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Intelligent Transportation Systems
Video Detection and Monitoring Solutions
for Traffic Applications
FLIR Intelligent Transportation Systems
Video Detection and Monitoring Solutions for Traffic Applications
Traffic managers all over the world use technology from
FLIR Intelligent Transportation Systems (formerly Traficon)
to keep roadways flowing safely and smoothly. They utilize
FLIR ITS to control signals for vehicles, pedestrians, and
cyclists; detect incidents on roadways; and collect valuable
traffic data.
By combining video cameras, thermal sensors, intelligent
video analytics, and command and control software, FLIR
ITS has the field-proven solution you need to keep your
roadways safe and running at peak efficiency.
Key Benefits of Video Detection
• Above-ground detection
• Combination of data, alarms and video images
• High reliability
• Flexible configurations
• Wide-area detection
• No road closure needed for installation
and configuration
• Low maintenance cost
Traditional video
cameras, as well as
thermal cameras,
can be combined with
FLIR’s traffic video
Real-time Analysis
Real-time analysis of video or thermal camera images allows for more efficient traffic management in
tunnels, on highways and in urban areas. Traffic lights can be adapted in real-time, according to the
current traffic flow. And in case of incidents, early detection enables fast intervention of rescue teams
and prevents secondary accidents.
Video Detection - Seeing is Believing
The combination of both numerical data and a visual image sets video detection apart from all other
detection systems. The immediate visual feedback received from a video detection system on a monitor
is invaluable for the traffic manager or operator.
Having a visual image of the situation also allows the traffic manager to assess what is happening and
to take appropriate action.
Video detection systems for monitoring traffic streams are a very cost-efficient solution. All cameras
can be easily installed above ground on existing infrastructure, mast arms, luminares, or existing poles.
Since nothing needs to be installed into the road surface, there is no need for road closures or other
disturbances. Detection zones can be easily moved or adapted if the traffic situation changes.
Efficient and Reliable
FLIR Systems’ video detection and monitoring
systems are used all over the globe. Traffic
managers appreciate their high incident
detection rate and high detection speed.
This results in a low Mean Time to Detect
(MTTD) and a low False Alarm Rate (FAR).
Proven Technology
Traffic managers worldwide have embraced
the technology from FLIR Intelligent Transportation Systems for managing
traffic streams. More than 100,000 video detectors are operational worldwide
in over 70 countries.
FLIR has Automatic Incident Detection (AID) installations in more than 600 tunnels,
totalling more than 750 kilometers of roadway.
In addition, FLIR solutions are being used for traffic light management at more than
20,000 intersections worldwide.
FLIR SafeWalk for
pedestrian detection
A FLIR Solution For Any Traffic Application
Whether You’re Monitoring Traffic in an Urban Area, on
Highways or in Tunnels, FLIR Has a Solution to Ensure Safe,
Smooth Traffic.
Intersection Control
FLIR’s video and thermal detection solutions create a highly reliable and
accurate alternative to loops and other detection technologies, providing
information on vehicles approaching or waiting at intersections.
Vehicle and pedestrian detectors from FLIR Systems turn traffic lights
into active management devices.
FLIR’s intelligent intersection control reduces vehicle wait times,
improving traffic flow and efficiency, reducing CO2 emissions, and
enhancing the safety and mobility of more vulnerable road users.
Pedestrian Safety and Mobility
Pedestrian safety is a major concern in urban areas. In addition to traffic
light management, pedestrian detection can activate in-road warning
lights or flashing beacons. Compared to continuously flashing lights,
detection-based warning signal activation is much more effective in
alerting motorists and enhancing the safety of pedestrians.
Bike Detection
Detecting cyclists on busy roadways and
intersections in difficult conditions is one of the
greatest challenges facing traffic engineers today.
Because they utilize both thermal sensors and video
analytics, FLIR’s thermal detection systems provide
the most reliable detection and notification system in
the world.
As more and more state and local municipalities
are requiring safe, reliable detection of cyclists in
order to effectively work them into the overall flow of
traffic, FLIR’s bicycle detection systems are quickly
becoming required technology.
Highway Monitoring
As more vehicles clog major arterials around the
country, effective 24-hour monitoring of these
highways becomes a critical feature in the continuing
efforts to keep cars and trucks moving smoothly.
FLIR’s integrated visual cameras, thermal sensors,
and management software solutions give agencies
the information and horsepower they need to detect
and respond to incidents with minimal disruption of
traffic flow and commerce.
Automatic Incident Detection (AID)
Effective incident management depends entirely on
fast incident detection and verification.
With each passing minute, the risk of another
accident compounding the first one rises
dramatically, making the time to clear the original
incident critical.
Stopped vehicles, wrong-way drivers, lines of waiting
cars, slow moving vehicles, or fallen objects...FLIR’s
AID solutions analyze camera images in real-time and
detect major incidents within seconds, substantially
reducing the risk of secondary incidents.
Data Collection & Flow Monitoring
FLIR Systems accurately monitors traffic flow speed
to help keep highways safe by differentiating levels
of service: fluid, dense, congested, or stop and go.
Lines of waiting traffic in construction zones can
be monitored and travel times calculated based
on information gathered by FLIR’s Video Image
Processor (VIP) boards.
Having a bunch of drivers circling endlessly trying to fi nd
parking keeps more cars on the road longer than necessary.
FLIR’s parking cameras, sensors, and solutions provide an
easy to use method for drivers to fi nd open parking areas
and for operators to see what their capacity is at any given
Thermal Sensors for Traffic Applications
While video cameras are traditionally used for traffic video analysis, they need additional algorithms to overcome their
inherent vulnerability to low light conditions (nighttime), too much light (sun glare), and shadows that can hide vehicles
or pedestrians.
Thermal sensors do not have any these issues. Because they create a crisp image based on subtle temperature
differences, thermal sensors need no light to work, are not blinded by direct sunlight, and give you uninterrupted 24hour detection of vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists, regardless of the amount of light available.
Sun Glare
Glare from the sun blinds conventional video
cameras, effectively hiding vehicles, people,
and animals. Thermal sensors cannot see this
glare, and only respond to the heat signatures
they detect.
Headlights are confusing to video cameras,
tricking them into triggering false and missed
calls, and making accurate observation of
highway traffic at night impossible. Thermal
sensors are immune to headlight glare, so they
see clearly.
See Through Shadows
Video cameras can miss pedestrians, cyclists,
animals, and even cars if they’re in the
shadows. But since thermal sensors see heat,
not light, they give you a much more reliable
detection solution.
Long-Range Night Viewing
At night, a highway looks like an indistinct row
of lights to a video camera, making meaningful
data collection and incident assessment
impossible. But thermal cameras see the heat
signatures of vehicles clearly from miles away,
while also providing clear video of the roadside
so you can see vehicles that have pulled over.
FLIR Series T
Thermal Sensors for Signal Control & Traffic Monitoring
Thermal sensors outperform other detection technologies by detecting the heat signatures given off by everything in
their field of view, 24/7. Because they see heat, not light, they don’t get confused by sun glare, darkness, headlights,
shadows, wet streets, and poor weather conditions like video cameras do.
Detection systems using thermal sensors have dramatically fewer false and missed calls, enable better signal timing,
and more efficient traffic flow with increased safety than any other technology. Plus, thermal cameras also detect the
heat from cyclists, pedestrians, and animals faster and more reliably.
FLIR FC-Series T
Compact, flexible, and powerful, FC-Series sensors provide the most reliable
traffic detection technology in the field today. No other detection technology
provides the same level of reliability or reduction in missed or false calls as thermal.
Detailed Image Quality
Using state-of-the-art, maintenance-free uncooled microbolometer detectors,
FC-Series systems produce accurate images with great image detail. They are the
perfect solution for analytics and traffic monitoring.
Different Lens Options
FC-Series sensors are available with a variety of different lens options: 9 mm,
13 mm, or 19 mm. Longer lenses offer a narrower field of view for greater
detection ranges.
Easy to Install
FC-Series cameras use the same mechanical hardware, mounting arms, cabling,
and processors that you already have. They also provide two methods for
connecting the video output cable: BNC and Connector-Less.
FLIR Thermal Sensors:
• Work equally well in bright
sunshine and total darkness
• See in practically all weather
• Eliminate problems which
cause visible camera
detection systems to create
missed or false calls
• Are drop-in replacements for
existing daylight cameras
• Are extremely affordable and
Designed for Use in Harsh Environments
The FC-Series thermal sensors are rugged and reliable, meeting IP66 requirements
against dust and water ingress. They operate between -50°C and +75°C, making them
perfect for all climates.
FLIR’s multi-sensor PT-Series and D-Series sensor systems expand the capabilities of Signal Control cameras by
pairing a thermal sensor with an industry-standard CCD camera. These PTZ platforms give you:
• Precision pan/tilt mechanism for accurate pointing control
• Fully programmable scan patterns, radar slew-to-cue, and slew-to-alarm functions
• Simultaneous IP and analog video outputs
• IP and serial control interfaces for easy integration into IP or analog networks; use them in an existing analog
environment, and migrate them easily to a future IP network
• Open IP standards for plug-and-play integration
• Streaming digital video available in H.264, MPEG-4, or M-JPEG formats
PT-Series T
The PT-Series of high-performance, multi-sensor pan/tilt cameras bring thermal and visiblelight imaging together in a system that gives you video and control over both IP and analog
networks. The precision pan/tilt mechanism gives you accurate pointing
control along with:
• Sun-safe VOx uncooled thermal sensor technology; looking directly at the
sun won’t damage FLIR uncooled thermal security cameras
• Fully programmable scan patterns, radar slew-to-cue, and slew-to-alarm
• Simultaneous IP and analog (NTSC or PAL) video outputs — thermal and visible
light — along with IP and serial control interfaces for easy integration into IP or analog
networks; use them in an existing analog environment, and migrate easily to a future IP
• Exchangeable camera cassettes allow for quick upgrade or repair of sensors and optics
• Open IP standards for plug-and-play integration
• Streaming digital video available in H.264, MPEG-4, or M-JPEG formats
D-Series T
The D-Series outdoor dome enclosure provides precision pan/tilt control of the
included thermal and daylight/low-light visual cameras. D-Series cameras give you:
• Sun-safe VOx uncooled thermal sensor technology; looking directly at the sun
won’t damage FLIR uncooled thermal security cameras
• Fully programmable scan patterns, radar slew-to-cue, and slew-to-alarm
• Thermal imager with either 640 × 480 or 320 × 240 resolution
• Daylight/low-light 36× zoom color CCD camera
• Simultaneous visible and thermal video outputs
• Simultaneous IP and analog (NTSC or PAL) video outputs
• Open IP standards for plug-and-play integration
• Multiple channels of streaming digital video available in H.264, MPEG-4, or
M-JPEG formats
• Auto Digital Detail Enhancement (DDE) for optimal image quality
• Compatible with industry standard lowering devices
The World’s First Intelligent Thermal Traffic Sensor
TrafiSense is an integrated thermal detection sensor and analytics
package that gives you the power to detect vehicles and cyclists around
the clock with industry-leading reliability.
TrafiSense is an above-ground system that spares you the enormous
installation and maintenance costs that traditional inductive loops
typically require. This makes TrafiSense as cost-effective as it is reliable
while also giving you all the benefits of thermal video detection.
Key Functions
• Vehicle presence detection
• Bicycle presence detection
• Intersection control: Stop bar and advance detection
Key Benefits
• All-in-one sensor (thermal sensor + analytics)
• Above-ground installation
• Up to H.264 image compression
• IP-addressability
• Real-time verification and monitoring
• Easy installation and quick configuration
• Low power consumption
• Up to 16 vehicle presence detection zones
• Up to 4 bicycle presence detection regions
• Reliable detection 24/7
• Field-proven detection algorithms
Vehicle Presence Detection
TrafiSense detects and monitors moving and stationary
vehicles at signalized intersections. By detection outputs and/
or IP protocol, vehicle presence information is transmitted
to the traffic controller so that signal timing can be adjusted
dynamically. This results in reduced waiting time, improved
traffic flow, and less pollution.
Bicycle Presence Detection
TrafiSense is also a reliable, cost-effective solution for the
detection and monitoring of bicycles approaching a signalized
intersection. Bike presence information is provided to the traffic
controller so cyclists get optimized green times, enhancing the
safety of cyclists and other road users.
Easy Installation & Configuration
TrafiSense is an IP-addressable thermal detection sensor, so
system setup is quick and easy. Its flexible installation options
include broadband over power lines (BPL). Using the setup
software to connect to all TrafiSense devices on the network
and position your virtual detection zones and regions quickly
and accurately, your system can be operational in just a few
minutes. Full frame rate streaming video for system and traffic
monitoring lets you configure, view, and control the system
both on-site and remotely.
TrafiCam Series
TrafiCam Series –
Vehicle Presence Sensor
The TrafiCam Series of vehicle presence sensors combines
a CMOS camera and video detector together to make two
specialized products:
• TrafiCam: vehicle presence sensor for standalone use
• TrafiCam X-Stream: vehicle presence sensor and data
collector with video streaming
Presence zones can be easily implemented and changed
on a video image.
Both the TrafiCam and TrafiCam X-Stream sensors are
used for detection and monitoring of moving and stationary
vehicles at signalized intersections. Via detection outputs
or via IP protocol, vehicle presence information is transmitted to the traffic controller so that signal
timing can be adjusted dynamically. This way, vehicle waiting time at traffic lights is reduced and
traffic flows are optimized. The smart TrafiCam sensors are a cost-effective and reliable alternative
to inductive loops.
Direct Visual Verification of Presence Zones
The TrafiCam series allows you to exactly position and verify the vehicle presence
detection zones. Since these zones are displayed on a video image, you can easily
reposition them to adapt to changing traffic situations.
Multiple & Direction-Sensitive Vehicle Detection Zones
TrafiCam and TrafiCam X-Stream detect vehicles, day and night, in up to
16 zones. This allows vehicle presence detection over different lanes. The
TrafiCam series has detection zones indicating presence of vehicles moving in
a specific direction.
Easy Installation, Fast Configuration
TrafiCam is easy to install. You can simply mount it on existing infrastructure.
TrafiCam X-Stream
TrafiCam X-Stream offers a number of additional capabilities
over the standard TrafiCam sensor.
Video Streaming
Stream full frame rate video with MPEG-4 or H.264
compression for seamless system and traffic monitoring
directly from your control room. Its user-friendly web interface
allows TrafiCam X-Stream users to manage their video
sources online.
Traffic Data Collection
TrafiCam X-Stream is also a cost-effective solution for traffic
data collection (volume, speed, occupancy, gap time, headway
and classification on multiple lanes), queue detection and
traffic flow monitoring on highways and inter-urban roads.
It can be used for temporary data collection or on a more
permanent basis.
TrafiCam X-Stream is an above-ground sensor providing a
wide range of traffic data on up to 4 lanes.
TrafiCam Series
TrafiCam X-Stream
CMOS black & white
CMOS color
Data streaming
Single image
MPEG-4 or H.264
Direction sensitive detection zones
Vehicle detection zones
Data collection
up to 4 lanes
Key Functions:
• Vehicle presence detection at intersections
• Data collection (TrafiCam X-Stream only)
Key Benefits:
• All-in-one sensor (camera + video detection)
• Non-intrusive, above-ground installation
• Real-time verification and monitoring
• Real-time traffic view
TrafiCam is an esthetic product that combines a CMOS camera
and video detector in one. It is the ideal tool for intersection
management in urban areas.
Pedestrian Presence Sensors
FLIR ITS pedestrian sensors are improving safety and efficiency in urban areas all around the world. Detection of
pedestrians allows for the dynamic control of traffic lights and warning lights, such as flashing beacons or in-road
lighting. The result? More safety, and fewer delays for both pedestrians and motorists.
FLIR ITS pedestrian sensor portfolio offers integrated
solutions, combining a camera and detector in one:
• C-Walk: detection of crossing pedestrians
• SafeWalk: detection of waiting and approaching
FLIR ITS C-Walk and SafeWalk sensors make use of
predefined detection zones (“virtual loops”). As soon as
a pedestrian enters the predefined zone, a detection
output will trigger the traffic light controller or activate
a warning signal.
Pedestrian Detection for Activation
of Warning Lights
Warning lights are very effective in enhancing driver
awareness and reducing risks for pedestrians.
However, traditional, continuously flashing warning
signals will have a reduced effect, as motorists do not
receive any real stimulus to change driving behavior.
C-Walk and SafeWalk are more effective, because
they activate warning lights, such as in-road lighting or
flashing beacons, only when pedestrians enter a predefined detection zone.
Pedestrian Detection for Traffic
Light Control
Crossing at signalized intersections can be dangerous
for pedestrians. C-Walk and SafeWalk sensors can
reduce the risk and enhance safety by adapting traffic
light green times based on pedestrian presence
information. C-Walk and SafeWalk also significantly
reduce wait time for both pedestrians and motorists.
Main Benefits:
• All-in-one sensors (camera + detector)
• Above-ground installation
• Accurate zone positioning
• IP-addressable
• Reliable detection 24/7
• Cost-effective solution
C-Walk - Pedestrian Presence Sensor
C-Walk is designed to improve pedestrian protection.
SafeWalk - Stereovision Pedestrian Presence Sensor
SafeWalk has been designed to detect stationary pedestrians adjacent to the
pole on which it is mounted.
Fast & Easy Installation
SafeWalk and C-Walk sensors have been designed to avoid expensive
installation and maintenance costs. As such, the installation process
is quick and simple: install it, connect it and start analyzing the
pedestrian detection zone. The sensors can simply be mounted on
existing infrastructure.
User-Friendly System Configuration
Configuration of the sensor is done via portable PC with pre-installed
user-friendly software. It takes less than five minutes and requires no
special knowledge.
Using camera images, virtual pedestrian detection zones can be
positioned accurately. Verification and viewing of the detection is
possible via MPEG-4 streaming video.
VIP Series
VIP Series – Video Detection Boards
The VIP series offers multi-functional Video Image Processing modules for traffic control. These boards can
monitor single or dual cameras and provide accurate data traffic volume, speed, gap-time, headway, occupancy,
concentration, and classification. Data is stored on-board using non-volatile memory.
The VIP-3D.1 monitors one camera
and provides up to 24 presence
detection zones.
The VIP-3D.2 monitors two cameras
and provides up to 20 presence
detection zones.
VIP-Bike provides bike detection, green
time adaptation for cyclists, visual
monitoring, and bike counting.
Key Benefits
Stopped vehicle
Data collection
Inverse direction
Fallen object
• Instant operator warning, logging and
recording of events, data and video sequences
• On-board digital recording of pre- and postincident video sequences
• Extensive interfacing and reporting capabilities
• Field-proven video detection experience
• Fast and reliable 24/7
• Easy to install, trouble-free system integration
• High lifetime, low power, easy maintenance
Automated Incident Detection
AID Boards and Camera
FLIR integrated boards and cameras provide automatic incident detection, data collection, recording of pre- and
post-incident image sequences and streaming video in one board. VIP modules have been installed for road and tunnel
projects all over the world.
Multi-functional video detection board for
analog cameras
Multi-functional video detection board for
network cameras
Video encoder with multi-functional video
TrafiBot is a box camera with integrated video analytics and dual H.264
video streaming.
The TrafiBot solution combines field-proven video detection algorithms
with advanced camera optics and powerful processing technology in a
single housing. TrafiBot is a network camera that provides embedded
AID analytics and multi-stream encoding that supplies traffic data and
incident detection information alerts on stopped vehicles, wrong-way
drivers, pedestrians, lost cargo, smoke, and traffic flow data.
Video analytics module
for analog cameras
Video analytics module
for network cameras
Encoder with
embedded video
Automatic incident
Box camera with
embedded H.264 video
streaming and video
Data collection
Multi-codec & multistreaming
Advanced camera optics
Encoding format
H.264, MPEG-4,
H.264, MJPEG
ONVIF compliant
H.264, MPEG-4,
ViewCom/E MAX+
Communication Board That Links VIP Boards to Your Network
Typically, VIP detector boards are installed in rack systems. In each rack, a dedicated
ViewCom board handles compression and transmission of data, alarms, images,
and real-time streaming video over the internet in MPEG-4 or H.264. These
communication interfaces link the VIP boards with different types of communication
networks: direct line, telephone lines, fiber networks, and wireless communication.
Remote access to ViewCom/E MAX+ via the
internet browser allows for real-time monitoring of
the VIP detector boards’ streaming video, as well
as board setup.
Key Benefits:
Key Functions:
• Transmission of data, events and alarms generated by the
VIP detector boards
• IP-addressable communication board
• JPEG image compression
• MPEG-4/H.264 streaming video
• Quad view of four cameras for intersection overview
• Web server with dynamic HTML pages for remote administration
• Remote and real-time monitoring of the VIP detector boards
• SNMP network management protocol support
• Single slot direct plug-in module,
rack space saving board
• Connects via SDLC Interface
Device with TS2 controllers
• Field-proven performance
• Easy-to-install, user-friendly setup,
high mean time between failures
(MTBF) and low mean time to
repair (MTTR)
Video and Radar-Based Vehicle Presence Sensor
The TrafiRadar vehicle presence sensor is a combination of a video sensor and radar,
offering the most accurate detection for a wide range of applications. TrafiRadar improves
traffic safety and efficiency at signalized intersections for:
• Stop bar and advance detection
• Traffic adaptive systems
• Dilemma zone protection
Accurate Stop Bar and Advanced
TrafiRadar will provide traffic data and information on
the presence of vehicles approaching or waiting at an
intersection. The detection algorithms are based on
FLIR’s proven VIP platform of video image processors,
which have been installed at thousands of intersections
around the world.
Making Traffic Flows Efficient
TrafiRadar will pass over its information to the traffic
light controller. As a result, better decisions can be
made to control the traffic lights in a more optimal way.
Therefore, TrafiRadar is an ideal solution to support
traffic adaptive systems.
Key Benefits:
More Safety in the Dilemma Zone
• High detection performance from two proven
technologies: video & radar
TrafiRadar will warn the traffic light controller whenever
a vehicle is present in the dilemma zone, either extending
green time or extending all red lights in order to improve
overall safety at signalized intersections.
• Detects at distances up to 600’ on multiple lanes
• Easy to install and configure
• Compact and cost-effective, above-ground solution
• Real-time visualization of radar objects on the
video image
• Remote monitoring
• Low maintenance
Flux – Video Detection Management Software
Flux is an intelligent software platform for use with a FLIR video detection system. Flux collects traffic data, events,
alarms and video images generated by the video detectors.
Management, Control and Visualization
of Traffic Data and Events
The main goal of Flux is to manage and control all traffic
information generated by various detectors and to make it
useful, meaningful and relevant to the user.
Flux provides a user-friendly interface composed of a
monitoring and a reporting application. Flux enables realtime monitoring of events and alarms. All event info is
automatically documented and visualized in a straightforward
way, allowing the operator to manage each traffic
situation efficiently.
Browser-Based Graphical User
Interface (GUI)
Flux collects and visualizes a wide range of traffic data,
events and alarms
The client of Flux is a web-based application. This means
users only need a web-browser installed on their PC that is
connected to the network of the video detection system to
access the traffic management system.
Event Recording and Immediate Replay
As Flux is used to store and collect data, events and
video, an operator can immediately retrieve these recorded
video sequences to analyze pre- and post-incident images.
This direct visual information is extremely valuable for the
operator, who can take necessary actions in case of an
incident, and conduct traffic analysis afterwards.
Flux can easily record video sequences.
Key Features
• Collection, visualization and storage of traffic data,
events and alarms
• Graphical user interface for stand-alone use with
powerful event alerting and extensive event logging
• Intelligent filter management
• Streaming video from multiple cameras, simultaneously
• Instant recording with pre- and post-event information
Key Benefits
• Fast, reliable and stable system
• Easy installation, Windows and Linux-compatible
• User-friendly configuration and operation
• Browser-based Graphical User Interface
• Expandable, scalable system
• Open architecture for easy integration with larger
traffic management systems
Powerful Event Alerting and
Intelligent Filtering
Flux uses advanced filters to ensure relevant alerting.
A filter is a set of inhibitions to be launched for a group
of cameras. Each inhibition is characterized by events
that must be filtered on one or more zones. These
filters can be triggered directly from the Flux user
interface, automatically from digital inputs from the
video detection system or the built-in Flux scheduler, or
remotely from a larger management system.
Versatile Traffic Management
Platform for Any Size System
From small-scale video detection to large-scale
systems with hundreds of detection devices, the open
architecture of Flux allows you to scale the system to
the exact requirements of the project.
Real-time traffic monitoring
Extensive traffic data reports
Simultaneous, real-time video from multiple cameras
Cameleon ITS
Cameleon ITS is a central software platform for
transportation monitoring and management. The ITS version
of Cameleon allows for the control of ITS-specific devices,
including cameras, DMS signs, detector stations, gates,
signal heads and incident detection. Cameleon includes a
complete video management solution native to the application.
ITS allows full support of video decoding, distribution,
transcoding and supply of digital streams to clients, video
walls, websites and video sharing with other agencies.
Cameleon has several integral applications
for monitoring health and status of software
components, as well as an automatic
software update manager. Components can
be automatically restarted based on several
monitoring criteria, and all system events are
logged to the Windows system log.
Typical applications for Cameleon ITS are large
scale video management and sharing, DMS
sign control, lane control, congestion warning,
travel time, incident management and parking
control systems.
Cameleon ITS gives you full control over complex systems. Image
courtesy of Arizona DOT.
A powerful feature of the software is the ability to utilize the
standard off-the-shelf software for a large variety of projects,
with simple configuration and customization utilizing device
drivers and automation. The software supports both thick and
thin client solutions and is fully client-server and client-multiple
server capable for center-to-center applications.
Cameleon supports standard interfaces, such as NTCIP
and TMDD for device control, as well as XML data exchange
for custom interfaces. Access to devices and video, along
with the ability to restrict video feeds, is managed through
the software. Control center functionality includes multiple
monitor support for clients, along with robust integrations
to video wall processors, computer display switchers and
audio switching.
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