Special Hazard Fire Protection Brochure

Special Hazard Fire Protection Brochure
Fire Detection
Systems for
Special Hazard
The ProtectowireSystem
In today’s complex industrial environments, the potential
for downtime and financial losses caused by overheat
and fire can be disastrous if not detected and located quickly.
That is why Protectowire Linear Heat and Fire Detection
Systems are the first choice of many design professionals.
With thousands of systems installed worldwide, The
Protectowire Company is a leader in linear heat detection
technology. Protectowire Linear Heat Detector will sense
an overheat or fire condition at any point along its length
and display its location at the control panel.
Protectowire Linear Heat Detector
condition at
1,543 feet
• Detects at any point along its length . . .
provides uniform sensitivity.
• Available in a wide range of operating temperatures.
• Easily spliced using common tools.
• Easy troubleshooting because of simple design.
• Outer jackets resist corrosion, chemicals, dust, dirt,
moisture, and temperature extremes.
Protectowire Control Panels
. . . is displayed
at the control panel
on the Protectowire
Alarm Location Meter.
• Commercial, light industrial and custom-engineered
heavy-duty versions.
• Complete system supervision.
• Class A or B circuitry.
• Digital meter option
pinpoints distance
to overheat condition.
• Automatic zone alarm
scanning option
for digital meter.
• Intrinsically safe detection
circuits available.
• Monitors up to 10,000 feet
(3,048m) of Protectowire
per zone depending on
• Multifunction capabilities
include extinguishing
system release and
supervision, water flow,
smoke detection, and
supervisory monitoring.
Protection for Power Transformers
Protection for Electrical Equipment
Transformer fires often occur because of arcing due to the deterioration
of insulation. Fires are also caused by lightning or dirty insulators
on the tank.
Protectowire Linear Heat Detector provides a simple and reliable solution.
The detector can be easily installed adjacent to or directly on all types of
transformers to provide detection of any overheat condition.
Protectowire Linear Heat Detector may be easily installed inside
equipment to follow cable raceways and harnesses or in direct contact
with any components or areas that are subject to overheat and fire.
The detector may be used anywhere ambient temperatures do not
exceed its installed temperature rating. Nonmetallic cable straps
are used to fasten the wire during installation. Installation time
and expense are greatly reduced when compared to spot-type heat
Representative Users:
Boston Edison Co.
Bruce Nuclear - Canada
Cincinnati Gas & Electric Co.
Cleveland Electric Illuminating Co.
Detroit Edison Co.
Duke Energy
Entergy Pilgrim Station
Haikou Transformer Station China
Representative Users:
Appalachian Power Co.
Bethlehem Steel Corp.
Cincinnati Gas & Electric Co.
Hydro - Quebec
South Carolina Electric & Gas
U.S. Steel
Protection for Cable Trays
Protectowire Linear Heat Detector can pinpoint the location of an
overheat or fire condition anywhere in a cable tray.
Protectowire may be economically applied to monitor each tier of
cables and is adaptable to all cable tray types such as ladder, trough,
solid-bottom, channel, cable bus duct, and tubing raceway. In most
cases, the detector follows the vertical and horizontal runs and may
be placed in direct contact with the cables.
Protectowire may be easily removed from one tray rail or both and
reinstalled by the use of Protectowire factory-supplied mounting clips.
The major risks of fire in conveyor installations are over heated
bearings, combustible materials being conveyed, and in the case of
belt conveyors, the belt itself. Once fire is ignited, it can spread quickly
along the length of the conveyor and be extremely difficult to extinguish.
Protectowire Linear Heat Detector is typically installed directly over
the conveyor or on either side of the belt near the roller bearings.
Protectowire systems can be designed to protect all types of conveyors.
Representative Users:
Representative Users:
American Electric Power
Bao An Power Plant - China
Bethlehem Steel Corp.
Georgia Power
LTV Steel Co.
Protection for Conveyors
Ohio Edison
Pohang Iron & Steel Co. - Korea
Shou Yang Shan Power Station China
U.S. Steel
Constellation Energy
Bethlehem Steel Corp.
Detroit Edison Co.
Kansas Power Co.
Northern States Power Co.
Ohio Power Co.
Ontario Hydro
Taiwan Power Co.
Tennessee Valley Authority
Protection for Tunnels
Protection for Aircraft Hangars
Protectowire Linear Heat Detector is used in tunnels of all types.
In vehicular tunnels, Protectowire Linear Heat Detector is installed
on the ceiling directly over the roadway. When used with a
Protectowire Control Panel, the system may be configured to
activate extinguishing systems, sound audible and visual warning
signals, control air handling and ventilation equipment, and identify
the exact location of the alarm.
The highest risk of fire in hangars is from aircraft maintenance or from
fuel storage and handling.
Protectowire Control Panels are capable of operating fast response flame
detectors as part of a supplementary protection system designed to
cover specified floor areas beneath the aircraft. Protectowire controls
eliminate the need for multiple control panels and ensure complete system
integration and reliability.
Protectowire at roof level greatly reduces installation costs, compared to
spot-type heat detectors. Also, Protectowire’s actuation temperature
remains constant and is not adversely effected by temperature fluctuations.
Representative Users:
Atlanta Financial Center
AT&T Parking Garage Basking Ridge, NJ
Bay Area Rapid Transit
Catalonia Tunnel - Spain
Denver International
JFK Airport - NY
McCarron Airport
MGM Grand Hotel
Valencia Tunnel - Spain
Representative Users:
Aerotest, Inc. - Mojave
Bombardier - Canada
Continental Airlines
Delta Airlines
Georgia Air National Guard
Mesaba Aviation
Midwest Express
New York State Police - Albany
Northwest Airlines
US Airways
Protection for Petrochemical Storage
Protectowire Linear Heat Detector is a simple, cost-effective
form of fire detection that is easily adapted to both fixed and
floating roof tanks.
This system easily adapts to retrofit or new installations, and is
available with intrinsically safe circuits. On fixed tanks, Protectowire
can be installed to monitor gauge points, vent areas, or manholes.
In floating roof tanks, Protectowire is installed around the
perimeter of the rim seal area in order to provide continuous
monitoring for overheat and fire along its entire length.
Representative Users:
Abu Dhabi National Oil Corp.
Amoco Oil Co.
Bonaire Petroleum Corp.
Chevron Petroleum - UK
Fina Oil & Chemical Co.
Hill Petroleum Co.
Phillips Petroleum Co.
Star Enterprises (Texaco)
Protection for Cooling Towers
In cooling towers, wooden framework, decking, and plastic impregnated
fiberglass supports and dividers are combustible hazards. Protectowire
Linear Heat Detectors provide a reliable system for activating deluge
sprinklers. The detector is installed around the fan motor on the fan deck,
and circles the perimeter of the fan cylinder base, just beneath the deck.
Protectowire Type XCR, with its fluoropolymer jacket, provides the
chemical resistance and low water absorption characteristics necessary for
survival in hostile environments.
Representative Users:
Constellation Energy
Cincinnati Gas & Electric Co.
Ohio Power
Pacific Gas & Electric
Pennsylvania Power & Light
Protection for Racks & Freezers
Protection for Transportation Facilities
Protectowire Linear Heat Detector may be used to provide detection
at all levels of high-density storage racks. It can be run through racks
in a single length or divided into zones as required.
When used in freezers protected by double interlock preaction
sprinkler systems, Protectowire is typically installed at the ceiling and
can protect in temperatures to -60°F (-51°C), depending upon
model selected.
Protectowire is a linear sensor that can be easily installed in rack
channels, where it is protected against damage from forklifts and
pallets thereby preventing unwanted alarms.
Protectowire Linear Heat Detector offers protection from fire hazards
found in airports, subways, and vehicles. Linear heat detection is
effective in the following applications:
• Escalators. Protectowire wrapped around or in contact with the
escalator bearings warns of overheating before a fire can start.
• Subways. Protectowire’s unique design is ideal for protecting
subways where important cable and piping networks are installed.
• Vehicles. Protectowire can be easily installed in industrial vehicles
such as bulldozers, waste haulers, buses, front loaders, and
subway cars.
Representative Users:
Representative Users:
Albertson Distributors
Coca-Cola Foods
Coors Brewing Co.
Food Lion
Kraft Foods
Publix Supermarkets
Safeway Foods
Shaw’s Supermarkets
Bay Area Rapid Transit
Bermuda Airport
Denver International Airport
McCarron Airport
Protection for Historic Landmarks
Because of the many different installation techniques available
for Protectowire Linear Heat Detector, it is ideally suited for
use in applications where aesthetics and historical accuracy are
important. Unlike conventional spot-type heat detectors,
which are easily visible, Protectowire can be installed so that
it is virtually unseen.
Representative Users:
Fenway Park
MGM Grand Park
Mormon Tabernacle
Plimoth Plantation
Saco River Covered Bridge
Swift River Covered Bridge
The Holocaust Museum
The Spruce Goose
USS Cairo - Civil War Ironclad
Newark Airport
Seoul Subway - Korea
Shanghai Metro - China
Vermont Central Railroad
for Animal
Protectowire Linear Heat Detector provides an effective solution for the
risks associated with this unique application, and offers distinct advantages
over other types of detectors. Protectowire is not adversely affected
by temperature fluctuations which often occur between the heated and
unheated areas of the building, or when the large entrance doors are opened
and closed. In addition, other environmental factors associated with animal
housing such as dust, dirt, and insects all adversely effect the operation of
typical smoke detectors thereby severely limiting their use.
Representative Users:
Stillwater Farm
Plimoth Plantation
Hennigan Stables
Protectowire Total System Capability
Now it is easier than ever to specify a complete
Protectowire System with all of its unique features
and reputation for reliability. The Protectowire
Company offers an extensive line of fire and heat
detection sensors and related products, including:
• Optical Flame Detectors
• Manual Pull Stations
• Smoke Detectors
• Heavy-Duty Alarm Bells
• Horns
• Visual Signals/Strobes
All Protectowire products have been specifically
designed and tested for compatibility and reliable
operation with Protectowire Control Panels.
Contact your local authorized Protectowire
distributor for help in planning the system best
suited to your needs.
Linear Heat & Fire Detector
Protectowire Linear Heat and Fire Detector consists of two actuators
individually encased in heat-sensitive material. The actuators are
twisted together to impose a spring pressure between them, then
spirally wrapped with a protective tape and finished with an outer
covering to suit the environment.
When connected to an approved fire alarm control panel, a
monitoring current passes continuously through the detector and
supervisory circuit. When the preset temperature is reached, the
heat-sensitive material yields, permitting the actuators to make
contact with one another and initiate an alarm signal. The
location at which this action occurs can be displayed at
the Protectowire control panel in either feet or meters.
The detector is made in different temperature ratings
to allow for differences in normal ambient temperature.
Models with different temperature ratings may also be
spliced together on the same circuit.
Confirmed Temperature Initiation
The Protectowire CTI™ System uses Protectowire’s
patented multi-criteria detection technology for the highest
immunity to false alarms. CTI Linear Heat Detection
Systems provide:
• Reliable digital operation with separate short circuit
fault identification.
• Ability to measure and confirm the temperature at
the alarm point to provide true Confirmed Temperature
Initiation (CTI).
• Associated Interface Module provides Alarm Point
Identification and displays the distance to a fire or overheat
condition anywhere along the detector’s length.
• The Detector is available in two select high performance jackets
and five alarm temperatures ranging from 155°F (68°C) to 356°F (180°C).
Control Panels
The SRP-4x4 is a multi-purpose fire
alarm system designed for commercial
and light industrial detection and
extinguishing applications. The control
panel provides four Class A or B
(Style D or B) Initiating Circuits, one
dedicated Class B (Style B) Supervisory
Circuit, and four Class B (Style Y)
Output Circuits. An optional Class A
(Style Z) Output Module is available.
• Standard battery charger, lamp test
and ground fault detection included
• Programmable input and output circuits
• Field selectable Class A or Class B Alarm
Initiating Circuits
• Output circuits may be configured for
Alarm Indicating, Trouble Indicating,
Supervisory, or Releasing functions
• Monitors up to 10,000 feet (3,048m)
of Protectowire per zone depending
on model
• Optional Protectowire Alarm Point
Location Meter available
• Built-in SPDT common alarm, common
trouble, and supervisory relays
The FS2000 is a commercial and light
industrial grade fire alarm control panel
featuring individual control modules
designed to meet specialized system
It is constructed for use in commercial,
institutional, and light industrial
• Fully supervised
• Basic 2-zone system
• Field expandable to 46 zones
• Monitors up to 5,000 feet (1,524m)
of Protectowire per zone
• Class A or Class B circuits
• Up to 30 smoke detectors per zone
• Zones can be tested, silenced, and
reset independently
• Complete extinguishing system control
• Ground fault detector, lamp test
• NEMA-1 enclosure
• Optional LTi Series NEMA-4/12
The 2600HD is custom configured to
each customer’s application requirements
and is specifically designed for industrial
hazards which demand high reliability
and customized system features. Special
capabilities, such as custom system
operating logic, outdoor or hazardous
installation environments, special input
voltages, high power demand applications,
or multiple extinguishing release circuit
activation can all be provided to meet the
most demanding operational requirements.
• Industrial NEMA 4 rated enclosures
• Includes standard Protectowire Alarm
Point Location Meter
• Monitors up to 5,000 feet (1,524m)
of Protectowire per zone
• Up to 25 smoke detectors per zone
• Lamp and initiating device circuit
alarm tests
• Ground fault detection
• Trouble silence resound timer
• PCLC touch screen operator interface
display panel (2600HD3)
Global Leadership in
Linear Heat Detection Technology
In the special hazard fire protection industry, the focus
is on the protection of people’s lives and property.
The Protectowire Company has achieved its leadership
position within the industry by continually developing
and improving products designed to meet the challenges
of a broad range of applications.
Our specialized engineering and design talents are
focused on providing a total system approach which offers
unique capabilities such as intrinsically safe circuits,
extinguishing system release, auxiliary equipment
shutdown or remote function annunciation. Whatever
the application, we can design a system to fit your needs.
The Protectowire Company, Inc.
60 Washington Street, Pembroke, MA 02359-1831 U.S.A.
781-826-3878; Fax 781-826-2045
Website: www.protectowire.com; E-mail: [email protected]
An ISO 9001:2008 Registered Company
The Protectowire Company and its employees are
dedicated to bringing you products designed,
engineered, and manufactured with the highest degree
of quality and reliability. This is demonstrated by
over 75 years of excellence within the fire protection
community. We are an ISO 9001 Registered Company
and hold other specific approvals around the world.
Manufacturer of
Special Hazard
Fire Detection Systems
© 2016 The Protectowire Co., Inc.
DS 9084J-0616 (2M)
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