Arcam 8SE User's Manual

Arcam 8SE User's Manual
 7° 8° 65E * 9° CD players
Thank you for choosing ARCAM
This handbook has been designed to make the installation and use This handbook covers four CD players:
of your CD player straightforward. However, we appreciate that
some of our customers require further technical information, Alpha 7
When extra technical information is available you will see the Alpha 8
following, at the end of the section: [Want more info! See Technical Alpha 8SE
notes on page 5] Alpha 9
SAFETY Many features are common to more than one of these CD players.
[Want more info? See no. | in Technical notes on page 5]
There are 18 safety items, set out on the back cover of this
handbook. For your own safety, and to ensure that your CD player There is a remote control handset supplied.
works properly, we strongly recommend that you read them.
If the plug supplied with the amplifier does not fit your power DIGITAL OUTPUT
supply, see no. 3 in Technical notes on page 5. Use this socket if you are using a separate digital to analogue
converter (DAC) or digital recorder. Connect to the DAC or
Check that your mains supply voltage agrees with the voltage recorder's digital input using a suitable 75 ohm screened cable.
setting indicated above the POWER INLET on the rear panel of Never connect the digital output socket to a conventional audio
the CD player, input.
If your mains supply voltage is different, consult your Arcam dealer AUDIO OUTPUTS
or Arcam Customer Support on +44 (0)1223 203203. Connect to your amplifiers CD or AUX inputs using suitable high
quality interconnect cables. Insert the phono plug which is red [or
PLUGGING IN marked ‘R’, or with a red ring] into the socket labelled ‘R"and the
Push the plug (IEC line socket) of the cable supplied with the CD other plug into the socket labelled LT.
player; into the socket (POWER INLET) in the back of the CD ALPHA 8, 8SE & 9 ONLY. The second set of sockets can be used
player. Make sure it is pushed in firmly. to connect to a second amplifier set up for multi room use.
[Want more info? See no. 2 in Technical notes on page 5]
Push the plug on other end of the cable into your power
supply socket.
The CD Player is double insulated and does not require an earth,
This is why there is no centre(earth) pin in the socket (POWER
Interconnecting cables are not supplied with this CD Player.
We recommend high quality cables as inferior quality cables
will degrade the sound quality of your system. Please contact
your Arcam dealer or Arcam customer support for details of
suitable cables.
Using your CD player - getting started
Press this button to switch the CD player on and off
“ When first powered up with no CD installed you will see...
first this then this |
9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
LOAD (called OPEN on remote control)
To install a CD, press LOAD”. The CD tray opens, It accepts both
8 cm and 12 cm discs.” Place the CD in the tray with the label side
uppermost. Press 'LOAD' again [or press 'PLAY', or gently push the
tray in 5mm], the tray closes. You will see ‘DISC’, along with the
total number of tracks and total disc time, eg.
If the disc has more than 16 tracks then the word ‘OVER’ is also
shown on the display. The display returns to '0' after a few
seconds. It is now ready to play.
Press to play the CD. To restart the disc from track |, press ‘STOP
and then PLAY.
Make sure your amplifier (input source selector) is set to CD.
HDCD encoded CDs will be recognised automatically by the
Alpha 8SE and 9CD players. To indicate this, a red LED (Light
Emitting Diode) will illuminate behind the Arcam badge in the top
left hand corner of the front panel whenever an HDCD disc is
Press to stop the CD playing.
The display will show an '0' and the number of tracks.
Press to pause the disc (interrupt play).
Press PAUSE’ again to resume play from the same point.
SEARCH <<“ >>
Press «a to search back or »= to search forward, for a particular
"passage during play. If the player is in PAUSE’ mode the search will
be at high speed and the sound will be muted (you will hear
To start the CD with a track other than the first one, press wf
or ha to locate your desired track, then press PLAY",
To select another track during play, press ta or» to locate the
track. The player will automatically PLAY” after you have selected
the track. Pressing la once will restart the track currently playing.
To select the previous track, press ha twice. To go back two
tracks, press ha three times, and so on,
Using your CD player - getting started
56 7 8 9 10
Dims or turns the display off and on. Turning the display off will
generally give a slight improvement in sound quality. Pressing
‘DISPLAY’ once turns the display off. To dim the display press the
‘DISPLAY" button twice. To restore the display to full brightness
press ‘DISPLAY a third time.
To repeat the entire CD or a pre-programmed selection of tracks
press ‘REPEAT once. ‘REPEAT will illuminate on the display.
To repeat one particular track go to the track you wish to repeat
by using the ka or » buttons (or the 0-9 keypad on the
remote control) and press ‘PLAY’. Then press the REPEAT button
twice so that ‘REPEAT 1’ is illuminated on the display.
If you now select a different track, that one will be repeated
instead. To cancel the repeat function press ‘REPEAT a third time.
To programme a selection of up to 24 tracks from a disc in any
order. To program your choice of tracks press Track |e or » ,
or use the remote's 0-9 keypad or Track | and
» buttons, to locate the desired track
Press PROG to program the track into memory (RMS is illuminat-
ed on the display to indicate that you have begun a programmed
sequence). Repeat these steps to
program all the desired tracks into the player. The display will
show the track numbers that have been programmed, the total
length of the programmed sequence and how many tracks have
been programmed by use of the number above the word STEP".
If you press j« or » or use the 0-9 keypad to direct dial to a
track the number above the STEP” will change by one and start to
flash until you press PROG’. After pressing ‘PROG’ the number
will stop flashing. If you fail to press PROG' within about 5
seconds the display will also stop flashing and you will have to
reselect the track you want to program.
Press PLAY to start playback of the programmed tracks,
The existing program may be replayed by pressing ‘PLAY,
To clear the programmed sequence of tracks press STOP twice.
To confirm your programmed sequence, press CHECK.
The first programmed track number and track time will be
displayed. Subsequent pressing of the ‘CHECK’ button will display
the next track details and total time of the sequence so far:
After checking the last selection ‘END’ is displayed for a few
seconds. The display then reverts to showing the track details of
the last programmed track.
Using the remote control
The buttons shown in white have
the same functions as those on the
front of the CD player.
Don't forget to fit the batteries and ensure they
are inserted correctly into the back of the
remote control before using it.
The remote control sends a message to an infra-
red receiver which is located behind the ARCAM
badge on the front of the CD player.
Do not place anything in front of the badge or
the remote control may not work.
If you make a mistake whilst programming
you can delete the last track you
programmed in by pressing the CLEAR
button. To delete a track from the middle
of a programmed selection press CHECK’
until you get to the track you wish to
delete. Then press “CLEAR”. To delete all
the programmed tracks press the ‘STOP’
key twice or continually press ‘CLEAR until
'0 is displayed.
Allows direct access to individual tracks on
the disc.
To select a track, press the corresponding
keypad button then press PLAY”. For tracks
greater than 9 just enter the appropriate
numbers. ie for track [5 press |, then 5,
then ‘PLAY.
Press once to display the remaining time of
the track. Press a second time to display
the remaining time of the disc. Press
‘REMAIN a third time and the display will
revert to its original setting showing the
elapsed time of the track. If you press
‘REMAIN’ when the disc is not playing the
total number of tracks and total playing
time is displayed.
Stops sound to the speaker outputs of
certain Arcam amplifiers.
Please note: The VOLUME’ control and
'MUTE' buttons have no effect on the audio
output level of the Alpha CD players.
This button automatically inserts a 4 second space between tracks in either normal.or
programmed play (see PROG). This enables the music search system of certain cassette
decks to operate correctly when making recordings. The ‘SPACE indicator on the display
is illuminated. Press the SPACE button a second time to cancel this.function. The 4
second space is ignored when you use any of the search keys. NOTE: The 4 second time
between tracks is added to the remaining and total time display for the disc eg. an | |
track disc will have 40 seconds added to its total track time when using the SPACE -
function. When the CD is between tracks the displayed time will count from -0.04 to 0.00
in one second increments and the 'SPACE' legend will flash,before the track begins to play.
This button enables you to repeat any
section of music within © one > track Whilst
the start of the section that yo you wish t to |
repeat. ‘REPEAT is illuminated ion the -
display and the ‘A - letter flashes. Press the |
A-B button a second time when you reach
the end of the section you wish to repeat.
The 'A-B' letters stop flashing and remain lit.
The selected section of track will play
repeatedly until you press the ‘STOP or »
or ka . The backward ea ‘and forward |
mp» search buttons can move back or for-
“ward within the selected section.
Press ‘SHUFFLE and then PLAY to play all
the tracks on the disc in random order.
Press SHUFFLE" during play and shuffle play
will begin from the current selection.
‘SHUFFLE’ will illuminate in the display.
While the player is deciding which track to
play the track indicator on the display will
perform a scrolling routine. In "SHUFFLE
mode the |« button will only replay the
current track, and not select the previous
track. To stop the shuffle function press
‘SHUFFLE a second time.
Adjusts the volume level on Arcam remote
controllable amplifiers.
Please note: The VOLUME control and
‘MUTE’ buttons have no effect on the audio
output level of the Alpha CD players.
Press to play the first 10 seconds of each
track in sequence. The track number will be
indicated on the display while SCAN" is
selected. To continue listening to a ‘scanned’
track, press ‘PLAY’. The player will leave the
'SCAN' mode once “PLAY has been
Technical notes
Alpha 7, 8, 8SE & 9 CD Players If the plug is removed then the remaining lead must be rewired as
These all use the same basic chassis and mechanics and the follows:
controls are identical. They differ in the system of digital to analogue
(D/A) conversion used in each player. Lower specification Arcam
CD players can be upgraded by your dealer to higher performance The blue wire The green and yellow
models by installing the appropriate Arcam D/A upgrade kit. must be connected wire must be connected
to the terminal to the terminal which
Alpha 7 CD Player which is coloured is coloured green and
This has Delta-Sigma D/A conversion. blue or marked yellow, or marked with
the letter E or the
safety earth symbol.
with the letter N.
Alpha 8 CD Player
This benefits from Bitstream Pulse Width Modulation D/A ‚
converters incorporating 20 bit digital filtering. КЛ
A 5 AMP fuse #" The brown wire must be
should be fitted. connected to the terminal
Alpha 8SE CD Player
The DAC module of the 8SE utilises the Pacific microsonics
PMD 100 fitter and HDCD® (High Definition Compatible Digital)
which is coloured brown or
marked with the letter L.
decoder, coupled to the high quality PWM (Pulse width 4
modulated) bitstream DAC (digital to analogue convertor) used in For convenience and ease of use, Alpha CD players are supplied
the Alpha 8CD player. The benefits of this is improved sound quality with an infra-red remote control handset. The handset transmits
on all conventional CDs plus the ability to reproduce the full Philips RC-5 type codes.
dynamic range of the ever increasing number of HDCD encoded POSITIONING
CDs now available. Always place the CD player or transport on a level, firm
Alpha 9 CD Player | surface. Placing your player on a set of dedicated sorbothane
The Alpha 9 CD incorporates the unique dS Ring DAC" which isolation feet will isolate the unit from its surroundings as well as
delivers state-of-the-art performance from its revolutionary 24 bit absorbing the vibrations created within the player itself. You will
technology. generally hear some sonic improvements, which makes this an
This new DAC is the result of a three year partnership between extremely cost-effective upgrade.
two British companies - Arcam and des (Data Conversion Systems
Ltd), the world's leading supplier of professional audio ADCs and RADIO INTERFERENCE
DACs. Ring DAC technology exhibits exceptionally linear response The Alpha 7/8/8SE/9 CD players are digital audio devices which
when decoding digital audio data, with the ability to resolve the have been designed to very high standards of electromagnetic
finest acoustic details recorded on a compact disc. compatibility,
In the Alpha 9 CD player, 24 bit digital filtering is provided by the Both CD players and digital to analogue converters (DACs)
Pacific Microsonics PMD 100 chipset, which also performs HDCD generate, and can radiate RF (radio frequency) energy. In some
(High Definition Compatible Digital) decoding of suitably encoded cases, this can cause interference with FM and AM radio reception.
CDs. The sonic performance of the Alpha 9 makes it one of the If this is the case, keep the CD player and its connecting cables as
very best CD players currently available, regardless of price. far from the tuner and its aerials as possible. Connecting the CD
2 player and the tuner to different mains sockets can also help to
reduce interference.
EC COUNTRIES - These products have been designed to comply
with directive 89/336/EEC.
USA - These products comply with FCC requirements.
For optimum sonic performance, the analogue power supply of the
Alpha CD players is kept powered up all the time the unit is
connected to the mains supply. The front panel power switch
powers down ali other circuitry.
This means that even though the power switch is off, it may be SAFETY STANDARD
possible to hear a slight residual hum coming from the mains Arcam Alpha CD players have been designed to meet the IEC 65
transformer inside the CD player. This is perfectly normal. If the international electrical safety standard.
unit is to be left unused for an extended period, we recommend
that it is disconnected from the mains supply by switching it off at LASER RADIATION
the wall socket. If an Arcam Alpha CD player is operated whilst the outer casing is
3 removed, invisible laser radiation could cause eye damage.
This appliance is normally supplied with a moulded mains plug
already fitted to the lead. If for any reason the plug needs to be CLASS |
removed, it must be disposed of immediately and securely, as it is a LASER PRODUCT
potential shock hazard when inserted into the mains socket. The
unit is double insulated and does not require an earth.
For more details about HDCD and HDCD recordings please visit
the Pacific Microsonics Website or contact them at
Pacific Microsonics Inc. 32990 Alvarado Niles Road, Suite 910.
Union City, California 94587-3106, USA
Telephone: 510 475 8000 Fax: 510 475 8005
Technical specification
This entitles you to have the unit repaired free of charge, during
the first two years after purchase, at any authorised Arcam
distributor provided that it was originally purchased from an
authorised Arcam dealer or distributor. The manufacturer can
accept no responsibility for defects arising from accident, misuse,
abuse, wear and tear; neglect or through unauthorised adjustment
and/or repair, neither can they accept responsibility for damage or
loss occurring during transit to or from the person claiming under
the guaranteed.
The warranty covers:
Parts and labour costs for two years from the purchase date.
After two years you must pay for both parts and labour costs.
The warranty does not cover transportation costs at any time.
This equipment should be packed in the original packing and
returned to the dealer from whom it was purchased, or failing this,
directly to the Arcam distributor in your country of residence.
It should be sent carriage prepaid by a reputable carrier - NOT by
post. No responsibility can be accepted for the unit whilst in
transit to the dealer or distributor and customers are therefore
advised to insure the unit against loss or damage whilst in transit.
For further details contact Arcam at:
ARCAM Customer Support Department, Pembroke Avenue,
Denny Industrial Centre, Waterbeach,
Cambridge, CB5 9PB, England.
Telephone: (01223) 203203 Fax: (01223) 863384
e-mail: [email protected]
If your dealer is unable to answer any query regarding this or any
other Arcam product please contact Arcam Customer Support on
+44 (0)1223 203203 or write to us at the above address and we
will do our best to help you.
This product was designed and manufactured to meet strict quality
and safety standards. There are, however, some installation and
operation precautions of which you should be particularly aware:
I. Read Instructions All the safety and operating
instructions should be read before the appliance is operated.
2. Retain Instructions The safety and operating
instructions should be retained for future reference.
3. Heed Warnings All warnings on the appliance and in this
handbook should be adhered to.
4. Follow Instructions All operating and use Instructions
should be followed.
5. Water and Moisture The appliance should not be used
near water - for example near a bathtub, washbowl, kitchen
sink, laundry tub, in a wet basement or swimming pool, etc.
6. Racks and Stands The appliance should be used only
with a rack or stand that is recommended for use with audio
equipment. If the equipment is on a portable rack it should be
moved with care. Quick stops, excessive force, and uneven
surfaces may cause the combination te overturn.
7. Ventilation The appliance should be situated so that its
location or position does not interfere with its proper
ventilation. For example, the appliance should not be situated
on a bed, sofa, rug or similar surface that may block the
ventilation openings or placed in a built-in installation, such as a
bookcase or cabinet that may impede the flow of air through
the ventilation openings.
8. Heat The appliance should be situated away from heat
sources such as radiators, stoves or other appliances (including
amplifiers) that produce heat.
9. Power Sources [he appliance should be connected to a
power supply only of the type described in this handbook or as
marked on the appliance.
10. Grounding Precautions should be taken so that the
grounding means of the appliance is not defeated.
11. Power-Cord Protection Power supply cords should
be routed so that they are not likely to be walked on or
pinched by items placed upon or against them, paying particular
attention to cords and plugs, and the point where they exit
from the appliance.
12. Cleaning Unplug the unit from the mains supply before
cleaning. The appliance should normally only require a wipe
over with a clean, dry, lint-free cloth. If it is heavily soiled then a
cloth slightly dampened with a water/washing up liquid solution
may be used. Dry the unit afterwards with a dry cloth.
We do not advise the use of furniture type cleaning sprays/
polishes as this can cause white marks, which are very difficult
to remove, if the unit is then wiped over with water.
13. Power Lines An outdoor antennal aerial should be
located away from power lines.
14. Non=-use Periods The power cord of the appliance
should be unplugged from the outlet when left unused for a
long period of time,
15. Object and Liquid Entry Care should be taken so
that objects do not fall and liquids are not spilled into the
enclosure through any openings.
16. Abnormal Smell If an abnormal smell or smoke 1s
detected from the appliance, immediately turn the power off
and unplug the unit from the wall outlet.
Contact your dealer immediately.
17.Damage Requiring Service The appliance should be
serviced by qualified service personnel when:
A. The power-supply cord or the plug has been damaged or:
B. Objects have fallen, or liquid has spilled into the appliance or:
C. The appliance has been exposed to rain or:
D. The appliance does not appear to operate normally or exhibits
a marked change in performance or:
E. The appliance has been dropped or the enclosure damaged.
18. Servicing You should not attempt to service the appliance
beyond that described in this handbook. All other servicing
should be referred to qualified service personnel.
Pembroke Avenue, Waterbeach,
Cambridge, CB5 9PB, England.
Telephone: +44 (0) 1223 203203
Fax +44 (0)1223 863384
e-mail: [email protected]
Issue 11/98
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