Kaps SOM Colposcopes
Coaxial halogen illumination 12 V/100 W (direct)
Coaxial cold-light illumination 15 V/150 W –
All colposcope outfits are equipped with a stand-by spare lamp
and swing in green filter
12 mm with focusing objective f = 250 mm and f = 300 mm,
40 mm manual, 40 mm motorized
Fine Focusing
For the modern Gynaecology Practice
Binocular Tubes
Straight tube f = 125 mm, inclined tube f = 125 mm 45° as standard, on request also straight tube f = 159 mm, inclined tube f =
159 mm 45° or wide-angle inclinable tube f = 182 mm, 0 to 210°
Oculars, Pairs
Wide-angle oculars with diopter lock for spectacle wearers
16xV or 20xV, on request with graticules
3-step magnification changer, 5-step magnification changer,
zoom 1-6 manual or motorized (apochromatic)
Ø 670 mm
762 mm
565 mm
250 mm or 300 mm are standard, other focal lengths
on request
1.332 mm
475 mm
Working Distance/
Kaps SOM Colposcopes
1.104 mm
967 mm
SOM 52/42
Integration into Practice Rooms
These versatile colposcopes can be mounted
to suit requirements. Options available are
mounting on a mobile floor stand, chair or
couch mounting (right or left), wall mounting
or ceiling mounting.
Integrated Video Camera "Vision"
¼" CCD colour video camera, Y/C (S-VHS), FBAS, 725 (H) x 582 (V) PAL
Endoscopy Adaptor
Fast and simple mounting between changer and binocular tube
Photo/Video Documentation
Beam splitter, one-sided or both-sided, TV-tube for connection to C-mount,
colour-video camera, C-mount digital camera adaptor to connect a D-SLR camera with T2 adaptor
Second Observer Attachments
Second observer, monocular or binocular
Adaptation of various laser system possible
www.grips-design.de 02.10
We reserve the right to changes without notice due to technical developments.
Photos may show optional accessories.
Magnification changer 5-step and binocular tube f = 125 mm
Factor sign
Field of view ∅ in mm
Eyepieces WF 20x
Karl Kaps GmbH & Co.KG • P.O. Box 12 25 • 35608 Asslar/Wetzlar
Fon (+ 49) 64 41 8 07 04-0 • Fax (+ 49) 64 41 8 59 85
www.kaps-optik.de • e-mail: [email protected] • www.colposcopes.com
Colposcope SOM 52
on a Mobile Stand
High Performance from the
Colposcope Specialists
SOM 42 for mounting on
Gynae Chairs or -Couches
Kaps Stereo-Colposcopes combine excellent apochro-
The SOM 42 is identical with the SOM 52 except that
matic optics and brilliant illumination with easy,
it is mounted on a gynae chair or -couch. This means
precise positioning to give outstanding performance.
that all the options and accessories available for the
The modular system allows additional accessories to
SOM 52 are available for the SOM 42 as well.
be simply introduced whenever required.
A range of space-saving adapters enables the
The ergonomic design of our Colposcopes pro-
SOM 42 to be fitted to different gynae chairs and
vides the user with precise, fatigue-free working and
couches from the leading manufacturers. The colpo-
brilliant, three-dimensional images at a large depth
scope can be sited on the left or right hand side to
of focus. High diagnostic success rates are therefore
suit requirements.
easily achievable.
Colposcope SOM 42
Special Features
SOM 52 on a Mobile Stand
Mobile stand, mounting on gynae-chairs
or -couches or ceiling
Ergonomic and timesaving operation
The colposcope is a vital instrument for successful diagnosis and therapy. With our SOM series of colposcopes
Single-handed easy positioning of the
colposcope head
the user can comfortably meet the requirements of
Selection of various illumination systems
routine daily gynaecological examinations.
Swing-in green filter
The SOM 52 adapts easily to any room situation
Built-in diaphragm to increase depth-of-focus
because of its stable and manoeuvrable mobile stand.
Manual fine focusing
It is also easy to transport between different rooms in
Straight or inclined tubes, according to choice
the building, thus expanding its potential for use.
Interchangeable objectives and oculars
Our colposcopes can be tailored to meet individual
Extensive range of accessories for documentation.
Second observer attachments (video, DSLR)
requirements, using the options available for straight
Integrated camera system "Vision"
or inclinable binocular tubes, inter-changeable objec-
Adaption to laser systems of leading manufacturers
tive lenses, three or five step magnification or zoom.
The colposcopes can also be fitted with a secondary
Motorized version (zoom and focusing)
observation system, DSLR, video system or endoscope
camera, and can also be easily adapted to accommodate
a laser system. Motorised zoom and focusing options
are available on request.
In choosing a Kaps colposcope you select an instrument that is unique in its adaptability and value for
SOM 52 with Inclined Tube (f = 125 mm,
45°), 5-step magnification changer and
manual fine focusing and T-handle
SOM 42 with Straight Tube (f = 125 mm) and
3-step Magnification Changer, manual fine focusing
and T-handle
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