False alarms can be vastly reduced
Seismic detectors
Very early detection of thermal and
mechanical attacks on a wide range of
safes and ATMs. For optimum damage
Video surveillance
SISTORE MX is a flexible, hybrid surveillance system that
allows recording of both analogue and digital cameras.
The free remote client software allows simultaneous
display of up to 32 live images from different SISTORE MX
devices. The SISTORE MX NVR (hardware-based) and
SISTORE MX NVS (software-based) network video recording systems allow the operator to view live images, and
support recording, playback and remote access for up to
32 IP cameras per installed system.
em offers medium
adaptable security
tion. System exallowing for addirated, such as
so benefits from a
allow customised
nes set ups – ideal
P camera
Speed dome
Dual technology detector
09h00 – The supermarket is now open. The access controlled barriers are in “open” mode to allow customers
access to the car park.
12h30 – As the number of customers peaks, video surveillance cameras keep a watchful eye on the shop’s
floor and tills. The queues are getting longer quickly. The
control room operator advises the till staff manager,
who opens additional tills. Waiting time at check outs
are kept under control.
21h00 – The supermarket closes after another busy day.
As shelves are being re-stacked ready for the following
day, the till manager proceeds to begin counting the takings. The alarm is set in the shop, whilst the warehouse
and offices are kept accessible for authorised access card
holders. The carpark is now closed to the public. Daynight dome cameras keep a watchful eye on staff leaving
the shop.
Control software:
– Records of those entering the room
– Video playback linked to each record
card reader
SiPass Entro 5
Control keypads
A complete range of 2-line display keypads with up to 16 characters. Displays
for system states, such as on/off, partition “unset”, “part set”, etc.
Interoperability – System Control Software
– Super high-resolution colour cameras
for monitoring of tills and cash handling.
– High-resolution day-night models in
conjunction with infrared illumination
for clear images 24 hours a day.
– IP models for true digital transmission
of streaming images to be recorded
by SISTORE MX (software, hardware
and hybrid recording).
Speed domes
Utmost control and precision. Up to 26x
optical zoom, with
preset positions
and automatic
guard tour facility.
TFT displays
With various size of screen and performance of display – suitable for use in
control rooms or as public display monitors.
Control keyboard
Able to remotely control both the digital
recording system and speed domes, the
CKA4820 keyboard offers ease of use
and flexibility for quick and simple playback or searching of events.
work. This means, for instance, that managers can review images to ensure their
departments are running smoothly or
check that areas are free from hazards.
Users can also be authorised to access
images remotely. Managers can therefore
check stocktaking procedures, ensure
there are no breaches of security or
check that opening times are properly
observed by staff – even when the managers themselves are not on the premises.
Improve out-of-hours safety for staff
With the growth of out-of-town retail
centres, many medium to large companies are now in more isolated locations
and have extended opening hours. This
makes them more attractive to the serious criminal.
To improve security – and safety of staff
– the first line of action is to ensure that
the outer perimeter of the premises is
secure. Siemens’ access control systems
allow entry to the car park to be controlled outside normal opening hours by
granting access to only authorised card
or tag holders.
Siemens’ intruder detection systems enable the various areas of the premises
(main store, warehouse, offices etc.) to
be monitored independently. This means
that offices can be under alarm while the
main store is not. Detectors can be linked
to specified verification zones, activating
audio or video alarm verification immediately after an alarm. When the exterior of
the building is monitored by Siemens’
day-night cameras, staff will undoubtedly
feel safer and more secure.
Future-proof security
In choosing the various Siemens’ security
technologies for retail premises, owners
and managers are ensuring the future
expansion capability of their security
arrangements, which will be able to grow
with the business.
Siemens’ IP-based systems facilitate the
central monitoring of the access control,
intruder detector and video surveillance
systems. In the event of any incident that
triggers an alarm, signals can be transmitted to a pre-configured e-mail address
and event-logs can be investigated
When linked to a central control room, or
alarm monitoring centre, Siemens’ systems provide invaluable tools for the verification of alarms and facilitate appropriate response.
Improve customer service
Video surveillance of a store and its tills
will achieve far more than simply monitoring dishonest activity of staff and customers and recording evidence. By studying the serving of customers by staff,
faults can be identified. Gaps in training
can be corrected to improve performance
and the service offered.
Make it simpler to investigate suspicious transactions and identify dishonest activities
Use surveillance of tills to reduce
employee cash theft and fraud
Deter and reduce theft by customers
and staff with overt video systems
Control and manage entry to vulnerable areas with video and access control systems
Improve out-of-hours safety and security with interoperable access control,
video and intruder detection systems
Substantial reduction in store theft
means quick return on investment
Staffing levels at tills and checkouts can
be monitored too, in order to keep waiting times to a minimum and ensure efficient deployment of staff.
Large retailers face the challenge of securing
and monitoring larger areas and over multiple locations, often resulting in the requirement for
central monitoring, either self-managed or outsourced. Interoperable access control, video surveillance and intruder alarm systems with centralised and remote monitoring therefore come
into their own for large retail organisations, enabling them to implement anti-theft measures
and procedures across all areas and locations: as
security threat profiles and trends are more easily identified and gathered through centralised
monitoring, staff can be better trained on antitheft strategies. Interoperable security systems
also have the added benefits of bringing with
them the possibility of ‘best-practice’ sharing,
economical use of resources and even monitoring of marketing campaigns. For a truly positive
impact on the bottom line.
Large to enterprise-sized retail outlets
Shopping centres, airports’ shop-in-shop, national supermarket chains, city centre
shopping areas/redevelopments …
Know your customers
Speed dome cameras from Siemens provide a 360° view. With high-speed panning and easy control, they can facilitate
the monitoring of retail premises giving
warning of suspicious customers. As suspected shoplifters or known criminals are
spotted by personnel in the control room,
information can be passed onto security
staff. In this way, the suspect can be
tracked discreetly throughout the entire
site. Highest quality SISTORE recording
systems will also gather video evidence.
Improve intelligence gathering
Central logging of security incidents, and
their continual analysis is an effective
way to identify suspicious customers. But
it can also lead to the awareness of developments in criminal activity such as
orchestrated shoplifting. Interactive
Video Management (IVM) from Siemens
provides additional tools to monitor the
progress of incidents: site maps ensure
that images from the exact location can
be accessed instantly and the correct
cameras controlled for optimum tracking
of the incident. Therefore, full image and
data documentation of any event is
effectively gathered.
In shopping centres or malls, the information can be passed on to all outlets,
security staff mobilised and wrongdoers
apprehended. Even organised criminals
can be effectively combatted and sales
staff given a greater sense of security
and safety.
Eliminate cash-register theft
Linked to EPOS systems, Siemens’ video
cameras and recording systems can provide highly effective till monitoring and
many benefits: till activity monitoring
can be a big deterrent to those who
might otherwise be tempted, whilst
recorded video images can be matched
to till receipts and POS data to provide irrefutable evidence should the need arise.
In addition, because honest staff know
that they are seen to be honest – and
that dishonest staff will be apprehended
– the installation of cameras can bring
about better staff morale. A further benefit is the monitoring of staff performance in relation to the quality of customer service provided, enabling training
gaps to be identified and filled.
After-hours monitoring
With stores open increasingly longer
hours, it is vital to monitor areas only operated during standard working hours
(such as offices or warehouses) separately from the shopping floors. By integrating SiPass access control, Intrunet intruder detection and SISTORE video
surveillance systems from Siemens, it is
possible to monitor premises cost-effectively at night, manage and verify alarms
and elicit an appropriate response. The
Intrunet intruder alarm systems offer
sophisticated partitioning functionality
(500 “corridors”, 20 “calendars”), allowing defined areas to be protected differently depending on the time of day – or
night. The integration with access control
systems enable the alarm system to be
set/unset at certain times or deactivated
only upon the badging a valid access
card. Remote central viewing through an
integrated SISTORE video surveillance
system enables alarm-activated recording
to be set up. This provides an effective
yet economical use of resources by removing the need for security guards during the night. Alarms are quickly verified
via live video images transmitted via
Internet Protocol (IP).
Investment with a measurable return
Interoperable security brings many benefits in terms of return on investment:
seamless integration of functionality and
remote monitoring provide more efficient overall monitoring, and therefore
measurable cost savings. The security
system can utilise existing unused network cabling infrastructure to create a
dedicated security network, – and hardware such as switching matrices can be
Interoperable controllers
Interoperability in action – shopping centre
Access control
Intrusion detection
SiPass integrated
Intrunet SI410
SiPass integrated is a powerful and flexible access control
system that provides a very high level of security without
compromising convenience and ease of use. It is built to
meet access control needs that range in complexity from
medium to very high, and fully supports the integration
of video surveillance, intruder alarm and fire alarm systems. SiPass integrated is extremely scalable and can
cater for large and very complex applications.
SI410 forms the heart of easy-to-operate
able intrusion detection systems. Combi
range of high performance Siemens det
dio or video components, the SI410 syst
rich and reliable security. Sophisticated a
processes ensure a high detection accur
false alarm immunity. Easy system expa
through functional integration with DMS
video surveillance and access control sys
08h00 – Some of the shops are opened in the 3 large
buildings which constitute the shopping centre. Each shop
can activate or deactivate the alarm independently but all
are linked to the Intrunet SI410 intrusion system, which
secures the whole shopping centre. The system is also
connected to outdoor and indoor domes and cameras, and
to a SISTORE CX codec video recording system. The 3
buildings are monitored by a central control room located
10 km away. The control room staff can access live and
recorded images over IP, and manage the complete security and safety system using the Siemens MM8000 Danger
Management System.
08h30 – The security team is checking all areas before the
opening at 09h00. They can access their offices and the local
control room on the third floor with SiPass access cards.
The system is also implemented in 2 other shopping centres
in the area, and as the team moves from one site to the
other, their cards give them access to all 3 sites as required.
As the same system is used, the transfer of people is optimised, and start-up and down time is reduced significantly.
10h30 – A well known shoplifter has been sighted. The
ground team has advised the control room by radio, who are
also tracking him using Siemens speed domes positioned
strategically throughout the shopping centre and inside the
shops. Real-time recording ensures high-resolution images
can be gathered for evidential purposes.
Field devices
Proximity and PIN reader with a robust
design and metal casing for vandal resistance. Access granted by card only or
card + PIN for additional security.
Proximity readers
Ideal for controlling access to doors in
offices by use of card only.
Hands-free readers
Ideal for food preparation areas to prevent contamination or warehouse areas
as it is possible for the reader to read your
card from a greater distance (up to 1 m).
Colour camera
Glass break detector
Dual tech
Prox and PIN reader
Auto focus camera
Access controller
Heavy duty weatherproof readers
Ideal for use in outdoor applications
and in warehouse environments (vandal
Multi-partition keypad
External motion detectors –
the first line of defense
Perimeter surveillance is paramount fo
large or enterprise systems, providing
the first line of defense against intruders. Siemens external motion detectors
enable an alarm to be triggered as soon
as intruders set foot on restricted outdoor areas, allowing for intervention to
take place before access to critical area
or buidlings has been gained.
Control keypads
A complete range of 2-line display keypads with up to 16 characters. Displays
for system states, such as on/off, partition “unset”, “part set”, etc.
Video surveillance
e, modular and scalned with the wide
ectors, sensors, autem delivers feature
alarm verification
acy and unparalleled
nsion is achieved
S, and with Siemens
hnology detector
SISTORE CX is an intelligent digital video codec (encoder and
decoder) for video transmission and recording. Using the latest Siemens IT technology, it is particularly suited for applications requiring video transmission or as video sensor in IP
network installations. SISTORE CX provides excellent scalability and transparent communication using client stations located throughout the network. It can be used to build a “virtual video matrix”, providing video over IP streams for display
on analogue output devices or PC-based software decoders.
Ultrasonic detector
Solaris speed dome
TFT Monitors
14h00 – A fire alarm is manually triggered in one of the
underground car parks. The Danger Management System, which allows control of the complete security system through one interface, automatically brings up live
images of the alarm point on screen and a graphical
overview of the site, also used to track the evacuation
progress in case of a valid fire alarm. The live images
show no sign of fire. After a rapid search for the event,
the pre-event recording reveals that the manual call
point was maliciously activated. A security officer is dispatched to the area for further checks. The control room
operator resets the system to normal operation, ensuring all access controlled areas are still active.
20h00 – The shops are closed, but customers are still lingering. The central security team checks all areas via the
video surveillance system to allow ground teams to rush
the last shoppers out before closing the centre. All shops
are now under alarm, whilst the cleaning staff are busy
in the main atriums.
Control software:
– Records of those entering the room
– Video playback linked to each record
video recorder
Motion detectors for complex
The range of Siemens internal motion
detectors caters for all environments.
The range includes the award winning
Eyetec dual motion detector, the only
motion detector on the market with an
antiblocking functionality which complies with EN50131-2 Grade 4. All
Siemens motion detectors offer the
highest detection rate and false alarm
Interoperability – System Control Software
Super high-resolution cameras
Offering the highest detailed images for
evidential use, the range of super highresolution models are sure to impress.
Vandal resistant domes
For areas with the highest risk, either
in- or outdoors, these IP66 vandal resistant domes can withstand a blow up to
1000 kg on the impact resistant polycarbonate-protective bubble.
Solaris speed domes
Solaris domes offer accuracy, speed,
reliability and high-quality images by
day or night, with 18x or 26x zoom.
TFT/LCD displays
With various sizes of screen and performance of display – the range of TFT displays is suitable to create “video-walls”
for use in a control room or as public
display monitors.
Control keyboard
Able to remotely control both the digital
recording system and speed domes, the
CKA4820 keyboard offers ease of use
and flexibility for quick and simple playback or searching of events.
replaced by virtual software equivalents.
With centralised access control, entry
rights can follow the cardholder from
one location to another – this keeps the
number of cards required – and the time
it would otherwise take to manage or
change user rights in multiple locations –
to a minimum. It also allows for the
central control of car parks, lifts and
entrances (to floors, offices and other
secure areas) on multi-purpose retail
Last, but not least, as sales personnel are
relieved of routine tasks – such as enabling/disabling alarm systems – they
can focus their attention on serving the
customer better.
Real-time resource management
The monitoring of entrances to any retail
premises is essential. Siemens’ access
control systems will help secure sensitive
areas such as cash-boxes and cashier-passages. It will also provide useful separation of customer and staff access and can
be linked to “Time & Attendance” and
payroll applications. With surveillance of
tills and entrances, peaks in customer
activity are readily apparent and staffing
levels increased accordingly.
image. This is possible because remote
monitoring makes it possible to follow up
merchandising campaigns in real time. It
is also possible to study staff performance, enhance training and thereby
bring about effective sharing and implementation of Health & Safety best practices and significant improvements in
customer service.
Integrated danger management
The Danger Management System from
Siemens allows larger retailers and shopping centres to take advantage of
around-the-clock availability of security
control centres. In this way, Siemens’ security systems can be monitored cost-effectively, without the expense of on-site
guards. Siemens’ Danger Management
System (DMS) also facilitates the management of data from the various systems including fire detection systems. Escape routes are pre-determined and the
management station guides the operator
through response-steps. Clear procedures
are displayed on screen, subsystem functionality is activated and monitored accordingly (eg: switch on/off alarm, start
real-time video recording, request assis-
tance etc.). Management tools such as
graphical visualisations, time-scheduled
activities (activate shift changes –
day/night) are included within the software program.
Better investigation and evidence
Improved operator performance at tills
and checkouts
Remote monitoring supports follow-up
of merchandising campaigns and implementation of Health & Safety and
best practices procedures
Lifting of staff morale
Effective response to incidents
Improving operational performance
Retail chains have the difficulty of implementing security strategies across a number of stores, as well as offices, warehouses and distribution centres. Through
increased control and improved compliance with requirements, the chains can
dramatically improve their operational
performance. This improves transparency
and can also help with the consistent
communication of the desired brand
The new corporate headquarters were opened in
2006 and cover about 19,500 m2. An architectural jewel, the building is the set of a remarkable
display of famous cars and offers visitors a diversified portfolio of branded products and services.
The site includes a repair and accessories shop,
and is a recognised centre of competence for the
repair of classic cars. The company has been a
family run business for over five decades and
employs 2,000 qualified employees in Hungary
and Austria. More details: http://www.pappas.at/
Case study: Georg Pappas Automobil AG –
integrated safety and security
Access control – 86 readers
Audio/evacuation – 72 loudspeakers
Project requirements
Optimum fire detection system, flexible
gas extinguishing system, acoustic and
alarm system for the whole area, reliable
video surveillance, modern access control.
Fire detection
Fire protection/extinguishing
Intrusion detection – 30 detectors
Video surveillance (CCTV) –
69 cameras
System description
The access control system includes
amongst others 57 proximity readers,
29 proximity readers with PIN and 17
escape route terminals. The system also
provides elevator control functionality.
The intrusion detection system consists
of two Intrunet SI420 subsystems, comprising 12 control panels, around 30
alarm sensors and several infrared barriers and magnetic contacts.
The IP-based video surveillance system
sits on the Gbit Ethernet LAN, and comprises of 15 analogue cameras, 54 IP
cameras and 2 central video servers.
A modern fire detection system and a
flexible gas extinguishing system were
installed too.
The acoustic and alarm system includes
72 loudspeakers with approximately
6,000 W. The transfer of the signals is
effected over a 100 Mbit Ethernet LAN.
The security control centre WinGuard
with data interface to the maintenance
groups fire, video, alarm and access control provides fast response times.
Customer benefits
Highest possible safety and security for
staff, customers, and material assets via
a fully interoperable system.
Systems overview
Large to enterprise
Medium to large
Small to medium
Access control
Intruder detection
Video surveillance
SiPass standalone
and codelocks, or
SiPass Entro Lite with
prox & PIN readers
Intrunet SI120 with
single or dual
technology motion
detectors and
SISTORE AX DVR and Via alarm
fixed cameras and
SiPass Entro Lite or
Entro with a wide
range of readers
(prox & PIN, proximity, hands-free and
Intrunet SI220 with
dual technology
motion detectors,
glass break detectors
and multi-partition
Own or
NVS + NVR with fixed outsourced
and PTZ IP cameras control room
and domes
SiPass Entro or
SiPass integrated
combined with a
wide range of readers (prox & PIN,
proximity, hands-free
and heavy duty)
Intrunet SI410 with
external detectors,
internal motion detectors with Grade 4
antiblocking, and
multi partition keypads with key switch
and annunciation
fixed and PTZ
cameras and domes
+ IVM software
Welcome to the world of
innovative thinking
For the last 160 years, Siemens has been
investing a great deal in both manpower
and research and development. This has
ensured a constant stream of new insights,
technologies and inventions that enable
us to continuously improve the reliability
of our products and systems to make
them easier to install and operate.
Advances in digital technologies are
creating a whole new world of possibilities. Siemens has been at the leading
edge of progress in this field and continues to redefine both current and future
Interoperable systems are now supplied
alongside such basic requirements as
lighting, heating and water in a building.
As a company, we know that integration
supports the business environment
through the interaction of products and
systems. We break down the barriers
between our access control, intrusion
detection and video surveillance product
lines in our security portfolio and listen to
what the market actually wants. We then
develop to deliver both fully integrated
and interoperable security systems, based
on our 30 years of know-how in security.
DMS – own
or outsourced
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The information in this document contains general descriptions of technical options available,
which do not always have to be present in individual cases. The required features should therefore
be specified in each individual case at the time of closing the contract.
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