Asus | HD7970-DC2-3GD5 | User's Manual | ASUS HD7970-DC2-3GD5 User's Manual

The Coolest and Quietest Radeon HD7970 with fantastic ASUS design!
ASUS Exclusive Innovations
20% Cooler and 14dB Quieter with exclusive
DirectCU II thermal solution
Proprietary VGA Hotwire allows you to plug
and solder wires on the card’s voltage
regulators and accurately read and control
Vcore, Vmem, and PLL voltages from
ASUS ROG MBs on a hardware level
Acclaimed DIGI+ VRM with 12-phase
Super Alloy Power technology
Delivers precise Digital Power and
Enhance Durability for stable
ASUS Exclusive Innovations
GPU Tweak:
Graphics GPU Feature
GPU Tweak co-developed
with the most authoritative
GPUZ to provide the most
accurate information
Gigantic 3GB GDDR5
On-board memory for the
best gaming experience & the
best resolution
28nm GPU:
Less power consumption &
more efficient transistor
PCIE 3.0
Delivers double the
bandwidth per lane of PCIe
Gen 2 for faster GPU – CPU
Microsoft® DirectX®
11 Support:
Bring new levels of visual
realism to gaming on the PC
and get top-notch
AMD Eyefinity
I/O Specifications
Extend the View across 6
Displays to immerse yourself
in gameplay and
CrossFire X Support:
Multi-GPU technology for
extreme performance
AMDD3D™ Technology
Optimize stereoscopic 3D
gaming and movie-watching
Microsoft® Windows®
7 Support:
Enable PC users to enjoy an
advanced computing
experience and to do more
with their PC
Hardware Specification
Graphics Engine
AMD Radeon™ HD 7970
Bus Standard
PCI Express® 3.0
OpenGL® 4.2
Video Memory
3072MB GDDR5
Engine Clock
925 MHz
Stream Processors
Memory Clock
5500MHz (1375MHz GDDR5)
Memory Interface
384 bit
DVI Max. Resolution
2560 * 1600
D-Sub Max. Resolution
2048 * 1536
1x Native single-link DVI-I
DVI Output
1x Native Dual-link DVI-D
HDMI Output
1x Via DVI to HDMI Adapter
HDCP compliant
4x Native DisplayPort
Adapter/Cable Bundled
1x CrossFire Bridge
1X Power Cable
1x DVI to HDMI Adapter
Software Bundled
ASUS Utilities & Driver
GPU Tweak
The card size is 11 x 5.1 x 2.1 inches
To have the best cooling performance, ASUS
HD7970-DC2-3GD5 extends the fansink to 2.5 slots. Please
double check you Chassis and Motherboard dimension prior to
purchase to make sure it fits in your system!
Support for six simultaneous displays may require
complementary products compatible with DisplayPort 1.2
Multi-Stream Transport.
•Specifications are subject to change without notice.
•PCB color and bundled software versions are change without notice.
•Brand and product names mentioned are trademarks of their respective company.
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